Macron Calls Out Burkina Faso’s Leader for Rise of Slavery, Incompetence

Europe is in a fun place now.

We have European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker struggling with nightmares about sad third-world migrants not being allowed to flood Europe; then there’s Angela Merkel beset by long and tedious discussions with German party leaders in hopes of forming a coalition government. Britain meanwhile has returned to its favorite hobby of getting triggered by Donald Trump’s Twitter activity and trying to find a legal way to ban him from the UK. In the midst of this, French President Emmanuel Macron maintains his own fair piece of the media’s attention with some newsworthy adventures from his trip in Africa.

Macron is currently on a tour of four African nations, trying to initiate a lasting solution to the slave trade that has sprung up in Libya as a result of masses of migrants getting stuck due to heightened Libyan security measures cutting back on human smuggling activity in the Mediterranean. As a result, Italy for example has seen a 67% decrease in migrant arrivals since July.

On November 28th, Macron surprised the world when he appeared to lose his temper during a speech at Ouagadougou University in Burkina Faso, a former French colony that gained independence in 1960. Admitting that European colonization had committed indisputable crimes in Africa, he then added that today, however, France’s paternalistic approach to African nations had to end.

According to RT:

The tradition of African nations reproaching France in case if something goes wrong should also be broken, he said, adding that the students spoke to him “as if he were a president of Burkina Faso” when complaining about the poor state of the university.


“Sometimes you talk to me like I’m still a colonial power,” the French president said. “But I do not want to deal with electricity in universities in Burkina Faso,” Macron added, smiling. Apparently warmed up by a mix of laughter, applause and whistling in the audience, he carried on. “It is the work of the president [of Burkina Faso],” he said, pointing at president Roch Marc Christian Kabore, who was listening to Macron’s speech from the same stage.


At this point, Kabore suddenly stood up and left the room. “He’s leaving… Stay there! So, he went to repair the air conditioning,” Macron shouted after the African state leader.

Beautiful. A prime illustration that demonstrates the essential problem with African-European relations. To top it off, during Macron’s visit in Burkina Faso, gangs of protesters flocked to the streets, burning tires while carrying signs that read “Down with imperialism!” and “French troops – out of Burkina Faso, out of Africa.” The convoys of France’s delegates were pelted with stones, and riot police had to intervene by spraying tear gas on the unruly mobs.

Believe me, there is nothing more that European citizens would like than to leave Africa alone. How wonderful the world would be if Africans could live without constant military and financial aid from the West. No more white supremacy, no more cultural appropriation. The problem is African nations have an unpleasant habit of devolving into total disease-infested dens of chaos if left to their own doings. On the one hand, Africans despise Europeans for historically colonizing them and innovating upon their rich natural resources, and on the other hand they desperately crave the level of civilization under which Western nations peacefully live and govern. They want that which is not in their capacity to create. They want the shiny things, they want the gibs. Africa will always either succumb to being ruled by a higher civilization (think China) or seek to destroy a higher civilization out of eventual resentment.

Aside from insulting Burkina Faso’s leader, Emmanuel Macron also had a few choice words about who’s really responsible for the Libyan slave trade.

“Who are the traffickers? Ask yourselves – being the African youth – that question. You are unbelievable. Who are the traffickers? They are Africans, my friends. They are Africans. Ask yourselves the question. It’s not the French who are the traffickers, it’s the Africans. So everyone should understand the responsibility, and we’ve started to do that, to dismantle them. But stop the argument saying, ‘It’s someone else.’


“Show me a French, Belgian, German person, who carried out trafficking between Nigeria and Libya. This person doesn’t exist. So, these days in Africa, there are Africans who make other Africans slaves, this is the reality. And there are Europeans who benefit from this misery in Europe, it’s unacceptable. In both cases, these are crimes. We are fighting both cases.”

Macron’s words are refreshing to hear in a time when the United Nations and other pro-invader organizations are heaping the blame for modern day African slavery upon native Europeans. UN Human Rights Chief, Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein summed up the liberal mindset quite accurately in a statement he issued on November 14th: “The European Union’s policy of assisting the Libyan coastguard to intercept and return migrants in the Mediterranean [is] inhuman.”

These words come despite the EU shilling out over $150 million into Libya’s border patrol and aid for migrant camps. It is clear that helping migrants in their home countries is not the answer the globalists want. The only allowed option is the establishment of a permanent relocation scheme that will effectively erase the term illegal migration, and just make it migration. That’s the end goal that awaits the native citizens of Europe. Uneducated aggressive hordes flowing into Europe, bleeding her dry, forever.

As Macron’s visit to Burkina Faso proves, Africans crave decolonization and yet also beg Europeans for help whenever there’s something wrong in their nations. Migrants will throw stones at whites and rape their women, but will risk their lives to pay human smugglers to send them off on boats into the Mediterranean. They see nothing illogical with this. It goes beyond their base desire for immediate gratification.

African nations send their citizens to Europe, then refuse to accept them back unless Europe capitulates to their blackmail with big sacks of money. In this case, the EU is working on a program worth $9.5 billion to curb African and Middle Eastern immigration, while also paying for vocational training, job creation, and “renewable energy, financing of small and medium-sized businesses and agriculture.”

Will this satisfy the needs of Africans and spur them on to finally, after thousands of years of mud hut existence, create a sustainable civilization for themselves that doesn’t involve mutilating each other’s genitals? Of course not. As long as we play this game with the destructive greed of third world, we are only risking our own hard-earned right to live in peace.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.