Introducing: Operation Homeland


We are proud to announce the formation of Operation Homeland, a new organization dedicated to building a professional identitarian activist movement.

Identitarians around the world are organizing. In planned events and spontaneous actions, we have shifted the political landscape and become players on the world stage, despite our meager resources.

Our positions are clear: we support immigration restriction and free speech, and we resolutely oppose more wars fought in the interest of foreigners. And while Beltway “conservatives” might hem and haw about the desecration of Southern and American national monuments, we take our stand.

Alt-Right groups have been amateur in the best sense of the word. They are composed of dedicated people, who, often anonymously, donate their time and resources to the cause. The Alt-Right is young, talented, energetic, and motivated. But now it is necessary to take activism to the next level.

Operation Homeland will fulfill this critical role.

Our purpose is to plan and carry out bold demonstrations, train and mentor young activists, and foster collaboration among identitarians in America and around the world.

Homeland is not a broad-based membership organization or social club. Rather, it is a core of part- and full-time activists who provide leadership to the movement as a whole.

The founders of Homeland are men who have organized dozens of successful events throughout 2017. Whether at the April anti-war rally in DC, in Auburn or Gainesville, or time and again in Charlottesville, we have proven our mettle. But none of these events would have been possible without close collaboration with independent groups and individuals, each of which contributed its own special strengths and expertise.

Homeland is also eager to mentor promising young people. If you have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with us in the past, or want to in the future, get involved:

For press inquires:

Operation Homeland will meet the challenges of professional activism as the Alt-Right, and our ideals, enter the mainstream.

Together To Victory.

Brian Brathovd
William Clark
Gregory Conte
Christoffer Dulny
Evan McLaren
Eli Mosley
Cameron Padgett

Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer
the authorRichard Spencer
Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


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  • How about you lazy bastards just BUILD REAL THINGS rather than waste MONEY promoting yourself … Try it TRUST FUND … DO SOME REAL WORK …

    Or better yet Dicky, since you are personally LOADED … pay your own way parasite. After ZOG you topple next … Either way the Future is OURS. So play your games.

  • Looks like you’ve got a squad of solid, respectable guys. Not my place to recommend or give advice, but I’d like to see some professional portraits. I think it would give the individuals and organization a more serious and competitive look. Besides it would be good optics to see how much better we look than the members of your average leftist watchdog group.

  • We need to stop with this New Age false fantasy of hoping to align our political beliefs with the pretend beliefs of women. That is NOT how it works or will ever work. Women do not have actual beliefs. They are not these empathetic, demure creatures.

    This is not reductio ad absurdum. They literally need a female consensus to determine if they have been raped, what fashion they like, even what depths of sexual experimentation they delve into.

    ‘I did some thinking lately and I realized that Charlie Rose acted inappropriately 30 years ago when he hugged me too long because I was reminded by two of my female coworkers, who also suddenly remembered that he said they were pretty 10 years ago after a glass of champagne. Now we womynz need to destroy him and all men like him.’

    This is what women do when given enough power. They simply cannot help themselves. Their female in-group preference hive-mind hex takes over similarly to how a man goes into autopilot in work or hobby, sometimes for days at a time until he drops dead. This is poisonous to morale and any structural integrity to a movement, business or family.

    Women are sexual animals and they know they are. The demon was always depicted (for good reason) as female throughout history, the Succubus, until the Romance Era when weirdo fantasist-fetishists like Edgar Allen Poe started this anthropomorphized LARPing of woman as male equivalents. That is because women always corrupted virtuous men with their one useful quality, which was always meant to be preserved for the very ironclad marriages that feminists, including these Alt-Right feminists, support being flimsy, tongue-in-cheek vows of fidelity for women, but obligatory reparations when it ends, for whatever reason, for men.

    Even those lovable hippies cranking out new albums every week in the 1960s/70s wrote about the true nature of women and their inborn disloyalty.

    This is part of the ‘defending women’ bit, which so many white knights are foolishly dusting off their armor to joust chauvinist critique, because it means knowing the difference between ADMIRING women and knowing WHAT IS BEST for women and society.

    I have been in a room with Ann Coulter and she is as big of a cunt literally and metaphorically as can be. She is childless and dates every type of man you can imagine: Keith Olbermann, Dinesh D’Souza, Jimmie Walker. She even admits her shtick is polemic. She does not believe any of it. Not because she is evil, but because she is a woman.

    Women do not have actual beliefs or hobbies: their fashion, interests, politics, friendships and sometimes even sexuality, are almost entirely formed via a consensus of their peers. That is why you see them all wearing stupid mom-jeans again after a 20-year hiatus when a celebrity restarts the trend. But it is also why you saw more feminists vote for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton…implicit desire for male leadership.

    Men are automatons droning on in misery, happiness or apathy without encouragement; women are hand-cranked propellers, constantly in need of ‘recharging’ to remind them of how oppressed they are or what social/fashion trends to conform to, lest they become ‘bored’ and unleash hell upon their families and send them into the open-arms of Antifa.

    Women are not naturally loyal because of evolution. Their fathers have married them off as peace accords to rival kingdoms and tribes for millennia. They take for granted all of the infrastructure, technology and freedoms they have because they did not build, maintain or defend them.

    They did not sign any Social Contract, while we men have to sign it in our blood. We have more of an investment in this whole ‘freedom’ thing, while women do not, so of course they are going to be cavalier about anything they do not have to sacrifice for.

    No amount of ‘No True Scotsman’ fallacy can change this:
    ‘You may have a penis, whiskers, low voice, but a ‘real’ man would…’

    We have all worked with women. They are a pleasant novelty at first, but then they became a nuisance because they do not belong in the workplace, aside from a few boutique occupations. These encroaching ‘safe spaces’ that women demand everywhere feminism is absent is a female invention. They have always existed as ‘boudoirs,’ where the Scarlett O’Hara types would retreat to have crying spells about how horrible it was to be worshipped by rich men and primped by slaves.

    Why? -Because no woman respects awestruck men.

    But they will continue to gladly take your shekels and compliments as long as all that you demand from them is a scrunched-up pretty face that says ‘Thank youuuuuuu…(sucker)!

    • Although it may sound bizarre coming from me, unfortunately I do think that there is some truth to what he is saying. I actually believe it probably would have been better for women not to get the vote. Somehow, women seem to identify as some kind of “subculture”. This whole “harassment” thing sounds more like some kind of manifesto to establish some uniform identity. To be a true woman you have to go around saying things like “Me too”. Ultimately, however, as important as biological factors are, there is still the concept of the individual, which is a very Indo-European concept, and no ideology should be absolutely reductionist.

      • I applaud your honesty. I think most of these irritated women attacking me for sounding the alarm on female nature know I’m right. This is their immune response. When enough men flood the dialogue with the truth, women won’t carry on with this affectation anymore. No part of feminism is natural to the vast majority of women and it is killing them inside. I want to liberate women from women’s liberation.

        • I hope it’s sooner rather than later. Our daughters are young and I am trying to let them know that abortion is murder and careerism is not the point of life. Mrs Brown has declared that she shouldn’t have the right to vote and that I should vote for our family, but in our case it’s probably her Confucian backround realising that the absurdity of democracy should end.

          • Unfortunately we are running out of time, my friend. NOW is the time to sperg out because we are in the midst of a feminist coup. The Left is siding with these foolish bitches. Salon even did a sympathetic story on McCarthy and Southern. We need another purge before it’s too late.

