Thanksgiving Week Is the Best America Has To Offer

Thanksgiving week is a wonderful time of the year.

It helps that my area is a ghost town almost year round. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of cars, but apart from some geriatrics shuffling around with their canes with their Jamaican nurses in tow to get some fresh air, you don’t see many people out in the streets.

And its a shame, really. It’s a green, leafy area. If you take a walk in any direction, you hit those green English lawns that stretch for miles in either direction. Just start walking and you can probably traverse half the country one soft lawn and one suburb sprawl at a time.

Every morning right up till December, you hear the endless humming of the leaf blowers and lawn mowers. They start right in the morning and continue until about 1 pm when Jose takes a break or something.

Then things get really quiet.

Only when Thanksgiving rolls around do you see an exception to the rule.

You see people busting around, talking loudly saying “hurry, grandpa is waiting” or something like that.

When I see the bugmen that live in my area talking like that at the Whole Foods, it strikes me as fake and contrived, done for the benefit of passerby’s like myself, but also comforting in its own way.

It’s probably because my whole area resembles a South Park parody episode that I’ve stopped taking it seriously. I even have PC bros around me now because the kids are coming back from college as well. They’re sporting their campus wear in the Whole Foods as they shop for Thanksgivings stuff. Pajama pants with the emblem of X State University jammed into Timberland boots (for the 55-degree cold front moving in) are everywhere.

Everyone is proud of being a college kid now, and they’re going to show off a bit. Plus, they’re tired of all the studying and partying and drinking and clubs. Too tuckered out to wear anything but pajamas out and about in public.

Hell, you can even get a glimpse of actual families! Together! Grandpa, mom and the kids! A quick glimpse in the wilds of the parking lot at the strip mall as they pile out of the SUV and hurry into the store.

Yes, I’ve chosen the best time to come back and I’m not piling on the snark here.

I’m being completely serious and I’ve always looked forward to Thanksgiving for these reasons.

I probably should mention that in Europe, despite the constant Ackbaring, you do have more of this kind of scene in everyday life… And it’s probably got something do with Diversity levels, as much as it does just lower levels of cultural degradation.

But I don’t want to spend the whole post talking about black pill stuff or about how shitty America is. Believe me, I know my audience. American conservatives, in particular, are very prickly about any criticism of their country. They have this knee-jerk reaction to criticisms of mass obesity, suburban sprawl, asshole cops and the glaring lack of culture in America.

Trust me when I say though, that Thanksgiving week is an expection to that rule. Thanksgiving is the closest you’ll ever get to that Norman Rockwell painting ideal of America you’ve always been looking for.

The Starbucks full of bespectacled little office grubs and frumpy women suddenly has a smattering of cute college-age girls in it. They’re almost your age, and they’re almost thin, which is a rare combo indeed.

You look past the smattering of black and brown boyfriends with the frumpy college chicks sporting uggs, X University emblazoned on their sweater on top of their push-up bra and their plain smushed faces adorned by cascading wet hair to prove that they just got out of the shower because they’re sporty and high T like the guys, bruh.

Instead, you focus on the cute kids who are suddenly out in droves with their family, doing shopping for grandma or whatever and you think about the Generation Zyklon meme and hope…

Regardless, I know many young men who are approaching Thanksgiving estranged from their families because of all their activism this year. It’s a shitty situation to find yourself in, and I can only sympathize.

But in the end, I know that the struggle will be worth it if we can a Thanksgiving-type society back and have it year round in the United States. Because its going, going, and soon to be gone. Every year, I see less of Norman Rockwell and more of Lena Dunham around this time of year.

Soon, I won’t be able to take any comfort at all in the holiday, and I know I’m not the only one. Many Americans must look around at these holiday benchmarks, which are times of reflection and compare them to holidays of yesteryear.

Are they getting better? Probably not.

Will normal people get fed up with the downward slide? I think they will.

As for you guys, take comfort and reprieve in what you can this Thanksgiving. Give thanks for the massive strides the Alt-Right has made this year, and have hope for a much brighter future…

Because we absolutely will win.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Those who have been shut out from their families for activism need our prayers and our brotherhood.

