Moore Power, Moore Problems

What Roy Moore is alleged to have done was creepy and downright pathetic (again, assuming he did any of it, which is virtually impossible to know).

And the morality of it, if true, is certainly questionable. But while asking a 15-year-old girl’s mother to take her on a date and afterward making a move on her, is truly sad at age 30, and certainly an affront to modern sensibilities, given the sexual conduct our Cultural Marxist overlords are wont to not just tolerate but celebrate on a daily basis, isn’t all this fake outrage just a tad bit rich?

We live in a society where scantily clad freaks go outside in broad daylight for pride parades, lick each other’s faces and slap each other with dildos. We live in a society where 18- and 19-year-old women with zero life experience and less financial security get gang-banged by disease-riddled drug-dealers with equine penises for chump change and then have the experience posted on the web for millions to view. We live in a society where our royal family became royal simply because its princess fucked an African baller on camera and happens to have a giant butt. Oh, and her stepfather is now her stepmother. Yet no one on the left even discusses the prospect of raising the age for women to enter porn to 22 or 23, or the costs to society, like increased medical costs from the spread of STDs or the disease load on developing minds, due to our unwholesome obsession with sex, or the way in which widespread contraception has completely distorted the calculus for sexual misbehavior and addiction (no one really need fear unwanted pregnancy anymore). So, the most unconscionable types of sexual exploitation, hedonism, debauchery and perversion imaginable are quite literally celebrated by our society, but an older, christian man dating a 15-year-old girl is now the height of indecency? Pleeeeaase.

Only in a society as sick, as lost, as thoroughly Marxist as ours, could that be considered beyond the pale, and the other, absolutely disgusting sexual practices our society readily countenances be considered perfectly legal, perfectly moral, and in every respect A-OK. We must also bear in mind that in many traditional societies women are married off at very young ages. Moore is himself a highly traditional-minded christian. In America 100 years ago, it was not that uncommon for women to get married around 15 or 16. And in the early republic and colonial period the age of consent for marriage was on average about 12. This doesn’t mean most women married at this age, but it wasn’t unheard of either. And it was even worse prior to this. I mean, how old was Juliet from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet (Renaissance era)? Most estimates peg her at the ripe age of 13. This all is not to say that a 30-year-old should be dating a 15-year-old, because I don’t personally approve of that, but it is to point out that the magic age of 18 is by and large an arbitrary number and always has been. Plenty of teenagers are more emotionally and intellectually mature than other girls in their early to mid 20s, and from a biological standpoint are more than sufficiently developed to be courted and to bear healthy children.

This is part of the reason why most state laws provide exceptions for those who engage in intercourse with those under the age of 18. Often anything less than a 4 or 5 year differential between willing participants is a defense against serious charges, because sometimes 18- or 19-year-olds do have sexual and romantic relationships with 14- or 15-year-olds, and no one thinks they should be imprisoned for it. Now what Roy Moore is alleged to have done is a step beyond this to be sure, but again, in traditional cultures, and not just historically but to this very day in many parts of the world, what he is accused of doing is not considered problematic at all. And in light of the sick, degraded and degenerate society in which we currently find ourselves, his transgressions, if he is indeed guilty of them, should be considered at worst, venial sins.

The political right seems to spend half of the time on its heels and the other half of the time on its back. At a time when we should be attacking the age of consent for entry into porn, we are stumbling all over ourselves to justify voting for Moore. But why? At a time when we should be telling young people that life is beautiful and that reproduction is a boon to one’s personal utility, we are caught in the hedonist’s matrix of the political left. At a time when we should be telling young women that hypersexuality, casual sex and hook-up culture are not the way to personal happiness, we are focused on the left’s bullshit assaults and accusations. But it is within leftist spheres of influence and control, like Hollywood, where sexual exploitation seems to be the most pervasive in scope and the most heinous in nature. It is leftist culture that is destroying the West. Why are we embarrassed about the christian courtship of a post-pubescent minor? Because morons and propagandists label this “pedophilia”? I’m sorry but this is not “pedophilia”, by definition. Also, the christian courtship of minors is just not a real problem plaguing contemporary America!