            Women are using the Jew tactics of Theodor Adorno’s ‘The Authoritarian Personality’ (1950), where everything white men do to oppose feminism, leftism or even having male friends is ‘projection’ of homoerotic ‘self-doubt.’ THAT is where this bullshit comes from. Being anti-gay is necessary because gay sex is vile, but being homophobic, where we men are all afraid of being called homosexual as a reflexive retort to ANYTHING is a sickness and it has worked.

            Kudos for giving concern to your daughters. I saw a 16 year old where I used to work wearing a ‘The Future is Female’ hat and I knew how to handle her or how I would if she were my daughter….not acknowledging her existence and then locking her outside until she starts respecting men because she needs to tangibly see that the future is indeed NOT female without a man doing everything for them, like always.

    • You just turned that into a diatribe about how much you hate women?
      Even though the article was not directed that way at all.
      Despite any feelings towards women, that wasnt the gist of the article.

    • lol wut? You’re not wrong… I just don’t understand how you read “new activism initiative” as “we’re letting girls in now.”

  • I know a lot of young men in this movement are struggling with love-struck loneliness…and there is an enormous stigma attached to it. But chasing after a fictional ‘based’ woman will not help you.

    I became a rabid antifeminist only AFTER I started getting pussy because the truth broke my spirits: Women are naturally disloyal vessels. Everything they think and do is derived from sex. Every article of clothing, daub of makeup and inscrutable screeching is designed to be the plumage to attract and maintain the greatest MALE attention.

    That does not make them evil, it makes them women.

    They are physically and emotionally designed for receivership, not leadership. Their pussy is cupped to receive, their empty-headed abstract minds are molded to conform. Tell them what to do and they will do it…and if you do not, they will not give you the time of day even if it saved the lives of their own children.

    Ignore them and they will follow you. Build magnificent shelter and they will do anything to have it.

    Call out the obvious lies instead of continuing to slumber in your beta-orbiting wet dreams that will never be realized because women do not have actual political views. They are amoral. They will conform to whatever is in vogue.

    They know what you want to hear and they will string you along until they experience diminishing returns on your investment. Ignore these political peepshow stripteases that say otherwise.

    Women are nothing more than moderating forces in rightist politics. They are what Opie and Anthony called ‘the hole’ in a radio show….’Now, boys, come on now.’ They ruin every bit of comedy because they cannot comprehend it. They have high-time preference just like nonwhites.

    The vast majority of women have voted leftist every chance they have gotten and always will. White women are no different. More white women voted for Romney and McCain than Trump. ‘Most white women’ BARELY voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton. Just put this in perspective…

    53 percent of white women voted Trump; 47 percent of white women voted against Trump
    46 percent of white women voted Obama;

    94 percent of black women voted for Hillary; 4 percent of black women voted Trump
    96 percent of black women voted Obama

    Black women are loyal to their race despite the absolute disdain black men seem to have for them. Black culture is a dysgenic-miscegenation matriarchy, which is what white women are turning our race into.

    Black women dispatch the very black bucks they are dating to charm and impregnate white women because they want to conquer the white race in the only way they can since white men will not fertilize their bottom-of-the-barrel eggs.

    Most white women will defend diversity no matter its predilection for the most violent crime against society, and white women in particular, which means they will tolerate a lot more ‘misogyny’ from white men than they let on. In fact, it will push them towards us because women are drawn to numbers and power like a moth is drawn to a flame or a dog is drawn to table scraps, no matter how hard they try to counter-signal it.

    They cannot help themselves. They simply call their irrational attraction to dangerous situations ‘passion.’

    But we can help them by giving them, and ourselves, direction.

    • I don’t know which women you are talking about but it certainly doesn’t apply to me. I’ve been carrying a beta boy on my back since 1999. Maybe men should stop hoping to find women that will provide for them. They’d have a better reputation.

  • This new quest for a white homeland needs to stop with these female-friendly porno vibes. Pandering to pussy will not get you laid, and will most certainly not win you votes or loyalty. If you have never had sex with a woman you need to shut the fuck up because you do not understand how they operate since you have never conquered them.

    Women are irrational because THEY DO NOT THINK LIKE MEN. This ‘equality’ nonsense is anthropomorphism…giving manlike qualities to a species that is not man. It’s no different than giving white qualities to nonwhites. They do not look, act or think like us because they are NOT us. They did not even wear pants until a few decades ago.

    How many sexual fantasies have you ever had that involve pulling a woman’s hair, choking her or putting a loaded gun to her head and tying her up? Probably very few. But nearly all women have these sick rape fantasies, even ‘lesbians.’

    Women are implicit, while men are explicit. They will never say this, but they will express it with record-breaking book sales of the most vile publications like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight. They have these bizarre desires to be devoured by vampires and imprisoned in BDSM torture chambers by psychopathic billionaires, not because they are evil, but because they are women.

    They are addicted to melodrama (especially if they are the source of it), danger, and yes even violence. Their predilection to drama, nagging and conflict is as innate to them as escapism, exhibition and voyeurism is for men…healthy in tiny doses (because of its evolutionary quality), but entirely destructive if given free rein.

    There is no such thing as ‘sexual equality’ because sex affects men and women differently. A women loses parts of her anatomy her first copulation. Her biochemistry changes with or without contraceptives. She develops various infections and sicknesses even after sex with a perfectly healthy stranger because women are not meant to be promiscuous. They died of cervical cancer if they were. Now that we are curing their evolutionary ailments, their minds are being altered, and it is now physically impossible for them to remain both monogamous and presentable without a ruthless man, who are now so scarce because of feminist laws that most reside in prison or will eventually.

    Their only defense to this rant will be cliché Jewish tactics from Adorno’s ‘The Authoritarian Personality’….
    ‘You are only saying this because you can’t get laid.’
    ‘You are obviously homosexual, so go have a circle jerk with your boyfriends and leave women alone!’
    ‘You will never meet a woman this way.’

    Guess again, harlots. I STARTED getting action when I CEASED asking one question….’Do you have a boyfriend/husband?’

    Do you know why? Because all of you already have one, or at least think you do (because that one-nighter with Chad), but you will STILL surrender yourself, without hesitation, to ANYBODY you think is better, even momentarily, just because you have the ‘freedom’ to get away it, while men cannot.

    Besides, if you threaten to suddenly became a Democrat over mere words, then you are not worth defending in the first place.

    Female cognitive dissonance is best summed up in Hamlet….’The lady doth protest too much, methinks.’

    • The man himself said it best:

      “Deep down women do want to be taken by a strong man.”

      (Richard Spencer, Nov. 2016 conf.)

    • The logical conclusion of the experience of past 100 years is that the AltRight should not engage women or female issues at all.

      Uncle A never did. But the women knew that he was doing the best for their children/future children. Today’s women are too stupid and not Aryan, traditional or Christian enough unfortunately.

      No more flirting, no more courting Lauren Coalburner or Faith Goldensteiny. If they want to be involved they have to settle the heck down with a decent white Christian man and bake his bread every day and give him a decent brood of 6 to 10 light eyed fair skinned children. They can gossip after Church with the other ladies but otherwise they should stfu and do their duty. That’s it.

      • Exactly, I wish I could give a personal anecdote as perfect example, but these bitches would use it against me.

        Look at how mediocre all these hoes look and how horribly they are aging. Women need church far more than men do, and not in this evangelical way where a harlot is all forgiven and born-again and married off to some virtuous virgin only to ruin him as well.

        Where were women during the Beer Hall Putsch, during Charlottesville? -with the Marxists opposing them.

