Wilfrid Laurier University Commissars Interrogate Girl For Showing Jordan Peterson Video

You have to check out this video. I wish that I had gotten it up in time for Thanksgiving so that you could keep it as an ace-in-the-hole against any loud-mouthed shitlib extended family.

This is some genuinely creepy stuff:

It’s recorded audio of the interrogation of some TA grad student who showed a Jordan B. Peterson video during some class where gender pronouns were being discussed.

Modern-day liberal arts education for you, folks!

The highlights from the interrogation don’t come from the TA’s teary defense (yes, she starts crying) but from the twisted logic used by the Bugmen and Valley Girl-accented ditz who try to gaslight the girl into believing what she did was wrong.

Had some serious flashbacks listening to this audio, fam. Flashbacks to the high school counselor telling me to stop getting into fights with the Vibrant Diversity at my school K-9… I recognize the exact same twisted cat lady logic at work here. Emotional manipulation by appealing to non-existent authority, victim role-playing and blatant peer pressure all coated in non-threatening NPR voice and ahm like, problematic, like ahm uptalk.

So basically they tell her that Jordan B. Peterson, a quavery-voiced, skinny-fat, cry-baby – may Allah forgive me for uttering this word – CANADIAN is some Alt-Right leader and that he is literally Hitler and that she is in big trouble for showing a video of him.

Here, Jordan explains what happened to her in his own words:

By the way, he makes me cringe.

Let me be real for a sec. I’ve tried to listen to his lectures, and I’ve managed to glean some insight from them. But most of it really is pretty basic bitch tier. Still, if it gets you into Jung and Archetypes and all that stuff, fine. I’m not trying to come off as a big brain nibba, but I feel obliged to point out that the man is just making classic liberal arguments against The Current Year and is a total shitlib at his core.

(check out the responses from /ourguys/ in the Twitter thread tearing him apart)

But enough about Peterson, I’m just jealous that he makes 60k a month on Patreon role-playing as a father to lost Millennials… and I don’t.

The Commissars interrogating the girl bring up the whole Pantheon of Liberal sacred cows like global warming, the fight against “White Supremacy”, and non-existent rape culture to justify their heavy-handed censoring.  It’s as if to say, “if you disagree with us on this Jordan Peterson thing, you are a knuckle-dragging Global Warming denier.”

And I can’t stress this enough – she isn’t making any Alt-Right talking points.

All she did was show a Jordan Peterson video where he argued against forcing people to use gender pronouns.

Last I checked, the man has already backed down and stopped insisting on there only being two genders sexes and just insists that people shouldn’t be forced to call you a she when you’re a he.

But that’s Fascist talk to these Commissars. That’s White Supremacy. That’s problematic.

As usual, the girl doing the interrogating is the most earnest and hard-edge, while the soy boys are much softer, but even more emotionally manipulative, trying to trigger that White Guilt ™ reflex they know lurks in all Western Whites.

On a sidenote: if you’re a fuckin’ White Male you should actively strive to kill off your guilt reflex because it simply does you no good in 2017 and is a huge gaping vulnerability that modern-day White people have. It’s like the exhaust port of the Death Star that has been actively widened and left defenseless by Jewish rhetoric over the years. And as a bonus if you get rid of your shame response as well, but remain true to your own purpose, you can become the much-vaunted Nietzschian man that everyone likes to think about…but that’s for another post.

Now, I know that the girl being interrogated isn’t really Alt-Right, but we live in clownworld, so I guess she is now.

And at this point, I can’t help but wonder what’s keeping her from just fashing out? No seriously, why do Alt-Lite folks do what they do when they go out of their way to counter-signal us? Does it salve their bleeding consciousness to be able to point to us and say, “those are the Nazis, not me!”


But who is even listening at this point? Anonymous spies can report you for counter-revolutionary kulak behavior just for showing a video of a guy not keen on indulging tranny delusions.

That’s some serious shit and it’s not even a meme anymore. This is stuff that legit happens now. Take a listen to that video again if you don’t believe me.

