Race-Mixing at Buckingham Palace

It’s hard to tell if Prince Harry is serious about marrying Meghan Markle.

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

If he is, he could irrevocably damage a bloodline that was kept pure for generations by intermarriage.

Markle is the daughter of a black woman and a white man who live in the San Fernando Valley. She has allegedly been making time with the Prince since June of 2016. But if the relationship is as tight as the British media claims, Harry appears reluctant in making it more than a casual romance. So far, Markle has attended only one official engagement with him and has only recently met the Queen.

He says that no engagement announcement will be made until after his grandparents celebrate their platinum anniversary in November and his sister-in-law gives birth in April. He doesn’t want his news to overshadow theirs.

This may be true or it may be a cop-out. Would the man who is sixth in line to the British throne really make a life with a woman who is already tainted by divorce?

Markle’s first husband Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced after two years due to “irreconcilable differences”.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson must be spinning in their graves. In 1937, the British monarch abdicated the throne in order to marry the woman he loved. Simpson was a commoner who had been married twice and therefore was excluded from the royal court.

The seriousness of Harry’s relationship may be a fantasy conjured up by the global elites who advocate for the ethnic cleansing of whites. Since the royal family is a major symbol of British identity and also deeply involved with the United Nations, the talk may simply be globalist propaganda to make the Africanization of white people acceptable on a global scale. The royal family is crumbling to the pressures of the liberal death cult around them. After all, the 4-year-old Prince George was recently fetishized by overly-eager, sick pedo-homos, and then there’s this year’s batch of Christmas commercials in the UK which all have something suspiciously in common, and it isn’t the lack of actual Christian symbols:

But what if Prince Harry’s relationship is an arranged marriage for the twenty-first century? As an ambassador for World Vision, Markle has traveled to Rwanda for the clean water campaign. She has worked for U.N. Women as part of the HeforShe gender equality movement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be the perfect couple to promote the blurring of the races. “If the royal family can do it, so can we!” cry the emboldened, misguided hordes.

When Princess Diana gave birth to Harry on September 15, 1984, she was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her fair-skin, blue-eyes, and the fact that she was a virgin qualified her to be a royal wife.

It is almost unthinkable that her future grandchildren may be from a biracial divorced woman, but if her son does marry Meghan Markle, that will be a reality.

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