    Their families should be ashamed. Only jews rend their shirts at ideological differences with their kin.

  • The sooner White America begins to recover the language and traditions of the ancestral lands the better. Thanksgiving is the American take on the Waes Hal – to all – the health.

    In the North the days are now falling to the solstice. Another month before Sun Return in the moon of Beithe: the Birch. Waes Hal is for the time of wintercerig (winter sorrow). The Wassail Bowl is how the Waes Hal has come down to us. And the great Winter Antiphons – one of which J.R.R. Tolkien has given in a new form to the entire English speaking world.

    Eala Earendel, engla beaorhtast
    Ofer middangeard monnum sended

    Hail Dayspring, brightest of messengers over middle earth to mankind sent.

    In Tolkien’s reforging of the ancient matter of Northwest Europe – the ship of Earendel the mariner was set in the heavens to bear the Silmaril as a sign of hope.

    In the Northern winter Orion rises after sunset about mid-evening and to the north of Orion – Auriga, the Charioteer. To the ancient Anglo Saxons Earandel may quite possibly have been Capella in Auriga which rises in the north about the same time as Orion.

    For the European nations it is going to be a long winter exactly as the Anglo Saxon poets described it in poems like Deor and The Wanderer. The sooner these people begin to recover their calendar and traditions (all of them) the better able they will be to come together, live the resistance and present an unconquered spirit to their foes.

  • “American conservatives, in particular, are very prickly about any criticism of their country” Hmm, why are we? Maybe because we are sick of hearing Euro pricks bad-mouthing EVERYTHING American. Go to Europe sometime, engage with a variety of people, you will soon find that Europeans for the most part, don’t give a shit about America, they mock everything we do. Most American tourists go to Europe for culture, we go with a positive mindset and enjoy the cultural differences, yet the large part of Europeans just can’t seem to refrain from degrading us when they visit , “Eww, this Hershey bar sucks, you call that chocolate? Well in my Country it’s MUCH BETTER!” Long story short, if you expect a wonderful welcome while traveling abroad, you best stay home.

    • Jeez man, maybe you should put down the sugary snacks while you’re traveling in Europe and stop giving Americans a bad reputation.

      • I don’t mean to interrupt your chat with Sam Hydeaway, Mr. Law, but I have some questions: What was it like visiting the Donetsk People’s Republic? Did you visit Luhansk as well? It’s not everyday one gets to visit a Ukrainian proto-state so I’ll be happy to hear soon

    • need a larger scale to make such a generalization imo but you sure get a lot of that from RT. mostly muzzies but russians europeans and australians all get it on it as well

    • Even my most PC-est of friends admitted to me that after two years of living in France (real France, in the countryside) she was sick of it as the French weren’t very nice to non French speakers. The truth is Anglos have freedoms that the French couldn’t handle. And we’ve pulled their chestnuts out of the fire too many times. They’re jealous.

  • Huge problem with what Kunstler is talking about is negros and other assorted feral races all over our urban spaces. How are Americans going to live closer together when that means walking down streets full of groids? What about schools? How are White women going to take sleeper trains from coast to coast (like people do in civilized nations) and accept being put in a coupe with groids?

      • In many parts of America it was the desegregation of the cities that caused the ethnic cleansing of Whites. Places like California have no excuses though. Maybe the American Dream? Which turned out to be just that, a dream, that nowadays people have to be high on opiods or legal cannabis to endure.

        Many Whites are returning to the cities to reclaim them. Of course this is racism for the Blacks who took the best parts of our cities have ethnically cleansing us. The coming fights will be glorious.

      • What do you think of the theory put forward in Slaughter of Cities by E. Michael Jones

        Keeping in mind his bias, cucked views, etc.

    • Cantwell isn’t a good example of what you’re talking about, he’s been a hardcore libertarian for a long time before he met the Alt-Right, if anything we offered him a far less misanthropic way of thinking

  • Brian Williams’ daughter appeared on GIRLS or some whore TV show, and got a ‘rimjob’.

