The 12-Point Manifesto of the Alt-Right

Youtuber Way of the World sets out a statement of our values, who we are, and what we want.

Way of the World
A channel dedicated to diagnosing the problems of the West and supporting its revival. Make sure to follow Way of the World on BitChute:


  • Very good, but it’s not the bare bones pitched at the lowest common denominators to allow maximum levels of support and affiliation. I posted this on the TRS Forum –

    “Something like this perhaps –
    CEI – The Campaign for European Identity
    Aims –
    * To reverse the decline in the white European populations in the US and the European homelands.
    * To preserve our European culture, history and traditional values, in all aspects of modern life.
    * To celebrate the great achievements of European peoples around the globe and to ensure that our people realize their enormous potential.

    The focus would be on cultural activities of all kinds. Everybody pays $10 (or the equivalent) to affiliate, it’s global, we elect leaders in in our own nation states. Those leaders elect a President. Something along these lines would be a massive improvement on the present patchwork. It’s not a Party but has the potential to become one.”

    I think this is the minimum requirement for the present time. It doesn’t attempt to be a political manifesto and I believe such an approach would be premature given our fairly rudimentary stage of development. It is open to interpretation and that’s the point.

  • I like this one. It is short and sweet. You can look at each one of the twelve and start to think “what does this mean?”; “how do I relate to this short sentence?”; “what does this short sentence mean to me and how the world is changing around me?” I think most people will look at it and conclude that they pretty much agree with the whole package.

  • Not one mention of perhaps the most important issue….feminism. Not repealing or liberating women and society from ‘women’s liberation’ is a nonstarter. Nearly all of society’s problems stem from ‘women’s rights’ because they just happen to infringe upon everyone else’s. Not to mention that female empowerment, starting from women’s suffrage, is counterintuitive to the preservation of western civilization.

  • This is fine except the bit about “colonialism,” which is a Marxist buzzword used to justify violence against whites in Africa and elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with wishing for your people a place in the sun.

    • You don’t even HAVE to be Anti-Jew as long as you understand that Jews are not White and they should go live in their own lands. The Ethnostate ideal solves the J.Q..

  • This is excellent. I would change number 4 to mention self-determination, and in 5 I would delete the word “our.” I think these changes would make for better PR.

  • Hard not to agree with it because it’s so vague. “We support happiness, freedom and love…” Come on.

    The basis of our movement is exclusionary. That’s the whole point. For our people to survive we must exclude others.

    Let’s get down to some lawful foundations here. We support whites-only citizenship, to the exclusion of Jews and non-whites.

    We support anti-miscegenation laws. Miscegenation is both a sin against God and against man and is illegal.

    We support peaceful, respectful repatriation with compensation of all non-whites to their preferred non-white country that will accept them.

    To be white you must prove your parents and grandparents are/were white or by DNA test.

    • It really comes down to whites have the right to self-determination — the right not to be compelled by force of arms to live in a society that runs counter to traditional, Western European values. Let’s get that first, and then debate matters like miscegenation among ourselves without the government’s guns pointed at our heads. It seems to me your views on miscegenation would be contrary to the 6th principle shown in the video.

  • Excellent. I would like the manifesto on business cards to give to people. One could tell them, ” I believe in all of these points, this is the viewpoint of our group.” It would be harder for leftists to lie about what we believe if enough people were exposed to the truth about what we believe.

  • I always wonder what it is with this “… something way bigger than myself” : so… it refers to…: my ingroup. Wow… big deal ! Is this reason for adorably professing the readiness to lower oneself, for self-debasement, some kind of masochism? It´s a dishonorable show, reminds of the self-incriminations at Bolshevik tribunals and reeks of hypocrisy.
    This is NOT aryan behavior!
    To be obliged to one´s ingroup is… it´s like not noteworthy… because it´s a matter of course. Maybe as a counterweight to ubiquitious jewterroleft lies and brainwash might it be something to point towards but otherwise… pointless.

  • The marketing of obscenity and sex culture suggest at something that the Right usually overlooks. Even the Alt Right focuses mainly on ideology while ignoring the iconology. What do the icons of ‘obscenity’ tell us?

