Women Are Nature’s Greatest Nationalists

I’ve noticed a trend in Russia. The women are way more hardcore and patriotic than the men. Which on the face of it, is frankly, bizarre.

I have a working theory to explain this phenomenon. In Game theory, there is the tribal element of human relations that is explored in detail. One of the more interesting concepts is hard to swallow and this Crimson pill may have the answer to this phenomenon that I am seeing…

I’ve heard Russian girls say that muds are sub-humans with a casual breeziness that blew me away.

The girls in Russia, regardless of what city I am in or what political orientation they hold, are racists. And they are racists for the exact same reason(s), that they almost all repeat to me at one time or another.

  1. I don’t like feeling unsafe walking home at night. Remove Hachi.
  2. I don’t like the way they look with their sullen, poo-colored eyes. Remove Hachi.
  3. I want to wear dresses and high heels without browns harassing me. Remove Hachi.

That’s all the reason these chicks need. But Russian men have been like limp dishrags, at least in some of the places I’ve been. And these are the younger generation, the Millenials that I am talking about. The young men are skinnier, less based, and more tolerant than their hardcore 90s era predecessors.

But the women remain hardcore. Why is this?

Well, try this scenario on for size. Two tribes face off in pre-historic times and one tribe wins. What happens to the men of the loser tribe? They get slaughtered. And the women? They get taken as wives.

Now, the women that are captured by the winning tribe need to adjust to the trauma of losing their tribe and accepting the victors if they are to survive. Which means that evolutionary pressure may have selected for women with less tribal loyalty over time. Because the more loyal ones would have had a hard time adjusting and would have probably gotten killed as well.

So that’s the theory behind the “Females as Agents of Tribe Destruction” theory. But I’ve been trying to understand the context of the Russian situation and it doesn’t seem to fit the theory. And the reason is because this theory needs a caveat or at least to be broken into two parts — the early stage and the later stage of threat reaction.

Women are sub-rationally pursuing their own biological imperative at all time. This is an underlying assumption that I am not disputing.

But when a threat emerges, and the barbarians come to the gates, women do not just run into the arms of the invaders, as some of the more spergy auteests on the MGTOW Alt-Right allege.

Initially, it is the women that will spur the men of their own tribe to fight to defend them. It is the white feather phenomenon, where women would pin white feathers on soldiers in Britain who did not enlist to fight in the trenches.

And that is what I believe is happening in Russia. The young Russian women feel the hot breath of the hostile tribe on their necks with more aclarity than the young Russian men, and so they spur the men to defend them.

The men feel a reluctance to go as hardcore as the women because that would necessitate action. I’ve heard Russian girls say that muds are sub-humans with a casual breeziness that blew me away. They say these things though and then go back to being cute and being feminine girls. They aren’t going to pick up the AKs anytime soon, no matter how much they hate the hachis. But if a man starts thinking like this…there’s a chance he might have to act on his conclusions.

And so men are more careful in what they allow themselves to believe, or openly say. Because it has the potential to have actual consequences.

Only after women sniff the air and see which way the wind is blowing, and when the situation becomes dire do they start hedging their bets, or engaging in open treachery to their own tribe. This is arguably the state of Scandinavia and much of the Anglo-Sphere as things stand now.

But beyond the Hajnal line, there’s still some fight left…which is why I lay off the woman hate while I’m there.

Why bring this up now? Well, I’m back in DC for NPI and the stark difference in behavior really gets the noggin’ joggin’.

Just some food for thought for now.

PS. Do you want me to go hungry or something?

Vincent Law
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  • It seems there’s an argument in the comments, I’d like to address it by giving a different strategy, lets just get along with the women and work with them to breed the next generation, we were biologically designed to love each other and for good reason, because that’s how we breed the next generation.
    It’s widely accepted among our types that there are differences in roles for women than there are for men, because our minds operate differently, lets just accept that and move on. No more division between white men and women, unity is what we need to win the race war. Unity and lots of breeding.
    So get to it, put down these silly arguments and breed the neo-wehrmacht today.

    • Mein Fuhrer, I thought exactly the way you have elucidated for a very long time, but each and every time it failed in my personal, professional and political life. Then something amazing happened…I went against the natural instinct to defer ‘being correct’ for the sake of female unity, and nothing bad happened. In fact, things started to go my way and the way of our movement. It did not feel right at first because I was not used to it, but then with each passing victory, I knew that this way is the only way. The way that every one of ancestors were taught to know since the dawn of MAN, whereas we have been made to be lucky to even have this ‘eureka moment’ on our own, but often times after it’s too late.

      You can’t make a river reverse course just because it’s the Current Year or has been for a century.
      Everybody knows, without being able to articulate it, that something just does not feel right the way things are going and something has to give because this mentality is unsustainable.

      We can’t breed our way out of this problem, just as we cannot outbreed nonwhites. In fact, we will only be breeding future enemies at this point, who will siphon our genes into some hybrid vigor mutant foe.

      With each passing day, tens of thousands of white wombs go barren. Nothing we can do about it.
      As articulated in your prison screeds, the unborn are more worthy of life than the living because of unspoiled potential and innate innocence…the point where theology meets biology.
      We are in a war right now…not your traditional war where millions die, but a war where millions will go unborn. It’s cruel and unfair, but it is necessary. This is brinkmanship. We have to reach the critical mass before this entire sociopolitical infrastructure collapses and a new fertile age can take its place. We already see it happening and it is foolish to try to finesse or futilely uphold this abstract anachronism that has wrought on so much hardship to begin with.

  • We’ve got to give where credit’s due and take any positive we can. We should share this story around, to remind ourselves not bash all women and they are the problem. Remember there was Catherine the Great in Russia! 😀

    Let’s just get the balance right, that’s all!

    • The most successful female monarch was Queen Isabella of Castile and that was mainly because she had an awesome husband in King Ferdinand II of Aragon. This was a couple that not only had a common purpose – ridding Spain of Muslims and Jews, but were equally yoked.

      I wish more White Nationalists would look to this couple as role models for their own lives and marriages. The reason you don’t hear much about this remarkable couple is that they successfully conducted Reconquista after Spain endured Semitic Subjugation for eight hundred years.

  • Women also act on beliefs. The new feel good evangelical religion in the west is global humanitarianism and that’s what women follow to show off how good they are. SJWs are just the new nuns.

