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Being Too Nice to ‘Nazis’

It’s always deeply satisfying to watch a Leftist organization dissolve in its own acidic ideology, and the social media reaction to the New York Times piece, ‘A Voice of Hate in America’s Heartland,’ has provided me with enough schadenfreude to last for quite some time. I don’t know what journalist Richard Fausset was trying to accomplish with the piece, but it looked like he was trying to compose yet another portrait of ‘White rage’ in the age of Trump while showcasing his own irritating, florid writing style. That such portraits have become very common suggests they are meeting a market demand.

Love us or hate us, both the general public and our enemies can’t stop themselves from wanting to read about us, about our lives, and about our ideas. The reaction to Fausset’s article from Jewish circles and the Left has been bitter, aggressive, and widespread, but I believe that underlying the surface panic about his allegedly sympathetic presentation of Tony Hovater is a deeper panic about the popularity of this journalistic genre. ‘Hate in the Heartland,’ like Elle Reeve’s work at Vice, sells. Eventually, even the most gruesome of boogeymen elicit positive responses when they appear on screen. And the problem with letting us appear, even in a ‘hit piece,’ is that a tiny bit of our truth will always emerge.

Britain’s Barren Wombs

The BBC reports that “women in England and Wales are having 1.9 children…the lowest level on record.” Approximately 20% of women are, and will remain, childless. Of course, the article doesn’t break down any of these statistics by race or ethnicity, although it rather cleverly uses an image of a mixed-race woman and child to head the piece. God forbid that anyone should think this is a White issue.

However, given last year’s announcement that births in England to foreign mothers had reached a record high, we can assume that the 1.9 figure has been significantly boosted by immigrants, mostly of the Islamic persuasion. The overall picture that emerges is thus very disturbing indeed – the wholesale collapse of native fertility, and a bleak indicator that we may well witness the demographic eclipse of the English in their own homeland within our lifetimes.

Muslims Killing Muslims

More than 300 Muslims were killed in an Egyptian mosque after a bomb was detonated inside and those escaping were shot down with automatic weapons. The targeted Muslims were of the Sufi denomination, a sect perceived as being mystical to the point of heresy by hardliners like ISIS. The major problem the West faces with Muslim sectarian conflicts is that cosmopolitan journalists work overtime to present the side coming off worse, in this case the Sufi minority, as a victim class and therefore deserving of being admitted to the West as ‘refugees.’ Such positions are short-sighted and disingenuous to say the least. The inevitable result is the further importation of more problematic groups and, in their wake, the spreading of Muslim sectarianism to the West. Britain’s Political Studies Association has asked: “Is Muslim sectarian violence a new reality for Britain?” A series of murders of Muslims by Muslims across the UK suggests that it is. And it’s going to get worse.

A Black, Black Friday

The soulless consumer extravaganza known as ‘Black Friday’ has passed by for another year. Social media was provided with another clutch of hilarious videos of waves of mainly Black people pouring over one another in order to lay their hands on a motley of Chinese electronics and useless baubles. Humor aside, the deeper sociological implications of such scenes shouldn’t go unnoticed. Sales propaganda promoting both Black Friday and Christmas as periods of extreme spending essentially target those with low impulse control and poor long-term financial planning skills.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, African-Americans tend to, per capita, outspend other ethnicities between November and January, with their consumerism mainly funded by credit. Modern consumer culture, like other aspects of the contemporary social environment, is a significant driver of Black debt and poverty. It’s no accident that the further we move away from the social mores of the 1950s and earlier, the more fractured and poorer the Black family has become. We can laugh at images of Blacks fighting over a new TV, but in the end we will be left picking up the pieces.

Uma Calls Out Weinstein

It’s an axiom of apathetic modernity that even the most energetic social outrage can’t be sustained for long. The hunger for novelty has apparently extended even to cases of mass sexual abuse. A couple of weeks after the initial Harvey Weinstein story broke, one could already sense a creeping indifference to new revelations.

By the time Uma Thurman issued a Thanksgiving salvo at the disgraced Hebrew film mogul, it was clear that even her star power couldn’t resuscitate the issue as a headline story. Her social media statement was given polite coverage by the media big-hitters, but the worst for Weinstein appears to be over. One suspects that he will continue to keep a low-profile for the foreseeable future before attempting to reclaim some of his lost influence. Like that of his forebears, Weinstein’s expulsion may merely be the precursor to a vengeful return.

Trump Blocked on ‘Transsexual Soldiers’ Ban

A federal judge who just happened to be Jewish has blocked the Trump administration’s proposed ban on trans troops. Judge Marvin Garbis has specifically struck down a Trump measure preventing transsexual troops from getting ‘gender reassignment’ surgery at the government’s expense. The decision was hailed by the ACLU staff attorney responsible for bringing the case against Trump’s measures, Joshua Block, who also just happened to be Jewish.

Block, who is the ACLU’s staff attorney for superlatively diverse Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender & HIV Projects, remarked “Today is a victory for transgender service members across the country…We’re pleased that the courts have stepped in to ensure that trans service members are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve.” I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right about this particular case. It’s almost like it isn’t our court system any more. Or something.