        They will only side with us when we are overwhelmingly powerful because that is what women do. It is their nature to be with success.

  • It’s the perfect time for our alt-right activists and organizers to come out of our seemingly seven weeks of hibernation, which is certainly necessary for reflection and direction of our movement.

    We have the wind at our backs right now.

    1.) I.E. has entered the public square again to pay homage to Kate Steinle via a beautiful memorial at Pier 14. If even for just 48 hours “normies” got a taste of a “Kinder, Gentler Nationalism.” ?

    2.) The American public has finally opened its eyes to the obvious racism against us whites. Many wool-over-the-eyes whites can be red pilled regarding the reality of the liberal plot of white genocide under the thin guise of being charitable to migrants and refugees. (BTW, have the Mays and Merkels and San Franciscans of the world never noticed most refugees are young, strong males. They leave their women and children back in their war-ravaged countries.)

    3.) Yesterday Pres. Trump had Nikki Hayley announce to the United Nations that the U.S. will not be participating in the UN Refugee Pact. This stand-our-ground decision proves to the world that our American sovereignty is unnegotiable.

    4.) Why would Pres. Trump be traveling to Salt Lake City today? The timing would suggest that he is going to give the Utah court system a berating for acquitting a Somali refugee after he raped two women at gunpoint. This “trend” must end.


  • I truly believe that Christians, and bringing back Christianity that has not been (((tainted))) is our best hope moving forward. Christianity is the base of where our morals come from, and aside from (((passivism))) we share almost all the same goals. I cringe whenever Richard goes on about Atheism. Hitler hated athiests and I do too. Athiesm is the conduit thru which Marxit filth flows. Remove the morals, replace them with your own. We need to reverse this trend as soon as possible, and get the churches who still believe in supercessionism onboard asap.

    • The first time I ever heard Richard speak was during his UF speech, which I heard quite clearly.

      As a devout Lutheran I must admit my heart dropped a bit toward the end of his speech when he stated that he is a “tragic atheist.” But it levitated again when he identified as a “cultural Christian.”

      He was raised Episcopalian. He values Christian tradition and ideals as it was understood in Protestant Europe and America.

      He believes the “God is Dead” mentality is actually a bad thing. He parts company with Richard Dawkins on that point.

      He is correct that the Christian church has been hijacked by SJWs and cucks – especially when newfangled post-Protestant churches recreate and distort our faith.

      Jesus was a nationalist in every way. Read his encounter with the woman at the well. And the great commission, “Go and make disciples of all nations…” (Not to go form a nation of disciples.)

      Nor was Jesus Christ a pacifist. “I’ve come not to bring peace but a sword…”

      • Well said. I believe that Episcopalian is what you call the Church of England / Anglican Church in the US? That is my church. Unforunately, it is as corrupted or more so than the Roman Catholic Church. The Archbishop of Canterbury is a jew, his family anglicised their name several generations ago.

        Many bishops and priests are communists and anti-white ideals are strongly pushed by individual leaders within the church. Attending a service it is hit or miss to find a priest (male or female) that isn’t actually a communist larping as a Christian.

        Last Christmas Day, a male communist larping as a Christian in a small country town church told a story emphasising the beauty of multiculturalism to a church full of white people. He’s now a fucking bishop.

        After the Syria Bombing in April I went to Church for midday communion and a female priest addressed the stories of Lent and the persecution of Jesus by the jews. A woman who shouldn’t even be in that role is telling the truth of the gospel without penciling in disclaimers or mockery. The filth that had run the Christmas service and tried to “educate” a small town of white Australians would have updated it.

        Fingers crossed Christmas isn’t too pozzed.

  • Certain protestant denominations should be made amenable to moving the public into support of white family growth and white separation, as explicit Christian goals, and a necessity to meeting God’s plan. Theologians have biblical support of such a position, certainly from the Old Testament, as they know. Churches were the center of the Civil Rights movement for blacks, with “reverends” MLK Jr. and Jesse Jackson, among its leaders. Currently, protestant denominations are largely run by liberals, but that can change with a new generation who sees the dangers to their flocks of being absorbed and displaced by hordes of foreign non-protestants. Their denominations face extinction. Current evangelical movements stress alliance with Israel and conversion of innumerable Asians, but these are not long-standing traditions. So a policy shift of white Protestantism toward restoration of America’s religious foundation of the Founding Fathers’ values, which were explicitly pro-white, could carry weight in US politics at a time that public schools named after Washington and Jefferson are being renamed after minority figures. This very issue, and that of removing public-square monuments, can be the spark for a new reformation.

    • Sounds like a fantasy. No mainline church will do any such thing. Those that already do are broadly reviled. Even the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa has disavowed it’s earlier white-centric doctrines. Besides, how can a Christian church base its teachings on the Old Testament in preference to the new and still call itself a Christian church?

    • I really want to agree with you, but even the mainstream churches have become a haven for Marxist bilge pumped into their minds. You see it with the southern baptist. They would prefer to adopt brown and black kids over their own just to prove they are one of the good whites. Who unequivocally condemn us and shun us. And at the same time an’t stop apologizing for “muh institutional racism”. They in my eyes are an even bigger problem because it just shows how effective this ideology is. We do have to become palpable, and we need to become something that people not only identify with, but can’t disagree with without being morally bankrupt. And I mean nothing but the most respect.

  • It must b decentralized because all the leftist and especially big money Jewish organizations will be looking to sue for any slight.

  • The first goal should be for every university campus with whites to have a nationally registered European Christian Student Union that operates similarly to non-white organizations already existing. Its mission should be to provide a place for informal social interaction and discussion of topics of interest to Christian students of European ethnic origin. Promotion of violence, support of violent acts by others, defacement of school property, papering and postering public spaces, interfering with student activities through sit-ins, barricades, etc. would be absolutely prohibited by the bylaws. There are already virtually all-white communities throughout the US, in communities as divers as Cape Cod, Mass., Hillsboro, West Virginia and Park City, Utah. The issue then really is political awareness and re-emergence of healthy pro-white sentiment among whites, wherever they live, which such student unions can instill. Dispersion and diffusion of whites will only grow greater, with accompanying racial mixing, as white capabilities and knowledge are needed to stem the growing ecological crises of global warming and ocean pollution from non-biodegradable plastics, as national borders weaken in the face of the resulting economic upheavals and migrations. Under such circumstances, nationhood will be less land-based and more people-based.

    • Aren’t global warming and ocean pollution both by products of industrialization, which is itself a white innovation? So you’re saying that white capabilities and knowledge will be needed to address the problems caused by white innovation and knowledge?

      • Go catch a bullet, troll. Nobody will miss you, Kike. What’s the matter…tired of your virtue-siginaling screeds being buried under thousands of other SJW comments on Buzzfeed, Jizzonabelle, Huffpaint or Salon? Aw, do you need unreconstructed white male attention?

        • Wow, such hostility and infantile name calling in response to a few facts? Good lord! How do you expect the persuade anyone who doesn’t already agree with you if you can’t tolerate even the most modest critiques?

          Can it be that you aren’t trying to build a movement so much as find a corner to hold a pity party for like minded losers? This country was indeed founded by white men and they did create the best, most successful nation ever brought forth by man on earth. But you are a shallow, pathetic echoe of those men. You, sir, are not fit to wipe their boots.

          • LOL feminist alert! They also owned slaves. They also put bitches like in kitchens and protected society from your destructive vote, bad credit and property mismanagement. So there’s that.

