The NPI Weekend Catastrophe/Success And Alt-Right Sit-Rep

NPI was this weekend. It began on Sunday and didn’t get very far. It was shut down almost immediately. This was after the Ronald Reagan building had also refused to host the event, after initially agreeing to, citing security concerns.

Now, for the second venue, NPI had cleverly masked itself through a proxy corporation and sold it as a corporate event. The owner, who was there, started to put two and two together as the event started to gain steam and immediately decided to pull the plug.

But our guys didn’t budge.

They gave the kvetching SOB a choice. Back down, or refund the cost of the entire event. Long story short, we got our money back and did away with the conference part. It was mostly young men anyway who knew the material by heart. We switched to party mode.

After being denied service at yet another place, a grill restaurant in Alexandria, /ourguys/ decided to fall back on ol’ reliable.

We went to the Tolerance Loft and the surrounding Airbnb places and called up Big Papa.

I am of course referring to Papa John’s. 

The only pizza fully approved and supported by the Alt-Right.

Once Papa was in the house, the party finally got underway.

But I’ll leave the details of the party for another time. Suffice it to say, a good time was had by all.

On the minds of many of the attendees and I am sure on the minds of many readers of this site was concern about the direction the movement is going.

In other words, post-Charlottesville, what is the plan?

Well, it’s quite simple.

We have switched to the planning and prep phase now for stage 2 now.

Post-Charlottesville we have come under sustained attack from Silicon Valley and all of our financial infrastructure, as well as our communication infrastructure is in shambles.

As an example, the paywall content that we launched earlier this month was taken down again because Stripe booted us (we’re back up now). So no new subscribers. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Meanwhile, Twitter is planning a full shut down of CrimeThink, and other platforms like Youtube are already in open war against us.  Doxes are coming in hard and fast on our members, but for the most part, they’ve managed to weather that storm well enough.

You wouldn’t believe how many young men we have putting themselves on the line for cause as unsung heroes.

If you did, it would probably put you in awe, just like it does me everytime I attend a meet-up or event and cure you of any pre-2017 black pill residue thoughts you might have.

Still, it’s not easy for any of us. The battering hasn’t let up, and its still coming at us from all sides.

In that sense, we’re like the Palestinians – under siege and surrounded on all sides by a technologically superior and genocidal enemy. Just like them, we’ve had to get tougher under pressure, resort to guerrilla actions and figure out alternative ways to resupply.

We learned some lessons about dealing with the media after the Vice media article (hopefully) and our skewering in the MSM.

We immediately switched to flash mob tactics, instead of easily infiltrated mass rallies.

And we are constantly figuring out alternative ways to get money flowing into the organization. This is the most crucial part. Our volunteers are stretched thin and have been at this for the better part of a year. If you haven’t noticed, 2017 has been a massive year because of all the stunts we pulled off, all the rapid consolidation we did and all the media projects we launched.

But it’s a double-edged sword. We are now a household name, but that means we can’t rent a venue anymore without being sneaky about it. And we will have to be even sneakier to be able to finish the event in the future.

We’re basically running around putting out one fire after another, and still managing to fight the good fight.

So ask not what the Alt-Right is doing, but what you can do for the Alt-Right.

We’re cash-strapped, so send some money if you can.

We need capable and talented activists, so get involved IRL if you can.

We need more content creators and propagandists, so start memeing if you can.

And take time to come out to these conferences if you can. You’ll see the faces of the people down there in the trenches with you- your comrades.

It’s the easiest place in the world to make red-pilled goy friends.

Especially since we just skip to the afterparty nowadays anyway!


PS. Remember when I mentioned money earlier?

