How Will They Impeach Trump?

Trump went on a shitposting spree and got all the usual suspects to chomp down on the juicy bait.

The British government is more than a little peeved about Trump retweeting Britain First videos about Muslims preying on their usual victims – defenseless Whites. True to form, most liberals were not shocked by the content of the videos, but that Trump had the audacity to share them.

One man from the UK Cuck Island even called for Trump to be arrested should he set foot in the UK.

Of course the reaction of liberals to Trump being Trump is the same as it has been from the very first day when he announced his candidacy.

They’ve been in total meltdown, so that’s nothing new. So will this be the angle of attack going forward? Will his “racism” be his downfall?

I doubt it. It won him the election, I don’t see it failing him now.

To be honest, I was under the impression that the establishment was going the sex scandal route. I was waiting for the liberals to take the momentum from the #metoo campaign and redirect it at Trump. It would be simple, the public would be made aware of the White male rapist epidemic and the outrage would stir. The narrative would reinforce that these women’s accounts and their testimony was inviolable.

After that, it would just be a matter of getting some former Miss Universe contestant or former wife of the Don to say the fatal words, “I felt unsafe” or something like that, and the sword of damocles would come crashing down on Trump.

But no cigar with that yet either, it seems. Trump’s just too smooth with the ladies, I suppose, which is a superpower in its own right.

So what now?

Well, some bad news just came out on the “Russian hacking” front.

Flynn surrendered to law enforcement Friday morning for a plea hearing in Washington, D.C. federal court.

Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, pleaded guilty to a single criminal count of knowingly making materially false, fictitious and fraudulent statements to FBI agents.

The charge was lodged by prosecutors for Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is probing connections between the Trump campaign with Russians.

At that hearing, prosecutors said that Flynn last year had spoken with senior members of Trump’s transition team about his conversations with the Russian ambassador, which were related to sanctions imposed by the Obamac administration.

Specifically, a prosecutor said, Flynn spoke to one senior official who was at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago resort property in Floriday about what to say to the ambassador.

In a statement issued after he pleaded, Flynn said it had been “extraordinarily painful to endure these many months of false accusations of ‘treason’ and other outrageous acts.”

Looks like the Feds got Flynn to flip.

So, will this be the preferred method of attack against Trump going forward?

It seems that the effort to take our boy down is a multi-pronged attack, or to put it more bluntly, they are just throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks.

All of it seems to be a build-up towards an impeachment hearing where the establishment builds its case on just general impropriety when in office a la Bill Clinton or something. They’ll act like they’ve got a whole dossier on Trump, even though all of it is piss-soaked nonsense.

But we shouldn’t put it past these guys to try something outrageous.

They’re even stonewalling on The Wall by refusing to convict the Mexican who murdered Kate Steinle. That’s not a coincidence in my mind, nor is it in Trump’s.

Chances are, he will keep tweeting about this one, because it is an egregrious miscarriage of justice and a sinister attack on his agenda by undermining the narrative for the necessity of the wall. At least in Liberals’ minds.

Meanwhile, the Establishment knows that if it can prevent the Wall, they can stop the Trump Train.

One year in and Trump is still bobbing and weaving to keep his administration afloat. But leaks are springing up as fast as he can plug them.

Let’s hope he keeps his eyes on the prize.


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  • The best part of the Flynn plea is that it exposed Kushner’s ties to Israel and lobbying for Jew settlement.

  • Vindication.

    BUT the police took orders from the mayor.

    And Antifa thugs attacked first. And academia and media raised a whole generation of kids to be murderous hateful thugs who have no respect for rule of law. They reacted the same way to Milo and Ben Shapiro. And to Charles Murray.

    Police did wrong in Charlottesville but they were just stooges of the real power. Scapegoating them is like blaming soldiers(who follow orders) instead of the media that fanned the flames of war and the commanders who sent those troops into battle.

    The real power must be blamed. The Jewish overlords. These overlords also pushed PC to turn white kids into self-loathing White Submissivist retards and Justice Junkies who attack their own race and welcome their own racial extinction.

    To salvage the narrative, the media use terms like ‘nazis’ and ‘white supremacists’ to suggest that the Right is always wrong and illegitimate because of their creed.

  • The vast majority of white Brits just don’t seem to give a f. BNP never got over 2% of the vote. UKIP has done better, but generally their vote share is low.

