The Christianity Question

Submitted by Alexander Zusammenbau

Religion has always been a hot-button issue in the Alt-Right circles I have found myself in, with admins of un-official Alt-Right discord servers often banning its discussion. As we saw in my previous article, it seems the Right-Winger of yesteryear has taken this uncertainty of faith as an opportunity to apply the label of atheists to us.

As the “Alt” part of the name would imply, we are very different from the bible-thumping evangelical right, but for the base of white Americans we claim to represent. Christianity is synonymous with right-wing. In this movement, I have seen Christians of all denomination, atheist, and even pagans; while our ideology is not one of religion, it seems this topic is still one we must address. While many take joy in degrading Christianity for its message of equality under God, and how people have used it for some very stupid causes, I believe there is no option other than to embrace it.

Before I enter the crucible of explaining the benefits of Christianity, I shall tell why I have written off things such as Agnosticism and Paganism. While I have no problem with your belief or lack thereof, Atheism and Agnosticism are very specific in the question they answer; they are not ideologies, but rather a more precise answer to the hypothetical question, “Do you believe in God?” The problem which in my eyes arises is that people are incapable of morally existing without religion, not even to mention the complete destruction of community which also comes along with a more secular people. We could argue back and forth about the despicable and degenerate things we can often find Christians doing, but at the end of the day, we see atheists doing things every day which would make a Slaaneshi Daemonette blush.

When I previously encountered these Pagans, I just called them LARPers and tried to ignore them, but for the reader’s sake, I will elaborate. The main reason I hear Paganism touted is that it is the least cucked religion, you don’t worship “a Jew on a stick,” so that means it is the religion of the Alt-Right, right? Wrong. While I am sure Paganism had many virtues and was once the prominent religious ideology of Europe, that is very much not the case today.

Assuming a Pagan resurgence was possible and occurred, do you really see a 45-year-old man going along with human and animal sacrifices? Paganism is so alien to Europeans today that if we are choosing religion entirely without belief/ believability, why would we not just welcome our Arab overlords and convert to Islam? Our second issue with Paganism is that people simply do not believe in it, even those who take up its banner do so not because of divine inspiration but because they think a society built from its foundation would be superior to that of a Christian foundation. You forget that millions of people legitimately believe the word of the Bible is that of God, they will not be convinced that Germanic Paganism is real, so unless you think Woden plans on making an appearance in time square, Paganism is out.

As we enter this section where I must convince you, the reader, that Christianity is the correct answer, I feel I must divulge my convictions briefly. While I was in my teenage years an Atheist edgelord, I have now come back around, and perhaps because of my fanboyism of Thomas Jefferson, would consider myself Deist. Regardless of my bias, I enlisted the aid of a friend, to better know Christianity for this article: Alt-Right Catholic Seminarian, Frank Gallinea.

I posed a question to him which I believe many of us currently ask of Christianity, including the Cuckservatives which I have previously mentioned: How can the Alt-Right both accept Christianity and subscribe to identity politics?

We are all made by the same Creator, and thus we all enter into His Kingdom in the same way. This does not mean, in terms of flesh, we are made entirely alike. God led us to evolve specifically to our environments and be perfectly suited for them. This inequality of kind does not bother our Creator as the inequity is his design. To put God in a box constructed to the dimensions of human limitations is not knowing the concept of a divine creator. We all are different, but innately we are all of God’s creation. Being such we must maintain our roles in the natural order, for any imbalance would be catastrophic to the health of our world. We the different races have a responsibility to not only our preservation, but that of our families.

This is a translation, and what is more important is that all these opinions are translations. Nowhere in the bible does it specifically reference identity politics or race, but just like with the constitution, historical clues and study can give us a clearer picture. The reason modern day Christianity is something we revile is because the majority of people making these big pushes of Christians for refugees or Christians for trannies, or whatever their flavor of the month virtue signaling opportunity is, are the same “Right-Wingers” who have given us the current state of Republican ideology.

The great danger for family life, in the midst of any society whose idols are pleasure, comfort, and independence, lies in the fact that people close their hearts and become selfish.

Young people are threatened… by the evil use of advertising techniques that stimulate the natural inclination to avoid hard work by promising the immediate satisfaction of every desire.

Science can purify religion from error and superstition. Religion can purify science from idolatry and false absolutes.

As the family goes, so goes the nation and so goes the whole world in which we live.

— Pope John Paul II

Hey, that’s pretty based.

Spending time in any University it quickly becomes clear that the majority of the people willing to speak about religion are not religious, or instead wish to virtue signal about how they are gay and Muslim; as if they wouldn’t get chucked off a building if they were in one of these Muslim paradises they wish America was. The point I am getting at here is the great enemy sees Christianity as an irremovable element of white identity, and just like our great architecture and history, they are dismantling it wherever they see it. White people in America today are not complaining about their pending minority status in the country their forefathers bestowed upon them, they are not complaining about their children’s destiny of exploring the cosmos being replaced with a future of unlimited degeneracy, but they are complaining about Christianity being threatened. To reject this would be suicide, they are already on the same page as the Alt-Right, but merely paragraphs behind, and instead of helping them get where we are, people suggest to leave them behind.

It seems that many have been coming out against Christianity recently, even in our own movement, and I just absolutely hate seeing this divide and conquer strategy change people’s hearts. Believe in Christianity or don’t what matters is that you bring your family to Church on Sunday, participate in your community, and make your world a better place.

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  • Early Christianity became popular in Europe because it fit the philosophical ideals of Plato, who was the leading ancient pagan philosopher. The early Christian philosophers including Augustine, Jerome, and Chrysostom believed in this Platonist connection, and made the most of it.

    In this debate it’s worth remembering that there is no “Protestant Church” as there is a Roman Catholic Church. Protestantism is based on Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. There are no rules, regulations or anything else governing Protestants only faith. There is NO “Protestant Church”.

    • It’s worth noting, too, that Christianity only penetrated northern Europe when it modified its message to make Christ into a warrior-aristocrat, as in Heliand, which was the Anglo-Saxonized version of the Gospel. See The Germanization of Early Medieval Christianity, by Dr. James Russell.

    • It is also worth mentioning that there are countless Protestant churches and sects. All in eternal conflict. And even better to mention that no civilization will last that has that lunacy and chaos as its religion. It will eventually end in sectarianism tearing the place apart. One of the many reason that the USA will fail as an experiment.

      There are two Traditional religions of Europe Catholic or Orthodox Christianity under the umbrella of the state and Traditional Paganism.

      Everything else must go.

  • The author represented Christianity softly and opened it up to attack by the vast amount of larpers who comment here. It was nice for open minded people, not the hard-nosed anti-Christian types the Jews developed in the past few decades.

    First of all, these liberal churches we all hate aren’t Christian. I can call myself a doctor and wear a stethoscope but I’ll only be cargo culting the job, which is what these libshit boomers, hippies, lesbians, fags, niggers and spics are doing right now with Christianity.

    These people are Judeo-left Marxists and aren’t compatible with Christian belief, no matter what the Neetch-tier untermensch say.

    God gave us His kingdom. We were the ones who would produce its fruit. This is what the bible says. The Israelites were chosen to produce Jesus, through a pure bloodline, (more on the racial aspect later) who they rejected, became cursed and their familial house was to be left desolate which we saw in 70 AD, the year of OUR Lord.

    God created the ethnicities. He is the ultimate “racist”. There is no egalitarian view on physical people groups in the bible. I know a big brain nibba might make the Galatians cuckpost, so I’ll let you know you’re wrong and should be ashamed of your stupidity.

    The story of Babylon is a multiethnic empire that God destroyed because His will for us is to live seperately from the other races. Multiethnic empires will always be turned to dust.

    In Revelation, the new earth is described as being filled with the ethnicities that are saved, with our own kings and lands.

    As we Europeans have been chosen by God, we are subject to His laws. You can be damned sure that when we turn our back on God, He will punish us, just like He punished the Israelites in the OT. By taking us captive and by getting niggers and Arabs all up in our shit. If we, as white ethnicities, continue down this path of ignoring our God, I believe we will be cut off like the Jews and only a small remnant of us will remain while the world burns down around us.

    Being His kingdom, the OT gives us the blueprint and guidance for political life, race relations and war which we adapted and blended with our European cultural folk ways. Some of you pagans know this has happened and are correct to point this out.

    Judaism is not the OT. It is a perverted interpretation of it which was largely developed after Christ and codified in the Talmud and Zohar.

    There’s more to write but this is tldr already. The message of Jesus is clear and it isn’t a hippy’s Babylonian utopia. It is simply surrender or die.

    Come home, white man. Repent and believe, just as our pagan ancestors did. The ones who didn’t convert voluntarily had a little time in the sun with might is right. They lost to the might of the Lord and the only reason we know of their ways is because Christians cared to write it down.

    All fascist nations in Europe were filled with Christian men and women.

    Hail Victory, hail our People, hail Christ the King.

  • Does this “guest writer” read the comments on his articles? I wonder what he thinks of the vast majority rejecting his article. Most people here seems they want to be bring back the Wicker Man. 😛 (Google the Wicker Man movie to see what I mean.) Not sure what he expected. Of course Christianity is opposed to the Alt-Right. All races are equal in God’s eyes and the Bible encourages inter-racial marriage.

  • I am one of those old people who believe very strongly in Christianity.