Leftist values have turned America into an actual freak show. I can’t even turn on the television anymore without being subjected to perversion, lewdness and sexual deviancy which would make any normal, sane human being sick to their stomach. Every form of paraphilia and psychosexual insanity imaginable has been normalized by the political left. Yet those of us on the right are the ones defending ourselves? Are you kidding me? Yet the normie right plays right along to the left’s tune, which is why the normie right is utterly useless. So long as the left controls the narrative, the left wins and the West loses. At this point, only Alt-Right men seem to have the virility necessary to take the narrative by the hair and show her who’s really in charge. And if that metaphor offends you — too bad, it’s just a metaphor. It’s always amazing to me what offends shameless leftist whores with plastic bag vaginas, and what doesn’t.


    • Because they’re Alt-Right. Think of what’s right. Alt-Right is the alternative to that.

      Credit goes to Stephen Colbert for coming up with that. 😀

    • 1) Who’s life am I trying to control? The only people I see controlling everything are vile Cultural Marxists who don’t want any resistance to their illegitimate hegemony over American culture & the American psyche.
      2) Just because I don’t celebrate debauchery, perversion, sexual exploitation & degeneracy does not mean I’m trying to control anyone’s life. Just as tolerating something is quite different from normalizing it. People should feel perfectly free to express how revolting many lifestyles & behaviors are to them. The problem is the left doesn’t permit people to express themselves or to discriminate or to do much of anything free people should be free to do anymore. It only allows fellow leftists who think like them to express themselves. As a result, all kinds of sick behaviors which are generally detrimental to society have been normalized. Yet you tell me I’m the aspiring totalitarian. Look around you pal, you are surrounded by totalitarianism. Human society doesn’t get to this point without totalitarianism.

  • I’m not sure that Roy Moore did anything wrong. One may question his attraction to girls 14-15 years younger than himself, but his is not accused of actually having sex with them. Perhaps his attraction to younger girls is that he wanted to find a wife who hadn’t slept with fifty other men before bearing his children, or slept with the entire basketball team before she turned sixteen.

    Further, the traditional male-female relationship in the Old South was a patriarchal one. If you listen to old country music like Hank Williams, a common Southern phrase used to describe a woman’s husband/boyfriend was “yer daddy.”

    And finally, Mooe actually married a woman fourteen years younger than him, and has never been accused of cheating on her or going after other women.

  • Any chance of the writers shortening the paragraphs for conciseness and clarity?…no one wants to read a text wall of waffle

    • I do get this complaint from time to time. My writing style is not for everybody. I’ve always written with certain, almost archaic idiosyncrasies. My paragraphs tend to have an arc and a central premise. When that central idea has been thoroughly communicated I move on. As I said, it’s not for everybody. Frankly, I’m more of an idea guy than a format guy. You should go through some of my other articles however. I may grow on you.

  • The US Supreme Court has led the Left’s cause of debauchery and immorality. In typical Supreme Court fashion, they have done it in Alinsky nudge-like fashion. Local laws prohibited nudity in the movies. The Supreme Court said Ann Margaret could show the side of her boob. Local laws said newspapers cannot lie. The Supreme Court said they can publish lies. Local laws made sodomy criminal. The Supreme Court said we must to go to jail if we don’t pay for their sodomy. Local laws prohibited doctors from giving out condoms. The Supreme Court said that law was illegal. Local laws said babies could not be murdered. The Supreme Court said we have to let people murder babies. Local laws made child porn illegal, even in cartoons. The Supreme Court made it legal. Most Americans do not want this debauchery, lies, or immorality. In fact, they repeatedly voted against it. The Supreme Court has repeatedly forced it on us.

    • Congress has the power to limit the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, but has chosen to never do so. The President has the power to ignore Supreme Court rulings, and I can only think of one case in which he did so (Andrew Jackson, the best President ever.)

      It’s not a coincidence that the Warren Court, which started the modern wave of the “the activist judiciary,” coincided with the rise of the electronic broadcast media, which has been monopolized by Jews since the early days of radio.

