My Fellow Jews, We Need To Talk

I hate to write articles like this, but nevertheless, it’s an article that must be written. The Alt-Right does God’s work. I really believe that. I really believe that the Alt-Right is enormously valuable to the national dialogue. It has exposed countless Americans to new ideas, perspectives, principles, and realities that, if the anti-asperistic Cultural Marxist overclass had its way, Americans would never have been exposed to. It has done a great service to America and continues to. The Alt-Right’s troll army opens minds. I mean that. Democracy doesn’t function when ideas can’t be exchanged. If ideas can’t be exchanged, if debate is not wide open, there is no real choice. Ideas are the lifeblood of democracy, even those ideas which run counter to the interests of tyrants and thieves.

As I said, I hate to write articles like this, because I feel absolutely no animus toward the Jewish people, but this is an article that needs to be written. A few weeks ago, faux feminist and beached whale Lena Dunham reflexively defended one of her Jewish coethnics from charges of rape. It was nothing if not predictable, but the response to her actions was eye-opening. Furthermore, the response by normies and leftists showed why the work of Alt-Right trolls is so utterly necessary in American society.

In the aftermath of Dunham’s actions, various mystery meat Hollywood whackos accused Dunham of not being a true feminist, of not being a “true ally to women of color” (never mind that the victim is half-white and very, very light skinned). Dunham was accused of siding with her “white” colleague rather than a “non-white” victim. What kind of feminist does that? Maybe one whose primary loyalties are not to women but to tribe? Because here’s the thing: Dunham did not side with filmmaker Murray Miller because he’s white and she’s white, she sided with Murray Miller because both of them are decidedly (((not white))). Yet still, white privilege and power get blamed.

Funny that.

There is a reason why the Alt-Right revels in exposing Jewish shapeshifting and hypocrisy, namely because it is utterly repugnant. It serves our cause mind you, but it is also utterly repugnant. Interestingly, the young female victim in this case is biracial, but in the overwhelming majority of like cases, the victims are lily-white.

Let me take you back to when noted “feminist” Mayim Bialik showed us all her true colors by defending Hollywood pervert Harvey Weinstein in the aftermath of those revelations. In such instances, whites are placed in a particularly awkward and unfortunate position. They are, on the one hand, victimized by pathologically anti-white Jewish predators and then when fellow Jews naturally defend those predators, the victims themselves are ultimately blamed by proxy, when “white privilege” and white “racism” are faulted for Jews defending Jews. How’s that for irony? Whites are thus victimized twice by anti-white non-white oligarchs.

The question of whiteness as regards the Jew is a nuanced and complicated question with no simple answers, but there is a very rational reason why Alt-Righters refuse to recognize Jews as whites or at least demand that Jews either declare themselves one or the other, white or jewish. The practical reason for this is straightforward. It is due to the fact that Jews use whiteness as a sword and Jewishness as a shield and do so selectively and for purely racially motivated reasons.

When Jews do terrible things or are associated with negative things, Jews and others don’t dare blame Jews, because Jews use their Jewishness as a shield (Anti-semitism is everywhere and it must be stopped.). As such, Jews and others routinely blame and demonize whites and white sins and pathologies for what are in fact Jewish sins and pathologies. Thus whites bear the social costs of wrongs committed by Jews or social ills associated with Jews, despite there being little overlap between Jews and whites in their behavioral norms, values or wealth patterns.

Likewise, when actual white people do terrible things, Jews and others attack whites and whiteness. Jews do so because there is no cost in doing so. They don’t care about whites generally or identify as whites generally, and so when they attack whites it simply isn’t personal for them! To Jews, whites are the other. For Jews “white privilege” and “white fragility” and “racism” are the goyim’s problems, and could never be the problems of decent, noble Jews.

Not much introspection in that community.

Furthermore, by doing so Jews get to virtue signal to others and feign moral and racial objectivity despite not being objective at all, again with no cost to themselves. Only whites get hurt when whites are vilified and anti-racism is promoted because the rules of anti-racism don’t apply to non-whites or (((fellow whites))). Indeed, those rules literally can’t apply to Jews if you refuse to name the Jew and identify his interests. And since that is considered anti-semitism, Jewish racism is basically never really racism to normies. Thus, explicit anti-white Jewish racism is condemned as “white racism” to those who don’t know better, which is most everyone. We are literally faulted and damned for acts and ways that harm us!

In these ways, Jews only ever employ “whiteness” to hurt us and to help themselves. This relationship is not a two-way street. What’s more, Jewishness never helps us and Jewish accomplishment does not traverse the racial line so fluidly.

What Alt-Righters quickly come to notice through observation and debate on the internet, and I think rightly so, is that Jewish identity and white identity are largely immiscible and incompatible. Jews who identify as Jewish rarely see themselves as white and the stronger his/her Jewish identity (and likewise the left-wing politics intimately tied to it) the weaker the white identity. Our histories and identities are largely at odds. In other words, you can be white or you can be Jewish. Granted, there are some who perhaps straddle the line: those who embrace their whiteness and see themselves as white first or equal parts white and Jewish (rare, maybe Stephen Miller or Otto Weininger but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Jewish person say that they are “a proud white person of European descent”), those who marry gentiles and are open to assimilation or at least ethnic compromise (Spielberg and Seinfeld), intellectually principled atheists (Atzmon) and certain rare conservatives (Horowitz and Mercer). However, the general rule remains.

Also, the trends are clear. Virtually every. single. time. you see an apparent white person on Twitter tweeting vile, almost unconscionable things about their fellow whites, it is a Jew. You go back through their timeline and voila, somewhere along they have professed their Jewishness.

This is not a cohencidence.

These people are doing what I described. They are picking up the identity that suits their interests in that particular circumstance. But again, deep down, Jews (especially non-Ashkenazis) don’t typically see themselves as white in any meaningful sense. They tend to see Europe, European history and white identity as being hostile to their kind and their interests, and understandably so, but the fact remains. Heck, they’re not even fond of white people generally, but when the time is ripe they will all too often use their light appearance as a sword to attack whites or demean them. Or they will use their Jewishness and thus their victimhood status to deflect blame, and it is even better if it can be deflected onto whites as a group, with whom they see their own tribe as being in spiritual and economic competition. They do wrong and offload the social repercussions onto whites! It’s a win-win.

Normies see these paradigmatic anti-white tweets from Jews and think these folks are noble, color-blind, ordinary white people attacking their own and standing up against exploitation or racism or whatever. But they’re not. They are actually serving their own (Jews) by attacking those they perceive to be hostile out-group members (white gentiles). What we have then is a form of racial warfare masquerading as anti-racism! Anti-racism really is one of the purest forms of racism today. Pretty sickening, eh?

Much of the time in Hollywood, white women get abused or assaulted first, and then they get abused or assaulted again on account of their being white! Unreal. As an honest intellectual, I must reject the claim that it is anti-semitism to expose hypocrisy and perfectly self-serving shapeshifting. Echoes and other Alt-Right tactics and memes may seem uncouth to the normie but they are necessary to expose Jewish hypocrisy and awaken others. I think I am pretty safe saying that powerful and influential Jews aren’t going to do so themselves. Like it or not, many Jews hold deep historical grievances against whites and white history. That is the reality of it. As white advocates, we mustn’t let those who loathe us pretend to represent us. That will only hasten the demise our Cultural Marxist overlords have in store for us. Fake whites like Tim Wise, Susan Sontag and Lena Dunham are not noble anti-racists, they are precisely the opposite. They are vile, vicious racists to the extreme.

Their animus toward white people is deep and deep-rooted. That they pretend to be white from time to time doesn’t change that and can’t change that. And helping others see the truth isn’t wrong, it is in every sense right, whether it is in the interests of people who hate us or not.


  • Jews are not white. They may possess some white features, but their genetics and predilections do not match. Who forces women to watch them masturbate? Only Jews.

    That is how the Jew mind operates. A Gentile of any race would instruct those women to give him a handjob at least, but the Jew would rather subject himself and his shiksa captive audience to some inverted sadomasochistic exhibition.

    They often disparage white nationalists as inbred because one clan in the Appalachians practiced incest and turned blue. The most ironic part is that Jews heavily practiced consanguinity, as witnessed by their immune disorders unmatched by their host European countries.

    All that aside, Jewish nationalism is incompatible with white nationalism. Jewish tribalism is internationalist. They simply cannot abide by having some inhospitable bandit state in the Holy Land…they need to corrode the only actual threat to their Zionist schemes: white genocide, which they plot with dual citizenship.

    Probably most whites from ‘flyover country’ possess a similar ethnogenesis, with early 20th century antecedents who were drafted into their new homeland’s army, forced to fight against the Old Country. Jews will never do that. They will never side with their host countries against Israel.

    There is no such thing as a ‘self-loathing’ Jew. It is all rhetorical devices. Even George Soros subsidizes Israel. These Jews on here despise the goyim just as much as K-Street and Wall Street. Do not be fooled by these shekel hounds.

    They always stick their kike noses under every rock for a reason. They leave behind a bare-bones Jewish superstructure in every organization they can: vanguard, rearguard and satrap. Then they recruit the shabbos Goyim to do the dirty work. You can see this on any rightist website. There is always one or two of these little termites that you can tell are Jewish by their defensive nature.

  • The author makes valid points. However, we need to define what we mean by “race” and “white.” We, in the Alt-Right, hold the position that race is a biological concept. Indeed it is, but it can also be a “social construct.” Many Jews are, biologically, white. But since they hate the white race, and act against it, they do not deserve to be considered white. You cannot claim, on the one hand, that race is ALWAYS a biological concept, and on the other, that Jews are not white – because many of us are biologically white.