Trump Sued on Immigration Changes

A lawyer who just happened to be Jewish is leading a Virginia law suit against Trump’s phasing out of the DACA program. Legal Air Justice Center director Simon Sandoval-Moshenberg filed the lawsuit in federal court in Alexandria on behalf of a Korean and a Hispanic facing deportation.

Although such individuals are commonly portrayed in the media as being extremely valuable to our economy, the primary defense of one of the plaintiffs, 26-year-old Nurimaro Park of Fairfax, is that he didn’t renew his status on time because he couldn’t afford the $500 renewal fee. We may assume that there is an abundance of such people in America – those who are simply so successful in their highly productive and essential jobs that they can’t afford a $500 fee that is absolutely vital to their continued presence in the country. Needless to say, it appears that Mr. Sandoval-Moshenberg is working for these men pro bono, which makes me wonder what exactly is motivating him…

Catch you next week.

Andrew Joyce
the authorAndrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce holds a Ph.D. in History and Literature. He is the Editor of Washington Summit Publishers and a frequent contributor to The Occidental Observer among other publications. He is a father of three.


  • This article massively over generalizes information developing a direct cause-and-effect relationship between sets of information. Even worse, the information is rather set up to present a fiction view to accommodate a racist mindset; the information is presented to deteriorate the reputation of minorities. African-Americans are especially targeted. In response to the Black Friday section- you have assumed and not informed yourself correctly. African-Americans are amongst the most oppressed members (more like second-class citizens because they are still treated as so) of society. According to the Atlantic in their article How Blacks and Whites Spend Differently, it becomes clear that due to the lack of opportunity and equal treatment, African-Americans have different priorities than whites when it comes to spending money. Whites, due to their white privilege and systemic racism, have the opportunity to spend money on more luxurious items and live a life with more economic privilege than any other race in the United States, especially in comparison to African-Americans. ( Time after time there are various sources that debrief and explain systemic racism; I suggest you read such diverse articles and invest an abundant amount of time gathering appropriate evidence for your next claim. It is a basic skill any college graduate embodies and essential to reporting information appropriately.

  • I think Weinstein disclosure has fizzled for the same reason JewMSM ratings are tanking. People are starting to get it. And they are going off. off. off. No Jew movies. No Jew TV. No Jew owned sports. No Jew. Period. Not our culture.

    According to Weinstein disclosure , Harvey is in his private life exactly what he appears to be. A lot of Neanderthal genetics there I would say – straight out of the sex pits of ancient Atil and Sarkel.

    • This is the principled response as well as the only sane one given their attempted homicide of whites the world over as a race.

      You can’t avoid jew businesses entirely but you don’t have to give them your discretionary time, attention or money.

      Every dollar or minute spent on a Hollywood movie, cable channel or free to air television, or newspaper is aiding the jews in their goals.

      I know it’s the way that you’ve lived up until now, but look how that’s turned out for our countries. It’s not good for you or your kin.

  • Nations can survive Decadence as all civilizations have cycles of rise and fall. The fall of the old dynasties in Turkey, Iran, and China didn’t end those civilizations as people and culture.
    But current Decadence is accompanied with Demodence and Demomise, or demise of native populations. There is NO recovery from that. If France becomes Africanized, it is no longer France and will never regain its true identity and heritage ever again. It will be land of Africans speaking French and colonizing white wombs(infected with jungle fever) to create more black babies. If Australia is repopulated by Hindus, Chinese, Arabs, and Africans, it is no longer Australia as we knew it.

    A nation or community can survive bad(even horrible) ideas or trends. Russia survived communism, even after losing millions of lives. China survived it too despite Mao’s policies having killed millions.
    But Russian remained Russian and China remained Chinese during communism.

    Globalism is more dangerous than communism or bad ideas of the past because it uses decadence to weaken the pride and unity of a people and then drives a stake through the nation’s heart with demographic invasion and replacement.
    To undermine nationalism and morality, globalism feeds the native folks decadence not only as fun but as faith, as something to worship. Notice homomania is not just street celebrations and parades but the new holy symbols in many churches.

    So, what nations face today isn’t just decadence. It is decadence that leads to demomise or demographic demise and demodence, the decaying of an entire people as an identity and culture.
    In the UK, the BBC now regularly feature blacks and non-whites as white historical figures in movies and series.

  • Jewish Power has become Globoliath.

    Jewish Supremacism really rules the world. Jews invoke ‘white supremacism’ as smokescreen to hide their own supremacism.

    Also, Jews want to shame whites into believing that ANY form of white identity or interest is ‘white supremacism’. Why? Because Jewish Supremacism can only exist with White Submissivism and servility to Jews. Jews hate uppity whites. Jews hate white sovereignty, independence, and emancipation from Jewish power. Jews know Alt Right is a White National Liberation Movement.

    Malcolm Gladwell is a mulatto globalist, but even he senses the Power of Zion.

  • I don’t think there will be another Hitler, especially in America. What will be is already happening; the Jews’ organs of propaganda … newspapers, media, entertainment, are seeing a hemorrhaging of White consumers.