      • Yes, the really flamboyant ones are aggressively virtue-signaling, and the regular ones are not resisting them partly because of genuine guilt and shame at the idea of opposing the consensus morality. It’s not one or the other, but a combination of both.

        • Incorrect. Women do not possess guilt. They feel shame for not conforming because of the possibility of being shunned by the collective. So even that is self-preservation, not genuine empathy or remorse, which women do not feel either. Men feel guilt. When is the last time a woman committed suicide because she felt bad about her actions? Never. Introspection is just not in their nature.

          • It looks that way to you because you are a shallow, immature little boy who has very poor judgment of character.

          • You are a prime example of why women are nothing but trouble. You bring your petty drama everywhere there is none because you find it ‘entertaining.’ Your insatiable need for conflict was sated for decades by soap operas, but then women invaded the workplace and undermined that too.

          • Women don’t hate me, faggot. In fact, they approach me and tell me how handsome I am. What do they tell you when you corner them at pussy hat rallies like most of you beta orbiters do?

          • Liar liar pants on ?. You’ve already admitted on another thread your personal dealings with women suck so good luck trying to lie, incel boy. 😛

          • Uh no, faggot troll, who avoids his own SJW enclaves for fear of irrelevance. Do you want me to send you pics and texts? I do not need to prove anything to you, creepy stalker. Your homosexuality is showing.

  • Can we please stop with this ‘White Knight’ nationalism? Women are not loyal to anything or anyone, aside from what is most popular. When have you ever bedded a girl based on how nice and protective you were? Exactly.

    Women are not rational, so stop trying to appease them with this ahistorical revisionism. Look at 50 Shades of Grey breaking book sale records. That says it all.

    Women are IMPLICIT, men are EXPLICIT…. and right now women are implicitly crying out for society to unburden them from any responsibilities. They will never say it outright like they used to back in the 1970s because they rightly feared being subject to military conscription had the ERA passed. So they cut their losses and bypassed it, realizing how unwise actual equality would have been.

    Now they are out of control and drunk on their liberties.

    We need to abandon them in all respects. That means eschewing doing their chores or practicing chivalry. Women will then come running back to us demanding we take away their so-called ‘rights,’ that just so happen to infringe upon everybody else’s, because they cannot handle being ignored by men.

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  • Just who is this ‘Vincent Law’ individual? I’m extremely suspicious at the constant weaselly apologias for International Jewry and its subversions. It’s disgusting.

    Russian Slavic women have been genocidally raped and abused for over a century by the same (((demons))) that men later allowed into America. How psychologically convenient it remains for the White Sharia faggots to blame their own women! It’s sickening! White men have abandoned us – WHY? Genetic European deterioration since the world wars?

    P.S. I think can speak for most Aryan (and White Slav) women when I say that the AR’s sexually confused, crypto-Jewish miscegenation agenda is so gross and disturbing.

    • Looks like the ‘renegade’ has made it here. Go back to being a nigger loving leftist. We do not want feminists. All you can do is ‘name the Jew.’ This is why you dumb THOTs belong in burkas.

      • Goy goddess and Denise are valkires with a shit ton of backbone.
        Both of them will be be very busy tieing Alabama boy scout knots
        Around race traitors necks very soon. I’d swim across a river of nigger blood to stand with either of them.

          • Go fuck yourself. Give birth to multiple children and tell me women are not strong. Everyone who doesn’t hate every woman on the face of the Earth is not a feminist.

          • Wow your one and only job and most of you can’t even do that. You stupid THOT, I don’t hate you. I hate how power you feminists have because it has one logical conclusion. You are not my equal. Stop acting like.

    • Funny how you slipped in some D & C with the “Aryan (and White Slav)” part.

      See gentlemen? Women are their most nationalistic when faced with prettier competition from another tribe.

      Calling it “miscegenation” gives you away, shill.

    • Where had VL apologized for or supported the jews? Since you are not a Goddess, you need to get back into the kitchen and clean up.

    • I agree. I remember when I watched The Godfather as a young teen, it was almost a religious experience, not the gangsterism, but seeing men who fought to protect their women, their homes and their territory. This epiphany raised the bar.

      • Yeah, but the difference is women have ceased being women. You have nullified your end of the bargain. You are neither pleasant, nor soothing anymore.

        You have told us you don’t need us anymore, even though the law has gotten more anti-male by the day, ironically incentivizing female dependency reparations in the form of no-fault divorce, VAWA, abortion, affirmative action and so many others.

        And you are doing it right now…blaming men for the actions of women, which women were not even capable of doing 50 years ago.

        No matter how intelligent a woman is, she is as clueless in understanding diminishing returns as an empty-headed charwoman.

        The more ‘women’s rights’ you have, the less masculinity you will have, and the more chivalrous white knights you have orbiting around you, which you women would not seduce to save your lives.

        The is absolutely no incentive for any man to defend a woman today because of the immense power she has and will use to destroy his life. Look at the women doing to the entertainment/media world as we speak. Entire lifetimes of achievement undone without trial by the very women they confided and employed.

    • Yes, the article needed a reality check on female nature. Women are impulsive and treacherous by default and need to be kept in line.

      • Everyone needs to be kept in line, men no less than women. The temperance movement came about because men were drinking their whole paycheck and leaving their wives and children to go hungry while they beat them for complaining about it. Uncharitable and one-sided, but true none-the-less. Now how about we stop playing into the hands of our enemies and attacking each other?

        Friends? Good!

        • And do you know what else the temperance movement spawned? PROHIBITION. Do you what that spawned? FEMINISM and GANGSTERISM. Women cannot be rationalized with. Nationalism cannot work with women’s suffrage. Finally biology is solving this imbalance. Chivalry is dying as we speak with this bullshit ‘#MeToo’ libel. Women are not to be trusted. Give birth and shut the hell up.

          • Well then I guess if men had done something about the problem themselves, there wouldn’t have been a feminist movement.

            And no, I am not your equal, but your superior, little boy.

          • Thanks for taking the gr8 b8 m8. It’s about taking as much as possible until everything collapses. You just proved that. I rest my case. God, women are stupid. It was never about ‘equality’ with women. THIS is why you cannot be allowed to have power. We are in this mess because of you harlots.

          • Except that I don’t claim to be superior to men in general. The vast majority are superior to me in a whole host of ways.