      The breakdown of civil society institutions plus the rise of electronic broadcast media, dominated by Jews, is what led to our bad state.

  • we are stumbling all over ourselves to justify voting for Moore.

    WE? Who is this “we?” The only people who can vote for Roy Moore are legally registered Alabama voters, presumably, a tiny fraction of whatever group you consider “we.”

    It may seem like there are a lot of people justifying voting for Roy Moore, but that is because Steve Bannon’s Jerusalem Breitbart editor has been running a smear campaign against Christian Alabama women in defense of Roy Moore.

    Now why would a Jew – in Jerusalem, Israel, be so interested in the Alabama Senate race?

    Oh, right.

        • I don’t call the politicians good Christians. Christians like you believe in magical fairy tales and fairy dust. I am wasting my time arguing with you. The truth is, it doesn’t matter who is lying. All that matters is power and pushing the agenda, by hook or by crook. Liberals like Alinsky, the Clintons, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and the federal courts taught us that. So we are taking that ball and running with it. #ByAnyMeansNecessary. Libs lie honey. ?

  • You lazy pawn.

    If Chuck Schumer had done what Roy did, you would be screaming “Jooooo degenerate!!!!!!!!”

    You effing hypocrite.

    • To your credit, you at least seem uncertain on the morality of voting for pervo Roy Moore, but there’s no way in Kekistan that you’d call his behavior a “venial” sin if a liberal did the same thing.

      • 1) You know nothing about me.
        2) Liberals are quite rare in America. Thus I rarely use that term.
        3) You’re Gothic like I’m Bantu.
        4) Harvey Weinstein actually assaulted, abused, exploited & raped people. What Moore is alleged to have done is not all that different from what Spacey did, except that Moore actually sought permission from the minors’ parents in many of these instances, & honestly, I didn’t come down on Spacey that hard. I understand why people were upset, but I think it was all a bit overwrought frankly, especially in light of the fact that he didn’t actually engage in any sexual relations (like Moore) with the adolescent. I don’t personally approve of what they did, but in light of the stuff that’s considered normal & healthy in American society, it’s completely overblown.
        5) Age of consent varies considerably by nation, region, culture & time period. In Europe the average age of consent is roughly 15. In Spain it is 13, in Italy it is 14, in France it is 15, in China it is 14, in the Netherlands 16, in Japan 13, in Poland 15.

        • 1) At least you respond.
          2) Liberals, leftists, progressives – you know what it means.
          3) Do you even know what Gothic means? My name is not a reference to the Goths who pillaged Rome, it is a reference to the Gothic subculture. Google Lydia from Beetlejuice if you’re still confused.
          4) Harvey Weinstein is worse, yes, but no one is defending him. Neither is anyone defending Spacey, and today John Conyers resigned from his position. We are holding our side accountable. You aren’t, because Roy Moore will almost certainly win.

          • 1) But that’s not what “liberal” means & I know that. Thus the problem with your claim.
            2) Nobody held Conyers responsible. LOL. He got away with this stuff for decades! Taxpayer money was used to settle his lawsuit! And Pelosi, Minority House Leader, went on record to defend Conyers yesterday. Yesterday. LOL. He is stepping down under public & establishment pressure, but he is doing so by his own volition. Remember, Moore was placed under pressure from the Republican establishment too, he just refused to acquiesce. Weinstein was protected for decades & decades, by Hollywood, by attorneys, hell by the Mossad itself, until one woman simply refused to back down, went public, & decades upon decades of buried assaults were revealed! Spacey was essentially removed from House of Cards due to public pressure. Also, we don’t know what will come of him in 5, 10 years time. And Polanski continued to make movies & kept being given Hollywood awards for decades despite being on the run from the law! And he did actually have sexual relations with a 13 year old. I’ve heard enough about “your side”. LOL. “Your side” isn’t doing anything more than what Republicans did (who by the way are not on “my side” at all).
            3) The allegations against Moore are 35 years old. There was never a lawsuit or a criminal charge filed. Heck, these women never even went public with their stories until a few weeks ago. Who knows if any of them hold any water. Furthermore, no taxpayer money was used to disappear those claims. Spacey on the other hand basically admitted what he did, even as I don’t think it was particularly devious in the aggregate, Conyers used taxpayer money to make that suit go away, & there was overwhelming evidence against Weinstein. Every case is different, with different facts & different circumstances. Moore says the charges are baseless & isn’t backing down. That is his right, & honestly I’m in no position to argue anything to the contrary, because the accusations really are completely unverifiable.
            4) Finally, it should be noted that Moore & Spacey never actually assaulted anyone. We might label their actions sinful, even wrong to some degree (this is of course debatable in light of some of the arguments I made previously), but they never forced anyone to do anything. Basically, they both took “no” for an answer. That is not some minor fact.

