Myanmar Is Right, The US Is Wrong

Where Islam goes, human misery follows.

Not all brands of Islam are equally odious or oppressive to be sure, but they’re all odious and oppressive to one degree or another. Find me an oncologist who accepts the gradual spread of cancer around the human body, and I’ll show you a man in dereliction of his duty. It is the duty of a doctor not to accept the gradual spread of a cancer but to root it out completely, so as to cure the patient. Myanmar has it right. America has it exactly wrong.

The Burmese government is removing cancerous Bengali Muslim invaders (a.k.a. the Rohingya people, and more recent Bengali imports who are ethnically indistinguishable from the Rohingya, whom globalist propagandists have recently labeled “economic migrants” out of convenience. Sound familiar?) Some of these Muslims have been in Myanmar for many generations, but most have been stealthily entering the country over the the last few decades because Myanmar offers Bengalis better economic prospects than overpopulated, overwhelmingly poor, natural disaster prone Bangladesh. In recent years, inter-ethnic conflicts have broken out in the west of Myanmar as well, between the Rakhine and the Rohingya. You know — riots, lynchings, mob assaults, all that fun stuff.

More perks of diversity and multiculturalism, it seems!

The Muslim Rohingya, with their basic lack of respect for women, along with their own Islam-inspired, predictably aggressive customs and attitudes, including their high reproductive rates, are a thorn in the side of the predominantly Buddhist nation, and especially of the local, predominantly Buddhist Rakhine people who are forced to live with the Muslim Rohingya and the filth they ceaselessly generate in the extreme west of the country. The Burmese people it seems aren’t “educated” enough to understand that gang-rapes, a thriving drug trade, and widespread, deeply entrenched poverty are definitive proof of “cultural enrichment”.

At the end of the day, the Burmese government is doing its duty to its people. The people of Myanmar have nothing to gain by letting Islam spread into their territories. The Rohingya and the Bengali migrants who hide among them are a net loss to the Burmese economy and are a cultural cancer.

Humanity is best served when Islam is on the retreat.

International laws against ethnic cleansing are a sham. Indeed, mass-scale illegal immigration into many (mostly white) countries around the globe, which our Cultural Marxist overlords can’t help but laud, could itself be described as a form of ethnic cleansing. For example, how is the ongoing illegal invasion of California, all in defiance of the laws and sovereignty of the American nation, demographically transforming the state into a perfectly unrecognizable society, not itself “ethnic cleansing”? How exactly is this coercive, unlawful invasion and complete demographic makeover not ethnic cleansing?

How’s about it is.

Let us also not forget that history is replete with ethnic cleansing events. Virtually all territories today occupied by particular peoples or races, were once conquered by extreme violence which involved the removal of their then occupants. Americans do not need to accept their own displacement and conquest by invading Islamic or Latino hordes, and neither do the native people of Myanmar. If Burmese Buddhists wish to tolerate certain minority groups like christians in their midst, which they in fact do, because they have no qualms with their presence, all the better, but they need not accept the presence of peoples that hate them or who are nothing but a burden on their nation’s finances or social stability. Burmese Buddhists deserve their own nation and territory and so too do whites. Verily, I would argue that white people are even more deserving of any territory they currently occupy, because where white people go, human flourishing and progress follow. White migration is the antithesis of Islamic migration from a utilitarian standpoint. No group has done more for humanity.

Furthermore, what the Burmese government is doing is really only one rational step beyond what white Americans and white Europeans are today demanding from their own insane, unresponsive, Cultural Marxist totalitarian governments. We want our borders secured. We want the invaders deported. We don’t want to have our democracies and destinies hijacked by hostile foreign hordes. Because the Western World’s immigration policies are tyranny and ethnic cleansing under the banner of humanitarianism and rule of law. And frankly, as a white, Western person, I’d prefer not to live under a government that hates me and wants to eliminate me from the Earth in the name of diversity.

It is not wrong to drive Islam from your lands. Morally it is right, it is good, and it is a boon to actual human progress. It is long past due that white Westerners learned the lessons of their ancestors. The laws of nature haven’t changed. Islam wants to spread. It wants power, it wants resources, it wants territory, it wants your daughter’s womb. In that way, Islam is far more rational than modern leftism. And none of this is hyperbole. The Burmese people and their government recognize the Islamic threat for what it is. And it is a very serious threat, and its effects on the rest of society will be significant whether all Muslims are radical fundamentalists or not. The Burmese people have not been rendered fools by political correctness and Cultural Marxist brainwashing. They are not ready to go quietly into that good night. They are not willing to watch their nation become Southeast Pakistan. So they’re doing something about it.

