What Will Happen To The Boomers?

A video has been making its way around the forums. It’s shocking stuff.

The man in the video was a WWII vet.

And the last thing he saw before he died was a gaggle of sheboons cackling at him. Literally, the last thing he saw was fuckin’ Taniqwa Ladaeshious or whatever looking at him with that characteristic “I don’t give a fuck abouchu” nog stare.

This is what happens when you leave your loved ones with the Diversity. They don’t spend the rest of their days in dignity. Diversity doesn’t care about White people. Blacks, in particular, take a malicious glee in sticking it to Whitey when he’s down. If you leave your pa in their hands, they will laugh as he lies there, unable to breathe and begging for help. They won’t lift a finger.

Don’t believe me? Well, tough. I have some video evidence above.

Oh, and they will lie about what happened afterwards.

If it weren’t for the hidden cam, yet another Black on White race crime would have gone unnoticed. And of course, they’re trying to spin this as medical malpractice.


No, no, no, this was just typical another display of the gorilla mindset that a certain subsection of society has and we all know it.

On a related note, what do you think will happen if you leave these people with your children? Some food for thought there, eh? How much abuse happens there as well I wonder…

I guess now is a good a time as any to discuss what will inevitably happen to the Boomers. And I assume that it was Boomers that put the old war vet in there.

I guarantee you that the Boomers that will get the exact same treatment when their time comes. Maybe a bit better if they’ve saved up some more money. Because that’s what the name of the game is at this point. There are those who see the cards on the table or maybe they just feel that the gravy train is coming to a screeching halt, and they’re getting antsy.

But maybe the Diversity doesn’t affect them quite yet, which would explain why they are so blase about my generation’s concerns.

Sometimes I think what a force to be reckoned with the Alt-Right could be with some BoomerBucks behind us.

Idle fantasy on my part, I know. No one is as iron-fisted with their shekels as the “I earned mine, Jack, now fuck you!” generation.

But seriously, say these people run out the clock and manage to fully retire before the Time of Troubles hits the USA, what do they think awaits them? There isn’t enough room on the Ark for all of them, which means that loads of them are going to end up in the exact same bed as that WWII vet.

If they were smart, they’d start making wiser investments in their future.


PS. Speaking of investing

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  • Charles Manson died so I guess the 60s actually ended today or there abouts.

    I only just found out that he intended to kill a record producer who’d refused to sign him to a record deal. It was a relatively simple case of a guy who thought he was entitled to a lucrative career in the music industry acting in spite.

    They buried that nugget very tidily under the rug.

  • His boomer children left him in the care of black women. They are either really stupid or really ungrateful. So, now they get to sue & get all the money. I wonder if any of the money will make it to their own children or grandchildren?
    As for the issue at hand, black on white crime, the only answer is segregation. Time to seperate & as much as we possibly can!

    • There is no way one can get away from the blacks in a health care facility, especially nursing homes. How fortunate it is the family had this camera in place!

      • You do have a point there. At least they did put the camera there but it’s sad it was only to capture is death. He was old & close to his time but he could’ve went more comfortably.

  • Focussing on boomers, and other types of goy on goy infighting is “politics as usual” and your movement has clearly orchestrated “anti-boomerism” as part of your platform and it serves the elites in power which are “the rich race” the serves the Jew race, not us, to keep their 5 houses and 25 beds, though they can only sleep in one at a time.

    I predicted “boomers” was the new divide and conquer issue as soon as I saw Spencer include it in his”What alt-rightism is” article.

    Very little difference between that and Anglin’s anti-female bullshit and, to be fully honest, race bickering
    Yes, the white race is being asked to move to the back of the bus by those in charge and minorities that used to live at the back, like it.

