Jordan Peterson Goes Full Shill And Counter-Signals White Identity

I’ve written about Jordan Peterson before and my description of him wasn’t exactly flattering. Last night he had a meltdown while debating Frog Twitter. He came out swinging against “collectivism” and in particular White Identity.

And I know what you’re thinking, he obviously went after the Jews and POCs for their “collectivism” tendencies too, right?


But why talk about some minor Canadian e-celeb whose only claim to fame is his refusal to call mentally ill trannys by their preferred gender pronoun?

Well, he’s part of this interesting third faction that has emerged out of the recent culture wars on social media, youtube and even the streets of North America.

What’s fascinating is that Peterson and his ilk think of themselves as the successors of the American victory in World War II and the defeat of Communism at the end of the Cold War. To them, the last century has been an epic battle between the forces of “collectivism” in various manifestations (Fascism and Communism) and the forces of enlightened individualism (Liberal Democracy).

So he sees himself as an enlightened individualist. To paraphrase- someone who doesn’t judge based on race, religion or any other form of group identity.

In his conception of the world, people are atoms, rootless little marbles bouncing along and randomly hitting up against one another from time to time. To take pride in one’s heritage is immoral – at least according to him and the other great individualist thinkers of our time Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Mossad or say, Ben Shapiro. These people are not an ignorable minority, in fact they characterize the only other acceptable camp of thought present now in the West.

They think that they can fight SJWism in the same way the Americans fought the Communists and then pivot right to take out the Alt-Right Fascists like they did in WWII (again, this is how THEY think).

But this line of thinking is not without its logical pitfalls that are glaringly apparent to us in the Alt-Right.

Seriously, he’s not the only one that sees the world in these terms. An entire generation of Americans and Canadians see World War II and the Cold War as proof that their side is the only morally righteous side. In their mind, the war wasn’t about America’s pivot into becoming the worldwide hegemon but about America becoming the avatar of liberal democratic values and winning because of it.

I reserve a special sort of disgust for people that think this way.

When one looks at the final result of half a century of Liberal Democracy in the West, it seems that Communism was by far less damaging to the spirit and health of the people than what sex, drugs and rock & roll wrought.

How can this be?

It’s almost as if radical individualism directly led to the snowflake phenomenon of today where everyone is forced to express their identity through their consumer choices, sexual identity and virtue-signaling because they’re not allowed to have any other form of identity. They’d be labeled Fascists if they did. For a man interested in fighting “post-modernism” he seems to be completely unaware of what post-modernism is and how it came about.

But Peterson is a fan of Jung, so what would he say about Jung’s disturbing acknowledgement of the importance of inherited identity?

(skip to 27:17, but watch the entire video as well when you get the chance)

What else is there to say about these people except that they’re dangerous to say the least, and not as much of a gateway to us as some Alt-Righters like to think. If anything, they are gate-keepers and speed bumps that allow people to take the easy way out of confronting the social malaise of our times.

They’re halfway rest-stops that allow people turned off by the rabid SJW left to counter-signal their opposition in a comfortable way and without embracing White Identity. They think that if collectivism in general can be stopped, things can go back to normal, back to the times when everything was implicitly White.

But we know that this will not work. These predominantly White or Jewish voices have literally no pull over the ethnic communities of non-Whites. Their words fall on deaf ears. Everyone is closing ranks in 2017, and yet they have the gall to condemn Whites for just barely starting to do the same.

And the truth of the matter is that this faction’s message only appeals to cowards, shekel-grabbers and opportunists.

Hell, from a strategic point of view, we should thank our lucky stars for the fact that insane and polarizing SJWs exist and spend our time tearing into these Radical Centrists, Skeptics, Enlightened Individualists (or whatever they like to call themselves) instead of the people who create new Alt-Right recruits every single day. Balkanization helps our cause and undermines the soft, squishy, “let’s all just get along” center.

That’s just the truth of it. That’s some RealPolitik for you.

And the best part is that we are only a few more riots, terror attacks and Antifa actions away from this Tower of Babel finally toppling down.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I hate this media generation of crowd funded talking heads like Molyneux and Peterson and these other snakeoil salesmen that act as if they were martyrs for freedom while they make a living on keeping their side of this shitshow going.