  • I have heard some of you guys talk in a way that is very disrespectful to my generation. I chalked it up to the fact that you have not been around as long as I have and were probably taught by the offspring of dirty hippies. I have just been over to The Red Elephants channel and was outraged to hear what Vince James had to say about “conservative boomers.” He is a moron. What kind of idiot would post a video without doing research? He blames “conservative boomers” for the Hart-Celler Act, when it was a dirty, criminal Democrat by the name of President Lyndon B. Johnson who signed it. He is responsible for the assassination of JFK. The bill was written by Ted Kennedy, another DEMOCRAT.

    My generation voted for Prop. 187 which would have denied social services and education to illegal aliens in 1994. This would have gone a long way in getting them to self deport. A LIBERAL judge appointed by DEMOCRAT Jimmy Carter, a judge from the 9th District Court, the same corrupt court that overturned Trump’s Muslim ban, overturned the will of the people saying that Prop. 187 was unconstitutional.

    Comment posters over there agree with Vincent, say8ing that boomers have screwed everything up and don’t know anything, that when we die, it will be a better America. Really? When you don’t have the common sense to do any research? When you are ready to believe anything you hear on youtube?

    I am about to come into a massive inheritance and was going to bequeath it to the Alt-Right to start a fund for white young men like Antonio Foreman and the Staff Sgt. who was kicked out of the military for hanging a “YWNRU” sign. If I do go ahead with it, it will have to be when my hair is no longer on fire. How dare you punks who have never even served in the military. How dare you talk to us like that. You don’t know what the hell you are talking about. No wonder people warned me that you were clueless. Pull your heads out of your asses. You are rudderless and without a voting block that would make a difference in your circumstances. Fight the elites, not your elders.

    • If “your generation” did such a great job why in the blue blazes is this country in such a mess? The “boomer generation” got fat on the “greatest generation” lived high on foot ball, microwave dinners, and tv sitcoms, ignoring politics in general while our borders were erased, our sovereignty stripped, our future jobs outsourced and shipped over seas, our morality butchered and out lawed, the school system was completely taken over and dominated by marxist philosophy and programming… Where were you? Where was your generation? Tell me I’m wrong… try it.. you personally may have been some out standing activist I’ve never heard of but I doubt it. If you were then obviously a generalized statement about a whole generation can never be taken to mean every single individual but if you did nothing … Your silence makes you complicit. Oh.. and I did serve in the military, I served for 13 years in the army, It took me until my 4th combat tour in Iraq to wake up to what was going on in our country and just how loaded that can your generation kicked down the road really was. Whats your point in coming on here being quarrelsome? All I hear in your post is leftist victim mentality. Part of why we are where we are is because no one takes responsibility for their actions or inactions, its always someone else’s fault or responsibility. Anyways. Your generation as a whole has surely its share of the blame.

      • The international financiers behind the U.N. stole it, regardless of how we voted. Ever hear about the New World Order? I’m so tired of talking about it.

    • The reason the Alt Right is struggling financially is because the leaders won’t compromise their ideals. Conversely, the Southern Poverty Law Center has HUNDREDS (!) of millions of dollars.

      That’s how you know the mark of a true activist organization: it struggles just to move ahead. The minute an organization starts hobnobbing with the monies interests — that’s when it’s over.

      Neverthesless, everything takes money. Basic bills have to be paid.

      After your anger subsides, please consider sponsoring a daily Alt Right vigil outside the White House. The vigil could attract young men — and women — to the movement, and your endowment could provide the newcomers with a stipend as they learn firsthand how to interact with the public.

      • How about having Richard call the White House and say, “This is Richard Spencer for Donald Trump” and if he gets through, tell him about how you guys are rail roaded in the media. You have to show some guts, not just sit around and talk about what a success you are before you are one.

      • I’m a Boomer and I’m tired of being blamed for the ills of the world. To begin with, none of us were old enough to vote in 1965 when the immigration act was put in. We also had basically no access to information with totally jewish controlled media. If we wanted to find something out, we had to physically go to a library and hope they had a book we needed.
        And another thing I’d like you people to think about is that you are dividing white people into age groups and smearing your parents or grandparents. You don’t see blacks, muslims, or latinos blaming their elders for anything do you? Why try to drive an entire demographic away? It’s just plain stupid. Let’s start sticking together, for Christ’s sake, we certainly have enough enemies against us without picking at one another.

        • It is indeed divisive, and a relatively new phenomenon started when Tom Brokaw coined ‘the Greatest Generation’ for WWII vets in the 1990s. No other race splits up their culture by ‘generation.’

          However, the reason that the fair and unfair criticism is directed at Baby Boomers is because you fit a pattern…

          You are the first generation born into Social Security/Medicare, which you cling to so decisively that you will vote Democrat to protect it over the interests of your grandchildren….and we all know you will be the only group that benefits entirely from it, as it will becomes insoluble when every other generation retires, yet we still have to pay into it knowing that we get zero benefit from it, like union dues.

          Statistics also back up the fact that sportsball worship is a Baby Boomer thing.

          Something like 8 million people watched the Home Run derby, and 5 million were above age 55. We are trying to destroy the NFL, but Baby Boomers keep on tuning in, while everybody below age 30 stopped watching and playing it.

          We do not want to watch a bunch of sweaty thugs in tights chasing a ball lecturing us about morality, but you Baby Boomers have made them millionaires with your bizarre voyeurism that compels you to parade around public wearing the uniforms of your favorite black buck, with his name on the back, getting into drunken fistfights with other Baby Boomer cuckolds about whose group of niggers are superior.

          That is what needs to end. I’m sure you can agree with that.

          • You keep speaking accusatively to people you don’t even know.
            It’s not very white or western of you to disparage your elders.
            That’s bratty, disrespectful, hateful, and just cheap.
            But I suspect you mean to be that.
            I suspect you are no sympathizer to alt. Right concerns, at all.

          • Why do you get up in arms about a criticism that clearly doesn’t apply to you if you are on the Alt-Right?

            You boomers act like a minority group, always closing ranks.

            I never get so upset when people mock Millennials because I know that what they say is mostly true, even if I think most of it doesn’t apply to me.

          • Welcome to the Wild West of the internet, lady. Your moderating forces do not apply. We whippersnappers are here flinging fiery arrows of powerful ideas we would otherwise not be allowed to discuss anywhere else, thanks to you schoolmarms.

            Go back to your drum circle.

          • Some of you boys need a good ass-kicking and if you were my sons, you’d get it. I’d take you down the military recruitment center and sign you up. For all their faults, my kids are respectful and act like adults.

          • Are you even white? Yes, I just went there. You stupid bitches so cavalierly challenge a man’s fortitude and then emasculate him until you set chivalrous thumbs-down e-mobs after him. You cows keep proving my point each post. WOMEN RUIN EVERYTHING. I’m ready to sell you into slavery to Libyans on a discount. You should start proving why I shouldn’t.

          • Being white and male doesn’t make you special you fucking faggot. Leave the little old lady alone! GOD, what did your parents do to you?

          • Here comes the beta-orbiter on cue. You can thank the Daily Stormer for my rhetoric. I will take your thirsty virtue-signaling seriously when you criticize them for their rhetoric, which is just as bad, only you won’t because your chivalry places rose-colored glasses on your senses, preventing you from actually treating them as your equals. You pathetic idiot, this is the time to wrest control of this movement before the feminist coup destroys it. This was my most civil thread. I even sympathized, yet they and YOU still went ape-shit. This is why feminism is dangerous. It enables losers like you to feel empowered being walked over by pouty women, who think siding with them will win you points.