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • I’ve been trying to compile a list of the most God-awful human beings, if that’s what the are, to have domiciled on our once-beautiful land. But I need the help of white nationalists in explaining what this fauna has in common?
    Harvey Weinstein
    Nathan Glazer
    David Susskind
    Woody Allen
    Mark Halperin
    George Soros
    John Lasseter
    Abe Foxman
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Deborah Lipstadt
    Norman Mailer
    Saul Alinsky
    Betty Friedan
    Mark Helprin
    Allen Ginsberg
    A. M. Rosenthal
    Allard Lowenstein
    William Shawn
    Chuck Schumer
    Perry Stein
    Lawrence Rosenthall
    Laura Greenblatt
    Jason Kessler
    Jamie Weinstein
    Yair Rosenberg
    Sonia Pressman
    Gloria Steinem
    Andrew Sorkin
    David Rothkopf
    Reuben Brigeton
    Michael Chabon
    Julius Krein
    Ayelet Waldman
    Simon Shauma
    Irwin Stelzer
    Lisa Friedman
    Rosalind Helderman
    Jamie Dimon
    Dean Skedos
    Sheldon Silver
    David Wildstein
    David Greffen
    Tom Haydon
    Alfred Knopf
    Ellen Weintraub
    Eliot Cohen
    Ezekiel Emanuel
    Kahlen Rosenblatt
    John Oakes
    Andrew Stein
    Dan Simon
    Jeffrey Zucker
    Anne Ondre
    Robert Shapiro
    Annika Hernroth-Rlothstein
    Julie Eilperin
    Carl Bernstein
    Alex Rosenberg
    Howard Finkelstein
    Noam Chomsky
    Nick Schifirin
    David Rubenstein
    Brian Aherne
    Jeffrey Goldberg
    Adam W. Goldberg
    Noah Rothman
    Abe Greenwald
    John Podhoretz
    Richard Cohen
    Susan Sontag
    Jon Ossoff
    David Corn
    Tommy Chook
    Allan Lichtman
    David Bondeman
    Steve Rattner
    Hilda Hershkoviz
    Michael Lerner
    Jonathan Greenblatt
    Noah Berlatsky
    Joel Finkelstein
    Lloyd Blankfein
    Saul David
    Julie Adams
    Ethan Berman
    Irwin Seltzer
    Howard Millstein
    Jared Bernstein
    Rod Rosenstein
    David Rothkopf
    Amy Goldstein
    Jennifer Steinhauer
    Uri Friedman
    Yuval Levin
    Walter Isaacson
    Jason Horovitz
    Stu Rothenberg
    Jared Bernstein
    Yuval Levin
    William Kristol
    Sidney Blumenthal
    Arthur Rosenthal
    Ben Shapiro
    Arthur O. Sulzberger
    David Goldman
    Hadas Gold
    Richard Rothstein
    Philip Roth
    Michael Signer
    Donna Zuckerberg
    Michelle Goldberg
    Noah Feldman
    Jonathan Bernstein
    Rod Rosenstein
    David Brooks [sic]
    George Weinberg
    Gerhard Weinberg
    Norton Mezvinsky
    Josua Green
    Stanley Cohen
    Michael Lesher
    George Weinberg
    Matvei Berman
    Yakov Rappaport
    Mark Berman
    David Edelstein
    David Rosenberg
    Ethan Epstein
    Linda Blumberg
    Pearlstein (?)
    Heidi Beirich
    Max Boot
    Jed Sundenj
    Yehuday Finkelstein
    Lorraine Silverstein
    Michael Getler
    Samuel Rosen
    Norma Eisen
    Glenn Greenwald
    David Lowenthal
    Zalman Shapiro
    Abe Feinberg
    Paul Greenberg
    Jacob Blumenfeld
    Ken Stern
    Richard Blumnthal
    Rachel Cohen
    Michelle Friedland
    Ken Stern
    Rachel Maddow
    Barbra Steisand
    Peter Wehner
    Amy Bishop
    Stanley Greenberg
    Ari Schulman
    Michael Isaacson
    Hayley Greftman
    Jennifer Weiner
    Roberta Kaplan
    Rob Stein
    David Frum
    Michael Goldberg
    Howard Milstein
    David Miliband
    Jennifer Rubin
    Sarah Botstein
    Norton Simon
    Laura Loomer
    Jonathan Lerner
    Ethan Epstein
    Timothy Naftali
    Ronald Lauder
    David Cohen
    Michael Bloomberg
    Michael Mark Cohen
    Jesse Singal
    Eric Heilberg
    Annie Leibovitz
    Stephen Greenblatt
    Noah Rothman
    Michael Dominy
    Abraham Denmark
    David Rubenstein
    Gary Cohn
    David Shulkin
    Murray Pulaski
    Peter Wehner
    Amy Bishop
    Stanley Greenberg
    Ari Schulman
    Michael Isaacson
    Hayley Greftman
    Jennifer Weiner
    Roberta Kaplan
    Rob Stein
    David Frum
    Michael Goldberg
    Howard Milstein
    Jennifer Rubin
    Sarah Botstein
    Norton Simon
    Laura Loomer
    Jonathan Lerner
    Ethan Epstein
    Timothy Naftali
    Ronald Lauder
    David Cohen
    Michael Bloomberg
    Michael Mark Cohen
    Jesse Singal
    Eric Heilberg
    Annie Leibovitz
    Stephen Greenblatt
    Noah Rothman
    Michael Dominy
    Abraham Denmark
    David Rubenstein
    Gary Cohn
    David Shulkin
    Philip Rahv
    Norbert Schlei
    Henry Kissinger