            I’m just superior to you, which of course isn’t saying much.

        • Because the alt-right community doesn’t seem to believe in “free gifts.” Women are a sensitive topic. But we should call a spade a spade.

          • Why is it that some alt-Right men are able to criticize women without being a total prick about it, while others just seem to want to keep beating this hypergamy dead horse from here to kingdom come?

            To wit: James Allsup and Nick Fuentes. I know some call them patriotard cucks, but they are not. They are optics cucks at most, and very solid on race, the JQ, and the family.

  • Russian women more hardcore and patriotic ?. So thats why Russian women marry foreigne men in such high numbers. for f-ck sakes marrying foreigners is practically a cottage industry in Russia. The whole mail order bride thing comes from Russia remember. Russian women are the biggest whores on the planet, they will marry Chinese turks and even Africans if they have the shekels.

    And lets not forget how Russian women after the collapse of soviet union were so eager to sell themselves to the enemy.

    Loyalty is not something Russian women value.

    Your shilling for Russia and Putin is beyond pathetic.
    PS why don’t you write an article on how 25% billionaires in Russia are Jewish even though Jews make less than 0.5% of the Russian population.
    or how Putin son in law is Jewish.
    or how Russia is the largest producer of child porn
    or how Russia has the worlds highest abortion rates and divorce rates.
    or how Russia has Africa tier HIV rates
    or how Russia has the highest income equality in the world
    or how Russia has the 2nd highest immigration in the world mostly from Asia.

    A few sources,7340,L-4587086,00.html

    • What about all those Western goy women selling their bodies to the yids for a shot in Holly wood? What about all those German women who threw themselves at the invading Red Army? Contrary to popular belief not all were raped. How about all those British women whoring themselves out to Muslim and Afro Caribbean men? How about all those Swedish women (seen this recently first hand) sitting on the laps of refugees in bars? How about all those American cheerleaders sucking some big black nigger cock for the team? How about all those 20 year old Latin American women who will marry an old bald, fat, disgusting gringo? How about all those African women who throw themselves at White men? How about all those Asian women who throw themselves at White men?

      Fool, this is a woman problem and not specific to Russia at all. Women all over the world will try to mate up in the hierarchy. White Aryan men are at the top biologically and this women all over the world know instinctively; thus in the time of European exploration races who had never set foot on the White race, when they did the women literally got on all fours and urged them to mate with them. Right now in the White world, the Western White man is still seen as the man on top. If and when this changes, when the West falls, a Western man will be as valued as a Brazilian man in Eastern Europe.

      • You can tell by the breathless listing of typical neocohen dirt(I was honestly surprised something about gas station wasn`t mentioned) and cute misspellings it is a maximalist in buttpain responce first and foremost.

        So be lenient.

        • It’s true. Many, maybe most were raped and brutalized but to deny that many women did not betray their men and throw themselves at the feet of their new master is to live in la, la land.

          There’s your dare. Wake up to the reality of the nature of the female instead of having a false view of the noble German or Russian or Irish or whatever woman. Nature is nature and you not accepting it does not change it. Wake up!

          • I think there probably is a trade-off between loyalty and obedience. I may be an uppity wife with a mind of my own, but I would rather die than betray my husband or my race.

          • Servile toadies will always turn traitor in hard times.

            Haven’t you ever heard of those women who are so feminine and submissive to their husbands, but then leave when he loses his job? If you go for women who offer you unconditional obedience in exchange for provision and protection, don’t be surprised if she has no use for you in hard times.

            I married my husband because I love and honor him. I obey him only on rare occasions when we disagree. He is a good man, not a petty tyrant. I married him when he had nothing, and I will still be here even if someday he has nothing again.

            You menfolk constantly go on about “woman’s nature” when really there is no such thing. Different sorts of women have different standards and values. In fact, this is one area where I think men are weak. They are shallow, unthoughtful, and somewhat reckless when it comes to evaluating potential mates.

            I knew within weeks that I was going to marry my husband, because he had a very clear understanding of exactly what I was offering and what I was not offering, no illusions. Men who go on thinking women are all the same can’t possibly know when they’ve met the right one.

          • I’d like to add something, since you seem like such a well-meaning, open-minded guy. Alt-right makes way too much of the issue of patriarchy. This may be just because it is so much better than what we have now, but it is not the ideal. The ideal is harmony, not power. If you don’t have conflict, you don’t need power.

            The most poisonous concept to come out of the sexual revolution, in my opinion, is the notion of “irreconcilable differences.” This notion presupposes that there is no right and wrong, just my way and your way. Like the old song says

            There ain’t no good guy
            There ain’t no bad guy
            There’s only you and me
            And we just disagree…

            Nonsense. My husband and I don’t fight, because we agree that our priority is to give our children a happy childhood, with lots of affection, learning, fun, and of course some hard work in preparation for the future. At the very most, a couple with clear, healthy priorities will quibble about minor issues easily resolved with a long talk, a forgiving spirit, and a willingness to compromise.

            A family unit should think and act as one, always thinking of the good of the whole. Whether or not you are Christian, remember the passage that says we become “one flesh.” That sums it up nicely. Look at the Amish, the real ones I mean.?

          • Harmony exist when women are in their place, below the men in the family hierarchy. Equality only exist in fantasy land. That is what harmony is all about, hierarchy.

          • Women being below men is not the foundation of harmony. It is necessary for various reasons, but most certainly not sufficient for a strong family.

            Consider three mothers.

            Mother A: Her children do as they please, run wild, don’t pick up, sass grown-ups, etc.

            This is a bad situation, the worst case scenario.

            Mother B: Her children do as they are told, but nothing more. They constantly test limits to see what they can get away with. They only understand reward and punishment.

            This is much better, but still not ideal. A mother who is always pulling rank and barking orders is a mother in some degree of distress. She is surviving, but not thriving.

            Mother C: The children know what is expected of them and do it without being asked, because they know that being a family means all must do their part. Their conscience is developing well and they understand reciprocity, kindness, gratitude, etc.

            Now this is the ideal we should always be striving for. Notice that C requires guidance and education for a strong character formation. It takes time, patience, and investment, but it is well worth the effort.

            (Also, I apologize for my comment below. I didn’t realize you had posted this substantive response.)

