Language Policing Is A Weapon Of The Left To Disarm Whites

Submitted by Marqui Marq

Why is it that we change words every few years as old ones get “offensive”? Why did “black” become “african-american” only later to “people of color”?

Think of new words and social changes as insignificant in of themselves (new “X rights” movement), but as stemming from a key behavior of unproductive social change. This amounts to social disruption for social control. Everything SJW’s say is meaningless, dismiss it, look instead at the social results.

Language disruption (taking away peoples ability to meaningfully communicate with one another) is done via constant disruptive changes. It’s a manipulation tactic that abuses high verbal working memory capacity to disadvantage and socially overpower people without it.

It ends up reshaping the cultural/social environment to attack and undermine most people and selectively reward those who are verbally gifted.

Language is about communication. Languages are communicated via words, words which have meaning. Similar typed words or “synonyms” are a way to allow individuals to express different concepts. From a psychological POV, working memory synonyms are a form of “Chunking”.

“Chunking” is a working memory strategy that allows people to effectively think, organize, and communicate their thoughts via giving meaning to similar typed concepts.

For example; it’s easier to remember 867-5309, than it is to remember 8675309. The separation/linking is a mental process that gives distinct meaning to the linked elements (individual numbers).

Ashkenazi Jews, in particular, are gifted with extremely high verbal working memory and so have less of a reliance on “chunking” for communication than gentiles.[1]

By reshaping the means of communication (language, meaning) with various tools (“oh that’s offensive”, etc) they disrupt the basis of communication and psychologically undermine the victims. Like where this gentleman Jew on Reddit writes this spiel:

“First of all, race doesn’t exist. It was made up by Europeans to make people from outside of Europe seemless than Europeans. That being said, **tons of Jews identify as being racially or ethnically Jewish, and indeed that is supported by genealogy. So why can’t people accept that some Jews don’t want to identify as White/Arab/etc, but Jewish?

This is an example of this concept wherein the psychological abuser schizophrenically attaches and detaches meaning at will from the words used. It’s also a structural form of gaslighting.

“Narcissists are puppet masters who manipulate their victims for personal gain. With precision they are able to “pull the strings” of their victims without detection, and render them helpless.”[2]

Ever wonder about the personal gain these people have from promoting “tolerance” and multiculturalism?


This selectively and psychologically empowers high verbal working memory at the expense of people without high verbal working memory. This also empowers parasitic exploitative behavior. The implications for this are not limited to Jewish individuals, of course, there are many non-Jewish people able to actively utilize these tactics, and even within Jewish groups the ability isn’t necessarily malevolent in Jewish collectivist groups (living on their own in religious communities, living in Israel and loyal to Israel, assimilated and 100% loyal to their country) but it ENABLES the secular individualist Jewish-supremacist section to essentially colonize and reshape other peoples cultures and governments.

Think about an “atheist Jew”. There are NO “atheist Christians” or “atheist Muslims”. An “atheist Jew” is someone who rejects all the responsibilities of the religion/ideology but values the racial aspect.

“Think of it as a nation without land (forget about modern day Israel). It has laws regarding who is a citizen, and a court system.”

“Jewishness passes through the mother. It is hereditary, non revocable. You are born a Jew you die one no matter what you do.”[3]

Again I repeat; every race has unique differences. This verbal working memory distinction does not inherently make Jews “bad” in any way. The context is everything. This is not an issue with collectivist Jewry who have their differences integrated into a social context and thus adapted it to a group morality setting.

This IS HOWEVER a dire issue with any and all “secular” anti-collectivist (individualist) Jewish people/organizations with ANY degree of power in society over non-Jewish individuals. Such a person will inherently harm others; they essentially have the power to influence people (verbal ability) but reject the responsibility of the outcome (collective morality).

Don’t think of this as biologically singling out Jews as a race; think about this as Jewish individuals having the potential to become incredibly manipulative pieces of shit. And thus in an uncontrolled environment (anti-collectivist) that set of destructive behavior will be selectively rewarded.

Again I repeat; genetics aren’t everything, they must be understood in CONTEXT. This is not an attribute that means every Jew as a race would be or are bad people. What matters is the context of the environment.

To take an extreme example, think of Hitler’s Jewish family doctor Bloch and his in-advertised life history for example.

According to Linz’s future mayor Ernst Koref, **Bloch was held in high regard, particularly among the lower and indigent social classes. It was generally known that at any time at night he was willing to call on patients.** He used to go on visits in his hansom, wearing a conspicuous broad-brimmed hat.