    others to follow

  • The Alt-Right really needs to start looking at what the National Alliance did. They bought some land and built a community. Save your shekels and buy some land. Build a large building so you can have conferences on private property.

      • The charismatic leader passed away, successors were an advisory board that broke up over who got the money. There is a remnant now that is rebuilding. The land and place is still there

      • Everyone knows it fell apart after William Pierce died, but Pierce was truly brilliant and contributed so much more intellectually in his lifetime than the Eurasianist dilettante Richard Spencer probably ever will. I pegged Richard for a cuck as soon as I read that he’s had *multiple* Asian girlfriends and was ‘mentored’ by (((Paul Gottfried))) – why did he marry a Bolshevik Georgian mongrel?

        I mean, is it true or not that Richard’s partially Jewish via his maternal lineage? I believe it is. At least William Pierce was 100% pure old stock WASP and not a crypto-kike.

  • Think of the large number of pizza delivery boys who have been cheated, robbed, assaulted, shot, and even killed doing their jobs. Those encounters are good reasons to believe that the altright has considerable institutional support in the fast food industry.

  • This is the first NPI conference I’ve missed, and I was sorry that I did. It was destined to become an “adventure” at least on the scale of the last two- sounds like it was!
    I will have fun listening in absentia, but it just doesn’t beat being a part of it. I can picture exactly what it was like for the attendees to stand up to the venue!
    As always, my love and absolute respect for all you do, even when I have misgivings about tactics- I seriously respect who I am dealing with here.
    People who put their ass on the line standing up for me and mine.

  • How many alt-righters showed up at your last event? 5? 6?

    Yeah, you’re really going to take over America. LMAO.

  • I still can’t figure if I could do more for the Alt-Right by posing as a vehement anti-white pro-immigration activist. These people deserve a toast for all that they do to fuel our movement.

    • Accelerationism is best thing you can do. Join lefty or come up with most retarded anti-white ideas and projects, tell your colleagues that they aren’t doing enough, accuse them of racism. It’s fun steady job with good pay.

  • Host it in a public venue where there won’t be antifa, like in Oklahoma or Tennessee. This was a totally avoidable embarrassment. If the Reagan building illegally cancelled the contract, file a law suit.

  • I’m a WN with an honest question. The articles states that the Alt-Right is “cash strapped”. Yet Richard Spencer himself comes from a millionaire, land-holding family, of which he has access. Also, William Regnery III funds the NPI, and he too is of a millionaire background. So how is it that the NPI is “cash strapped”? No one ever states what the yearly operating costs are, or how much – exactly that millionaires Richard Spencer and William Regnery III contribute. Why not?

    • That’s right. And Vincent Law claims he’s in personal contact with the CEO of Papa Johns. He also claims that the fast-food industry supports the alt-right. So, why not hit those guys up for some “shekels”? I smell alt-BS.

    • I’m sure Richard would be drained fast if he took it all on himself. I think he /is/ taking it mostly on himself. Let’s hope that he can recoup some money from lawsuit wins, that it isn’t only costs.

  • I like the move to flash mob demos at last under 10 minutes – show up in Alt Right fast dress with co ordinated flags and banners at say an SEC college football game. The thug/rapist players are all Black but the fans are mostly all White.

    I attended a successful Alt Right conference, dinner syndicated radio show in Memphis it came off fine.

    But I like the idea of disguising the location until the last minute and doing a meetup.

    How about meeting at say Chicago’s Trump Tower early on a Saturday then charting a high end bus to go to a location an hour outside of Chicago. I really like to use Amtrack trains and the towns going toward Iowa are safe and still White.

    Jack Ryan

  • If there are any goys out there with some money and a big piece of property, especially on the east coast but anywhere is good too, we’ll need to eventually build a private venue for conferences in the future. Also if you are a good cook and would be good at catering, start a alt-right catering business.