    I will try to be brief. Genesis 1 took place billions of years ago, and the ancient Hebrew says “elohim” created it. Elohim is a plural word meaning “the Gods”. The people created back then were the non-white people of the world.

    Genesis 2 happened about 6000 years ago, give or take. The “aw-dawm” that was formed from the dust of the earth was the first white man. His wife, cloned from his rib, was the first white woman.

    Genesis 2 and there-after was done by “the Lord God”, or YHVH Elohim in the Hebrew. Jehovah of the Gods, or something close to that.

    So, we were not all created by the same “God”.

    The rest of the Bible is the story of how the non-white people hated the white people and tried every trick in the book to mess us up.

    In Noah’s day, the sons of “God”, the people created in Genesis 1, started having mixed babies with Adam’s daughters, and it made The Lord God so angry that He flooded the area to kill off all the half breeds.

    Mixing never made a come-back until recently.

    Along the way, Israel (white folks) broke off from a bunch of mixed-breed types (Jews) and Jehovah of the Gods divorced them. He later regretted losing us, so Jesus died so that Israel could be remarried to Jehovah according to the law.

    Jesus said in Matthew 15:24 that He came only for the lost sheep of Israel. Not the blacks, asians, hispanice, arabs, jews, etc…

    Here in the end days, race mixing is making a comeback. And YHVH Elohim is gonna fix it again, this time by FIRE…

    I’m an old guy, divorced, Alabama resident, but I testify here and now that the science in my heart rests comfortably next to the Bible in my heart.

    There is no conflict, if both are understood.

    Read….United States and Britain in Prophecy by Herbert W Armstrong.

    Free download, look for the one that is 200+ pages long.

    Listen… (the page has a listen live button).

    This guy teaches religion and science AND separation.

    Study up on Christian Identity.

    Anglo Israel. British Israel. Khazar Jews.

    Do a search for “blush” in the Bible. The Bible was about a white, blushing people.

    Give it a chance. And if u wanna, send me an email…

  • Any religious man who speaks on politics should be arrested. Their legal rights should not extend beyong spiritual matters. That takes care of the Christian universalism issue. Hitler and Mussollini took these measures. In Europe all non Traditional religions of the Nations should be outlawed: Islam and Judaism as well as all the crazy protestant sects. Paganism and Christianity the only two legally allowed. Problems solved.

    Kill Liberalism with a daggar to it’s dark heart.

  • In order for the benefits of Christianity to be fully realized, we need homogenous societies in order to foster social cohesion, capitol, and trust.

  • I must say that as a Germanic Pagan, I genuinely believe in the Aesir and the Vanir, not just the foundational principles. The Gods are real to me through the runes and in the world around me. They are the progenitors of the white race. Other than this, I completely agree. I may not go to Church, but I will gladly side with them on all issues other than the obvious faith divide.

    • I’m with you on this, TeenKek. I’m a sincere Germanic Pagan (for 45 years or so), and I am comfortable enough in my beliefs to stand with Christians or atheists or anyone else who is working for the survival of our people. Our struggle is about blood, not religion.


    “Genuine Christianity already is a warrior cult.
    You must have accepted the limp-wristed, half-hearted, and non-Christian liberal view of Christianity to come to the idiotic conclusion that no one on our side were, or are, warriors. Christendom began with Constantine. And he did not subscribe to liberal Christianity. Nor did his heirs. And his heirs are with us today.”

    No, no, no. Totally wrong. Genuine Christianity was a martyr-saint cult.
    Also, genuine Christianity’s pacifism is not limp-wristed, weak, half-hearted, and etc.
    It takes far more courage than warrior-hood.
    Human nature, like animal nature, thinks in terms of fight or flight.
    Fight like a wolverine to survive or win. Or run like a mothafuc*a to save your behind. Germans and Russians fought like lions in WWII. Italians ran like rabbits. Both responses were very human. Fight to win and survive. Or take flight to seek safety and survive.

    Jesus didn’t run though He could have. He didn’t fight either. According to the New Testament, He is the Son of God and has Godly powers. After all, He turned a few loaves into lots of bread. So, theoretically, if He’d chosen not run like a cowardly Italian, He could have used magic powers to kick some serious butt. He could have been like a superhero. But He stood for peace, forgiveness, love, and understanding. And He decided to serve as a model of the highest virtue. And this took tremendous courage, esp if Mel Gibson’s account is any reflection of what really happened.

    And there was real courage in what the Indians did against the British too. I mean Gandhi got whupped pretty bad. But he kept disobeying and resisting. This kind of peace was not weak or cowardly. It meant resisting or fighting without hate, without violence, but with forgiveness.
    It took the courage of virtue to turn the other cheek.

    So, Christianity’s peace is not about chickening out, hiding in a hole, or running to mama like an Italian or a modern Greek(as the tough ancient Greek genes seem to have vanished).
    Now, Peter sought that kind of safety and felt shame. To save his own skin, he denied Jesus three times. He lacked the courage of a martyr. The fact that he felt shame means he didn’t act Christian. He ran like the Shah of Iran. He ran like Lord Jim who felt bad about it and atoned for it later.

    According to Christianity, fighting and warring are sinful. They are not courageous because man is giving into animal fears and hatred. A Christian must conquer his fears. He must be resolute. He must be willing to pay the price, even with death. If a Christian gives into hate, anger, and revenge, he is really serving his animal nature of survival even if he claims to fight for God.
    To be a truly noble Christian, he must not fight even if it means death. After all, the world of men is just a transient nothing compare to eternity in Heaven. A Christian must never fear death.
    It is indeed much more difficult to love and forgive your enemy than kick his butt.

    Now, the limp-wristed Liberal Christians may claim to be courageous in choosing peace over violence, but they are full of shi*. The ONLY reason they can be so fluffy-duff lovey-dovey is because they live in well-protected and well-guarded communities made possible by wealth created by ‘greed’ and security offered by police and military. Look at the do-goody libbies in Yale and University of Chicago. They are protected by massive police presence. So, their do-goody talk is just so much BS. And do-goody Christian libby dibs who claim to love Muslims and Diversity can go on with such conceit cuz they live in gated communities. Just look how the lesbian mainline theologians live in elite colleges. They never had to face being fed to lions or being raped or crushed. That’s why I have no use for the libby-dibbers.

    But true Christianity requires tremendous courage in the direst circumstances. It’s like that pacifist guy in Gibson’s WWII movie. His faith forbade him to pick up a gun. It took courage to stick by his principles when people in the army were calling him chicken. And he had to be fearless to save all those lives. And eventually, the men come to respect his courage as a different and perhaps even higher kind of courage.

    Not being religious myself, I prefer a more organismic view. Fight or flight, though having lived among diversity and Negroes in my youth, I stick by the general rule of ‘run like a mothafuc*a’ as the surest way out of trouble. Negro kids had this sixth sense. They’d be relaxing and taking it easy.. but then, lout of the blue,.. like in those nature documentaries where suddenly the deer or antelope stop chewing and become alert and then bolt. Just like that, the relaxed Negroes would suddenly prick up their ears and there would be a moment of silence.. and then some kid would mutter ‘run like a motherfuc*a’, and the kids would dash off in different directions. It could be from cops, gang members, or whatever.

    Now, we must not confuse Constantine and Christendom with what Christianity is about.
    After all, Buddha was pacifist but Buddhist societies practiced wars, conquests, slavery, kung fu, and etc. Angkor Wat the famous set of Buddhist temples were built by slaves. Samurai were buddhist but ruthless. Shaolin monks in KUNG FU learn to fight like Bruce Lee. So, Buddhist history produced lots of great warriors and armies. So, was Buddha about warrior pride? No.

    Also, Buddhist temples in Japan grew very rich. But Buddha wasn’t about materialism either. Same goes for the West. Jesus told people to give all their wealth to the poor, be poor themselves, don’t mind being poor, find virtue in poverty, and pray and meditate to reach Heaven. But Christendom was about great wealth, trade, and even piracy and plunder. Lots of great churches were built with wealth built on backs of serfs and New World slaves. The Corleones were Christians too. So, was that what Jesus was about?

    It’s true that the heirs of Christendom are those who fought, survived, and had kids.
    And they had to fight because had they done as Jesus preached, they would have gotten beaten for sure, even killed.
    So, I don’t have a problem with Christians not obeying Jesus. I don’t mind Christians fighting like lions to defeat invaders, such as Muslims and North Africans.

    But this does lead to a problem at the core of Christianity. Christendom rose in power by going against Jesus’ teachings. How can this contradiction be resolved? I don’t think it can.
    So, a new kind of vision is necessary.


    “Greek mythology, and its “sacred texts,” the Iliad and the Odyssey, celebrated vice;”

    Those are not sacred texts but storytelling via epic poems. They don’t hold the place in Greek history/culture/spirituality that the Torah did in Jewish culture. Torah was revered as words written by men by guided by God. But Iliad and Odyssey are stories told by humans. They are war and adventure stories. For better or worse, there was never a core text in Greek Mythology. Rather, Greek mythological stories, ideas, and theories were dispersed throughout the culture. When finally the mythologies were pulled together into a coherent narrative by the Latin Ovid, it was done as a joke, so that couldn’t be used as a sacred text.

