My Fellow Jews, We Need To Talk

I hate to write articles like this, but nevertheless, it’s an article that must be written. The Alt-Right does God’s work. I really believe that. I really believe that the Alt-Right is enormously valuable to the national dialogue. It has exposed countless Americans to new ideas, perspectives, principles, and realities that, if the anti-asperistic Cultural Marxist overclass had its way, Americans would never have been exposed to. It has done a great service to America and continues to. The Alt-Right’s troll army opens minds. I mean that. Democracy doesn’t function when ideas can’t be exchanged. If ideas can’t be exchanged, if debate is not wide open, there is no real choice. Ideas are the lifeblood of democracy, even those ideas which run counter to the interests of tyrants and thieves.

As I said, I hate to write articles like this, because I feel absolutely no animus toward the Jewish people, but this is an article that needs to be written. A few weeks ago, faux feminist and beached whale Lena Dunham reflexively defended one of her Jewish coethnics from charges of rape. It was nothing if not predictable, but the response to her actions was eye-opening. Furthermore, the response by normies and leftists showed why the work of Alt-Right trolls is so utterly necessary in American society.

In the aftermath of Dunham’s actions, various mystery meat Hollywood whackos accused Dunham of not being a true feminist, of not being a “true ally to women of color” (never mind that the victim is half-white and very, very light skinned). Dunham was accused of siding with her “white” colleague rather than a “non-white” victim. What kind of feminist does that? Maybe one whose primary loyalties are not to women but to tribe? Because here’s the thing: Dunham did not side with filmmaker Murray Miller because he’s white and she’s white, she sided with Murray Miller because both of them are decidedly (((not white))). Yet still, white privilege and power get blamed.

Funny that.

There is a reason why the Alt-Right revels in exposing Jewish shapeshifting and hypocrisy, namely because it is utterly repugnant. It serves our cause mind you, but it is also utterly repugnant. Interestingly, the young female victim in this case is biracial, but in the overwhelming majority of like cases, the victims are lily-white.

Let me take you back to when noted “feminist” Mayim Bialik showed us all her true colors by defending Hollywood pervert Harvey Weinstein in the aftermath of those revelations. In such instances, whites are placed in a particularly awkward and unfortunate position. They are, on the one hand, victimized by pathologically anti-white Jewish predators and then when fellow Jews naturally defend those predators, the victims themselves are ultimately blamed by proxy, when “white privilege” and white “racism” are faulted for Jews defending Jews. How’s that for irony? Whites are thus victimized twice by anti-white non-white oligarchs.

The question of whiteness as regards the Jew is a nuanced and complicated question with no simple answers, but there is a very rational reason why Alt-Righters refuse to recognize Jews as whites or at least demand that Jews either declare themselves one or the other, white or jewish. The practical reason for this is straightforward. It is due to the fact that Jews use whiteness as a sword and Jewishness as a shield and do so selectively and for purely racially motivated reasons.

When Jews do terrible things or are associated with negative things, Jews and others don’t dare blame Jews, because Jews use their Jewishness as a shield (Anti-semitism is everywhere and it must be stopped.). As such, Jews and others routinely blame and demonize whites and white sins and pathologies for what are in fact Jewish sins and pathologies. Thus whites bear the social costs of wrongs committed by Jews or social ills associated with Jews, despite there being little overlap between Jews and whites in their behavioral norms, values or wealth patterns.

Likewise, when actual white people do terrible things, Jews and others attack whites and whiteness. Jews do so because there is no cost in doing so. They don’t care about whites generally or identify as whites generally, and so when they attack whites it simply isn’t personal for them! To Jews, whites are the other. For Jews “white privilege” and “white fragility” and “racism” are the goyim’s problems, and could never be the problems of decent, noble Jews.

Not much introspection in that community.