    It must be said that the main threat to the West is not commitment to racial equality but worship of black superiority, the dirty secret of PC and globalism. As the current world is defined by the Pleasure Principle, especially of instant gratification and optimal orgasmics, the kind of people who deliver on those demands will be most admired and adulated, and this is where blacks make a crucial difference. While it’s plainly obvious that blacks cause a lot of pain and harm with crime and social decay all around the world, they excel in sports, dance music, and macho antics. And having larger dongs, even non-black women become addicted to Jungle Fever as optimal sexual pleasure(which may be topped only by meth). Negroes are the meth of the West. White people know Negroes do long-term harm to cities and nations, but because Negro deliver on instant pleasures(of music, sports, and sex), non-black races worship the black icon. The main heroes of white males are black athletes, and the top ideal of ‘mudsharks’ is the mandingo. Indeed, it’d make more sense to replace TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD with MANDINGO in American school curriculum. It makes no sense to pretend that blacks still represent ‘uncle tom’ figures when they are now near-worshiped as ‘cool’ and ‘badass’ thugs, studs, and gangsters.
    Blacks, in collusion with Jews and cucks, market Afromania and turn whites into Jungle Junkies. Consider how France is turning into Africance. This is less the product of ideology of racial equality than the result of ‘iconology’ of Afrique Mystique. By some estimates, well over half of all children being born in Paris are of African descent, and every year, countless white French wombs are being colonized by African seed, not because French women belief in racial equality but because they believe in black superiority. Women want to have the children of superior men, even if they don’t stick around. It’s like Greek mythology where women feel grateful to be impregnated by a god even when he doesn’t stick around to help with the kid.

    Now, one can argue that blacks are inferior in intelligence, morality, responsibility, stability, and etc. And in a more sober society guided by propriety, blackness might be seen as disgraceful.
    But we live in a electro-orgasmo high-tech jungle-land where young children grow up to whorish pop idols as ‘role models’, where pornography is accessible to young ones, and where cheering for blacks on sports teams is the only permitted kind of ‘tribalism’ for whites. White males cheer for ‘our negroes who hump white cheerleaders’ against ‘their negroes who hump white cheerleaders’.

    The real thrust of globalism is not egalitarianism but Jewish supremacism(in intellect, will, and organization), homo supremacism(in flamboyance and creative flair), and Negro supremacism(as the top studs and most awesome gangsta thugs).

    • Good post.

      How many blacks and gays would die tomorrow without the welfare state? If economic limits are not allowed to play out naturally, then yeah the short-sighted masses will continue to seek pleasure and subjugate those “crazy folks” who stand up to question whether or not this is sustainable. An economic collapse would separate the producers from the parasites, but it’s not clear that this will be allowed to occur.

      The best we might be able to do for now is counter their youth culture with our own. I think the Altright is doing fairly well in that department so far, but it needs to continue and evolve.

      • Any plan for change that counts on “economic collapse” or “SHTF” or other millenarian ideas like that are counter productive. Then entire boomer-survivalist-patriotard movement has been promising itself that soon, very soon, the collapse will occur.

        At which point their superior preps and knowledge of guns and tactics will be all important, the die-off will occur, and the virtuous survivors will again rule the reconstituted Republic.

        The survivalist movement got started in the 1970s. It’s almost 2020, so a whole generation (mine) has grown old waiting for the inevitable. That. Never. Came.

        So, my advice would be make your own history, don’t wait for “inevitable” events to happen.

        • >Any plan for change that counts on “economic collapse” or “SHTF” or other millenarian ideas like that are counter productive.

          Of course. We need to collapse the Jew, not ourselves.

  • I like it! I would just say that if most of the leaders agree on the points made it should be put up as a list on the “about us” section. Some people don’t want to or can’t watch you tube videos.

  • I’ll join in the nitpicking, too, if it’s ok with everyone.

    There is a place for hatred. Hatred is a good motivating “spice”. Not virulent, unleashed, unlimited hate. Not foaming hate. But calm, cool, collected hate based on the need to survive.

    Similarly, there is a place for slavery in a civilized society. Again, not violent whip-snapping, chain gang, slavery. But a dignified slavery with rights for those in servitude.

    Finally, point 12 didn’t sit right with me. Too many times people like to sneak religion in under terms like “power beyond” etc. if point 12 is saying that people should act in accordance with the Will of the Creator, then say it. If not, then say that. Please don’t fudge and say something that tries to mean everything, since it ends up meaning nothing.

      • I have. It’s called self-discipline. And I learned it by first submitting myself to my parents and teachers who had mastered the skill of ruling over themselves.

        Not everyone has had that life. Some grow up wild. That’s why some join the military and excel there.

        • First of all, slavery is literal human bondage, and you can stop your disgusting and transparent attempt to sanitize it with words like “servitude” or equate it to voluntary military service.

          Second, don’t even try to suggest that the idea of human beings reduced to a state of chattel is somehow conducive to the attainment of self-discipline. That is as inherently contradictory as it is grotesque.