    At any rate, Greek mythology cannot be approached or used like the Bible. That can be seen as a weakness as there is no core canon of right and wrong and cosmic truth. It can be confusing and lead one to cynicism and nihilism. But it can also be adventurous like the journey of Odysseus who has to find his own truth and path. Monotheism is like the sun in daytime. Its radiance conquers all. There are no stars, no moon. Just the sun as the sole truth. In contrast, pagan cultures are like stars in the night sky. Some stars are bigger than others. And we can see the planets to sometimes. This chaos can be confusing but it can also makes us map our own meaning, as with constellations.

    Also, it’s wrong to say Greek mythology celebrates vice. Vice is there but there is also virtue, stories of sacrifice and redemption. And if some forces lead men to vice, other forces keep them from it. Consider when Odysseus is passing by the Sirens. The Sirens sing this song and makes him go boing. They entice him to come and play.. Of course, sirens are killers and eat men. Odysseus wanted to hear the seductive music but he also knew of its danger, and he made sure his men’s ears were plugged. This is why Greek mythology is fuller in some ways. Instead of just condemning some stuff as BAD, it understands why it has that allure, charm, and temptation. But it also reminds us that giving into temptation can divert us from duty or even lead to destruction. It’s morality play without overt moralism.

    “Judaism is a tribal religion, and tribalism is the formula for perpetual suffering, war, slavery, and greed.”

    It depends on what is meant by tribalism. If it means gangsterism of brutish us versus them, then it can be deadly, like vikings head bashing each other, Germanic barbarians fighting one another, and African tribes chucking spears. But then, isn’t imperialism also warlike? Romans forced many tribes under one tent of Latin domination, but this entailed wars, suffering, slavery, and violence. In the case of Jews and Romans, weren’t Jewish tribalists the resistance fighters who sought to toss off the Roman yoke?
    Also, tribalism means identity and culture. It doesn’t have to us versus them. It can be us and them. Let us be us, and let them be them. Give them what is theirs,and let us keep what is ours.

    “Chrislam is the most incoherent religious idea fabricated in any fevered mind since the Moloch worship of the Punic diaspora.”

    I’m not talking about that Chrislam. I’m talking of a thought-experiment, a reformed chechenism that combines faith and fight. Today’s Christianity is too anemic, and today’s Islam is too bloody. But if one could take the spiritual essence of Christianity and fuse it
    with fighting spirit of Islam, you might have something there.

    Personally, I’d go with Asagirism, but having failed to win over anyone to the ‘faith’, I don’t think it’s a winning formula.

    PS. Maybe what every people need to do is produce their own bible. Torah isn’t just an anthology of Jewish stuff.
    Anthologies are not special. After all, there are anthologies of everything: American literature, French literature, Russian literature, Persian literature, Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy, and etc. Anthologies are dime-a-dozen.
    In contrast, the Torah is more than a collection of Jewish knowledge and history and culture. It is more than an anthology, more than an encyclopedia. Why? Because its history, theology, poetry, legalism, mythology, and etc are all threaded through with a common theme of God and Covenant. So, all those things in the Torah that could have been regarded as separate stuff(from one another) came to be organic and complementary parts of a whole.
    And that was the genius of Muhammad too. He didn’t just take bits and pieces of Judaism, Christianity, and Arab culture and put them together. That would have been just a lame anthology. Rather, he digested all of them and merged all the narratives into a new prophecy. As a result, the Koran became sacred and canonical. And Muslims can carry that one book and feel complete.

    What the Western Right needs to do is write The Book that reworks and retells all the essential stories of the West into a single thread. The West produced many great books but no bible, no The Book. The Jewish Bible and New Testament have served as the Bible for Western Man. But the Bible is really Jewish and New Testament is really the vision of a Jewish guy and Jewish Disciples. Western Man cannot really claim to the Bible as his. Torah is really Jewish. And Christianity not only originated with Jews but is meant to be a World religion. The only reason why it became associated so closely with the West is because of the rise of Islam. If Muhammad had never been born, it’s possible that all of Near East and North Africa would have been Christian(as indeed many of those parts were before Islam spread). And then, Christianity would have been the religion of everyone from Arabs to Africans to Europeans. And now, look at the Catholic Church. It’s the religion of homos and blacks and Chinese and Indians in Latin America.

    The problem with the Western Narrative is one cannot lug around a 1000 books. In order for the West to have its own Bible, a single book that sums up the essential meaning, story, and destiny of European folks, the 1000 books have to be distilled and processed into a single book. That way, any white person can carry around this book as inspiration.
    For too long, Western man carried around the essential book of Jews as their Bible. It’s time they had their own bible.

    This project could be the greatest of its kind since Gutenberg and Luther and German Bible.
    And it’s necessary since Zuckerbitch(nasty sister of Marcus Zuckerius) and her globalist cohorts are trying to steal Western History as their own and retell it with blacks as Romans and Greeks and even Vikings.

  • If white nations had no non-white colonization, the conservatives would eventually gain.

    Why? The Turkish Dilemma. In modern Turkey, hedonism and feminism made secular Turks have fewer and fewer kids. So, while progressive(in both good and bad sense of the term) folks had fewer kids, traditional Muslims had more kids. So, over time, the nation went from secularism to revival of Islamism. Erdogan rode on the Islamic Wave.

    It would be much the same in the West without mass non-white colonization. To be sure, due to widespread secularization and modernization, low birthrates would affect both libs and cons(as western cons are also pretty proggy in many respects). Still, cons tend to be more family oriented than libs. Also, religious cons tend to be most fecund. So,without non-white colonization, the West would eventually face the Turkish Dilemma(or blessing in the eyes of some) as cons and religious types will outbreed libs and secularites(or neo-spiritualists; worshiping homos and trannies doesn’t lead to much fecundity). Turkish Dilemma also affects Israel where the religious and traditional outbreed the secularites. This is one reason why secular Jews want more Jewish immigration as they figure new Jews will be more secular. (Feminism is a potent weapon against conservatism and religious types. If you rob men of the women, it doesn’t matter what the men believe. Feminism targets women specifically. It fills them with loathing for patriarchy and men in general but especially white men. So, a lot of white women have been turned against white men in the West. This means that even if there are still many white men who want to be conservative and have families, they have a harder time finding the right kind of women since so many girls are either feministized or, worse, whore-ized. This would be same of any community. Suppose there are a 1000 Muslim men into tradition and family BUT 1000 Muslim women have been turned into man-hating feminists. The men would have hard time having families.)

    Anyway, because of the Turkish Dilemma, the ONLY way to ensure continuous victories for the Prog agenda and Cultural decadence is to allow non-white colonization. These non-whites are generally even less proggy than white conservatives BUT they will vote ‘left’ because the Western Left opens the doors to them, flatters them with ‘diversity is noble’ talk, and hands out benefits. Thus, with the electoral backing of non-whites as ‘new citizens’, the Turkish Dilemma is either avoided or delayed.

    But by avoiding the Turkish Dilemma, the West ends up with more ‘turks’, and I’m using the term metaphorically, meaning any bunch of non-white-folks who are culturally more conservative than white conservatives. In the case of Germany, the prevention of the Turkish Dilemma led to the literal presence of more Turks. Turks in Germany vote ‘left’ cuz they want access to German wealth. But they don’t care for proggy politics and increasing presence of ‘turks’, actual Turks and other non-whites, will make Germany more ‘reactionary’.

    And we see this all around. The ‘left’ in the West must rely on ‘turks’(Muslims, Asians, Africans, Hindus, etc) to prevent the Turkish Dilemma. But the increasing number of these ‘turks’ make society less proggy at the socio-cultural level.
    The political support from ‘turks’ allows the victory of either the ‘left’ or the useless cuck-right(like Merkel or May) and prevents the rise of someone truly right like LePen. So, the West becomes politically more ‘left’ while becoming socio-culturally less proggy, even ending up with new forms of slavery in the UK.

    The contradictions are too great, and this is all gonna turn to shi*.

    UK used to be a nation of pirates. And then, it got legit and became the main vanquishers of pirates such as those in Barbary coast. But by inviting in all these non-white pirates to become ‘Englishmen’ and vote in elections, it is once again become a nation of smugglers and pirates.

  • Islam isn’t about barbarism or savagery. It is neo-Medievalism by other means.

    In Europe, the fall of the Roman Empire led to barbarians running amok. But in time, a new order was created during Medievalism, a middle ground between barbarism and high-culture Renaissance.

    In the Middle East, the increasing decline of Byzantines and Persians led to a crisis. With declining order, the whole place could have been run amok by nomadic barbarian gangs.
    Maybe if Muhammad hadn’t come along, ragtag Arabs would have just run amok as cutthroat bandits, like the Mongols and Huns.
    But Islam gave them a sense of purpose and meaning.
    So, even though they acted like semi-barbarians in their conquests, they were imbued with a spiritual purpose. And this was Near East Medievalism.

    A kind of reverse dynamics came to define the Near East when compared to the West.
    In the West, Medievalism of Christian Civilization gradually gave way to revival of high pagan classical culture of Greeks and Romans. Hellenism gained over Christo-Hebraism.

    In the Near East where Byzantine Christianity had preserved classical culture(at least much of it) and where Persians had preserved pagan culture of their own, the Islamic Medievalism gained and gained and stamped out classical culture(even though Arabs learned from that stuff for awhile).

    Classicism was revived and grew stronger in the West, but it grew weaker and faded in the Middle East.

