Basketball-American’s Father Remains Ungrateful for Son’s Release

It’s a funny move to tell someone to say “thanks” when they’re too dumb/ungrateful to know to do so themselves. 

Like when you hold the door for someone, and they just walk through without a word as though you’re their doorman.  It’s a little aggressive, but in this situation my response is a sardonic “you’re welcome” as they enter the building.  Hence President Trump is a man after my own heart.

After three Black basketball players, LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill, were arrested for shoplifting sunglasses of all things at a Louis Vuitton store in China, Trump put in the good word with Chinese President Xi Jinping.  Ultimately the players were released, at which point Trump expressed the desire for a little gratitude:

It seems that Trump is wasting his political capital with China on things we don’t particularly care about: North Korea, basketball players, etc..  Nonetheless, in an amazing show of decorum and humility (relative to the usual Black standards), the players did in fact give thanks to the President at a press conference: “To President Trump and the United States government, thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf. Thank you for helping us out.”

I’d say it was a legitimate apology from all three players.  But soon after, the father of one of the players, media personality LaVar Ball, returned to form:  “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.” Now that’s more the tone that we have come to expect from Blacks.  But he gets even more sullen and resentful:

As long as my boy’s back here, I’m fine. I’m happy with how things were handled. A lot of people like to say a lot of things that they thought happened over there. Like I told him, ‘They try to make a big deal out of nothing sometimes.’ I’m from L.A. I’ve seen a lot worse things happen than a guy taking some glasses.

Denying any wrongdoing, minimalizing the crime, being ungrateful for leniency.  This is the origin of the appellation “Dindu,” which says so much with just two syllables (hat tip Daily Shoah).

Let’s just put aside the stupidity of stealing sunglasses when you’re a wealthy sports star.  Let’s not even mention our regret that we don’t deal with our criminals as swiftly as the Chinese.

Instead, just consider the larger trend represented here in Black attitudes vis-à-vis the President.

One of my missions as a writer is to show Americans across the political spectrum that Blacks are against Trump with the same anti-White vitriol that they apply to other aspects of their lives.  Yes, it is amusing that Trump did slightly better with Blacks (8%) than Romney did (6%).  Nonetheless, if you have any real-world contact with Blacks, or if you simply observe their comments through the media or online, you will quickly become disabused of the notion that there is a multitude of conservative Black allies out there. They’re against Trump; and therefore one cannot help but to notice that they’re against us.


The Pres agrees:


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  • Trump should have left them to rot in a Chinese prion factory. The thought of these three basketball ‘Americans’ making overpriced tennis shoes in a Chinese factory for ten years is amusing.

    Also, the comment system doesn’t work properly.

  • Blacks have THREE different paths to wealth: sports, music and acting. All three are under attack from technology and changing consumerism that have undermined their business models.

    If we can just get women to stop listening to rap, baby boomer voyeurs to stop watching sportsball and families to stop going to the movies….it will be the end of this Negro worship.

    • Don’t forget Garbage collection. Without this one unique talent, that is what these winners would be doing.

      These three, and others, were admitted to college with low academic qualifications, low academic qualifications while at college. They will “graduate” (it is beyond belief how this works for Affirmative Action students, let alone sports figures), play for the NBA, and take the knee.

      Jail in China might have taught them something, and the father would learn a valuable lesson.

      And yes, Trump did it, just as he got Otto out and home in time to die. Obama did nothing for Otto, but he did get Bergdall (cause of dead and life-time incapacitated soldiers) released, and gave the enemy six terrorist prisoners to go back and fight against us.

  • Because blacks are good in sports, dance music, and pleasure women with big dongs, they have ICONIC and IDOL power. Idols are pagan objects of worship and override any moral consideration. So, blacks can rob, rape, and murder all year around. Moral disapproval of black behavior is overridden by white worship of black idols in sports, sex, and music. Come superbowl time, and even ‘racist’ whites are cheering for black athletes who hump 1000s of white female fans.

    It’s like the story of pagan gods. The gods are vain, fickle, egotistical, and destructive. But they are still worshiped and honored for their idolic and iconic power. Their idol power means they are beyond good and evil. They are just awesome.
    And women are honored to have sex with gods and have half-god babies even if they will be single mothers. Achilles is the son of a single mother who did it with a god. Today, we see this with white women who would rather be single mothers with mulatto kids than married mothers with white husbands.
    Even though black men don’t stick around, the white single mother feels blessed to have a child with a REAL man. Jungle fever idolizes black men as the gods of manhood.

