Black Activist Runs Around in Chains to Combat White Supremacy

Yesterday Huffington Post released another race-baiting video against whites.

That in itself does not sound too deserving of our attention, but this video managed the impressive feat of condensing into three minutes every long-debunked myth about the American slave trade, black crime, and Charlottesville, and did it in such a despicably deceitful way that it’s worth taking a look at.

The focus of the video is a 24-year-old black activist and provocateur named Glenn Cantave who is the founder of a New York City protest group called “Movers and Shakers.” Glenn is also closely associated with Black Lives Matter, and the groups often work together when carrying out their public displays of stupidity. Cantave participated in the Charlottesville rally where he ran around screaming while wearing big fake chains around his neck and wrists. Recently, he made news for running the NYC Marathon in the same chains. He also seems to have some masochistic leanings since his Facebook page shares multiple recordings of him getting whipped by the same shrill black woman who every so often shouts interesting tidbits of info like “every twelve seconds, a slave was whipped!” towards the watching crowds.

Cantave says his group’s goal is to be as provocative and unavoidable as possible since, according to him, traditional forms of activism are beginning to fall on deaf ears. Perhaps the truth is that regular folks are tired of obnoxious fake-victims trying to assert their moral superiority over society through outright lies? Just a guess.

Moving along, the video begins with the following narration while two obese scowling black women and one medium-sized woman are pulled along by a rope held by a man in a Trump mask. The women each have big fake chains or collars around their necks.

Despite the fact that the majority of black and brown people are not physically in chains, we are still mentally in chains and metaphysically in chains. The rules of the constitution don’t necessarily apply, and we are murdered by authorities and get no justice. So we’re still in chains.

The video pauses before a poster of Christopher Columbus with the text “Columbus the Terrorist.” Also, there is a crude artistic depiction of the slave trade, with a white man presumably from the Confederacy holding a gun, guarding a row of enchained blacks. Glenn explains that his group is developing new creative ways to spread its message, and one of these is a mobile app. Apparently, if one hovers their phone over one of the posters, the images transform into moving GIFs. The “Columbus the Terrorist” image, for example, turns into a fountain of blood that sprays everywhere, while the illustration of the slave trade transforms into a courtroom where a judge is prosecuting black criminals. Is the latter image trying to insinuate that African slaves from centuries past are the same as modern day criminals in America?

The video continues, brace yourselves:

The existence of Columbus Circle in NYC and other monuments of hate are a concrete example that my life doesn’t matter, that black lives don’t matter, that brown lives don’t matter, that if we go outside and we’re walking minding our own business and we get killed by police, that doesn’t really matter. We’re just black. Not people.

It’s worth noting that Glenn Cantave has an unhealthy obsession with Christopher Columbus. He really dislikes the founding fathers, but Columbus is his main object of hatred, and Columbus Circle is the location where many of his protests take place, usually to an audience of two dozen slack-jawed whites, college students, and virtue-signalling Boomers. Aside from being a public disturbance through strange ways like pretending to be dead, Cantave creates petitions demanding that various squares and statues not to his liking be renamed or torn down, and that schools “rewrite antiquated Eurocentric narratives that deny our history, suffering and perpetuate our struggle.”

Also, I’m disappointed that Cantave is still running with the fantasy that innocent and productive black members of society go outside on strolls, minding their own business and end up getting shot by racist white cops. This is the same incendiary tactic that was used by the mainstream media to rile up black communities into smashing shop windows and burning cars. The deaths of confirmed criminals/thugs like Freddie Gray, Michael Brown, Philando Castile, Trayvon Martin were justified, no matter how hard the media tried to spin the story so that whites and police ended up as senseless oppressors.

In the end, Cantave reveals the true aims of his activism in a Huffington Post article about his adventures running the NYC Marathon in chains, but first this statement of his gets an A+ in fear-mongering:

Black and brown people are terrorized by a system that is designed to put us in cages, take away our rights, restrict our opportunities and intimidate us into submission. Our daily lives are governed by a system that is inherently more dangerous than anything that happened in Charlottesville due to its ubiquity.

Hateful lies. Every corporation in Silicon Valley is currently scrambling to hire as many minorities and women as possible to the openly-admitted exclusion of white men. As for college, that is indeed a waste of money and time if someone expects to get a stable career from sitting through Fat Studies 101 or Islamic Feminism in Historical Perspective (that’s a real course). It’s not society’s fault if someone is unable to defer gratification or plan out their lives according to Godly moral principles. One’s actions and attitude create corresponding consequences.