    Williams is proud of his girl.

    Emma Sulkowicz acted like a total fool and then even made a porny video as ‘art project’. Her mother beamed with pride and gave her full support. She is half Jewish and half Chinese.

    A society is defined largely by its main or core themes. The themes of America in the past were noble: liberty, freedom, individuality, independence, morality, family, church, tradition, honor, responsibility, pride earned than demanded, rule of law. The stuff you see in SANDS OF IWO JIMA and IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE.
    The US didn’t live up to these principles at all times and even violated them seriously, but those were the governing principles. And the US moved toward fulfilling them. Also, there was a balance between change and conservation, between individual freedom and common good.

    Now, what are the themes” Diversity? That is neither good nor bad. It’s just a condition. The notion that Diversity is some kind of automatic good is absurd. “Inclusion’? No nation can survive by just including anyone, especially hostile masses of morons.
    ‘Gay pride’? First, what is so proud about homo behavior or tranny nonsense? Slut Pride? Really? Some fat hag who took gender classes in college wearing no bras is something to be proud of? There aren’t any noble themes anymore.
    The main spiritual theme is Homo Worship and Magic Negro.
    The main icons are Negro thug, homo narcissist, nasty bitch with ;pussy hat’, and Diversity leeches who left their own nation to live off whitey. They are pests.
    Or WE LOVE ISRAEL. What does Israel have to do with gentiles who make up 98% of Americans? And why should US support Zionist occupation of West Bank?
    And main aesthetics is tattoos and piercings. So ugly and hideous and trashy.

    Thematically, US has become a nuthouse.
    To be sure, there are still people with Silent Morality. They are ignored and mocked by the Media and Entertainment industry. Also, even progs with terrible stated ideologies contribute most to society when they act like normal decent human beings with conservative values. I mean Ivy League colleges are filled with progs, but my guess is that most of those kids had parents who cared to make them study and act responsible in school.

    If it weren’t for Silent Morality that still lend balance to the US, this nation would sink.

    • To some extent, this is not the fault of the liberals. Evangelicals make a burden out of themselves, as do many other Christians. You have to watch what you say to them, because they are more intolerant than the Left. They are a pain in the neck to be around and so we can’t blame people for not wanting to attend church. It used to be viewed as a form of entertainment, as was attendance at town hall meetings. Now church is simply some place I don’t want to be. I’m better off reading books.

  • The alt-righters didn’t “find” themselves alone for the holidays. YOU ENTICED AND MISLED THEM INTO BREAKING THEIR FAMILIES’ CODE OF CONDUCT. Those men are lonely all year long, BECAUSE OF *YOU*! And they’re right where you want them. You claim to be pro-family, but hardly any of your followers have families. And those who do are your sharpest and most influential critics. That’s why you want to un-domesticate the alts – it’s easier than convincing those men to put you ahead of their loved ones.

    • You have it backwards, shill. Their families decided to pledge allegiance to PC instead of their own flesh and blood. They preferred social approval over family approval.

      Don’t know anyone who slammed the door and yelled “fuck you, dad!”

      No, it was their boomer parents who threw a tantrum.

      As usual, you have no understanding of cause and effect. You see thousands of angry young white men and point the finger at us. When in reality we are simply the result of thousands of angry young men, not its cause.

      The cause is you.

      But don’t worry, thanks to all that extra social estrangement, more and more young men are now fully committed with nowhere to retreat to.

      You’ve created life-long warriors who are implacably set upon exacting just retribution on you and your ilk.

      Give thanks that we simply haven’t hit critical mass yet.

      • We haven’t seen my kids in ten years. I don’t even have a phone number for either one of them anymore. We would be happy to have angry young men visit us in San Diego. Sometimes family is what you create, not who you are related to by blood. Just look at the Mormons. Most of their families are screwed up and so they become members of the church.

          • The vast majority of the far right / alt right people I know have families and jobs. You’re just projecting your own beta male incel life on to us.