If anything the Burmese government should be praised for its firmness and its will to do what is necessary to protect its people and its civilization. It should neither be sanctioned, smeared, nor denounced for its actions. Rex Tillerson, the US Government, and the rest of the Western World have it all backwards. Which is why we are going backwards as a people rather than forwards. Young Burmese women have a future that doesn’t involve being turned into the sex slaves of out-group psychopaths. Which is to say they are better off than young white women in Rotherham or Hollywood. Yet Western governments are good and the Burmese government is bad?! Sorry, I just don’t see it.


  • Because of the power of a the west and tribal domination of its media. Countries are affected by the pc meme. Japan polar opposite of pc was recently outed for having every muslim family now a whopping 100000 and doubling under surveillance. Without Hollywood all Muslim interlopers would have been deported

  • In this case, the problem is not Islam. The problem is a foreign minority group is causing problems in a mostly Buddhist nation.

    If it were a case of non-Muslims causing problems in a majority Muslim nation, I would side with Muslims.

    If Burma were majority Muslim and wanted to kick out foreign Jews or Buddhists or Christians, I would not mind.

    Also, most Muslim nations were moving toward modernization and secularization. And they had the support of USSR during the Cold War.
    US and Israel decided, therefore, to support religious zealots. US aided Jihadis in Afghanistan. US sided with Saudis against secular regimes of Iraq and Syria. 9/11 was boomerang for US support of Wahabi terrorists.
    US did everything possible to undermine any secular Muslim nation that was on the other side of the Cold War.

    Also, I don’t see how Christianity is any better. It can’t even stand up to homomania. It has a Pope that welcomes the invasion of Europe. Mainline churches are lesbian clubs. Mormons are shills for the CIA in subverting and undermining nations. They push for neocon wars. The Anglican church in England sings hosannas to the invasion and blesses the Royal family race-mixing with blacks.

    The fact is most of the Muslim World would be safe and secure IF NOT for US meddling. Libya under Gaddafi was orderly. Look at it now. We can blame Muslim Jihadis but who gave them support? The US and EU.
    Neocon US power has done more damage to the world than all other nations combined. US is the main sponsor of terrorism, even employing Neo-Nazi thugs in Ukraine to topple a government.

    If space aliens gave tons of weapons to Antifa and BLM thugs and let them run around freely, they will act just like ISIS. So, Muslims don’t monopolize violence. And Muslim terrorist attacks in Europe are NOTHING compared to what the West has done to the Muslim world with drone strikes, cluster bombs, white phosperous, and etc.

    And what neo-pagan Nazis did in the Eastern Front goes to show ANY people can act crazy. And Shinto-Buddhist Japanese sure weren’t very nice in Nanking.

    I support the Burmese government too, but this is not about Islam but about imperialism and foreign invasion. Those foreigners entered Burma under British Imperialism. That is the problem.

    Can Muslims cause problems as a minority? Sure, but so can Jews. So can anyone.

    • No, I don’t agree with much of anything you’ve written.
      1) “It doesn’t really matter which religion is expanding/conquering.” No, don’t agree with that. Ideology matters, so do genes. Islam was nothing to offer Myanmar. Even if you removed the Islam & just imported Bengalis I think it would be a net negative for Myanmar. Burmese ethnically > Bengalis ethnically. Just like white Californians > mestizo Mexicans.
      2) Christianity is as bad as Islam. Umm… no, definitely don’t agree with that, and I’m an atheist. Frankly, that’s insane. That said, many major christian institutions have no doubt lost their way & christianity is by and large an obstacle to the furtherance of white interests today. That makes it a problem, not an Islam-sized problem, but a problem nevertheless.
      3) “The Japanese weren’t nice”? WTF! If the Japanese were settling Myanmar I probably wouldn’t approve of mass deportations. Because the Japanese are a civilizing, productive, IQ increasing force, whereas Muslims aren’t. Think the Chinese in the Malay. Muslims on the other hand bring nothing but subjugation & suffering.
      4) “The Muslim world would be safe & secure without US meddling”. OMG, that one actually made me chortle. I don’t think so. Sounds like more anti-white, anti-Western propaganda to me. Your Cultural Marxist overlords would be proud. Islam is violent & sectarian. Always has been. Always. Muslims can’t get along with others or themselves for more than minutes at a time. Sorry, wrong again.
      5) Jews can cause a problem? Umm yeah, & always do, which is why they do not belong in a white ethnostate as a blanket rule (with perhaps some exceptions). But Mosques & Synagogues certainly have no place there.
      6) I’m afraid you’re caught up in this rights based, sovereignty based paradigm. It’s idiotic. I’m more interested in outcomes, in human utility. Islam is a cancer. Japanese people are not. White people are not. Where Islam goes, human misery follows. Islam should be eliminated wholesale. At the very least, it must be contained.

