The Point Is To Lose

So, you think Republicans are lame, huh? Well, get ready for their hip new face. He’s young, he’s bold, you might even call him a “gladiator” for freedom. He’s Ben Shapiro and he’s going to bring the message of liberty to the next generation!

You can tell liberals are afraid of him. How? Because the New York Times wrote an article about how awesome he is. He uses cutting-edge technology – like video clips. Can you imagine, Republicans using technology like video? “Vintage Shapiro.”

Libtards better watch out, because soon, we movement conservatives are going to have their own websites and Facebook pages too.  We might even get around to getting those “meme” things; one of our direct mail donors printed one off that he saw on 9gag!

And Shapiro’s not just anti-Left. He has “principles.” What those principles are, we’re not told. But he has them, unlike Trump and the Alt-Right.

He’s the “cool kid’s philosopher, dissecting arguments with a lawyer’s skill and references to Aristotle.” Whoa, Aristotle? Only a mega-genius has read Aristotle. Besides, I think Aristotle was some dead white male, one of those guys Mark Zuckerberg’s sister says is super problematic in the wrong hands. I might just cut myself on this edge.

Shapiro is also courageous.  “Mr. Shapiro, an Orthodox Jew, was one of the first to call out the alt-right movement, denouncing it as racist and anti-Semitic at a time when most people saw it as counterculture and cool,” says the New York Times.

Yeah, I remember those days, when the newspapers were all talking about how great it was that people were openly discussing formerly taboo issues online, and celebrities, TV networks and major conservative institutions were just rushing to associate themselves with the Trump campaign or chan culture. Truly, Shapiro stood against the tide.

And Shapiro “paid a price.” “He received 38 percent of all anti-Semitic tweets in 2016, the largest single share, according to the Anti-Defamation League.”

That’s terrible. All his privileged critics have to put up with is the ADL trying to get them fired and media supported paramilitaries trying to kill them. Stupid AltRightmanchildren never have to worry about being called mean names online – because the free market kicks them off the Internet first and makes sure they can’t use any online services! We should give those corporations a tax cut!

Besides, Shapiro is truly shaking things up in the conservative movement. Check out these bold new ideas.

  • “Rich people pay too much in taxes.”
  • “Social security ought to be privatized.”
  • “Obamacare [should be] repealed.”

This is the kind of innovative thinking that’s taking a bit of the starch out of those stuffed shirts in the Beltway. These are also the kinds of ideas which appeal to a generation which favors socialism over capitalism, is drowning in student loan debt, is indoctrinated in anti-white hatred since birth, and is more or less resigned to never having the same standard of living as their parents.

But Shapiro’s not some spoiled Millennial. He’s out there fighting for freedom and making real sacrifices. Contrast that to the gross people who do things like talk about immigration or human biodiversity. Just look at how the Heritage Foundation treated Jason Richwine! Straight to the top! The conservative movement will never give Shapiro such a great platform.

And look at the conservative heavyweights who are vouching for him! These are respected voices, in touch with the grassroots.

Like, uh, David French! French is so conservative, he opposed Donald Trump!And tried to get Steve Bannon fired!That’s why he loves Ben Shapiro. Shapiro is so principled, “He even hits his own side.” And you can’t call David French racist because he adopted a black kid! (Spoiler – David French still gets called racist.)

Then we’ve got a real conservative legend – Charlie Sykes. We know Sykes is a true conservative because he writes editorials about how we need gun control in the New York Times. Plus he called Republicans stupid in Time Magazine! BASED.

Ben Shapiro, says Sykes, is totally not stupid. You know why? “He reads books,” says Sykes, evidently awestruck. Whoa, I thought only elitist liberal queers read books! (Sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive. Democrats are the real homophobes.)

And if there’s one person who knows the conservative youth, it’s Kassy Dillon. “Ben is the source of a lot of philosophy for young conservatives,” she says. What is that philosophy? Racism is totes bad because we are defined by individualism! That’s what America is all about!

After all, Richard Spencer does gross things like discuss the possibility of peaceful population transfers and talk about the importance of inherent identity. That’s terrible.