    In the end though, the question of our time is will the elites and Jews get their NWO or not. As long as we buy their hostility programs that has us fighting each other, they clearly will.
    Are you part of the problem or are you are part of the solution. The fact is, our evil generation was taking over so the elites did what they always do, they manufactured some chaos similar to the car attack in Charlotte to discredit it (Helter Skelter, Altamont, yippees).
    ‘So what do you guys do? You defend the government patsy rather than look into the origins of the dude and prove he was a plant. You say he had good reason to plow into the crowd. That event was so obviously choreographed your blindness is pathetic and undermines your agenda (unless you work for the enemy)
    I smell something that doesn’t smell very pure when I come in here. That said, if you aren’t controlled begin acting like you aren’t controlled and define the true nature of the event rather than let the enemy define it and scramble over the allowed upon retorts

    • only way to move forward is to deal with the ones that created this mess. any based boomers would agree. they inherited a paradise and left us a swamp

  • I’m a boomer I can tell you that about half maybe a little less hated the hippies. We had no internet to fight back with and the media hid any news that supported our views. I am glad to see the Alt-Right it gives me hope. The blacks I grew up with in Virgina are no different than what we have now but the MSM hid everything. Thank God you have the internet now

  • Everybody here should read this new highly documented mini book by Nick Griffin (BNP) about the infiltration of the Alt Right by homosexuals and satanists. Queers never saved our civilization and they definitely will not be saving us in the coming struggle. Please read and share this link in all comments sections. And yes … I am married to a white woman and have two white teenage children. Time to wake up. Here’s the link >>>

    • I doesn’t surprise me sodomites and satanists want to steer the flow of history by hijacking people’s disillusionment with society by telling them lies about fundamentally why this is all happening. Namely sin, the mass apostasy from God sweeping through nations that has its root in Russia and in her Errors.

  • Proud to say my grandfather ingeniously dodged the draft because he realized the war was ridiculous. Also smart enough to still be independent at 92. They say we lost good genes during the world wars. We didn’t. Not on the allied side. We lost sheeples.

  • There was one recently in South Africa where the black maid picked up the infant by its left and dropped it around. I was looking it up, so: “black african abuses child in her care” on YouTube, but there turned out to be many!

    Here was the one I was looking for – it’s only a month old so you may have seen it:

    But the sheer number of videos is the revelation.

  • Whites going to the average nursing home are going to be held hostage and abused by Affirmative Action subhumans. That’s all they hire.

    There are some assisted living places that are really nice and employ whites but they’re expensive.

  • Horrible stuff, but this is the America he fought for. He may not have realized it back then, but that hardly matters. Nature punishes treason and stupidity.

  • Prime example of why you should save for retirement and promote traditional family values. You do not want to spend the last months or years of your life being “treated” or “cared for” by dindus.

    • No, why you should NOT save for retirement. How do you think he paid for his care? I have seen this so many times. ‘Retirement’ only lasts for a year or two.

      The way things are headed, you are dependent upon some nonwhite AND you are paying for it with your ‘golden years’ that you worked so hard for.

      This poor man probably repented that Hitler was right. His entire life was meaningless, knowing that the greatest enemies would assist in his death, due to incompetence and negligence.

      This is why I roll my eyes at Southerners who pray ‘the South shall rise again.’ What is the point of living in a shithole heavily populated with these niggers? I truly do not understand how anybody can live with these animals all around them. We all know what they do when they have power over our lives, so why pretend that it will be different?

      • Spending all your savings trying to extend a worthless life a few more months or years is selfish. His grandchildren should be ashamed of him dying like that. He should have gone out with honor and given his money to his grandchildren.

    • Hanging onto life and being a burden on your family and nation when you should just die is selfish. Go out into the frozen forest with a bottle and die you selfish old fuckers. Our ancestors would consider you cowards. Go and die with dignity. All these sick old old folks homes should be shut.

      • Haha,TBH, any person defining what other ppl should do in these areas a part of the problem. THen you add government to the mix and the problem magnifies. Yes, it would be noble to at 85, wheelchair yourself out into the forest and die from exposure but in the end, that’s a personal and family decision, not one for you to make for all

  • In Sweden the politicians say that it is Diversity will take car of us when we get old because we haven’t bred enough children when we were younger. So now they tell us it is the highly educated Diversity that will wipe our arses when we get old and senile. Yeah right! Sure they will. More likely they will look around and when they think nobody is watching them, they will pull down their pants and do their thing. That’s how low IQ savages work. Simple as that.

  • Great insights, Vincent!! This stick it to the white man attitude is rampant, and persists anywhere there is an opportunity. While I was stationed at MCAS Beaufort, SC, a really nasty Aunt Jemima got caught suffocating a 3 year old white girl to get her primed for nap- time!!

  • Actually, Diversity is a big word.

    The reason why some whites welcome Diversity Immigration is they prefer Mexicans, Asians, Hindus, and Arabs to blacks. Sure, non-white immigrants don’t much care for aging whites either, but they will do a much more professional job in taking care of old white people.