Mayor De Blasio, city council and New York City courts, I urge you to create laws, allocate funding, and make decisions that will remove our chains. Everything from removing the statue at Columbus Circle, to closing Rikers Island, to mandating more affordable housing, to holding the NYPD accountable to a higher standard.

Fellow New Yorkers and Americans, if we put our differences aside and united as we did in St. Paul’s Memorial Church, we will be equipped to dismantle the institution of white supremacy at its foundation. It starts with a willingness to get uncomfortable for the pursuit of justice.

Ah! Allocation of funding and more affordable housing. There you go — it’s all about more gibs. Guilt-tripping more productive members of society into submission.

Needless to say, Glenn Cantave is an unhinged public nuisance and racist who desperately needs attention to feel good about himself. Thankfully, the vast majority of comments on the Huffington Post video are from normies and liberals who are not fooled nor impressed with Cantave’s whining about poor dindu nuffins needing more special treatment.

The future looks bright as the masses push back against the radical liberal agenda.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • The death of Freddie Gray, Trayvon Martin, and Philando Castile were done by mostly non-whites. That is the odd thing about that. Three of the six police officers charged (then cleared) in Gray’s death were black. Treyvon Martin was not shot by a white guy, but by a mixed race guy that no one in their right mind would mistake for a white male. Philando Castile was also killed by a Hispanic. Not saying that the cops were in the wrong, but that even that narrative is flimsy.

    The narrative they’re promoting is based on racism and bigotry. Attempting destroy our history and basically erase us from history, by proclaiming they’re victims. Any normal person see’s through the racist game they’re playing.

  • “It is clear that there are certain people who are free, and certain people who are slaves by nature, and it is both to their advantage, and just, for them to be slaves.”- Aristotle.

  • Somebody should go on and check out their family line. Chances are good their ancestors were never slaves and came to America after the Civil War. I am not say it is certain, but it is likely. There is even a small chance that their ancestors enslaved other Africans and sold them to the Europeans
    Wouldn’t that be great!

  • The alternative to slavery is not freedom, it is death. People become slaves because they have lost wars and the traditional punishment for that is death, at least if you are a man.
    Slavery is a crime against your own community, not against the slave. The only reason to own a slave is so that you can carry more weight than just one man. The slaveowner will always use that in his competition against other people in his own community. That is why slavers should be killed immidiately and without mercy as the traitors they are.

    • I disagree. Slavery is not a crime under some circumstances. Slavery can be a boon to the community.

      The masters have an obligation to guide the slave in the proper path of life. This elevates the master and the slave.

      When you walk in the city and a poor man asks for your help, do you turn him down?

      Yet, some have an impoverishment of the very integrity of their being. The need for discipline cannot be met with money, food, clothing, and housing alone. Those who are somewhat wild and cannot rein in their wild side on their own require the necessity of someone outside of them to set limitations and enforce those boundaries.

  • Yawn, more black victims wanting to make liberal idiot whites feel guilty. Very few thinking people pay any attention to this kind of thing.

  • Clearly the system isn’t working, or he’d still be in his cage, no?

    Minority victimhood needs to be ridiculed more often. It’s the only way these people learn. Their “concerns” should mocked and diminished, not met with reasoning.

  • Good. Another Black Fatigue Syndrome video.

    The more these come out, the more people realize they are simply tired of blacks and their endless list of supposed grievances.

    Even people who normally have no animosity or negative views of blacks are getting worn out. How long can you support people who take no responsibility for themselves and do absolutely nothing to help themselves?

  • If you’ve been on twitter long enough, you’ll begin to recognize when you’re arguing with blacks. At first, you’ll be angry and digging into the debate until you quickly lose interest because the conversation becomes so stupid that you can’t even take it seriously. You begin to wonder if you’re arguing with a 14 year old. It took me awhile to realize that this is the sure sign that you’re arguing with negro. This guy’s schtick is like a real life version of that. It’s so stupid that it doesn’t even make me angry. It just becomes, at best, mildly amusing, but mostly it’s just boring. I can’t even make myself take it seriously.

    • Oh yes, I find it funny as well. I’m beyond the anger one regularly feels after getting red-pilled. No argument can surprise me anymore from the left.

  • Mr. Cantave may be a fucking idiot when he equates modern black male criminals with slaves, I will agree with that. But he’s correct that whites’ celebration of Columbus is a denial of POC’s history. It’s psychologically unhealthy for them to see agents of their destruction celebrated (this includes Charlottesville.) The thing is, from a white person’s perspective, Columbus and other conquerers are heroes and founders of our civilization, wealth, and culture. Every race has heroes, and it’s unhealthy for OUR ethnicity to see our heroes insulted and denigrated. This illustrates the fundamental point of why separate societies and states are a necessity for races. This conflict will never be resolved any other way. Diversity will be a failure unless you want all culture erased from the planet.