    • We are onto your jewlogic here. And it doesn’t work on us. Here is the deal: if you are White then you disavow your evil anti-white sand nigger religion and ancestors, change your name to a gentile name, marry a gentile and have White children.

      That is when we will believe you are White. If you want to hang on to your privileges as a member of an international criminal cabal of tribalists masquerading as a religion then you are definitely not White and in fact our mortal enemy.

      Pick your side and no sitting the fence with your filthy Jew finger in the air seeing which way the winds blow.

      • I was about to say the same thing.

        Most importantly, if you do believe / choose that you are white then respect the fact that because your other side has caused enough dead in the last 120 years that you should have no leadership or voice in public life. You can larp / live as a WASP in the suburbs without presuming to take a leadership role in white society.

        What is done with you is up to Americans but personally I’d err on the side of caution and let you civilise your kin in Jerusalem.

        • Hi AbsurdinessBrown (reference?),

          I think that comment was directed to me. I posted something new today (above) that addresses some of what you are getting at. Please take a look.

          Addressing the other points in your post…

          Part of the issue here is that you and I are coming at this from very different angles and it can’t all be discussed/resolved rationally because some of it is opinion/subjective.

          You say I “believe/chose” that I am white. I say, I “know” that I am white. And, I don’t mean that I converted to white, identify as white, or had surgery in order to simulate being white. I mean that it is a biological fact that I am white, as much as “race is real and race matters”.

          So, no need for me to simulate and I “larp / live as a WASP”. The only tweak is that I am not *ASP, rather I am WGJA (i.e., a White German-Jewish American). Does “white” also exclude anyone who is not Anglo Saxon or Protestant? I know and you know that it does not. So, let’s focus on the “J” (Jew) part.

          I understand you disagree with my position and claim that the “J” precludes the “W”. But, with respect to me (and I am hardly the only one – by far – there are many of us), you won’t have a “win” based on physical reality and biology. You would have to go a more historical, cultural, communal, spiritual or subjective route.

          Addressing this, and as I said in another comment, I don’t think that Jews are the “bad boys” of human history, NOR are they especially pure either. I am familiar with all the Jewish Bolshevik/Frankfurt School/etc. positions of the AR. Well, I concede I am still digging into that stuff so I can’t really comment authoritatively – yet. Right now, to my ear, most of it sounds like recycled Reddit/Pol/Twitter memes based on a biased, motivated, selective or outright fictitious reading of history. BUT, that may just be my blue-pill (on the JQ) predisposition and bias talking. In any case, if you want to go back in time and ban Jewish Bolsheviks from 1920s-30s Russia from coming to America, fine with me. But, I am not them and this is now. I live here in America as my legal and spiritual right (as I presume up do) and I am not leaving.

          You are also asserting or at least implying that I (or maybe “we”) want to take a leadership role in white society (again assuming that I/others like me are not already part of white society). A couple thoughts on that.

          First, I PERSONALLY don’t want to lead anything. I just want to engage, communicate and understand. I am certainly not on trying to “lead” anything – that sounds like a recipe for getting my butt kicked. If you are referring to Jews as a (inherently and always non-white) GROUP in a whites-only ethnostate, well… yeah, sure. But, I again challenge the premise that the category “white” inherently excludes all Jews, so you are back at the start. As I said elsewhere, some Jews are white, some are not. Welcome to the thousands of years of diaspora… its been an interesting ride.

          Second, the AR claims that Ashkenazi Jews as a class have IQs above the average “white” American. Well, other than being flattering, it is sort of obvious that people with higher IQs will tend to assume positions of leadership, power, influence, etc. So, if you believe this Ashkenazi IQ thing is true, and if you believe that no such Jews are white… then… solve the problem and GO RAISE YOUR IQs! There a ton of current and near future ways to do this (eugenics, genetic upgrading of fetuses, mate selection, resource allocation to “preferred” parents having children, proper natal nutrition, etc.). These don’t need to be government programs – you can choose your mate based on high IQ and start having lots of kids right now. And, don’t give me the r/K selection business. Whites had PLENTY of kids prior to industrialization – they needed them to work the farms. Basically – time to get busy.

          As to your last point, Jerusalem in interesting (I was there once 20 years ago). But, screw that. I like LA and New York (quick flights to Europe). If I am going to visit anywhere, it will be Odessa, Ukraine where I can dip my toes in the Black Sea and sip vodka.


    • Race is indeed biological. It is real, biological, etc. Not sure phenotype defines the boundary of that biological category of “race” however.
      I think there is a lot of disagreement everywhere as to whether race is a strain, a clade, a breed, a subspecies, etc. But yes, it is real, and Alt-Righters overwhelmingly believe so.
      That said, some of these categories of “race” which include whites might very well include all Jews or at least many of them.
      After all, even in the conceptions of race more consistent with our views and interests, “white” is not really a “race” strictly speaking at all. Right? White is really more aptly described as a multi-ethnic sub-group within the caucasian race, with clear cultural, religious and geographic correlates.
      Furthermore, within the contemporary Western vernacular, whether strictly speaking accurate or not, “racism” doesn’t just mean hostility, prejudice, etc. toward other races and their interests. It means hostility, prejudice, etc. toward out-groups, ethnicities, etc. Basically it means “tribalism”. Thus the issue you’ve alluded to is not really an issue at all, because “racism” is used and understood very broadly.
      And finally, determining whiteness involves a two or three pronged test for most Alt-Righters. Firstly, there is phenotype, then there is geographic origin, or the location of birth for members of the last 40-50 generations or so of one’s genetic line (must be in Europe). Thus “whiteness” is not purely biological. It is part biological, part factual/historical. Then there are other elements that could be tacked on: religion for example. I would not personally permit synagogues (or Mosques) in a white ethnostate. Simply because synagogues seem to nurture a non-white/anti-white identity. However, atheist Jews, non-practicing Jews who marry out, etc. might nevertheless be permitted in the ethnostate. That’s really more of a practical concern than a definitional one, but nevertheless, you could include a cultural or religious criterion as well for “whiteness”.

      • Hi Spraguer,

        So… this is all just for discussion purposes. I am not submitting my paperwork for the Northwest American Ethnostate “tolerated minority pass” just yet. (nor am I 100% Bavarian phenotype).

        Kidding aside… WHY exactly would a phenotype-consistent white Jew only be permitted in this state if he/her was not religious (i.e., non-practicing)?

        In your view is the Jewish religion per se the issue, or is it the anti-white group or tribal behavior that you (I think) assert is linked to it? I believe many on the Alt-Right would “go harder” and assert that the Jewish religion is merely a gloss on a deeper inherently hostile structure. Or, on the flip side, is there actually anything inherently “wrong” with the Jewish religion or with the ethno-tribe that it more or less correlates with? Do you allow for the possibility that there is in fact no issue there and that something entirely different might be going on? Basically… where do you stand on this and why?

        Since you (maybe) ask… my own POV is that Jewish identity does have a tribal/group component. This identity does sometimes transcend or complicate national loyalties (e.g., Pollard – that *sshole). And, in less extreme form, it also sometimes leads to in-group behavior to the disadvantage of others (including fellow national citizens). I don’t know if this is more or less than with any other minority group – but it is certainly “a thing”.

        My own POV is also that, in America at least, this sort of behavior is not acceptable except perhaps in the sense of acting charitably towards your own ethno-religious circle first (white Christians donate to their Churches and no one freaks out – nor should they). And, we should all be free to socialize with (only) those we choose without coercion. The bottom line is that in America we are first-class citizens and from Washington forward that has been perfectly clear and enshrined in law. So, unlike say in Czarist Russia, in America there is no excuse for holding back commitment to your country and your fellow citizens. And, if you can’t live this way in America, which is the best of the best, do everyone else a favor and leave.

        I welcome your comments.


