It’s Time To Start Getting Active In Alt-Right Activism

I have just returned from Poland, where I took part in the Independence Day March. I didn’t really care much about Polish Independence and Poland seems to be doing well enough on its own without me worrying about it.

No, first and foremost, I went there to meet the young Identitarians from all over Europe that were coming to the march. I also went there to spend time with the activist friends I already had met as a result of my other travels.

I can’t stress enough what a good time I had, lads.

Only, it saddens me that I can’t show you the pictures that we took together, tell you the names of the young men and women I met and their life stories. Perhaps you would see your self reflected in these people as I know I did.

I know that those 4 days will be like a reservoir of good memories that I will draw on for the rest of my life.

For 4 days I had practically no privacy. It was constant drinking, marching, wandering around the city and socializing. And I felt great the whole time, with no overwhelming desire to clam up, close the door and have some me time. I realized that I might not be as big an introvert as I used to think.

I realized that I had just been spending my entire life with the wrong people.

And there’s a very good chance you’ll feel the same way if you start coming to these events.

But it will take initiative on your part. You’ll have to reach out to people you don’t know, maybe go to a conference or a rally for the first time. You’ll have to be social, you’ll have to get vetted and you’ll have to prove that you’ve got something to contribute.

Gone are the days when we will just take any warm body.

But the core or the vanguard of the movement is still in its embryonic phase. There is more than enough room for talented, and ambitious activists in the ranks of the Alt-Right and other Identitarian movements in Europe.

It comes with serious risks, but also the possibility of serious camaraderie. You’ll see and experience things that other people simply never will. And I can tell you this much – you WILL be a part of history. You graduate from being a nobody NPC from a video game to being the Dovakin the minute you decide to start showing up to these events.

And then it becomes an entire lifestyle choice.

You put your plans to go to Thailand for a month in February on pause and spend the money to go to some cold, overcast European city where you’ll be standing under red flash flares, shoulder to shoulder with your fellow young European revolutionaries, bathed in soot and breathing deeply on the chemical smoke.

The new flags and symbols of all of our movements fluttering over your head tug at your heartstrings in a way that you may not have expected.

Could you have ever felt this way if you stayed home or on Twitter?

I doubt it.

And these activist events really separate the wheat from the chaff. The internet purity spiralers, “tough” guys and autistic spergs are nowhere to be seen. Instead, you have only the truly dedicated and brave willing to stick their necks out there.

Dedication and actual bravery are traits rarely found in spergs, and so they rarely come. Surprising, I know. Instead, you make friends with well-adjusted and committed young activists.

You see this with every event that you go to and it reaffirms your commitment to the cause. You remember that you are not alone, that you are not insane, and that we all have more than a fighting chance going forward.

Take it from me, lads – and you know I have an unfortunate tendency to tell the truth if you’ve been reading me for awhile – it’s time to get active.

It’s scary at first I know, but to be quite honest, it’s also exhilarating.

So c’mon already. Join a Book Club, a Pool Party, an Identitarian group or attend a conference.

When the time comes, I hope that you’ll be there with me, marching side by side.


PS: I’m going to start shilling for my Hatreon now.

Vincent Law
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  • Excellent post! I completely agree that it’s time to start getting active in Alt-Right activism. We’re under attack and another example would be how Twitter has recently removed it’s verification from several of prominent conservative figures within our movement. Censorship against conservatives is getting out of control and we must do something to offset this injustice before it’s too late.

  • Good stuff Vince! I stepped into the real world for the first time this year at the age of 38, when I attended the Traditional Britain Group’s conference in late August. I was struck by how normal and decent, yet brave and daring everyone there was. Really was a wide spectrum of ages, too. I was initially a bit apprehensive as Vincent says (will there be undercover Antifags? What if someone films me and I get doxxed? etc) but was fine after it got started.

    The best part was just speaking out load with other like-minded people; it feels so much better to articulate what you’re thinking aloud than on an internet forum. Also, it gives you a genuine feel of ‘I’m part of something’, rather than that constant nagging disappointment of being a Netflix cuck. Seriously everyone, get involved. You will feel so much better once you do.

  • Vincent, I have a question in regards to your participation in this march.

    Did you go as an american, or as a russian? In previous years, this march has walked to Russias embassy and attacked it with fireworks. Which leads to what I am wondering about:

    How do these young poles feel about Russia and russians? Were there russians present, or would they have gotten kicked out?

    • I went with the Identitarians. I told the Swedes I was Russian and the Dutch that I was American. In retrospect, I should have reversed that.