          • Sorry about the serial posting, but I’ve been thinking about this throughput the day. Apparently, there is some evidence that high self-monitors are less committed and satisfied in relationships. High self-monitors are superficially conformist. They mind their Ps and Qs. I’m betting they are more likely to be thin and fashionable. They want, seek, and get the most attention and psychic energy from men. They also bore easily, and seek novelty. Yes, these are Machiavellian, dark traits.

            Of course, I am not saying all beautiful women have sociopathic traits, but I do think they tend to, as a general rule, have personalities that are less conducive to marital satisfaction and loyalty. The charming woman who most impresses your friends may not be the best wife and mother.

            True femininity consists in drawing deep, even joyful satisfaction from your family. This only works for people with high empathy, fuzzy boundaries between self and other, high trust, and spontaneity. These are low self-monitor traits. Now this article is from NYT, and moreover is quite old, but I do think it’s interesting. It certainly comports with my experience/observations, and I would be very curious to see if there is any data that would be on point to this issue.

    • Will Wiliams, chairman of the Willy Alliance (NA) ordered a Russian bride via InstaPussy, Inc. He’s been banging her ever since, but still can’t understand what she’s saying…

  • What passes today for Western culture is Jew psychological warfare on the host nation – its old founding European stock. Since birth, females of the host nation have been completely jewed and alienated from the role in family and culture and deployed against family and culture as untermenschen. They have no concept of the history of their own people or heritage.

    In she lives under a ZOG a young woman achieves status by having a black boyfriend and a career.

    The first step is to get the young woman to identify with her own people.

  • Women are status followers. Most women in the town in the U.S. I am currently in are dating African-American men. You can’t step outside your home without seeing more intermingling WHITE girls than you can count on your two hands. This is the problem that is to be brought up with the Birth rate crisis of the WHITE World. Women being given a choice.

    • “Most women in the town in the U.S. I am currently in are dating African-American men.”

      That’s not true, you are pretending your cuck-porn watching habits are the reality of “the town in the U.S. I am currently living in.”

      • Wellllll the women are certainly outdoing the Black women -(And every other poc)- at intermingling. The women that WHITE men have are horrible.

  • The culture that molded these based russian girls is the same that made russians paranoid, hedonistic, greedy, cunning and over all created a very poor social culture. The russians rape each other in rates that don’t need no extra rapefugee imports to push em up. Also i think they adapt these attitudes cause the men have them and for a woman in russia a man is a way more important economical factor then in the west. So you better serve what is demanded. There are even “dating schools” in russia that teach girls how to mask their attitudes dependend on the man they meet.

  • “But if a man starts thinking like this…there’s a chance he might have to act on his conclusions.”

    Theeeeeen where are the alt-right death squads lol

    • The spur to action has had little effect due to the feminism fatigue that all men older than 12 experience. So now men know the barbarians need to be stacked high and deep but are unwilling to initiate such an action because of the consequences. There would be screeching harpies from around the world demanding death to the evil White men who killed their precious kittens, I mean brown savages. At this point, men will act when men are directly threatened or the women and children in their care are threatened.

  • So when you boys come out of Spencer-bunker East kindly let us rankers know how things stand with the high command.

  • Most women I have known are/were racists (that is a positive term). But women are maliable and easy to mislead. We must lead them. And take away their so called liberties such as voting rights. Men must control and lead society and the women the home. No two ways about it.

    • Young men and women were brainwashed in the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, the 90s, and now. It’s a matter of what the Left makes trendy and what the deluded teachers are teaching. You all believe in Bernie Sanders, don’t you? You are the victims of brainwashing. No need to hold women hostage.

      • I am not defending women. You need to taste actual oppression because it will be WOMEN busting down city hall demanding the government take away their rights because life is just too tough. Men need to not protect women anymore or do their chores to hasten this inevitability.

    • Actually, rather than women supporting liberalism because they are stupid, I would say that it’s anger over hostile attitudes such as this that have driven them to opposing camps. I was a former liberal in part because of this bullshit. At the end of the day, fighting (white) men is self defeating. I am in full support of women’s natural gender roles, and I can decouple true sexism from that. But for some women the push is too strong.

  • I’m from Eastern Europe, but I live in the UK now and I can definitely vouch that that thing about Russian girls is true. It’s true for pretty much all Eastern Europeans. We would just casually refer to blacks as niggers (in fact nigger IS a casual word in Eastern Europe – it’s not considered racist at all), muds, monkeys – we’d talk about how they’re low IQ (except that we say things like “Oh, it’s in their genes to be so dumb and to be criminals”), etc.

    We do have our own problems though, like many of our women being sluts, etc – don’t think that we’re without our issues. But yeah, at least racism is normalised to the point where the word “racism” doesn’t really exist, or rather there is no such thing as “white guilt” or any of these black clouds that are hanging above white people’s heads in the West.

  • Good theory but I suspect the explanation is even simpler. Women are, fundamentally, conformists. That is, they choose the “handshakeworthy” option largely regardless of ideology.

    So in the West that would be the pozzed mainstream, i.e. anything but nationalism/the hard right. In Russia, that would be United Russia and its close cousin Fair Russia, but no so much the nationalist LDPR, and certainly not Navalny’s liberals. If a free vote had been held in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s, I suspect Hitler would have done relatively better with women.

    Independent of this effect women do tilt somewhat left relative to men on economic matters (this is probably why there is virtually no sex gap in support for the statist Marine Le Pen in France, versus a huge gap in support for the arch-capitalist Trump) but that’s about it.

    • Apparently, the alt-right prefers devious, offensive, and complicated explanations of women over simple, inoffensive ones.

      Seriously though, I think it’s simpler even than that. McDonald has talked about the intense feeling of shame women have when thinking unflattering thoughts about he Left’s Holy Exalted victim groups. Sinthink is even worse than crimethink. I remember the shame. It took some time to work through it, especially regarding the very most High Holy Chosen Victim Group of all.

        • Certainly not. Its a trend I’ve noticed, but not so much here on this site. For that matter, it’s really not even an issue among our leaders. I may disagree occasionally, but I have never felt hostility or disrespect from them. Sometimes I am surprised by their sensitivity and insight about women.

          It’s just a vocal contingent among the rank and file I suppose. Hopefully, this movement will channel their anger in positive ways for our race.

        • Never engage a woman in political debate. To argue with a woman is to completely misunderstand them. It is an utter waste of time and energy.