    As for these blacks, why are they in the US? Whites brought them 100s of yrs ago. The fault is with whites who went for short-term profit.

    Also, these old whites ended up this way because they raised their kids on hedonism and me-ism. So, younger whites don’t care about their parents and grandparents. They are too busy having fun. They don’t want to take care of their own old folks. They outsource that job to immigrants.

  • That’s what happens when you put n*****s in charge… Especially when they have white people under them… These black nurses could have easily been in a normal hospital where one of US might have been put…

  • No, if the boomers have money, their children will euthanize them before the pile is reduced too much. In repayment for allowing abortion when babies are inconvenient. If you find a baby inconvient, you can kill it. Why not if you find a parent inconvenient.

    • You know, most of the time in history inconvienient offspring was killed by exposure. Abortion wasn’t the straw that broke the camels back.

      • >most of the time
        >inconvenient offspring
        You mean in pagan Europe, the same one that became so degenerate and stupid their were killing their own offspring. That one had rotten away and was replaced with the Holy Roman Empire where infanticide was punished like it ought to be.

        If the WASP-o-sphere wants to be neopagan and be the devil’s minion, worse that pagans who knew not Christ, then they will die the death. It’s just.

  • I pray for the race war to come, like the one I just finished reading in Ward Kendall’s epic white nationalist novel, “Eternity Beach”. Let’s do it!

  • I really do not like this divisive generation thing. From what I read, I think it did not actually exist until the 1990s when Tom Brokaw coined the ‘Greatest Generation.’

    But just as this alpha/beta dichotomy thing came into being just in the last 2-3 years, so has this Baby Boomer thing.

    Clearly there are some generational issues though… Baby boomers are obsessed with this sportsball voyeurism far more than anybody younger than them. Statistics prove this. Somehow a bunch of sweaty thugs chasing a ball compels them to wear matching uniforms, with their favorite black buck’s name on the back in public…staking all of their sensibilities on the outcome of some meaningless scrimmage of negroes vs negroes.

    Say what you will about these faggot Generation Y (I refuse to that other word) and their overcompensating with the 19th century facial hair, but at least they aren’t consumed by this cuckoldry.

      • LOL I have corresponded periodically with Andrew Anglin over the past year, so I know. They are really the only ‘generation’ that fully paid into and benefited from social security. So I think they are a one-off.

        Why did you go into nursing?! I have heard horror stories from my mother. The women are so gossipy. I think the only way it works if you are an ‘unthreatening’ guy, only one of whom I have met.

      • I think the Baby Boomers have a special place that applies to nobody else. When these daily stories about sex scandals emerge, it is them, and pretty much only them, that rattle off these unoriginal, cringeworthy beta-signaling lines….’Where were these teachers when I was in school.’

        These orbiters literally cannot control their lust, just like during the hippie era, to see that sex with some amoral female teacher is so much more deleterious to basic societal trust that can be offset by the lechery status they brag about.

        Breitbart is full of these pathetic former Democrats. I guess it’s one of those things we have to stomach to transition this bloc into the Alt-Right. Hopefully someday this will work itself out.

  • That was an extreme case (although it will be getting more and more frequent), but it also goes for all sorts of smaller things now as well.

    For example, I won’t even stop at a fast food place anymore if it’s mostly a “diverse” workforce. I won’t shop in stores that are “diverse”.

    I simply do everything I can to avoid them when possible. It’s one of the reasons I moved 75 mins away from work; I can live in a nice, 90% white town. It’s worth the drive to live in a place like this again.

    • This is not an “extreme” case. I’m a male registered nurse. I’ve since left the “profession” as I fucking hate nursing (for various reason), however I can tell you that this happens CONSTANTLY! The blacks are highly under-qualified. They take nothing seriously. They are a danger to the patients, quite frankly.

      • I didn’t mean extreme as in rare or an outlier. I meant extreme as in it had huge consequences…the man died.

      • My last colonoscopy i did not want to wait for a spot in the nearby hospital but took a right the way opportunity closer to the dindu areas. As it happened, a black nurse was doing an iv on me. My blood was all over my hand. When I have a dindu nurse taking a blood test i pray to all three gods for one is not enough. Lots of prayers in this lost world…

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