Spencer vs Southern: The Golden One’s Take on America and Identity

Marcus Follin
the authorMarcus Follin
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  • Regardless of the opinion of anyone at any time, I find it amusing that many of you, who claim to be adults, debate like 12-year-olds. Name calling, shaming, marginalizing, etc. Grow up if you are going to enter any forum for debate, you’re just making “your leader” look like he leads a slew of ignorant people. Additionally, make sure you know what the hell you are talking about and do your research before you hit the keyboard.

    • No kidding. When their best argument with a woman is to call her a purple haired cat lady and that she should go make a sammich, they have lost already.


    Globalists cry for Mixed Blood again.

    How did mixed-blood come about in the Ottoman Empire? Much imperialism and rape.

    How did mixed-blood come about in Latin America? Much imperialism and rape.

    How did mixed-blood come about in Central Asia? Much imperialism and rape.

    How does China intended to fix its Tibetan problem? Blood mixing.

    How did some blacks become mulattoes in the past? White Master power over blacks.
    How come white women are having mulatto babies? Black men as master race over cucked out white men.

    What did the US do in Vietnam during the war. Turned countless women into whores and race-mixed with them and left their kids behind.

    Sordid history of race-mixing.

    PS. New York Times will be more consistent if it insisted on Israel allowing Right of Return and massive blood-mixing between Jews and Arabs.

    PSS. Even though Jewish-European blood is mixed, Jewish community made a great effort to minimize the mixing over the yrs prior to modern era. That is how the identity survived.
    As long as a people are not imperialist and don’t seek domination over OTHERS, what does it matter if they prefer their own blood in their own land? Sounds DEFENSIVE to me. Also, if Poles insist on Polish blood, then there is less chance that Polish women will become commoditized whores to be bought and sold by globalists.

  • It’s impossible to have a high degree of homogeneity under a democratic system. One man one vote gives unearned power to minorities, women, and leftists who use it to undermine the nation. Countries like Japan and South Korea don’t suffer diversity because in practice, they’re actually not very democratic.

    • South Korea is pretty liberal. Their current leader is to the left of Obama. Good thing you agree we need to be left of Obama!

    • 1 man 1 vote doesn’t give power to minorities, by definition it gives power to majorities. There is nothing inherent to democracy that precludes homogeneity.

    • That is good. The sensation you are feeling is his masculinity convicting your spirit of your own faggotry and calling you into the light of greatness.

  • As the Golden One said, “America was created as a White nation.”

    If you deny that and don’t fight the rejection of that, you are squared off against the Founding Fathers.

    • For those ignorant of history, allow me to give you a quick summary:

      Every single signatory of the DOI was a white male.
      The first immigration law in 1790 explicitly stated only whites of good character could immigrate.
      Until 1965 America had immigration policies to preserve the North Euro founding stock and a white majority. Jews with their shabbos goy cucks changed that in 1965.

      For most ignoramuses of today their concept of America started in the 1960s which was a Jewish countercultural revolution against whites and that’s where we are now.

  • I am a fan of most of those in the Alt Right as well as many in the Alt Lite. Both groups are voicing politically incorrect truths, and its members are sticking their necks out and sacrificing a ton to do so. There is a large intersect between the AR and the AL, and the two groups should join forces when working to further those causes that fall into that intersect.

    Spencer and the AR need to stop warring with the AL, and they need to stop worrying so much about what the AL is doing. All of this infighting between those on the right is not a good look, and it’s counterproductive to furthering the agenda. Lauren Southern is, for the most part, not only doing great work but also attracting scores of young, new followers to right (or even far-right) principles. Same goes for Brittany Pettibone, Tara McCarthy, Roaming Millenial, and dare I say even Milo himself (though I’m personally not a fan of his). Those people I just mentioned are also probably a gateway for many into the AR.

    The AR gave up on the ingenious meme ‘It’s OK to be White’ simply because it was stolen by the AL. It also refused to acknowledge Poland’s rally as the smashing success it was because many in the AL were applauding the 60,000+ show of force. Don’t let the AL define what the AR will and won’t do.

    • The Alt-Lite (Merchant-Right) will achieve nothing permanent. You could argue that they help red-pill people. The reality seems more that they are a road block to being red-pilled. A (((controlled opposition))) that is willing to sell out their race so they can sell some more super male vitality. We do need to distance ourselves from the Merchant-Right. They lack integrity and this will be exposed by our enemies in the coming years. At that point, all those whom were road blocked from becoming red pilled will flood back to the left. They are only in it for the shekels. They don’t care about their people, only themselves.

    • While i agree with some of what your saying, the A.R. has good cause to criticize the A.L. for the constant disavowing, and attacking of the A.R. btw Tara McCarthy is deff a A.R. figurehead and has a great weekly show on her youtube channel. Also I didn’t think the A.R. gave up the “it’s okay to be white” meme, the A.R. with /pol/ are the one’s who came up with it and promoted it and who won’t acknowledge the Poland rally?