      Yeah the anti-Russian sentiment is there among the basic bitch Polish nationalists. But so is the anti-German, anti-Ukrainian sentiment. Lots of them tried to start a fight with me for no reason (they didn’t know who I was at all and were just drunk) and ignored the indians and chinese and blacks milling around them.

      But Black Block was White Nationalist and not about that petty stuff.

      So were all the young Identitarians I spent time with. But the Latvian and Estonian attendees were rather hostile, its true.

  • Good stuff, Vince, as always.

    You know what else it’s time for? People to start DONATING to activism. Plenty of money flows to other areas of the movement. But it’s time to get serious. You cannot put dozens, let alone hundreds of bodies into the street without money. There’s no Soros funding this stuff. It’s mostly kids paying their own way, with a little support from NPI, IE and a couple others.

    It’s time for real sacrifice. People who have normie jobs, shitty but stable careers, normal families… you need to start cutting. Stop donating to your dumb church. We’re at war. The only people who really matter are doing stuff IRL or giving serious money. Show up or put up.

  • One issue at a time.

    Alt Right should direct ALL WHITE FIREPOWER against one major controversy at a time.

    Now, it’s this:

    Alt Right should direct ALL patriots to send letters and messages to the Air Force academy and demand an apology from this lowlife general who defamed his own race just to score PC points.

    Or, Alt Right should organize a march on the Air Force academy to denounce this lowlife a**hole who sided with a black defamer of whites.

    Demand an apology and his removal from office.

    • These ‘hoaxes’ are acts of hate, libel, and defamation.

      ‘Hate Hoax’ is a misnomer. While the outrage is bogus, the hateful intent is undeniable. Perpetrators of these acts are motivated by hate. Worse, even the institutions are invested in pushing this Anti-White. This is Race Libel.

      After all, globalists and their cuck-dogs cannot continue with the neo-hegeomonic system UNLESS white elites and masses are browbeaten into acquiescence. And the trick is ‘white guilt’, i.e. since whites are burdened with ‘guilt’, they are undeserving of white identity and white interests and therefore must always serve the Bigger Interests of Globalism and Diversity.

      If whites gain a sense of autonomy and withdraw from globo neo-hegemonism, then it’s over for the Glob and their cuck dogs.


      Jews have ADL, now a thoroughly corrupt organization.

      Jews are no longer afraid of classic antisemitism. They are afraid that whites won’t serve Zionist-globalist supremacist imperialism anymore. The new ‘antisemitism’ is refusing to submit to globalist agenda. It’s about being uppity against the Hegemon.

      ADL exists to explicitly speak for Jews and their interests and concerns.

      White people need a similar kind of organization. And such an organization must organize all whites, from top to bottom, to denounce these acts of Anti-White Defamation.

  • Hear hear, Vincent. Contribute in some way. Each of us have different strengths, inclinations, situations, and are at different points on the path.
    Join a club, send shekels on or so activists can do more stuff, put up It’s Okay To Be White posters, talk to your friends and family, anything. And stay awesome.

  • Marches and meetings are cool and all but we need to be doing more than that, I.E. feeding and providing necessities for less than fortunate Aryans (like a food bank), helping young Aryan families make ends meet via charity, provide job training for the Aryan youth (like apprenticeships for trades), setting up networks of pro-Aryan businesses that can provide gainful employment for our brothers and sisters, etc. The above is the sort of activism I am most interested in getting involved in and I think you guys should start writing about these sorts of things.

    • All good stuff. Similar to Golden Dawn (and yes, Muslim Brotherhood) activities.
      In addition, an alt economy/supportive network will be huge.
      Buy books from Arktos, produce alt-right content in your business, etc.

    • The problem with your idea is that no one who offers you a red ? tells you what it doe. It hardens your heart and makes you into a beast. You can’t be a nazi unless you’ve given yourself up to hatred. Charity towards strangers (even white strangers) goes against your new, corrupted nature. Liberals know kindness. Social conservatives know kindness. Libertarians know kindness. Nazis don’t.

  • I’m a DC guy, but my brother is from the heartland, Oklahoma, and I took him to Cville. He was grumpy and somewhat critical at first, but after he got maced by the zombies when he was entering the park square, he started to change attitude. As we were doing our forced exit march through enemy lines with no defense, the zombies tried to mace him again. At that point you could see the fire in his eyes and he became a believer (red-pilled?). Now, attending Cville is one of his proudest events and best stories. The guys in the heartland really are interested in what’s really happening. And they relish the tales of what happened on St. Crispin’s Day:) But really, he got a taste of what it feels like to be a part of making history, and he loved it.