    • I own a very largr ranch, but it’s five hours from Wichita, five from Denver, and 4 from Santa Fe (4.5 from ABQ)

        • The spirit of the Manson family entered me that night, and toyed with the idea of killing for a thrill , I followed the cat lady from the nation into the bathroom thinking, maybe ill stab her in the neck with a broken wine glass.. as a prank.

  • Perhaps some sort of elitist vanguard is necessary, as Richard Spencer has been suggesting lately, but his lectures and podcasts still come across as very snobbish and esoteric, which is a huge turnoff to a lot of people.

    Maybe that’s the style he prefers or he is playing to a niche audience and nothing more. Ok, fine.

    Some of his associates are very intelligent, but a lot of their confidence is unearned.

    Trump is as big of a snob as it gets, but he earned it from an entire lifetime of building and transitioning into other fields, and still earns it every day by letting people mercilessly trash him while he fires back without fear or remorse.

    White nationalism is rising regardless.

    • I respectfully disagree with you on your first few points. The only person on this podcast that I’ve found to be snobbish (and unbearably pretentious) is Hannibal Bateman. In fact he’s killing me. AltRight Politics is golden when they stick to Selite, Ritter, Camillo, and Spencer . All four of those guys are obviously very intelligent and educated, but I think they do a fantastic job of making complex ideas palatable and understandable to those of us who are not nearly as schooled on matters of history, foreign policy, etc. They’ve also got good senses of humor, and that helps prevent the show from being too dry and overly academic.

      This is one of the more intellectually-driven podcasts in the AR, and I sincerely hope it stays that way. There are far too many pointless, meatheaded AR podcasts out there. If we’re going to win minds then podcasts like this are a must.

  • An Alt-Right credit union might be both useful, and potentially funny, if anyone has a background in banking. We obviously need a parallel banking system.

    Also, the comment system tells me to ‘Please match the requested format’ for my name, when submitting the comment – there is no ‘requested format,’ please repeatedly hit it with a hammer until it works properly.

  • You must sue the Ronald Reagan building for refusing to allow the conference.

    Can you imagine the building denying service to a Jewish or Black group because protesters threaten violence?

    You need to sue and sue big.

    • This. If we don’t make noise when they step on us, they will keep stepping on us and it will be ok in the eyes of the normies. If we protest under their own social/civic rules, we make them either capitulate or show their hand to the world. Either way, we win.

  • Ooooh, the infighting! I LOVE IT! Look, alts, you’ve had a year to earn the public’s acceptance. And you’ve failed. Like Roy Moore, who got banned from the mall, you have repeatedly shown the public how deceptive, violent, and dysfunctional you are. You had to scam your way into last weekend’s conference. When your hosts evicted you, you didn’t keep working on your “objectives”. Instead, you had a “party”. Papa Johns has rejected your “endorsement” of their pizza. All of you are divorced, estranged from your families, convicted felons, school dropouts, marginally employed, unemployed, or somewhat “normal” and COMPLETELY unwilling to be “out” alt. Society’s winners WON’T join you losers. So, my advice is to you is this: Bum around the Internet, like you’ve done for years, and abandon all hope of mainstreaming. You’ll NEVER be pillars of the community, and your low social status is entirely your fault. It’s time to stop chasing your delusions of “future triumph”.

    • It is true that most American Alt-Right men are incels who’ve never been in a romance and never will unless they leave the movement. That’s one of the main reasons why they hate women so much. (White Sharia, etc.)

          • No there isn’t. MGTOW is not alt-Right. The MGTOW view is that women are uneducable psychopaths. Of course, anyone who believes this would eventually come to the conclusion that women are unfit mothers who should not be allowed to raise their own sons. Rather, youths should be instructed in morals and culture by faggot pederasts. Girls, being nation-wrecking psychopaths in the making, would never be taught to read, in order to prevent them being yet more efficacious in their destruction. These ignorant women would of course be unfit companions, and men would seek intimacy with their “friends.”. Let’s be honest about what MGTOW is: promotion of faggotry.

            We have some actual homosexuals in our movement, but so far as I can tell, none of them are near as much of a threat as these MGTOW creeps. So far as I can tell, they put their race ahead of their sexual agenda.

            Now, I could have sworn you admitted up thread that multiculturalism is going to have a “dark side” for Whites. My question for you is this? Why do you support anti-White policies?

        • When are you going to apologize to Lexi for insulting your own Alt-Right women? Is that on your to do list, Handsome Man?