It’s ok for Kassy to have interviews with Israeli politicians who have parties explicitly dedicated to “Jewish identity” though. And they have compassionate plans like annexing the West Bank and either making Arabs swear allegiance to the Jewish state or be paid to leave.

Maybe she learned this philosophy from Shapiro, who wrote in 2003:

In the long term, the growth of the hostile Israeli-Arab population within pre-1967 Israel bodes ill for the future of the Jewish state. As University of Haifa professor Arnon Soffer says, “The trends and indicators all point to an economic and ecological catastrophe waiting to happen and of the death knell of the ideological dream of a Jewish state.”

Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then you must allow Israel to transfer the Palestinians and the Israeli-Arabs from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Israel proper. It’s an ugly solution, but it is the only solution.

But America was founded for everyone! Our principles tell us so – just ask Ben Shapiro!

William Nardi is a college student identified in the article who “used to look up to Shapiro.” This implies he doesn’t anymore. Perhaps it’s because the New York Times says Shapiro is “extremely conservative,” with outlandish far-right opinions like “transgenderism is a mental illness, as per the encyclopedia of mental disorders before 2013.”

Anyway, Nardi has his own bold new strategy for victory – reigniting the torch of Reagan.

But Shapiro is at least willing to take on identity politics, mocking how whites speak last in the progressive stack often used on college campuses. This creates some pushback by author Sabrina Tavernise. “Even if straight white males are low on the left’s pecking order, they have most of the power in Washington, in statehouses, in every corporate boardroom,” she sniffs. “They run America.”

Yes, straight white males – like Ben Shapiro!

Back in the real world, we know “straight white men” don’t “run America.” Any straight white man in the power structure is only there because his power is not used on behalf of his people. Indeed, white men must not use their power on behalf of European-Americans else they will be swiftly replaced. To say “straight white men… run America” and point to the likes of Joe Biden would be like saying Puyi ran Manchukuo. It’s nothing special for collaborators to be rewarded for keeping down their own people.

And in a larger sense, this is what’s true about the entire conservative movement – it’s a network of collaborators or outright occupiers. Shapiro is gently criticized in the Times as “just one more partisan mobilizing his troops.” But mobilizing for what? Rallying young white college students to defend the same Beltway Right talking points which put the country in this situation? It would be more accurate to say Shapiro is convincing “his troops” to stand down.

The article criticizes Milo Yiannopoulos for being “empty of ideas, a kind of nihilistic rodeo clown who was not even conservative.” But this misinterprets Yinnopoulos’s initial success. MILO, as he was known during his prime, was popular on campus because he came closer than anyone else to openly discussing the actual ideology which is used to justify anti-white and anti-male policies on campus and in the culture. He also came closer than anyone else in the “mainstream” to engaging with the Alt-Right’s ideas.

Of course, this was because he was being directly fed talking points. And his flamboyant homosexuality and tiresome boasting about interracial sodomy were what gave him a license to speak on a college campus. Milo was controversial to the Left and hated by the conservative movement for the same reason. He had signal boosted Conservatism Inc.’s rivals in the Alt-Right and started a debate neither “true conservatives” nor progressives wanted to have. Unfortunately for him, the degeneracy which destroyed his career was the same shield which had allowed him to speak in the first place, so his eventual fall was all but inevitable.

In contrast to Milo, Shapiro is simply repeating the same talking points which have served the conservative movement since Reagan. And while Milo consciously or unconsciously expanded the debate, Shapiro exists to restrict debate, to herd young conservatives back into the confines of the Conservatism Inc. In this effort, he is assisted by the leftist media, which thus props him up as the voice of the young Right.

Indeed, this exact same article seems to be rewritten every few years. During the George W. Bush administration, the New York Times magazine gave a puff piece to “The Young Hipublicans,” members of the Bucknell Conservatives Club.

They were apparently innovative because they “won’t dress like George Bush or Dick Cheney… the idea is to dress like a young person.” (How do you do, fellow kids?) And then, as now, the officially designated “cool” conservatives had nothing to say and made sure to attack to their right, in that time, against the paleoconservatives such as Pat Buchanan.