          And thirdly, if your standard of having “mastered rule over oneself”, would be that of teachers who routinely get arrested for having sex with their students, or American military personell who just as routinely rape and murder civilians while on deployment, then you have no business condescending to anyone about the imagined merits of the absence of free will.

          • Your last line is the crux of the matter.

            How do we define free will? Currently, the term “free will” seems to encompass the concept of “do whatever I want whenever I want.” If we add in “…as long as I don’t harm anyone”, then we have a succinct and pithy statement of American culture writ large.

            There are two problems with that approach. One is practical, the other theoretical.

            The practical problem is that it wreaks havoc on society when we hold that free will means the ability for one to flip-flop and change their mind whenever they feel like it.

            Don’t get me wrong. A person has the right to change their mind.

            But in terms of relationships, it’s a disaster. One minute the girl leads the man on. The next minute she regrets it and he’s accused of rape.

            One minute the man tells the girl he loves her. The next minute he dumps her.

            One year a woman gets married, and then when she wants out, she walks out of the marriage — that is, she pushes her husband out of their shared domicile and restricts his access to the kids.

            One year a man abuses women who work for him. Then, when caught, he says he’s going into therapy and pleads with everyone to move on.

            The theoretical danger of pseudo-free will is that it is ironically enslavement. As a friend once joked, “I can quick smoking anytime. I’ve done it hundreds of times.”

            Is it really free will when a person feels a compulsion to go to party after party and engage in risky behavior? Or is it enslavement to base desire and passion?

            Servitude, slavery, whatever we call it, is possible, and can be controlled by a court system. We don’t say that because in a non-slave work system that some act immorally so we should throw out all non-slave work as an option.

            The same way, we should not ignore the good that can come from a slave system that is designed smartly. At a minimum, it’s got to be better than the U.S. prison system.

          • It’s kind of hard to put across my project in the comments section. I might submit the full plan to for a guest post.

            For now, let me say this is not meant to be an exercise in edginess nor in larping.

            The term “slavery” conjures up images of abuse and callousness. The slavery I speak about is the opposite. It involves rights for slaves, and involves slave masters that are intent on elevating the nature of the slave, not in pure subjugation of his body.

            The slave, or servant, exercises his free will and signs up for a fixed period of time, say six years. He understands that he will be physically coerced. But if he is damaged in the process, he has recourse to the court system. He also understands he may be sold to another master if he doesn’t perform his service well, or if he fails to respond to coercion when he fails to fulfill his obligations.

            In return for his work, he expects clothing, food, and housing. He is required to live as a family man. If he’s not married when he is enslaved, then he is given a slavewoman for a wife.

          • Yeah, like I said, you’re just using the term “slavery” to be “edgy” and LARP. There were plenty of more accurate words to use, but you chose not to, because that wouldn’t feed your need for negative attention by saying, “hey, I’m PRO-HATE and PRO-SLAVERY!”


          • Just the opposite. I use the term “slavery” because “servitude” is too mild.

            I prefer “servitude” to “slavery”, but it’s a misleading term.

            The system I describe has historically been termed “slavery”. Slavery is not defined a certain way simply because that’s the way you want to define it. There is a spectrum of uses of the word.

            Please try to move beyond your visceral reaction of the word and examine the merits of the project. Feedback is welcome.

    • Would you be OK with being a slave as long as you have “rights in servitude”? If a people can make salves of others, what stops the others from making slaves of the people. One of the main reason I started listening to the altright is the red pill enlightened me on just how much progressive governments and other world forces are working towards killing, imprisoning, or enslaving all white people. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I don’t want the progressives to succeed in (further) enslaving me. I should be willing to treat the others the same.

      • Under normie circumstances nobody enslaves anyone. It’s a voluntary system. The slave — better said “servant” — enslaves himself/herself.

        We already have forms of this this. People join the army, where different rules apply. As another commenter on a recent post pointed out half jokingly, going into debt to get an education and then buying an expensive house and car leads to a lifetime of voluntary slavery of sorts.

        Wasn’t this country partially built on a foundation of indentured servitude? I’ll have to research that more later. But if I’m not mistaken, indentured servants were people who became servants to pay off their transport costs to the New World.

        Now, consider if someone commits a crime. They can be imprisoned, or given a choice of forced servitude: living in a normal environment, but forced to toe the line as far as work and family.

        I know which one I’d choose if given those two options.

  • ” Love to our people is not the hate of the others” lie sweet lie. Altright created by the Jew is the Jew-hating openly!

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