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  • It was super creepy. I couldn’t believe she didn’t say “This so called conversation stops now and resumes only with my attorney present”. Instead of crying.
    Her rights under hoth the law and probably school policy were being stepped on all over the place.
    Enough of this.

  • How very dare she? ?

    Seriously folks, is there one aspect of this tragedy that isn’t completely pozzed?

    Let’s hope the poor girl meets a nice Aryan and starts a healthy white family before she passes the point of no return in Kikeworld.

  • If you are an Alt Right White man who visits Toronto, it will honestly be the worst Black Pill, you’ve ever endured. Hordes of shit skins and other degeneracy, everywhere you look. It is the most disgusting place on this whole god damn planet. Trust me, never visit Toronto. If I lived in Toronto, I’d probably end myself.

    • I visited last year after a 19 year hiatus. The whole country flushed itself so a few developers and bankers could make bank on real estate and Chinese tax scams. Totally different country

  • The words of these male professors are so frightening in their parallel with the kind of “Crime Think” we see in 1984.

  • “I can’t help but wonder what’s keeping her from just fashing out? No seriously, why do Alt-Lite folks do what they do when they go out of their way to counter-signal us? Does it salve their bleeding consciousness to be able to point to us and say, “those are the Nazis, not me!”

    Because she genuinely disagrees with us. In my experience, most Alt-Lite people are libertarians and libertarianism as an ideology is profoundly incompatible with us and our goals. In their mind, they see themselves as an idealized version of the Allies of WW2, opposing both nationalism and communism, in the name of capitalism, individualism and globalism.

      • @Vincent Law

        You look at the attractive young women who are producing Alt Light content – e.g., your Brittany Pettibones, Lauren Southerns, Tara McCarthys, Faith Goldys, etc. These women are very good at capitalizing on the thirsty desires of desperate, mostly young, White men. They have all managed to profiteer and make a lot of money out of the whole situation. But when you watch videos of the Charlottesville demonstration, I don’t see any women marching with the Alt Right men. I don’t see women getting with the cause. Women just don’t give a fuck about any of that.

        It’s a matter of power. Women like status and power. If through some unforeseen circumstance or series of events the Alt Right grabbed onto a significant degree of political power, then women would just flip their switch and become White nationalists. Remember, women bend with the wind. But until that happens, women are not going to get on board. Women are not tribal or loyal in any sense.

        There are good reasons for this. It is all part of a female’s survival strategy. Look at war brides in France during World War II, for example. Many French women soon fell into relationships with the occupying German soldiers. As many as 200,000 children were born to French women German men. In short, women are much more fluid on every front – e.g., sexually, in terms of loyalty, etc. So it is a mistake for men to believe that women will ever be part of the Alt Right in terms of offering leadership or taking risks for the White identitarian cause.

        • I’m glad people are finally noticing they are being hoodwinked by these empty-headed E-THOTs. They aren’t even hot enough to gain this much acclaim and sycophancy, yet these thirsty orbiters cannot help but beta-signal their hopeless desires.

          Andrew Anglin is really the only one talking about this and finding a solution to this New Age fantasy that so many of us have developed in the last couple of years in sexually desiring a woman who shares political views. It’s more bizarre than any degenerate porno. Women do not have actual political beliefs or really any seriously beliefs. They just mirror what is most popular at the time.

          They do not think like we do and we do not think like them. That is where this confusion has come about. We have all caught into the propaganda that men and women are equal, when we aren’t in the slightest way equal in form, thought or action.

          The race question will never be fixed until the gender question is solved first.

        • There are quite a few women, including myself. Some taking serious risks- who have young children and are threatened, etc.
          Perhaps it is a self fulfilling prophecy in a way; there certainly seems to be a constant effort to drive women away.
          I understand that women have faults, but we can’t really have a racial solidarity movement that excludes women and kids.