As the late Sam Francis (honored be his name) noted:

The people who tell them what to think and say apparently are the ‘movement conservative’ foundations in Washington and New York that fund their newspapers and provide them with the kiddy-con edition of ‘Dress for Success…’

[The young conservatives] make sure everyone knows they conform to the icons, images, stereotypes, and values in which a dominant liberalism has immersed them and their generation. Their problem with the supposed ‘anti-Semitism and racism’ of the paleos seems to be simply that they cause them image problems. Not only do the kiddy-cons seem to know nothing about their own real heritage or the forces that threaten it; they seem unable to grasp that those threats are already embedded in the very ‘culture’ they embrace.

As Sam Francis noted of the young “cool” conservatives of this time, the reporter gives them an approving pat on the head because “these kids present no serious threat whatsoever to the kind of culture he, Rolling Stone and the New York Times have striven so hard to impose on the country.”

Neither does Ben Shapiro for that matter.

The Alt Right does because it grew out of the failures of the conservative movement and continues to draw dissidents who outgrew its increasingly ludicrous talking points. Sykes might be interested to know we “read books” too, but we put away the Fox News book of the month and dug into the real thing.

We understand American conservatism better than you do, and we know why it failed. And we don’t want to carve out a life kissing up to the New York Times.  We want to save our people. We want to be something more than deracinated consumers. And we want to win.

But the conservative movement, from the beginning, was built to lose. And if and when the Democrats or the media or the special counsel takes down President Trump, the “true conservatives” will crawl back out, claim they were right all along, restore the status quo ante 2016, and get back to the important work of giving the country away. It’s what they’ve always done and will always do.

“I could imagine Bill Buckley looking down and smiling,” gushes Sykes about Shapiro.

Yeah. Me too. Except Buckley’s probably looking up.

Gregory Hood
the authorGregory Hood


  • Yes, thanks for that reminder. The point is to lose. I saw that first in the time of Reagan. But this jew Shapiro is an insider, who used to lunch with the top dog jew of his time, Greenspan, when he ran the empire as chairman of the Fed. SO, the point is for US to lose. They win. There is a bit of mocking of the goy in this Shapiro farce going on, too. They do that a lot in hollywood.

  • (((Shapiro))) has a voice like he’s been sucking on helium and is pushing a benign brand of cuckservatism that doesn’t threaten Jews or Jewish interests in the American diaspora. It’s just being repackaged as edgy to ensnare dullards.

  • Shapiro only sounds witty when against sjw post leftist clowns. Put him up against a socialist he loses. Shift the argument and it’s libertarian toxicity

  • I do not think that Shapiro is necessarily controlled opposition but he definitely is coming with the same banal strategy of the Republicucks of yesteryear, he’s just a little more spicy than they were with the rhetoric. That high verbal Ashkenazi Jew IQ doing what it does best, eject bullshit. Watch him try to throw a ball and I bet you would get a chuckle.

    Shapiro is a jewish man-boy. The guy still looks twelve years old. The media has been propping this little guy up for years now. He is definitely supposed to be the new face of the GOP. Too bad we have the internet now and the GOYIM are not falling for the old Jewish mind tricks anymore.

  • I’m glad Greg Hood keeps track of these people so I don’t have to. They’re all a kind of “palooka of the month.” They’re controlled opposition whose mission is to lose gracefully and repeatedly, while giving the impression that there’s still a two-party system.

  • (((Shapiro))) is just a lame republican kike. Despised by pretty much everybody except other boring dumb republicans who masturbate over anything written by Ayn (((Rand))) and accuse anyone who makes fun of their dumb ideology of being a commie. His fan base is composed of nothing but wannabe millionaires who dream of getting rich by selling worthless merchandise to dumb idiots because only by having money can they feel like they are worth anything. Completely humorless, whiny sensitive homos who deserve nothing but the oven.

  • I donated $700.00 to……

    Just this Year…..

    And they Delete my Comments…….

    It’s OK……

    And I’m still AltRight………….


    Find it…..

    • Damn, Goyim…..

      Thanks for subsidizing our Rents and Night Outs on the Weekends……

      We’re Eating GOOD…….


      Dumb Working Class Goyim…….

      We Alt-Right Intellectuals REFUSE to WORK Real Jobs…..

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    • How will the AltRight Win??

      How will it LOSE??

