Apple Fires Diversity Chief for Not Loving Diversity Enough

In May, Apple created a pointless position called “Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion” and filled it with Denise Young Smith, a black lady and former VP of the company’s HR Department.

Young Smith’s primary job was to lead a team whose purpose was to increase the diversity at Apple. This was to be foremost accomplished by offering training programs to women and underrepresented (not East Asian) minorities and to create a workplace environment that does not discourage women and minorities from applying. Young Smith was to report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook.

This news was met with positivity and cheers from the mainstream media. I would say the majority of people hardly thought much of this development. After all, we’ve become accustomed to these hiring practices. Merit no longer matters in the workplace — only your sex, the color of your skin, and what sexual perversions or mental illnesses you suffer from — the more the better. And if you’re a straight white male or East Asian, prepare to have your job applications turned down, or if you are approved, then have fun slaving away while Yolanda and MaKeysha gossip about their baby daddies by the coffee machine, and the gay manager talks about nothing but how amazingly gay he is and tries to entice you to give him a blow job. The aforementioned anecdote is a true story.

Then the unexpected happened. On October 9th at the One Young World Summit in Bogotá, Colombia, Denise Young Smith uttered a few statements during a panel discussion which led to her downfall. The problem? She had a unique perspective on diversity that did not coincide with Apple’s vision. According to Quartz:

When asked whether she would be focusing on any group of people, such as black women, in her efforts to create a more inclusive and diverse Apple, Young Smith says, “I focus on everyone.” She added: “Diversity is the human experience. I get a little bit frustrated when diversity or the term diversity is tagged to the people of color, or the women, or the LGBT.”

Young Smith went on to add that “there can be 12 white, blue-eyed, blonde men in a room and they’re going to be diverse too because they’re going to bring a different life experience and life perspective to the conversation.”

Her statement was countered by Black Lives Matter leader DeRay Mckesson, who was at the event for unfathomable reasons, and warned not to forget about the existence of “white privilege” when considering who to hire in the workplace.

“White people say to me all the time like ‘DeRay, I worked really hard for this, I worked hard.’ You didn’t work hard for every band aid to look like you, for every baby doll to look like you, for the world to treat you as human, and everything as ‘other’ is not the result of your personal hard work—that’s what white privilege is.”

If white privilege means losing workplace opportunities due to your skin color despite clearly being the most qualified, then black privilege is resulting to threats and emotional fits to get things for free for inadequate performance. Both of these are terrible since businesses won’t get the best people, and blacks will be subconsciously conditioned to work with less ambition since companies will hire them just for the purpose of fulfilling arbitrary diversity quotas.

Media initially reported on Denise Young Smith’s statements in a fair tone since they weren’t certain how to handle an educated black woman who’d been heralded in as the “Most Powerful Woman of Silicon Valley.” Then the criticism began. Followed by demands to apologize. And then she caved and released a written statement:

Last week, while attending a summit in Bogota, I made some comments as part of a conversation on the many factors that contribute to diversity and inclusion.
I regret the choice of words I used to make this point. I understand why some people took offense. My comments were not representative of how I think about diversity or how Apple sees it. For that, I’m sorry.

Apple’s latest statistics show that the majority of their new hires are from ethnic minorities. The company’s page on diversity reveals that they take the same approach to hiring humans as do biologists in collecting Lepidoptera, or kids catching Pokemon. On display on the page is every race and type of person, each with a personal inspirational story, including a blind guy with a dog.

CEO Tim Cook is a man determined to collect as many ethnic minorities and women as possible. Maybe now that Denise Young Smith is gone (who seemed too friendly to the notion of working with a team of handsome blond engineers), and if he tries really hard, he can catch the elusive transsexual black ginger Muslim with a speech impediment and a Holocaust-survivor grandma, and then he will be the greatest Pokemon master tech leader in the world.

On a serious note, to demonstrate Tim Cook’s dead-set attitude, here is what he said in an interview with the Auburn Plainsman:

“Women are such an important part of the workforce. If STEM-related fields continue to have this low representation of women, then there just will not be enough innovation in the United States. That’s just the simple fact of it.”

Another Apple spokesperson said a similar thing: “We deeply believe that diversity drives innovation.”

I have no idea where the belief came from that less women in STEM fields will slow advances in technology. It is intelligent men who drive civilization. With few exceptions, women are naturally better suited to being caretakers at home (though I’m not advocating for them to not work at all) instead of high-level businessmen in multinational corporations. Countless studies and articles prove that women are unhappier and more stressed-out than ever due to being pushed into more and more demanding jobs. Companies are building special scented relaxation rooms and outdoor cafés  just to try to combat the problem. Women’s relationships with men are falling apart as they nag their partners to death, while children are suffering in day cares without their mothers.

But all this matters not. The efforts of companies like Apple to chain women to their office desks will ultimately fail before long as women will wake up and realize that social engineering is leading them into a hopelessly lonely place where they trade their youth, fertility, mental well-being and loving relationships for jobs in which they can be replaced due to the slightest thoughtless comment.