        • Western women have never had it so good. They are spoiled rotten to the point of delusion. You don’t realize this until you have lived in a non western country. This is why the pua scene has gone political.

  • This is why women are not meant to be leaders or activists, unless they are tearing down a strong society, like feminists do. She did not utilize her female emotions to her advantage or ours. There just isn’t enough at stake for them to risk their livelihoods like men do, so let’s stop pretending like E-THOTs are going to lead us out of darkness. It’s really getting pathetic. ‘Please, Lauren, let me lick your feet. Also, take my donation!’

    • In other news muh nigga Forgotten Roots has discovered a way to actually enjoy a 2 hour long Tara McCarthy podcast!

        • lol yes. He’s probably just jealous of the quarter Jew, quarter Pajeet, Limey THOT Tara McCarthy. The fact that she has a sizeable audience with you “red pilled” faggots is mind boggling

    • Well said. How many of Lauren Southern’s 400,000 subscribers are Beta, orbiter males? If I had to guess, I’d say most of them. I’ve glanced at her comments section in a few of her videos and you get Manginas leaving messages like: “Will you marry me?” It’s so fuckin’ pathetic.

      • Some shockingly insightful leftist article nailed it when it observed that these beta hyenas like her because they think she brings in more women, since they believe more people will listen to a pretty face. This shtick only goes so far because she isn’t very attractive (looks and sounds like a female Christian Bale to me), and also because women will not delve deep into the politically-incorrect topics because they fear becoming persona non grata.

        My hope is that the internet becomes so toxic that women will hesitate to comment or read, just like it used to be, so they can focus on more productive things like makeup tutorials.

  • People like Peterson are filling the role the clergy once filled. He’s doing the cleric’s work. He’s preaching to a lost generation without a father and they in turn give him alms via Patreon. The priest is called father (lat. pater) for a reason, because spiritually he is truly a father.
    At his best Peterson is simply reaffirming powerful universal truths. At his worst he is meandering into esoteric Jungianism and historical conformism on the 20th cn.
    The technocratic license of a clinical psychologist also helps to disguise his sermons on transcendental matters.
    People have a strong need to hear the things they know in their hearts are true from a position of authority. Yes, you may know the things he says when he says them but it’s good to have someone to hear them from when you’re fatherless in a fatherless society.

    In a godless secular society, he’s not only valuable, he’s necessary to achieve any sort of catharsis and come to an acceptance of the objective external universal truth not as oppressor but as a personal responsibility and an opportunity for heroism through suffering.

    • I really do not understand his appeal. The disarming Canadian accent? All I hear is him blaming men like everybody else. We men just need to do more, more, more, while women are blameless despite the immense power they hold over every man with or without status. Maybe I am missing something, but that is all I hear from him, which is not a winning strategy.

    • I noticed anti-Jung comments in the Altright before. What’s the deal? I really love some of Jung’s ideas and I see him as /ourgoy/. He outright rejected Freud’s absolute materialism.

      • @CK
        Jung’s ideas have no scientific validity.

        >It was conceived in the mind of Carl Jung as a “religion of the self” to give free rein to the libido and liberate the human psyche from the restrictions of a “rule-bound” Church, especially in the area of sexual morality;
        >Jung’s ideas on religion were drawn from Gnostic sources, the occult, Eastern mysticism, ancient pagan cults of the earth goddesses, eroticism, medieval alchemy and various “New Age” philosophies;
        >Jung rejected the idea of a transcendent God and taught people to reject all external authority and search for the “god within;”
        >Depth psychology reduced the intellectual faculties to the level of sensation, elevated feelings and emotions as the source of all truth, and led inevitably to the Pentecostal Movement and Charismatic liturgies;

        Jung’s entire life and work was motivated by a desire to overthrow the Catholic Church, whose religious doctrine and moral teachings he considered the source of all the “neuroses” which afflicted Western man. In short: Jung hated the Catholic Church, and by his experience with occult forces, he believed he could destroy by unleashing sexual immorality. Simply put he didn’t want to be judged for his own deviance by an objective moral doctrine so he tried to make a religion that would suit his own disorder.

