Moore Power, Moore Problems

What Roy Moore is alleged to have done was creepy and downright pathetic (again, assuming he did any of it, which is virtually impossible to know).

And the morality of it, if true, is certainly questionable. But while asking a 15-year-old girl’s mother to take her on a date and afterward making a move on her, is truly sad at age 30, and certainly an affront to modern sensibilities, given the sexual conduct our Cultural Marxist overlords are wont to not just tolerate but celebrate on a daily basis, isn’t all this fake outrage just a tad bit rich?

We live in a society where scantily clad freaks go outside in broad daylight for pride parades, lick each other’s faces and slap each other with dildos. We live in a society where 18- and 19-year-old women with zero life experience and less financial security get gang-banged by disease-riddled drug-dealers with equine penises for chump change and then have the experience posted on the web for millions to view. We live in a society where our royal family became royal simply because its princess fucked an African baller on camera and happens to have a giant butt. Oh, and her stepfather is now her stepmother. Yet no one on the left even discusses the prospect of raising the age for women to enter porn to 22 or 23, or the costs to society, like increased medical costs from the spread of STDs or the disease load on developing minds, due to our unwholesome obsession with sex, or the way in which widespread contraception has completely distorted the calculus for sexual misbehavior and addiction (no one really need fear unwanted pregnancy anymore). So, the most unconscionable types of sexual exploitation, hedonism, debauchery and perversion imaginable are quite literally celebrated by our society, but an older, christian man dating a 15-year-old girl is now the height of indecency? Pleeeeaase.

Only in a society as sick, as lost, as thoroughly Marxist as ours, could that be considered beyond the pale, and the other, absolutely disgusting sexual practices our society readily countenances be considered perfectly legal, perfectly moral, and in every respect A-OK. We must also bear in mind that in many traditional societies women are married off at very young ages. Moore is himself a highly traditional-minded christian. In America 100 years ago, it was not that uncommon for women to get married around 15 or 16. And in the early republic and colonial period the age of consent for marriage was on average about 12. This doesn’t mean most women married at this age, but it wasn’t unheard of either. And it was even worse prior to this. I mean, how old was Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Renaissance era)? Most estimates peg her at the ripe age of 13. This all is not to say that a 30-year-old should be dating a 15-year-old, because I don’t personally approve of that, but it is to point out that the magic age of 18 is by and large an arbitrary number and always has been. Plenty of teenagers are more emotionally and intellectually mature than other girls in their early to mid 20s, and from a biological standpoint are more than sufficiently developed to be courted and to bear healthy children.

This is part of the reason why most state laws provide exceptions for those who engage in intercourse with those under the age of 18. Often anything less than a 4 or 5 year differential between willing participants is a defense against serious charges, because sometimes 18- or 19-year-olds do have sexual and romantic relationships with 14- or 15-year-olds, and no one thinks they should be imprisoned for it. Now what Roy Moore is alleged to have done is a step beyond this to be sure, but again, in traditional cultures, and not just historically but to this very day in many parts of the world, what he is accused of doing is not considered problematic at all. And in light of the sick, degraded and degenerate society in which we currently find ourselves, his transgressions, if he is indeed guilty of them, should be considered at worst, venial sins.

The political right seems to spend half of the time on its heels and the other half of the time on its back. At a time when we should be attacking the age of consent for entry into porn, we are stumbling all over ourselves to justify voting for Moore. But why? At a time when we should be telling young people that life is beautiful and that reproduction is a boon to one’s personal utility, we are caught in the hedonist’s matrix of the political left. At a time when we should be telling young women that hypersexuality, casual sex and hook-up culture are not the way to personal happiness, we are focused on the left’s bullshit assaults and accusations. But it is within leftist spheres of influence and control, like Hollywood, where sexual exploitation seems to be the most pervasive in scope and the most heinous in nature. It is leftist culture that is destroying the West. Why are we embarrassed about the christian courtship of a post-pubescent minor? Because morons and propagandists label this “pedophilia”? I’m sorry but this is not “pedophilia”, by definition. Also, the christian courtship of minors is just not a real problem plaguing contemporary America!

Leftist values have turned America into an actual freak show. I can’t even turn on the television anymore without being subjected to perversion, lewdness and sexual deviancy which would make any normal, sane human being sick to their stomach. Every form of paraphilia and psychosexual insanity imaginable has been normalized by the political left. Yet those of us on the right are the ones defending ourselves? Are you kidding me? Yet the normie right plays right along to the left’s tune, which is why the normie right is utterly useless. So long as the left controls the narrative, the left wins and the West loses. At this point, only Alt-Right men seem to have the virility necessary to take the narrative by the hair and show her who’s really in charge. And if that metaphor offends you — too bad, it’s just a metaphor. It’s always amazing to me what offends shameless leftist whores with plastic bag vaginas, and what doesn’t.