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Live, from an undisclosed, country-themed location in Maryland, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most trusted Sunday News Program. This week: Mike Enoch, Eli Mosley, Gregory Ritter, and Richard Spencer discuss The Year That Was. Topics include Hillary’s gift to the Alt-Right, “Hailgate,” Trump’s election, the “Long March,” and what’s next for the Alt-Right.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


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  • Oosh MPC is gonna rip you on the part where ?Mosley says how he feels like he has more in common with international alt right people, including Europe etc than people he grew up with. You have to be in a small, rooted community, rooted meaning to a specific patch of soil. dontcha know

    • We can’t help being rootless cosmopolitans. We were born into it, molded by it. We didn’t experience community until we joined the alt-Right and by then it was BLINDING.

  • “Hitler was a socialist” – equating egalitarian Marxism with Hitler based on misunderstanding s of the word “Socialism” used in the two word title: National Socialism. Lest people forget a entire political ideology is unlikely to be accurately or coherently explained in two words.

    Time to remind:

    “Private property in the industry of the Third Reich is often considered a mere nominal provision without much substance. However, that is not correct, because firms, despite the rationing and licensing activities of the state, still had ample scope to devise their own production and investment profiles. Even regarding war-related projects, freedom of contract was generally respected; instead of using power, the state offered firms a number of contract options to choose from. There were several motives behind this attitude of the regime, among them the conviction that private property provided important incentives for increasing efficiency.”

  • You boys better wake up. You’re living in a bubble of self-deception. Your Winter Conference was a fiasco. And Richard better figure out how to give a speech to college students without being shouted down, and how to do Q&A that doesn’t degenerate into a pissing contest, or all the legal victories over all the universities in the world won’t make any difference.

    Parting shot: get the Reagan Building decision overturned or NPI is effectively banned from public venues, except maybe in Tennessee, and if the Reagan decision stands, they’ll be coming for Tennessee next.

  • Currently, the Trump DoJ is blocking the merger of AT&T and Time Warner. The DoJ might initiate similar anti-trust actions against Silicon Valley IT megacorps which are involved in de-platforming the Alt Right – if encouraged by sufficient political pressure.

    The long term solution is for the Alt Right to develop its own networks for commo, finance and info ops. In development are technologies which can supersede client-server systems by having computers communicate directly with each other. Consider if the Alt Right can come up with a better communications technology than Twitter et alia. Then people will flock to the Alt Right to stay “connected.” Controlling the means of information these days is the key to political victory.

    There’s a book which has become the bible for Internet based activism: “Networks and Netwars” from the RAND Corporation. Another resource is “A Force More Powerful,” a series of video games and other media for activists. “A Force More Powerful” was produced by an NGO and has been, apparently, used by protesters worldwide. See:

    A couple years ago, the Alt Right was a series of loosely related dissident websites. Today, the System considers the Alt Right to be enough of a threat to launch universal condemnations and go into apoplectics over the posting of anonymous flyers on campuses. I need not comment on the meltdown in the wake of Charlottesville. The System is on really shaky psychological foundations. A well directed online offensive, coupled with some in-the-streets activism, could radically change the situation. But as in any campaign, you need that infrastructure of commo, financial and info ops to make it work. And some good lawyers.

    If the Alt Right is going down the proverbial rabbit hole, it just may be leading the way to the future.

    • How do you have computers communicate directly with each other and “supercede client-server systems”? Lay your own fiber optic cable? lol. Good luck

    • That’s about the cleverest put-down I’ve ever seen on this site. It sums up the Grand NPI Winter Conference (aka, How to Get Thrown Out of a Drafty Barn in One Easy Step), and some other recent events, quite well.

  • I don’t understand Spencer’s “skepticism” of the benefits of Trump’s victory…Trump actually DEFENDED the Alt-Right in the aftermath of Charlottesville and did not condemn us all as “literally Nazis” like Hillary would have done…he has done other good things but this alone was HUGE…

      • Yes, accelerationism. Except, I don’t believe in a white afterlife, see? This world, this time before we go under, is all we have. #WhiteWorldMortality

        Not that I’m sorry to see us kicking before we go down – that befits any self-respecting race.

    • Trump is creating a lot of cultural polarization

      But that’s all he’s doing

      Enoch was right, he’s good as an accelerationist candidate. But the situation under him is deteriorating pretty rapidly.

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