The Death of Alternative Media: FCC Murder the Internet December 14

The FCC will vote December 14 to kill net neutrality. This will transform the internet forever and the first thing to go will be alternative media, dissidents and those opposing the tyranny of the establishment. Henrik explains how they will do it.

The globalists are fighting back, like never before. They want to take back control of the narrative. We have to fight back, harder then ever.

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Red Ice delivers news, TV and online radio, including Red Ice Radio and Radio 3Fourteen. Founded by Henrik Palmgren in 2003, Red Ice reaches hundreds of thousands of people every month seeking an alternative to the mainstream, covering politics and social issues from a pro-European perspective. Truly independent and supported by members, Red Ice remains commercial and ad free. Red Ice is based in Sweden and North America.


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  • A few aesthetic issues:

    Why is Henrik now doing the Alex Jones-on-coke routine of wildly gesticulating while standing up? It’s just highly distracting from whatever information he’s trying to share with viewers.

    And why is he wearing multiple rings on his fingers while doing so? Maybe it’s a Swedish thing…does Red Ice’s studio normally look like the inside of a nightclub?

  • I’m not sure I agree.

    Consider these scenarios:

    User goes online. Finds website on a Google search. Finds the actual connection to is slow or not available at all. Calls up internet provider and complains.

    The provider tells user the site is throttled or blocked. Or the user goes to the provider’s website and learns there the same thing, that is throttled or blocked.

    User says, “Harumph! I’m switching to another company.”

    Now, the provider might say, “Who cares? We don’t want to serve people who go to”

    Or the provider might say, “Well, if you want you’ll have to pay twice as much for your service.”

    And again the user would say, “I’m switching.”

    That is Henrik’s concern, if I followed his reasoning correctly.

    But consider how desperate companies are for users. I am bombarded with snail mail from Comcast, Verizon, Xfinity. They are spending lots of money sending me this stuff. Each is desperate to get me to be a customer precisely because they believe customers rarely switch once they have chosen a company. So if they can get me to switch they know their expensive ad campaign will pay off.

    Do we really think the providers are all collectively going to blow off and its adherents simply because some foaming Antifa groups threaten to boycott the providers if they don’t?


    The providers will more likely stand shoulder-to-shoulder and refuse to block Because the alternative will be that everyone who has a gripe or an axe to grind will make providers bow and knowtow to them. And the providers don’t want that.

    I think this mitigating actor, of providers wanting to get people to keep paying, combined with the providers not wanting to police, will more than balance any desire to censor.

  • Colored dots entering freight trucks are not sufficient in forming a proper understanding on this issue. Well, I found, writing this, that it is impossible to quickly sum up what is a half year long college course without using childish metaphors, so I gave up, though my first statement is still valid. Please stop comparing net neutrality with you being tossed out of twitter. It makes you look like boomers.

    • You need half a year of college to understand that Shlomo cutting off your access to dem white natzee hitler site without any kind of due process is not exactly a good thing?

      • Net neutrality fundamentally affects how packages are routed in the network layer of the OSI model. How twitter manage it’s users has nothing to do with anything like that. I don’t care about twitter, domains or anything like that because they can easily be replaced with our own technology. However, without the Internet all together we might eventually have to start broadcasting long wave pirate radio.

    • That seems about right. Twitter makes its money through advertising. So, tossing off a few people in order to virtue signal how pure they are is good business practice.

      Internet providers make money through paid subscriptions. Every customer they lose is potentially thousands of dollars less they make over a number of years.

  • It doesn’t matter if they shut us down. We know what the liberals, progressive, MSM, Democrats, and GOP establishment are doing is wrong. Despite what the Libs say, most humans who are not psychotic have an innate understanding of the difference between right and wrong. We will find other ways to communicate.

  • Can things get any worse for the racialist right if net neutrality is rescinded by the FCC? Already pro-white sites have been deplatformed, demonetized and threatened in a supposedly “neutral” internet climate. The big providers are just imposing their own hate speech codes on pro-whites regardless while anti-whites are allowed unlimited freedom to foment hatred against us and call for genocide of whites and the destruction of our culture and history.

  • There should be some offshore places that will offer high speed internet service, things like Paypal to Alt Right, Identitarians in the USA, UK, Canada etc.

    It’s similar to private Swiss Bank Accounts.

    When Eastern Europe was under the domination of the worst Stalinists in ~ 1947, nationalists in Eastern Europe could listen to “The Voice of America”, now we need something in reverse:

    The voice of Hungary, Russia Today.

  • Good video. I didn’t know what to make of this net neutrality debate. Seemed to be a bad choice between the Silicon Valley oligarchs and the Comcast/Verizon ISPs.

  • Yes, I agree. Net neutrality is a total necessity. It seems the big corporates are ruining the Internet. They may even simply cut off all access to sites that are not approved of, even though they do exist on the Internet. Or fashy sites could be included under some kind of definition of “adult” websites (we already seen 18+ warnings on some political sites), and you will have to sign up to a more expensive Internet package, supposedly to access porn sites, in order to gain access to unapproved political content.

  • Oh, good Lord! You had no problem with Cheeto when he made himself the dictator of OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES. Now he’s gutting your 1A rights (those few you didn’t abuse and lose), and you’re whining up a “storm”! What hypocritical snowflakes!

    Fortunately, the tech giants are planning for a lawsuit, in case this overreach becomes law. When that happens, the Internet will be saved by those “shitlib” judges you all so much. And then, you still be deplatformmed, while the rest of us enjoy our 1A *RESPONSIBLY*! Good for us.

    • “You had no problem with Cheeto when he made himself the dictator of OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES.”

      This isn’t true at all. The AltRight has been highly critical of President Trump when he does something anti-White. Mr. Spencer, Mike Enoch, and Identity Europa had an anti-war rally a months ago against involvement in Syria.

      Are you a baby boomer? You write like one.

    • Apart from some ppl who don’t seem to understand why Net Neutrality is crap (probably because they are illiterate when it comes to the web, educate yourselves: and see what Weev has to say about this as well), we do like this move from Trump.

    • >muh deplatforming goyim oy vey

      2016 and especially 2017 should have taught even the dumbest shitlib that there are always enough cracks in the dam for AR to deliver the message, which only gets stronger. Your platform is burning, bitch.

      • Yeah, tell that to Anglin. Atlantic magazine says his website is near-defunct, he’s running from the law, and he’s gone crazy without his disgusting “platform”. Apparently, he never attended “Unite the Right” either. That’s probably the only good decision he’s ever made.

      • When the FCC(Trump) punctures a huge hole in the Alt Right,by allowing the ISPs to shut down this site & Red Ice, etc-Trump is going to lose all that energy/support from his educated supporters. And then that’s going to cause Trump to loose the election 2020. By allowing the FCC to do this Trump has shown his true colors, a Cuckservative at heart who will sell out his White Populist base in a nano-second to help Corporate Millionaires in Silicon Valley.

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