    Anyway, neo-medievalism via Islam makes a certain sense as savagery(esp of blacks) and barbarism(esp of vulgar trash pop culture and family breakdown) define today’s ridiculous West.
    Medievalism, a kind of fusion of heavy-duty spiritualism and feudal-warrior culture, was necessary to restore order in a world where Imperial Certainties were no more. So, unless Medievalism restored order by localization of authority and hardcore spiritual conviction, there was bound to be more disorder, chaos, and etc.

    As the forces of jungle and junk engulf the West and as the concept of Justice becomes ever sillier(homo this, tranny that), the neo-medievalism of Islam might gain, especially in Europe that has a considerable Muslim population.
    It’s like that novel SUBMISSION. When white culture is cuckery, black culture is savagery, and intellectual culture is decadence — and when Christianity has surrendered to magic negro worship and homomania –, what is there but Islam as some kind of substantive moral and political system?

    Now, Islam turns me off, but it got some things right.


    “Greek Mythology better than Christianity? An abandoned pantheon of Gods that rape and murder with abandon is better than Christianity?”

    Not ‘with abandon’. They got their reasons. Also, there is balance. So, when some gods are against you, others can be for you. And because the gods are not perfect and have failings, they are more understanding of people. Also, the Greek mythological world is like poetic mapping of the mind. Every facet of human psychology is represented.
    In contrast, Christianity repressed too much to over-emphasize an impossible virtue of pacifism.. and that turns everyone into a rank hypocrite since no one can survive by heeding Jesus’ message.

    “The worthwhile portions of Judaism are entirely subsumed within Christianity, so I have a hard time understanding how it would be “better.””

    Like Greek mythology, there are contrasting views of God and His design. That allows for more thought and debate whereas Christianity, like Islam, claims to have solved the riddle. Religion as riddle or maze is more interesting than religion as answer. Christianity is like a cheat sheet that gives you all the answers, so all you need is trust and faith.
    Also, Judaism isn’t just about an idea but about blood and soil and history.

    This is why I think there is yet another opportunity to develop a new spin on monotheism.

    So, far it was (1) one God for one people or (2) one God for all peoples, the core principle of Christianity and Islam.

    But what hasn’t been properly explored is One God for Each People, meaning all people should worship the same God but have their own special covenant with him. So, a kind of Judaism-for-each-people.

    Aren’t Jews, on a pound for pound basis, stronger than any Christian group or Muslim group because they have the Covenant? So, even as Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe, more or less, in the same One God, Jews feel special and focused whereas Christians and Muslims just feel generic and blurry. I mean a white Christian is supposed to see an African Christian and Asian Christian as a bigger fellow brother than his ethnic kin.

    Covenantism is the way to go.

    “And Chrislam? I had to search for what that is.”

    Chrislam combines the virtues of Christianity with the warrior cult of Islam.
    In Islam, a Muslim is expected to be both saint and warrior.
    In Christianity, a good Christian is only supposed to be a saint. But no people could survive without warriors. So, Christian order came to rely on warriors for power. But because of core Christian teachings, the reliance on warriors to protect the West and expand Western power came to be seen as a betrayal of Jesus’ teachings. So, we get all this guilt and apologies and etc. Weakness.

    In contrast, Chrislam imagines Jesus and Muhammad having lunch together and negotiating a new religion whereby Jesus admits the flaws in Christianity. And Muhammad admits maybe he was wrong on some things too.
    So, it combines the virtues of Christianity with virility of Islam.

    Maybe this can arise in Russia where Orthodox Faith and Chechen warrior cult can be combined.

    But I still think Covenantism is better. Each people will have to further the sacred texts by producing their own heroes and prophets. It’s like what Joseph Campbell said. Every culture used to have individuals who journeyed further in spirit and mind and returned with vision and wisdom that he shared with his folks.

  • I have to say that I am with Varg Vikernes on this one. Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion that did not stem from our blood. There is also the risk of the majority of Christians in this world that are not White. Christianity does not have a racial component whereas paganism does. That being said, I was raised a Christian and I have the uttermost respect for the religion and the followers. This is not a pressing issue as is the non-White invasion of our ancestral homelands. We can live together and separate the religion from the ideology of self-preservation and in-group preference for our race.

  • “I just absolutely hate seeing this divide and conquer strategy”

    As do I.

    America, and all of Western civilization, is not in danger of being overrun by Christians. It’s in danger of being overrun by third world minorities. There are tons of white Christians who are filled with disgust at that prospect.

    My personal view is that if we argue over whether Christianity is worthwhile or not first, the country will be overrun by savages and it won’t matter who won that argument.

    • “America, and all of Western civilization, is not in danger of being overrun by Christians. ”

      Yes, it is. It is in danger of being overrun by Christian third worlders, Christian Africans, Christian Mestizos, even Christian Asians.

  • Yeah, its that average people will always seek out ideological conformity. Without religion they look for it oftentimes in political causes. When you see a horde of Antifa marching with Che Guevera t-shirts 99.9% of them are atheists, and not only atheists but that gross proselytizing variety. I was raised Catholic and consequently have a lot of problems with Christian dogma but Paganism always comes off as kind of larpy to me. We might as well embrace the religion that the vast percentage of our people adhere to. We can’t expect to make inroads with the average rural American if we are dismissive of Christianity.

  • Heathens introduced ETHICS and Stoicism to corrupt Christianity and made it palatable enough to follow for a time. However, focus on Christianity at this point is so incredibly myopic it’s painful to read / hear.

    • “However, focus on Christianity at this point is so incredibly myopic it’s painful to read / hear.”

      Why do you say that?

  • Christianity did not make Europeans great, Europeans made Christianity great. But it has also been our undoing. European man needs to stop worshiping the volcano demon. Ban all things SAND. Return to our Heathen roots! Hail the Gods!

    • I’ll gladly join the shield-wall with my Pagan brothers and sisters. I even promise not to try to convert anyone. We can talk about your blasphemy against Holy Mother Church when all the untermensch are subjugated.

      White first.

      Religion second.

    • I just referenced to him. Thanks for pointing this out. I believe a true restoration of the European spirit will necessitate a return to the religion of our blood.

    • “Just like there is an abyss between the people and the agenda of the rulers today, there was an abyss between the people and the rulers and their agenda in the Middle Ages.” Prepper Girl, thank you for this vid. It is brilliant. I just posted it on my Gab feed @Lyon

    • I think Varg’s point is that Christianity was only popular in Europe because it was forced upon Europeans. Anyone who disagrees with this only has to look at the Christian demographic in Europe today. It doesn’t take too long to understand that Christianity isn’t for Europeans.

  • This article is a string of straw man fallacies. If the author wants to make his own case rather than damage it, he ought to consider making a charitable argument against paganism. Also, his statements contradict one another: “Our second issue with Paganism is that people simply do not believe in it…” and “Believe in Christianity or don’t what matters is that you bring your family to Church on Sunday…” If the author doesn’t understand what I mean, he ought to study logic, which was invented by pagans.

  • Wait…I thought the alt-right =was= our new religion? 🙂

    This is the era of the cyberpunk. Christ carries a beeper and has a landline. He is simply not Chad enough for our scene. Praise KEK!

    Christianity is nothing more than the surrogate mother to Communism. It is a toxic mind virus that has transformed the essence of our people from that of a wolf to that of a sheep.

    We are being primed for genocide because this mind virus and the Boomers are going to be too old to fight anyways in 15-20 years when SHTF. Personally they will make more use as human shields against the mindless Left Wing Death Squads we’re going to be dodging.

    • You piqued my interest with the “era of the Cyberpunk” start. But then the comment got progressively worse. So disappointing.

  • Without the supernatural explanation given by Christ as to why the Jews hold power (they are children of the Devil, sustained by demonic power across generations) then the only explanation left is the evolutionary one, namely that Jews are a superior people.

    If Jews are a superior people we have no natural right to resist them. Instead we should be assisting the Jews in their dominance so that the healthiest and most superior organisms thrive.

    However if their apparent superiority is due to the supernatural influence of the Devil and demonic entities then it becomes a moral obligation to oppose them.

    In a purely evolutionary epistemology one cannot deny the temporal superiority of Jews. They dominate all international and national institutions. They wage war at their discretion. They control the levers of finance. If such an organism as the Jew is capable of such on purely natural grounds then their dominance is not only moral but necessary.

    Christ does away with this by postulating a supernatural, and evil, cause for their dominance.

    If you are purely an evolutionist then you should worship the Jew.

    Here lies the reason why Christianity is despised by the Jews. It inverts the Jewish narrative that their superiority is ordained by God and instead claims their superiority is a product of supernatural evil.

    The alternative to this is a might makes right philosophy that again must concede that Jewish might makes them Right.

    • Without the supernatural explanation how does one explain the defeat of the Aryan Reich by Judaism without admitting their superiority?

          • You bet fam. Many a lion has mirked many an African desert beast.

            Some epic lions have even taken down majestic elephants and far-seeing giraffes.

            I’m sure in the course of history at least one Jew has been eaten by at least one lion.

            Lions don’t give a fuck!

      • WWII was Aryans fighting Aryans. Everyone else was just along for the ride, riding coattails and picking up spoils like greedy, dishonorable rats.