        • 1) Because Judaism generally nurtures a non-white, anti-white identity. It inculcates into the mind of the believer a kind of collective paranoia, a deep sense of historical grievance & a profound victimhood mentality, which honestly I disapprove of (first the Egyptians oppressed us, then these people then those people, then the Holocaust, blah blah blah). I prefer the aggressive, proud, right-wing Jew to the sniveling, helpless, leftist Jew. Judaism also tends to create almost a permanent hostility to out-group members, it promotes extreme in-group favoritism & is anathema to in-group criticism or honest introspection. The development of the Jewish identity is essentially hostile to white interests & white history. You could even argue it is formed specifically & in purposeful contrast to white ideals. As outlined in the article, the Jews see white self-interest & identity as being almost inherently hostile toward Jews. Whites see European history as one filled with accomplishment & glory. Jews typically just see a long list of atrocities, banishments & pogroms. As a result & as Jews acquire positions of power in white countries, which they invariably do, they use that power for their own interests & to the detriment of their white subjects. Because at the end of the day, they don’t want whites to thrive or prosper or even survive. That’s a big problem for white people. You can’t be lorded over by people who hate you. Jews typically see whiteness as a threat to Jewishness. You really can’t have this subversive element in a white ethnostate. It’s just not healthy, which is why things that promote a separate & distinct non-white, indeed anti-white identity, like Synagogues, would be, nay must be outlawed. I recommend the same thing for the state of Israel with regard to the building of Mosques. I don’t personally think any should be built within Israel’s borders.
          2) As to my points about phenotypic consistency— again, I view Jewish identity to be basically incompatible with white identity, so any such identity would be largely inconsistent with the goals/purpose of a white ethnostate. You would not want this identity to be past on or to be nurtured, hence the ban on Synagogues. Honestly, for incoming people of Jewish descent I would create a 10-20 year observation period to see if such individuals engage in ethnic or anti-white racial activism, & if they did, I’d expel them. Furthermore, it would be a factor based test. You would look through that individual’s political history for any red flags (lefto-Marxism), you would see if they married out as this would be a plus, you might check their DNA for European genetic markets (maybe even explicitly preclude anyone with Y-DNA J1), see if they were at all mixed as that’s a plus, you would likely deny citizenship for observant Jews (though since there would be no Synagogues in the country, it’s hard to see why on Earth they would want to immigrate), so atheists or non-believers would be preferred, you would demand they formally renounce their Jewish identity for entry into the ethnostate & pledge a commitment to the continuation of the white race, etc. I suspect very few Jews would want to enter, but like I said, some might meet the requirements.
          3) As for the ultimate cause for anti-white activism within the Jewish community, I don’t have any set opinion on the subject. I think some of it is probably due to genetic difference & separate gene-driven interests & I think some of it is no doubt due to identity formation & Jewish culture. This is why I prefer mixed Jews to full-blooded Jews, those willing to denounce their heritage over those not willing to, those with more European genetic markets to those with more Middle-Eastern markets, those who identify firstly as white to those that don’t, non-observant Jews or Atheists to devout Jews, etc. In the aggregate anyway, I think most Jews can make fine citizens of the future white ethnostate, but the existence of this alien, non-European, anti-white identity is counter-productive. It is just bad for us all around. Therefore that identity should be opposed & contained. Because the white ethnostate would exist to serve white people & white interests. Even if such laws are a bit offensive & a bit discriminatory toward Jews, the white ethnostate would not exist to serve Jews, it would exist to serve whites, & that’s what these laws do.

          • Hi Spraguer. Just noticed that you responded (appreciate it). I will noodle this and give you my thoughts. Thank you. G

          • Actually, once thing I will concede/comment/discuss right away.

            There IS a defensive quality to the American Jewish response to history and this does in fact produce behavior that I, personally, have a very strong issue with. Some of it is flat-out GROSS.

            I could personally play the victim fiddle (Dad’s family escaped from Nazi Germany in the 1930s and lost everything, Mom’s family (grandparents) were very mistreated in Czarist Russia and chose to emigrate – both of which statements are objectively true). But, I find a victimized way of approaching the world completely stupid, alienating, and counter-productive.

            The truth is, I am fantastically lucky. These “terrible” events led to my parents meeting in America and me being born as an American and living in sunny Los Angeles. For this I am infinitely grateful, though I do not have blinders on about what led to this happy result.

            Another objectively true thing is that history is full of different groups having rough times and the Jews are certainly not unique in this category. I am personally annoyed that Byzantium is lost to history and we will never truly know what it was like to live there. Also, although I completely dispute the idea that Jews are the “bad boys” of human history, they are certainly NOT pure either. They have committed their crimes. In fact, there is a “joke” about Jews… “Why did God give Jews the Torah? Because the Jews NEEDED Torah the most.” As in… they were acting like a bunch of animals prior to being “chosen”. As in… “chosen” to spend lunch in the principal’s office. (I know that “chosen” thing riles some people up – understand I am kidding around a bit)

            All this “Jew talk” might give your readers the impression that I am “super Jew” and walking around looking like (((them))), but at 6’2″ and with light skin, green eyes, a military haircut, too much kickboxing and a straighter (natural) nose than most readers of this website – hardly. My own background is that I went to Hebrew School as a kid (after elementary school, twice a week), had a Bar Mitzvah, etc… Like most of those in Los Angeles Reform Judaism, following that, my observation level dramatically fell. As I mentioned in another comment to this article, in a weird way the Alt-Right has awaken and sharpened my Jewish, White and American identities and allowed me to integrate them in a far more solid and powerful than before. So, I guess I have to say… thank you?!? Wow. Life is very funky.

            I reason my background and especially Hebrew School is because a good chunk of it WAS about “look at what those bastards did to us”. It (and more) CAN in fact foster a victim mentality in Jews. And, my (very nice) grandmother used to talk the way you describe. I see the same press and posts that you do – this victim mentality persists strongly in many Jews and many Jews become hysterical when confronted about it. And, many Jews use it to self-justify all sorts of aberrant behavior. It is both highly f*cking embarrassing and highly f*cking annoying.

            The flip side is that, as Nixon said, “even paranoids have enemies”. There is a CLEAR and sometimes highly irrational response to Jews by some. Many Muslims are nuts in this area and Eastern Europe is no picnic either. And, I see lots of non-Jewish whites making jackasses of themselves as well (see a couple comments on my comments (though some comments were good)).

            So, what is someone in my spot in 2017 to do? My personal approach is multi-prong. With respect to my Judaism, I acknowledge that I am a religious amateur, so I am learning about it as quickly as possible. With respect to my coreligionists, I am working on how to get the message out that it is time for a refactoring of what it means to be Jewish in America now. At the very least, that means dropping the negative behavior patterns, neurotic leftist politics (re immigration, etc.), and the victim/guilt/outsider ways of thinking (and about time…). With the respect to the “hard right”, I am reaching out and trying to engage and understand, while not compromising my principles or asking anyone to compromise theirs. This is all to new for me to evaluate the results, but it has been interesting and rewarding and I am learning lots of new stuff.

            I know I did not (yet) respond to your other points. Bear with me – working a day job also.


          • They have Israel now. It was paid for with mountains of white dead (not jewish dead) and they should all be shipped there immediately and their tentacles unwound from our institutions.

            We can live simpler more wholesome lives without the elevated materialism of today.

            They can irritate the hell out of each other in Jerusalem.

    • Interesting. What you’re proposing needs a new term, something along the lines of ‘Jew-Minded’. You could call someone ‘Jew-minded’ instead of Jewish. Trump is not Jewish, he’s Jew-minded.

      But that raises several questions. Is the Jew-mind contagious? Can it infect people and can it be passed by exposure? Can it be inherited?

      This relates to E. Michael Jones’ magnum opus, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. He stridently claims that Jewish behavior is not biologically based, that Jews somehow accepted Satan and the denial of the Logos. But why would Jew-mind persist for generation after generation, unless it’s biological at some level?

  • This article is a good primer on what is wrong with World Affairs.

    To talk of ‘left’ and ‘right’ misses the point. What we have is less dialectics of left and right as the ‘trialectics’ of ‘left’ and ‘right’ both being manipulated by a third force that chooses to remain invisible. And this power is essentially though not entirely Jewish.

    Consider the trajectory of mainstream politics in America over several past decades. It wasn’t a true right vs left struggle but Jews owning and using both to serve the Third Power that was Zionist-Globalist. Rahm Emanuel claims to be ‘leftist’ but he served in the IDF to enforce Zionist control over Palestinians. David Brooks excoriates Trumpian nationalism but he sent his son to serve in IDF to be just like Rahm Emanuel. Those who cling to real power know tribal blood counts more than ideological ink.

    After all, both Liberal Elites and Neo-Conservatives have been totally pro-Israel and favored Jews over Palestinians. Why such pro-nationalist Zionist zeal on Middle East issues? And why does just about every Congressman sign the AIPAC pledge to Israel? If nationalism and ethno-centricism are ‘rightist’ and if ALL GLOBALIST ELITES are ‘leftist'(anti-nationalist), then why are most elites in business so pro-Israel? Why don’t they denounce the tribal influence of AIPAC? Where do you see elites in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Big Oil siding with helpless Palestinians against powerful ethno-nationalist and imperialist Zionists? And if Google and Twitter are really into equality and for the underdog, why did they get ADL to monitor ‘hatred’? ADL is a totally pro-Zionist organization that supports defaming whites and supports Israeli occupation of West Bank. It also never mentions Nakba or that Israel was created by massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. It never criticizes the Zionist-controlled US Wars for Israel on the Muslim World that hatefully destroyed millions of lives.
    If Google and Twitter are truly ‘leftist’, shouldn’t they hire BDS to monitor Zionist supremacist hatred and chauvinism? Shouldn’t Paypal and such services deny service to ADL or any such group that supports the ongoing Zionist Occupation of West Bank? Shouldn’t Paypal and other such services deny services to members of CIA and Pentagon who’ve been engaged in murderous US neo-imperialism that destroyed many nations and peoples with bombs, invasions, aid to terrorists(especially in Syria), and sanctions?

    This is a curious kind of ‘leftism’ that is so jingoist(US is an exceptional nation), ‘racist'(Zionists uber Palestinians and Jews uber gentiles), supremacist(black men deserve to colonize white wombs since white men are inferior cuck dorks), and replacist-genocidal(white people should lose their own homelands to waves of foreign colonizers), and of course, totally hypocritical. Diversity via coercive inclusion and demographic imperialism for every nation EXCEPT Israel that, despite its closed walls and Jewish-Only policy, is showered with $4 billion a year and is allowed to spy on and operate in America as a ‘patriotic’ lobby when it’s all about pushing the Jewish supremacist agenda.

    So, it’s not about dialectics of left and right. It’s about the ‘trialectics’ of Jewish globalist supremacists controlling and manipulating ‘left’ and ‘right’ to serve their own interests. If indeed these corporations are really into ‘leftism’, why do they go along with the anti-BDS program? Jewish oligarchs and their agents are using money and threats to force all US states and all politicians to violate freedom of speech by criminalizing BDS. Imagine white ultra-rightists in the US in the 80s using their influence to criminalize any boycott or sanction of South Africa that then practiced Apartheid. The Left would have blown a fuse and gone crazy. But there seems to be mostly silence about the criminalization of BDS. There are some murmurs and complaints in some corners of the Left, but there is no mass concerted effort to call attention to this as a violation of First Amendment and Moral action.
    So, we live in a nation where cities can ban Chick Fil-A for supporting Real Marriage, but companies and individuals will be destroyed if they even think of boycotting Zionist Occupation of West Bank and its apartheid policies.