  • One thing I’ve noticed about the members of the alt-right is that there are few to no community outreach programs in various parts of the states.

    Sure, there’s rallies and meetups and such like that, but I haven’t seen much charity work. I mean, charity work could do a lot to get some of the bad stigma off you guys, and maybe even begin to show you in a good light.

    One thing I can think of you all doing, is if you are a business owner, maybe offer a job to the poor or (if you are a restaurant owner) hold yearly handouts to homeless white folks around America. By touching the lives of the disillusioned poor, you could grow the movement by showing that you have a heart to the “normies,” as well as helping them out of poverty at the same time.

    For families, be sure to promote good values within your children. Honesty, hard work, and discipline are all things that post-War generations seem to have failed to deliver to America’s youth. There are others, but these are the only ones I could think to name as of now.

    A word of advice for your rallies:
    The Civil Rights movement in 1960’s America was successful for one reason and one reason only. Martin Luther King Jr’s requirement for each protester to never fight back, to simply take each punch and deal with it, helped to show to the rest of America the bias in the South against blacks. If you implement his policy, yes it’s degrading, yes it’s terrible to deal with, but if you implement his policy, that will also open the eyes of moderates who would normally be against you to potentially support your movement and join you.


    Note: The above name is an alias and has no relation to anyone alive today

    • The problem with your idea is that no one who offers you red a ? really says what that ? does to you. It hardens your heart and makes you into a beast. You can’t be a nazi unless you’ve given yourself up to hatred. Charity towards strangers (even white strangers) goes against your new, corrupted nature. Liberals know kindness. Social conservatives know kindness. Libertarians know kindness. Nazis don’t.

    • Great comment. I absolutely agree with you. We must be both strategic and emotionally honest in our quest to gain political support. Hope sells, not despair. We should advocate for ethnic homelands for all peoples as a path to world peace and cultural preservation. A slight majority of whites at this time in history know they are being discriminated against. A show of non violence and a message of peace and hope from nationalists…and the resulting violence and hate from the left…would make the alt right unstoppaple.

  • yes, all you goyim engaged in the serious business of raising your white children, why don’t you spend less time with your family and instead participate in this ostentatious white activism? you’re not a real white person unless you risk your job that supports your white family.

    hand rubbing intensifies

    • There was a couple with a young child there with us. They had met at a previous rally, married and had a kid. It was inspiring to see them come out.

      But you took this post personally when you really should not have. I distinctly recall addressing it to the “lads”.

      If you have a problem with young men toughening up, making friends, sharing powerful experiences and standing up for their people, then you’re on the wrong site.

      Go back to taking care of your wife’s son.

      • Agreed, Vince. Enough of this gaslighting about “raising a family.” If you’re prioritizing raising a family at this point, you’re leaving your comrades in the field alone. You’re occupying yourself with selfish concerns–your personal line, familial happiness blah blah–and abandoning the young Aryan who cannot find a job, or start a family, or break free of depression; the young woman who is facing decades of childlessness and misery. We will only get out of this crisis together, and the decisive moment is here.

        Once we win, we can all go get married and live happily ever after.

        Or not. Happiness is for fags.

    • Having and Raising White Children is MORE Important…….

      That’s just my Opinion…….

      But, those who are Young and Unmarried should definitely be getting Active in the Movement……

      And maybe that’s where they’ll find their Life Partner and hopefully have MANY White Children…….


  • The problem is that there is little info about these events that get our attention and sufficient time to make arrangements to go.
    I know that Poland was well publicized but it usually there is not much of a heads-up.
    I have been saying for years that we need a website that lets us know when and where these events will be held. In the meantime, how do we find out when and where conferences and rallies will be held…a calendar of events, so to speak.
    It is crucial info.

    • I think it would be better to have one person to contact via social media rather than post that information on a website. Don’t want the wrong people showing up.

  • Having recently made a few friends in the scene I can’t vouch for Vince’s article enough. Get out there and join your mates. Even just posting “It’s Okay to be White” posters is something, and it will feel right. You’ll be part of something organic that is happening across the entire Occident.

    The only problem I’ve experienced with this is that dealing with normie friends afterwards becomes frustrating. The hypocrisy and shallow thinking of the general public will only begin to grate on you even more. I’m open to my normie friends about my beliefs, always have been, but only to a certain point to be perfectly honest (i.e., I don’t tell my decades long Jewish friends that the goyim know, which I admit is dishonest of me). The majority of people I know get more upset about their favourite sports team losing, or purchasing the wrong type of dip at the grocery mart, than they do about their culture and race being systematically destroyed.