    • For one, Heathens introduced Ethics to the Sand religion of Christianity. Two, your logic is flawed in that you believe that the trickster is smarter because he operates from a place of deceit. The con artists is not smarter because he lies. (You think like a Jew!) The con artists only wins temporarily and that is because he lacks all honor and believes himself smarter than he really is. But alas the con always loses in the end because he is merely a manipulator, not a chess player. The European is the chess player.

      • Of course you are ignoring the fact that Jewish dominance has not been temporary. It has been inexorable.

        Jewish Crypsis and deceit is a biological trait. Comparing it to a con artist is to underestimate the phenomena and deny it’s biological foundation.

        A chameleon is not a con artist.

        If the Jews lose in the long run you will be right. But at this moment in time Jews dominate the planet and that dominance increases with every passing generation.

    • “If you are purely an evolutionist then you should worship the Jew.”

      If you are a pure evolutionist, than you should worship bacteria and tardigrades, because they will outlast every other category of organism.

      But to do so would be absurd.

    • “If Jews are a superior people we have no natural right to resist them. Instead we should be assisting the Jews in their dominance so that the healthiest and most superior organisms thrive.”

      There are no “rights” or moral obligations in nature. Nature is amoral. Evolution has nothing to do with morality, it’s a descriptive scientific theory, not a prescriptive dogma.

      • Natural law demands a morality of the dominance of the weak by the strong.

        Under the law of nature the weak have no right to rule the strong.

        The terms “Right” and “Moral” have nothing to do with dogma in this sense.

        A natural “right” simply means “capability”, a natural “moral” is any rule that can be deduced from natural law.

  • “what matters is that you bring your family to Church on Sunday, participate in your community”
    That is NOT possible at my church.
    There would not be any community participation. There would just be lecturing on how we need to essentially give away not just our community but our entire civilization to foreigners and even non-Christians.
    Why the fuck would I waste my time doing that?
    I agree that community is vital. Perhaps we Whites need to create new communities with new and different foci.

    • Personally I see the Alt-Right embracing Christianity as more political than spiritual or moral. Our enemies see it the same way. There are plenty of churches out there that are more right wing and our involvement in them would make them more so. The vast majority of people amenable to our cause are Christians.

      • I’m Catholic.
        We don’t switch churches; we just become departed-faithful.
        In fact; “Former Catholic” might actually be considered the 2nd or 3rd largest denomination in America.

  • The Alt Right shouldn’t be focused on religion but instead on our race. Paganism, like Christianity, is a blanket term. It’s not all wiccans & witches, spellcasters. Asatru Folk doesn’t do spells, or human sacrifices. Like all other religions, human sacrifices are of the past. (Jesus himself was a human sacrifice for salvation of jews). Athiests also bring an advantage, they represent our values and no one can blame it on a “crazy” worship of scripture or a god.
    I use to be a christian, even as I came to the Alt Right. Since then I have became Asatru Folk. And to mention “so unless you think Woden plans on making an appearance in time square, Paganism is out” well that is a little bit contradictory. When has jesus done this? Christianity hasn’t gotten anyone further than Paganism or Atheism. Also, if Europe didn’t believe in christ would that be a reason for you to say “well I change my faith now”.
    I respect your faith but don’t alienate other White people that are just as invested in the Identitarian movements because you demand christianity. Btw, MANY Europeans are very much Odinistic Pagans & very much Identitarian.
    This is about our White race & that is how we should engage our White brother’s & sister’s.

  • Rather than trying to take back “your” religion here you are evangelizing to people that are already pro White regardless of their faith because getting converts for jesus is always number one for you, above saving your race. Your grandchildren will be alone in a sea of brown hordes saying “at least i still got my bible”. Stop letting Alex Jones post articles here.

  • Christianity was better when Christians weren’t allowed to read the Bible, and were instead taught what was proper to their station in life by a mysterious and inaccessible authoritarian hierarchy.

    Christianity was seriously harmed by the “democratization” of the scriptures.

    This is most evident in pope francis Who teaches his own brand of liberation theology, opposed to Catholic theology. This only possible because of generations of democratic license with the word of God.

  • And there it is “Nowhere in the bible does it specifically reference identity politics or race, but just like with the constitution, historical clues and study can give us a clearer picture.” Now let me know when christians are standing up in churches and confronting subversive priests destroying the minds of their parishioners with anti-white poison. Oh wait, you can’t because everyone’s soul is equally special so long as they believe in jesus. If a left wing “Pagan” shows up at a folk kindred i’ll have no problem calling them a race traitor, denigrating their beliefs which share no relation to our peoples faith and expelling them. You can’t say the same because you’re spiritual egalitarians and universalists.

    • At my local SSPX Parish a priest harangued the parishioners from the pulpit to sign a petition to stop our town from becoming a “Sanctuary City”.

      Uncucked Christianity exists but you have to look for it.

      It’s the leaven that will raise the whole loaf.

      • Have you noticed that non-White Christians are never told they must give up their racial identity and loyalty? That suggests to me that Church leaders do not believe there is anything wrong with Christians loving their “brothers according to the flesh” in the abstract. They are just anti-White.

  • All we have to do is rewrite/edit the bible to make it more favorable to our views, it’s been done in the past and can be done again.
    Paganism is ridiculously stupid and is not a good moral compass for the masses.

    • At least you’re an honest enemy.

      P.S. When are you going to get your hands on a Bible publishing company? Is that going to be a crowd fund goal for the Alt-Right? *sarc

  • Being a pagan in US today i would in most cases consider to nothing else than larping.
    People where christian when they came there, their whole history is christian. There is simply nothing else to grasp on to.

    The situation especially for northern Europe may be different. A lot of people here have been atheists for several generations. The connection to Christianity simply is not strong enough anymore, and it has always been weaker here than in the rest of Europe for obvious reasons.
    And considering the sorry state the church is in this part of the world i am not surprised people are going to look further back down the history for strength. Wherever its Germanic paganism or some kind of Baltic/Finnish paganism.

    In the end paganism is about having a strong connection to the land and your history. And rituals change in terms on how they are conducted. They where never conducted in the exact same way everywhere anyhow.

  • I think on the question of Christianity, we are plagued by a general naive idealism. When we speak of religion in the context of politics, we are speaking of a societal institution which has a social role, as do all societal institutions. Religion is typically the most intransigent when it comes to social change, but is not immovable. There is a simple fact that critics of the religion have to contend with: Christianity was effectively the last institution to give in to liberalism. You cannot name a single institution which resisted liberalism for longer. Commercial interests? Politicians? Academia? Media? Heck, even the common man on the street. Christianity only capitulated when every other institution in society was against it (this was the case by the end of WWII, after the Catholics largely backed the losing side of the war)

    Now of course, it gained nothing from this capitulation. It is still roundly mocked, derided, and forced out of public discourse, which (much like the cuckservatives) invites our contempt. But are we being far too idealistic here? What do we want priests to do against such overwhelming opposition to previously held ideas. They aren’t supermen. We sometimes forget what a minority we are. It doesn’t matter which religion you’re talking about, NONE of them under these kinds of pressures would fail to conform.

    But, if these pressures went in the other direction, the Church would with little issue adopt the old line again, as it held for most of its history. I think there is a legitimate discussion to be had about what is Christianity’s role within the state (and these go into deeper discussions about ecclesiology), but this question of Church opposition to let’s say ‘racially consciouss’ ideas is no different to the question of opposition from virtually every other segment of society.

    It seems criticism of Christianity itself is a way to deflect. The fact is, eastern european societies are far more observant of Christianity than western ones, and they are in general, not suicidal. This indicates the problem is not the religion, but its practitioners. Perhaps we are unwilling to admit as Americans, Frenchmen, Spaniards, Brits, Swedes, etc. that the Church here became degenerate because we became so, not the other way around. Of course, that would require too much self-reflection.

  • For the Altright Christ and Christianity answers the question “why”? Why do the Jews hate whites? Why do the Jews seek to do us harm?? It is nothing we have done. We are hated because we follow the teachings of Christ and the Jews must destroy Christianity and its followers before the Jew messiah, Moshiach, the anti-Christ can arrive. The Jew plan is to use racial conflict, to provoke a race war. White Christians do not want to fight but only want to live in peace and always back up. There will come a time when whites can not backup anymore and will be forced to fight. Whites will win. Jews then will use guilt afterwards. Whites will reflect on the horror of their actions become confused and lose faith in Christ. Then the anti-Christ will appear.

    • That guilt is created by christianity. And im sure the jews hated the prechristian romans just the same (and with pretty good reason).
      Imho, christianity has alot to teach. But it lacks loyalty to whites and it tells the story of a people that is not my own. To me this is unacceptable.

      • Yet according to your myths, they control the world and you control nothing. By what definition of superior were you referring to?

        P.S. They don’t control the world. You’re like Eric Cartman from South Park.

  • I just go with the idea that being “Christian” means you’re not Jewish, Muslim are bad person, atheist.

    You see personal match ups SCWM and SJM, people should understand what that is. It’s increasingly difficult to find many, any tax exempt American Christian church denominations that aren’t pushing multi culturalism, open borders or worse are Liberation theology, Black Liberation theology or sexually degenerate, dominated by childless, manless women. Unless you strictly work to keep women out of leadership positions they will always end taking over non profits, co-op boards, Lib politics – healthy man just can’t waste all their time serving on committees.

