Alt-Right Politics — NPI, Net Neutrality, and Mugabe

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most hated mid-week news program. Panelists Richard Spencer, Gregory Ritter, Brian Brathovd, Vincent Law, and Don Camillo discuss the recent NPI conference; Twitter’s crackdown on dissidents and the future of “net neutrality”; and the turbulent histories of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, and Robert Mugabe.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Another womanish gossip session wherein the ostensible movers and shakers of this movement totally fail in both strategizing and planning.

    Hearing hopelessly pathetic statements like “we can trust law enforcement” and (the perennial excuse) “we didn’t know/couldn’t plan” over and over again leads me to sadly conclude that Richard & Co. are just winging it to have a good time.

    HEY, RICHARD (and whoever is the current head of IE) – try to get off Twitter for a few days and spend some time reading everything you can find about community organizing strategies that work. You must know it all. Start with Alinsky and the Midwest Academy and go from there.

  • Careulus should not be on the podcast. He does security well but he does NOT speak well. Takes 10 minutes to say something that should take 10 seconds

  • I think that it would be a great idea if there was a podcast done on that was about IMPERIUM EUROPA that is based in Malta as the ideology of IMPERIUM EUROPA is fascinating and should be seriously considered and discussed by All White Patriots the Whole World Over

  • @1:43:xx > white supremacy posting — guys guys, there’s a book, “The Secret of Our Success” by Joseph Henrich, with examples of how, in many colony situations of well-equipped (for their time), whites died out or had to evacuate, where natives got by on nothing, living off the land because they knew their worlds. Sure we’re big-brained, but the sheer accumulated experience of the natives, even if it appears superstitious, is not to be sneered at. Don’t go into the arctic and think you’ll get by on muh 110 IQ. (I don’t know the details, but aren’t even the Thanksgiving pilgrims a case in point? (My example, not the book’s). Donner Pass would probably count, too – the Indian guides were able to sneak off and live off the land when the settlers started musing out loud that Indians looked like food).

    You guys just sounded like it was a competition to say how whites could handle anything better than natives. Not so.

    The book’s argument is that human success is largely cultural (well, per 100 pages in at least).

  • Hey Goys, watch Bushwick there are some choice scenes of secessionists shooting Schlomo in the firefights depicted in the great SJW Eschaton of 2017. Muh Cafe/Pub/Juicebarz.

      • … I forget what it was, but they took advantage of what they knew about the way Africans fight, that made their job much easier than it would otherwise have been.

        • Try to set up a white supremacist regime in any African country and you’ll be cut into little pieces.

      • You’ll notice that those South Africans didn’t stick around to try to set up a racist republic because they knew that would be suicide.

    • lol all we need to do to defeat Africa is stop giving them our food and medicine. Nig population plummets, disease runs rampant from the rape and lack of sanitation, then we’ll move in and finish off the rest. Nigs can’t fight anyway.

      • Who’s we? Since when do donor nations pay attention to the desires of white supremacist pinheads?

  • What I want for Christmas is a new podcast from you guys. A history podcast, where you pick a specific topic and period in world history. Put it behind the paywall if you want, I’d pay anything for it.
    Listening to Don Camillo and Greg and all of you guys talk about Rhodesia was some of the most intriguing content I’ve heard in months. And I know the Red Dawn guys are well traveled and knowledgedable on lesser-known history. It would be the best Alt-right podcast if it were to happen.

  • Make no mistake about it… what they are advocating is neocolonialism. A replay of what we already did and what we are currently being repaid in kind for, which is just a continuation of multiculturalism by other means… something we already have and despise.

    White ‘supremacy’ as opposed to white nationalism are the roots of ‘muh’ rah-rah patriotism and civic nationalism. They approve of diversity and multiculturalism.

    An excess of resources creates the artificial good times and its concomitant ‘tolerance’ we all love so much under consumerism.