        Private sin drives public Heresy. Bottom line he was a Satanist.

        • I don’t really see much wrong with what you posted above to be honest. Modern Catholicism does have its flaws.
          Jung isn’t meant to be taken as a literal experimental psychologist, and if Peterson is pushing him as an authority figure as such, then I do agree that is wrong. He is meant to stimulate spiritual insight. I think the collective unconscious is a valuable concept, especially in these times where we need racial and spiritual solidarity for example.
          I think I fall into your categorization of heathans Ritter, but I do so naturally and not to berate other Faith’s and worldviews.

  • I find these Judaized Canadian liberal types to be intolerable. I can’t listen to them for more than a few minutes without feeling disgusted and angry.

    Peterson is a half-measure and still a cuck. He rambles incessantly, and always signals to his Jewish masters about how horrible Hitler was. Fuck off.

    Don’t for a second think he’s on our side. He threw civic nationalist Faith Goldy under the bus in a heartbeat and was tripping over his own words explaining why he did it.

    Just look at that freak Steve Paikin. He literally looks like a Nosferatu. Jews not only behave diabolically, many actually look like monsters.

    The only way out is through the Jew.

    • It’s truly amazing taking a drive to the Canadian border in Maine, Niagara Falls, Detroit and Washington in the last year witnessing the long lines and unbelievably high-tech security separating America and Canada, to the point that agents pop up out of nowhere in the rural areas when they see you getting ‘cute’ and trying to touch the other side of somebody’s backyard. Locals told me that these guys brag about how they hide in the bushes and woods and areas you cannot imagine to prevent infiltration. I took a wrong turn and got a talking to.

      Now, contrast that with my trip to El Paso, Tx. All you have to do is pay a dollar and you are in the most dangerous city in the world, Juarez, Mexico. The border security is manned by de facto irredentists; Mexicans on both sides – gee, how long can that allegiance last?

      I had drug store clerks instructing me how to smuggle alcohol in and out. I crossed wearing my Trump shirts and taking pics, which I really do not recommend, and was swarmed with these oompa loompas trying to sell me ‘massage girls.’ I have never seen anything like it. Worse than any black ghetto. There are even Mexican street vendors and beggars in the no man’s land on the bridge above the Rio Grande.

      My point is that Canadians are hypocrites because they are drunk off their artificial security, while we are subjected to artificial diversity, which they are not.

    • I was amazed that Peterson dis-invited Goldy to a panel discussion on free speech. That is exactly how Peterson came to be so well known and popular – fighting for free speech!

  • Mike Enoch was right, on the last TDS, about how ideally she should have handled them and that would have been to throw their Newspeak rhetoric right back in their faces and complain about them making an “unsafe space” for her, etc. “You know, I’m feeling really unsafe in this space with you right now.” In fact, they were the bullies; implicitly threatening her job. Being a woman subjected to this stuff also put her at an advantage, perhaps she could have thrown the word “rapey” around a bit and gotten at least one of her inquisitors to leave the room, leaving her to deal with only one.

  • I had similar experiences across multiple disciplines at university. All professors have the same rigid and boring mainstream politics and intimidate dissenters into silence. I don’t want to underestimate the gravity of the problem that this is what our society reveres as “educated” (although I think distrust is swelling.) But I also wouldn’t underestimate academia’s own tendencies toward boredom with the status quo and iconoclastic nature. As far left ideas become the only “valid” perspective the next obvious step is to mercilessly tear them down.

    • Where I just finished my graduate degree it was commonplace to hear professors and administratives insult Donald Trump in front of entire classrooms.

      These are the same leftists who are supposedly concerned about institutional discrepancies in power.

      • We went to a concert recently where the conductor was a kikey looking fellow from the US. He explained the historical significance of a piece and made sure us gullible Aussies in the audience knew that America was having a tough time “recently”.