    I’ve had some modest success with the Mormon Latter Day Saints church – they have good rules, customs about not talking politics in church. They’ve managed to dodge feminism – the long and boring LDS Mormon church services and moral requirements are usually too much for ghetto Blacks who like to stomp around and holler.

    The down side is that national LDS Mormon pols tend to really suck on immigration, neo Conservative wars etc. Harry Reid, Orin Hatch, Mittens Romney, egg McMuffin – they are almost as bad as Jews on immigration and these folks like to just go with the flow, nod their head with whomever happens to be in the room with them (Neo con advisers). The LDS Mormons were once “racist” priesthood was exclusively White males. So now everyone in the LDS Mormon church takes great efforts to tell everyone and anyone that “We’re not racist”, “we send missionaries to Black Africa to convert the natives and bring them back to Utah.


    Yes, very difficult to make Christianity work for us. But, we don’t have a lot of viable alternatives.

    • Women do tend to civilize the barbarian, so I’m not surprised you don’t like them in leadership positions. And no, Christianity will never, ever, ever work for you. Not as long as you’re Alt-Right.

  • Here’s a few problems I see with Christianity. It is not driven enough by Blood and genetics. Look at all the fertility squandered on nuns and priests. Look at all the Christians donating abroad when they could use that money to have more children. It did not embrace the environment enough, which would have made us more territorial and tribal. The scale of it’s giving is too grand and should be local and accountable. It has given us misconceptions about life and death. Children should be at the center of our adult lives and it is not heaven that is the afterlife but rather our children. Advance your genes to the greatest capacity you can. The church should help us all achieve nothing less. Don’t squander your wealth on assisted living, die quickly, even at your own hands if need be in order to maximize what can be invested in your following generations. Leverage out your wealth to pursue greater fertility.

    • Agree, but the monks and nuns was in a situation where a large percentage of those born would die of starvation related illnesses. Because the ability to create food doubled at best every 200 years while normal human populations try to double each generation.

  • South African white cosmologist George F. R. Ellis well addresses faith in his On The Moral Nature of The Universe that has been my springboard to much good literature and thought.

  • What an ignorant is author of this article regarding paganism. Paganism is real belief system. I am pagan, I lead the pagan celebrations and I know many peoples, who are attracted to paganism. Regarding christianity, I am writing from Poland, just today biggest national organisations debunked racial separatism, because it does not fit to catholic church teachings. Christian universalism literally kills.

  • This sums up my feelings about pagans, paganism, and religious belief in general in the context of political activism –
    “At that time it was very difficult to make the people understand that every movement is a party as long as it has not brought its ideals to final triumph and thus achieved its purpose. It is a party even if it give itself a thousand different names.

    Any person who tries to carry into practice an original idea whose realization would be for the benefit of his fellow men will first have to look for disciples who are ready to fight for the ends he has in view. And if these ends did not go beyond the destruction of the party system and therewith put a stop to the process of disintegration, then all those who come forward as protagonists and apostles of such an ideal are a party in themselves as long as their final goal is reached. It is only hair-splitting and playing with words when these antiquated theorists, whose practical success is in reverse ratio to their wisdom, presume to think they can change the character of a movement which is at the same time a party, by merely changing its name.

    On the contrary, it is entirely out of harmony with the spirit of the nation to keep harping on that far-off and forgotten nomenclature which belongs to the ancient Germanic times and does not awaken any distinct association in our age. This habit of borrowing words from the dead past tends to mislead the people into thinking that the external trappings of its vocabulary are the important feature of a movement. It is really a mischievous habit; but it is quite prevalent nowadays.

    At that time, and subsequently, I had to warn followers repeatedly against these wandering scholars who were peddling Germanic folk-lore and who never accomplished anything positive or practical, except to cultivate their own superabundant self-conceit. The new movement must guard itself against an influx of people whose only recommendation is their own statement that they have been fighting for these very same ideals during the last thirty or forty years.

    Now if somebody has fought for forty years to carry into effect what he calls an idea, and if these alleged efforts not only show no positive results but have not even been able to hinder the success of the opposing party, then the story of those forty years of futile effort furnishes sufficient proof for the incompetence of such a protagonist. People of that kind are specially dangerous because they do not want to participate in the movement as ordinary members. They talk rather of the leading positions which would be the only fitting posts for them, in view of their past work and also so that they might be enabled to carry on that work further. But woe to a young movement if the conduct of it should fall into the hands of such people. A business man who has been in charge of a great firm for forty years and who has completely ruined it through his mismanagement is not the kind of person one would recommend for the founding of a new firm. And it is just the same with a new national movement. Nobody of common sense would appoint to a leading post in such a movement some Teutonic Methuselah who had been ineffectively preaching some idea for a period of forty years, until himself and his idea had entered the stage of senile decay.

    Furthermore, only a very small percentage of such people join a new movement with the intention of serving its end unselfishly and helping in the spread of its principles. In most cases they come because they think that, under the aegis of the new movement, it will be possible for them to promulgate their old ideas to the misfortune of their new listeners. Anyhow, nobody ever seems able to describe what exactly these ideas are.

    It is typical of such persons that they rant about ancient Teutonic heroes of the dim and distant ages, stone axes, battle spears and shields, whereas in reality they themselves are the woefullest poltroons imaginable. For those very same people who brandish Teutonic tin swords that have been fashioned carefully according to ancient models and wear padded bear-skins, with the horns of oxen mounted over their bearded faces, proclaim that all contemporary conflicts must be decided by the weapons of the mind alone. And thus they skedaddle when the first communist cudgel appears. Posterity will have little occasion to write a new epic on these heroic gladiators.

    I have seen too much of that kind of people not to feel a profound contempt for their miserable play-acting. To the masses of the nation they are just an object of ridicule; but the Jew finds it to his own interest to treat these folk-lore comedians with respect and to prefer them to real men who are fighting to establish a German State. And yet these comedians are extremely proud of themselves. Notwithstanding their complete fecklessness, which is an established fact, they pretend to know everything better than other people; so much so that they make themselves a veritable nuisance to all sincere and honest patriots, to whom not only the heroism of the past is worthy of honour but who also feel bound to leave examples of their own work for the inspiration of the coming generation.

    Among those people there were some whose conduct can be explained by their innate stupidity and incompetence; but there are others who have a definite ulterior purpose in view. Often it is difficult to distinguish between the two classes. The impression which I often get, especially of those so-called religious reformers whose creed is grounded on ancient Germanic customs, is that they are the missionaries and protégés of those forces which do not wish to see a national revival taking place in Germany. All their activities tend to turn the attention of the people away from the necessity of fighting together in a common cause against the common enemy, namely the Jew. Moreover, that kind of preaching induces the people to use up their energies, not in fighting for the common cause, but in absurd and ruinous religious controversies within their own ranks. There are definite grounds that make it absolutely necessary for the movement to be dominated by a strong central force which is embodied in the authoritative leadership. In this way alone is it possible to counteract the activity of such fatal elements. And that is just the reason why these folk-lore Ahasueruses are vigorously hostile to any movement whose members are firmly united under one leader and one discipline. Those people of whom I have spoken hate such a movement because it is capable of putting a stop to their mischief.

    It was not without good reason that when we laid down a clearly defined programme for the new movement we excluded the word völkisch from it. The concept underlying the term völkisch cannot serve as the basis of a movement, because it is too indefinite and general in its application. Therefore, if somebody called himself völkisch such a designation could not be taken as the hall-mark of some definite, party affiliation.

    Because this concept is so indefinite from the practical viewpoint, it gives rise to various interpretations and thus people can appeal to it all the more easily as a sort of personal recommendation. Whenever such a vague concept, which is subject to so many interpretations, is admitted into a political movement it tends to break up the disciplined solidarity of the fighting forces. No such solidarity can be maintained if each individual member be allowed to define for himself what he believes and what he is willing to do.

    One feels it a disgrace when one notices the kind of people who float about nowadays with the völkisch symbol stuck in their buttonholes, and at the same time to notice how many people have various ideas of their own as to the significance of that symbol. A well-known professor in Bavaria, a famous combatant who fights only with the weapons of the mind and who boasts of having marched against Berlin–by shouldering the weapons of the mind, of course–believes that the word völkisch is synonymous with ‘monarchical’. But this learned authority has hitherto neglected to explain how our German monarchs of the past can be identified with what we generally mean by the word völkisch to-day. I am afraid he will find himself at a loss if he is asked to give a precise answer. For it would be very difficult indeed to imagine anything less völkisch than most of those German monarchical States were. Had they been otherwise they would not have disappeared; or if they were völkisch, then the fact of their downfall may be taken as evidence that the völkisch outlook on the world (Weltanschauung) is a false outlook.

    Everybody interprets this concept in his own way. But such multifarious opinions cannot be adopted as the basis of a militant political movement. I need not call attention to the absolute lack of worldly wisdom, and especially the failure …” – text is from pages 204 & 205 of Mein Kampf.

  • Very wise approach. I consider our culture to be based on the Trinity of Antiquity(paganism included), Christianity and Enlightenment. Yes, the last one is also crucial. Do not let anyone bully you into giving away any of those cultural achievements.
    I currently try to produce a new religion, worship of the platonic transhuman aryan logos. But I understand this is far-fetched and its success is far from guaranteed.