Furthermore, by doing so Jews get to virtue signal to others and feign moral and racial objectivity despite not being objective at all, again with no cost to themselves. Only whites get hurt when whites are vilified and anti-racism is promoted because the rules of anti-racism don’t apply to non-whites or (((fellow whites))). Indeed, those rules literally can’t apply to Jews if you refuse to name the Jew and identify his interests. And since that is considered anti-semitism, Jewish racism is basically never really racism to normies. Thus, explicit anti-white Jewish racism is condemned as “white racism” to those who don’t know better, which is most everyone. We are literally faulted and damned for acts and ways that harm us!

In these ways, Jews only ever employ “whiteness” to hurt us and to help themselves. This relationship is not a two-way street. What’s more, Jewishness never helps us and Jewish accomplishment does not traverse the racial line so fluidly.

What Alt-Righters quickly come to notice through observation and debate on the internet, and I think rightly so, is that Jewish identity and white identity are largely immiscible and incompatible. Jews who identify as Jewish rarely see themselves as white and the stronger his/her Jewish identity (and likewise the left-wing politics intimately tied to it) the weaker the white identity. Our histories and identities are largely at odds. In other words, you can be white or you can be Jewish. Granted, there are some who perhaps straddle the line: those who embrace their whiteness and see themselves as white first or equal parts white and Jewish (rare, maybe Stephen Miller or Otto Weininger but honestly I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Jewish person say that they are “a proud white person of European descent”), those who marry gentiles and are open to assimilation or at least ethnic compromise (Spielberg and Seinfeld), intellectually principled atheists (Atzmon) and certain rare conservatives (Horowitz and Mercer). However, the general rule remains.

Also, the trends are clear. Virtually every. single. time. you see an apparent white person on Twitter tweeting vile, almost unconscionable things about their fellow whites, it is a Jew. You go back through their timeline and voila, somewhere along they have professed their Jewishness.

This is not a cohencidence.

These people are doing what I described. They are picking up the identity that suits their interests in that particular circumstance. But again, deep down, Jews (especially non-Ashkenazis) don’t typically see themselves as white in any meaningful sense. They tend to see Europe, European history and white identity as being hostile to their kind and their interests, and understandably so, but the fact remains. Heck, they’re not even fond of white people generally, but when the time is ripe they will all too often use their light appearance as a sword to attack whites or demean them. Or they will use their Jewishness and thus their victimhood status to deflect blame, and it is even better if it can be deflected onto whites as a group, with whom they see their own tribe as being in spiritual and economic competition. They do wrong and offload the social repercussions onto whites! It’s a win-win.

Normies see these paradigmatic anti-white tweets from Jews and think these folks are noble, color-blind, ordinary white people attacking their own and standing up against exploitation or racism or whatever. But they’re not. They are actually serving their own (Jews) by attacking those they perceive to be hostile out-group members (white gentiles). What we have then is a form of racial warfare masquerading as anti-racism! Anti-racism really is one of the purest forms of racism today. Pretty sickening, eh?

Much of the time in Hollywood, white women get abused or assaulted first, and then they get abused or assaulted again on account of their being white! Unreal. As an honest intellectual, I must reject the claim that it is anti-semitism to expose hypocrisy and perfectly self-serving shapeshifting. Echoes and other Alt-Right tactics and memes may seem uncouth to the normie but they are necessary to expose Jewish hypocrisy and awaken others. I think I am pretty safe saying that powerful and influential Jews aren’t going to do so themselves. Like it or not, many Jews hold deep historical grievances against whites and white history. That is the reality of it. As white advocates, we mustn’t let those who loathe us pretend to represent us. That will only hasten the demise our Cultural Marxist overlords have in store for us. Fake whites like Tim Wise, Susan Sontag and Lena Dunham are not noble anti-racists, they are precisely the opposite. They are vile, vicious racists to the extreme.

Their animus toward white people is deep and deep-rooted. That they pretend to be white from time to time doesn’t change that and can’t change that. And helping others see the truth isn’t wrong, it is in every sense right, whether it is in the interests of people who hate us or not.