      Don’t Steer to Far……

      Do I wish I could have that $700 back??


      I’m GOOD…..

      I got another 50 G’s…….

      Learned my Lesson Here………..

      NO MAS……..

      • I learned my lesson on the youtube channel for grindall61. He asked for money; I gave him money. Then he made snide replies to my comments that were not inflammatory at all. He then deleted two of my comments. I posted that it was an odd response from someone I gave money too. He must have figured out who I was because he stopped. I gave money to Jason Kessler as well, but the bank got it back for me. He’s a fraud if I ever saw one and the bank agreed.

  • Great Read. is a Special Place. You won’t hear or see this perspective anywhere else. And this is the Truth.

    Shapiro is like MILO in a way. They were used by us in the pre-AltRight past to push back against the Left using Reverse Identity Politics.

    Shapiro isn’t that Intelligent. He’s not really that Interesting at all. But, he’s a Jew who wears a Yalmuke and attacks Transgenders, Leftists, and BLM. Like the Homosexual MILO. But, they’ve outlived their usefulness.

    Because the AltRight has RISEN. And the AltRight is GENIUS and POWERFUL.

    And we no longer need to rely on these ‘Fragment Conservatives’ who’ve shielded and paved the way for our GREAT BIRTHING…….


  • I looked up that “Young Hipublicans” article from 2003 – it’s just as bad as you think. As Gregory Hood has been pointing out for a decade, “Conservative Inc.” is nothing but controlled opposition. It’s meant to provide a harmless safety valve for White men who are not entirely comfortable with the overt anti-Whiteness of the Democrats. They put Jewish nerds like Ben Shapiro out in front so conservatards can say “liberals are the REAL anti-semites!”

    Which is true, however. I’m a liberal and I’m the REAL “anti-semite.”

  • Ben Shapiro is the soldier wearing the regalia of your side, standing behind you, plotting against you, ready to shoot you in the back should you gain the strategic upper-hand against the enemy. He is worse than your enemy, the political left. He is the traitor in your midst and at your back that your enemy (The New York Times) seeks to arm.

    • That dweeby kike doesn’t fool me. The moment anyone starts talking about the need for privatization (so rich greedy jews can run the world, basically) or quotes anything written by that dumb talentless perverted she-kike Ayn Rand I know to stay away. Only jews and sad wannabe millionaires who sleep on dirty mattresses in run down apartments while they dream of getting rich think cutting taxes and more privatization is the answer to all of our problems. In reality its been the thing raping us all of these years.

  • First (((they))) came for the fascists, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a fascist.
    Then (((they))) came for the nationalists, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a nationalist.
    Then (((they))) came for cuckservatives, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a cuck.
    Then (((they)) came for the ‘colorblind,’ and I said nothing because I wasn’t colorblind.
    Then (((they))) came for the moderates, and I said nothing because I wasn’t moderate.
    Then (((they))) came for the SWPLs, and I said nothing because I wasn’t SWPL.
    Then (((they))) came for the wiggers, and I said nothing because I wasn’t a wigger.
    Then (((they))) came for the Antifascists, and I said nothing because I wasn’t Antifascist.
    Then (((they))) came for every other Shabbos Goy, and I said nothing else.
    Then (((they))) came for me and completed white genocide

  • Ben Shapiro is an enemy of the movement, as are all Jews and reactionaries. Thank you for writing this, it needed to be said. Conservatives have nothing to do with our radical and revolutionary pro-Aryan movement and we must be on guard against these sophistic Jewish shills who work to undermine us.

    • Ben Shapiro is indeed an enemy of your wicked movement. And yet he’s not on the left – instead he’s a principled conservative. I disagree with many, many of his positions,but he is a worthy opponent worthy of respect. Unlike some people.

  • “They were apparently innovative because they “won’t dress like George Bush or Dick Cheney… the idea is to dress like a young person.” (How do you do, fellow kids?)”


  • “You can tell liberals are afraid of him. How? Because the New York Times wrote an article about how awesome he is”

    The Atlantic wrote a cover story on Andrew Anglin. So your point is lame.

    • Funny though that the Anglin piece was a hit job and this article on shapiro by the jew york times is a glowing endorsement by comparison.