    So much for ‘leftism’.

    American Power can be boiled down to Jewish Supremacism and White Cuck Collaborators. And Asian sychophants and token blacks. But all the decisions are made by Jews and their favorite proxies, the homos. Asians may increasingly hold higher positions, but they have no agency or will. They just follow the White Cuck-collaborators who obey Jews and homos. That is the hierarchy of US power, and it masquerades as ‘leftist’ to mask the ethno-monopoly and ethno-supremacism of Jewish globalists.

    The fact is Jews can destroy anyone with their control of high tech, Wall Street, and media. Via high-tech, they can rig who is platformed and who is deplatformed. Through Wall Street, they can decide who is funded and who is de-funded. Through media, they can decide who is anointed and who is excommunicated. Just by having ADL or SPLC smear an individual or company as ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, or ‘homophobic’, the Power can bring down anyone. Those are the talismanic words with the power to make or break careers.

    If US corporations are truly leftist, why didn’t they denounce US imperialism in the Middle East? Starbucks cares about those Muslim refugees? Why didn’t its Jewish owners denounce Obama and Hillary for reducing Muslims into refugees with destruction of Libya and by aiding terrorists in Syria? Surely, the Starbuck guys are smart and well-informed. They must know what really happened in the Middle East and North Africa. So, why do they define their ‘progressivism’ in terms of ‘caring about Muslim refugees’ instead of denouncing US imperialism that reduced Muslims to refugee status? They are Zionists, and they support the ethno-supremacist policy of pushing Wars for Israel and globalist bankers.

    And that Campbell Soup bitch is really appalled by ‘murder’ and ‘racism’? There was only one evil side at Charlottesville? But what murder? The fat whore Heather died of a heart-attack, and James Fields panicked after being attacked. Also, BLM is a hate-filled black movement. And what does Campbell Soup have to say about Zionist occupation of West Bank or Zionist-supremacist Wars for Israel that murdered 100,000s of people in the Middle East? Or, Clinton’s sanctions on Iraq that killed many children?
    She is just a lowlife skank whore. She may be sincere in spouting such BS since she prolly attended some elite college with PC indoctrination, but even that isn’t the real reason. After all, if she is really really anti-nationalist and ‘anti-racist’, her policy should be to cut all ties between Campbell and Israel that still illegally occupies West Bank. The reason why she condemned the white patriots at Charlottesville is because White Emancipation and White National Liberation means whites no longer serving Jewish ethno-supremacist globalist imperialism. She is a white-whore-cuck shill who serves Jewish supremacism by smearing white liberation as ‘white supremacism’. In fact, it is Alt Right that is anti-imperialist by being anti-war and by supporting the national rights of all nations. Globalists corrupt nationalist sentiments all over the world by opening the West to the Rest. Tempted by easier material life in the West, formerly nationalist non-whites abandon their own nations and come to the West to become ‘Americans’, ‘Canadians’, or ‘Englishmen’. Thus, Jews kill two birds with one stone. White national sovereignty is destroyed but so is that of non-whites who, instead of guarding and building their own nations, just want to run off to white nations for better material lives. They become Puerto-Ricanized. Puerto Ricans lost all sense of national pride and independence because they got hooked to the drug of US largess. Their only ‘identity’ is bitching for more benefits and freebies. Since begging is humiliating, Puertos now do their begging in the form of demands. It’s like a dog barking loud to hide its shame that it depends on the master for food.

    AirBnb is owned by Zionists imperialists, and that explains it.

    If leftism is about equality and diversity in power/influence, why doesn’t anyone in these firms complain that Jews are vastly over-represented in the upper echelons of power, wealth, and connectedness? What happened to Disparate Impact? If these elites really care about diversity and fair representation, then their main focus of denunciation should be that Jews, who are only 2% of US population, have near-monopoly or outright monopoly in so many sectors of US economy and power. I mean Google and Facebook are owned by Jews, and they are tied closely with Wall Street that is owned by Jews and collude with Media owned by Jews. And they fund operations like SPLC and ADL to lend moral sheen to Jewish supremacism. Both organizations push Jewish/Zionist interests in the name of fighting ‘hate’. The mere desire NOT to serve Jewish supremacism is ‘hate’. And they operate with Deep State that takes orders from Jews. And even GOP cuck-Congressmen are funded by the likes of Sheldon Adelson,

    Dialectics of left and right? That’s BS. It is really about the ‘Trialectics’ of Jewish Power as the Third Force manipulating bogus ‘left’ and bogus ‘right’ to make both serve Jewish supremacism.
    Therefore, class politics is dead on the left. The new left is all about decadent crap about 50 genders and ‘inclusion’. Jews want gentile diversity because it means disunity among gentiles. Also, homomania as ‘leftism’ is a huge boon to the rich since homos are vain and cater to the rich.
    And the new right since the Neocon takeover of GOP has been all about lowering tax rates for the rich and praising Israel, Israel, and Israel while reviling any sign of white consciousness.

  • I’m Jewish and also a proud white person of European descent (mostly German).


    Now you HAVE heard it and cannot truthfully claim otherwise.

    And, I stand in the sun and not in the shadows. If you have something to discuss with me (me – not some generic group of millions), do it man to man. I’m open to it and, mainly for efficiency reasons, do us both a favor and don’t assume I come to this from a certain angle.

    Gordon H. Einstein

    PS (for my normie friends). The above is absolutely true. However, this does not give you license to then shove words into my mouth and assume I dislike or am against anyone else because they are not like me. If you believe that, then you are missing the point. If you have questions – ask.

    • I have a question. Why do Jews discriminate against non-Jews? Example. I have a friend who is German but his last name sounds Jewish. He says he often receives calls from Jewish business men who say they want to use him because they want to keep it within the tribe.

      And don’t respond you don’t know those Jews, so you can’t say why, but not all Jews are like that.

      • Hi Charles,
        About to start Thanksgiving, so hands full with that. But, I wanted to let you know that I see your question and I appreciate you asking it. Bear with me until the (turkey) dust clears.
        And, I won’t nitpick your premises to death (I think you are implying that tends to happen). I understand what you are asking and will try to answer it directly on that basis.

        • Jew boy trying to gain your trust. Hahahaha. We see you, you filthy little kike.

          “Come here girl, take this candy, I won’t hurt you.” You Lev we got another Shiska to sell in the Levant.

          • @Craicher… Hey, quit being rude. It doesn’t help matters at all. If somebody has something thoughtful to say, it’s worth listening to. I don’t care if they’re green or have three legs.

      • 1) Because they can get away with it. Whites don’t have pro-white legal armies ready to jump on every trivial instance of anti-gentile/pro-Jewish discrimination. Granted however there is a whole lot of it.
        2) Jews don’t play by the same rules. As I stated in the article, “anti-racism” is the value system Jews like to sell to their enemies because they know their enemies will destroy themselves in adopting & practicing it. But Jews have no desire to practice it themselves. Indeed, the very notion is horrific to them. Tribe uber alles is the Jewish mantra.

        • The problem is Jews cannot be trusted. White nationalism and Zionism are incompatible, even halfway across the world, for whatever reason, just as Nazi Germany and Great Britain were incompatible for whatever reason, despite the German attempts at rapprochement.

          Jewish tribal interests are being met by white division, just like any other nonwhite, which is why Jewish supremacy can never be supported.

      • SPRAGUER – I appreciate that you read the comments to your articles and don’t censor out contrary views. That actually puts you ahead of Twitter, YouTube, etc. I want to address your point(s) also, but I am going to respond to Charles first, because that leads into your points. Thanks, G

        CHARLES –

        All the below is just my opinion. I am only authorized to speak for myself. I literally “don’t know those Jews”, any more than you know every White person (for this I am adopting the AR view that these groups may be different) or every person in your home state. It is physically impossible to know them all. BUT… I get the drift of your question and it warrants a serious response.

        There is certainly some kind of Jewish group identity. I am personally trying to figure out what it is. Growing up in a fairly non-religious household, I guess I need to thank the Alt-Right for waking up this question in me (dare I say, the AR made me JQ-woke? and that is awesome? and I actually really appreciate it?). Life works in strange ways…

        My current working hypothesis is that this Jewish group identity is sui generis. Meaning, it is a unique sort of identity which incorporates: (i) clan/tribe dynamics, (ii) religion, (iii) a long history, (iv) (perceived at least) trauma(s), and (v) some broadly shared cultural, lifestyle and political tendencies. Yet, it is not any one of these things nor the sum of all these things. And, as with any large group, there is a statistically predictable distribution of characteristics and tendencies within that group, so individuals vary highly. The bottom line is that, in my hypothesis, the Jewish group identity seems to be a world-historical singleton. This is not good or bad, and it certainly does not make Jews “special” in the sense of better or worse, it is just an interesting thing – like finding a new species of marsupial or a living animal thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago.

        The human brain does not do well with unique things. When trying to figure out how to respond to unique things we don’t understand, we look to what we think are similar things for reference and expect consistency between the the unique thing and the familiar reference object. So, when something that we think is a religion starts acting like a clan, it leads to cognitive dissonance and bother (if Judaism is just a religion, why does it seem that non-religious Jews tend to stick together?). When something we think is a clan seems to blend into a large group in a non-clan way, it leads to cognitive dissonance and bother (are these Jews, who seem to look and act like us, really using those surface similarities to infiltrate our group?).