    • The problem with the AL, like conservatives, is that they’ve been compromised by Jews. Once that happens your fate is sealed and you are a slave to Jewish interests which since recorded history have always been contrary to white interests.

      AL, like conservatives, oppose anti-white politics which is what whites like us like about them, but then, like Judas goats, they say no no, whites can’t have a racial identity, you can’t advocate for your own interests, you still have to allow the Third World to colonize your countries out of Christian charity and muh freedom. This deceptive appeal effectively is just a slower version of leftism. The end result is still white genocide.

      The only way forward is for whites to explicitly advocate for their race. Otherwise, welcome to North Brazil.

      • It always amazes me how people that love our ideas are so blind to the jews. It’s not that they are not awake. It’s that they are all in denial!

    • Up your autism meds. A-R counter-signalling “its OK to be white” or the Polish rally are either joking or doing so for a reason other than the A-L. If the AL didn’t attack the A-R every chance they get to prove how not racist they are, we would ignore them. Speaking of which, race is _THE_ issue facing the West, the ALs insistence on ignoring it means there is not a large intersect between AL and AR. Being anti-PC/ anti-SJW is only edgy in regards to the 1/3 or so of the population that is far Left. They cannot be saved, only triggered. Most normies are also anti-PC/anti-SJW. Continuing to attack PC/SJW does little good except to keep subscription numbers up.

      • Zorost aka Hector the Projector: you’re clearly the autist as you’re not able to distinguish between when people are joking and when they’re serious. That must suck.

        I am citing the reasons these gents gave themselves…and they were obviously NOT kidding around. They gave up on ‘it’s ok to be white’ solely because it was stolen and commercialized by the AL. Their feelings about the Polish rally were more complex, but the fact that the AL was ecstatic about it was specifically cited by Spencer as one of the major reasons we should *not* be inspired by said rally.

        Feel free to have the last word…

  • Whatever happened to the Hare Krishnas?

    Could it have been like Scientology? Mormons? Or more fantastically, suppose Hares became as powerful as Jews or Worldwide Hindury.

    Maybe its aesthetics doomed it. ‘Optics’ matter.

    I mean how many people want to look like this?

    • What I find interesting is that two years ago all they ( Alt Right) could do was complain about the “bad optics” of the 1488ers and WN 1.0………now after Charlottesville are all saying ” who cares about optics”…..Richard thought having a butt fucking queer Jack Donavan and the kebab Roosch at his conferences was great and acceptable. He argued with me that they were a ” gateway” to the Alt Right. Now he says people like Cernovich, Milo, and JPW are a problem…..Richard is a walking contradiction. Not to mention his views on women staying out of politics while his wife is a Russian mouthpiece………hypocrite.

  • The only Public Women who have any Respect within the Alt-Right…….

    1. Wife with a Purpose

    2. Alt-Right’s own Melissa

    3. Red-Ice Lana Lokteff

    4. Tara McCarthy


    They have White Husbands, White Children, and/or White Fiancee’s………

    Single 21 Yr. Old Hedgehog Mommy’s fighting for Vacation Identitarianism…….




  • Could someone please tell Richard Spencer to stop obsessing about the Blue Twitter Verification Check??

    Who gives a Flying Fk??

    Yeah, Mike Cernovich still has his Blue Check Mark……..

    Go Figure……

    Sometimes, I check out Cernovich on Twitter…….

    A lot of Nothing and occasionally Something……..

    But, he and Ann Coulter are the only Blue Checkers I ever visit…….

    And Ann Coulter??

    The Same…….

    Mostly Boring…….

    One of the Best Alt-Right Twitter Pages is…….

    Mr. Frexit……..

    Non-Blue Check Mark Verified……..

    Almost Always Great Info……..

    You don’t need a Blue Verified Check Mark to have a Great Twitter Page…….

    It’s the LAST THING I look for………

    Give me NEW Information……….A NEW Angle………A NEW Perspective…………

    A New MEME……..

    New DATA…….

    Much more Powerful than a Dumb………..Blue Check Mark……..

    • Every Person in the Alt-Right on Twitter should be Blue Check Mark DE-VERIFIED……..

      Why would you want to be Blue Check Mark Verified by Jack Dorsey and the rest of the SJW Cultural Marxist Twitter Management??

      The Alt-Right should take Pride in not being Verified by these Anti-White Cultural-Marxists…….

      Fk them……..

      Anyone who claims they’re Alt-Right with a Twitter Blue Check Mark Verification is SUSPECT…….

      In my Opinion…….

  • Richard has a great point in Alt-Right politics. People like Lauren are just riding on the curtails of the Alt-Right just in the same way Milo is and is profiting off of a movement they don’t agree with. I can empathize with his frustration albeit I think Lauren is more sincere and closer to our spectrum than most people in the Alt-Light.