  • I like listening to Jordan Peterson lectures on psychology and Religion, I don’t think most people follow him for his politics.

  • After weeks of intense intellectual pondering about hyper-individualism……collapsing his brain to a very dense turd…

    Professor Jordan Peterson walked out of his home and announced:”I AM THE WARLUS….GOO G’ JOOB….GOO G’ JOOB…..”

  • Jordan Peterson

    Your people created that groovy Hardangar Fiddle Music… opposed to that evil sounding Muslim Call to Prayer Gang Rape for the Prophet Music!!!!…the background music to a Muzzie Gang Rape of BEAUTIFULL young Norwegian Women….The Precious Flower of Norway….We are talking about the next generation of Norwegian Mothers you know..

    And I can guarantee you that Hardangar Fiddle Tunes we’re not created in a mentally retard state mental state laying down the theoretical theoreticals axiomatics of anti-community free market Hyper-individualism GOO G’ JOOB GOO’JOOB…

    Norwegian Hardangar Fiddle Tunes were created from intuitive-historical-GUT-LEVEL-NORWEGIAN RACIAL TRIBALISM…….

  • Richard Spencer

    If you are going to debate Juden Peterson…..

    Remember…this is not a debate about about Jordan Peterson’s syntactical theoretical theoreticals GOO G’ JOOB…GOO G JOOB existential intersectional supersymmetric transactional turd theory…

  • And now, Katie Stienle’s murderer goes free and gets to enthusiastically vote us into a racial minority……Demographic murder writ large from sea to shinning sea….

    What difference did it ever make if he was illegal or legal?

    • Her murderer is getting deported as announced by ice today so I don’t know what you mean by “vote us into a racial minority”.

      • Haha, he’s just gonna come right back. That’s his modus operandi! You think deporting him is the end all, be all? He could waltz right back into California and start voting.

        Build the fucking wall!

  • Peterson makes his living in Academia.
    God help him if he goes alrtight or anything like that.
    Normally I don’t pay any attention to his ilk.

  • Did any of us actually believe that Peterson thought any other way? Even the communists desperately pointing fingers at him know full well he’s not one of us. He’s no race realist and never will be. Sure he’s wrong about that but he’s right about a lot of stuff too. Life doesn’t hand you what you want , it hands you garbage, rusted out junk, parts that don’t fit. You apply your patience, intellect, determination and get out of it what you can. Chimping out solves no more for us than it does for some dindu who can’t find his crack pipe.

    • I still think he’s a race-realist. Yes, he’s said ‘race is a social construct’, but that’s just a way out. He has in his lectures, pointed out Ashkenazi Jews’ extra-high IQs. If he knows that, he knows that blacks go the other way.

  • Societies made up of individualists who form governments and laws etc to support their individualist view are collectives. What we need is societies that recognize our race and culture, our way and only for our people (just like everyone else) but are liberal enough to let people breathe and flourish. Collectives are structures made of human bricks, you have to treat the bricks right or the structure will collapse just like the Soviet Union. Treat people like cattle and they cease to care about the society that treated them that way. Strength through joy.

    • You’ve just oversimplified the aargument. No One says some sort of group consciousness is irrelevant, but rather that you should not base your existence on that.

  • Jordan Peterson


    It would sound better in German….any German VOLK out there who can do the German translation….

  • Only a demented creature such as Jordan Peterson would be happy to see Hardangar Fiddle Tunes in his ancestors Norway….replaced with the evil sounding Muslim Call to Prayer at 5 PM everyday….THINK HAMTRACK MICHIGAN….

  • Peterson is trying to save racial Marxism from its insane excesses like Gorbachev tried to save economic Marxism from its insane excesses. Since each system is inherently flawed, such efforts are doomed to failure. Marxists are wordists who think they have a lock on truth. We’ll have utopia as long as everybody believes this set of words, whether its class oppression or we’re all the same and diversity is our strength.

    • He didn’t propose to Faith or as far as I can tell attempt to flirt with her. Yes, I’m talking bullshit. But she looks so hot in this.