    The British Crown is the original civic nationalism. Look at how they first conquered and colonized Northern Ireland as dry run for the New World and they STILL occupy the indigenous white people because of civic pride, as they refuse to let Scotland go, while importing Third World maggots with glee… ‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv.’

    Look at how they fought a war over the Falklands lol because of sheep and ‘muh’ rump depopulated colonialism against a fellow white country.

    LARPing Redcoats love seeing a curry street-shitter entering a London subway because it reminds them of the Gunga Din Kipling tales.

    Eventually the ‘British’ civic nationalists become composed almost entirely of ‘based’ Pakistanis, Hindus, Jamaicans and Chinese, with their inevitable regression to the mean. All roads lead to this. Every societal feedback loop has shown this.

    This wonderful capital hosted Karl Marx during the 1848 revolutions, and every exiled ‘Allied’ government conquered by Hitler.

    Let China have their attempt at Africa. They cannot even run their own country. Natural Selection works itself out via containment. Walls really do work.

    • No one is talking about becoming neo-cons, and this business of exporting democracy to the Third World has to stop. I mean that large territories will, almost inevitably (given Chinese competition for Africa), fall into our hands (in much the same way as the British Empire was not planned out in advance as such, we just rolled with our advantages as they came). We ought then, not to “bring democracy to the natives”, but rather to stabilise their birth rates and turn their countries into places for settlement of immigrants. I think America should be 100% white, and all blacks should be resettled in Africa, and if the Chinese, Hispanics etc won’t go to China or Mexico, they can be resettled in Nigeria too. And in fact, the Red Indians can go to Nigeria too. I’d love to see Britain, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Cape Province of South Africa become 100% white territories, with all their ethnic populations humanely resettled in Nigeria or elsewhere (including Maoris and Abos).

      • Wouldn’t we all? It’s just not going to happen like that, even though that is the ultimate goal. Our own Manifest Destiny became what Britain became…past our borders into this pathetic, deleterious flag-waving. The ‘making the world safe for democracy’ is inevitable with empire. Eventually a surplus of resources and idleness brings on all these brilliant ideas about tolerance and togetherness anytime nonwhites are allowed to intermingle with whites.

        Looks my other post with links proving my point will not make it past moderation, but the point was instead of ‘remove kebab’… remove white and overnight disaster follows. Plagues, famines and war. These rodents dance with Bubonic corpses for god’s sake. No measures are needed besides white withdrawal.

        Whites conquered North America and sequestered the defeated indigenous tribes by poaching their buffalo, forcing them on their own cognizance into reservations by giving them liquor and casinos. Blacks ghettoize willingly too.

        • We don’t have anywhere to remove kebab to if we don’t control territories in places like Africa. Get the point.

          • “Got to send em back to Africa. send em back to Africa, send em back to Africa where they belong. Got to get em the hell our of America and leave the White man alone”
            To paraphrase Johnny Rebel

            And we definitely don’t need to repeat the mistakes of the limeys.

          • A little slow on the uptake I see. Ok I will spell it out for you…. Push them into the Channel and let them workout the rest. I think you are too busy dreaming of Africa and Kipling to see that though.

      • This one is very delusional.

        Umm… you try to colonize people and you’ll sent back home in a box.

  • I fully agree that the betrayal of Rhodesia was a shameful thing on the part of England. It makes you realise the Rhodesians fought for nothing in World War 2 when they fought so zealously for England.

    As for Rhodes being uncucked, etc, I agree. In one Youtube video, Greg Johnson from Counter Currents, who claims to be AltRight, stated (in a beta-cuck voice) that he didn’t believe in Empire,because it involves “murdering people and oppressing them — the people in our circles who defend Empire and colonialism – if you defend these things, you’re basically signalling to your neighbours that you’re not above a little murder and theft when it suits you” (

    Being English, I know how great the British Empire was. The question comes down to Will to Power. Do we put our interests first? Or abstract moralising first? Given the chance, the white race SHOULD occupy large territories in Africa. There are some reasons for this:

