Black Friday Blues

Submitted by Leopold Kurtz

Hope you all had a great Black Friday! Truly a magnificent day, for, as many in our movement put it, peak capitalism. I’ll try to avoid boring anyone with the normie argument that it is ironic that our greatest day of consumerism follows the day that we give thanks for what we already have. That’s a view espoused by everyone from a Marxist to a Jeb! supporter, that I am sure all of us have heard countless times before.

Peak capitalism may not be an entirely accurate term, as while it may account for the materialistic aspect of the, say, Battle of Walmart, but it does not address the spirit of Black Friday. Peak neoliberalism may be more accurate, although there is no way to encapsulate the dread of our current civilizational situation, perfectly demonstrated by the small-scale riot that occurred today in Riverchase Galleria in Alabama (if you have the opportunity, watch the videos on Facebook, they are depressingly entertaining). The scenes of young women bashing each other in the head over some item on sale are emblematic of the post-Second World War hollowness that defines our society.

The First World War was perhaps more destructive to Europe and her nations than the Second World War. While this is a contentious point that I do not want to provoke dissent over, I would argue that the War to End All Wars destroyed faith in not just the institutions that led young men to their deaths at the Somme, but to all institutions that defined the pre-war order, culture, and spirit of Europe. This disregard of established values, especially faith, facilitated the growth of non-ironic Nietzscheanism among many of the cultural elites, to say nothing of vulnerability of Marxists (cultural and other). One could argue that this led to the events of 1968, both here in the United States and in France.

All that was left after the World Wars came under attack by the radical left-wing in the summer of 1968, be it with the SDS’ Days of Rage in Chicago, or the Events of May 1968 in France (which our Identitarian brothers across the Atlantic have done a great job of making key to their messaging). Many of these radical socialists and communists, especially in the US, either were the parents of the Yuppies that populated American Psycho, or became Yuppies themselves. In this way, they directly contributed through their desire to destroy the family, the Church, or ethnic bonds for whites, to the rampant materialism of the Reagan years, neoconservatism, and the monstrous amounts of deracinated whites who encourage, in the case of the Alabama Mall Fight, the blacks in their societies to act in ways that would be unacceptable coming from any child of Europe.

Peak Capitalism it may be, but it is also Peak Emptiness. Consumerism is both the problem itself, and the symptom, of what has happened to the once-proud peoples of Europe, and those whose ancestors hailed from it. We have rejected identity, faith, family, and nation, in favor of Costco cards, bargains on flatscreens, pornography, and societal narcissism. Perhaps the only way to regain what we have lost is to accept that in order to become great again, we must discard the comforts of our Material Age.

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  • The Chicago “Days of Rage” of the Weathermen faction of SDS were in October, 1969. The summer of 68 was the Democrat convention, which a much larger number of Leftist student demonstrators and a few street blacks tried to disrupt, but instead got the business end of Mayor Daley’s billy-clubs, wielded by his police, who enjoyed cracking heads. (Although it’s a pity they didn’t just machine-gun the lot of them.)

    • But in the end we won. Now your movement is the counterculture and ours is the mainstream. Abbie is pleased. (and his ghost is probably trying to haunt Donald Trump.)

  • Thanksgiving for me was my favorite holiday when my Opa was alive, the whole Smith family got together and held hands while Opa said a few words to give thanks. After he died we’ve only gotten together few times. Black Friday, actually (Thanksgiving night when the sales started) in Green Bay was a good time at Best Buy. Everyone was happy and smiling, no fighting or rude people. And about the world wars, I know Nikola Tesla was against the league of nations, the ones who made deals to end the first world war.

  • A great market with a huge variety of offers is not a problem, it is not in contradiction to anything. We really have incredible problems but the Free Market is exactly NOT one of them. And for starters, no, capitalism is NOT a problem but THE LACK THEREOF is the problem! The LACK of a free market is the problem. Equally, not freedom is the problem but THE LACK of freedom. Is it not that we are not free to assemble with whom we wish to assemble, i.e. not with niggers? Is it not that our Free Speech is suppressed? Only because the jewterrorleft pretends to be pro-freedom doesn´t mean that freedom is bad: rather, the jewterrorleft is NOT in favor of freedom, and consequently, the problem is not freedom but THE LACK THEREOF !!

    I am an Aryan. I am a free man.
    I do not wish to be told how to live. Not by the jewterrorleft, and not by totalitarian rightists and fascists.

      • Absolutely. And I have the very strong suspicion that the Right is not at all in favor of Free Speech, it´s only in favor of free Right speech. Exactly as the hypocritical jewterrorleft. Hypocrits; and intellectual loosers, unable to be principled.

        This someone really needs to explain to me: how it hurts me when others live the way they want to (includes fucking each other in the ass). Really: explain it to me.
        One and only caveat: initiation of force. Yes… even if it´s hard if intellectually challenged: libertarianism is to a large degree correct (not unfetteredly but to a large degree). And you better don´t forget that a big part of today´s movement comes from the libertarian movement.
        I claim: this is our White trait, our White heritage, our White duty. To be open, open to the new, to creativity, to invention, to development. That´s our heritage and being, not imposing the own ideas upon others (and at the time when Jorjani was still with this site, that position had a proponent for such thinking here; unclear how about now).

        • “Absolutely. And I have the very strong suspicion that the Right is not at all in favor of Free Speech, it´s only in favor of free Right speech.”

          You’re absolutely right. The Alt-Right does not care about free speech or freedom. They want to ban interracial marriage and about half of them are sympathetic to White Sharia. Glad you’re starting to see through their lies.

      • Unilateral disarmorment? I wouldn’t. Right is right. Pick a side.

        Does they extend the same courtesy as they deplatform the right? Removed funding platforms? Arrest for mean tweets. Call all our ideas “hate”, Starvation and atrophy, isolation and civil litigation is our reward for thinking different…and your first thought is …give them a fair shot?

        Let them be under the boot for a while….Forever.

        Let this soak in: Rights are fought for not guaranteed. If you can’t defend and fight for it, it doesn’t exist.

        And that’s exactly what the left and center is doing to the right

        And here you are “extend them the equal privilege”

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