      • I loved living in japan. Mever emotionally left. However majority japanese means anti whitey. Try getting a job in japan or Hawaii

  • I just read on alt-light-Bart that a SF jury acquitted Kate Steinle’s killer. Clearly it was jury nullification. So now the Progressives say we are forced to accept illegal immigrants AND if and when those immigrants kill white people, the progressives will acquit them. You guys in the Alt-right have seen this for years. You were correct all along. Their goal is white genocide and ethnic cleansing of whites.

    • This is exactly what happened in South Africa that lead to widespread murder of white Farmers.

      The verdict in this case should scare the crap out of whites.

      Not even an involuntary manslaughter charge? Only crime committed is felony possession of a fire arm?

      The legalities of the murder weapon and quality of translation services for the accused is what the jury occupied themselves with?

      So if he had the gun legally there would have been no crime committed?

  • About the murder of Katie Steinle…

    JFK got it all started with his book:”A NATION OF IMMIGRANTS”


  • At the end of the barrel of a US Military assault rifle…the filthy fucking cockroaches JFK and RFK forced Negro Beasts on Native Born White Christian Teenage Schools Girls….

    Perhaps this is the reason the Boston Irish Catholics went for Wallace a few years later after the cockroach JFK had his brains splattered all over the French Whore Jackie O’s pink outfit….in Dealy Plaza…

    How does that Beatle Tune go?…”I wanna hold your bra…a…a….ains…..I wanna hold your brains…yeah..yeah…..yeah….?

    And don’t forget the Cuban Missile Crisis…within 60 seconds of the European Populations of Russia and America being turned into charcoal briquettes….

  • When whites finally wake up as a people, the leaders we put in place to fight back against our attempted genocide are going to be absolutely ruthless. They will be a direct response to the dire situation our race is in, and we will finally get people who unabashedly look out for the interests of whites.

    It’s a cycle.

    Strong men create good times.
    Good times create weak men.
    Weak men create bad times.
    Bad times create strong men.

    I just hope I live to see it.

    • We need to make the case, clearly and unapologetically, that white men have to seize and wield the monopoly of force on this planet. We can’t survive in the long run otherwise.

      • This is the key.

        The altright has scrupulously avoided the topic of Force and in so doing has surrendered the moral high ground and acquiesced to our enemies their Monopoly on violence.

        All these talks about religion, aesthetic, memes. But nothing on the will to fight.

        If we have even 1% of the population on our side it would be enough if that 1% had a true fighting spirit.

        Indeed the laws of nature are still operable. We will have to fight for our future like all of nature’s children.

        • AmericanusRex

          You have totally misfired with your statement “(the alternative right (“AR”) has avoided) the topic of Force and in so doing has surrendered the moral high ground and acquiesced to our enemies their Monopoly on violence.”

          It is not that at all. Rather, the AR is very intelligently not setting itself up to be completely suppressed, like the “prematurely violent” WN 1.0 was suppressed. By avoiding force (violence), it is bypassing all sorts of legal blow-back, allowing normies to hear its message, and avoiding fights that it simply cannot win right now because it is so vastly outnumbered and out-gunned. Not discussing the topic of violence or engaging in violence also allows the AR to paint themselves as reasonable 1st amendment “just here to talk” discussion types. By way of contrast, Antifa and the SJWs look like screaming, abusive and violent *ssholes (which they actually are).

          Does the end-game of the AR/white identity/euro-nationalism inherently involve violence and force? On a purely objective basis, OF COURSE IT DOES. It MUST involved violence and force in order to accomplish its ultimate objectives.

          Whites are having fewer children than “others” and there is no available external source of mass white immigration for white countries which are “under threat”. So, barring some new technology like eugenics or mass baby farms (and no one is betting the racial farm on those), the ONLY way, eventually, to turn the demographic tide is to use force and violence. The “invaders” will not leave voluntarily and in sufficient numbers (and quickly enough) to peacefully turn the demographic tide. The leaders of the AR are very intelligent and future-oriented, so I am confident they see things the same way. It is safe to assume that they all discuss it offline and behind closed doors – and are at least beginning to form the outlines of plans.

          But, as they are well aware, “every battle is won BEFORE it is fought.” The objective conditions are not yet right for the AR to start using force and violence, so they are focused on creating those objective conditions. This is the whole “metapolitics” angle.

          I state the above with moralizing or passing judgment on them. This has nothing to do with whether I agree that they should be going down this path, or whether they are justified in doing so.