          • Ummm . . . Nazi? I included the halfway normal alts in my comment, “And those who do are your sharpest and most influential critics.”

            I suspect most of those alts are older – over the age of 40 in a lot of instances, and definitely over the age 30. During those years of pre-alt adulthood, they’ve erected defenses against corruption by gangs like this one. They’re the folks who stay home from “Unite the Right”, partly because they really DO have to work, but partly also because experience has taught them to avoid mobs. They’re the “activists” who will NEVER come out from behind their screen names and who will NEVER send their hard-earned money to Spencer, the man-boy with enabling millionaires for parents. Within the alt-right, there *are* those functional, domesticated “unicorns in the garden”, but I still HIGHLY doubt they’re a prototypical alt. These comments pages are proof of that. Just scroll up and read Melinda Santa Cruz’s comment! She’s a woman over 50 who’s missing out on the prime of her kid’s lives and, probably, her grandkids’ childhoods. That’s failure personified.

          • Good answers, Vincent. With leaders emerging and bubbling such as Donald Trump in the U.S., Vladimir Putin in Russia who is becoming more vocal about the Eupean Plight and it’s future, I think the next step for WHITE people could be more in benefit to their part.

          • You would be throwing a fit if the roles were reversed and the parents kicked out their kids for coming back from college and declaring their support for gay rights or god forbid coming out of the closet.

            You would be baying for the blood of the based granny or pappy who had the stones to tell their kids to cut that shit out.

            But when the shoe is on the other foot, we have to hear all about poor gran having to hear things she doesn’t like coming from the grandkids and the hypocrisy is so ripe that it’s almost time for a massive reaping.

          • You’re right. That IS appalling to me. When I read about how Derek Black got shunned by his family, I felt a tremendous level of sorrow for him. Why? Because all he did was open his heart and mind to other people. He still loves his relatives. And your deadly “Unite the Right” rally had caused him to fear for their safety. Derek hadn’t become *more* antisocial, like your alt-right minions do. He’d become better educated and *less* antisocial. A decent family would be proud that Derek is surpassing them personally, academically, and, now, professionally. I greatly admire his enduring love for a family of ungrateful narcissists.


          • No, you don’t. You would still label him as a ‘racist’ because white people cannot be reformed. Just admit you SJW barflies are here because you are obsessed with race. You are fascinated by nationalists because they say the things you wouldn’t dare speak, but most importantly because all that ‘love’ and ‘caring’ you have to offer via passé virtue-signaling gets buried in the mountains of fellow leftist and angry minority screeds.

  • ? Just read an article that says the pilgrims wanted Thanksgiving to be just like a jewish feast sokkot (?/sp)

    Another infiltration. Laying claim to our ancestors history. All the while pushing to end Thanksgiving because it’s “offensive”.

    The holiday is losing it’s gleam. It just isn’t the same. We are celebrating what was, not what is. Whenever I am out shopping for our feast all I see are White people. Never non-whites. So, by my golden years Thanksgiving may not be celebrated. This is why I am Alt Right! I want to change the direction we are all going!

    • The reason I hate nonwhite immigrants is not because of the color of their skin. It is because they have no allegiance to our country, no knowledge of or care about our culture, history, or heritage. They are only out for what they get and don’t appreciate or even know about the blood our ancestors shed for them to be here. Our mayor is from Lebanon and a Republican. He has been airing ads on T.V. claiming that diversity is our strength. How dare he?

      • I immigrants (or children of) have made their way to the conservative side. I ask what is it that they are conserving? It’s contradictory. Weren’t there 2 border patrol agents killed by illegals crossing the border. The agents had hispanic last names & the article said they didn’t even shoot at the illegals. I am sure it was because they identified with them, had a connection because they were all mexicans. So in turn the illegals killed them…..with ROCKS! Yep, diversity is our strength, makes sense! I wish people would underatand that each race will feel more empathy for their own before fighting for our country & enforcing the laws.

      • Agreed. He should be thanking the ancestors of white people that built the nation that gave him shelter. Not suggesting every Mexican trannie is the equal or better of a 10th generation American.