    • Columbus is hardly a reason for black misfortune, considering he didnt even make it to the shore. If anything, a lot of cantaves today wouldnt exist without a slave trade ages ago creating demand.

  • Isn’t it amazing that ‘black culture,’ which WHITE people invented (making us their daddies since it is a reaction to European culture) is based entirely off this crybaby, effeminate, panhandling victimology that blacks proudly and shamelessly sashay, yet our women flock to them when times get tough or ‘uneventful’ in their lives?

    Don’t tell me ‘but muh majority of women don’t.’ No shit. But enough of them do to the point that all of the memes and buzzwords against any sort of rightism are spawned from this specific form of miscegenation, which just happens to be far and away the most numerous type of miscegenation – ‘insecure, small penis, BBC, inbred, trailer trash, neanderthal etc.’

    I bet even ‘muh based Aryan girl’ STILL fantasizes about being ravaged by some escaped slave. I have seen enough evidence.

    • Where I am it is just as common as WHITE man/WHITE woman couples, if seemingly more in some areas. Andre Anglin, founder and editor of The Daily Stormer writes the best articles on The Woman (problem) and articulates it how it is realistically. If anyone wants to read his stuff you can jus search “woman” in The Daily Stormer search bar and that’ll probably come up with a buncha results jus score through what you want; after you hassle a TOR browser ofcourse.

  • They honestly believe that they would be better off & not slaves still today if their ancestors were never brought here. How can they miss that logic?

  • To understand the deranged black mind you should understand cognitive distortions. Most of what blacks say are lies. That is to say it’s a distortion, as they don’t perceive reality correctly. They use emotional reasoning. What blacks feel they believe is true.

  • “It’s not society’s fault if someone is unable to defer gratification or plan out their lives according to Godly moral principles. One’s actions and attitude create corresponding consequences.”

    I don’t know what “God” has to do with discerning principles for living based on reason and experience.

    Progressives mock conservatives who get college degrees in useful subjects like business, but that just shows that conservatives know how to plan their lives better. They pick majors which make them employable right out of college so that they can start to make money in their 20’s and amount to something.

  • I’ve had it with blacks and their ridiculous, self-inflicted problems. We need to stop their constant shit-testing by just saying NO! to their demands.

  • The (((plan))) is to nullify the Constitution (2nd Amendment, most importantly), under the pretense that it was written by slave owners. The complete (((communist))) take-over will then be complete.

    • True. US constitution has been a pain in the ass of the system for a long time, and they’ll use their brainwashed poodles to build up a case for replacing it with some more “humane, inclusive, pluralistic, loving, 21st century-adjusted alternative”. It will be something like Communist fucking China.

  • Deep down in their racial being, some people know they are the servant class. They understand that their path to greatness is being subservient to other people.

    And if this servant race is given unfettered freedom, they feel mightily uncomfortable. They keep shouting “Remove the chains” even when there are none because they are a chained race, and they feel the chains and the whips even when no one is the least interested in chaining or whipping them.

    Thus, for their OWN GOOD, they would be better off enslaved. With another man setting the limits for them and reining in their base desires, a slave by birth can thrive, achieve great things, and be happy, reaching his full potential and thus can even surpass a master who fails st reining in his own wayward ways.

    The subject of this article is in pain. He longs for a master. Is it not obvious from his self-shackling? Maybe one day this country will institute voluntary slavery and give men like this a better chance at success in life.

    • Edgy, but I think has a lot of truth.

      Only marginally related, but a black /pol/ anon said:

      > Now if I accept the arguments that /pol/ puts out as fact, why should it surprise you that I would reach the same conclusions as you? YOU say x,y,z about black people and then get upset when I, a black man, say I rather not live under the rule of my race for reason x,y,z.

      And goes on to ask, how a white ethnostate would be fair when it would leave him to the rule of other blacks?

    • Want voluntary slavery? Go to University with a student loan, get a slave-wage job, purchase an over-priced house and get a car loan. Done. Slavery until you die.

    • That is why they wear ‘bling’ (heavy chains around their necks and wrists) and ‘bits’ in their mouth (grills).
      That is why they call each other BOY and NIGGA
      That is why they take a knee before ‘white supremacy’ anthems.
      That is why they become gladiators (athletes) for vomitorium bread and circuses of white baby boomer voyeurs.
      That is why they worship the whitewashed Germanic iconography of Christ.
      That is why they ‘insult’ white people by calling them CRACKERS

      They miss the whips and chains of bondage because it provided them safety from themselves.

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