    1. Lots of natural resources there.
    2. There is little choice, as their birthrates are so high. If we are going to sit back and just let Nigeria expand to a population of 1bn, then all non-African civilisations have by definition lost already. We should rule them and force population stability on them.
    3. We need somewhere to deport ethnics to. If the UK had retained even one significant colony, say a little Sierra Leone or two somewhere – SL being a country in total disarray that could easily be taken – we could deport the immigrants, say one million a year, to SL.
    4. The white race is likely to enter a geopolitical competition with China, and given the choice between China ruling Africa and us doing it, the choice is easy.
    5. The Empire can be made to pay for itself (as it did last time): you tax the colonies to cover all military costs, so it becomes a “free” policy.
    6. I also believe it was a mistake not to create a whites-only province in South Africa, and if South Africa is conquered, the old Cape province (one of the 4 original provinces — the Cape province was never Bantu territory) should be for whites only. This would give a guarantee that whatever happened in terms of uprisings and rebellions, the white South Africans would survive. Capetown could be our base from which to rule Africa.
    7. This fully dovetails with Richard Spencer’s comments on a new Roman Empire. We have got to abandon the notion of human rights in favour of doing what favours the interests of the white race.

    • We get it – you are a British chauvinist. You guys had a great run, but when you finally lost, you really, really lost. It’s like the story of Ricky Hatton. You literally could not handle one defeat before your entire facade crumbled and you retreated into some opium den for life.

      As cucked as the Germans are, they are cucked because the entire world holds them in shackles. English people simply enjoy putting themselves in shackles and living around dotheads because it reminds them of the good old days.

      Most Americans are Germans. We do not need another sad attempt at British Empire because you guys created diversity and multiculturalism.

      You would even fight against Hitler right now and say you were fighting to preserve the white race. That is how warped your mind is with English ‘domination.’

      Take a seat. You had your turn.

      • He’s talking about dominating Africa. Which given the Ak47 and Semtex is absolutely impossible unless you are prepared to exterminate all the Nogs.

        • You got that right. Cowardly white colonialists only ventured into Africa in the first place when they had gained an overwhelming advantage in weapons. Now, all it takes is a squad with AK’s and roadside bombs to drive these wannabe colonial masters back to where they came from with their tails between their legs.

      • LOL good one. Rhodesia was ‘defeated’ the same way South Africa was defeated…convincing white people to unilaterally surrender their authority and trust Africans to LARP as white democrats…which resulted in farms being confiscated and white farmers killed, turning the export breadbasket of Africa into an importer because Africans have no concept of husbandry.

        • Sure thing, bud. Nobody gives up a country if they aren’t defeated. Rhodesia was defeated militarily.

          • By who? Nobody. There is only one way nonwhites defeat whites and that is with guilt, a recent phenomenon, with one rare exception of Haiti. No more than 150 Conquistadors took Mexico.

          • There were no-go areas all over Rhodesia. The “brave” whites were fleeing the country in droves trying to save their pale skins. African freedom fighter attacks were becoming more and more lethal and more and more numerous. Even the Rhodesian army was afraid to into many parts of the country. Prior to being bailed out by the US and Britain with “peace talks” Rhodesia was on its knees and ready to surrender. In fact they did, that’s why they set up their puppet black government hoping that would be enough to stop the war. It wasn’t.

            Deceive yourself all you want. But Rhodesia was defeated militarily. That’s why they capitulated.

          • LOL ‘no-go zones’? You mean ANY colored area?

            That’s how these African colonies functioned. A tiny white fiefdom and its nodes of white farmers kept the lights on and the crops harvested. Every white family carried firearms to fend up the roaming niggers.

            You niggers literally couldn’t maintain a train station. You didn’t ‘defeat’ anything. Look at Zimbabwe right now. You stupid ghetto rats have no concept of supply/demand or inflation. You savages surround homeless whites wearing rags and demand they give you a job because you literally worship even the dingiest of whites, as you should.

            White countries sanctioned South Africa and Zimbabwe out of existence. Nothing and nobody else did.

