The Old Left Wants Nothing To Do With The Alt-Right

Recently a reader alerted me to a fellow blogger taking offense at what we/I wrote.

The piece he took offense at was actually a good piece (one of my most well-organized and measured) and it basically summed up the big problem I had with these old school old Left types. In a nutshell, it’s their refusal to stand up against White Genocide.

I called it, “The Saker and Other “Dissident” Bloggers Are Completely Out of Touch” and I stand by it.

The blogger in question calls himself The Boomer The Saker and he took offense at what I wrote about his worldview.

Even though he claims he doesn’t think we’re worth his time, he writes the longest Boomerpost I’ve ever read, replete with all the typical Boomer fallacies we all know and love. The underlying critique though was of course:

Race doesn’t exist.

That’s the main counter-argument that I could parse out from his convoluted and ridiculously over-wrought prose. By the way, many Boomers have god complexes that come out in their writing.

I get emails from them all the time saying stuff along the lines of, “you Kids are ok, but Change this aspect of Your movement or I Won’t send money Your way.”

You immediately notice the rambling prose, the random capitalizations (maybe this was how grammar used to be taught and I’m just ignorant)and the emphasis on culture and the general tone of preaching down from on high. I sift through a lot of these people’s writing and I can see patterns, what can I say mang.

So this is what the Saker had to say about my rather measured piece:

One thing is sure, if they side with “Europa” I side with education, facts, logic, culture, history and yes, most definitely, diversity.

One more “pearl of wisdom” from the AltRighters: “Muslims are by far the worst of any immigrant group (except perhaps Blacks).  I can just about visualize the utter total shock the author of this aphorism would  feel if he was educated enough to realize that there are millions of “White” Muslims out there, including in the USA and Europe and that there are millions of Africans who are Christians!  It is a blessing and a mercy that ignorance protects this man from the awareness of such distressing facts I suppose 🙂

That smiley face at the end tho…

Jesus Christ, these fuckin’ people.

Man-children, the lot of them.

By the way, that is pretty much one of the most damning arguments that I hear from the neo-Pagans on a bi-weekly basis about “Christcucks”…and I’m running out of excuses to cover water for Christianity when I hear people like the Saker gloat about how non-White it is.

But wait, there’s more.

He accuses us of being Deep State goons or CIA assets:

In conclusion I will add more most thing.  In my experience nationalist movements are always manipulated by various secret services.  This is true for Russian nationalists and this is true for AltRight -type of movements.  That is yet another reason why these movements all seek a monopoly position: because their real bosses (the state security agencies) are trying to coopt anti-system movements in order to control them.  In my experience, only the very top people know about this and those who do typically rationalize that kind of secret “collaboration” by saying that it is pragmatically useful to work with influential agencies.  This was true for the Russian NTS, this was true for al-Qaeda, this is most definitely true of the Ukie nationalists and this is true of the US AltRight

Well, he may be right about the Russian Nationalist groups and almost definitely is right about the Ukrainian groups.

But the Alt-Right? The people that actually threaten regime change in the heart of Saker’s “Anglo-Zionist” empire and not regime change in countries that Washington wants a color revolution in?

That doesn’t really logically follow, and I suspect the clever old fart knows that.

Speaking of hypocricy, like I said, the Saker has demonstrated himself to be one of those “race-blind” types many times over. But he writes for Unz Review of all places! That’s right, the color-blind Boomer accuses us of collaboration with our enemies and rationalization of that while literally getting a pay check from people whose race-realist views match and inform our own.


Now, as you can tell just by leafing through the comments section, there are a lot of Muslims reading him. Saker has a huge boner for Muzzies which is evidenced by his constant blogging about the emerging Islamo-Ortho alliance against the Anglo-Zionist empire.

In my honest opinion, he takes current Russian geo-political necessity and tries to come up with an intellectual underpinning for it by occasionally quoting Rumi and saying “Alaikum Salam” to his readers, thinking that this is somehow an example of his blisteringly high IQ and proof of a long history of Christian-Islamic friendship.

Which…doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny.

And like most Boomers, he doesn’t get memes. He took particular offense at this one and also took umbrage under it to prove that we weren’t serious because we draw cartoons.

But objectively speaking, there is literally nothing wrong with this meme.

It’s also pretty lulzy.

And here’s a gem, he says that he only read my piece because his daughter passed it along.

Generation Zyklon is ours, old man!

So why bother writing about this again?

Well, between Julian Assange taking offense at my post about how Catalonia is a joke, Antifa-giraffe-professor-man going on Tucker and complaining about one of my NRx style posts…

…and now the Saker taking offense at my critique of his world-view, I feel like I have now burned bridges with literally every faction of the Left.