          • You fail to realize that most leftists don’t care about Hollywood. You think Harvey Weinstein is the left wing equivalent to Roy Moore? ROFL! He’s a movie producer I never heard of until this year. So he donated to the DNC. Doesn’t make him a movement leftist or any leader of anything other than his studios. Roman Polanski is another example. I’m not sure when is the last time he even made a political statement. Was it Ghost Writer, for being anti-Tony Blair? Polanski is our thought leader in the way Clint Eastwood is the conservative thought leader – which means not at all. Neither one of these men have any political power. They will never run for office. Republican perverts, on the other hand, are indeed thought leaders in the right wing movement. Roger Ailes built Fox, Bill O’Reilly was the lead man, and Eric Bolling had an audience of millions of Tea Partiers. Roy Moore is running for Senate and Trump is the most powerful man in the world.

            P.S. If I were you, I’d respond by bringing up Bill Clinton. To which I would reply that yes, that is a fair criticism of the left. But it’s also in the past and we can’t change it. The same people who demanded Clinton’s impeachment for sexual misconduct are now attacking Trump’s accusers.

          • “most leftists don’t care about Hollywood.”

            LOL, you’re such a dork. Your entire “goth” subculture is a creation of Hollywood and you can predict what silly shit you goths will be wearing at your next party by what “indie” Hollywood movie featured the year before.

            Goths truly are the worst – they LARP so hard as “against the mainstream” and “non-conformist” when the reality is they are just a comical marketing segment for socially awkward whites.

          • You conflated “most leftists don’t about Hollywood” with an unrelated point on this thread. Saying we ((eftists) don’t care about Hollywood means we don’t consider them our political thought leaders. It does not mean we aren’t influenced by them or that we don’t watch movies – we obviously do, and at a higher rate than conservatives. Hollywood celebrities are generally liberal, but they are artists, not politicians or writers. And I’m not sure why you think the Gothic subculture is synonymous with leftism. Most political Goths are liberal, but there are plenty of apolitical ones as well.

          • *leftists not ((eftists. Annoying typo. No, I’m not going all triple parenthesis (((Mike Enoch.)))

          • “Saying we ((eftists) don’t care about Hollywood means we don’t consider them our political thought leaders.”

            LOL, “leftists” are 100% in lockstep, politically, with not just (((Hollywood))) but the Wall Street 1%. You are clearly not on the right end of the bell curve, so you haven’t actually read Empire, the “Communist Manifesto of the 21st Century.” But if you had, you’d know that your “leftist” politics are identical to the global marketing & open border policies of Goldman Sachs.


            Gothic Joe, you are amusing. A keyboard warrior getting a little rush out of trolling us “nazis” but you, like 99% of leftists, suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect. I hope they never ban you because you help our cause more than most of /our guys/ do. P.S. For the record, I’m not a “goth” but oh boy do I **heart** goth chicks.


          • You can’t really be this stupid. The reason most leftists don’t consider Hollywood our thought leaders is because most of Hollywood is ignorant on politics. They’re good oj social issues like racism and sexism, but mostly they are entertainers. There are some exceptions like Michael Moore, one of the smartest men on the planet. He is a thought leader. Weinstein was a donor.

            The most that can be said about you is you have good taste in women. Though I doubt any Goth woman would love you back after finding out you’re Alt-Right. 😉

          • 1. The entire “goth” subculture is full of outright fascist sympathizers and many of them admit it.