Like most Jews in Linz at the time, the Bloch family were assimilated.

Because of the poor economic situation of the Hitler family, Bloch charged reduced prices, sometimes taking no fee at all. The then 18-year-old Hitler granted him his “everlasting gratitude” for this (“Ich werde Ihnen ewig dankbar sein”).

The man has a consistent presence of unadvertised altruistic behavior without direct social rewards and this indicates some level of altruistic collectivist morality. Literally just being a nice person without needing to be recognized for it.

Compare that to Harvey Weinstein’s record.

Weinstein has been active on issues such as poverty, AIDS, juvenile diabetes, and multiple sclerosis research. He serves on the Board of the Robin Hood Foundation, a New York City-based non-profit that targets poverty, and co-chaired one of its annual benefits.

He is critical of the lack of gun control laws and universal health care in the United States.[4]

Everything is an “organization” or “club”. There is virtually nothing said of his character outside of that which he advertises.

This is a consistent phenomenon from my experience; the sociopathic type manipulative people have shockingly consistent behavioral patterns and with a bit of research can be (in my opinion) somewhat actively identified and even predicted.

I call the 2017 serial killer the “Jewish Dylan Roof” (obviously they don’t mention he’s Jewish) because of how he would sneak around and savagely murder homeless people for “thrill kills” in an extremely careful way[5];

”On Feb. 3, another homeless man, also nestled under a blanket to stave off the winter cold, was beaten to death as he slept in an open area near bushes. Again, it appeared the weapon was a hammer.

The similarities between the cases prompted police to set a trap: a mannequin, wrapped in blankets like a sleeping homeless man with his head covered, was placed where the first man was killed.

Police say the video captured the following: Schindler approached the mannequin, pulled his hood up over his head to conceal his face and slowly pulled out of the bag a 4-pound engineer’s hammer. Using both hands, he raised the hammer and swung it down on the mannequin’s head several times.

Most importantly look closely at the interactions this man had with police AFTER literally being caught red-handed attempting to murder a vulnerable target;

The police report described his interview with detectives: “Schindler admitted to ‘kicking the mannequin’ but didn’t remember hitting it with a hammer. After further questioning, Schindler admitted to striking the mannequin, but he said he ‘knew it was a mannequin’ before he struck it.”

This is a great example of the sociopathic application of verbal working memory to enable exploitation. The man was literally caught and he still on the spot comes up with various attempted narratives to “deny his guilt”.

The non-advertised predatory behavior can be thought of as anti-altruistic collectivism.

However, the lesson here is important; the people who caught him were able to do so because they predicted and emulated his behavior and in doing so were to use his predicted behavior (attacking random homeless people) to set a trap.

The same concept of “trapping” can be used with shills with a pre-tested pre-conceived idea.

The “it’s ok to be white” stunt is a perfect example of a well-crafted trap. It is a well-designed idea based on the understanding that anyone attacking it would (and do) look like complete pieces of shit.

In my own personal experience I successfully utilized a trap on the “againsthatesubreddits” group wherein I used my own account (on which I often say incredibly offensive, controversial things) to “test” their response on getting a racist person to drop the hate;

And as I assumed, they openly admitted to having no intent on “changing people” but rather just censoring people. And that is exactly how we can go about annihilating the cancer that is the social justice warrior movement. You have them take off their masks and reveal who they actually are – just people who want arbitrary power over others. They are incapable of answering countless questions, and raising those questions strips them of their percieved moral authority. Once they lose the appearance of moral authority they lose their power.

And once they lose their power to appear as a victim and get sympathy, they lose their ability to trick others into attacking and suppressing you.






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  • This guy got fired for his creed. I thought the Constitution said ‘no discrimination based on creed’.

    Now, if someone complains that a company has hired a Zionist imperialist, BLM thug, or a communist, can that company fire that person based on those creed-entials alone?

    Would ACLU let it pass? I don’t think so.

    The big struggle of patriots must be banning the firing of people based on creed.

    After all, wasn’t the beef about McCarthyism that some writers, teachers, and folk singers were blacklisted because of their Stalinism?

    Liberals said we must stand with the right of even Stalinists to work. So, why the silence from all quarters about the firing and blacklisting of people based on CREED, meaning belief, ideology, or conviction?

    Alt Right must lead the Civil Rights Movement for the Freedom of Creed in the Workplace.