The condemnation by the SJW/Antifa type Left (represented by Giraffe-man) didn’t really hurt my feelings. I went to university with these people and I can honestly say that all of them deserve the bog, so the feeling is mutual if anything.

The snub by the Techno-Anarcho-Cypherpunk-LetmepiratewhateverIwantonLimewire – type Left (represented by Assange) kind of stung. Back in the day, I actually read his book, listened to all his media appearances, leafed through the Wikileaks, supported the whole Whistleblower movement and thought he was pretty based. Oh well.

And now the denounciation by the old school sorta Commie, sorta Trad Left (represented by the Saker) just made me roll my eyes. I guess he doesn’t like my casual racism, Islamophobia and slight ribbing of him, so he turns around and accuses us all of being agents for the Anglo-Jews, which I think is a VERY mean thing to say.

And that’s the entire unholy Left Trinity isn’t it?

I had such high hopes for the Julian Assange Left and the Saker Left to find common cause with us against the Giraffe-man Left, but alas it seems that it is not to be.

These people have been looking for a right-wing “fascist” movement of White people to blame everything on for so long, that they don’t even take time to listen to what we say and try to find the common ground which is undoubtedly there.

They’re just happy to finally be able to point to us and makes us the capstone to their entire anti-Establishment theory.

Nevermind that many of us grew up reading them, and continue to grudgingly admire them for speaking out when they did and red-pilling us on many issues like Israel, the Iraq war, the military industrial complex, capitalism and other topics.

Many of us are their children, whether they like it or not.  All we did was keep on digging, and build on the knowledge they bestowed on us. And here we are now, speaking truth to power…

…like they all once thought they were doing as well.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I don’t slavishly agree with everything that AR contributors write so I ran that first meme through the AbsurdinessBrownMemeRaterMachine(TM) (or AMBRM(TM) for short).

    It came back with a solid and very healthy 7.3 out of 10. Props.

  • There is a lot of naivete here … It has been well known for years that Julian Assange is a fraud run by US intel, Netanyahu and Zbig Brezinski even admitted that out loud

    The Assange fraud was so successful they followed it with the fraud of Edward Snowden and his nothing new ‘they are all spying on us’ which was old news the previous decade … Snowden who first ‘leaked’ they say … to Dick Cheney’s biographer at the Washington Post hahaha … Vladimir Putin himself hints Snowden is a fraud … Glenn Greenwald is an ex-gay-p-rnographer who has worked for the Rothschilds & is new funded by Ukraine war criminal Pierre Omidyar

    As people have noted, Assange & Snowden have left a trail of real dissidents jailed or dead after trusting these fake ‘leakers’ & their media pumpers such as Glenn Greenwald (jailed: Reality Leigh Winner, Lauri Love; dead: Seth Rich, Peter W Smith). And recently we learned about how Assange tried to entrap Donald Trump Jr into violating US law

    Andrei ‘The Saker’ Raevsky admitted he was ‘formerly’ an intel agent … if you believe the ‘former’ part haha … he is in Florida near a bunch of military bases and the Wikipedia h.q. run by another ex-p-rnographer Jimmy Wales … who goes to President-of-Israel birthday parties … Saker has the same Wiki mysterious translation teams eager to render his rubbish into 5 languages … Sheesh you guys these boyz are all intel agents

    • Post starts out great, ends with veteranstoday, a page so obviously russian desinformation on one level with the prison criminal network “Vietnam Veterans of America”. If people can’t articulate what is happening without at some point sucking some old KGB goons cock were fucked. Every russian network, from Sputnik to russian state televion, distributes five stories about one topic untill eveyone can pick what he likes from the same rotten plant, or people resign and say “we will never know the truth”. So much for naivete.

  • I wrote about The Saker’s bizarre obsession with the Orthodox-Islam alliance here:

    If I was into demented conspiracy theories, I would say that if anything it is The Saker who is a CIA project. Any normal person would be turned off by his ramblings, tarring causes such as anti-imperialism or Russophilia by association. However, I am not into demented conspiracy theories, and accept that his opinions are genuine for what (little) they are worth.

    “Well, he may be right about the Russian Nationalist groups…”

    The most prominent Russian nationalist cluster is the Sputnik i Pogrom nexus. If they were state-controlled I sort of doubt their website would be blocked, their chief editor subject to police raids, and nationalists in general getting prosecuted for infractions that would have American SJWs smoking nervously in the corner.