    When I talk to British millennials they are completely degenerate and the only thing they’re interested in talking about how stupid white Americans are for wanting freedom of speech and gun rights. They’re willfully arrogant morons.

    • It’s more that they know the Americans have more fun in a general sense. Stuff we got to do until the mid 1990s.

    • Britain is gone. Done and dusted. I meet the degenerate spawn of that Isle of the Damned all over the world. It is a lesson for us all…liberal parlimentary democracy is pure poison for The Nations.

  • Where is that smooth little Hymie Jared in all this? He/she never has a hair out of place. And always the same expression. It’s positively creepy. Maybe he/she is a Jew AI.

    Wasn’t he over there banging the old wall of Fortress Antonia and making plans with Bibi awhile back? It looks to me like Bibi is going to sideline ZOGusa on the Yinnon Plan wars for regime change while he goes for a bloodbath in Lebanon.

    What are they going to do with all those IS mercenary armies ZOG and Israel financed and equipped anyway?

  • the thing is that even though trump has not followed through on his promises (in large part because of the people he appointed to work around him), he is a great propaganda weapon for white populism…that in and of itself is of great value…

  • John Brennan……dinner tonight

    Clapper in a white wine sauce…..with flava beans…

    And we all thought the CIA finally had its cannibalism problem under control…..

  • I highly recommend that Alt Righters read Bill Kauffman’s essays…Bill ain’t Alt Right…but he most definitely has Alt Right sensibilities…..

    The race-replacement of THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS is most definitely at a very fundamental level is driven by 1)vaulting monumental GREED…and 2)a vaulting monumental psychopathic need to control, and demigod aspirations to murder for the fun of it..out of boredom….sexual perversion goes hand and hand with this…..I have no doubt that Clapper and his friend the bald headed Irishman rape defenseless cockroaches….

  • Have any of you seen the new Subaru commercial?…The one with the American Colonial Era…Young Hindu American Girl?

    Dear Kim Un Jong:

    Please nuke every JAP BASTARD CITY IN JAPAN…

    The JAP BASTARDS didn’t learn a lesson the first time around…

  • Isn’t Theresa May supposed to be a “conservative”? Honestly sometimes I feel like the whiter the nation, the more SJW it is (except Eastern Europe).

    • Because they can afford the luxury of being SJW. Simple as that. Same reason why the North was anti-negro, yet less so than the Jim Crow South… because the northerners didn’t have to deal with negros and see them “in action”.

  • The Historic Native Born White American Nation has altready lost an enormous amount of LIVING AND BREEDING SPACE to Pan Asia in America….The economic consequences of this have already been catastrophic for THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WHITE AMERICAN WORKING CLASS…..=economically redundant=Cannon Fodder for Donald Trump….

  • Trump is going to appoint the filthy fucking cockroach Pompeo Secretary of State….

    Pompeo is a war hawk=War with Iran+War with North Korea…

    Donald Trump is using Working Class Native Born White Christian American Teenage Males as Cannon Fodder for his precious Jew Tapeworm Parasite Israel and his billionaire GREEDY CHEATING WHITE MALE MALE MEGA CEOs…

    The Demographics do not favor Trump on Nov 3 2020…

    The Demographics do favor Hindu-Jamaican POTUS Kamala Harris and her anti-white vicious attorney General Preet Bharara…who will be going after the Alt Right…..

    Dorothy:”Toto…I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore…..”

      • I have family in the US Army….terrible nightmares about what Trump is going to do to them…..

        Pull the US Military out of the Middle East…since 1991…cost of occupation=6 trillion…

        Pull the US Military out of South Korea…let Dear Leader Kim conquer South Korea…Should have let Grandpa Kim conquer South Korea….

  • Keep “owning” the MSM, Mr. President. Your tweets were brilliant and frequent this week.

    If Trump is even as much as summoned to a hearing re: impeachment there will be an economic and cultural meltdown of proportions greater than that of the Chernobyl disaster.

    Alt-Right Gentlemen, get ready to take the gloves off. The culture war will hover over us sooner than later. The war is not about left vs. right. It’s a matter of wrong vs. right.


  • After that illegal alien was let off for murdering a pretty White American girl in cold blood, the typical response from Democrats online is, “thanks, San Francisco, you just won Trump a second term.”

    Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), Rep. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) and Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) are all on record saying that their constituents don’t care about “Russiagate” and the Democrats are going to continue to lose if they keep up this sort of “insider baseball” and ignore what their voters are really concerned about: jobs, the economy, health care, etc.

    The quotes from various Democrats are damning:

    As usual, the Democrats don’t really matter, Republicans control the Presidency, the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, and the entire federal judiciary is about to go GOP thanks to a win in the Senate. Trump’s main enemy is the Republican Congress.

    • The mantra is that the dems are still butt hurt about losing the election.
      Not the case: they are merely proceeding with the globalist, Yinon agenda that has been in play for the past 150 years.
      They don’t care if their constituents want jobs and health care. They view their constituents as useless pains in the ass who merely need a big boom occasionally like a Law Vegas or a San Bernardino to keep their addled brains on high alert.
      The U.S. and the other formerly White countries are so addled that the elites are confident that they can push the future in any direction they please.
      After all, if White men don’t respond when one of their daughters is murdered by Muslims and turned into kebabs (Charlene Downes) then honestly, no worries!
      White men have successfully been tucked away into a collective coma.
      Honestly, the AltRight is the only game in town and there is a lot of ego and silliness that has to be overcome.
      Fascism in thought and presentation WILL work if soberly projected.
      That is what Trump voters responded to emotionally and that is what (((Western Europe))) fears above all.
      It need not appear ugly, it just needs to promise sober, strong, powerful masculine leadership.
      Trump projected that in a goofy Boomer kind of way but failed to deliver.
      Our new leaders need to project it even more deliberately and then follow through.
      The best, the brightest, the most moral with unshakeable intention will emerge with their loyal lieutenants based on merit.
      You White guys? Get your asses to the gym, get on a Paleo diet, develop a stoic perspective (Marcus Aurelius) and save your fucking race now!
      Be White men…the rarest, most sought after commodity in the world today.

      • Another member of the weaker sex demanding that white men do more, more, more. Some things never change. If you haven’t noticed, you women are the cause. You benefit directly from the weakening of men, white men in particular. It’s called feminism. EVERY aspect of it has weakened the men you so dearly miss. Everything has a tradeoff. Your freedom to kill a man’s unborn child, imprison and deracinate him based on mere female accusation, and your constant competition with him in the ballot box, the office and no-fault divorce court.
        Then have meaningless, ubiquitous sex and become so damaged that you become more cavalier about romance than any man could ever be.

        I know this will go right past you and your bra-burning sisters on here, but there is no other way around it. The more ‘liberty’ you gain, the more men become less of what you crave.

        This white feminist utopia you envision is not going to happen. You already have it. It’s called Sweden. That is what you women do when you gain power. You destroy everything.

        So why don’t you direct your angst, criticism and want toward your own sex and improve society with your own effort?

        • I am a wife and a mother of young White men.
          I have never been a feminist, nor have I ever supported abortion. I have never dated outside my race.
          I don’t believe in the franchise for women but rather I support voting by families.
          If women don’t have a family, they should not have a vote.
          Every stereotype that you might apply to the current American woman is one that I abhor.
          It is precisely because I don’t support grrrrrl power, that I look to you to lead.
          I’m sympathetic to your position; my sons are also frustrated with the current crop of young women.
          I’m not demanding that you do more, more, more.
          I’m acknowledging that our lives are here now at an arc in history and action is required if we will survive.
          Women can’t do it.
          Only men can save our race.

          Merry Christmas to you and yours.

          • I am new to this channel since I am banned on virtually every platform on all my devices on the Internet, so this will be very rare for me to say to anyone, but please ignore all of that. It is not directed at you or women like you, but rather to bitches like that vile cunt above you, which far and away outnumber you…not because they are evil, but because the law and culture right now enables the absolute worst of the worst female qualities with no consequences. I still cannot bring myself to apologize because I did far too much of that in my life to no avail and I will never do that again for anybody. I am sure you understand and appreciate me for that. You want tough white men and this is part of helping them become reborn.

        • Very interesting MGTOW rant, but try again. You’re serving your Yiddish masters well by blaming the females of your own race. Look (((deeper))) for God’s sake!

          Were WN women to become as embittered as yourself, the White race would totally destroy itself within a generation or two.