    • I was once asked by a professor in my grad program why the killing of innocents by the US military mattered. These people are pretty much soulless people who worship getting published.

  • Besides being amusing that those on the Right who beg not to be seen as racist/whatever are still called racists/Nazis/whatever (while still being infuriating to see the Left do its thing), it’s been helpful that they’re being pushed to our side because they’re seen as deplorable even if they’re half-deplorable.

    People see police investigations over It’s Okay to Be White posters, and they think, well sh!t.

    In the last few weeks, Faith Goldy, Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, and Lauren Rose have all turned away from Civic Nationalism and towards us.

    • The boat is leaving the dock. Time for peeps to decide which side they are on. Having one foot on the dock and one on the boat isn’t going to to work any more.

    • Women will only virtue-signal what is safest, most advantageous or the greater consensus. Everything else takes place surreptitiously because it is ‘exciting’ and ‘dangerous’… miscegenation. Do not mistake them for leaders. Barometers? Maybe, because of their herd mentality. But most of the time they are deleteriously liminal in their allegiances and ‘beliefs.’

      Just look at Lauren Southern. It’s too easy being an E-THOT to take a chance and lose everything like an actual risk taker like Enoch, Anglin and virtually any other man.

    • Lobsters have dominance hierarchies? Lobsters are an older species than trees, so dominance hierarchies (bane of all cultural marxism) are older than trees? When lobsters lose a dominance battle they get depressed and hide, but you can fire them up again with /human/ anti-depressants. We have some of the same circuitry. That’s how old those circuits are in us. Good luck getting rid of it, cultural marxists!
      Li’l novelty there, yes?
      Totalitarianism is an attempt to create heaven on earth, to fill the void that the loss of religion has left.

      • These patterns in creation do not support the supposition that one species transforms into another (Darwinism). It just means there is an overarching principle in material creation because there is an overarching cause to the material order.
        Genetic entropy (degeneration) singlehandedly disproves Evolutionism and proves Original sin.

        Man simply shares some of the qualities of the material order. Furthermore, man possesses qualities that make him the image of God, immortality, intellect and free will. Adam and Even also possessed preternatural gifts: immortality of the body (happiness, immunity to suffering and death), integrity (the absence of every defect, perfection of nature) absence of concupiscence and infused knowledge (enlightenment). The preternatural ability of speech remains.

        ARTICLE 1
        1701 “Christ, . . . in the very revelation of the mystery of the Father and of his love, makes man fully manifest to himself and brings to light his exalted vocation.”2 It is in Christ, “the image of the invisible God,”3 that man has been created “in the image and likeness” of the Creator. It is in Christ, Redeemer and Savior, that the divine image, disfigured in man by the first sin, has been restored to its original beauty and ennobled by the grace of God.4

        • “Genetic entropy (degeneration) singlehandedly disproves Evolutionism and proves Original sin.”

          Interesting comment, but I don’t understand what you mean by “Evolutionism”. Evolution in nature doesn’t imply constant improvement in quality. Creatures will definitely become less complex if it leads to greater fitness (i.e., the ability to survive and reproduce).

  • This is real journalism:’not that coordinated propaganda fraud you see on CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, NYT etc. As for the interrogators in the audio, (1) they are too stupid for words, (2) they are f’ing tyrants, and (3) they are immoral and evil. I would never allow my kids to attend this school and, if they insist, which as adults they can, I would not pay a dime. With shiite like this, it is easy to see why people lie about what they really think, but then vote with logic and reason.

    • Western universities are full of these Cultural Marxists – Feminists, homosexuals, lesbians. In fact, they dominate the social sciences.

      • But if you are Gay and do not agree with them (usually straight progressives by the way, not Gays, but they are definitely down with virtue signalling for Gay rights), you too will be cast out, as was I.