Another good take-away from this situation is that many people are out there in unexpected places like Denise Young Smith who secretly know that the whole diversity game is dangerous nonsense. Soon, things will come crashing down, and it’ll be time to build anew.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • Wow! A black women who actually believed that diversity is not supposed to exclude and crap on white people. She has my respect. But her fairness got her fired and its just more proof that workplace diversity is just a strategy to shit all over and downsize white men from the work force.

  • I have noticed that virtually all of my peers from high school that excelled at sports, got hired by corporations and have gotten married in the last year for whatever reason, since we are in our late 20s…. while the rest of us are struggling heavily to even find a purpose.

    There has to be some statistic on this.

    • Nothing wrong with sports but the corporations like Joe retard quarterback. The corporations are run like an athletic competition thus they love a guy who will play the game like a low IQ retard without ever questioning anything.

      Meanwhile the rent seeking owners play on their yachts in the Med.

    • Social scientists have done research on hiring at investment banks and other prestigious employers, and found that they do have a preference for athletes. Employers see participation in organized athletics to be a mark of “leadership potential.”

      This piece suggests that there is a problem with high powered professional women leaving their kids in daycare while they pursue unfulfilling careers. I think the bigger problem is the woman working nights stocking shelves at Wal-Mart who has to work so her family can cling to the first rung of the working class.

  • If APPLE wants diversity, it’s easy. Fire Tim Cook and all the white guys and turn the company over to blacks and Mexicans.

    The hell do I care. I never bought an Apple product.

  • I’m sure that in Africa every band aid, and every baby doll look like DeRay Mckesson. And also he will be treated as human. Problem solved

    • It is a shame the government doesn’t just outlaw being White. A week after the first door was kicked in by government thugs, our problem of waking up the normie and retaking our civilization would be over. The harder they push, the better our situation gets.

  • Great article. I am a woman with an advanced stem degree and worked for 5 years in my field of study. I left because of high uncertainty and financial risk, and constant travel. This never bothered the men that I worked with, but I was miserable because to remain would have made me the world’s shittiest mother, and I wanted a family. The guy that was canned from Google was right…there are biological differences between men and women that speak to women’s absence in stem or high level business, etc. I wouldn’t advocate discriminating against women (one of my mentors was a childless woman who was brilliant at her work) but recruiting them for the sake of numbers is going to be a financial failure for these companies.

    • Thank you for sharing your story!
      I also personally know some women (don’t want to share their stories since they may be reading) who are very driven in their careers and add a lot to the workplace. I could not advocate for them to “stay home” since our current reality usually requires both parents to work to be able to support a family.
      But the funny thing is each of these careerist female friends are either single or their partners are kind of lazyish men with little ambition who play video games for hours every day. One of these women seems to do well with this arrangement since she loves organizing and handling everything and gets tense if her partner interferes with anything. I wish them the best, but I think most women would go crazy if their partners behaved in a subservient way.
      Anyway, good for you for identifying what you really want in life and going for it.

    • Off topic, but seemingly everybody (probably without STEM degrees) underscore how if you go to college you should get a STEM degree because the rest are pointless. I agree that nearly all of them are worthless, but I bet these STEMs are almost nearly as worthless. Having a BS in biology or chemistry can get you at best some $10 lab tech job.

      I think I read that most people with them are in fields outside of their studies. Something has to give with this diploma mill scam and the concomitant indentured servitude of student loan debt.

  • Even magic Negroes like her and Jesse Peterson are not safe from the anti-white narrative. You break narrative, you get fired or worse. There have been cases where blacks killed other blacks for supporting Trump.

    • About half a year ago I read about the then coming game Mass Effect Andromeda. Gamers had complained about it even before it was released. I watched the video attached to the article with clips from the game and I was completely horrified. Aside from being full of diversity the characters had blank faces and dead eyes and bad voice acting. They had outsourced the job to some anti-white indian guy and spent around 40-50 million dollars on it. I haven’t followed up the case as I have no intention on ever playing it. There are games 15-20 years old that look better than this one. But they were all made by whites or japanese people. So with this horror story we can see the future of Apple as more and more diversity takes it over.

  • Where do I start? She was only given the job because she was a black woman, and was sacked for adopting a common-sense interpretation of diversity? Maybe she’s a neo-Nazi?

    As for diversity driving innovation, we really must push back hard against the notion there is a “business case” for diversity. This agenda is purely political — and harms the company. It doesn’t enhance innovation, corporate profits or the share price!

    • Nonsense. We need to encourage this in the business world. The sooner those businesses fall to pieces, the sooner we can put our world back together.

  • “If STEM-related fields continue to have this low representation of women”

    Millions of women in Women’s Studies programs agree, there aren’t enough women in STEM degree programs.

    • Women in women’s studies programs would do better loving their children and husbands at home, working on practical skills, instead of being turned into brainwashed anti-human debt slaves.

  • The fact that these people always have to apologize for their remarks is so ridiculous! Whenever something is said that is not in complete alignment with the liberalism and multiculturalism that plagues our society, it is like another Holocaust and the offender is crucified, even if he or she fits the mold of “diversity”

  • “And if you’re a straight white male or East Asian, prepare to have your job applications turned down, or if you are approved, then have fun slaving away while Yolanda and MaKeysha gossip about their baby daddies by the coffee machine, and the gay manager talks about nothing but how amazingly gay he is and tries to entice you to give him a blow job.”

    That. Was. Awesome.

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