          MGTOW bitterness will lead us to a future of mulatto and happa offspring sired by all the white betas and their chinks and the retarded working class mudshark mamas.

          • As for you, Miss Wild-Eyed Cunt, I would rather our race perish than to be led by the likes of you for even a minute because we know you would lead it right off a cliff like women never fail to do. Men are leaders, NOT women. I will NEVER submit to a woman’s pretend leadership or guidance. You can’t even balance your checkbooks, no matter your income.

            You speak of bitterness because you know it so very well. Pointless ranting that leads to nowhere, while mine actually have substance. Stick to makeup or tampon tutorials, and let the men handle the actual work like we always do.

            The miscegenation queen doth protest too much, methinks. I believe your days of laying down with niggers has actually gone to your ugly, self-appointed ‘goddess’ head.

            Nobody cares if a white guy bangs a nonwhite because it isn’t the same as a white woman laying down with a nonwhite. We are not equal. How hard is that to understand? Your body literally changes with sex from the very first time or when contraception is used or isn’t used. You even get infections from sex with a perfectly healthy man. Women are not meant to be promiscuous, while men are. Men are supposed to be experienced in everything, including sex, which requires diligent practice. That is what makes you attracted to us, while female ‘experience’ makes you revolting because it goes to your heads and makes you unpleasant bitches that cannot be tamed or made ‘honest women.’ It makes you damaged goods, which the law/culture incentivizes.

            You feminists would rather white men die PERIOD (I know you probably think I meant menstruation, but stick with me) than to surrender even one of your precious ‘liberties.’ I bet you voted for Hillary. Something tells me that MOST of you ‘fascist’ womynz did. I have seen enough evidence that most of you would not be too upset with your dyke queen running the show…you could secretly abort your niglets free of charge.

            The truth is you have too much power and it has made literally every man’s life a living hell at some point and it must end. Statistics have proven that our families and dominance are crumbling because of it. Women simply do not understand loyalty, sacrifice or faith because you have never been subject to it. Yet it is absolutely essential for a man to lay down his life for ungrateful women like you or else you are instantly helpless.

            You feminists are like uppity niggers. You never signed the Social Contract, while men have to sign it in their own blood, which is why you cannot appreciate it no matter how many worthless diplomas you bury yourself with under insoluble student loan debt.

            Your feminazi strategy of women ‘having fun’ banging 30 guys before age 30 and settling down to have 2.1 children and divorce 10 years later the very ‘betas’ you disrespect is a losing strategy. We are not going to outbreed nonwhites. It is time for a different plan.

            If we (as in men) were to magically expel all the nonwhites (including the many you hooked up with) overnight it would solve 70-80 percent of this country’s problems. But 50 percent new problems would take its place stemming from feminism in a heartbeat. There is no getting around it, missy, and you know it.

            I am in this to win, while you ‘just want to have fun.’ Therefore your opinion means nothing to me. Not enough white men are just going to build a house without a solid foundation just because you do not understand basic physics.

            We live in a nonwhite matriarchy and it is not worth spilling blood to dismantle if its replacement is not going to last more than a decade without any perks for white men. Sorry.

            Your dystopia would be like building Port-Au-Prince in North America. All it takes is one earthquake to raze it and kill most of its inhabitants.

            There are women like the lady below who are thirsting for a return of white patriarchy, but it is not going to happen as long as feminism exists, and it’s only going to get more corroded by the day until there is a tragedy of the commons and ubiquitous diminishing returns on everything you take for granted…something else that women do not seem to grasp. You just assume that all the roads, buildings and technology built and maintain themselves, and exist solely for your ‘pleasure.’

            I for one refuse to help broken down cars on the rode anymore, which are usually women. I am also done getting into fights to defend your ‘honor,’ which was deflowered long ago. There just isn’t any incentive anymore. I am all out of chivalry. In fact, it could cost me my livelihood, as we have seen with ambitious, conformist women that magically remember pretend incidents when enough other women do, and then a lifetime of hard work for a man is extinguished by mere allegation and he is persona non grata instantly.

            I do not wish to live in this dystopia you crazy harlots are building with distrust and disloyalty. I’d rather let the Muslims have you…and something tells me your moist panties would not be too upset by Third World conquest.