        But is any of this malicious, or is it just different? Is it even objectively true in real life? Or, is it just that cognitive dissonance leading some people down a dark, but understandable, path? On an individual level, there are certainly malicious Jews like there are malicious Dutch. And there are certainly awesome Jews like there are awesome Dutch. Like I said, every large population has variances within it on a individual level. Moving on to the group level…

        There is certainly an “enhanced” level of in-group behavior that SOME Jews engage in. And, this goes beyond mere affinity or recognition (which is actually kind of warm, nice and fun). With mere affinity, there is about 15 minutes of playing “Jewish Geography” and then everyone gets back to work. There is no world conspiracy here and I’ve listened to longer and more obnoxious conversations about sports – so I suggest just deal with it and move on. With respect to the “enhanced” level of in-group behavior, there is no world conspiracy here either. BUT, yes it exists and yes it can be discriminatory. I have heard some of it and it has made my skin crawl.

        I can clearly see how it is extremely obnoxious and alienating to others, especially if those others (ahem… perhaps some readers of feel like the offenders are just “ethnic tourists” in America and “how dare they do this in OUR country”. In any case, I certainly don’t engage in this sort of thing and neither does anyone I keep close. I also think Jews in America (at least) who indulge in this practice need to cut this sh*t out since it is incompatible with our American civic and national identity, which is a beautiful, rare and precious thing and which is also a world-historical singleton. (we can agree to disagree on this last one)

        The flip side of this is that I have certainly been around tons of discrimination from EVERYONE. Whites do it, Jews do it, White Jews do it, Christian Whites do it, Blacks do it, Mexicans do it, Arabs do it, Buddhists do it (but with a polite smile), Hindus do it (and will in the next life as well…hehe), etc., etc. And yes, GERMANS do it. I speak German and lived there. So, this is not hypothetical. I will also add that I love, love, love Germany and am working with Germans right now who are amazing. So, don’t assume I have an ax to grind here – I 100% do not.

        In any case, it seems pretty clear that Jews are not any more or less pure than anyone else (meaning any other group) in this discrimination area. What might make it especially annoying, however, is the hypocrisy inherent in SOME Jews’ self-congratulatory tendency to publicly position themselves as anti-racist AND also engage in the same discrimination as everyone else.

        THAT is more along the lines of what Spraguer is saying. I will address his points tomorrow.

        • You say everyone does it. Not true, at least not on a mass scale. Whites used to on a mass scale when prior to the 60s the Democrats wanted their votes. Whites are not allowed to anymore. That is why we need the altright, to unify white people against the forces that want to obliterate us – against the forces that seek white genocide.

          Your sui generis argument sounds like it could be used to explain Charles Manson. He too was unique.

          That is not to say I accuse you of justifying it – you would say no justification is needed. And I don’t mean to equate Manson with Jews.

          Finally, we don’t need to prove anything to you. We only need to wake up white people. We only need to show them the dangers they face from by ignoring identarianism, while the rest of world embraces it. Just because different groups embrace it with different intent or with different degrees of hostility does not make it less dangerous to us.

          • Hi Charles,

            Thanks for writing back.

            I was responding to your question about why (at least some) Jews discriminate and mainly sticking to that. You are raising some new issues in the reply, and I will respond to them further down.

            I have seen the equivalent of the behavior your describe (discrimination) from really every group, including non-Jewish whites. I will agree with you that it is far less prevalent now in America. But, in France, Germany, etc., I hear it all of the time. I don’t see Jews engaging in it any more or less than anyone else, including (at least some) American whites. And I was also clear, that behavior is gross and “makes my skin crawl”. Plus, as I said, that is a BS way for Jews to act in America where we cannot claim (hide behind) outsider status and use it to excuse things.

            With respect to the “unique” thing, I was super clear that this did not mean “special” or “good” – just different and therefore not always easy to understand or analyze. Please read what I wrote again if there is any question about this.

            And, agreed, no need for you or anyone else to prove anything. And, I did not ask you to do so anywhere in my post. We are just chatting.

            Getting to the new points in your response.

            I AGREE with you that there should be a live, conscious European (I understand you use “white”, I am going even more specific) identity which is ethnically/culturally/historically based. Why should Europeans be deprived of this when everyone else indulges? Where you and I (probably) part paths is in viewing being Jewish and being White as 100% mutually exclusive categories. We may need to agree to disagree on that one. I also think that there is a place at the table for metered and judicious assimilation of the best that other groups have to offer – ancient Greece thrived at the crossroads and so can we.

            We probably also part paths about what to do with that “recovered” white or Euro identity, especially in the American context. My personal view is that the unique national characteristics of each country are precious and too be preserved. In fact, they should be celebrated and enhanced. Germany will not stay Germany if all the Germans die or breed out. This immigration crisis is a mess and should be stopped and then reversed. The Germans (etc.) also need to start having more children. Breeding at less than replacement levels creates space for others to come in – and has throughout history. If (real) German families had 5 children each, then there would not have been any need to bring in Turkish Gastarbeiter in the 1960s, or room for Merkel’s disaster in the present.

            The USA is a little more tricky because, despite whatever fetish Richard Spencer may have for the Nationalization Act of 1790, it was changed in a fully legal process. And that “European preference” standard was set over 200 years ago. Is every change of law since 1790 invalid as well, or just that one? In other words, most of the non-whites in the US are here fully legally and we are a rule of law country, so that is that with respect to US citizens at least. And, I’m not apologizing for slavery any more than I am for the sacking of Rome – and you should not either – but America did bring most of the ancestors of American blacks here as slaves against their will, so it is a little hard to complain about their descendants living here now. And, now that we are all here in America, do we just snarl at each other for the next 5-500 years? Or, is there something which preserves what is good about group identity (since it seems to be being forced upon us) yet ALSO allows cooperation as one unified nation? I am not sure about the answer, but I hope there is a positive solution.

            There does seem to be SOME group of aligned forces trying to f*ck with white America. I see the same tweets, SJWs, books from academia, music videos, and screaming crazies that you do. Every interracial couple in the media features a black man and a white woman – and almost never the reverse. Coincidence? I doubt it.

            To quote Elon Musk, I think these anti-white racists are “summoning the demon” and generating the predictable reaction in the form of the AR. Though, many in the AR are more than happy to cry faux tears and take advantage of this anti-white dynamic to push their pre-existing agendas. The AR likes to claim that this anti-white behavior is being orchestrated by the Jews and they go on about the Frankfurt School. IMHO that is giving those Frankfurt hacks far to much credit. And, if there is some master Jewish plan about this, somehow I was left out of the room when they were hammering it out… bastards.

            Are American Jews, in very generalized terms, too far to the left? In my opinion – 100% yes. But, that does not make them a foreign elite, a cohesive force, Cylons, etc. They are just people who need to have their social and economic status re-assessed, not by way of discrimination, but because their friends, neighbors and business associates are no longer with the program. They are also people who need to be (verbally, not physically) actively challenged in the market-place of ideas. I do understand where this Jewish left-tendency comes from, probably better than most. But I say, the time for that is over.

            Whatever its faults, the USA achieved its greatness under its prior demographic and religious composition, and there are good reasons for this. It is a vast and scary experiment to change the composition of a country so quickly and dramatically along the lines of what is happening now. It has never been done successfully in the history of humanity. It is NOT racist to acknowledge this fact, slow things way down, and give everyone a breather and the opportunity to form a new national consensus. And, the normalization of this anti-white BS shows the need for a breather and is only going to get worse without one. The USA is too valuable and amazing to risk like this.

          • “Hi Charles, Thanks…”

            We see you yid boy and your tactics.

            Git dem ovens a burning boys.

    • If you are truly White and with us then you must leave all traces of that sand nigger religion, change your name to a White name, marry a White woman, have White children and disavow the evil your people have wrought upon us and the world.

      Then we will believe you are White.

      • Yeah, I get stuff like this this online sometimes from anonymous posters. Well, as the homies say, “you ain’t the boss of me” and I have no interest in convincing anyone, including you, to “believe” anything. BUT, I am happy to DISCUSS things with anyone serious. If either one of us learns something new – great. And if not, that is fine also. And, you are just you – not “we” – unless you are the queen.

        I’ll translate your comment into English. What you are saying is:

        “It is my position that Jews and Whites are distinct and mutually incompatible classes. This is a opposed to being say, being both tall and Catholic, which are not mutually incompatible classes. Although I believe this, I somehow also simultaneously believe that you will suddenly be White if you behave in a certain way, as in, give up your religion (wait… only certain religions can be white? hmmm), marry a white women (again? what would my current wife say? are you Mormon or something?), have white children (again? how many white children do I need?), etc.”

        I am more with Richard Spencer with this. Identity at this fundamental level is not chosen, it is given. You can’t “identify” as a women when you are a man, as a white when you are black, as tall when you are short, etc. You can’t “convert” to blackness, like you somehow seem to think you can convert to Whiteness based on change in beliefs and behaviors.

        But… I don’t see any non-silly evidence that some Jews are not ethnically white (while some Jews are certainly not). If there is, show me. And, BTW, that is completely separate from the argument that there may be a certain sui generis Jewish “tribal identity” that somehow transcends physical race or ethnicity yet actually impacts group and individual behavior in ways a “mere” religion does not. That MAY be the case. I am personally digging into that one myself (it’s been a long road). If you want to have an intelligent conversation about that one (or a refined version of your initial position), happy to.