    There obviously are “far right” groups that are in the Kremlin’s good books – for instance, NOD, which are essentially the regime’s low-level goons/attack dogs. However, they are 90 IQ Putin personality cultists who produce approximately zero intellectual content, not nationalists as such.

  • ****red-pilling us on many issues like Israel, the Iraq war, the military industrial complex, capitalism and other topics.*****
    Notice you put Capitalism NOT Crony capitalism, it would be pretty damn sad if you don’t realize the difference.
    Imagine 4 gas stations in competition with each other and all were buying there gas at the same price and then with no government involved, they were free to set their price at what they felt comfortable with in making a profit above cost? Oh how wonderful the ****FREE-MARKET**** would be again.
    But you go ahead and take total National Socialist control, cause that always works out so well.

    • I tend to agree. The funny thing about each system is that they require total government control to allow any of them to function. Communism and Socialism are obvious on that scale. Capitalism requires a sovereign moral agent in charge to keep human (demonic) nature in check. Either we start enforcing morality or we accept the Rules of Acquisition.

  • The Saker has always been a verbose idiot trying to force his contrived hot takes while ignoring Occam’s Razor.

  • I’m a Boomer & I have felt this way most my life. I saw half or more of my generation go crazy before my eyes. My brother & his friend tried to smoke banana peels because of the song “Mellow Yellow” I love you guys in the Alt-Right you give an old guy hope and happiness. Keep going & take no prisoners.

  • Boomers signalling is completely normal. Most people here are in the prime of their lives, they don’t understand the AGE PILL, the most ravenous destructive force in all of history. Even the guys in their 30s and early 40s try to feel younger by comparing themselves to Boomers in their 60s

    the fact is, when you get old, you lose ALL of your sexual & social value as a human (even extreme wealth and status cannot compensate for this – Trump would trade places with a 24 year old Papa John’s employee in a heartbeat). Thus to get even a small fix or bump of validation & approval from the most important people in our society (young people, who become like fantastical demigods as one becomes more decrepit), they signal, signal, and signal some more, and social media gives them a direct line to these youth like they never had before

    it really takes the stars aligning, or mental illness, for an old person to support anything but the status quo. It’s not a personality flaw. You’re all gonna be doing the exact. same. shit.

    • No, you don’t lose ALL of your sexual and social value. That’s ridiculous. I don’t think Trump would trade places with a 24 year old Papa John’s employee. Despite what your experience is, I find there is a tremendous satisfaction with being older. You begin to understand the world in a way that was impossible at a younger age. Frankly, I think people don’t really ‘grow up’ until their mid 50’s.

      Knocking boomers is a waste of time. There are plenty of very insightful boomers. Boomers born in the late 1940s and early 1950s have memories that later generations don’t have. I saw California go from a sparsely populated state to wall-to-wall Mexicans. The biggest town near us went from 90% white to 90% Mexican. Unreal. I saw the almost total transition from traditional European musical styles to negroid styles like jazz, rock and roll, and all the syncopated trash that followed. I saw the transition from no abortions and very difficult divorce to easy abortions and easy divorce, from all women wearing dresses to all women wearing pants, from a time when men got respect to a time where men are universally demeaned. At my first trade job, every man had pinup girls plastered all over his toolbox. Women had to put up with it.

  • Guys like Sacker think the Hipster-clisterfuck Film Bushwick is a documentary.

    If only it were true.

  • No one wants anything to do with us but us. you best keep that in mind. And the reason you don’t want to defend Christianity anymore because its being used as a bludgeon is laughable. That’s like being against America because there are Jewish Americans. They will use everything to attack you. Get used to it

  • To paraphrase the allegedly ‘revolutionary musician’ Bob Dylan, in regards to the old left and the old right (who are now also left):

    They need to admit that the waters around them have grown, accept it that soon they’ll be drenched to the bone, that they’d better start swimmin’ or they’ will sink like a stone – for the times they are a-changin’.

    The loser now, will later win, so don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall. There’s a battle outside – and it is ragin’ – it’ll soon shake their windows and rattle their walls, for the times they are a-changin’.

    Boomers and cuckservatives throughout the lands, they continue to mock what they can’t understand. Blacks and Muslims are beyond their command, their boomer world is ageing, they should get out of the new one if they can’t lend a hand – for the demographics they are a-changin’.

  • “I had such high hopes for the Julian Assange Left and the Saker Left to find common cause with us against the Giraffe-man Left”

    Good article Vincent.
    I didn’t even realize these guys were snubbing their noses at us. I figured in the big picture we were on the same team.

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