            2. Weinstein IS a “thought leader” and has been given awards for “fighting anti-semitism” before he was outed as a serial abuser of “shiksas” – i.e., an outright racist that enjoyed raping and humiliating non-Jewish women precisely BECAUSE of their race & ethnicity. Which you support, clearly. You’re a shabbos goy, a subculturalist nerd that desperately tries to distance yourself from you own whiteness and your own uber-white subculture by posturing as an “anti-racist.”

            It won’t work, Whitey – you’re just as “racist” as I am. I’m just honest enough to admit it.

          • 1. Your obsession with Weinstein is amazing. He has zero defenders, ZERO. His reputation is gone. Everyone hates him. Even his wife divorced him. The man was rightfully destroyed as soon as the revelations came out. But as soon as Trump’s dirty exploits were known, he was elected President.

            2. Wistful thinking on your part. If you want, we can get in a contest to see if there are more fascist goths than liberal ones. You come up with a list of names and I’ll come up with one. No wait, I’ll go easy on you. If you can come up with just three Goth personalities (who I can google) then you win, even if I come up with thirty liberal Goths. I bet you can’t.

          • Gothboy,

            1. YOU brought up (((Hollywood))) and claimed that you leftists don’t look to them as leaders – yet you clearly do. Your entire worldview is a product of (((Hollywood))) and (((Wall Street)))

            2. Your entire “goth” subculture is uber-white – in fact, that’s the main reason why you are part of that subculture – because despite your loud protests to the contrary, you don’t like Negroes and prefer to socialize in a virtually all-white scene. White people, white music, all white clubs. That is why you posture as “anti-racist” – to cover up your own ultra-white self. You aren’t fooling anyone, certainly no Black people buy your “anti-racism” gimmick.

            3. You dork, the entire goth scene of the 1970s was based around fascist aesthetics. They used to even wear swastikas.


          • You are starting to bore me. It was fun for awhile, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to disillusion you:

            1) I’m not white. I’m biracial, half-Mexican and half-German. There goes your half baked theory, eh? (was it a Baked Alaska? :P)

            2) So you can’t find three current Goths who are fascist? 😉

          • “Mexican” isn’t a race. You are, what, 1/8th Aztec? You aren’t “bored” you’re just outmatched because that 1/8th Aztec puts you ten or so points below the average White IQ.

            Aztecs hate Negroes more than full Whites do, which you yourself are well aware of. And now we know why you creep on White girls in the goth scene … desperately trying to “improve the race” (as you Mexicans say) and you really want to “whiten out” the 1/8th Aztec.



          • I love how quickly you switched your theory from “you’re a nerdy white ashamed of your whiteness” to “you’re trying to improve your race and you have low IQ.” But what if I was lying – what if I’m really Jewish like most of the dupes on this forum think I am? (I’m not, I really am half-Mexican.) Then what will your theory be? Cause here’s the thing, Doc. You just can’t believe that someone who disagrees with you disagrees because of why they say they do. There always must be some ulterior motive that lines up nicely with your beliefs. Let me give you some help.

            I love Gothic women because I love their character and I love how they look. My first crush was on Lydia from Beetlejuice. (when I was a child, obviously.) It’s that simple. Do I like the unnatural pale skin of Goths? Yes! But liking one thing does not mean hating another – I have no hatred of blacks or any other race. Another reason I love the Gothic culture is because of the morbidly fun novels and movies it produces. If I like Star Wars that doesn’t mean I hate Star Trek. (this is basic stuff you should know by now.)

            And you still haven’t been able to come up with three current Goths who are fascist. All you got is a link about the whiteness of Goths – which is obvious to anyone who googles “Gothic people.”

            P.S. “Gothic Joe” is my name here, but off this website I am known as someone else, someone who you may have heard of considering your knowledge of this subculture.

          • I read your article after writing the above post. Worry not, an equally long rebuttal is coming. Perhaps I’ll publish it in my upcoming book.