    When I was a child, even the local newspaper was stuffed with articles and advertisement. Now the Green Sheets are thicker than the average newspaper. All these cheap, cheesy reality shows or cooking and home remodeling shows are due to lack of audience for the standard propaganda vehicles that were written into scripted programs, i.e. Roots.

    All Hollywood seems to be able to do is crank out Spandex Superhero Sequels and flirt with miscegenation in the Star Wars canon, so they are losing money.

    Most importantly, despite the combined efforts of (((Hollywood))) and (((Mainstream Media))) into keeping people from voting Trump into office including the encouragement of all kinds of coercion and intimidation from their leftist lackeys on the street, Trump is our president.

    Yes, Trump is as much a disappointment to me as to others, but he symbolizes the declining Jewish influence in this country. If Bannon gets his way a number of GOP establishment candidates will be primaried and replaced with “Trumpists.” If that happens, I think we will see a repeat of what happened in the Soviet Union.

    Many of you were not alive during the “Refusenik Era” of the Soviet Union in the seventies. That was when many Jews were clamoring to get out of Russia and defect to either Israel or the USA. The Russians made a big show about refusing to let them go and putting many Jewish dissidents under house arrest. However, unlike with ethnic Russians, the USA was able to make diplomatic headway in ultimately winning their release.

    The dirty little secret behind the Refusenik Era was the quiet Re-Russification of party leadership positions. The countries in the Soviet Union made a point of replacing any Jew who left office with an ethnic national. There were no pogroms, but it was clear that the Soviet Union meant to reduce (through attrition) the number of Jews holding office to better reflect the demographs of the country; i.e. proportionate representation. The Russian Jews began to howl about persecution and lobby to leave the system they had set up during the Bolshevik era.

    Trump stays the full two terms and Bannon succeeds in replacing establishment RINOs with Trump supporters that are civic nationalists and we will see far less politicians whose entire staff is Jewish, because most Jews support unlimited immigration, so it’s highly unlikely that many will work for immigration patriots.

    If we plant some bugs in the right ear, then the issue or proportionate representation in schools and jobs and public office will be part of the Republican platform. If we can popularize demographic-proportionate representation, from the USSR experience, many Jews would self-deport.

    • “Refusenik Era” Was that when Israel, “our only friend in the Middle East,” traded American military secrets to the Soviets for Jews?

  • There are three influences which appear to Us to have the chief place in effecting this downgrade movement of society. These are-first,
    the distaste for a simple and laborious life;
    secondly, repugnance to suffering of any kind;
    thirdly, the forgetfulness of the future life. ~ Pope Leo XIII

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  • normal humans are not ethnocentric. that is a ridiculous assertion. urban life all over the planet thrives on racial diversity and has for a very long time

      • Humans are fundamentally tribal, above and before all else. All primates are. The Dunbar Number is a documented fact.
        Ethnocentricism is simply the outgrowth of this fact.

  • when is this fucking civil war finally going to kick off? trump is useless. he was elected and he is NOT ALLOWED to do anything, as the president. some kike blocks every single executive order he does. so there is no point of voting because nothing changes. he’s a USELESS kike puppet

    • I know! It is SO crazy that the U.S. Constitution contains checks and balances! So stupid to have Congress make the laws. It’s only called the Legislative Branch. It’s so odd that our Constitution, created by white men, made sure that the President didn’t have sole power on purpose, to save us from totalitarianism, oligarchy, and dictatorship! What is that all about??? And, good Lord in Heaven if Trump’s son-in-law is Jewish and calling all the shots. He is a total embarrassment, that Jared! If only Trump could think for himself. Ugh Still just canNOT wrap my head around the fact that Jesus, Himself, is Jewish. Just flabbergasting!

  • Why are they so triggered by the NYT article?

    Normal humans are ethnocentric and want to live with their own. It’s easy to “normalize” because it’s the norm. There isn’t anything explicit in the article that shows Horvater is a “supremacist”, at least no more than healthy societies outside the west.

    The modern west’s worship of diversity is pathological extremism, and their childlike reaction to the article is exactly why the world needs more nationalism.

  • We just need to keep throwing rocks at the Overton Window until one breaks on through. At this point the MSM is so desperate to slander us their own strategies are backfiring and they are having to walk their own propaganda back. And to think, we are not even at peak diversity yet!

    Black Friday should be renamed Nigger Friday.

  • (((They))) are looking. (((They))) know he is out there and they know he will emerge. The great enemy of the Jews will come from the very bottom of the societal stratum. Like a carpenter or a army private or a welder like Tony Hovater.

    • Massacre of the innocents, the abortion among whites of white fetuses has probably killed off a few leaders.

  • More Andrew Joyce and Greg Hood.

    Also, if Richard Spencer reads the comments, what the hell happened to Mark Hackard? I liked his takes on Russia and Europe back in 2012/2013 on the old Alternative Right site.

  • We need to collapse the Jews, not ourselves. Then I predict that our problems would mysteriously become more tractable and even solvable.

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