  • I was nearly kicked out of grad school. A German lecturer, who was very proud that his father was a communist who fled the evil NAZIS and was an illegal immigrant (he probably lied) to the USA had us write a paper on racism. I wrote mine on the racists called La Raza. He brought me into his office and in a German huff was literally throwing papers around and yelling at me. I stood my ground and fortunately I had a protector at the college. This worm even colluded with another lecturer to try and fail me in his class. I went to the dean. I won.

    Anyway, these bastards will stop at nothing.

  • “I’m not trying to come off as a big brain nibba, but I feel obliged to point out that the man is just making classic liberal arguments against The Current Year and is a total shitlib at his core.”

    Thank you! I’ve been saying this for months now!
    Never trust a man who always sits cross-legged.

    I’m guessing you’re aware that he recently uninvited Faith Goldy from a free-speech conference because she was interviewed by the Daily Stormer crowd during Charlottesville. You can practically smell the irony…

    I always liked Peterson, but it’s become clear by now that his intellectual integrity has a limit. He refuses to address the Altright’s criticisms of the Jews, and thinks we’re just jealous of them. Peterson waxes poetic about the profound insights of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, but refuses to even mention that Solzhenitsyn believed that the Jewish Bolsheviks were racially motivated in their disdain for and murder of Western people.

    Jordan Peterson handles himself well when dealing with controversial issues like “men have penises, and women have vaginas”, but on anything more red pill than that he is essentially boomer-tier, and confirms that academia truly is no longer the place for the best and brightest minds. As a fully credentialed research psychologist, Peterson should have a lot more to say regarding how replacing Western people with Arabs and Africans will not only make Western civilization untenable, but will erase a rare and unique human phenotype from the Earth that could very well never be brought back into existence once it’s gone.

    For all his bitching that the Western world has fallen to post-modernism, he utterly fails to acknowledge that the Altright is the only group in the Western political/philosophical sphere that has explicitly rejected post-modernism in favour of Traditionalism and absolute identity.

    Some feminist writer from Maclean’s magazine recently published an article titled “Is Jordan Peterson the stupid man’s smart person?”, and to my astonishment, I agree with a feminist on something for the first time in my life.

    I know this post is harsh, but I’ve been thinking about this for a while and Peterson pissed me off because he had potential. I guess there is just no escaping the Eternal Boomer.

    Rant over.

    • I’d say it’s the Eternal Canadian, but maybe you’re right.

      He /knows/ he’s (just) a classic liberal, he’s said so. Nowadays that’s far right apparently.

      > He recently uninvited Faith Goldy from a free-speech conference

      Yes, then he said something that made it look like he regretted it. And, she interviewed them, not vice-versa.

      > Peterson should have a lot more to say regarding how replacing Western people with Arabs and Africans will not only make Western civilization untenable

      He kind of does, within limits, and abstractly. He’s talked, generally, about how one culture can disrupt another. His example was (safely for him) introducing private ownership of cars to Soviet Russia, but it doesn’t take much imagination to think of other applications of that idea. Remember where he is and what would happen to him if he went full fash. Also remember what he’s achieving from that position – he’s pretty solidly unwinding Cult Marx from the bottom up – “the individual is the ultimate minority”.

      Re: the Jews thing, yes. He started his career studying the ultimate evil that the nazis were, and that’s hard to come down from. And is all bad immigration due to Jews? Not even we say so (also Irish, and business interests). But we’re willing to point a finger at them and he isn’t. Plus, I think he said once that he’s got a distant ancestor who was Jewish, and possibly a business partner. Yes, he’s boomerish, but he’s a good one. Just accept him as a limited ally. Did you notice his speech about white privilege? If you look at the overall structure, he’s saying, I claim, that: “whites have more power because they’re competent. Be glad you live in a civilization of competence [[heard with the right ears that’s a real zinger!]].” And he’s saying this to minorities: that line again, “the individual is the ultimate minority (so STFU with your identity politics niqqas and be glad you live in a white civilization!)”. No mention of white sins, no pretense at even-handedness – not a word against whites.