          • Going full retard on an old boomer lady is not masculine behaviour. It’s pathetic.

          • Yes it is you stupid fuck. A bitch gets uppity, you discipline her. Watch any black and white movie. This is the internet for God’s sake. This could be some Nigger sock puppet. Christ, son. Pull yourself together and stop with this courtly simping.

          • No, my grandparents, parents, and I have all benefitted from it and we paid for it. Why aren’t you angry at the elected officials that have brought third-world peasants here to benefit from it? Why is that not a problem for you?

        • I was eight in 1965 and my parents wanted no one but whites here. Sammy Lee, the diving champion and medical doctor, couldn’t by a house in Garden Grove because he was redlined. The country has been stolen from us. Wake up, little boys.

          • The country has been stolen form you? You never reclaimed it. It’s never been your children’s to enjoy.

            My immigrant wife can get a job that I can’t get because she isn’t white.

            That’s my country being stolen from me.

        • You need to listen to that Molyneux takedown of a vapid boomer bitch in the last week.

          If the criticism doesn’t apply to you, don’t get upset. If it does, don’t justify your wants as public goods.

    • What these people don’t understand, too, is that no Boomer was old enough to vote in 1965 when the voting age was 21. The oldest of us was 20 and the youngest 1.

    • I think there is a great deal of trolling and sabotage going on with our side. There’s no way many on this thread could be for real. Nobody in ANY fledgling and hard dissident movement of any kind would say these things, and think they can build a movement, OF ANY KIND.
      Don’t worry- we are still here and still building and still determined to save our civilization no matter what people trying to hurt us say.
      I would agree- some of these comments make one seriously rethink donations or getting involved. As always suspect they are meant to.
      Try Amren for your donations of real property. That’s what I’m doing.

  • This name is perfect. It taps into the innocuous nature of phrases like “its okay to be white”… it allows you to get your point across while also covering your bases…. for example when someone counters the phrase “its okay to be white” you can quickly retort “oh what? its not okay ?”. This logic works perfect with operation homeland (“oh its not okay for us to have a homeland?”) This type of language CONTROLS the Overton Window and its a brilliant move. For so long the left has be doing this and now its time we fight back and win!

  • I see white a homeland being realistically achieved via a 3-step process with an unknown timetable:
    1. Separate laws for every race based on those similar to feudalistic guilds, where Muslims and Jews wore special regalia indicting they were subject to their own religious laws and tried by their own courts despite living within Christendom. They can have Sharia/cartel/ghetto courts for their own people. Of course there would be some special court for interracial crime – None of this requires deportations, just universal agreements, which we practically have with Affirmative Action and political-correctness, and minorities following their own low-trust eye-for-an-eye culture/uncooperative attitude with white authority.
    2. Some sort of dual-monarchy transition like the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. where voluntary separation starts to take shape because of the discomfort different peoples find themselves in when subject to the preference of another nation’s laws and customs in their territory as agreed upon. Basically a loose confederation with a supranational foreign policy.
    3. Separatism – every race has their own autonomy and fiefdoms based on accords to do whatever they please.

  • What?., I did say ” my boys and I’, was gonna say me and my boys. They call me “Big Country” in the hood. I don’t hate or judge anyone, I get along with ALL people.,aka kickin it, from high school to workforce kinda guy. Sounds like you are judgin and painting Ur own lil picture, when in fact I’m the only one with balls to give a little info about themselves. Let’s hear alil background from some of the haters. I’m a pipe fitter who works fuckin hard everyday, who believes it should be ok to say “I’m proud to be white” and not be labeled as a racist. Such an awful double standard in America. The new Homeland gig says it is for “the professional”, so it excludes the blue collar like myself anyways so I wouldn’t worry to much about it..,come on.!.

    • You ARE a professional, sir. Pipe fitting is your profession. Of course I need and want trade professionals like you. ??

      • ? u just made my day, as navigate these amazing back roads of NC, absorbing podcasts at my leisure, bouncing from service call to service call?. I’m actually a fire sprinkler tech., more people knw the term pipe fitter. I’ll be there when u guys visit the area…thanx

  • Alt Right activists need to pay more attention to the financial aspects of the coming struggle: Save up enough cash for a year’s worth of living expenses, in case your activism causes you to lose your job like what happened to Tony Hovater.

  • Look, I’m a 42 yr old white man that grew up in NC. I see this as the birth of a great movement. It doesn’t matter how many millions are ready to make moves.,.yet. If it awakens just a handful of the younger peeps it’s done it’s job, because today’s generation are the ones getting hoodwinked the most. I’m sure its ruff for for some of them these days. Y’all come to NC, my boys and I will stand shoulder to shoulder widcha!.,,yeah I said “y’all”? stay woke, *****’s creepin.

    • You’re a 42 year old white man who sounds like he grew up in the ‘hood. Is that supposed to be irony? This “movement” keeps getting weirder and weirder.

      • It is indeed sad that White people are getting negrified. Shouldn’t you be happy about this development though? They talk more and more like your favorite pets.

        • Don’t mistake country grammar w negrification. Starting to second guess this whole damn thing, I might be dealing w a bunch of weak,sick, puke MFs that ain’t shit in a nigger’s yard comin out of a dog’s ass! RTB, looks like u have a few buddies here after all…?

  • Every public alt-right demonstration has been a completely counterproductive shitshow. The alt-right destroyed itself when it went from a metapolitical movement to a street activism. It’s tragicomic how none of the alt-right leaders have any idea how people who are not alt-right who they are trying to reach actually think All you’re achieving with these demonstrations is a counter movement and building up an anti-white mythos. You idiots have actually contributed in inflaming anti-white feeling within whites because people are forced to counter signal anti-racism. You idiots have strangled the money that was coming into people who while not alt-right would talk about HBD and the refugee crisis. You also have helped raise money for all sorts of “anti-racist” groups and initiatives.
    There is no greater enemy of the white race than Richard Spencer’s megalomania. I cry for what could have been had he kept just writing for Radix instead of wanting to be a superhero while dressing like a villian. He doesn’t care about victory of progress, he only cares about getting credit for whatever happens.

    • “You idiots have strangled the money that was coming into people who while not alt-right would talk about HBD and the refugee crisis.”

      Steve Sailer and Peter Brimelow have been at it since the 90s. They have failed to breakthrough due to the overly intellectual and inscrutable nature of their arguments. The same goes for Jared Taylor.

      HBD motivates no one with its charts and statistics about whites having higher IQs than blacks. But keep scapegoating Spencer for failing to understand that people don’t read tomes about race and intelligence.

    • When you have been punched in the face by communists,maced,use your real name and are subject to intense vilification by the MSM(as Richard Spencer has)–we will take you more seriously.Richard is THE leader of our movement.

      • He’s certainly not MY leader, and I’m not of the opinion that making yourself a punching bag earns anyones respect. You actually have to win battles for that, not just throw yourself into the storm. There is no one in the Alt-Right currently who is worth following. Heimbach is the best you have and he’s only AR some of the time. The rest are either trolls, entertainers, “intellectuals” or camwhores. Until someone worth following arises from the rabble I will stick to muh lonewolf tactics.

    • >contributed in inflaming anti-white feeling within whites because people are forced to counter signal anti-racism

      I do not understand how things work the post.

  • Operation home land was the best name you could come up with?? Sounds fuddy and very low energy.. How do you expect to garner momentum with a name like “operation homeland”.