      He speaks very well. I wish him and the white people of Canada, who are my cousins in the Empire and my brothers in race, the very best.

  • He’s just another Alt Light fraud. He got a little notoriety opposing feminism and PC culture, but it’s all a sham.

    He lost all respect when he threw Faith Goldy under the bus with Jews sitting right there beside him watching their little pet do their bidding.

    He says really stupid shit like a statement is untrue if it offends someone. He’s a big believer in hate facts.

    Peterson is a good example of those traitors, those shabbos goy cucks who obsequiously lie and sell their own people out for small profit. Dante rightfully put these worms in the lowest level of hell possible. They are the most despicable of all.

    • > He says really stupid shit like a statement is untrue if it offends someone. He’s a big believer in hate facts.
      Source? That would fit with his Darwinian idea of Truth. Was it in one of his Q&As? If he said that I’d be done with him without a long time in the wilderness.

  • Looks like a typical shabbos goy to me. “Look goyim, you gotta be all individualistic n`shiet while all these minorities around you stand shoulder to shoulder” type of thing.

  • I think the credit for the turn in perhaps the last couple of weeks on White Nationalism seemingly and irreversibly picking up as much steam as during the entire Trump candidacy has to be given to those who organized and executed (hehe) Charlottesville.

    I can remember watching cable news for the first and only time since Election day, giggling like a school girl at our boys braving the Antifa scum, and then praying that car wasn’t one of ours, to slowly becoming despondent over the entire event.

    It is now safe to say that it was a smashing success. Maybe the tragic ending was necessary?

  • “gate keepers and speed bumps.” As someone who has only recently developed an alt right perspective, I disagree somewhat with this article. People like PJW, Jordan Peterson and Milo were absolutely gateways to identitarian thinking for me. Their racial dog whistling and then mild backtracking (“don’t become as bad as these people who think of their group identity”) leads anyone with common sense who really thinks about it to recognise individualism is weak in the face of groups who work together for their own ethnic interests.

  • I have said it all along….WHAT is this man’s appeal? I do not understand it. He says NOTHING. Reminds me of a goy version of Noam Chomsky. Uses a whole lot of verbosity to explain so little.

  • Peterson is simply a Jew Puppet. You see, they’re worried, they’re really very worried… because (((they))) know we have some very solid points, and a world view, they can’t be easily corrupted or explain away. The more they attempt to dissolve White Identity, the more it grows! And it is this… that, is truly frightening, and scaring the shit out of them!

  • Perfessthur Jordan Peterson


    A vapid……carping….

    ponderous…….groaning under it’s own weight….

    dense turd……with an inscrutable Shawrzhild radius…..between the ears….

  • Professor Jordan Peterson…Disembodied Brain Professor of Advanced Theoretical Cuckholdery….

    Ben Shapiro…still a KHARZAR tapeworm parasite….

  • Any sane normal Nation has a historic-race-based collectivist compiler with a race-based Type Theory implemented…

    So for example…when I look at the most recent SUBURU commercial on behalf of America’s National Forests…featuring a young Hindu “American” Woman dressed up as a Colonial Era young American Woman…..well, my Historic collectivist Race “COMPILER” issues the following compiler error message:RACIAL TYPE ERROR…THE TUPLES MUST ALL HAVE THE SAME RACIAL TYPE….

  • Jordan Peterson is advocating CUCKHOLDERY for Native Born White Canadian Men….

    I betcha Jordan watches cuck porn….

    • But he doesn’t. He’s warned about the problems of mixing cultures and the evolutionary validity of xenophobia. I would have expected more conscientiousness from an apparent tech guy.

  • Evil White Collectivists=A Young Native Born White American Family…A racial minority in NYS…on a Family Vacation……waiting in a very long line of cars…12 hours… behind 250 thousand Pakistani Muslim Americans…on the New York State Thruway….for a 5 minute peek at Lake George…on July 4 weekend….and complaining bitterly about it…

    These are the kind of people that Jordan Peterson violently hates…with every fiber of his cucked Libertarian being…

  • Of course…I’m not suggesting that Ben Shapiro is a Kharzar Tapeworm Parasite……even though Ben looks like one…..

