Swedish Antifa Leader Revealed As Convicted Serial Rapist

It’s always with the Left.

Despite their relentless exertions to portray themselves as the moral crusaders of our age — defenders of children, women, and minorities; 99% of the time it is those on the Left who are discovered to have the worst sexual perversions and crimes hiding in their closets.

And so, today we can add another example to the lengthy list of leftist sexual predators — this time a leading Swedish Antifa member who, aside from spurring unruly mobs into throwing rocks at police, carries the achievement of being a convicted serial rapist. Furthermore, taking a glance at photos of the man is enough to see that he’s another one of those criminals who’s “Swedish” in name only.

According to news site Fria Tider, The 34-year-old man lives under a protected identity nowadays, but at one point the media dubbed him “The Humlegård Man” due to raping a woman in the Stockholm park of Humlegården in 2005. He has served a further two jail sentences for sexual assault and rape — first, a six-month term in 2003 for assaulting nine women within three hours in Malmö, and secondly for attacking a woman in Stockholm for which he got out of prison after a few weeks. In total, police have a dozen separate cases of violent sexual assault or rape against the man.

The rapist, along with ten other Antifa counterprotesters (including two rock-wielding Somalis), is now charged with violent rioting and assault against persons in authority. The case’s prosecutor claims the rapist “acted as an inciter” who encouraged other Antifa members to commit violence while attacking the police himself.

This all happened on September 30, 2017, when several hundred members of the Nordic Resistance Movement held a legal, peaceful demonstration in Gothenburg to protest Swedish immigration policy. They were challenged by the dysfunctional hordes of Swedish Antifa along with their pet migrants. The rally ended in a chaotic police intervention, with leftists scrambling about, attacking anyone who might be seen as a “Nazi” — i.e., anyone with normal clothing who has taken a bath and gone to the gym in the past week.

When interrogated about his reason for attacking police, the rapist stated: “I wanted to show my disgust for the Nazi demonstration. I did not intend to take any aggression against the police.”

When further pressed and presented with video footage that clearly shows him throwing several rocks at police and gesturing for other left-wing rioters to move forward, the man acknowledged his actions, but said the “Nazis” caused too much aggression in him, and as a result he mistook members of law enforcement for the Nordic Resistance Movement.

“I understand they (“Nazis”) are entitled to exist, but I don’t think they should be demonstrating. I was exposed to racists and Nazis during my upbringing. That’s why I hate them.”

For those interested, here is a video of the September 30th Gothenburg demonstration:

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


    • You boys make it easy when you publish an article defending Roy Moore right next to an article about an Antifa rapist. 😉

      • Roy Moore has not been convicted of a single crime you dumb shit. Your leftard buddy is a CONVICTED serial rapist. Ask your mom to let you stay up 10 more minutes and try again.

      • That’s really easy to explain. Alt-right supports healthy masculinity so it’s easy to defend healthy masculine actions (which is really all there is to Moore). We didn’t attack Al Franken for grabbing those milkers, we attacked him for his double standards.

  • So you delete a comment for pointing out your hypocrisy in defending child rapist Moore. Facts trigger this sites moderators.

  • I have always guessed the men that join the leftist groups are only in it to get close to women! And these criminals get to get to the women while fighting for their “right” to destroy a country.

    • There are way more right wing perverts than left wing ones: Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, Milo, Yiannopoulos, Laura, Mike Cernovich, Roosh V, and child rapist Roy Moore.

    • BS. Most leftist men respect and love leftist women. Unlike Alt-Right men, who regularly threaten to rape feminists. Or even worse, when they insult a woman by saying “I wouldn’t even rape you” as if she should want him to. This probably explains why so many women at the Million Women’s March were married and had kids (with their own pink hats) while there are few or zero women at Alt-Right.

      • You’re making stuff up! I have never heard an AltRight man say those things! I come to everyday as well as AltRight YouTube channels & never read or heard that! Every single leftist I know that is a man has a criminal past! Yes, it is to get into liberal girls panties! Unless they’re gay.

        • Clearly you have never been to 4CHAN or Daily Stormer. This site is tame compared to them.

          And for your nonsensical claim about leftist men being criminals, you must not know many leftists. I am a leftist man and I have no criminal past, unless you count overdue library books. And no, I am not leftist just to “get into girls panties.” I am attracted to leftist women but I respect their wishes and would never assault one.

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