  • Demonstrations are about nothing but garnering short-term attention. They may be fun, but they change nothing. The whole idea of a movement dedicated to white identity is rather odd and it’s a distraction. Millions of white people would still be unemployed or stuck in dead end jobs if this country turned 100% white tomorrow. Foreign competition and automation aren’t going to just vanish because some white people hold rallies about being white.

    This this country is going through a wrenching economic change just like we did during the industrial revolution. Tens of millions of middle class jobs are being destroyed and lots more are going in the near future. Blaming non-whites for this technological advancement is just scapegoating to make your self feel good, but white people are the chief drivers of this innovation, so it is silly to pretend that if only everyone was white, we’d be living in nirvana.

    The wealthiest people in America and Europe are overwhelmingly white and they’re going to keep getting richer as the need for labor falls. Another alt-right organization to encourage people to blame non-whites just plays right into their hands. The little people fight among themselves while the rich get richer.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think the organizers of this latest Homeland movement were on the Koch bros payroll.

    • You’re criticisms aren’t particularly relevant to us as we don’t view the ethnostate as being a utopian society free of struggle or suffering, nor do we promote this idea. That’s not the point. The point is for our people not to be wiped from the face of the Earth altogether. Our mere continued existence is threatened by demographic trends and immense and widespread animosity towards our people. The point is securing clearly defined territory where Europeans can propagate themselves.

      • No one is trying to wipe whites from the face of the earth. Whites are simply choosing to have fewer kids than needed to replace existing numbers. And no one is forcing whites to have fewer kids, so it doesn’t make sense to think having a clearly defined territory will increase propagation rates. There are several almost all white states in the US. Are people there propagating themselves faster just because there are only whites around?

        Just look at the Japanese. They’re a mono-ethnic state/island nation with almost no illegal immigration and very little legal immigration. They are declining in numbers. Why? People choosing to have too few kids.

        You want to save the white race? Get married and have a bunch of kids.

        • Getting married and having kids is only part of the solution. A declining birthrate doesn’t mean your people are going to go extinct if you have a defined territory to live in. Whites do not currently have that. We have neither a territory, nor do we have replacement level birth rates.

          Saying that Whites have no outside threat is quite frankly ridiculous.

          • The following states currently have white populations of 90% or more:

            Vermont 96.2%
            Maine 95.5%
            New Hampshire 95.0%
            West Virginia 94.3%
            Iowa 92.9%
            Idaho 92.1%
            Wyoming 91.6%
            Minnesota 90.94%

            Iowa, Idaho, Wyoming (89%) are contiguous states and collectively have a land mass larger than France or Germany. Any effort to establish a white homeland can begin there.

            What outside threat is preventing people from doing that?

          • So if someone disagrees with you and you don’t have a reasonable answer to their points, they must be a kike, huh? Real impressive.

        • This meme of ‘make white babies’ is not good enough at this point because under current feminist laws you would essentially be creating more Antifa rodents due to inevitably subpar upbringings. The average white couple has two kids, and at least half of marriages end in divorce. Most of us have been affected by divorce very early in life, where a female divorcee goes buck wild with many different surrogate father figures, who have zero incentive to give positive input to children that are not theirs, which creates a terrible trajectory that runs almost parallel to Negro culture, minus the breathtaking violence.

          Marriage and kids are becoming a white collar thing too because there is no incentive for the hypergamous nature of women to ‘date down’ even though they are bottom-of-the-rung themselves. All that’s left on the market are these used up whores, whose mediocre looks have started fading around age 30, and their failed careers never took off, but they still want the 20-something Chad. They would rather be a backup concubine in a vast harem than ‘settle for less.’

          What is the point for a man to sire children if they can so easily be taken away from him by ill-equipped mothers, yet he still is financially responsible for their rearing and can be sent debtor’s prison if there is a glitch in his garnished paycheck?

          Besides, have you seen how incorrigible women have seem to become in just the last 5 years? They have gotten so fat, so lazy and so repugnant in virtually every manner. They seem to be sated by social media compliments rather than learning social skills and manners, and then caking on layers of makeup rather than exercising, making them look like LARPing Geisha sumo wrestlers.

          So if you simply want to play a numbers game of birthrate wars, we are going to lose no matter how hard we try compared to nonwhites. I for one am sick of trying to just maintain our current predicament as so many seem to want. It is all or nothing as far as I’m concerned, not the continuation of what we already have and are losing.

          • Jesus! What a sexist and morbidly hateful rant. But, don’t worry. Your soul has, literally, rotted from your boundless misogyny. No woman will EVER want you again. And your children, if you have any, will soon stop calling you “father”. Better get ready for a lifetime of “companionship” from your alt-right butt buddies, because you won’t get any closer to a happy domestic life.

          • So all the problems are the fault of loose white women? Not the fault of men who fail to be strong enough to build and sustain their families? Aren’t men also responsible for the high divorce rate? Isn’t it the man’s responsibility to make himself attractive marriage material? That’s how it always was in the past.

            Oh, and calling half the white population whores is not the way to build a movement.

          • LOL you just gave yourself away, sister. Nearly all the problems are indeed the fault of white women because all the laws that YOU lobbied for that altered society directly BENEFIT you while HARMING everybody else – that is called zero-sum. How hard is that to understand?

            If women act like whores they are going to be treated like them. Enough pandering to people who are going to shack up with the most ruthless men anyway.

          • I’m just gonna leave this here:

            “After exposing the decadence of modern woman, we must not forget that man is mostly responsible for such a decadence. Just like the plebeian masses would have never been able to make their way into all the domains of social life and of civilization if real kings and real aristocrats would have been in power, likewise in a society run by real men, woman would never have yearned for or even been capable of taking the path she is following today. The periods in which women have reached autonomy and preeminence almost always have coincided with epochs marked by manifest decadence in ancient civilizations. Thus, the best and most authentic reaction against feminism and against every other female aberration should not be aimed at women as such, but at men instead. It should not be expected of women that they return to what they really are and thus reestablish the necessary inner and outer conditions for a reintegration of a superior race, when men themselves retain only the semblance of true virility.”
            – Julius Evola

          • More chivalry is not the solution. Blaming men only goes so far. I know your armor is clinking to slay the dragon and rescue the maiden, but none of that exists. I live in the real world and deal with real problems in real ways. Quotes are useless unless you live in a book. Just ask principled LOLbertarians.

          • I don’t think you got the quote. There isn’t anything about chivalry or slaying dragons in there. Real books > Manosphere blogs.

            The Slave Morality in the Alt-Right is pathetic. Nigger tier.

          • Well I’m not a feminist or a white knight. You don’t seem to be too bright though so I’ll drop this.

    • Disagree. Mr. Spencer’s putting his life on the line at his events has energized the base. Mr. Spencer, with good reason, has said he expected he might get shot at the Florida event. But he worked his way through the feeling.

      Rallies are a great way for newcomers to test the waters.

      • To what end? Let’s say there is a great racial re-awakening led by Spencer et al. Then what? By the time any such awakening occurs, over half the adult population will be non-white and they aren’t going anywhere voluntarily, so it won’t be possible to remove them democratically. So where do you go with this movement?

        Right now, the alt-right may seem like a growing movement, but if it ever becomes large enough to threaten the continuation of the US as a single political entity, the reaction will be fearsome. There are, at most, a million dedicated members of the alt-right. There are, what, 300 million Americans.

        If there is ever an effort to break this country up into various ethno-states, those 200+ million who aren’t paying attention will start paying attention and the alt-right will be crushed.

        Personally, I think Spencer is like a white Farrakhan. An attention loving blowhard looking for attention and a free ride, but unlikely to do anything of significance in the long run.