      Generally, I’d say you have to acknowledge that he’s saying as much as he can while maintaining his platform, and that his having the platform is /good/. He brings horses to water but doesn’t tell them to drink (he can’t). But people will drink, like the recent wave of /ourgirls/ did.

      I agree about his integrity – he knows about IQ differences including blacks’, but doesn’t talk about it, yet goads people to “Just tell the truth, and see what happens!” But again, I just sweep all of it into what he has to do to keep his platform – he’s walking a fine, dangerous line.

      • >he’s got a distant ancestor who was Jewish
        Isn’t that the conservative acquiescent Zionist version of “I’m 1/16 Cherokee”?

        Many Anglo elites have intermingled with the Jews, in fact that was one of the main strategies Jews had for successful masquerading in Anglo/Dutch/Danish Protestant societies. Subversive Jewish groups are neurotic about being identified and singled out. Rich Jews would marry their women into Anglo societies. Protestants have no antidote to the Jew because to the Protestant being blessed/chosen by God is the same as wealth (it’s called The Prosperity Gospel), therefore nobility and wealth are equated, the highest idea of man is the wealthy trader (Talmudic idea) and the poor (those who must labor for bread) are morally flawed.

        Whereas to the Catholic the nobility are the warrior/soldier class (they go to war for Christ, the plebeian doesn’t), the poor are Christ in disguise, penitential life of the monk/farmer is salvific (‘ora and labora’) it turns away the wrath of God due to public sin and Jews are the reprobate anti-Christs also in part because they abhor honest labor (hence the sign at Auschwitz).

      • >Generally, I’d say you have to acknowledge that he’s saying as much as he can while maintaining his platform, and that his having the platform is /good/. He brings horses to water but doesn’t tell them to drink (he can’t). But people will drink, like the recent wave of /ourgirls/ did.

        He’s quite probably more dangerous doing what he’s doing than all of the formal members of AR together. Sound, sound that sounds true and has a real platform, brings down establishments not bombs.
        Even though he’s also mixing in some Critical Theory Jungian-Freudian dangerous nonsense.

      • Thanks for the balanced response to my ranting critique.
        I wanted him to have all the answers and never waver from his principles, but he is walking a fine line over a pit of snakes as you mentioned.
        I just hope he isn’t too arrogant or closed-minded to understand our positions, and doesn’t create a straw man from his impressions of the Altright.
        Cleaning your room is great, but not when your house is burning down.

  • unbelievable! I think she didnt all to bad. These colleges are sick! Fucking absolutly sick proffessors! And how do they still think that (((The Rebel))) is Alt-Right? Idiots!

  • Just another measly-mouthed, “enlightened” proto-leftist faggot who saw a chance to get instant fame on the internet (and live off altruistic cocksuckers) by causing a scandal in some Canadian Universitoilet then setting up patreon for fans of *endless mental masturbation that leads right back to the status quo*.
    His sales pitch: “Hitler was even worse than you thought”. Dats rite goy, shame on you forever – questioning the Jews for their actions makes you an eugenicist monster, don’t even think about it. Buy a cheeseburger, attack the lowest stratum of the left (never the Chomsky-tier, only nobodies) on youtube and vote for Gary Johnson. L’Chaim!

      • Say that Jordan succeeded in molding his son to not be a bully or criminal. Does that mean that humans are infinitely moldable? That the Soviet New Man (someone happy to work for others because it’s noble) is possible? No, we know that that failed, and Jordan knows it failed. That’s too deep of a change. So he rightly believes that people are moldable and socializable, but within limits. Not endlessly like the Marxists would like to believe.

        It’s not likely that Jordan believes contradictory things and has jelly for a brain.

        • “Does that mean that humans are infinitely moldable?”

          Yes, they are moldable… infinitely. Jordan is a believer in liberal individualism, which has always been a fallacy. People are always being molded whether by their peers, their family, their religion, their state etc. They can be molded in a way that is for the better or the worse. Allowing people to follow their true nature without infringing on their individual “rights” would actually be insane and would push us back into the stone age. The reality is that people are weak, prone to bad decisions and they need to be led. Clearly Peterson doesn’t even really believe in individualism himself or he wouldn’t make such gaping contradictions.

