Are You a White Supremacist?

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19 Comments on "Are You a White Supremacist?"

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Jason Haddad

This must mean North America and Europe are white supremacist continents. Anyone living there is apparently a white supremacist.

Dale Wyte

Sometimes I wake up depressed and hung over, but then I remember I’m white and things are really that bad.

Tina Banerjee Chittom
Tina Banerjee Chittom

Mexico doesn’t only want its people to be a majority in its country but in the United States as well. “Reconquista”


Reconquista isn’t about making Hispanic people majority in the US, but rather about reclaiming the lands that used to be Mexican and are, for the most part, still majority Hispanic. AFAIK most Mexicans don’t even support the concept of Reconquista, so you are truly attacking a strawman.


I know I’m a white supremasist. I don’t even have to take the quiz. I don’t think violence is the path, it is simply allowing whites to compete fairly and to expand territorially should be deemed as ethical and common sensical.

Big Frank

Absolutely, I am.


I just read Ricardo Duchesne’s ‘Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age’.

Whatever a ‘White supremacist’ may be, its only meant to be a slur and attack on the right of Whites to exist.

Enough of that evil. No more.


It’s not just “okay” to be white – it’s AWESOME!

Anton Chigurh

Whoa. . . .I can get a card? How? Does it have a picture of George Rockwell?

Guy White


I want a membership card as illustrated. How?

The following is written TONGUE-IN-CHEEK (but the truth hurts, anyway you put it) I’M A WHITE SUPREMACIST. Partly because “they say so.” I’m a white supremacist. Partly because they say writing and speaking properly is white privilege. I’m a white supremacist. Partly because they say acting in a civilized manner is “acting white” and thereby racist. I’m a white supremacist. Partly because they point to advanced civilization (not limited to mathematics, fine arts, etc…but you get the idea) as “white supremacism.” I’m a white supremacist. Partly because they say intelligence is “white oppression” and “systematic racism.” So, I’m a white… Read more »
Any kind of racial supremacism is boring but the Judaic racial supremacy and imperium is genocidal. Whites have as much right to be as proud of our ethnic and cultural heritage/s as anyone else does of their own. Suum cuique. We have every right to organise in our racial interests and to be who we are in our own lands – both in Europe and in the nations where Europeans are the founding stock of the state and economy. Our fasces have always been for the rights of our own ethne and culture . When our fascism gains political power… Read more »

THE DIFFERENCE IS, US WHITE PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY DONE AWESOME THINGS. Black people may claim to be awesome but they’ve literally done nothing to progress society in the history of humankind. Actually blacks aren’t even humans, scientifically.

joe boston

If we could shave chimps, get them to walk upright and teach them to talk it would be difficult to distinguish them from Blacks.


I watched this last night. Lana is always on point! She speaks truth.


Oh Vey!!! Oh my gawd!!! I agree with all sixteen points. I guess I need to be deprogrammed by the ADL and SPLC so I hate my fellow whites and wish to see them disappear from earth.


Totally awesome and 100% true. It breaks my heart to think of all the hatred, violence, and discrimination that has been spewed at whites people for so long, for no reason other than that were born with a beautiful, white face.

Bart Manson

Everytime I hear an anti-white rant, accusations of “white supremacy”, or cries of “racism!”, I realize what is at it’s core.

White Envy.


Great material, solid and factual content. Second video of Lana’ s I’ve watched,enjoyed, and most important SHARED! thank you, keep them coming.