    McCarthowiczism is not okay.

  • Shit I thought I was reading the Daily Stormer for minute. is getting hard to the core!!!

    Great article.

  • The issue is logic and the misuse of logic. When an idea or argument can be labeled pejoratively, the ideas, facts or concepts of the argument can be dismissed; this is the essence of the logic of the left, to label something as racist or sexist in order to prevent the further analysis of the issue.

  • Nobody but a moron would have their working memory impaired by changing one term – like from black to African-American.

    Your argument is stupid. The argument you should be making is that changing the
    “proper” term to refer to a group is an exercise in control, and keeping other people off guard and uncertain.

    This is the real reason these terms change all the time, and result in such ludicrous circumstances as “colored people” being considered offensive, while “people of color” is now recognized as respectful and appropriate

  • The problem is not language so much, as that people are forced to listen and attend to the instructions of self-appointed political commissars who decide the approved words for the day. It normalizes the power of the Left.

    Jews really do not have that much greater language processing capacity compared to other ethnic groups. For example, it confuses and/or ties up the brainpower of absolutely no-one to call Africans “People of Color” instead of “Blacks” instead of “Coloreds” instead of “Niggers”…it is the fact that the public is FORCED to change its language regularly that is the whole point of the exercise.

    Once you have achieved the power to regulate speech, you can regulate pretty much everything else.

  • ‘For example; it’s easier to remember 867-5309, than it is to remember 8675309.’
    Great. it only took ten years of intense and expensive therapy to get that song out of my head. Now it’s back, I fear this time to stay. Ugh.

  • The more you study the Jew the more you can see two things:

    1: they have no anti-white conspiracy or agenda agenda they simply are anti-white. They follow their short term self interests.

    2: Yes, they have high verbal IQ, but they are poor long term planners and compared to whites they are extremely subjective. They see everything through prism “Is it good for the Jews”, are completely unable to understand long term consequences of their actions. They cant self-reflect.

    What good is that slick tongue of theirs when they so desperately lack the understanding of laws of nature. They are tool in the hands of people who do understand these laws. There is nothing in this essay about Jews that white scholars didn’t know or understand a hundred years ago. Heck some evil whitey was able to accurately predict over a hundred years ago what would the world with Jews wielding the power look like (referring to protocols). They are pathetic.

    • Yeah but what large group of people can collectively think ahead? You bring up a good point however there is no jewish conspiracy in most cases. Jews independently and through aggregation do destructive actions. Just like the top one percent of elites there is no conspiracy. Both are ruthless and know what is good for them as a zero sum game

  • As well as red-pilling almost every acquaintance I have (clumsily in most cases), refusing to engage 90% of women in discussion (life is so much more pleasant when this is done), and looking at (((Charity))) collectors like they’re dog refuse, I now attempt to drop the odd nigger / camel jockey comment in casual conversation with my fellow white men to give them comfort in this horrible jewed up world we live in.

    Find those banned words and use them every appropriate chance you get in the real world.

    • That’s bad ass… I do the exact same thing. I usually avoid dealing with women. I have a wife and a mother. That’s enough for me. I love making my fellow white friends uncomfortable by dropping my anti Semitism as easily as if I were asking you to pass the salt. Its great

  • “Language Policing Is A Weapon Of The Left To Disarm Whites ”

    -> allowing to be forbidden to speak is how Whites allow themselves to be disarmed: why is there not a mass insurrection of Whites every time a White is sanctioned for using one of our words?
    The problem is not “language policing”. The problem is the sneaky way in which “language policing” happens, using the trick of the subliminal to make our disempowerment insiduous and inconspicuous.

    One of my ideas to counter Free Speech suppression is to maintain an online catalogue of shunned words. That way, we still actually say them (and of-course encourage to use them).

    Ah and:
    “they … rather just censoring people
    just people who want arbitrary power over others”

    omg… this is… almost as if it were Rightists, no? Two times in the past 2 days I found in the comment sections here and at TRS expressly demands to prohibit Free Speech for Leftists. So Free Speech… which one is it now for the Right: good or bad? I fear I know the answer.

  • Political correctness has always been a tool to control not only what can be discussed, but the way it can be discussed.

    Illegal alien became illegal immigrant.
    Illegal immigrant became undocumented immigrant.
    Undocumented immigrant became undocumented migrant.

    It is impossible to discuss the topic of illegal immigration and illegal aliens, much less what to do about them, if you will get shouted down and publicly discredited as a racist simply for using the term “illegal alien” or “illegal immigration”.

