Is Moore Guilty? It’s Almost Irrelevant

In light of the evidence, one must concede that it is at least possible that Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is guilty of cavorting with underage girls.  But you know what?  This is not the time for self-righteous moral posturing.  We’re in a dire struggle here, so let’s not take our cues from the treacherous mainstream media.

Yet more and more accusations are being thrown at Moore:

On Monday, the controversy surrounding Moore deepened as a new accuser came forward alongside attorney Gloria Allred — who has represented dozens of women who have brought charges of sexual harassment or assault against famed men, including Trump. Beverly Young Nelson said Moore sexually assaulted her one night after work when she was 16 years old.


Moore had offered to give her a ride home after her shift at a local diner upon noticing that her boyfriend was running late to pick her up, according to Nelson’s account.


But instead of driving her home, Nelson said he parked the car at the back of the restaurant, where “there were no lights,” and began groping her.

So what to make of these allegations?

It’s tempting to support Moore merely on the basis that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and the other shills are against him.  It’s also tempting to support Moore because this scandal seems like an obvious set up by dubious leftist entities.  Certainly this is a dirty trick on some level to snatch deep red Alabama from under our noses. But due diligence requires us to address the moral implications of the matter at least a little bit.

Firstly, there’s the issue of these retroactive remembrances of sexual harassment.  We give women pretty wide latitude when they’re allowed to lodge their complaints literally decades after the fact.

This begs the question: Do women have objective standards of morality, or do they simply take their cues from TV and social media?  Do I need to even answer that question?  If women were more independent-minded, they wouldn’t need to wait for a hashtag to proliferate in order to bring their stories to the public.

Secondly, whatever Moore was up to in his thirties has no bearing on how he’ll vote in the Senate.  We need to fight Cultural Marxism on all fronts with the same ruthlessness that the left fights us.

Unfortunately, Moore, a former state Supreme Court Judge in Alabama, appears to fit the archetype for the holy-roller who covertly leads a degenerate lifestyle.  This is the most cherished cliché in the leftist repertoire: Anyone who purports to have standards and values can only be a loathsome hypocrite.  Certainly we see that cliché depicted in Hollywood films.

Anyone with old-fashioned morals such as those which Moore at least purports to have is a threat to the amoral chaos which the left finds agreeable. This is why the neocons are relishing Moore’s scandals so thoroughly.

The women accusing Moore at least seem sincere and have credible stories with damning details.  One was a fourteen-year-old girl and Moore was 32 when the sexual encounter allegedly took place.

But let’s not be naïve: Some people are really good liars.

If this were really about morality, bring the charges against Moore during the primary; then we’ll be open to your moral outrage.  But as it stands, the timing of these charges are cynical in the extreme.  We have to be equally cynical, therefore, in supporting Moore.

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  • what kind of 14 year old girl even agrees to go on a date with a 32 year old man let alone go to his house afterward? what did they think he wanted to do, help them study for an algebra test? he wasn’t “courting” them or looking for a wife because none of them were wife material and he is a slut.

  • Ancient Law in Rome as well as the Brehon Laws of Ireland and Slavic laws gave 12 as the age of marriage and/or first menstruation. Or maybe it was 14 in Ireland, I can’t remember. In the world of ideas, that is a good age to acquire a loyal wife. Moore was not out raping and pillaging. He was, I believe, looking for a wife and did nothing, in the long stretch of the history of our people wrong.

      • Did not say I wanted to do it. I said “in the world of ideas”. Like in a different place and time. Roy Moore was not in Puritan New England but North Alabama. Put it all in its cultural context.

        And most who cast the first stone like you are the pervs you feign disgust at.

  • Well, if Moore does molest children, he would fit right in. The book, “When Johnny Didn’t Come Home” describes a newspaper boy who went missing while delivering newspapers. Several years later, he arrived at his mother’s door and said he’d been taken to be a boytoy for the members of Congress. He just wanted her to know what happened to him. If this stuff is going on everywhere, then why shouldn’t Moore be in office? Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, who cares?