          • Sure thing, bud. If you pink slime behaved appropriately you wouldn’t have to be killed and driven out of various countries. You think you’re superior but a bullet to the head disabuses you of that delusion quick.

          • LOL and who created bullets? WHITE people. You savages have the world’s premier resources literally beneath your feet and you have zero concept of its usefulness or how to even harvest it.
            Blacks are the most worthless, retched creatures to have ever existed. If it weren’t for dribbling a ball, ‘rhyming’ (stuttering bastardized words) or acting (reading what a Jew writes), you would be back in the slave quarters, safely tucked away from humanity like you used to be.

            Fear not, because all three of those ‘talents’ are no longer commodities. White people have stopped buying your Stepin Fethit garbage products anymore. You stupid apes finally insulted white people in the only way that would finally crush their spirit to consume your meaningless exhibitions. Congrats. It’s gonna be hilarious watching the one percent of your race that are millionaires become even poorer than the lowliest garbageman.

  • I do not want white people to rule over nonwhites anymore. Let these savages sink under their own weight. You guys are advocating white supremacy over white nationalism. There is a difference. I would rather have robots and automation doing the menial work than some lecherous Third World peasant who bangs all the ‘based’ white women when the men are not present because the white women ‘get bored.’

      • Oh please. It’s a name. You really want to be around these savages? You want these animals flossing your toes during the day and bedding your daughters at night? You want these subhumans traipsing through your home? I think there is something else you want out of continued multiculturalism.

          • Not only will that not happen, there are no fathomable logistics for it. Leaving these primitives to their own devices is the most effective way to control them. We do not even need laws or repatriation to achieve this. They naturally regress to this logical conclusion.

            Look at how they flock to the cities, ghettoize and internecine degeneration follows. Their exploding populations will collapse virtually overnight in tribal warfare, disease and starvation mankind has never seen if enclosed within their own perimeters.

            It’s cathartic to fantasize, but I am in this to win, which requires pragmatism and realism.

          • The population there is t going to collapse…unless it is nuked or otherwise butchered by outside forces.

          • Weimar is right. Their birth rates are what they are because we’ve been propping them up.

          • Who’s going to do this exterminating? Certainly not you clowns behind your keyboards. What national army is going to exterminate Africans? Certainly not Russia or China, who are allies to African countries. The United States? Which black officer is going to press the button to exterminate Africa on behalf of some white supremacist retards?

          • Honestly first world countries just need to stop propping up third world countries birth rates. Nature will balance out global demographics, and would probably manifest in numerous inter-African wars over resources. A massive/devastating war between China and India wouldn’t hurt either. Black Americans are probably never going back. I would give them their own autonomous ethno-state if it was up to me. The age of Empire is over. We need to stop interfering in third world shit holes we have no reason to give a fuck about.

  • Great discussion. But I’m English and hope you don’t mind me mentioning that the pronunciation of Salisbury (the name of an English city and also of a Lord, and of course the capital of Rhodesia) is wrong: the “i” is not pronounced. It is 2 syllables: Sawlz-bree.

    Also the Zambezi is the river between Zambia and Zimbabwe, not between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

      • I recently completed a contract at a US GM plant. The place is crawling with Indians in the upper management.

        • I just watched Bride on the River Kwai….and it explains the stupidity of ‘British Pride’ perfectly. I love these people, but this is absurd. A stupid bamboo overpass made as slave labor in Japanese captivity became more important than survival. Gandhi defeated Britain – that says it all.

      • Yes, the British are what Evola would describe as Spiritual Jews. I’m opposed to all forms of Merchant Nationalism.

  • Great discussion. But I’m English and hope you don’t mind me mentioning that the pronunciation of Salisbury (the name of an English city and also of a Lord, and of course the capital of Rhodesia) is wrong: the “i” is not pronounced. It is 2 syllables: Sawlz-bree.

    Also the Zambezi is the river between Zambia and Zimbabwe, not between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

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