    • The issue isn’t really the economy though.
      The issue is that whites are losing their home countries to international interests and traitor politicians.
      It’s about sovereignty and people getting organized on a grassroots level.
      Even if there were lots of jobs, the issue of endless non-white immigration and the deconstruction of the nation state would still be the main problem.

      • Yeah. Sure. Believe that if you like. The driver is economics. People have seen their wages stagnate for over three decades now and they’re looking for an explanation and a return to better times. If the economy really was booming for the vast majority, instead of just a few, far fewer people would be interested in longing for a return to the past when white skin assured a higher social and economic status than it does today.

  • I don’t see you naming the Jew or, really, offering anything at all besides the same tired semantic posturing. Who’s funding all of this, and what are the explicit goals you plan to achieve in the short- and long-term to defend our people from International Jewry?


      Following a cult-like media-appointed leader with a “vision” but no plan, who promises to restore the America of the past without any hint as to how he intends to accomplish this, or what he intends to to with the millions of undesirables now in the country.

      • Totally unfair to Mr. Spencer.

        He build the Alt Right slowly and organically. That formula worked! He was brought to fame (although not fortune, quite yet) by circumstances: a toast, a punch, a botched gathering in C-ville that ended up being a plus, talks to college students that became front page news — none of THAT was quite planned. But all that has stead the movement well.

        The country is in a cultural flux. Only in retrospective will it be clear what the Right moves are. That is why the Alt Right has to tread carefully, and methodically.


        • “He build the Alt Right slowly and organically. ” No he didn’t. He took on the mantle as our “spokesman” (his words) when we thought Milo might. He built nothing, and has inherited everything. The people who really built this movement came from /pol/ , TRS, and the Stormer (via good memetics). Even their intellectual underpinnings derive from intellectuals other than Spencer.

          • Really? Memetics built the movement? I won’t argue with you if you say so.

            I was under the impression that a thought throttling political correctness had crept into the collective consciousness. And that many felt something is “not quite right” in the way they felt and perceived society. And that the Alt Right articulated those unformed feelings — “red pilled” people in the modern parlance — and thus gave many Whites a voice.

            People were hungry for a leader. And Mr. Spencer stood up and lead.

            The stage is big enough for more than one leader. It is not a zero-sum game. You can find me here on, and the next minute on and then over to

            /pol/ et al don’t lose when the Alt Right rises. Am I missing something?

          • I’ve been following the alt right since 2010 or so. Before TRS, memetics, and /pol/, the alt right was inert. It was just articles and conferences few people attended. Memes are what made the alt right explode. Spencer just piggybacked off it.

          • I will agree with this as an outside (non-US) observer. It seems that RS has been parachuted in and been attributed much kudos in far too short a time, and in a movement that I had presumed was far too skeptical to accept any one person as a leader given the (((obvious pitfalls))) in the current year.

            Without devolving to calling everyone a shill, the past of everyone needs to be closely examined just as much as their present. That said, changing of ideas is not necessarily conclusive as we know many German Reds became NDSAP 90+ years ago. If it is plausible.

            Many of us have accelerated our progress along the red pill trajectory in the last 2 years. Often it is a case of running the gauntlet where one side punching you is the /side/ you end up aligning with, despite your bitterness at the treatment they handed out. I would count myself as one of those. If the Altright think it can win a majority of the population over with such treatment however, dream on.

            I’m more for the leaderless ideal, where the emphasis time and again is put back on the race and the civilisation and the building of a genuine and a real brotherhood. Not the elevation of one frail individual who can be killed, maimed, disgraced and jailed as so many have been before.

  • Protest outside some state capital for opioid control. We could make serious head winds in apalachia, the rust belt and Iowa

    • There are all of 3 million people in Iowa. 1.8 million in W Va. In a nation of 300 million, we’re talking peanuts. And the only reason it’s possible to make progress in such places is because of the economic alienation and hopelessness of so many people there. Emphasizing white identity might make people feel better by persuading them to blame non-whites for their problems, but it won’t make their problems go away. I don’t hear any of these so called alt-right leaders offering solutions to those problems. Probably because they don’t have any.

      The more I read and hear, the more I think Spencer and others are dupes of the moneyed interests. Since before this country was founded, wealthy elites have used race to persuade poor whites to accept their poverty because at least they’re better than blacks. This seems like a similar approach. No solutions to the economic issues; just rallying around racial identity.

      Heck, Trump is about to sign a tax law that will concentrate even more wealth in the hands of the top .01% and Spender wants people to rally around being white. Anyone else see a game of misdirection here?

      • Is economics the only language the boomer speaks? Why do most of you boomers only see the world in dollar signs? Has it occurred to you that regaining some of our other values might be financially beneficial too?

      • “Emphasizing white identity might make people feel better by persuading them to blame non-whites for their problems”

        According to this anti-white hater, being pro-White automatically means you “blame non-whites for their problems.”

        He would NEVER say such things about Jews, or Blacks, or Mestizos. He ONLY says such things about Whites, because he’s anti-White.

        • Actually, if any of those groups were talking about forming an ethno state in this country, I’d say the same thing. Don’t be so defensive. Good lord, anyone who doesn’t just mindlessly agree gets attacked. That’s a sign of the insecurity you feel in your beliefs, rather than a sign of strength.

          • Aztlan talks about reconquista of the South West and forming an “ethno-state” – but you NEVER complain about them. Jews have an ethno-state and spend millions lobbying America to support their ethno-state while pushing for as much “immigration” as possible in our country. You NEVER complain about them. Black people have all sorts of nationalist groups, you NEVER complain about them. Because you are not some sort of principled person, you’re just anti-white.

  • For a very long time I have sided with white pride! Because of this I have been lied about more than not, I have lost jobs, lost family, lost loves, lost my freedom through malicious false accusations and ficticious criminal charges. But I can not help it… I love our people, I love beautiful white women, I love our compassionate nature, I love white history, I love our ideals and cultures.
    History shows we have contributed more to humanity, introduced more positivity, more beauty than any other race. We are important to the future success of a more civilized world. A future world where all races, including the white race, can live in peace.

    • Sorry Josh, but what does love of white women have to do with it? Has anyone ever tried to stop you from loving a white woman (other than her boyfriend or spouse I mean)? 🙂

      The vast majority of people date and marry people, not only of the same race, but of the same ethnicity. Most don’t lose jobs over it.

      It is entirely possible to love your own group and history without denigrating others. If you’ve lost jobs, loves, friends, etc. it’s probably because you’ve expressed your pride in a way that puts others down. The only reason to do that is if you, ultimately, aren’t so proud of being white. After all, who has to put others down to make himself feel better but someone insecure in himself?

      Oh and if you’ve been convicted of a crime, it’s probably because you did something illegal.

      Just sayin’

      • Has everything to do with it…think recessive genes… recessive traits are dying because of under the table propagandists like yourself who promote the death of recessive genes by telling our people race mixing is ok and even cool.

        However many whites you claim are marrying only within their “ethnicity”, it is not enough…. Whites are not producing enough to sustain even our current world population percentage of 9% and soon white beauty WILL be gone.

        White self hatred has infected every town every city in America… in the world and this white self hatred/white guilt complex shuns ANY white pride

        White privilege is a fairy tale.

        • Yes, many white physical traits are recessive, though it’s pure hype to claim that whites will soon be gone.

          But even if that were true, how do you propose to reverse the decline? Force white people to marry only other sufficiently proven white people? Force white families to have more children than they want? Force white families to stop divorcing? None of those will work.