    Female psychology works that way.

    The fatal formula for any race is (1) female freedom + (2) presence of men tougher than the men of your own race.

    Female freedom is not a problem IF white men are the toughest in society. Then, white women will use their freedom to stick with white men who are deemed best. But female freedom is a problem in a society where black guys routinely demonstrate their superiority over white guys in sports, fighting, sex, and dance music.

    This is why white manhood needs safe space from black threat.

    • Once again falling for a media-cultivated false image. Blacks aren’t tougher. You should stop watching MTV and branch out into actual war history. History does not support the tough black guy myth. Winning in a rule-laden sport is not the same as winning in real life. Sportsball is the black safe space. The only space where blacks can win with any consistency, and even then its only certain sports and positions with unrealistic requirements. The obesity rate for black men is 33.8% for White men its 30.1%.
      Current society is similar. Taboos and a false-narratives prevent people (like you) from holding realistic ideas about this. Think of the special forces, they are overwhelmingly white, and its not because of discrimination. It’s because when it matters, when you have to dig deep and accomplish a real life, almost impossible goal Whites are now and have always been the real Champions.
      Ask yourself, who’s truly tougher: Seal Team Six or your Sportsball Nogs?
      Get educated about reality before you babble silly mainstream brainwashedness.

      • Exactly. Something I have learned only recently is that black society is littered with white knights. I think black culture invented the simp in the 1950s with that doo-wop sycophantic chivalry music that seems to be infecting white culture with this defeatism and cuckoldry.
        Only basketball and football are dominated by blacks. They still haven’t gained traction in ice hockey, nascar, golf and never really did even in baseball, aside from tokens.
        People forget that blacks were the ones in chains, not whites. Why? Because these people want it. Look at them kneeling during the anthem. Look at them wearing their pants below their waste. Look at them wearing chains around their necks. Look at them call each other nigger. These people are like Charles Manson…they do not feel comfortable being outside of bondage and they are crying out to return to it.
        The only thing they do better than whites is mental toughness because they do not possess guilt like whites do. They do not commit suicide because they do not fear STDs, gay prison sex, gunshots, welfare, bad credit, failure or anything else whites do. But they do have this bizarre, crippling fear of germs and loss of street cred.

    • Anyone remember the behavior of the Black Basketball players at the Rio Olympics? Another embarrassment to the country.

      And, that occurred even though the team management had had the brains ahead of time to have these magnificent specimens of America living on a cruise ship, instead of in Olymoic village.

      Wonder why that was?

  • The jig in the middle. Is he the product of ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs?

    Black men are colonizing white wombs, the very source of white life, to create black kids and murder white-babies-that-could-have-been.

    White men are being ‘Asianized’ vis-a-vis blacks.
    Just like white men colonize Asian wombs to make ‘white’ babies while killing Asian-kids-that-could-have-been, black men do the same to the white race.
    To be cucked is to be ‘Asianized’, or lowered in male-sexual value.

    Colonization of wombs is more fatal than colonization of land. After all,even when the Other takes over your land, your race can survive if the wombs of your women remain loyal to the men. But when the wombs of your women are colonized by men of another race, it reproducide. It’s the genocide of your race by reproductive imperialism.

  • Trump should have let them sit in jail. They went to another country so therefore they represented all of us here in the United States, then they proceeded to shoplift sunglasses. SUNGLASSES. They did it because like everything else they believe they are owed whetever they want & they should have it for free!
    Trump should have left them there then announced that moving forward we will be handling our shoplifting criminals in the same manner.

  • “I’d say it was a legitimate apology from all three players. But soon after, the father of one of the players, media personality LaVar Ball, returned to form:…”

    To summarize: the three black players whom Trump bailed out express legitimate gratitude to Trump for his intervention on their behalf. But the father of one of the players behaves indecorously and makes an ass of himself.

    Three grateful blacks vs. one ungrateful black. Yet incredibly, the conclusion of this article is “Blacks hate Whitey and are never grateful to him.” I’d say that you’re rhetorically straining just a bit.

    • I guess they’re grateful in the same way they are grateful to be getting welfare, they like the gibs, but still hate whites. They feel entitled to get everything, which is why the father doesn’t see anything wrong with stealing, and also why the rich basketball dindus steal, it’s not about the money, it’s their nature.