  • We have already won the debate…because there is no argument for race-replacing our people…unless of course you harbor open genocidal intent towards our people….argument by demographic genocide…QED…

  • Richard Spencer

    The best response that you can give Jordan Peterson and the Kharzar parasite tapeworm Ben Shapiro…is the one Marie La Pen gave to the old farting Kraut Bulldyke Angela Merkel at the European Parliment….

      • To paraphrase Marie La Pen:You offer European People a barren meaningless wasteland of atomized individuals engaging in free market exchanges…You are abnormal rootless Cosmopilitan Filth!!!!

        You can find the video on You Tube and elswhere…Merkel was reduced to a smirking old farting Kraut Bulldyke Ape……on full display…

        Ben Shapiro is pinning for the day when the IDF occupies California so as to start the Israeli Colonization of Native Born White Christian American Living and Breeding Space…..This is where it is all going….This is the Endgame….

        So go Google-Yandex the video…

  • There is no debate with Jordan Peterson and the KHARZAR parasite Ben Shapiro..

    We reject race-replacement…not a debatable issue….and that’s all there is to it…

    Should we have had a debate with General Tojo during WW2?

  • Swedish girls gang raped by MUZZIES….Jordan Peterson hands the traumatized teenage girl Atlas Shrugged for therapy….

  • I think you went way to soft on this guy. He is spuing just dumb shit frankly. His credibility as an “intellectual” needs to be crushed to the point of no return. These people need to be verbally abused.

  • >In his conception of the world, people are atoms, rootless little marbles bouncing along and randomly hitting up against one another from time to time.

    In other words, this world view coming out of the Enlightenment applies Epicurean philosophy as a metaphor to describe society. Matthew Stewart writes about how the revival of Epicureanism in the 17th Century played a role in creating the mix of ideas in the 18th Century that led to the individualist character of the American Revolution in his book, “Nature’s God.”

    In other words, current thinkers in the Enlightenment tradition like many libertarians, Jordan Peterson, Michael Shermer, etc., try to impose a model for understanding society based on 18th Century pseudoscience.

    • That’s exactly it. The Enlightenment didn’t even survive the French Revolution, so why should Enlightenment thought be the entire basis for viewing society? This would be like attempting to recreate Marxist-Leninism after the failure of the Russian Revolution.

      • And yet Michael Shermer and Steven Pinker keep doubling down on 18th Century philosophy: Shermer with his recent book, “The Moral Arc” (a title borrowed from a phrase in one of Martin Luther Kangz’ speeches); and Pinker in a new book coming out next year titled “Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress.”

        These guys need to realize that a lot of the Enlightenment’s philosophy hasn’t worked in practice; we need to discard the bad parts, like the universalist ethics based on egalitarianism and human fungibility, and move on.

        Basically the Enlightenment’s idea of “progress” makes sense when you apply it to measuring changes of things in the material world, like greater rates of literacy, longer life expectancies, more gross production of commodities and so forth. But you can’t make “social progress” happen because you can’t change man’s nature – even now, despite what the transhumanists fantasize about.

        Shermer’s defense of his book, especially, makes me laugh. He talks about how enlightenment has made us all kinder and more altruistic on average – so why hasn’t this process worked on the male black population in the inner cities? In terms of stupid, pointless violence, they behave just like their cousins in the worst parts of Africa.

        • “we need to discard the bad parts”

          We’re all ready to discard the bad parts of the Enlightenment, it’s just that the typical anti-Enlightenment, “anti-modernist” type is more interested in discarding the good parts and “going back” to some utopian feudalism that never actually existed. See, the NRx and “trad Cath” types.

          You can tell they aren’t serious because they never actually talk about the good parts (say, marriage, fraternities, freeholds) and instead want to bore everyone with medieval theology or long dead superstitions.

          In that, I actually respect the NSDAP LARPers more, because at least they acknowledge the era of peasant feudalism isn’t coming back and industrialism and modernism is here to stay (thank Jesus.)

          • Because there are no good parts of the Enlightenment.