  • Women respect power more than goodness.

    So, when women do stuff to lower the power of their men in the name of goodness, their respect for the men go down as well.

    This may seem counter-intuitive. After all, if women define goodness in terms of feminism AND if men comply to those demands to be ‘good’, then women should like those corrected men even more.

    But the opposite happens. As men turn ‘good'(as defined by feminism), they seem weaker and wussier, and this leads to less female respect for these ‘good’ men. And then, women feel contempt for these weak ‘good’ men and blame them for everything. And if the men try to be even ‘gooder’ to appease angry bitches, the women despise them even more.
    The more goo-goo sensitive that men try to be, the more women dump on them.

    And we see this in the West. Western European men are pressured to be so goody goody, but this makes Western women despise them even more. Subconsciously, women feel dissatisfied with these wussy men. So, they support mass immigration that brings in all these non-feminist men. Mass migration serves women’s needs in two ways.

    1. As many white women choose not to be mothers, their maternal instincts must find something to take care of and protect. So, the migrants and non-white immigrants seem like helpless people in need of love and caring.

    2. As white men become so wussy-pussy, white women seek REAL MEN in the form of Africans and Muslims. So, non-white men seem like rightful masters who should replace wussy white boys who might have well have poons than puds.

    Another problem is the rising presence of blacks in US and EU. White manhood feels little threat from geeky Asians or short Mexicans.
    Asian boys may do better in school, but women still see them as dorks. Mexicans may have power of numbers, but women see them as boring shorties and losers. And even though Muslims are manly in attitude, most of them are not tougher than whites. They are not athletic or musical.

    But blacks are more muscled, bigger-penised, and have stronger voices than whites. And they can sing and dance faster. So, black manhood in sports, sex, and music has a way of making white manhood look weak by comparison. Black manhood poses an existential threat to white manhood.
    And white women pick up on this.
    They see white guys turning into cucks in face of black manhood. This is why ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs is the biggest threat to the white race.

    Another reason why whites are so wussy in the West is due to EU, Canada, and America being totally dominated by Jews who control media and all elite institutions. So, white women come under PC brainwashing. Not only are white males humiliated in sports and maligned in entertainment — in contrast to black manhood — but white girls are taught from cradle that White Identity is white supremacism and that white males are total shit unless they are homo or cucky.
    But then, how can a white woman respect a cucky white man.

    • “Women respect power more than goodness.”

      Says who, you? This statement is garbage. Some women prefer goodness and some prefer power. Not that hard to understand, Skippy.

      But your arrogance in thinking you know what an entire gender thinks is not that surprising when you since the Alt-Right does not believe in the individual.

    • Europeans are stronger than negros. Go check strength events in various sports.
      We also do better in music if the playing field is level. By a mile the most complex music to write is classical. Shoe me a negros classical composer.

      You are falling for the Jew lies.

      A fight always ends on the ground. The strongest guy wins on the ground if size and skills match.

      Also something which you may not get cause you are American. People from poor areas are more aggressive. In Ireland we have middle class areas and poor areas. Any time kids from these areas meet the poor kids attack and beat the middle class kids. This is cause the middle class kids don’t fight back. In the US poor means negros, middle class is white. In Ireland, both are white. If the middle class wanted to they could win in these encounters. Also, in gangs you may get one or two middle class kids who will fight. All poor kids will fight so in gangs the middleclass/white kids lose too.

      If you are truly dispossessed in the US then the tough kids of the future will be white not negros. I hope you take your country back and can remain pushes;-)

      • Not exactly true. Our poor whites tend to live in rural areas and the nignogs don’t mess with them. In fact they are scared shitless of them. I have had nignogs tell me of areas where they would never drive in fear for their lives (exaggerated of course). When I was a kid at school the red necks (poor whites) would also beat the middle class whites.

        Tens of millions of poor whites in the USA.

    • You’re falling for a false, Hollywood-cultivated image of blacks. Most are overweight or obese with diabetes and low levels of literacy, too cowardly to fight except in packs or when numbers favor their victory. Reality is different than TV.

    • This is such an odd post. I hardly see any white women with black men. I have one rich berkley “educated” (chillingly brainwashed) friend that married an illegal mexican immigrant she met through a social program. All of the other women I’ve ran accross married to or dating men of color were grossly overweight and unattractive. And I grew up in a city 70% black. Mating preferences don’t lie, most liberal white women won’t date black men unless they are facing a life of lonliness.
      Gorillas have big dicks too. Doesn’t make them a superior mating choice. Don’t let it bother you.

    • +Gubbler Finally, somebody who gets it.
      While AltRight white men are making excuses, and Lib whites enjoy being cucked, blacks are taking over our countries. You can blame the Jews for messing with media all you want, but that doesn’t change ACOWW. Look up amateur bbc vids. Jews may be pushing porn, but white women are making it.
      Our race won’t be saved until white men get violent and send blacks packing.
      (“Oh no! Promoting violence! Protesting cuckolding is hate-speech!)

  • Thank you for this thoughtful piece. Is there any actual evidence for the view that women are always sub-rationally following the biological imperative?

    It sounds like unfalsifiable psychobabble to me.

    • You will have to overlook some of that. It is a part of what men had to create as a metastructure to work through what we were seeing in the world. The idea that women are following biological programming and can’t help it gave us a way out of the terrible conclusion that women were doing it intentionally. We basically engaged in self-therapy and it is/was the only thing that kept women from being put on a leash and taken to the local mosque and sold or outright given to Mbundu Click Click and Muhammad Al-Assmaud. Blankets for Indians and whatnot.

  • Everybody is about to sperg out. I tried voicing this on forums before. We will regain women when we have enough momentum to stomp Hagi and Tyrone into the ground.

    • Our European brothers have much more momentum than we do and they have it as a direct result of having our European sisters in the movement(s) as shoulder to shoulder marching buddies. We have to breathe life into the kind of culture that we want to live in, that our women want to live in, and that will be a living inspiration for others. We have to be bright if we want to light the way for others.

  • There is a very simple explanation to this phenomenon: Women aren’t agents of change, they are defenders of the status quo, which from a biological viewpoint means stability. Women will always defend the status quo. In the current west, that means defending diversity.

    • You do realize the majority of white women voted Trump? He was not the status quo.