          BUT, if you subscribe to the AR world view, strategically this where you must end up. There is no avoiding it.

  • To the invading Islamic and Latino hordes I’d definitely add Asian. The latter are almost never mentioned in critiques of mass immigration. They do vote heavily DEM. Vancouver BC’s suburbs are no longer part of the English speaking world.

  • I actually read an article blaming the Burmese for not fully absorbing “democratic values” and putting the needs of the native majority above a foreign minority. The shit that comes out of our press is just disgusting.

  • Burma must not be cursed with jew tool leaders in the mold of Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Trudeau who arrest, torment and persecute their own people for physically defending their lives and living space against Muslim scourge and for daring to criticize them.

  • Eric Margolis, the half hebe, half muzzie journo is bellyaching about how this constitutes a naked assault on innocent, blameless, brown skinned Muslims. Never mind that they almost always bring this upon themselves with their aggressive, hateful attitudes towards non-Muslims and their penchant for turning once tranquil areas of cities and nations into “no-go” zones.

    • That’s the Semitic way. It is never, & I mean never their fault. They’re always poor, innocent victims of “hate” & “irrationality”. These people have the introspective capacity of single-celled organisms.

  • The Democratic Party Coalition is stitched together……

    by one thing and one thing only:open violent GENOCIDAL INTENT-HATRED towards the Historic Native Born White American Male Working Class….who are being used by Donald Trump as CANNON FODDER in Afghanistan to steal the people of Afghanistan’s trillions worth of mineral resources and hand it over to Donald Trump’s billionaire friends…FIENDS!!!…..This is Donald Trump’s MAGA!!! Jobs Program…..When his MAGA!!! Jobs Program should have been bringing back THE 1888 CHINESE LEGAL IMMIGRANT EXCLUSION ACT!!!!

  • On the other hand, we see the Church (the Pope) demanding more tolerance for this kind of ethnic groups, at the same time that he invites more non-EU immigrants to ruin Europe.

  • About the mass execution photo above:

    When nonwhites are a majority in the US Military….and this you can take to the bank….Working Class Native Born White American Males will be herded, shoved into ditches, and slaughtered by the Nonwhite Democratic Party Voting Bloc…..with the m-16s….m-4s… bullets….and Military training paid for by the taxes of The Historic Native Born White American Working Class since the passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act…

    The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act

    The passage of the 1965 Native Born White American Extermination Act…

    The syphllitic JFK’s parting gift to The Historic Native Born White America Nation…

    • Youre damn wrong about JFK. He was aware of Jewish control and trying to fight it. He printed money with no federal reserve affiliation. It got him killed. JFK wanted more EUROPEANS to migrate here. He admired Adolph Hitler as one of the worlds greatest leaders of all time. No way were his intentions to remove whites from america.

      • You’re delusional…

        Because of JFK…Miami is Cuban Foreign Spanish Speaking Pool Boy Marco Rubio….

        Whatever precious bodily fluids do you Middle Age JFK Worshippers glue your JFK posters to the bedroom wall with?

      • The passage of the 1965 nonwhite LEGAL Immigrant Increase Act was a direct consequence of the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights….which was a direct consequence of integrating the US Military….which was a direct consequence of enthusiasm for the Cold War……..JFK was a true believer in the COLD WAR according to his very close friend Gore Vidal a cousin of Jackie O…….QED…

        The passage of the 1965 Nonwhite Legal Immigrant Increase Act=The passage of the 1965 Native Born White American Extermination Act!!!

  • We have a lot to learn from Muslims whether we want to admit it or not. It was Muslims not whites who inspired me to have 4 kids. Learn from their ways before they take us over. We can beat them since we are superior, but our people need to find the will to survive.

    • Yes, I read last year somewhere that, in America, conservative families have about 3.3 kids per family whereas liberal families have about 1.9. Which explains the left’s urgency to import people of melanin who will spawn future leftists.

  • All these conflict have a relationship to pipelines and the supply routes for various fuels. Whether in Egypt, Myanmar, Ukraine the underling reason for conflict is resources. The Sino-Myanmar Pipeline runs from Kyaukpyu in Rakhine provence to Yunnan China. The pipeline supplies China with mid-eastern oil and by passes the Singapore straits. Foreign mercenaries from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia attacked and killed natives near the pipeline. The blowback was the expulsion of the Royhingya.

  • Every time a cyclone hits Bangladesh, NASA satellites can watch the topsoil washing into the Bay of Bengal.

    In short, the place is an overpopulated shithole.

    Bangladesh, Nigeria, Central America -these are the places that are going to re-populate the West.

    …and won’t it be fantastic.

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