    • You clearly have failed to see the key difference in one being endorsed as awesome and the other being called pure evil. If NYT endorses you, that is pretty much all that is needed to tell one just how toxic that person is to conservatives (real consevartives

  • Israel is a glaring double standard, but also keep in mind that the land mass of Israel is about the size of Connecticut. The United States is roughly as large as the entire Middle East.

    • And what is left of Palestine is even smaller, the size of Delaware. Yet even it has been cut up and sectioned off for Jewish supremacist colonies.

  • I can’t believe how any actual conservative can believe a genuine ideological opponent would actually be promoted in possibly the greatest liberal bastion of them all – the NYT. You must be really stupid if you as a “goy” follow this guy, seeing as how he really shares none of our interests. When I see a white conservative linking something this guy produced, I know the person is utterly ignorant about everything.

    Excellent article, by the way.

      • Anglin is almost certainly a shill. His father is a freemason, there are rumors his mother is Jewish, he associates with Jews such as Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer and Joshua Ryne Goldberg, has a long history with well documented evidence of heinous sexual misconduct with underage girls and prostitutes in third world countries, has promoted communist and far left anti-Aryan terrorist propaganda as recently as 2012, etc. The evidence of him being a paid provocateur is very strong.

      • The Atlantic wrote a story about how evil Andrew Anglin is…
        The NYT wrote a story about how great Ben Shapiro is…

        Come on man it’s like you’re not even trying… Do you have any troll friends you could send here instead? You should be fired from your job.

  • I’m not suggesting that physical assault is necessary in the case of Little Shapiro but…he’s the avatar of the eternal Jew.

  • It’s fair to say that Afro-Blacks are the biggest threat to civilization and social order. Though Nazis are deemed to epitomize evil itself — for understandable reasons — , blacks are far more destructive and horrifying than the Nazis. Just look at Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, and etc. Even with whites pumping so much money into those areas, they are hell-holes because black pathologies are that powerful. Afro-blacks have the power of atomic bombs to lay entire cities to waste. Japanese rebuilt Hiroshima from the ashes, but blacks turned Detroit, once a great city, into an urban jungle. Also, if Nazis and Japanese militarists destroyed in times of war, Afro-black destroy things even in times of peace and relative order. Even in the boom yrs of America, blacks ran their cities to the ground. If Nazis had won, they would committed lots of evil, but their peace would still have led to a creation of new civilization on the rubble of the old one. But when blacks destroy a social order, the damage is permanent. It will never rise up again as long as blacks occupy the area. Even though Jews pretend to sympathize with blacks, deep down inside they know that blacks pose the biggest endangerment to cities. That’s why Jews use Section 8 to relocate blacks to suburbs and small towns. That’s why Jews push Mass Immigration to replace blacks in cities with ‘immigrants’ who, though not as ideal as whites, are less likely to commit crime and more likely to work as a docile helot labor force. The main problem that white males face is that, even as blacks are pathological and dangerous, their men have larger dongs, and that means Jungle Fever among white women who will welcome ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs. Thus, the very race that is most destructive to the civilized order will colonize millions of white wombs with every new year.

    • Everything you say is correct, but blacks have no real agency, they are just pests, like cockroaches. The targets of our wrath should be the individuals, groups and institutions who imported them and enabled them to run wild. Even in Africa, blacks are a problem caused by the haphazard introduction of Western technology, which has been driven by a combination of short sighted self interest, virtue signalling and political ideology (which was pretty much developed in the West, mostly by Europeans).

    • FIRST OFF, STATISTICS DON’T SUPPORT THE NOTION THAT BLACKS HAVE HUGE DICKS. I’m getting real tired of hearing that BS, and people need to stop propagating that lie. I understand that that’s the narrative pushed by those who run the (((porn industry))), but factually it’s not accurate. They’re averages beat ours by about a half-inch or less if you look at the studies, and a half-inch doesn’t mean shit. Secondly – even if it were true that black men were hung like horses (which they’re not), do you really think the women of white, western civilizations would welcome the complete and utter destruction of their societies in order to get laid by them? I’ve seen this mass-immigration/’Jungle Fever’ argument quite a bit and it makes no sense whatsoever.

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