          • See, that right there is not something a heterosexual says to another man. Just admit you’re gay. Why else would you say something so strange? More over, why else would invade this infamous site? You just want male attention, like a woman.

          • Well, that is the same person who suggested he(xe?) had a lot more experience with oral sex when I suggested he(zer?) go to reddit and eat a whole bag of dicks.

          • This faggot is just like every other illiterate blogger… They cannot comprehend that this movement does not fit a profile. They think every alt righter is some hideous, unemployable social misfit like him. Almost every post sounds like it could be his inner monologue projecting. Lol I’ll give these creeps some props for having such a monopoly on being perverts.

          • The reason I call you Handsome Man is because you boasted on another thread that women always come up and tell you how handsome you are. Now I wasn’t born yesterday so I know that ain’t true, but hey, who am I tell to tell a reject he ain’t handsome? 😀

    • The only reason there’s some sort of lag from the current white base is because the majority of whites have yet to feel the downside of a multicultural America. Once we’re a minority and the side effects become MORE pronounced this will become INEVITABLE. Go watch videos of the students at Evergreen chimping…… educated whites aren’t going to bend over and take shit like this for much longer.

      • Generation Z has felt the downside of multicultural America with a sharp increase in anti-White “social justice” propaganda and forced diversification of elementary and high schools.

      • If what you said is true (it’s not, obviously) then why aren’t the majority of whites in Mexico racist? They’re just as anti-racist as white liberals in America despite being a tiny minority. Explain that.

        • Because mexico has never been a white country you goober……. also mexico is a sewer, I would question the sanity of any white person living there

          • Who the shit cares if Mexico was a white country? You just said that when whites are a minority they become racist. This is demonstrably false, as my Mexico example proves.

          • There’s a difference between living in another culture and having your OWN displaced you fucking faggot

          • LOL the White and Castizo Mexican elite can’t dump enough of their Mestizo population on the US fast enough.

        • you can sit here and think of exceptions till the cows come home but the exceptions prove the general rule. Race is a real phenomenon regardless if you like it or not.

      • I think you underestimate the amount of shit educated whites will take before doing anything about it. Toronto is now 51% non white and white normies are just as sound asleep now as they were a decade ago. If your plan to win, is normies waking up and demanding mass deportations and an ethnostate you’ve already lost.

        You guys are much better off consolidating your numbers in one area and pushing for secession there where you have local political power, but you morons refuse to leave muh merica behind, even though it left you fools behind a long time ago. Trump won and WN is about to go mainstream though… smdh.

    • I called Big Papa up on my phone literally yesterday and got his full support. He said to me and I quote, “don’t let those lying k*kes get you down, you know that I love you guys.”

      You don’t what you’re talking about, we have deep institutional support from the fast food industry and its not even a well-kept secret at this point.

    • I love you fanboys. You come here and spend your time and effort to get our attention. If we are such scum, what does that make you? Bottom feeder?

    • Fuk off kike. Its obvious you fucks are scared by how hard you try to demean us. Insult all you want, its your side who is the degenerate filth supporting all sorts of mentall illnesses such as homosexuality and gender confusion and trying to make them superheros. You have no moral high ground, period. We support traditional family values, which more and more people are starting to wish they hadnt thrown away. In the long run, lies, like the holohoax, or all races being equal, cave and crumble. And so will your mudblood tranny empire as well.

    • LOL we got a reality tv star elected, while you couldn’t even buy the presidency with Saudi money, so I think we’re doing pretty good.

      Plus Trump cornered Hollywood, professional sports and the corporate media with a little help from his alt right friends, and now every office, studio and locker room is afraid to be possess SJWs from fear of having his magnum opus suddenly becoming the contents of his pillow talk with jaded coworkers from decades earlier.

      The best part is that Trump isn’t Hitler. He is Bismarck. The first course of a long feast. It’s going to be a generation of turmoil for you wannabe elitists.

  • You fucking incompetent morons.

    Tell me one fucking thing you have achieve other them making the entire populace HATE you and anyone who associates with you? You retards have created more ANTIFA wannabes then one can count, the precedents you are causing are dangerous.

    What’s next, some guy is refused medical treatment cause his part of the Alt-right?

  • Only people who are active one way or the other should be even allowed to post here. This is in total line with American history. When Jamestown was founded, only those who worked and contributed to the community, were allowed to eat.