    • “The first Thanksgivings on U.S. soil were Catholic.
      The American History books we studied as youth pretend that Colonial American History is exclusively what happened in the thirteen New England colonies. This ignores an enormous part of reality – our Catholic History. Little attention is paid to the epic northward advance by Spanish pioneers into the southern tier of States reaching from Florida across Texas and New Mexico to California, today called the Spanish Borderlands.

      The first two Thanksgivings in the present day United States were actually Catholic. The Pilgrims can only claim a third one, a correction I suggest should be made in school history books.

      The first Thanksgivings were celebrated by Spanish explorers, not pilgrims. It is Florida that today proudly claims the first Thanksgiving, with a feast and celebration between the Spanish and Timucuan Indians on September 8, 1565, 56 years before the Mayflower landed at Plymouth in 1621. Therefore, St. Augustine – and not Jamestown – is the first permanent European settlement and oldest city in North America. Another correction for many history books.”
      The Spanish monarchy made the defense and propagation of the Catholic Faith the supreme aim of the State. In the instructions given to Oñate, the Crown clearly stated the primary goal of the expedition was to initiate conversion of the “many large settlements of heathen Indians who live in ignorance of God and our Holy Catholic Faith … so that they might have an orderly and decent Christian life.”
      After three long years of extremely costly delays, Don Oñate, age 43, set out from Santa Barbara, the most northern Spanish outpost in Mexico, on January 26, 1598. He aimed to establish a short, direct route due northward through 200 miles of Chihuahuan desert, a trail would later become part of the famous El Camino Real. The sprawling train he led was reported to spread out for three miles in length. It was a formidable sight: some 500-600 men, 175 of them soldiers, many of them in armor, 83 ox-carts, 26 wagons and carriages, and over 7,000 head of livestock.
      Oñate ordered a temporary church to be constructed with a nave large enough to hold the entire camp. Under those boughs, on April 30, 1598, the feast day of the Ascension of Our Lord, the Te Deum was sung and the Franciscans celebrated a solemn high Mass, the first Thanksgiving celebration in our lands.
      The moment had arrived for La Toma, the formal ceremony of taking possession of new land, a ritual that was both secular and religious in nature. It was a triumphant moment for Don Oñate and his Spanish priests, soldiers and colonists who had suffered much and seen their expedition often at the point of perishing. The Army drew up in formation on horseback, each man in polished armor. Don Oñate stepped forward to read the official proclamation:
      “In the name of the most Holy Trinity … I take possession of this whole land this April 30, 1598, in honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ, on this day of the Ascension of Our Lord ….”

  • Thanksgiving has lost something because Americans now tend to overeat every day of the year, and not just on holidays.

    Though I wonder why the Happy Merchants haven’t deconstructed this holiday, like they have done to every other healthy, organic institution in this country. HM’s don’t seem thankful for their good fortune as guests in a traditionally white nation. Instead they nurture grievances against the people who gave them refuge because, for example, our great-grandparents refused to let their great-grandparents join white country clubs.

    And no, I did not make this up, even though it sounds nuts. Steve Sailer has documented this grievance on his blog from prominent HM’s own pronouncements.

    So why should HM’s, many of whom cry all the way to the bank, feel thankful on this holiday, when in general they scorn and contemn their hosts?

    • Half a million Puerto Ricans are going to be landing in Florida in the next few years. I will write to Trump and tell him we should not have to take in more refugees, legal immigrants, or the Dreamers because of it. What a hellhole Florida is going to be. It’s discouraging.

      • Having lived in Florida last year for six months, I cannot believe how that state functions. I do not understand how our territory laws do either. You would think that all Puerto Ricans would immediately leave for the mainland since it guarantees them a vote, better welfare and safety since they already have citizenship.

    • It should be a rite of manhood that every white American male is taken before a council of his kin and required to swear an oath to detect, denounce and deny all jewry and to shun those who do not do the same.

      Every white American female should similarly promise at her debut to society that she will always close her ears and eyes to jewish lies and raise her children to honour God and the the truth and their ancestors.

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