            Oxford Companion to Philosophy

            “Reason is man’s central capacity.”
            “Beliefs are to be accepted only on the basis of reason, not on the authority of priests, sacred texts, or tradition.”
            “All men (including, on the view of many, women) are equal in respect of their rationality, and should thus be granted equality before the law and individual liberty.”
            “Man is by nature good. (Kant endorsed the Christian view of a “radical evil” in human nature, but held that it is possible to overcome it.)”
            “Both an individual and humanity as a whole can progress to perfection.”
            “Tolerance is to be extended to other creeds, and ways of life.”
            “The Enlightenment devalues local “prejudices’ and customs, which owe their development to historical peculiarities rather than to the exercise of reason. What matters to the Enlightenment is not whether one is French or German, but that one is an individual man, united in brotherhood with all other men by the rationality one shares with them.”

            All of these are toxic to having a working civilization. The Enlightenment is a rejection of empiricism (since that is to a large degree what tradition, custom and prejudices are) unsurprisingly when you reject reality for what feels right you get shit.

          • I disagree. Those tenants you pointed out were very positive and created great societies. There was a great rogress and we believed in the future. Now we face collective clan peoples with a strong out group prejudice making our enlightened society untenable

          • I troll the baizuo by pointing out the progressive aspects of the Nazi regime that they would agree with. The Nazis promoted vegetarian diets, discouraged smoking, imposed pollution controls on industry, protected Germany’s remaining wilderness areas and wildlife, offered universal health coverage (though that just continued what started in the Bismark era), and so forth.

            In an alternate reality where an competent Nazi Europe ran things, the Nazis might also have decided to reduce carbon emissions to fight unwanted climate change.

          • Catholicism has turned into a form of Creative Anachronism any way. The Pope wears Renaissance Faire costumes instead of modern business suits for a reason.

          • Drinking Game Time.

            Everyone take a shot whenever Hipster Racist writes “LARPing or LARPers”.

  • ‘Dr.’ Peterson (he’s only a psych Ph.D, not M.D.!) is a TOTAL FRAUD.

    As the daughter of an (M.D.) psychoanalyst, I have witnessed Jew/shabbos goy pseudo-intellectual fraudulence in the psych field for my entire life. Probably 99% of non-Jews in the psych field are John Hagees with Ph.Ds. Their (((colleagues))) would shun them from the field and deny them lucrative careers if they actually told the truth about the JQ.

    Red flags are everywhere with this guy. One thing that really stood out to me was the ‘recommended reading list’ on his website, because it looks like it was created by social workers in the employ of the World Zionist Union.

    Peterson is now raking in tens of thousands of Patreon shekels from mislead individuals simply because he didn’t toe the Party Line on pronouns. But he’s the biggest intellectual fraud of this entire movement.

    Boycott, divest and sanction from Jordan Peterson – now.

    • Having experienced the gauntlet of graduate studies in psychology I can confirm Clinical Psychology is a Jewish racket.
      I didn’t pursue Clinical Psych because I didn’t have the grades despite being interested, but I first-hand saw a Jewish kid get accepted without even finishing his undergraduate degree.
      When I asked about it I was told not to get involved.
      Sounds hard to believe right? Like everything else right?

      • Strategic nepotism. “Higher forces” want the *right kind of people in specific areas of society. I don’t doubt at all.

    • I wouldn’t trash Psychology in general. The Social Sciences are real disciplines that have been perverted from their original intent. Kevin MacDonald is a Psychologist after all.

    • Dat’s Rite! And don’t forget shiksa, Hitlah was a monster!!! Like no other!!! Lazar Kaganowho?! Great comment. Last time I checked the sheep was giving him 60k on patreon. The masses are asses.

  • I don’t understand how Jordan Peterson can argue that race does not exist and is a mere social construct while simultaneously arguing against post-modernism. Post-modernism is the very ideology that justifies the radical deconstruction of all natural categories.
    In this sense I don’t understand what it is exactly that he is advocating for.

    I also don’t understand how he can support the Jewish community when he says that race does not exist. In his racially-neutral worldview, there technically is no Jewish community and thus he should not support their in-group preference. Either that or he has to concede that whites organizing around race and culture is equally valid.