            It is really astounding how slutty women, especially white women have become. I cannot believe how many of you have been strippers and how many of you regularly cheat on your so-called lovers and are entirely cavalier about it. Women tell me the most disgusting shit. I have lost all respect. Thank God. That is how we are going to save the white race. No more Mr. Guy, which everybody despises…..especially women!

            Your shaming does not work on me anymore, bitch.

  • There is literally no other man alive better fit to be the American president at this hour than Trump. He is shielding us from the arrows of our foes as promised. He is better than somebody like David Duke, who could never actually become president. Being a realist here.

    Trump is not Hitler. He is Bismarck. Trump is not a Nazi. He is a 2nd Reich uniter. He is paving the way for a future Hitler and 3rd Reich with pragmatism. He is no LARPer unlike so many other weirdos that have plagued any sort of rightist movement in this country since WWII. David Duke, Don Black and every other felon shyster. These losers are universally hated caricatures and buzzwords.

    It’s just like Ron Paul and libertarianism… All those decades and no legislation to show for it, but more importantly no cultural impact. Zero legacy. Not even a footnote in history. So many LARPers and purists are too comfortable living in books rather than the real world.

  • Trump has far and away exceeded my expectations. Even though he will likely leave no legislative legacy because of a do-nothing cuck congress, he has restarted the culture war and is reversing it.

    Culture is more important than legislation. Obamacare is going to collapse on its own as planned, only there won’t be a leftist to install the other part of the rollout. Just like with immigration laws, none of them actually matter because the courts and police have stopped enforcing them. It’s the culture that must make crime intolerable.

    So all of this ‘deadlock’ is meaningless, while every Trump tweet is doing far more tangible damage to leftism.

    • yeah, I sort of agree with you….politics is downstream of culture…but we have a long way to go…the main thing is that we have to realize that this is a propaganda war, and that the establishment has been in this war for decades, and we are only now getting started…

  • I for one do not feel that Trump is “our boy.” I thought we were a movement of principles, not people. We seek equality, justice, the right to survival, and the right to self-determination, for whites. We do not seek to place any personalities on a pedestal or in a place of power. Even if we did, it would not be Trump.

          • Does the AR want inequality? Do they want the continued oppression of whites that we have been suffering for over 50 years? I don’t think they do.

          • If the tool of the oppression of whites flies under the banner of equality, why would we want it in an ethnostate? Neither Japan or Israel is big on equality. Japan is big on community and sacrificing for the group, but they are a very clearly unequal societies with specific ways to talk to other individuals depending on their station in life.

  • Shitlibs are making it easy for the “Nazi Right”. At this rate we will have those fringe Right Wing Street Thugs like the Antifa it’s worst, like Andrew Anglin spome about happening.
    If Trump can’t sooth tensions than who can?

    • The police work with the leftists and if the right starts acting up, they will murder them. Who is going to stop them?

        • The police are merely serving as the Vichy police for the federal government. It is the federal government that occupies our land. Talk to any sheriff and ask him if he will refuse to follow an order of a federal judge, no matter how egregious. The only thing a sheriff might (emphasis on might) not do is kill Americans if ordered to do so by a federal judge. All state governments do these days are basically act as CFOs and bursars for the federal government. The feds establish the policy. The media, progressives, libs, GOP establishment, and federal judges use the power of the federal government to impose their tyranny on America and plunder America. The feds are the ones who oppress whites and seek their ethnic cleansing.

  • I think Trump is starting to realize that there is no room for diplomacy or compromise anymore. THEY WANT TO DESTROY HIM ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. However, I think he also knows that his supporters – mainly White America – will be at his side until the bitter end. Thus, he should start taking drastic actions. For example, he should order the immediate arrest and/or execution of this scumbag who murdered Kate Steinle, and he should order that construction on the Wall begin IMMEDIATELY. Also, NO more funding of sanctuary cities period. His retweets of the “anti-Muslim” videos were gutsy and shows he is fed up with Islam – we need a total Muslim ban.
    Whatever happens to Trump, whether it be impeachment, assassination, or forced resignation, doing these things alone will cement himself in history as the greatest president we have ever had.
    The fact that this Flynn news comes shortly after the news of Kate’s killer being found not guilty as well as on the day that the tax plan looks like a sure thing proves that the Deep State is trying to undermine Trump’s agenda and cover up negative stories that all Americans should be enraged about.

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