  • I don’t know why my last comment was taken away, it was reasonable and respektful and there were no bad language in it. However I try again with a milder tone so no ones feelings are hurt. I think the liberal infiltration is equally bad in both the Christian and pagan camp, so nationalist pagans and Christians should focus on getting control of their respective domains. I don’t see the possibility for either a Christian or pagan revival in Europé in any near future. However I do see the resurgence of nationalism all over the Western world, and that is something everyone should embrace regardless of our faith.

  • The problem is that Christianity has a deadly weakness: its core supernatural claims are not believable and without them, Christianity cannot exist in any meaningful, useful way.

    Because of that, even an explicitly racialist form of Christianity would be dangerous and counter-productive. Once its supernatural claims are inevitably debunked, they would most likely also compromise the racial solidarity for which that racialist Christianity provided support. In a way, this is what’s happening today in most White countries with many moral issues; a lot of moral demands were supported by supernatural claims and once those claims were no longer convincing, the moral pronouncements they provided support for were gradually abandoned, too.

  • Traditional Catholic and Orthodox Christians enjoy large families and work hard to support them. They certainly have a working moral compass. Mathew 23 was Christ’s last public speech to our enemy. He was hip to the JQ and our pagan brothers and sisters would benefit from his gospel and in time the gift of faith may come. I would suggest the works off e Michael Jones and Michael Hoffman as well as attending a traditional mass with the sspx or Russian orthodox church. The Catholic church has been infiltrated at the highest level for at least a few hundred years. Hence the self etc. God is not dead. We have become dead to God

  • Long winded article repeating the same things we’ve heard a 100 times already. This is an old take. The onus is on you to explain why Christianity is good, not why Pagans are bad. You have to defend xtianity from the criticism not lash out on other belief systems.

    Xtianity fails at a fundamental level, it is a version of liberalism that existed before secular liberalism was even a thing. You can’t remove multiculturalism and the anti-masculine nihilistic culture without removing xtianity first.

    Like feminists, xtians don’t want any criticism of their beliefs. They just want White men to go along with whatever they say.

    • May I add to your comment that Christianity & islam are the 2 branches of Judaism. Christianity being the feminin. They rely on prayers to work instead of taking on reality & working their butts off to change it themselves! They speak so critically of paganism (not even referring to which branch) yet at least we work for change. Not hope our god does it for us!

  • Most young europeans (our future) are atheist, so If we should choose a worldview by the numbers then we should embrace atheism, that argument doesn’t hold. To say that we cant convince people of paganism because they “sacrificed animals and humans” is dishonest since all religions evolve with time. The early followers of christ were all circumsized does that mean that all white christians must mutilate their dicks? Also i don’t see how its easier to convince non-believers that there was a jewish carpenter who could walk on water and raise the dead than it is to convince them of a dude with a hammer among the clouds. When it comes to modern christians and pagans i would say there are equally many problems of liberal infiltration in both camps, so I think the best option would be for right-wing christians to focus on taking back their own churches and for pagans to convince other pagans of our politics. About the relations between nationalist pagans and christians the best option is to call it a truce until we have our own homelands back. I don’t believe we will see any great revival of either christianity or paganism in the near future, but i do believe in the resurgence of nationalism in all of the West, and that is something that should be supported by all europeans of all faiths as well as atheists.

  • embracing Christianity is anti-alt right. in case you havnt heard were an evidence based realist movement. if you want to adopt dogmas go join the democrats.

    • It is laughable to claim that Christianity is not evidence based. The evidence for God’s existence is abundant. Furthermore, countless miracles and supernatural phenomena have been recorded and verified for the last 2,000 years in relation to Jesus and the saints.

      • Recorded by someone writing about it after being told about it, verified by the one telling the story. No one has actualy witnessed anything. Let me guess, you’re about to prove it all with scripture.

  • The fact is that Paganism has answers to each and every one of the criticisms made in this article, but I don’t see the value of spelling out the refutation, on an anonymous basis, and, worse, online. It’s just a recipe for mistrust and misunderstanding.

  • I know of degenerate feminist women into all manner of stuff from lesbian tendencies to BDSM who join paganism and larp as ‘witches’ (ex girlfriend for example). Shrill colored hair, tribal tattoos, piercings and being or becoming fat, the whole 9 yards and then scream about you guys introducing ‘racism’ to ‘pagan culture’. Gays and all manner of outcasts seek refuge in paganism. Most if not all of the pagan community minus one specific group is like this, they are multicultural and worse, degenerate. I am aware that Christian institutions are cucked, even Orthodx priests in Eastern Europe are mostly in it for the money (I’m from there so I know), but Paganism is in a worse state.

    • The problem is not Christianity; it is Christians. The pagans I have seen on-line, mainly Asatruar, are LARPing Viking wannabes. I do genetic genealogy as a hobby, and can affirm that Roman Catholicism is the religion of my ancestors as far back as I can trace. I am happy with that.

      • Catholocism also incorporated huge amounts of paganism. In my country, if you can identify an old community that gave prominence to a certain saint, you can be pretty sure that this relates to the prominence of the cult of a pagan god.

      • No, the problem is not the Christians, it’s Christianity. European people transferred who they are naturally (ethical, stoic, monogamous, industrious, honest) from Heathenism to Christianity. They cleaned up Christianity and blended it with paganism. That being said, it’s False God, it’s not authentic, it’s foreign-born, and it’s used against, it’s a weakness, it’s a slipper slope. We need to get off the Sand and back into our Heathen roots. Also, this image of Jesus as this white skinned blond haired angel is total propaganda. He looked like Muhammed.

      • I must respectfully dispute your claim that Asatruar are, in general, Viking LARPers. I have followed the Gods for 45 years. I don’t wear funny clothes when I honor them. I don’t own a sword. I know I’m not a viking, despite my 12 year total military service (mostly Infantry). I founded the most successful Asatru organization in America (if you don’t count the liberal universalists). Look, I see why you might think we’re LARPers, but most of us are just working guys and gals, often solid family types, with real lives.

    • Jews ruin every religion and culture and they have a hand in wiccan and are infiltrating asatru too. Regardless, Heathenism is the original European tradition and modern day christianity is simply a watered down version of our pagan past. So why not go big and become a full fledged modern day Heathen? No larping necessary. AFA is a great resource for this. Stephen McNallen has a stellar background in the movement.

  • The Alt-Right must reject all Abrahamic Religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), because they are three sides to the same (((3-sided die))). The Alt-Right must reject Christianity because fucking look at it. It failed. The Pope is POZ’d. Protestantism is gay and weak. Agnosticism is the best we can do. Atheism is nihilism, and it’s ridiculously stupid to deny that there isn’t some kind of superior system that created this experience in this universe we’re all in. Consciousness IS the universe, which quantum physics has more or less proven, but we don’t have a simple icon for it beyond Schrödinger’s Cat, and that’s not the kind of icon you can culturally build warm fuzzy stories and holidays around worthy of the Hallmark Channel. But maybe we stop praying to symbols, letting this symbol or that symbol pull us apart and compete for our souls. Maybe we do what the Alt-Right does very well, TRUSTING ourselves, and get out of this (((God)))cucked mindset that has led us here in the first place. The reason why this won’t satiate us is because it means we have to reinvent the glue of society from the ground up in the 21st Century, in a time where we’re maybe a decade away from strong-AI everywhere, when just this week it’s in the headlines that a church has been opened to worship it like a god. The paradigm of politics has changed, so we would be fools to think the paradigm of religion hasn’t when globalism is bringing us to Revelations, like the Tower of Babel before it, and the Flood. We’re all in a lot of trouble, if you want to continue to believe these (((stories))). No golden or wooden sign posts anymore are up to the job of getting us through the global Hell we’re about to face right here on Earth, that these systems allowed to culminate before our very eyes right here and right now. Creative thinking is maybe more required in this arena. Is it even possible to take Buddhism, strip out the gay pacifism that gets you killed, add a dash of Chaos Magic, with a booster rocket of Nietzsche? Somewhere in that general area perhaps is our answer for the nefarious futures ahead.

    • Christianity has alot to teach too though. We cant throw out a thouand years of history, it is part of us. And christianity has collected wisdom about good ways to live. Even though its “truth” part has been defeated by the scientific method.

      • We can, and must, study all of history in its totality to understand and triangulate where to go forward. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, sure, and yet also no need to just shrug and kneel again before failed systems either. Hopefully something new can be figured out that works without dooming us to repeat that very past in a radically different future with radically different challenges upon us all.

    • >The Alt-Right must reject Christianity because fucking look at it. It failed. The Pope is POZ’d. Protestantism is gay and weak.

      That’s so true, so very true, and so succinctly put. I laughed when I read it.

  • Most anti-white Christians only hear what the kabbalist ZioJesuit media puts into their twisted little minds…look at the results today…Foreign anti-white cultural marxist ZioJesuit sockpuppet Child molesters galore bleeding our white Protestant Republic dry.

    • The problem isn’t the Jesuits, the real issue is the crypto-Jews masquerading as Christians/Catholics. One mustn’t forget that many priests/pastors are actually crypto-Jews. In the Balearic islands, for instance, over half the priests were marranos due to the Jewish practice of putting one son in the priesthood in order to alleviate any suspicion about their true beliefs and motives and the Jews openly brag about this in their publications, such as the encyclopedia Judaica. Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. The problem is infiltration and subversion.