          • Dude I can’t figure you out. Here you talk like a commie and say that people need to be led, but in an earlier comment you say that the school should be burned down. And yet the school is a ‘molder’, trying to make people act in and even think, if possible, a certain way. You aren’t just a troublemaker are you?

            And as for your contention that we’re always being molded, I’d say that that’s overreach. Or at least, we’re molded by our own experience and drives as well, and that’s hardly external, ideological molding.

            No communist regime has succeeded in molding its people to be the perfect givers, eg. You have to get them young, maybe? Well, kids resist their parents all the time. So no, not infinitely moldable.

          • I said that people can be molded for better or worse. Right now we’re being molded in a negative Cultural Marxist way. In Soviet Russia or Red China they were also being molded in negative ways. In Fascist Italy they were molded in a positive way. It depends on who is doing the molding.

            We’re always being molded by external factors to varying degrees, which is why I don’t buy liberal individualism. The community are akin to leaves on a tree. An organic part of a whole. When leaves get old they whither away and die and fall off of the tree, but the tree lives on.

            Liberalism is bullshit because it goes against the natural order. Nobody really wants to be an atomized individual, nor has anybody truly ever been one, they want to be a part of something that is greater than the individual.

          • I really don’t know what to make of Peterson. I think he gets lost in his own nomenclature and metaphors, which happens when presenting a binary argument, thus cognitive dissonance.

          • True. A lot of Italians don’t like to admit it, but modern Italian identity is largely the result of Benito Mussolini and the Fascist era, and his reign was period of stability and modernization that 80 years of Liberal democracy has not matched.

          • Individualism can and does work. It just has to be under miracle conditions like we had in late 18th/early 19th century. The Founding Fathers made no secret that this entire classical liberal ensemble had a natural expiration date that needed to be reformulated virtually every generation in violent revolutions. So they put a sunset on their own creation because they knew the corrosive nature of people.

            The Constitutional LARPers of today are not insightful enough to understand this. All of the realism in the Federalist Papers are nothing but metaphors to them.

            Laissez-Faire capitalism works too in the same way…only under an excess of resources with like-minded people.

  • comm studies lol

    also at 16:00 the guy is complaining that Jordan Peterson & Richard Spencer aren’t peer reviewed lol
    also is he saying that that trans people don’t have higher suicide rate , or that they do but you shouldn’t talk about it because it creates a ‘bad environment’? This is the ‘science’ he compares to Meteorology?

  • Hey Vincent, stop blasting your own incidental opinions (“I can’t listen to Peterson”) in your articles. Do that in comment sections, /pol/, or, get IRL friends. The articles you write are really low-quality. Sure, you’ve got to /produce!/, but, a small bit of self-restraint would class the place up. Let the DailyStormer be the DailyStormer.

    And here’s the Sargon link I mentioned. It’s got mostly choice bits of the harangue, and Sargon himself doesn’t bloviate too much – the one place he opined, it was to point out the illogical catch-22 of what the main interlocutor said, which I hadn’t caught. Sargon covers the denouement, too.

  • Keep up dude – she recorded it, sent to admin, kangaroo court was forced to apologize. This was yesterday and before. No link cuz phone, but the. whole thing is covered by sargon (hey he’s good for something).

    • I found it. Basically they got busted and pretended they were remorseful about it. Had she not recorded it, she probably would have been fired. This is what Libs always do. They are tyrants and bullies until busted red-handed. Then they lie and say the particular situation where they get caught wasunique, unauthorized, contrary to policy, and never happens otherwise.
      Then the pretend to be sorry and spout BS. Once the cameras and microphones are off,’they go right back to it. The lesson is always record liberals.

      • Had she not been female, do you think she would have kept her job and received an apology? My guess is if it were male, he would have been fired and no apology. Women are, after all, a protected class in Canada.

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