  • I don’t care whether someone was touched up a month ago, let alone 38 years ago… if you don’t file the allegation within days, you really have to drop the subject. And after all, groping, while unpalatable, is not rape, and he was probably just trying his luck…

  • Totally agree. Don’t give a shit what he did 38 years ago. If these bitches couldn’t step up in the last 38 years then it wasn’t worth reporting then, so isn’t worth me caring now. That being said, I don’t believe these allegations for a minute. We need to win, that’s all that matters, winning and losing. The left has demonstrated that winning at all costs is all that matters. We need to do the same.

  • “Anyone who purports to have standards and values can only be a loathsome hypocrite”

    That’s actually true though. Look at all the male feminists who turned out to be rapists.

  • Leftists quickly bare their fangs and eagerly express their schadenfreude every time an Alt Right person is assaulted, banned or even killed. So pardon me if I don’t immediately have a knee-jerk reaction to leftists using someone’s inappropriate behavior from 40 year ago to destroy their career so leftists can profit. They tried it against Trump and it didn’t work and it doesn’t appear to be working sufficiently on Roy Moore either.

  • Hearing these women JUST NOW accusing these men of rape or sexual assault takes me back to middle school. There were always “those girls” that were always being raped or touched by the principal or a male teacher. “He trapped me in the bathroom, locker room, office, classroom and raped me”. I call BS on most of these allegations. Why now? Decades later….get real! Its all for money, fame, or victimhood. Women just keep making the rest of us look bad!

  • As Mediaite’s conservative John Ziegler points out, it’s a win-win situation for liberals. We as liberals may even be better off if Moore wins:

    “I often refer to the current state of our culture as an “upside-down” world, where nearly everything is the opposite of what it should be. Part of this assessment is based on how increasingly often the perception of person or group’s self-interest is not only wrong, it is literally 180 degrees off the mark.

    I can think of no better political example of this phenomenon than the current situation involving Alabama Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore. In my view, Democrats would be foolish, from a purely political standpoint, to do anything to help Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, to actually beat him.

    I wrote immediately after Moore’s current scandal broke that, unless something major happened going forward (it has), he was unfortunately still a pretty strong favorite to win. While I am no longer quite as confident in that prediction, the polls still indicate that this bizarre result is still a very plausible outcome.

    Contrary to conventional wisdom, Democrats should be cheering for that result. In fact, they should be sabotaging the Jones campaign in every way possible (I mean if it is even conceivable to do that to a candidate running in Alabama who already has a “D” next to his name and is extremely pro-abortion).

    Yes, if Jones won the seat it would be an impressive momentum booster for them going into 2018, and it would also cut the Republican margin in the Senate down to just one vote, which would likely make passing real tax reform nearly impossible. Those are nice little theoretical victories for Democrats, but absolutely a pittance in comparison to the windfall which would fall in their lap if Moore was somehow able to weather this current storm and win the run-off election in December.

    First, a Moore victory would shock the sensibilities nation and, everywhere outside of the deep South, be seen as the ultimate proof that the Republican base is made of mostly hypocritical Christian fanatics and racist nut jobs. The GOP brand, already badly tarnished by Trump, would take on the stench of Harvey Weinstein.

    Second, Republican leaders in the Senate have already made it clear that– should Moore win–his ability to be seated will be contested and possibly blocked. This would inflame and exacerbate an already simmering GOP civil war. The southern base would feel betrayed, Steve Bannon’s battle against the GOP “establishment” would be justified and heightened, and even traditional conservatives like me would be offended by the incredibly dangerous precedent which would be set by such a dramatic act.

    Heck, already today Matt Drudge went after natural ally Bannon very personally over his support of Moore. Though, in my opinion, this was motivated at least in part by animus Drudge has over Bannon taking credit for making “Breitbart,” when Drudge knows it was his former employee, Andrew Breitbart, who, with Matt’s helping hand, created that web empire.

