Taking a Stand – Episode 6: 60,000 Polish Nationalists and Vincent Law

Episode 6: 60,000 Polish Nationalists and Vincent Law

Vincent Law stops by the office to tell me about the Polish Nationalist march that took place on Nov. 11, 2017 and was attended by 60,000 nationalists.

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Vincent Law:

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  • Hey “Vincent.” Now that you’ve visited Poland, maybe you can visit Ukraine so that you don’t have to rely on Kremlin talking points when writing about a country you’ve rarely visited and know little about. You’ll see that half of Kiev is already speaking Ukrainian thanks to Putin’s occupation of Donbas. So Putin needs to resolve the Ukraine question soon because the occupation is only fueling the fire of nationalism that had barely existed before 2014. Odessa youth are even walking around with blood and soil flags, which would have gotten you beaten up before 2014.

    • I lived in Ukraine, bruh.

      Don’t really feel like visiting because I don’t speak Ukrainian but look like I should.

  • IIRC the original claim was that the brown shirted people referenced in the podcast were pictures of some of the groups that originally started the march, years ago

    It doesn’t mean they dressed like that on the day of the 2017 march

    But I haven’t taken the time to confirm or deny this claim

    • There were people claiming that those pictures were from 2017.

      This could be an explanation of how that was a plausible misunderstanding, but when dealing with such claims from the press I just assume mendacity.

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