    And when you do discuss the topic using “approved” words like “undocumented migrant” it doesn’t raise alarm bells because it sounds like a harmless clerical error of some kind. You sound like a jerk wanting to throw some hard working migrant out because he forgot to initial page 6 of his work visa papers.

    They control when they discuss the issue, and how it’s discussed. It takes away any ability to be honest about issues and how to solve them.

    We need to start learning how to do this better. Instead of deportations, start calling them “repatriations”. How is re-uniting someone with their beloved country of birth a bad thing?

    It may sound like a stupid example, but if you do it long enough, eventually you can reverse the cycle that led illegal aliens to becoming undocumented migrants.

    • Use your own terms and refuse to use the terms of your enemies. Call “undocumented migrants” “hostile invaders” because that is what they are. In Israel they are called “infiltrators” and that is the official term.
      Praising Israel as a shining example how to deal with such “infiltrators” is a clever way to use Jews-against-Jews. Israel has expelled African “infiltrators” to Uganda (not their original home) and has bribed the rulers of that country to accept them. Praise the Jews and follow their example.

  • Is this the tool of the Left or of the Jews? After all, BDS and Palestinians are also targeted, and there doesn’t seem to be much opposition from the Left.

    We have to name the enemy honestly. The ‘left’ is too broad. The real power is ethnocentric and tribal. Jewish Neocons have more power than many non-Jewish leftists.

    • Leftism predates Jews and exists without us. You have leftism AND Jews. They are different problems; the former lets the latter become an issue. Without leftism the problem is Jews are assholes (think interwar Poland). With leftism you systematically select for the craziest, most horrible and self centered Jews to be given positions of power to screw over everyone else.

      Having a system that actively rewards liars results in incredibly horrible people coming into power.

      Without Jews you’d still be screwed by leftism; Japan and Taiwan has no Jews and are still facing a slow death. It would be less rage inducing and less horrible.

      • Let´s add another differentiation: if not by Leftism, Jews would kill us by… whatever else at hand.
        Jews are genocidal White-haters and kill us irrespective of the accidental given system or what name it has. Presently, you may call it soft-totalitarianism, for the Russians, it was just straight totalitarianism… anyways: Whites get genocided.

        The Jews are the Deep State, the Jews are the organiszed secret power based mainly on merchant power, and recently the absolute corruption of the financial system. As such, they eradicate any possible competition to their power; since Whites are the only halfways serious competition, hence the fervor to exterminate us (as a group, mind you. We will be kept, as unorganisized individuals, for the more demanding tasks. But as an identitarian group, as the White Race, we are up for extinction by the Jews, by the Deep State, by the secretive power).

        • “Jews are genocidal White-haters and kill us irrespective of the accidental given system or what name it has. ”

          Leftism is weaponized envy and while there are many more Jews who commit that sin, it is not unique to the Jews.

          “The Jews are the Deep State, the Jews are the organiszed secret power based mainly on merchant power, and recently the absolute corruption of the financial system. ”

          The Jews are not the Deep State. The military, national security agencies and civil service are not controlled by Jews. Finance and law have a large amount of Jews, but the Supreme Court was screwing over American citizens long before a Jew sat on the bench.

          ” As such, they eradicate any possible competition to their power; since Whites are the only halfways serious competition, hence the fervor to exterminate us”

          China has more citizens then there are white people on the planet. Western Civilization collapses and they shrug, bio weapon the survivors and take over the planet.

      • Not much leftism in the east. Women and men aren’t having kids based on declining incomes and commercialization of culture.

        Jews were leftists because it’s easier to transform a society when one hates it. A weak meme of the right is the claim of socialism is a jewish conspiracy.

        • “Women and men aren’t having kids based on declining incomes and commercialization of culture. ”

          Women seek to have kids with higher status men. Reduce male status and you reduce the birth rate. If women didn’t have their own sources of income, declining male income wouldn’t push fertility below replacement.

          “Jews were leftists because it’s easier to transform a society when one hates it.”

          Sort of. US 2016 election

          Marriage Race Gender
          S W M 59
          S W F 39
          M W M 61
          M W F 61.4

          S J M 35.9
          S J F 11.8
          M J M 58.8
          M J F 42.9

          Tldr; unmarried Jews are the Jewish source of leftists. Bring back arranged marriages and you’d have less Jews shitting on the gentiles.

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