    • Yes I agree, Lauren saying that white identity or identitarianism shouldn’t be for or isn’t acceptable for white americans kinda pissed me off. That being said she is definitely sympathetic to the alt-right and I’ve never considered het to be alt-lite,she has said herself on many occasions that she see’s herself as being in between the A.R and A.lite.

      • The thirst is real.

        Keep supporting her so she can travel around the world and get belly button piercings.

        In one year she’ll be pursuing a more mainstream journalism career.

        There are no female leaders.
        There are supporters – and some of them are great. Lauren isn’t one. And if you think so, you need to get laid.

          • I suppose you’re a low rent troll for hire huh? Soros? Or are you some poor military dude doing multiple aliases in a sweatshop cubicle? Make money at home! Get pizza delivery making snide comments on the internet. Be a traitor and a collaborator of a failed state and put it on the internet that is FOREVER. What could happen to “collaborators”?

    • Why is he ok with Jack Donavan and Roosch? What was the deal with Tia Tequila? He’s a hypocrite because more people have come to the Alt Right through Milo and Cernovich than through those people.

  • Lauren Southern is reportedly only 22 and a single woman from Canada. The brains of whites don’t finish developing until around age 25. For that reason, I don’t take what she says that seriously. She’s confused and she needs a strong, smart Alt Right man to guide her.

    I agree with Golden here. We’re all under the same attack from the same enemies. It behooves all people of European descent to defend each other. If one country goes down it’s worse for the rest.

    If Lauren Southern had argued that IT’S WORSE if we lose a European country and that Europe should be defended more than New World countries because they are our homelands I might agree with that. To say that America and other New World countries have no right to exist as a white majority when they were founded that way is nonsense.

    Israelis openly state along with Netanyahu that Israel must be kept at least 70% Jewish. Keep in mind that Palestinians are Semites like Jews. So they’re not really racial aliens, just political and religious adversaries. Israel is 99% Semitic.

    • I completely disagree with you here. How can you honestly say that you can’t take what she says seriously because she’s of a certain age. She’s over 18, traveled trough the world and is more than capable to have a stand on an argument without other people having to minimize her viewpoint.
      “She’s confused and she needs a strong, smart Alt Right man to guide her.” Do you even read what you’re typing here? What. the hell. We all can be independent thinkers, we all are capable of having a valid viewpoint if we have enough information to back it up. You are right when you say no nation should be replaced or forcefully changed, but your first paragraph takes the whole discussion into a completely different zone.

      • The Alt-Right is misogynistic against even its own women, so Jack Burton’s comment is not a surprise. They believe women should submit to men and keep out of the public sphere, while only men should be leaders and dominate. It’s one of the big reasons why most women hate the Alt-Right.

          • No contradiction there. You can be both weak and cowardly and still violent. Professor bike-lock was a typical example.

          • Soyboys are often violent, because they get humiliated and angry at their lack of maturity and masculinity. They either lash out foolishly and get their asses kicked, or they cowardly gang up with their fellow soyboys against a lone man – or woman. “Male feminists” are notorious for their violence – and creepiness – against women.

            Like little boys they lash out when frustrated.

      • Apparently you have a severe comprehension problem because I already answered the question you asked as to why.

        People change, that’s why, you retard. She may not be the same person in 5 years, 10 years. You do realize that a lot of our leaders now were very different 10+ years ago. Spencer used to be a liberal and dated Asian women. Peinovich, Anglin, Cantwell also used to be liberals dating nonwhite women and even advocating against white people not too long ago.

        You don’t understand the stupid shit coming out of your mouth, that’s the problem. You’re too stupid to even understand how stupid you are. The best thing you can do is never post another comment again because you don’t have the necessary cognitive ability to make a valuable and accurate post nor understand valid points from others when they are made.

        Statistics show that there is a significant disparity in voting and political viewpoint between single and married white women. The best thing a white woman can do is get involved with an Alt Right man so she has proper guidance instead of listening to the anti-white Jewish state.

      • From a 37 y/o woman here I can vouch for Jack on what he is saying. No matter what her accomplishments may be, she is still a scared little girl. She has no children. Women do not know true maturity until they have children & a husband. Therefore, unable to take in consideration what is truly important.

      • I’m a woman in my twenties who cannot stand Lauren Southern’s banal, narcissistic, platitude-reciting and 100% kosher YouTube whoredom. I tried to watch some vapid video she filmed of herself and Brittany Pettibone criticizing Islam and SJWs. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Who actually gives her money for this nonsense?

        It’s all quite pathetic, and really speaks to our degenerate (((culture))) of narcissistic banalities.

        Seriously, Lauren Southern is a Patreon shekel whore who offers zero intellectual (or even thought-provoking) content. She needs to turn off the webcam and pick up a book.

  • Usually when Spencer takes on Jack Posobiec or Milo or one of the Laura’s, I find myself somewhat supporting him. Not because his message is right, but because he’s honest. An honest enemy is much preferable to a lying rat.

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