    Around fellow identitarians you will actually be able to relax for once, because you wont have to burden yourself with hiding this profound and painful secret.

    • I talk to White Normies about it on occasion……

      They agree with some things…….

      They just don’t Fundamentally see and sense the Urgency of the Situation………

      Like many in the Alt-Right do……..

      • Ok well I was just the umpteenth person to say this above without reading the comments.
        It is a necessary piece of info.

      • Get in touch with me.
        I’d love to do this and that looks fine.
        Do you have a twitter account?
        if so, follow me and vice versa and we can DM
        #ArrestGeorgeSoros @Scarlett1214

      • Join an existing group. If we publicise everything we will have charlottesville after charlottesville and no room to breath.

        • True. But with lots of smaller organizations, and no centralized notification, it is more difficult to get a decent crowd. It is also difficult to support the events of other groups.

    • Alt-right is so heinous you’d have members of every other part of the political spectrum trolling the crap out of the events. That’s why everything has to be supersecret and flashmobby. Literally nobody wants your garbage out in public where it might infect somebody’s children. Your ideas are shameful and you should be ashamed to speak them in public. And so it is that the alt right cannot publicly announce their activities.

      • I’m not ashamed to publicize and attend events. It’s merely a strategic concern because neurotic, psychologically disturbed leftists might get violent. The problem is you, not me.

      • Infect somebody’s children? They been infected by anti-white propaganda their entire lives. We are the cure.
        Now go troll somewhere else.

      • Ppl like you have no real ability to be reasonable.

        The kids you talk about are living in a world where even saying that it’s ok to be white means you’re among the most rejected of our society. A criminal act. While at the same time we teach them how important it is to show esteem for being black, female, Asian, Hispanic, gay, etc, & now, we’re even trying to convince them that there’s no such thing as male/female – after lecturing them on all the new rules – the new differences that are acceptable for male & female. Then we tell them that there is no difference between male/female…. Who’s infecting who?? This society you speak of is torturing these kids w/confusion. Yet with all of this, with all that we tell them about being nice & not bullying & how every group under the sun is to be respected – we then say, everyone except whitey. White is bad. That somehow, after making the point that we mustn’t judge ppl for the color of their skin, that one group with this particular color of skin is NOT allowed to be celebrated. You teach that even as we become less & less the majority, white ppl have some magical power that makes us more powerful, and that’s why aren’t allowed to be “ok” – we have to be kept a watch on….. you are preparing these children for exactly what you condemn: the idea that we are greater.

        You can act like what we say is so dangerous & taboo, but when it comes down to it, you have to try and ostracize us because you don’t have the words or ideas to tell us why we’re wrong. Truth is, you fear how right we are. This is the unraveling of any type of stereotypical American country that you think you’re preserving for these kids, by trying to keep us from it: because this ‘free’ and open republic was built in the belief that reasonable exchange & debate would test the superiority of ideas; at least that was supposed to be the point of it. It was the belief that through open reasoned debate, good sense would endure.

        When you inevitably have to go full-fascist in order to silence us and keep us out because the truth was too obvious, and difficult to contain – then it will be an utter collapse, and only force will be the rule. When this happens, regardless of all your pontificating here… the sides will be chosen for you. There will be no militant, anti-racist, one-love tribe that accepts white ppl. Depending on what you are by blood will determine where you end up on those sides. If you’re not Euro-descent, well, screw you. We tried, for so long we did, but you wouldn’t afford us the same rules you demanded us to follow. Screw you because will not defeat us…. and if you are in fact white – you are only prolonging the inevitable. You’re living in denial. Because what is rising will not accept you.

        We have a right to exist, with our ppl, just as everyone else does. We don’t ask for it. We insist on it.

  • Do you speak Polish, as well as Russian? If so, I’m impressed! Or is the general language of communication English.

  • That’s a very good account, very close to what I have felt myself when I started to get politically active in real life.

    But paradoxically as it may appear, this activism is in reality a total ego trip.

    You want to do it because it makes YOU feel good, because it lifts YOU up from the depressing everyday reality of deracinated, atomistic, multiculturalized city life. It is basically active holidays for the heart and soul and as such we should also advertise it.

    Activism is for the nationalist what ayurveda is for the cuckedmopolitan.

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