  • There are other religions to embrace, besides Paganism. For example, one could become a student of Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Confucianism. All have important and deep truths to teach the searcher – often in a manner much more palatable to the than the Jew laden bible of Jesus and Fire and Brimstone. Orthodoxy tires to keep the Jews out of Christianity, but it’s rather a vain effort. Christianity is a trap for the Alt Right, as the Jew will always exploit it – to defeat you with their arguments. Christianity is Abrahamic, just as Islam is… Sorry, you must not play the Jew’s head games.

  • Please don’t let this idiot write on this forum again. Christianity is defeatism wrapped in an impossibly hollow and empty husk. It can never unite anyone it’s controlled by the Jews if you don’t believe me just turn on TBN and see for yourself our go to your nearest evangelical church The core of the Christ fag is stoic defeat just like Christ himself who was a loser and undoubtedly Jewish. The Alt-Right isn’t about resurrecting failed ideologies most of us may be pagans and atheist and that’s because these are credos or religions that are malleable and can change. Christianity is immutable.

  • When christians become pro-white, I become pro-christians. When christians start shunning preachers and churches that lack lojalty to europeans, i will make peace with the christians.

    Yes, noone believe in paganism now. Because we did not grow up with it. But we can create a new generation of pagans. The hard truth is that christianity/rome defeated paganism and the scientific method defeated christianity. I do not see many christians shunning the fruits of the scientific method, so your argument against paganism is equally valid against christianity.

    Personally, evolution is my religion. This offers the answers to death and meaning in life that a religion does. However, it does not have any clothes on. A religion is more than just naked truth. It needs to provide a framework, a history to a more human and less truthy context. Ie, the history of my people. And this makes christianity unacceptable. Furthermore, evolution give very very lose guidelines to behaviour, it does not give an evolutionary strategy. Here christianity have some wisdoms that can be utilized. In the end, i accept the need for “clothes” and im flexible what those clothes will ultimately bee.

    • Im not american thought so I dont know about the religious scene in the US. But in my country ALL the churches are anti white. That is unforgivable. Under pressure christianity has shown its true colours.

    • I agree and think you’re onto something here. Evolution, survival of the fittest, natural selection… Would these not all be very Nietzschian “will to power”? That does indeed seem very Alt-Right. It’s sort of exactly what this entire movement is about: we’ve been week and dumb and lazy and now we’re going extinct unless we change, stand up, and fight for ourselves.

      And more importantly, find better ways to survive the new paradigms that threaten us with humiliation, subjugation, torture, and, ultimately, that very extinction. I agree that you are definitely also onto something in saying that this needs “clothes”. Molyneux just did a video explaining that the world runs on stories. Our world does not run on oil or money… it runs on *trust*.

      We don’t trust the failed systems of symbols anymore, but for new systems, symbols will be just as important. We need new symbols, new allegories, not old failed antique broken ones that the white race is *just now* after 2000 years realizing is all ZioJudiasm.

      • Death is scary because we view life through the filter of the ego.
        If you love thy neighbour as yourself, will you really fear death? This is the inner secret of christianity, that is given to seekers. Just as budhisms inner secret is that if you meditate you can perceive life without the filter of the ego and thus solve the problem of death. But most people are not seekers so the religions also give stories and sagas for normies.

        Seekers normally do not spell this out. The makers of the Matrix movie for example put these truths in there. Ie, the red pill is to face your own mortality (you are transported to a cave with a huge drill over your head that will doubtlessly destroy you). And the prophet lies to you, it only tells you what “you needed to hear”. However, in the waiting room of the prophet you will hear the truth. “there is no spoon”, ie, there is no life after death and no matter what you do you can not change this “you can not bend the spoon, thats impossible”. “you can only bend yourself”, ie, change your perspective on death.

        Right now the only way we have to deal with mortality is not to think about it. This is bad because it creates a dead zone in the mind where our thoughts dare not tread. This might be one of the reaons that libtard “atheists” find it impossible to understand simple facts about evolution. Such as differences between races and man and woman and that lifes purpuse is to copy itself and multiply and compete. And old symbol for those that have faced their mortality and thus “freed their minds” is to have a skull on ones desk or on ones bookshelf.

        However, if one thinks very carefully on death its scaryness dissipates. The problem is, as i said, that we view life through the filter of our ego. Budha claimed that the ego is an illussion, but is it? In order to test this i imagine being cloned, my personality and my memories and body being split into two identical copies. One clone is lead out of the room and im told that it will live and the copy that i look at the world through will be killed within five minutes. Even though no information will disapear from the world, it will be like taking a short nap, I will still feel terror. Which is irrational.
        Another example is to compare myself now with when i was eight years old. Almost nothing of the eight year old remains, it has all changed beyond recognition. If my present self could crawl into the skin and mind of my eight year old self it would be traumatized into nothingness, so different are we. So in essence, I have already “died”, the personality and memories of my eight year old self have diapeard. And was it that scary?

        Imho, we can not create, we can only recombine. The feeling of a child anticipating christmas is an identical feeling for all humans, at least it will be identical in me and within somewhat related people, my race if you will. This will continue to be felt even when my ego disapears. Also physically, im a combination of genes that do not change, they are more or less eternal. It is just the combination that changes. Try to imagine a color that does not exist in your minds eye? You cant, because we can not create, only recombine what we have perceived. And this links the dead to the living.

        Anyway, im rambling. But I believe the genes fullfill the requirements for “gods”. They are eternal, they are part of us. And I share them with everyone else, more so the closer i am related to someone. In identical copies. The majority of what is me exist outside myself. And they have a purpuse for my existence. To copy them. This is what separates life from matter. I can also call upon them when facing trials, expressing a wish and a conviction that a famous ancestor live in me and call his essence forth in a folksy, less seeker oriented, version of the gene-god religion.
        This is the “truth” part of a religion. But it needs clothes. And it needs to cater to more than seekers. And here I am no help.

        Oh, also, the jews in many respects have already accomplished this. Because “love thy neighbour” really comes from “love a fellow member of your people as yourself” and “when you die you continue to exist through your people”.
        And also, liberalism is the most evil of all religions. It leaves the individual alone and atomized to face eternity, without even the fairy tale version of christianity as comfort. This is cruelty on a cosmic scale.

        • I’ve personally found that I no longer fear death because I have a child, a very recent change in my life. I have achieved immortality *that* way, and plan on raising my family by example, so that I live on in their memories positively. I’ve also had to accept that “our time” is now basically all about shepherding the next generations through this shit-show of the early-to-mid 21st century as we’re waking up and the paradigm is totally shifting. But before I had children and before I got married, I was living a bachelor life and ‘it was all about me’.

          So it’s encouraging to find that naturally, traditionalism and taking on the raising of model families may be a shortcut to that Buddhist bypassing of ego. And sure, to also study some Buddhist principles about consciousness and reality may assuage further fears of death too.

          We are simply the Universe expressing itself as us right now, and we will ultimately return to the Field from whence we came, leaving behind (forward) legacy that goes on ad infinitum with what we have learned and accomplished. Or something like that 🙂

      • Oh, evolution also tells us alot about “the good life”, ie, we evolved to live under certain circumstances. In history we had more limited privacy than now, and much stronger community. This also solves some of the problems of our mortality (and is a strength of many christian congregations such as mormons).
        I think this is a need of our species to function properly. It gives no outright answers, we need to view much of ourselves in the mirror of actual history to understand us well. But often an understanding of evolution can be a guide.

    • My problem with evolutionary epistemology is that it has no explanation for Jewish dominance other than to admit their evolutionary superiority to Aryans.

      How does one explain the defeat of the Aryan Reich by jewry, in evolutionary terms, without conceding the superiority of Jews?

      • Jews are an international people. Traditionally their existential niche was to be able to guarantee property in far away places. Jews set up local enclaves that formed a relationship with the local ruler. He guaranteed their ownership and in return he got a group that was utterly dependent on him for their security and that he could easily tax. This system allowed jews to do long distance trading at much lower prices than competing systems (that would have to make ad hoc deals with each ruler along the way to the destination).

        So the jews entered the era of the industrial revolution and ocean going trade with much better networks, culture and genetics for profiting from this. Here they are superior. And the unpresedent creation of wealth in that era have given them an amazing advantage. Which might be fleeting or might be permanent, time will tell. However, as living organisms our duty is to do our best to exist and for our genetic material to survive and thrive. If we succeed we are “superior” and bettered humanity be increasing our share of the genome, if we fail our great efforts and the competition we offered have made sure that the winners are indeed “superior”. Either way we have improved humanity and increased our own glory.

        To have a faith we must have the right combination of humility and arrogance.

  • A god doesn’t necessarily solve the problems that traditional theists want it to solve. A logically possible god could have created human life without purpose, meaning, a moral standard, an afterlife & a guarantee of ultimate justice. Humans just imagined this wish list for their idea of god for basically selfish reasons, when a god doesn’t have to do anything of the sort for our convenience.

    And Christianity doesn’t make sense even if you grant its own assumptions. Christian theology offers no real explanation for why god’s creatures can rebel against him, nor what stops this from happening again and again. For all we know, some Christian reading this site has drawn the short straw in the next stage of god’s plan, where god has pedestined him to become the next Satan when he goes to heaven.

    • This is true. There’s rational, logical arguments for the existence of God, but those arguments in no way suggest that any religion is true. There’s no reason to believe a creator would be inferring us with anything.

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