      A lot of people have the misapprehension that most white women voted for Hillary and it’s not true. There is a lot of cognition distortion and confirmation bias going on when it comes to white women. Such as online dating statistics actually show that white women are more racialist than white men.

      Often when I destroy people’s nonsense they respond with some baseless ad hominem. Lots of irrational fools on the right. The vast majority of clowns over at DS are lying buffoons who will die as lonely virgins.

      • Apparently, the whole hypergamy thing is mostly bullshit, too. Although women say 80% of men are below average-looking, they share their actual responses on dating sites more equitably than men.

        • Women literally tell you by those surveys hypergamy is working and you conclude that it`s “mostly bullshit”. Such logic.

          • Do you have some evidence for that? I’m not being snarky. I’d like to see it.

            The female hypergamy theory is indeed mostly bullshit if it turns out that men are more competitive for choice mates than women. This appears to be the case.

            While women say most men are ugly mugs, in practice they spread their responses around more than men. Men, on the other hand, say most women are decent-looking, but then ignore them. 2/3 of male messages go out to the top 1/3 of women.

            Google OK Cupid:Your Looks and Your Inbox.

            On race, the alt-Right is factual and scientific. On the Woman Question, we could do much better.

          • Yeah, I agree that it doesn’t make sense for men to be less hypergamous than women. Why would that be? I appreciate your quest for evidence. I’m not sure how the distribution of responses fits into the greater explanation of hypergamous behavior, but that is an interesting finding. One possible explanation is that women have a larger set of criteria they use to judge acceptability in a potential mate such as job/income/education/wealth/status etc. and men just go by looks almost exclusively, at least initially. Usually when a woman tells her friends about a man their first question about him is almost always “What does he do?” aka “Is he wealthy/high status?” When men tell their friends about a girl they’re dating they ask “Is she hot?” It’s probably easier to meet some of the criteria to pass women’s initial interests tests online via job/status display etc, hence the greater spread of responses, and its probably isn’t as easy to meet the one criteria men care about most–physical attractiveness leading to less range of responses.

          • Look to ethology, its literally propagation strategy studies. You may dislike the words altright uses to describe the process, but it doesnt change anything about its reality.

          • In other words, no proof. You menfolk only talk to stupid, shallow and manipulative girls, then you decide we’re all stupid, shallow and manipulative.

          • Female hypergamy has been artificially suppressed in the West.

            Before welfare, women had to try to marry up because that meant more resources to raise their limited number of children they can have over their lifetime.

            The welfare state has made that irrelevant. Women can have babies with whoever they want and the rest of us are forced to provide the resources to raise them.

            If welfare were to disappear, women would return to the eons old female practice of selecting a male mate based on resources, and that means marrying up if at all possible.

          • It hasn’t been suppressed. It’s been redirected into the independent, childless, marriage free lifestyle. Hypergamy now finds its expression in dumpster fucking and club nightlife.

          • Never once in my life have I ever known a White woman to take this kind of casual attitude towards whom they have children with, but then maybe that has something to do with my social circles.

            Also, you couldn’t just get rid of welfare without addressing the jobs issue. White women would choose a man with a job over welfare. The problem is that all the working class jobs have gone.

      • Have you accounted for the age brackets? Most of the young women of child bearing age voted differently than boomer women.

  • On the men question:
    1)you`re smack dab in the epicenter of russian cargo libshittery, fucking Piter
    2)90s were horribly unkind to russians in general, and men especially. From the purely evolutionary approach, only the most hardcore should have survived, and for some time it was indeed so, but ask yourself this: have you ever heard or read anything about russian criminal gangs? The state has been explicitly targeting russian organized crime scene as a subduing tactic, and it succeeded, to the point that Moscow has a chink gangster presence, bot not a trace of lubera or solntcevskyie remains. We may dislike Donovan, but boy was he right about the gang aspect.

    • This phenomenon is happening across the white world, because the governments follow different meassures when it comes to policing communities. A prime example from the USA would be the Italian-American Mafia and the Irish Mob that were dismantled in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The result has not been a lower crime rate, but rather the replacement of these groups with more barbaric non-white gangs, whether that is the Mexican Mob, MS-13, black street gangs or Puerto Rican drug dealers, that practice a completely different code of ethics.

      • Yes, but the Mafia and Irish mob were probably worse in many ways when you really consider what they have done. The Mafia was essential in the Jewish takeover of America, they even aided and abetted in the assassinations of American politicians the Jews didn’t like, and in Italy they have literally poisoned the land with nuclear waste, something a shitskin would have never been capable. The Irish mob was involved in this depravity as well and played a crucial role as they were the leading ‘hitters’ for the Mafia and the Jews. With the aforementioned in mind I think it was a good thing to dismantle those 2 groups.

        • Mafia for all intents and puropses is jews. Later they sort of put greasers in the front with movies, but even the most cursoru look at the gangster mugs in 30s will tell you everything you need to know.

      • Oh if it was just ethics. These invader gangs serve primarily as a vessel to spread influence and eventually colonize, considering how ethnocentric they are. You do need your own gangsters to be safe, as weird as it sounds.

    • I’m talking about the Golden Boys. Their parents spoiled them because a) they could only afford one or two kids and b) they wanted them to have an easier life than they did. And they became libshits because their parents told them all about the horrors of the 90s and put a deep hatred of their country into their hearts.

    • The women are more scared of hachi than the churki. The churki might be considered dirty and barbaric, but the fact remains that they are not nearly as prone to mega-aggressive behavior such as the hachi are.

      Btw, Vincent. I hope you will reply to my comment in your thread about Alt-Right activism.

  • Prepare to be attacked by the autistic psychopaths over at DS who act more like Muslims than Western men and think all women are innately lowlife whores eagerly working to destroy society.

    Weev just put out some nonsense that Lauren Southern is a “sex worker” because she did cosplay and it’s not satire. They want white women to wear a scold’s bridle and say “gas the whores.”

    We’re going to have a create a new Alt division for woman-hating psychopaths like that lot because Anglin is the #1 recipient of donations out of all Alt Right people on Hatreon. Really bad optics and untenable for a rational movement going forward.

    It’s funny until it’s not funny, and it’s rapidly becoming a liability IMO.

    • The alt-Right is in serious danger of being swallowed whole by these MGTards. I have actually been accused of divide and conquer tactics for defending White women. That’s right, it’s divide and conquer to try to bring White men and women together now!