    In my view Jordan Peterson is essentially LARPing as a Nietzcheian.
    He acknowledges the death of God and the impossibility of an absolute epistemology, but is unwilling to accept that other people might believe in different natural categories (i.e., race) than he does (i.e., The Bible as transcendental truth).

    I don’t consider Jordan Peterson to be a serious thinker, and it offends me personally that a fully credentialed psychologist and university professor is completely unable to deal with basic empirical facts about human biodiversity.

    I think what pisses me off the most about Jordan Peterson, is that he’s merely provided a platform for people of average intelligence to think that their opinions are more well thought out than they are.

    • Heh my bad Vincent, I read your article after commenting and you made all the same points. This situation is too obvious and JP should not be this dumb.

      • What good are shekels when your kids are going to become minorities in their own countries?
        Has he said anything about white people being deplatformed? From what I remember he supposedly cares about free speech.

      • Every Patreon donor of his needs to understand that they are simply funding endless (and worthless) anti-White ‘academic papers’ that he will no doubt churn out indefinitely.

        I just read on his subreddit (why is there a Jordan B. Peterson subreddit?) that this man somehow manages to obtain $45,000 per month from his duped sheeple supporters.

        For 45k a month, Peterson gives “two original lectures a week and a biweekly Q&A”. Is this a joke?

        • > anti-White ‘academic papers
          I’m sorry, but you know not whereof you speak, he does not churn out anti-white papers. This video:

          against the idea of white privilege is probably what got him into trouble. Here’s a shorter, watchable one (there are many other short ones on YouTube):

          And last I saw it was $66,000 / month maybe a month ago. It’s any guess what it is now.

          • Just READ his published work, okay? I’m not watching one more second of his retarded jewtube blather…and neither should anyone else, for that matter. Jesus Christ, no wonder the kikes are winning…no one reads anymore. Pathetic

    • Everything ‘Dr.’ Peterson (the Fraud) has ever professionally published absolutely reeks of Talmudic sophistry. He writes in the style of a wannabe psychoanalyst (i.e., Talmudically) – except he’s truly not insightful or intellectually gifted enough to contribute anything of value to, well, anything. Check out his ‘self-authoring’ shekel-making racket to see what I mean.

      All of his co-authored papers have been written with Jews. Peterson is a die-hard, totally brainwashed philosemite who surely (((fits right in))) in (((academia))) – check out his semantic nonsense here:

      • If he’s booksmart enough to write these kinds of statistics-driven papers, which measure variability within populations, then he’s booksmart enough to treat the race question, which is about measuring differences between populations, with the same level of rigor.

        I don’t think he’s completely dumb. I mostly think he’s irresponsible and not as much of an honest thinker as he portrays himself to be.

        • It’s highly unfortunate that our society has becomed so dumbed down and subliterate. Perhaps Jordan Peterson is considered an intellectual heavyweight amongst the PewDiePie/Joe Rogan/(((Molyneaux))) fanboy crowd.

          Unfortunately, I believe that’s the situation we’re dealing with here.

          To his Netflix- and porn-addicted subreddit subscribers, he’s a genius…just like Carl Jung. LOL. Have you seen their fan art?

    • He’s a goldbug. Gibs him some gold and his gilded cage is fine. An individual and his sense are soon parted. No man is an island, but a Gulag Archipelago is a gilded cage for little weiner lapdogs who lust them some gold. 12k gold plated treason.

  • In a world that is essentially a battlefield of collectives, individualism, “enlightened” or not, is a sure formula for defeat. Yes Whites should “retribalize” themselves, that is the need of the hour. Why do you think are the Jews, that tiny little ethnic group, so successful ? Because they think, feel and act as a tribe !

  • Groups don’t exist. Genetics don’t impact you. You aren’t a part of anything. No difference between you and a salamander goy.

    Can we do away with the armchair nihilism? Who has some rocks we can use?

  • Wow just wow.

    What a way to live.

    We’re all just individuals.

    The briefest of fireflies, flashing one hot summers evening, -and then gone.

    Nothing bigger.

    No larger picture.