    Strictly verboten should be any posting which calls on others, explicitly or indirectly, to do this or that unless the poster can demonstrate that he is himself contributing one thing or the other to the cause. You either do something or you should have no voice.

    • I married a white Western woman and made white Western children to carry on our genes and our culture. That’s more than a typical alt-righter has done, and much more than a typical alt-right “leader” has done. Best of luck with your sterile movement. Go fap to some chink porn and give all your shekels to a personality cult leader.

  • Step 1) The LARPing has to be purged.
    Step 2) An official platform. Being a household name does no good if the Alt-right is a collaboration of ideas with only being white in common, the media will just feast on this. Start addressing policies. (This step will also rid the LARPers.)
    Step 3) Big names within the movement need to start getting on MSM shows…think Tucker Carlson. If all these stupid liberal professors and Antifa can manage to land a spot on his show, I’m sure someone from the Alt-right can.
    Step 4) Most will not like this, but focusing on Charlottesville. It’s over. Time to stop thinking about it like a Boomer in his glory days.

    • Tucker Carlson is the merchant right of mainstream media. He is a cuck that has been destroyed on key pro-white issues because he refuses to state the truth.

      Larpers have done nothing wrong. Stop being a fucking cuck on muh optics. You want to know what is going on, go look at pol. Nazis, identitarians and Pro-White advocates are labelling the Alt-right and Richard Spencer controlled opposition because he is kowtowing to the left just like cuckservatives. You don’t win by bowing down to your enemy, you lose.

      The Anti-Larper and Anti-Nazi will be the end of the Alt Right.

      • its all about time and place. live events to recruit normies has to be slick but these people claiming everything is larping are starting to show their cuck side

      • when a wave of anti Spencer /pol/ threads come , there’s often accusations from some posters that this is deliberate d&c by leftist shills.

        I’m not sure about that, more likely it’s just paranoid crabs in the bucket who love tearing down anyone that isn’t part of their group, or anyone who facefags. When asked “what are YOU doing to help?” or “okay, can you name one public figure in the alt right (they hate that term) or just “right” who ISN’T controlled oppo being run by the FBI?” the answer to both is usually silence

      • I actually think Tucker would have Richard come on the show. And who cares if Tuck is “merchant right,” it’s about introducing people like Spencer to the broader audience. Honestly, what’s to lose?

    • I question those who accuse others of larping. This is optics whining or possibly shilling. We are Nazis. We can stop wearing swastikas, stop using german terms, and to them, we are still Nazis. Its better to desensitize the public from giving a shit about swastikas than it is to try to be politically correct about how we protest political correctness. I would rather be a proud Nazi than a hypocrite.

      • Heh! Yeah. Good luck with that. What’s next? “Desensitizing” the public from burning crosses? Gas chambers? Internment camps? Try that, and you’ll get caged, just like Cantwell was. And a proud Nazi would NOT hide under a screen name. They’d put their name and location on their garbage, just like Hitler did.

    • Jared Taylor does Amren Conferences at a state park in Tennessee. This is because Amren 2009 was cancelled last minute at a hotel conference center.

      The government can’t refuse rentals because of free speech issues. Spencer needs to hold NPI events at a City/County/State/Federal building. I believe the problem with the Reagan Building which Dick Spencer has rented before is it is some weird public/private partnership, not a wholly public government building.

      • “The government can’t refuse rentals because of free speech issues. ”

        I respond: except now the government is doing just that and sighting “security concerns”. The Michigan Supreme Court ruled it was OK for the Detroit News to libel The Political Cesspool talk show host James Edwards – the rag called Edwards a Ku Klux Klan “leader” because he interviewed David Duke 40 years after Duke left the Klan and Edwards seemed to share many of the views of KKK members (opposition to homo marriage equality, opposition to open borders immigration etc). The Michigan Supreme court admitted that this was not true and damaging to Edwards but sighted an Asyops Fable interpretation based on “the company Edwards keeps”.

        So, come on folks – the media mafia and the packed Supreme Court with all Harvard and Yale Law school alums, Jewish lesbians like Elena Kagan – I wouldn’t put too much hope in laws, constitutions, fairness etc.

        • Critical issue that the Alt-Right needs to come to terms with. The legal system throughout the Anglosphere is now completely semitic.

          If there is a chance that they can misuse it against you, they will. You might luck onto a white judge who is independent now and then but don’t expect to.

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