      • How about just not lying and being a sociopathic POS? Let’s start with that. It’s not even about defending all women.

        Lauren Southern deserves legitimate criticism for some of her stances, but calling her a whore and sex worker for doing cosplay is pure nonsense. No, you can’t just dismiss all the nonsense they say as satire.

        Just because a psychopath laughs while he’s stabbing you doesn’t mean it’s fake.

      • Yeah I have seen this going on a lot lately and it seems that most of those guys are incel shut ins who view Nationalism as a way to get back at society while the ring leaders are almost all Jews. They need to be shut down ASAP. We can’t have a real political movement if one half of it is attacking the other. A house divided cannot stand.

    • Lol don’t take Anglin’s hilarious memeing too seriously. Western women are never going to flock to us en masse. This movement is 90% young White men anyway and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • LOL, sounds like you’re trying to play both sides.

        Yeah, he sounds like a really mentally stable, friendly guy who says he has to pay prostitutes because normal women won’t go near him.

        Women aren’t going to flock to us so lying, libeling and threatening women is perfectly acceptable behavior.

        • Jack Burton is a known critic of The Stormer. Just putting this out there. He seems too nauseous to be a Nationalist.

          • He is a ‘Renegade.’ We all need to make a statement that feminism is the first casualty of nationalism. Not only will I not defend our society if women are not stripped of their ability to erode our civilization, I will actively aid the enemy to hasten the demise. Something has to give and it is women’s rights. There is no way around it.

          • No, I gave conditions. You are seeking to uphold the current feminist order, making you the cliche female orbiter waiting for the winning side so you can join it seamlessly after the fighting is over. You simply cannot comprehend what sacrifice is because you have never and will never sacrifice anything. Society does not demand that on women anymore.

          • Your conditions reveal your true priorities and show what you are: a traitor.

            You are not pro-White. You said so yourself. Now fuck off back to MGTOW where you belong.

          • Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt. You are a feminist. You are the definition of multiculturalist. The fact that you even try to present yourself as equal or superior to any man says you believe in diversity. Your opinion means nothing as you are not subject to hardship or national service. How many of your grandmothers have purple hearts or died in a mine? Exactly. Go act hysterical about sexual harassment and wear about pussy hat to get male attention. Talk about how difficult your menses were this month. That’s all you can do, bitch.

          • I’ll tell you what my Grandmother did. She raised five wonderful white children while being subjected to constant humiliation and abuse from her miserable husband. Then, for some reason, she took care of that drunken monster while he was old and frail. Never did she take revenge on him, though she could have. Her kids wouldn’t have held it against her. They hated him, too. You’d better think hard about what kind of man you want to be someday.

            Now, let me explain to you the difference between a feminist and a women’s rights advocate. A feminist says that no one has any duties, only rights. If anyone at all has any duties, it is only men. Unless you think husbands should have the power of life and death over their wives (chattel slavery), then you too believe in women’s rights, however minimal.

            That is not feminism. Feminism is the belief that men and women should have exactly the same rights.

            You are not entitled to redefine words to demonize your opponent and construct straw men. If you want to be treated with respect, then have some intellectual integrity at the very least.

            As for me thinking I am superior to you, perhaps you should take a look at the White IQ bell curve. You may not like it, but a great many women are smarter than a great many men. This needn’t be a problem, because women will usually choose a smarter man for a mate, as I did. It does complicate your worldview, though. You’re just going to have to deal with it.

          • Darling, your personal anecdotes illustrate perfectly why women cannot be involved with politics. This is as impersonal as it gets, yet you make it very personal. You bring in your own family to make a point. Had I done that, you would rightfully ridicule them with some retroactive eugenics argument that only women seem to make, regardless of their alleged political views, like ‘you should not be allowed to reproduce’ or ‘if only she had an abortion.’

            I will not do that though.

            You may very well be ‘smarter’ than me. Again, that obsession of pointless metrics is a woman thing that bogs down the micromanaging, pedantic female sensibilities. For whatever reason women care SO much about proving how ‘intelligent’ they are with ‘credentials,’ whereas men are methodically objective and macromanaging. I will gladly admit that I am not ‘smart’ or ‘intellectual,’ and I pity anybody that identifies as such.

            Women’s rights IS feminism. You cannot decouple that. This your abstract feminine mind trying to bend physics, no different than a Negro unholstering a firearm sideways, believing his marksmanship will be unaffected.

            Your grandmother loved your grandfather not in spite of his incorrigibility, but because of it. I could go into detail, but it’s futile. You will read past every bit of proof and correlation because your heart gets in the way.

            This single-motherhood/male indentured-servitude society cannot go on much longer. Too many downward forces are working against it.

            Politics and leadership is not meant to be this female-friendly pornography that it has become. It is supposed to be brutal and unforgiving, like all anonymous forums have become, as it is the natural order of things.

            P.S. I don’t need or want your respect.

      • There’s nothing wrong with it if it’s the best we can do without compromising our core principles, which of course would defeat the whole purpose of the movement.

        From what I understand, Anglin is trying to appeal to a certain niche market, namely teenage boys. I really don’t care what men go on about in their own spaces. You can’t go into a locker room and not expect to hear locker room talk. Moreover, most of the guys talking like that don’t even mean it, and would quickly fall into line as decent husbands given the chance.

        The problem comes in when you don’t know when you’re in the locker room, and/or the whole movement becomes one giant locker room.

        • “You can’t go into a locker room and not expect to hear locker room talk”

          How would you know, seeing as you’ve never been in one? Is that you, Trump?

  • Where I work there are more black men than any other race. My White female coworker has began to try & talk to me about one she is attracted to (eew). I told her quickly that I am not & never have been attracted to any man outside of my own race. She gave me a look like I was an alien or something. I wonder if her White husband knows how she feels about black guys? I use to think there were more White Women like I am but I am beginning to think that a lot of the white men are right. I have been defending White Women when AltRight Men complain about them mostly being race traitors. It looks like I am in the minority. I just don’t understand how it isn’t natural for them to be bonded with only White Men.

    • When society collapses and there isn’t welfare for everyone, white women will again have to go back to the age old method of selecting mates who can provide for their children.

      That will mean white men for the most part.