    Jordan Peterson -the most tiny-souled Bugman that ever flitted across the internet.

    (If that’s what these types really believe -then no wonder Steven Paddock iced a bunch of Country Music lovers.)

  • Fair enough on cowardly silence while acting as a gateway drug. (He’ll be shut down from his ZOG job the moment he does admit that the AltRight are speaking the truth and likely present the only way that civilisation can be saved.)

    But fuck him for the counter signalling.

  • Maybe I am just alt-light and not alt-right, because I would not use terms like “racial pride” or “judge based on race.” There is a difference between racial pride — meaning you believe you are superior because of your race — and racial dignity — meaning you will not let society demean, belittle, insult, or oppress because of your race. Progressives want to eliminate the racial dignity of white people, as they want to oppress them, to the point of imprisoning, enslaving, or killing each and every white person. There is also a difference between judging others because of their race and loving like-minded people of your own race without hating others.

    • Whites have every reason to feel a lot of racial pride. No other race comes close in the amount of archievement, and they all sure as hell have their own pride. Why handicap yourself in the face of opposition? For good goy points?

    • The difference between alt-right and alt-light, as I see it, is this: Are you ok with Whites being driven to distinction, intentionally or not, by relentless mass immigration and forced integration, so long as the last few generations of Whites are treated humanely and our individual rights are respected? If you answered yes, you might be an alt-light cuck.

  • You protest too much. Peterson (like Moly) is pulling hundred of thousands in the right direction. Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the alt right.

    • When you are building a marketing segment of NEETs LARPing as an army, it pays to cut off the flow from the center, so as to establish your “hard core” bona fides. For anyone interested in White Identity, you use the Peterson types as a funnel to draw people to full White Identity. Peterson isn’t an enemy, even when he “punches right.” He’s not a friend, he’s just an enemy of my enemy.

      The “Alt Right” types that idolize Russia while crapping on their own people are just another form of SJWs that idealize Africans or Chinese, just better because at least Russians are White. But it comes from the same place, a hatred of self, “oikophobia” and an idealization of “the other.” Russians consider their defeat of Germany in WWII as a great victory of good over evil just like Americans do. But it’s ok when Russians do it because, um, Putin looks so many with his shirt off or something.

      • True. Not to mention Dugin’s insidious tactic to destabilize the US. Makes me suspicious that Spencer and others idolize the likes of him, Zizek, etc.

        • What exactly is wrong with instability in the US? Or do you want America to limp along as a multi-racial empire for the next 50 years? History shows we can limp along until events overtake us, look at Austria-Hungary and the Soviet Union

        • That would imply Dugin has some kind of influence on US, which he very obviously doesn`t. Hell, nobody listens to him in Russia, what are you talking about?

      • Question: how someone who calls white identity a pathology draw people into white identity? You people who defend these center cucks don’t even make any sense. Your so-called “strategy” is laughably stupid.

        Hey see this guy who calls people with white pride insane? Yeah, he’s going to help us make white identity popular!

        Huh? What? Who? When? How?

        • “how someone who calls white identity a pathology draw people into white identity?”

          Because Peterson doesn’t spend any significant amount of time calling white identity a pathology. He spent 24 hours “counter-signaling” with talking points to save his job.

          Instead Peterson spends all his time discussing “sex realism” and the basic of the biology of sex, which has proven over the last 10 years to be a HUGE feeder into race realism, which has proven to be a feeder into White Identity.

          This really isn’t difficult.

          The LARP option, that is, to try to isolate White race realists into a tiny corner of the internet with occasional forays into “muh streets” led by Costume Clowns favorably covered by the New York Times has been shown to be a huge loser over the past 50 years. Whenever the “Alt Right” has engaged in such things, it’s hurt, rather than helped, the cause.

          It shouldn’t even be called a “Purity Spiral” – it’s more a “LARP spiral.” The fact is, your LARPing drives more people away from White Identity than Peterson’s tepid lip services, when cornered, to “muh individualism.”

          • Enough with the sophistry. If Peterson spent “all his time discussing “sex realism” and the basic of the biology of sex” he wouldn’t spend some of his time calling European Identitarians pathological.

