Leftovers: Infiltrating Flat Earth International Conference

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  • Red Ice can’t help itself – the roots come through so strong 🙂

    (It started out as a kind of conspiracy theory / other weirdness platform.)

  • It’s amazing how far all this retarded stuff has gone. It’s right up there with Niburu destroying us… Which… umm, oh, yeah… was supposed to happen last weekend. Folks, mathematically, the world can be proven round by a method two thousand years old. Watch:

  • The earth is flat.

    Just like normies ask if they should take “white genocide” seriously…

    Here you are poking fun at the flat earth theory and trying to make proponents look stupid. Just like Jewish media tries to do to the alt right.

    The truth is… The earth IS flat.

    And if you ever want to do defeat the enemy (Satan), you will need to know all his tricks and deceptions and how he operates. You would have seen the events of Charlottsville coming. False flags and deceptions will continue to follow the alt right. Can you outwit the devil? Not at this rate.

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