    Thirdly, if Moore was to be elected and seated, it would be the gift which kept on giving, on probably a daily basis for Democrats. Moore is now a “celebrity” and the media would treat him as if he was even more important than Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Moore, as has happened multiple times in just the last 24 hours, would create chaos and insanity the likes of which would even make President Trump blush.

    The Republican agenda, whatever the heck that is now, would be totally lost, especially in an election year. The GOP would go into the midterms with no major accomplishments to promote and with Trump and Moore as the face of their party.

    As the captain of the Titanic may have said to those trying to fix his ill-fated ship after it hit the iceberg, “Good luck with that!”

    While a lot can happen in the next eleven months before the midterms, even in this crazy environment it would be REALLY difficult to see how the results would be anything less than catastrophic for the GOP if Moore were to actually make it to the Senate, The repercussions of him winning, but being prevented from being seated, perhaps even worse. There would simply be no logical scenario which wouldn’t turn out exceedingly well for the Democrats.

    And yet I’m still getting fundraising emails from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asking for money on behalf of Doug Jones. If they are smart (yeah, I know), they would take whatever funds they receive and put all of it into finding Roy Moore a better lawyer.”

    • By that logic liberals should be actively suppressing any anti-white sentiment in their ranks since it just helps the alt-right.

      • Anti-white sentiment is just as disgusting as anti-black or anti-biracial sentiment, and it should absolutely be crushed. “Get Out” is one of the worst movies of the year, as it basically tells blacks to fear and hate whites. Didn’t expect that reply, did you? 😉

    • I’m pretty sure the age of consent is as high as 18 in the US is because of the presence of predatory Nogs. In civilized countries it’s around 14-16. When Nogs are around the age of consent bumps up to 18. Your drinking rules are high in the US for the same reason. Feral Nogs.

  • Yankee Puritanism had not yet totally conquered the South back then. Jerry Lee Lewis married his teenage cousin and never thought it was wrong. It was the ways of his people. So, by that standard; what Moore did was not yet something completely off the charts for Alabama at that time. To this day, there are teachers in the South who get caught sleeping with teenage students and as long as the parents of the girl agree to the relationship and they get married the man is let off the hook and continues as a teacher. It happened at my school.

    Go get em’ Roy!

      • What are cultural norms for one people are not for the other. Take the secular Puritan of today who loathes smokers as some kind of troglodyte. But then go to another culture where there is no moral angle on smoking. It would make you a fool to judge those by your own secular Puritan values.

    • I’m from the South and using an analogy of cousin marriage as a defense means either you’re a troll or you’re stupid.

      Cousin marriage was made illegal for a good reason. Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin married their first cousins, but that doesn’t make it right. Inbreeding lowers IQ and increases mental illness. All traditions are not necessarily worth keeping.

      Despite anti-white lies against the South and whites as a whole, consanguinity is highest in Africa and West Asia, particularly among Muslims. In some Muslim communities the majority of marriages are to cousins. In some African countries direct familial incest is legal.

      • Was just putting it in its context and yes Jerry Lee Lewis did marry his teenage cousin and thought it normal, as he was not the only one. Same for Edgar Allan Poe. I believe is cousin was 12 at the time. And yes, cousin marriage was more common than you may think. What about royal familes? Don’t be so defensive.

        Men seeking a young virgin for marriage was accepted and normal back then and still is for many, Many Southern parents will marry their daughters at a young age, that is below the age of consent, to an older man. So, what he did was not as “creepy” back then and in NE Alabama (Appalachia) as you may think.

        Joke: What do you call a thirteen year old virgin with an older brother in Alabama? Fleet of foot.

    • I actually hear more about female teachers having sexual relations with teenage boys. Some as young as 12! WHY? What can any boy do for a grown woman? It’s ridiculous

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