            The parsing of words and leaps in logic emanating from you are downright Talmudic.

          • Peterson is famous for his sex realism and he’s spent the last few months discussing sex realism with no less than Camille Paglia. He spent a handful of tweets counter signaling “White Nationalism.”

            Fortunately, serious White advocates like Kevin MacDonald have engaged with him on this, and even reformed trolls like Mike Enoch has been offering him a debate.

            I’ll take Kevin MacDonald’s approach over yours.

          • The guy might be honest enough to be redeemable. If Molyneux can be, why can’t Peterson?

          • Mike Enoch just mocked Peterson being a fag about everything related to race by digging up an old tweet where Peterson said he was proud of his son. Enoch said Peterson better be careful for being proud of collectives like his family or people will think Jordan Peterson is pathological and has a small penis.

            I do hope Enoch debates Peterson on this and trolls the shit out of Peterson’s lame facts.


          • > Peterson doesn’t spend any significant amount of time calling white identity a pathology.
            Not to mention his talk against the idea of ‘white privilege’. No, he’s /ourcuck/.

        • Hipster Racist thinks some form of Taylorism where were genteel and nice to everyone will work.

          Except it hasn’t even worked for Taylor, which means it won’t work for most White Advocates since Taylor is brilliant. Taylor gave a lame interview with Sargon that another poster mentioned.

          Over the past 25 years, Taylor has gone from getting mainstream news coverage and having books published by mainstream publishing houses to getting no media coverage and having to self publish his books. So much for funneling people into White Identity!

          • Yehuda can’t understand the difference between “smart” and “effective” vs. “trollish” and “offputting.”

            Or he pretends to not understand the difference, because he’s spent years doing everything he can to make White Identity as marginal as possible.

      • The stupidity of your final comment is astounding. Russians are proud of defeating Nazi Germany because Russian bones are littered all over Europe from WWII, 20 million of them. Their grandparents and ancestors died in the War. Putin lost both his brothers during WWII. The sacrifice of Russians during WWII was massive. Americans….not so much.

        • That’s really interesting and all, Yehudah, but the point isn’t why Russia is proud of the war, the point is cucks outsourcing their masculinity to Putin while taking the opportunity to shit all over our people.

          Well, my people, at least – we’re obviously not your people.

          • You don’t have a people. “White American” isn’t an ethnic group, no matter how much you want to meme it into existence. There are regional groups that have a legitimate group identity, that’s not to take away from them, but “white american” means effectively nothing.

          • Johnny, you and Yehuda, your anger with me, and your constant trolling, are misplaced. We just have different goals. I want to attract as many White people to open White Identity as possible.

            You want something else. Presumably, to “build radical subcultures” like Matt Heimbach and to get a bunch of “NEETs” and other fringe characters into “fascism” or whatever.

            But I’m flattered you two spend most of your time “attacking” me. It lets me know I’m on the right path. When you two start agreeing with me, I’ll have to reconsider what I’m doing.

            But, hey Johnny, it IS really interesting how your anti-white talking points are identical to the typical anti-white talking points – “whiteness is a social contruct,” etc.

          • Well I actually agree with your main point. Two different movements. If America or Canada were 100% white I’d still be fighting for Fascism. I don’t think those are Yehudahs goals…

            As for being anti-white, that depends on how you define white. I support all European Nationalist movements, I just don’t see them all as one group… Ethnicity matters. American White Nationalism is just smaller tent civic nationalism and is in a way a social consturct (I don’t like agreeing with Liberals, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.)

            When Canada was 95% white it was divided between French Catholics and Anglo Protestants. When the US was 90% white, there were all kinds of inter-ethnic conflicts. Shared whiteness isn’t enough. Ethnic identity takes precendence over racial identity.

          • If your ideas are so good, why don’t you have a real life movement and followers implementing your plans?

            If you want to open up so many people to Huwhite Identity, why don’t you start a White Charity and Aid Society like your good friend Matt Parrott did with GoyFundMe. Remember Matt Parrott, the guy who warned everyone about what a cantankerous and divisive scumbag you are when this site began?

            First the BPOE, then the world!

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