          • 1) Then you’re ignorant. Weinstein was a huge Democrat donor. Huge. So yes, actually he was quite powerful & quite political, a big-time Hollywood bigwig Bolshevik. He had much of the left-wing newsmedia in his pocket, & they were also actively working to keep his indiscretions private.
            2) Polanski was also protected by both the tribe & the Democrat tribe. Leftist Hollywoodites have not held him accountable. At all.
            3) You are not holding your side accountable. LOL. Conyers is only stepping aside as a member of the Judiciary Committee, there is no indication that he is resigning yet. Sorry, not holding anything accountable. Pure BS.
            4) Accusations against O’Reilly & Ailes are like those against Franken. They’re minor accusations, & Franken is not going anywhere. If anything O’Reilly & Ailes were held more accountable!
            5) The left is no more inclined to hold sexually abusive men accountable than the right. Many of the accusations against Clinton were far, far more serious than those against Moore & yet the left voted him into the presidency twice. Thus the crux of your position is sheer, unadulterated delusion. Perhaps what you want to believe, but not real.

          • Thanks for clearing that up, when the shoozing starts anything “goth” is legal. Although I would poach BFYTW

      • We all know liberals don’t care about morality. Don’t pretend they do. They only use it as a weapon against Christians, attacking Christians and using their own morality against them. Libs are just evil. Just one example: they take our money, use it to kill babies, and then sell the baby parts on the Internet. They are just fine with that. That aside, Christians no longer control the conservative movement, and they certainly don’t control the alt-right. The alt-right understands the value of morality, but unlike Christians we are not going to let liberals box us in with our own morality. We have learned from liberals like Alinsky, Obama, and the Clintons. So F off Gothic Joe. We don’t give a Shiite. If being a hypocrite works, so what? #ByAnyMeansNecessary.

  • This article makes a lot of great points. It is ridiculous that the Right is often the side that has to defend it “morals” for simply being opposed to abortion, homosexuality, etc…when the Left pushes all forms of degeneracy and immorality. Hopefully, the recent scandals involving Weinstein, Spacey, Franken, and others on the Left will open more people’s minds to what is really going on…

      • Fuck off, even if it was true you wouldn’t care. This “scandal” is just another tool for the left to advance their agenda

      • The term “child molester” refers to those who sexually exploit & assault pre-pubescent children. The accusations against Moore accuse him of nothing of the sort. All of the minors he is *accused* (with no real evidence to back up the claims) of courting & making sexual advances upon, were 14 and up, & thus post-pubescent. And only one was allegedly 14, the rest were 15-17 in a state where the age of consent is 16. You sound like an unhinged propagandist. Get a grip.

      • You are kidding yourself.

        The age of consent is only as high as it is in the US, most states it’s 18 (some at 16) because white dads don’t want to have their precious daughters knocked up by a Nog or a greasy Yid like Weinstein.

    • LOL. I really don’t think I’m counter-signaling here, but that term is thrown around an awful lot of late, so in what way do you think I’m counter-signaling here exactly?

  • “It is leftist culture that is destroying the West.” If we won’t act – West is gone before this century ends.

    • Actually, most of the article was spent attacking leftists in an attempt to make pervo Roy Moore seem “venial” in comparison.

  • I don’t understand the alleged horror where a mature man marries a woman in her late teens. My father was 31 and my mother was 19 when they got married, and it didn’t create a scandal.

      • We have degenerate psychological notions these days that women need more life experience before they start families.

        Uh, no they don’t. Women age sexually a lot faster than men, and they have a short window of healthy and fertility to produce offspring with the best chances in life.

    • No one is horrified by a mature man marrying a younger woman, and no one is horrified by a 19 year old getting married. Literally ZERO people were scandalized by Moore, at 38, marrying the divorced single mom, 24, and adopting her child. In fact, one would expect him to be praised for “manning up” and helping a divorced single mom.

      Of course everyone knows that isn’t at all what Moore is accused of doing, but merely Steve Bannon’s online astro-turf machine trying to obscure the issue because Roy Moore is a hard core Christian Zionist that will be a 100% reliable vote for the Israel lobby.

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