Cosmopolitan Elites Celebrate Anti-Thanksgiving

What better way to spend Thanksgiving than to complain about White supremacy? 

Why take a day off?  There are no brakes in the complaining-about-White-privilege industry.

At this point, I must admit to being unsentimental when it comes to the holiday season; but I still know what is just odd or out of bounds in terms of holiday comportment.  So I may not put on a “Christmas sweater” or get all excited about the Thanksgiving meal, but at least I know that these are not appropriate days for airing my grievances and spreading bile.

For our adversaries, not so much…

Enter Paul Krugman, media elite from the New York Times, who begins his Thanksgiving column expressing his gratitude for “having had the privileges that went with being a white male.” In the next breath, though, he expresses gratitude that he has had a career in a time when “open anti-Semitism had become socially unacceptable.”  So he’s a White male when it’s time to instigate resentment towards White males; but then quickly pivots to Jewish victimhood, which obviously is more relevant to his true self-identity.

He’s thankful that “God used to look like Charlton Heston, but now He looks like Morgan Freeman.”  Everything on the positive side of the ledger for White males is a negative for Krugman, and vice versa.  One cannot help but think we’re in a zero-sum game situation vis-à-vis Krugman.

And then Krugman pivots to the things that he wants to complain about on Thanksgiving (although the things for which he is grateful are all passive-aggressive anyway).  “White supremacists” are on the rise “thanks to encouragement from the top” (the obligatory Charlottesville allusion).   Anti-Semitism is coming back.  He laments that 58 percent of Republicans believe that college is not having a positive effect, something he bafflingly attributes to resistance to global warming theory.  But ultimately, failure to absorb Cultural Marxism is a very naughty business; therefore, not seeing the benefits of academia is very naughty indeed.

I’ve noticed that the Alt-Right is living rent free in the head of every leftist/ elite journalist.  They get around to lamenting our rise and the horrors of Charlottesville, this oft-repeated canard of rampant violence in almost every article with little pretext.  Usually it has nothing to do with their original point, but they circle back to us.  We’re a convenient bogeyman—or a real one—in their minds.

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  • Jews hate Thanksgiving for the same reason they hate Christmas – because Jews hate White people, especially “WASPs.” Jews hate us more than they hate Palestinians and they want to do to us what they are doing to the Palestinians.

    • LOL as if the Anglo elite haven’t been active, willing collaborators of International Jewry/ZOG for centuries. What ever lies help you sleep at night I guess…

      • A true comment spoken in a false spirit, hence the three downvotes you justly earned. Don’t blame all Anglos for what the judaized Anglo elite did.

        • Hence the phrase “Anglo elite.”

          I could go a lot further on the Anglo problem, but I see the Shabbos goys who post here woud have a nervous breakdown if I did, so I’ll drop it.

  • The alt-right has taught me that Jews are not the same as white people. The alt-right is correct. Jews and white people have different goals, different objectives, and different agenda. Jews’ goals are to help themselves and other Jews, even to the detriment of others if necessary (and often intentionally to the detriment of others just to be mean spirited.). The goal of whites is to give everybody the opportunity to be equal.

    • Immigrants and their kids are the same. They have no true allegiance to America or even know exactly what it is. They are only out for what they can get, not to support the Anglo-Protestant principles that our country was founded on.

  • Anti-semitism is coming back because Jews spread egalitarianism. They’re like the criminal that never learns from their mistakes.

  • Aren’t there a few jewish holidays celebrating the genocide of neighboring tribes? I imagine that if they had managed to exterminate the Syrians, they’d need a new one.

    • There is no “jewish thinking”, no jewish enmity to God: Jews are going for their group gain against other groups. It´s group competition in the power struggle. So it´s all misleading to think that the problem with Jews be some kind of “jewish thinking”.

      The only problem with the Jew is that WE HAVE NOT ACCEPTED HIS DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST US ! THAT´S the problem !

      And with that kind of misunderstaning, of not-understanding, Whites are totally on the track to ruin because they think that they have to discard all jewish thinking. Grave error. If there is one jewish thought, then it is: go for your own group in the power struggle of the groups. So we discard this thought? Because Jews follow that thought? In the wake of this war against us, of-course, the Jews put out 100 % psychological warfare against us: yes: just that they do not in the least bit “think” like that. It is only warfare against us. You don´t believe for a second that they do for themselves what they preach to us? There is no “jewish thinking”.

      We need to get our priorities straight. The Jews are at war with us, and hence, we need to be at war with the Jews. But certainly not because the Jews are like this or like that or other. But for the one simple reason that they are at war with us!

  • Jews in the psychotherapy hustle claim they know more about “mental health” than the rest of us.

    So what do they tell us to do, like in those one-off magazines you see for sale at the supermarket about mindfulness, spirituality and holistic living? Let go of the past; abandon the illusion of the ego; and live in the moment.

    But what do Jews like Paul Krugman (admittedly an economist, not a psychotherapist) do when it comes to the things they really care about? They obsess over the holocaust; they show fragile egos; and they worry obsessively about the rise of another Nazi-like movement led by Literally Hitler.

    Jews need to follow their own advice and get over themselves.

    • “Thanksgiving is the celebration of genocide of the indigenous people of North America, how dare white Americans entertain the idea of a Southern border wall.”

      “Well what about the genocide of the Palestinians, and the Israeli border wall?”

      Well that’s different goyim…

    • When in history have they ever “got over themselves”. It doesn’t matter how many countries they get expelled from. Jews will NEVER stop!

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