        • Your syphilitic Jewlogic does not work on us. The choice is yours, disavow your evil sand nigger tribe that you must have some blood from and affirm your European White heritage or you are not White. It is very simple and needs no Jewlogic mental gymnastics.

          To put it into terms even the diseased mind of the filthy jew can understand, if a man was 80% Cherokee Indian and 20% White yet wanted to be a member of the Cherokee tribe, the tribe would demand that he make his allegiance to the Cherokee tribe and disavow his White heritage. Very simple. You choose.

          Though I must add, I personally, would not allow a half breed like you to claim to be White. Too much mud and negro blood in your Jew germ plasm.

    • Thank you for being a real conscious and coming in unbiased with your standing affinity to your heritage. Europe is a n always progressing place because of it’s people. Don’t let mean attitudes get you down they’re jus rightfully insecure about what is happening to Europeans today and want the best result to pull them out of this mess that plagues the land.

      • Hi BanditPlunderer –
        Thank you, I appreciate your comment. I don’t claim and special knowledge or insight – just doing my best to understand other people’s POV.

    • Hey, remember when you made complaint-comments on all those tweets from Jewish people bashing whites and on all those articles written by Jews ostracizing white people? …No? That’s strange. Neither does anyone else, Mr. “proud white person of European decent.” (What a snake… This is EXACTLY what this article is talking about).

      • Actually Jordan, I DO make those Tweets and comments. Stop jumping to conclusions, take a look, and get your head out of your rear.

        Unlike many a pussy, I use my real name here. I recently (before your comment) tweeted something on the lamester Kurt Eichenwald (as just one example). Go look it up, and go look up my response tweets to many a fool, left and right. And – enjoy eating crow.

        And, you are a projecting a “complaint” tone onto my comments. Wrong – in every single one (and there are many on this page) I am merely discussing/debating. The only possible exception is when I mock Craicher for, well, for not really being anyone worth taking seriously.

        It is not my style to bitch and moan. If you “hear” me that way, it is just your personal and pre-existing biases whispering in your ear. Try re-reading my (many) comments on this page from a neutral temperament and see if they land for you the same way. I bet not.


  • As a means to test the personal integrity of any jew, if such a thing exists at all in a universal sense, ask the jew of the moment to comment on the prophesy by Rav Yehuda Ashlag which declared that isreal was to be born undead in 1948…..

    You’ll find it Oboler here at …. . Yewl also find that the jew built the pyramids…… You’ll discover that the entire point of the entire creation is in fact all about ……. the jew ……. You might begin to think that jews are at best … fucking Nutz.

    Ask the jew how such a construct exists as a “prophecy”, when the number 1948 is easily derived of the number 42 …. the number of letters in the name of the jew deity.

    Ask the jew whether the 888 246 PoPPies of London’s Tower amount to mockery of AngloCeltic War Dead, given the fact that the number amounts to 1948, the implication being that the display was designed by the jew.

    You will find that any jew so questioned becomes somewhat distant, and might mumble and grumble sumpthink to do with or about the sufferink,….. and the fact the his (((arsehole))) is as much an opinion as yours …..

    The jew has declared to the world that it is by deception that war is done. Ask the jew whether or not others should regard his deceptive behaviour as an act of war.

    Ask the jew whether or not apparent jew placement of jew symbols over the memory of Ancestral AngloCeltic War Dead amounts to jews pissing on the graves of those (((they))) have deceived. Ask the jew how others not jew …. and worthy of a future should react to this. (((behaviour))). In a world not fully jewed …..

  • All Jews to Israel.

    From the American Alt Right Frying Pan into the Middle East Iranian/Arab Fire for the Jews.

  • Alt Right isn’t ‘antisemitic’. Antisemitic means blaming Jews for things they didn’t do. Anti-Semites either blame Jews for everything or say everything about Jews is bad. But surely, Jews have done good and great things, and non-Jews do a lot of bad stuff too.

    Alt Right doesn’t blame all Jews for everything, and I think most sane Alt Right people do recognize Jews as a great people of history, spirituality, literature, science, math, medicine, etc.

    The problem is Philosemitism. This is just as bad as Antisemitism. If antisemitism blames Jews for everything or sees nothing good about Jews. Philosemitism recuses Jews for everything(or scapegoats non-Jews for Jewish abuses) and/or sees NOTHING negative about Jews.

    Such blind worship is dangerous because Jews are very powerful. If Jews were not powerful, such worship would be harmless. Imagine if we only had good thoughts about Eskimos.
    But because Jews are so powerful, they need to be challenged, criticized, and called out on bad behavior.
    But US is philosemitic and worships and praises Jews even when so many Jews have grown corrupt, supremacist, and hateful.

    Alt Right is Anti-Philosemitic. It isn’t opposed to EVERYTHING Jewish. It is opposed to the mindless worship of Jewish power that has become supremacist, chauvinist, and megalomaniacal.

    Indeed, the imagine of Jewish supremacist charging Alt Right of being ‘supremacist’ when Alt Right is about whites seeking liberation, emancipation, and autonomy from Jewish Supremacism that seeks to FORCE all gentile Americans toward serving Jews on Wall Street and Las Vegas, supporting Wars for Israel(that destroyed millions of lives, esp in Muslim world), and aiding & abetting the destruction of Palestinians in the ongoing ethnic cleansing in West Bank.

    Also, Jewish Power is now hellbent on humiliating the white race. Jews know that nothing is more humiliating to white men than to lose their women to black men who are more muscular and have bigger dongs.
    So, Jews push Jungle Fever to castrate white males into cucks. And white wombs are to be used to create Obama’s and Kaepernicks. White wombs are to create enemies of the white race. Jews push Jungle Fever on the notion that black men are RACIALLY-SEXUALLY superior to white men. Jews are totally racially supremacist.

    Now, any people can become crazy. This happened to Germans under National Socialism. Germans got cocky and arrogant with supremacist ideology and invaded other nations and had plans to commit mass genocide of Russians and turn them into slaves. So, ANY people can become blinded by power and arrogance. Germans learned their lesson in WWII.
    Now, it is time for Jews to learn the lesson that supremacism is NOT okay.

    The difference between Nazis and ZOG is this. Nazis openly declared their arrogance and chauvinism.
    In contrast, Jews act in supremacist mode and use the US as their bank, tank, and battleship to control the world, BUT Jews act like they are all about ‘justice’ and ‘equality’. The least equal people with the most money and power who make the US fight these crazy Wars for Israel act as though they are forces of peace and justice. No, Jews are the new nazis. They are driven by megalomania and arrogance.

    Jews didn’t have to go this way — just like Germans didn’t have to invade Poland and then Russia — , but Jewish Power has gone crazy.

    It must be stopped.

    • Do you know that 85 % of Jews in Israel and most American Jews are not semites, therefore Anti-Semitism doesn’t apply in any way if one is against them.

  • We mustn’t use ‘racism’ as an epithet. Race-ism should mean belief in reality of race and racial differences. It should also mean the validity of racial consciousness. Ism means belief, and race + ism = belief in the reality of race as evolutionary product and the need for racial consciousness.

    Why should Ism means ‘supremacist hatred’? Sure, there can be radical racism that is murderous and imperialist, but Alt Right is rational race-ist. It accepts reality.

    Also, everyone is a race-ist on some level because we notice racial differences all the time. Look at sports. How can anyone not know blacks are faster and more athletic?
    Look at Wall Street. So many Jews. How can anyone not notice that Ashkenazi Jews are smarter?
    Look at crime. Why do blacks commit more of it? Because of BAMMAMA or blacks are more muscular and more aggressive. Even Progs who deny this officially use STOP AND FRISK measures to suppress black crime. And Jewish parents in NY don’t want to send their kids with schools with TOO MANY blacks.

    So, in reality, everyone is a race-ist cuz he or she notices racial differences on some level. The real difference is between honest race-ists(The Alt Right) and dishonest ones(everyone else).

  • The way the white race is acting lately, sucking up to Zionists and spreading homomania all over the world, it might as well be the cancer of history.

  • This is a brilliant piece, perhaps one of the most important articles every written on Bravo & thanks to the author.

  • A Jewish practice of which very few are aware is that of the rabbi sucking the blood off the just-circumcised penis of an 8 day old baby (and, please research this yourself for its veracity). All ‘whites’ to whom I have mentioned this practice are disgusted and appalled at the very idea, but perhaps it gives one some insight into why ‘Heeb’ online magazine published an article entitled, ‘Why Ate Jews Pervs?’ Why, indeed?

    In my opinion, this practice, alone, must create an inviolable wall between Jews and ‘whites’, and best explains why most of the sexual predators being ‘outed’ at present are of Judaic background. And, how can one possibly be proud of one’s origins if one is aware of this barbaric Jewish custom? No wonder they prefer to ‘identify’ as white when convenient.

    • Circumcision is the Jewish writ upon Gentiles. They put their kosher stamp on white men in America and Australia. Unbelievable that they still get away with convincing Christian parents that this mutilation is beneficial.

      • (((They))) were only able to mutilate the genitals of so many millions of American gentile men because NO ONE STOPPED THEM. Everyone felt just sooooooo bad for the poor little ‘persecuted’ shtetl vermin and didn’t want to be ‘anti-Semitic and racist’ by throwing them all out of the country (or into the oven) for their EGREGIOUS CRIMES AGAINST US.

        So, at the turn of the 20th century, (((they))) collectively schemed to take over American medicine by exploiting WASP goodness so as to totally weaponize and accelerate their destruction of White America. Normal Whites could not imagine the Third World tribal nepotism they crudely exploited to infiltrate, degrade, subvert and destroy American medical schools and medical education.