          Also, race mixing does not result in the death of recessive genes. It results in those genes being passed down but not being expressed. That’s just basic biology.

      • Sooo, if job loss has everything to do pride and nothing to do with doxxing….why don’t you prove it by posting your name, address, place of work, and picture online and give us the link?

  • Guys you should really start changing your strategy. Be satisfied with less dramatic victories. Go to small towns. Instead of flash mobs and bullhorns bring the many talented tradesmen in our ranks to help the poor, white rural people who are the most amenable to our cause. Millions upon millions of people are suffering in towns that are dying. Go there and speak to them. Do what you can to help.

    • What good will that do for them? They’re in dying towns because they don’t have decent jobs. What is rallying around being white doing to do to bring jobs?

      • Jobs are created when there is demand. An organized, White population segment can create demand for products and services created and delivered by other participating White people. At this point, you are just reaching for an excuse to tell the goyim not to organize. Please be less (((obvious))).

        • “An organized white population can create demand”? Huh? Many of those dying rust belt towns and towns in Appalachia are already almost all white.

          The issue is not a lack of demand. It’s that demand can be met with declining percentages of human labor. If a white owned factory (and almost all are white owned) that formerly needed 100 white workers to produce its product can produce the same product using one robot that costs 1/10th the labor costs of those workers, those 100 white workers will soon be looking for new jobs. That’s why so many of those towns are dying now.

          Organize all you like, but if you don’t address that issue, you’ll just be organizing a bunch of depressed, economically marginalized people.

          • Yes. Technology can remove jobs. Technology also creates new jobs to maintain, improve, build, program, troubleshoot, etc. all of that new technology. Then you have the new degree and training programs that are created which create jobs for teachers and professors. As it stands, technology has given far more jobs back than it has eliminated. The distinction is that those new jobs require more skill and a higher level of intelligence to perform. People have already adapted to this but our government, in collusion with big tech and other large interests, have imported trained people from all over the third world to fill those positions because they can get roughly the same level of output for much less financial input. Or they can ignore the new technology altogether and use a brute force slave army of peasants to get it done the old-fashioned way. Closing our borders to those that are not our own is pretty damned high on our list for a reason.

    • Exactly. Find those really on the outside of modern America. Let them know that they count and that they are part of the nation and that their past contributions mattered. The jew controlled America was so recently stolen from the likes of them, who built it without fanfare with their contributions over several hundred years.

    • Organizing working class and rural Whites is a great idea, but you won’t get any sort of media attention for it, so it’s a non-starter for “professional activists.” That shouldn’t stop the rest of us of course.

  • Got excited when I saw “Operation Homeland” – thought it might be some Orania-like PLE initiative. Instead it’s more demonstrations, which are fine, but what do they ultimately achieve?

  • How bout anti-war protests?

    The only anti-war protests that I know of in the US take place every Saturday morning right by Robert Mercer’s $$$$$$ making MACHINE on 25A…this vigil has been going on since the onset of Gulf War Two………….Across the street…..Fox News Patriotards with a life-size card board Trump=MAGA!!!=support the Troops!!!=The acolytes from Hell!!! of Cockroach Sean HANNITY who is still waging war against Christian Russia….every night on Fox News because Vladimir Putin tried to get Hillary Clinton elected on Nov 3 2016…

    • Yes the alt right is in desperate need of a central hierarchy. For men that supposedly eschew the trappings of capitalism and democracy there seems to be a awful lot of dick measuring and ideological turmoil. I don’t get it. If you support white people and you are against white genocide then you are my ally. We need the fucking alt-right Voltron. Richard make peace with Greg Johnson.

      • I disagree. We don’t need hierarchy. We need local cohesive social networks that branch out of cities into state, and then states into regions and then into the country, etc. We are in no position for a hierarchy yet. Successful movements operate in decentralized cells who communicate, not orders from a top head that can be easily infiltrated by Feds.

        • Exactly. We need to expand this leaderless resistance and fight like the Spanish defeated Napoleon in the Peninsular War. The fact that its anonymous also makes it even more difficult to infiltrate or identify, which is why people should not dox themselves either. The pseudonyms also make Alt-Right figures almost folk heroes to likeminded people, and phantoms of the opera to their enemies.

      • Wonderful idea.

        A central hierarchy to attract all the attention, money and energy so once again run of the mill American people are left as observers, donators, and bystanders.

        Brilliant. Should do sweeeeeet fuck all and end up dying in 5, no 3 years at the longest.

        But better that than pushing for real cultural change, on a grassroots level, where it will empower every American man and woman to take back the country that was left to them by the founding fathers.

    • If race preferences go, the number of whites at the top schools is going to plummet as higher scoring Asians take their places. That’s what happened when California banned consideration of race at its public universities. Yes, the number of blacks and latinos fell, but in absolute numbers, whites were the biggest losers. Today, Asians are a majority at UC Berkeley and (I think) at UCLA. Look forward to whites becoming a distinct minority at the Ivies if they can’t give any consideration to racial balance. Is that what you really want?

  • I’m not so sure about this.

    Evan McLaren posting snarky and dishonest jabs at IE (calling it “Proud Boys 2” (???) then refusing to explain why the departure when pressed on it- citing that it’s unprofessional to do so)

    Maybe consider that before you air your dirty laundry.

    Not the first time the Alt Right Corporation and Co. have been caught up in some twisted tales. First John Morgan’s departure from Arktos.
    Then Jorjani’s departure from Alt Right Corp.

    As for Richard Spencer:
    Abandons Radix journal for this site, which is far inferior and essentially a tabloid.
    NPI isn’t national, nor does it publish policy papers, nor is it an institute. Just a forum for Richard himself.
    Admits regularly on podcasts, along with other Alt Right Corp. operatives that he can’t balance the checkbook (the money I donated with my hard earned labor?)
    Has piss poor judgement:
    Now he abandons IE.

    This Op. Homeland is announced. No website, no logo, no clear direction. I’ve never been one to take a side on this drama, but all the puzzle pieces seem to be coming together for me- this is a shit show.

    I’ll let the rest of you decide what to make of this on your own.

      • The problem is OH was conceived not in unity, but divisiveness- with those involved smearing IE with cheap insults, using spies, and trying to skim its best members for their own endeavors. These are poisonous personalities.

    • Mr T, you sure do have a long laundry list. Shouldn’t you let your wife or girlfriend keep charge of the laundry? That’s what we do in my house.

      • OK guys, I was trying to compare keeping a long list of petty grievances to what a woman(pussy) would do. Oh, and I liked today’s Kate/Wall/DC thing. MAGA!

  • This will be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m very interested in any group under the leadership of Richard and other top notch memebers of the moment.

  • Well, I see Eli Mosley on there. Solves part of his Identity Evropa exit mystery. Some people were saying that he needed to duck out for legal reasons after Charlottesville. But, if one purpose of Homeland is to “plan and carry out bold demonstrations”, sounds like legacy legal concerns are not an overwhelming issue at the moment.

    Honestly though, when I first read the above description, and before seeing Eli’s name, it occurred to me that Homeland sounds a lot like IE. Very… polite.

    So – why go through the effort and bother of founding and ramping up Homeland from a dead-stop rather than grow/improve IE with its existing structure, brand and momentum?


  • What’s the substance of the group? Propaganda, rallies, political organization, grassroots political activism, or what? Either way, you have my best wishes.

  • Im glad to see it focusing on a global level rather than a national one… the problems we are facing in America are also problems our European allies are struggling with. Hail Victory! 14words

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