    • You can’t possibly be that naive and cucked? It’s bad enough to say something so stupid but then on top of it to attack the writer.

      Returning they said nothing and ignored Trump.

      Their prepared script that they read with no emotion while sucking on their lips, like that of a lying psychopath, mentioned a bunch of people before Trump. Trump was an afterthought. Trump was the main reason they were released so quickly. No, that is not genuine.

      Get a clue and some TRT, Nowicki.

  • One of the main problems with your average white person and especially conservative types including the Alt Light is that they’re pathologically naive, also known as pathological altruism. They project on racial aliens their own sense of humanity. No, it doesn’t work like that. It’s similar to these people who have exotic animals that end up seriously injuring/killing them or others because whites think if they raise them with kindness that erases all inherited behavior.

    Non-whites and Jews understand whites are their natural enemies and competitors. Whites on the whole don’t realize this, at least since the 1960s because of massive daily propaganda and sociopolitical controls. Negroes hate you, white man. Jesse Peterson, who is black, says this to white people as a warning. Why do you think blacks vote as a bloc against you every time? Nothing you do or say is going to change this.

    Whites need some iron pills to go along with the red pills.

    • I love K-Mac, but his theory is not foolproof. If white people are so crippled by guilt, why do they build neighborhoods far away from their workplaces? Why do they ensure that property values remain so high, only the talented tenth of blacks can afford it? Why do even the most eclectic SWPL exurbs remain white?

      • I agree that KMac puts too much into the genetically inherited altruism of whites from evolution in the cold north theory, although I do agree that is a factor. However, I also consider Christian conversion, the Enlightenment and Jewish emancipation and media control to be equal if not greater factors. If whites were so innately crippled by altruism we never would have had the Confederacy, NS Germany and South African apartheid which was actually a very fair way to treat black Africans.

        • I think pathological altruism is right until a certain point, like it’s unfinished. Go down to any eclectic area in a city, like the gay district, and you will see how unbelievable segregated it is…WITHOUT laws. Hipsters have their territory, hippies have theirs, Negroes have their territory, gays have theirs, even lesbians have some…and there is remarkably very little crossover. It’s like some confederacy rather than the overlapping coalition like our side has with evangelicals, agrarians, suburbanites, proletarians, nationalists, capitalists etc.

          I think these people only come together to unite against white nationalism because all of their subcultures are threatened by it. They subsist on this camouflage of demographic chaos. Other than that, they fraternize even LESS than conservatives do with nonwhites.

          These people are statistically less involved with miscegenation, intermarriage and charity than Republicans. I have seen it with my own eyes in Portland. Not one white woman with a black guy. I even saw two different women carrying cats in bags sitting by themselves on opposite sides of the street.

  • Imagine if you had the same mindset you had at 14 years old for the rest of your life. That’s the average Negro. Athletes are worse being more psychopathic. The majority of Negro athletes would be in prison if not for professional sports and whites who get them pardoned for their Negrophilic sports worship.

    Some of the signs you’re dealing with a lying psychopath is when they’re talking they lick their lips, they avoid eye contact, and they say um and uh excessively. That’s virtually every sub-Saharan athlete. They have whites, usually lawyers, telling them what to say because they don’t have enough empathy and intelligence to express genuine remorse for their misbehavior.

  • “Yes, it is amusing that Trump did slightly better with Blacks (8%) than Romney did (6%).”

    It’s kind of funny in a sad way. On some other, conservative sites, people will tell you not to lump all blacks together. That they aren’t all the same. They then try to tell you how well Trump did with black voters.

    He pulled 8% and that was supposedly great. Eight lousy percent, and conservatives are all giddy about that.

    That means that under the best of conditions, 92% of blacks you see, are opposed to you, your country, and your way of life.

    And that will never change.

  • The “being treated as a doorman” was a funny example to start the article, as the only times I can remember this happening to me was when I held the door open for a Dindu. I think it’s a good representation of the mindset behind their “rich culture” when they act like this – sullen hostility mixed with a complete lack of gratitude and a sense of unearned entitlement.

      • It’s not irrational, we’d have a couple less Dindus on our streets for 10 years! In addition the media would notice that he doesn’t care about Dindu thugs and that would make him more /ourguy/

  • Nogs ruins everything. But in this case the blacks are too dumb to realize that Trump played them into a corner just to expose their nigerdom.

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