        The myriad Dr. Shekelbergs have now totally purged all ethical Whites from the medical profession, and are currently luxuriating with their imported Third World colleagues in the mire of corrupt anti-humanism (i.e., selling the unnecessarily circumcised penis skins of their patient-victims to pharmaceutical companies for ‘research’).

    • This works. I mentioned this to a bunch of guys at work. They looked up a YouTube video. They will never look at Jews the same way again.

    • The ritual you described is practiced by a tiny fringe group of ultra Orthodox Jews.
      Your idiotic post is akin to saying that snake handling is a Christian ritual, because a tiny group of fanatical Christians practice that.

  • I am culturally Christian and know two Jewish people very well (college roommates), one is a good friend who generally agrees with most alt-right ideas but worries about the JQ.

    The other Jewish person i know is a standard, raging Liberal/Marxist who spews anti whiteness at every opportunity, claims to have white privilege, and hides behind Jewish identity any time someone tries to criticize her (ie, I know what oppression feels like, you don’t). However, she is also indoctrinated to the point where she thinks north america was better in the stone age.

    Rather that try to guilt people who do this though I would suggest working towards an alliance where our shared interests are known. Being Jewish only helps Jewish people when white people are around. If we were all gone, they would be an even smaller and more visible minority. They would be like Kurds or Mongols.

    With white people a minority, the major powers remaining are Chinese and Islamic. – Muslims hate Jews as much as Nazis do. Most Muslim countries don’t even let you in if you ave entered Israel. If Jews couldn’t work with white people, the Muslim world would be at their throats, Russia would be against them, and the Chinese would be completely indifferent.

    While the few Jews who are billionaire oligarchs might be lost enough to let their people be wiped out, I think the vast majority of Jewish people are, can, and will be allies when it becomes clear that we share interests and goals.

    • “I am culturally Christian and know two Jewish people very well (college roommates), one is a good friend who generally agrees with most alt-right ideas but worries about the JQ. ”

      There are three phases such individuals go through
      1) The Jews are responsible for all this. Thats… bad- maybe I can figure out a way to fix everything.
      2) The Jews aren’t responsible for all of this. We are screwed. Well maybe Israel… crud they are also screwed.
      3) Why is reality so evil?

      The transition comes when you realize that leftism isn’t an ideology, an organization an ethnic group or any other physical thing- it is a tactic to seize power. Since the only way to stop it is to have power… well, you can see the problem.

      • Can you please explain that a little more? I don’t know if “such individuals” refers to the poster or his Jewish friend. And, what exactly are the phases and how does that person end up thinking at the end? Thx G

  • I feel u wish Nazi Germany won ww2. The sad part is ur grandparents probably fought and died fighting those Jew hating bastards in WW2. The hypocrisy of the white question continues.

    The Jews aren’t out to get u. Worry about bettering your own life and stop worrying about a conspiracy holding u down. That’s the true conservative way. Jews better themselves through eduction and knowledge. All of u could do the same it might pay off for u. Instead u probably Didn’t even make it through high school and now ur pissed at the Jews for holding u back. Now u bitch online because people have it better then u.

    • People have it better then you, is this material wise?There are a lot of ways to feel good. The Nazis bombed a lot of European cities, that’s the weird part, they knew their precision bombing.

    • When my grandfather talked about the war, he told not of fighting and battle, though he witnessed that too. He talked about the young German soldiers around his own age that wanted to be part of the social life but had to stand and watch as girls overlooked them, carefully picking out a partner to dance with. He told of how, when German soldiers misbehaved, they later saw them disciplined. My grandfather did not understand the grand schemes of the war, at that time, but he saw himself in these young men and he felt great compassion for them.

  • The solution to this conundrum is not to try to play the “white, not-white” devil’s game of gray areas but to form a decisive traditional ethno-Christian (aka Catholic) block that will stand with Christ on one side against the devil’s minions (Jews and every anti-Christ quasireligion) on the other. That’s the crux of history.

    Mongrelism is an attack on the world’s Christian core that’s for sure but it’s also a punishment for godlessness. If you play the “white/not-white” game you’re gonna get outplayed because the devil and the Jews are the masters of racial and moral gray areas, the tyrants of subjectivism and shape-shifting.
    The lengths the Jews, this mixed racial group fundamentally bound together by the primordial anti-Christ ideology, will go to disguise themselves as regular goyim (even Arabs and Chinese) is absolutely beyond your grasp and comprehension, they’ve done it for centuries and there’s nothing you can do about it if you try to play “white/not-white”.

    Notice what the Critical Theory Jews (it’s not a theory it’s a satanic ideology, a front for Judaism) were attacking all along were not simply aimed at killing Europeans ethnics but ALL collective efforts of ALL non-Jews to form authoritarian society based on unchanging universal principles capable of detecting infiltrators. ALL efforts to form this objective, selective, patriarchal, universal authoritarian structure not based on the Rock of St. Peter will fail.

    If you’re playing chess against the Jews, the Church is the Queen piece, without Her you will fail.

    • Sir, you are an incredibly wise man, and you hit a home run with your post. I wish others in the Alt-Right community would see the wisdom in your statement. God bless you. I agree with you 100%.

    • By naming the Jew we wake others up to these type of games & shenanigans. So not only can it work, it is working. It is also driving our enemies mad & forcing them to reveal their genocidal plans & their animus toward whites. Not being able to broach the issue before was killing us. Now people are waking up to this shapeshifting ploy left & right.
      The church is importing refugees en masse and getting paid handsomely by the government for it.
      The Pope is an actual Bolshevik.
      Evangelical churches are more interested in God’s chosen than you. They know who butters their bread: Jewish/Zionist financiers & businessmen.
      The values, ideals & ideas of christianity have basically been transformed into little more than Cultural Marxist egalitarian propaganda, albeit with god’s stamp of approval.
      Whites don’t need to be more like Jesus, they need to be more like Charlemagne (& his grandfather): fierce, violent, tribal.
      The church is the queen piece alright. It is their queen piece.

      • There will always be an enemy, look at history, no one says you must be like Jesus, just contact him now and then, and you can keep your culture quite easily. Look at these precision bombers called Nazis they were the enemy of the European cities, or they were really hating bricks.

  • According to Eupedia, Jews are only 38.6% Euro so genetically speaking they aren’t white unless you consider West Asians white which would also include Arab Muslims and that doesn’t make any sense on numerous levels.

    • not correct but there are less and less of those, because the imposter joos are killing them thru out history (Jesus was first in a row). Maybe finally will be 144k left.

  • Jewish identity exist on the same plane as white and black identity and we need to accept that. As Spencer often says: “It is what it is”. Whether consistent or not, we should never try to redraw the map of identity.

  • First off, great article. After reading this I have an idea that I think the Alt-Right would be wise to incorporate. We should always learn from winning tactics, and we too can play by these same gorilla tactics. Just to toss an example out; when we get attacked, we could switch masks and support things like “Free Palestine” etc. Just imagine if we had started chanting “Free Palestine” at Charlotesville when we weer under attack, not only would that put the Jew on their back foot, but it would always show a better side to leftists maybe closer to normalcy. Just an idea thoughts?

  • OK, unpopular opinion time. The idea that the jews are the enemy may awaken some short-term, cathartic animal spirits. But at a logical level it’s never been coherent, which is also why the JQ meme will never really spread very far beyond alt right inner circles. The problems of modernity are extremely far-progressed in East Asia, Japan in particular: catastrophically low birthrates, loss of tradition, death of old patriarchal structures, collapsed relations between men and women, empty consumerism, etc etc. This has all happened without any jewish influence at all. Alt righters systematically overlook this because they’ve started out with the conclusion that the issue is JQ. Nobody else starts with this conclusion. Everybody else is open to looking up a list of countries by birthrate and they note that Japan and South Korea are worse off than most countries which have jewish media moguls. Then they see the alt right going on and on about JQ and think alt righters must not be very observant people.

    It’s true that jews do carry dual loyalties within them, but the reason for this is not that they’re jews, it’s that they have a religious identity focused on one of the world’s supreme sacred sites — and all of the world’s supreme sacred sites are in the Orient, not in the Occident. Savitri Devi certainly noticed this, which is why she turned to Hinduism and India for spiritual meaning; or there’s Rene Gueron (Islam, Mecca). Obviously christianity turns towards the orient as well. The neo-pagan factions of the alt right posit a return to Druidism or what have you, but this hasnt worked and won’t work for the same reason druidism fell to christianity: the metahistory of the miraculous is centered on locations in the Orient; not in Europe itself. This is a reality of deeply felt human experience; it cannot be wished away. Again, the alt right’s own key philosophical thinkers have known this for over a century if not more.

    Also: clearly not all Europeans have to have literal indo-aryan roots. Finns, Hungarians, Basques, etc.

    OK, I’ve triggered everybody now. BTW I won’t respond to comments unless they engage with what I’ve said here in an intellectually well-informed manner.

    • >But at a logical level it’s never been coherent
      That doesn’t matter. What matters is how we recognize ourselves. People need to live in a world without, that corresponds to how they experience themselves within. If we as a group have a common understanding of ourselves and the world we live in, then it is just that we also pursue a common destiny.

    • Japan really had no jewish influence? Are you really that ignorant? First of all who destroyed imperal Japan in WW2? When Japan was bombed (It was a jew who dropped the bombs on Japan by the way, look it up) they were essentially forced – much like Germany was – into submission by the allies. The (((americans))) occupied the country, took away their military and created a new constitution for them. ((((They))) still occupy the country to this very day. Japan was FORCED into modern globalism at the end of WW2, they didn’t choose it. None of this shit happened in isolation.