      That is also when feminism will die off, and with that, this agenda of turning our women into trash will also end. Our women will again return to historical norms.

      • A fatal flaw in your theory is that you assume that most women would want children “when society collapses.” Even today, there are plenty of married couples without children.

          • Perhaps my favorite ever statement on the Woman Question was from Millennial Woes. Paraphrasing, he said we need women in the home raising children, and it doesn’t really matter how anyone feels about that. Of course, this straightforward statement of the case shows vulnerability, which is hard for men. MW has a special gift for balancing strength and sensitivity, and he can say things that would project weakness coming from other men.

            Feminism is clearly not an idea worthy of debate. To many, it sounded good at the time. Now, all societies that have embraced it or even been influenced by it are dying, so what more is there to say?

          • The only thing more to say is this: Femininity is worth fighting and dying for. Feminism will do the killing.

      • You must not do much reading, with the exception of our comments. Science has proven that racism is in fact natural human instinct. Research it!

        • Oh I have dear, I have. Copy and paste:

          02/01/2012 08:52 am ET Updated Apr 09, 2013
          Intelligence Study Links Low I.Q. To Prejudice, Racism, Conservatism

          By Rebecca Searles
          Are racists dumb? Do conservatives tend to be less intelligent than liberals? A provocative new study from Brock University in Ontario suggests the answer to both questions may be a qualified yes.

          The study, published in Psychological Science, showed that people who score low on I.Q. tests in childhood are more likely to develop prejudiced beliefs and socially conservative politics in adulthood.

          I.Q., or intelligence quotient, is a score determined by standardized tests, but whether the tests truly reveal intelligence remains a topic of hot debate among psychologists.

          Dr. Gordon Hodson, a professor of psychology at the university and the study’s lead author, said the finding represented evidence of a vicious cycle: People of low intelligence gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, which stress resistance to change and, in turn, prejudice, he told LiveScience.

          Why might less intelligent people be drawn to conservative ideologies? Because such ideologies feature “structure and order” that make it easier to comprehend a complicated world, Dodson said. “Unfortunately, many of these features can also contribute to prejudice,” he added.

          Dr. Brian Nosek, a University of Virginia psychologist, echoed those sentiments.

          “Reality is complicated and messy,” he told The Huffington Post in an email. “Ideologies get rid of the messiness and impose a simpler solution. So, it may not be surprising that people with less cognitive capacity will be attracted to simplifying ideologies.”

          But Nosek said less intelligent types might be attracted to liberal “simplifying ideologies” as well as conservative ones.

          In any case, the study has taken the Internet by storm, with some outspoken liberals saying that it validates their suspicions about conservatives and conservatives arguing that the research has been misinterpreted.

          • Conservatives are indeed dumber than liberals. Those hovering around 100 and below are conservatives. From there to ~115 we have liberals.

            But your study doesn’t mention what happens when you go higher than that. People become conservative again. But because there are so few people higher up, its an insignificant result in terms of voting. This can be refered to as the Bronze-Gold alliance against the Silvers.

            We’ve written about this phenomenon before on our site. But as you have yourself admitted, you “only skim” our articles before leaving your half-baked drivel in the comments section. Easy to tell what IQ range you fall in, eh bud?

            And you talk like a fag, congrats.

          • Feel free to offer a rebuttal to what I posted, Gothic Joe.

            Winky faces don’t add much to the discussion.

            If you can’t act like an adult and actually discuss points in between bants, then you’re gonna get banned, bruh.

            No room for man-children here.

            Seriously, take this chance and either concede the point or offer a rebuttal…otherwise ta.

          • The winky face was in response to Patriotic+American for doxxing the one guy.

            As to your comment on IQ, I have not studied people with exceptional IQ. I am vaguely aware that Vox Day has high IQ and is conservative, though he doesn’t seem to have many fans on this site.

            P.S. I don’t skim every article. Articles on sexual assault on this website I tend to skim due to the disgusting double standards based on who is being accused.

          • “I have not studied people with exceptional IQ”.

            Well my articles are a good place to start, Joe.

          • I have to say, I really enjoyed that whole bronze, silver, and gold soul argument/article. I incorporated the terms into my analogies and they help clarify and cement concepts nicely.

          • Head, Heart and Loin. Something our ancestors understood and we would do well to rediscover.

            Whenever I see something like that Berlin Sex festival (don’t know what it is called) I think of how the lower orders, controlled by their loins are running the streets.

      • Even Artificial Intelligence hates muds. Mother Nature is the ultimate racist. She’s trying to eliminate nogs, but whitey keeps saving them.

      • Then where are the jackal/lion hybrids? Why don’t bird eggs become oak trees? Like begets like. There is nothing more natural to human nature than racism or else there would not be distinct races.

    • I wouldn’t write her off. She may feel the same, but was trying to status-signal. She may never have heard anyone say that before, and she may actually feel liberated by your pride in your own race. See what she does/says from now on.

      • You shouldn’t write her off because she’s not only conspiring to commit adultery and miscegenation, which was once illegal and should be again, but also trying to subvert other white women? You need to get your head straight. She should be arrested and put to work doing hard labor.

        White women like that deserve all the contempt they get.

        My main contention is that generalizing that to all white women who are innocent of any wrongdoing is wrong.

        • It didn’t sound to me like there was any conspiracy to miscegenate or commit adultery, though OP can correct me if I’m wrong. That would of course be a much different matter, and very serious. I’m just saying OPs comment may start her on a journey to racial consciousness. You just never know.

          Your level-headed approach on this issue is much needed and appreciated.

    • Stay still. The team is on the way evacuate you to a safe facility where scientists will safely extract your DNA so you can be studied. Whatever gene combination lead to that paragraph is more precious than gold.

    • She might be one of those women who made a bad choice in marriage on top of a slew of bad dating choices and thinks she can change her luck with a Black man. The reason why she might think of going “there,” is because, let’s face it, there has been a relentless campaign by (((Madison Avenue))) to market Black men to White women as the next best thing to sliced bread.

      I knew a girl who could be in a room of wonderful, responsible men and if there was one, even one selfish narcissistic semi-employed musician in the room, she’d zone in on him like a heat-seeking missile. So, when she told me she was looking at a Black guy, because of all her past problems, I laughed and predicted he was an aspiring rap star. She looked at me funny and I mentioned her track record. Sure enough, he was.

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