      • That’s total bullshit. One American occupation does not equals to jewish influence. By blaming jews for everything you are doing the exact same thing leftists do. Just instead of blaming whites you blame jews.

        I am not saying that jews are poor innocent creatures, but to blame jews for everything is the same pathetic discourse mechanism cultural marxism uses against whites.

        • You should read Year Zero by Ian Buruma. It’s not really “right wing literature” but it describes very well how the Germans and Japanese, under American occupation, were forced assimilated into a culture of brothels, negro music, porn and so on.

        • America is run by jews, has been for a long time. Your ignorance is outstanding. Tell me what foreign war from the World Wars on did the jews not influence America’s involvement in? What country are we told over and over again is America’s greatest ally who they constantly fight and die for? Who controls Hollywood that creates the propaganda for these wars? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not the arabs.

        • The postwar (((Japanese constitution))) was literally co-written by a Jewess in her early twenties. Why or how she obtained such a job, one can only speculate. The ‘human rights’ code for the Japanese was literally written by a FILTHY YID! Wake up! That’s what our (((government))) did to the Japanese and then had the Judaic audacity to call it ‘freedumb’.

          The negroes of our beautiful desegregated army have also raped and murdered quite a few Japanese girls. Why is our army desegregated, and WHY did we spread the negro plague across the Earth? (((One can only guess!)))

    • We live in a world ruled by a certain god of this world where his rules and order are carried out by his “Synagogue of Satan” helpers.

      If you stop at the JQ, you haven’t gone far enough.

    • >and all of the world’s supreme sacred sites are in the Orient, not in the Occident.

      Yes. And why? Because that where our primordial father Adam and Eve were created and lived, Adam’s skulls lays beneath the Golgotha. The whole world ‘pulls’ and revolves towards and around Holy Land and the Holy Land is by birthright Catholic as given to in inheritance by the Godman. The Holy Sepulcher is not some trifling matter it’s condition decides the whole fate of the world.

      The notion is being nonchalantly kicked around by some AR-ers that Jews are right to possess the Holy Land due to some sort of ‘identity’ (acknowledging and affirming their anti-Christ roots) or as a means of getting them to acquiesce on the point of WN (essentially WASPs placating the Jews) is a sign of spiritual blindness or worse an underlying wickedness. No single realm or race can satisfy man if that is his ‘highest good’ then that is his god and that is called idolatry.
      The punishment for idolatry is dullness of intellect, impurity and finally sodomy. The punishment for idolatry is the corruption of modernity, from Tokyo to California.

      • In the alt right’s defense, christianity has become complicit in the Great Replacement. It didn’t have to be (certainly it wasn’t at the Battles of Tours and Vienna), but today it is. Nonetheless, christianity’s eastward spiritual orientation is correct (as is buddhism’s, hinduism’s, judaism’s, islam’s, zoroastrianism, etc). The “dual” geo-spiritual orientation observable in ashkenazi jews is something other Europeans ought to have as well — and used to have.

        • Europe is awash in ancient spiritual sites. And the Japanese are still very traditional in their sex roles, and have next to zero immigration. What? Should the Japanese spit out huge broods of children and overflow their population into the sea?

          Bad arguments. And patently false.

          • Look up “Bishonen” and also “Herbivore men” on Wiki. Or really, just go to Japan, you’ve clearly never been.

            And, hey good luck getting modern Europeans to worship at Stonehenge and Carnac like they do (to this day, in impassioned, weeping droves) at the church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. Might wanna look up “quixotic” while you’re at it.

      • Can you recommend me any books regarding your worldview (as relates to Catholicism and the Jews)? I dig your perspective.

    • ‘clearly not all Europeans have to have literal indo-aryan roots. Finns, Hungarians, Basques, etc.’
      1. I am Hungarian
      2. DNA & Ancestry tree results: 42% West Slav 36% German 1% Persian 12% Greek 9% Italian
      3. Contrary to western lies Hungarians are genetically European and the language stems from Sanskrit, whcih is a standardized dialect of Old Indo-Aryan, having originated in the second millennium BCE.

      Just fuck off with your ignorance. We and the Polish will show the world that not even having suffered through gommunism can hold the hwite man back for long. Long live Europe and her people.

    • FYI: No Hungarian alive today is even remotely genetically related to any Finno-Ugric people such as the Finns. This has been proven beyond doubt. Genetic as well as historical and mythological clues point towards old Persia (modern day IRAN) as the origin aka we wuz and iz da reel Aryans and shieeet.

  • Of all the hypocritical bull sheet that I have ever seen. The following really takes the cake.

    The Jews EXPECT US to accept all the blacks, both here and in Europe, but they (the Jews) expect that they can reject these blacks and that they should be able to do what they want with them. And you know that the world will not say one damn word to these Jews about what they’re doing. But to suggest that they not go to Europe or be deported ? Oh hell, that’s racism, don’t you know ?! The following will simply tell you everything you need to know:

    Israel to shut migrant centre and deport Africans

    Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel’s cabinet voted on Sunday to close a migrant detention centre, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an agreement to deport 40,000 Africans who entered the country illegally.

    Ministers unanimously approved plans to shutter the Holot centre in southern Israel and gave migrants a three-month deadline to leave the country or face deportation, said the interior and public security ministries.

    “The infiltrators will have the option to be imprisoned or leave the country,” the public security ministry said in a statement.

    Israeli official figures from June 30 show a total of 38,043 African migrants in the country.

    They include 27,494 Eritreans and 7,869 Sudanese, and their presence in south Tel Aviv has raised discontent among Israelis there and elsewhere.

    Speaking ahead of Sunday’s vote, Netanyahu noted that after building a fence on the Egyptian border and deporting some 20,000 African migrants through various deals, Israel has reached the third stage of its efforts — “accelerated removal”.

    “This removal is taking place thanks to an international agreement I reached that enables us to remove the 40,000 infiltrators remaining, remove them without their consent,” he told ministers.

    “This will enable us to close down Holot and allocate some of the large funds going there to inspectors and removing more people,” said Netanyahu.

    Holot, an open facility in the desert that can host 1,200 migrants who are allowed to leave to work during the day, would be closed three months from December 16, according to the decision.

    A public security ministry spokesman said an extension to that deadline would be set if necessary.

    Ahead of the vote, Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Holot had become “a hotel for infiltrators at the tax-payers’ expense that does not encourage their exit” and costs 240 million shekels ($68 million, 58 million euros) a year.

    In a Twitter statement, Erdan however stressed the closure of Holot was conditioned on “us seeing that the policy of removing infiltrators to a third country was indeed taking place.”

    Neither Erdan nor Netanyahu gave details about the deal and the third country.

    Israel tacitly recognises the Sudanese and Eritreans cannot be returned to their dangerous homelands, so it has signed deals with Rwanda and Uganda, which agree to accept departing migrants on condition they consent to the arrangement, according to activists.

  • For the most part I like this article. But, jews cannot ever claim to be white. Jews are of middle eastern descent & though many in the past infiltrated the Anglo-Saxon & Aryan bloodlines, that middle eastern DNA is still flowing through those veins. As for whites that converted, they gave up their right to be White as much as a white marrying out of his/her White race.
    “I feel absolutely no animus toward the Jewish people”, the rest of your words say differently so EMBRACE it & carry it with you!

    • It’s true that ashkenazi jews hail from the levant in ancient times, but most European groups have Asiatic origins. The Basques, whose origins are mysterious, may be a rare exception. Clearly the ashkenazi jews are an odd European group, because they never converted to Christianity. But since they look white and everyone else in the world (in Asia, Africa, etc) perceives them as white and they were in Europe for thousands of years, and intermarried with other groups constantly, I find it very spergy to insist that they’re not white and not european.

      • You can tell a jew by looking at it. It’s not that they never converted to Christianity. The jew is very distinct from other European groups in its features. Its origin is not the same. Why can one look at someone like Harvey Weinstein and instantly tell he is a jew? Jews have a very middle eastern look. If jews are “white” then so is the entire middle east.

        • Harvey Weinstein has exaggerated features, most jews do not look like that.

          And what’s more, you know this. The reason you were able to claim above that the pilot of the plane which dropped the Hiroshima bomb was jewish is because nobody can really tell the difference.

          Ashkenazi jews have a very high frequency of red hair, almost as much as Celts or Norse. Where do you think they got that?

          • Look up. The article’s literally entitled “my fellow jews we need to talk.”

            Ever occurred to u that it’s hollywood nazis such as yourself who are holding the alt right back — not “chosenites”?

          • Yes, we need to talk. You are a cancer on the world and always have been. End of talk.

            Hollywood NAZI’s? Hahahahaha

  • Pretty interesting reading. Makes you think about our brethren in a different light. It is always good to be refreshed on the insidiousness of so called neighbors. What if one of us made a comment like Sontag’s, only on jews. We’d be done. Take notice.

  • Belling the cat.
    How many college educated Americans under 40 are aware that Harvey Weinstein is jewish, and that there are clues in his name, appearance, job and dating habits.
    You might need to attach a siren to these folk to get some voters thinking.

  • “The white race is the cancer of human history” ~Susan Sontag

    Who wants to bet money that she did not move from an evil white country to Africa or Asia?

  • “Jews and others routinely blame and demonize whites and white sins and pathologies for what are in fact Jewish sins and pathologies”
    This is CRUCIAL and one of the most nefarious aspects of Jewry today!

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