Race-Mixing at Buckingham Palace

It’s hard to tell if Prince Harry is serious about marrying Meghan Markle.

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

If he is, he could irrevocably damage a bloodline that was kept pure for generations by intermarriage.

Markle is the daughter of a black woman and a white man who live in the San Fernando Valley. She has allegedly been making time with the Prince since June of 2016. But if the relationship is as tight as the British media claims, Harry appears reluctant in making it more than a casual romance. So far, Markle has attended only one official engagement with him and has only recently met the Queen.

He says that no engagement announcement will be made until after his grandparents celebrate their platinum anniversary in November and his sister-in-law gives birth in April. He doesn’t want his news to overshadow theirs.

This may be true or it may be a cop-out. Would the man who is sixth in line to the British throne really make a life with a woman who is already tainted by divorce?

Markle’s first husband Trevor Engelson, whom she divorced after two years due to “irreconcilable differences”.

King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson must be spinning in their graves. In 1937, the British monarch abdicated the throne in order to marry the woman he loved. Simpson was a commoner who had been married twice and therefore was excluded from the royal court.

The seriousness of Harry’s relationship may be a fantasy conjured up by the global elites who advocate for the ethnic cleansing of whites. Since the royal family is a major symbol of British identity and also deeply involved with the United Nations, the talk may simply be globalist propaganda to make the Africanization of white people acceptable on a global scale. The royal family is crumbling to the pressures of the liberal death cult around them. After all, the 4-year-old Prince George was recently fetishized by overly-eager, sick pedo-homos, and then there’s this year’s batch of Christmas commercials in the UK which all have something suspiciously in common, and it isn’t the lack of actual Christian symbols:

But what if Prince Harry’s relationship is an arranged marriage for the twenty-first century? As an ambassador for World Vision, Markle has traveled to Rwanda for the clean water campaign. She has worked for U.N. Women as part of the HeforShe gender equality movement. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would be the perfect couple to promote the blurring of the races. “If the royal family can do it, so can we!” cry the emboldened, misguided hordes.

When Princess Diana gave birth to Harry on September 15, 1984, she was known as one of the most beautiful women in the world. Her fair-skin, blue-eyes, and the fact that she was a virgin qualified her to be a royal wife.

It is almost unthinkable that her future grandchildren may be from a biracial divorced woman, but if her son does marry Meghan Markle, that will be a reality.

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  • WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!?
    She’s fucking ugly to top it all off.
    My God, I could understand being an oil driller if the well were Halle Berry, but this woman is down right ugly.
    Harry could almost literally have ANY WOMAN IN THE WORLD, but he goes for this.
    I just don’t get it.

  • England is a class society without any class. There is no stop to the decay, so the decay can at least run in full gear. The british royals are an authistic breed of human garbage anyway.

  • Harry is a Jew and Markle looks pretty Jew-ey to me. Diana’s mother was a Rothschild. She had the right of return.

    Cromwell’s Revolution 1642 was financed through the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank owned by the Synagogue of Mullheim. Allodial title of all estates of three nations was put up on the loans to the Parliamentarians to mount their new model army on the Continent and ship it back to England to take on the national army of Charles I. The Jews arrived with the William of Orange to settle their debt over three nations – that was the War of the Succession. Since Culloden 1746 the Synagogue of Mullheim – its dynasts have owned their UK and set up the Bank of England to monetize the national debt to a race of tenants. The Crown owns Britain, Scotland and Ireland. This is not the monarchy – it is The Crown of the Judaic Supremacy headquartered on the sq mi of The City in London.
    Their ‘British’ Empire was in reality the Empire of the City and their interlocked investment banks financed the Bolshevik Revolution (Kuhn and Loeb), the Attaturk Revolution (Schiff), Wahabist Islam (Bank of England), the Nazis (Warburg) and they all financed World War I and World War II.

    The Crown Jews have been marrying into the British monarchy since the War of the Succession. Harry’s family are just middle-management for The Crown.

    • Diana and her mother were not Jews. I don’t think this sort of nonsense can fly. Diana actually intervened to stop her boys from being genitally mutilated…

    • Some historical inaccuracies there, but we won’t go down that road. The last true king of England was Richard III. There was definitely something fishy about Henry VII and Charles II.
      Diana admitted to being 1/16 ‘Armenian’, so it is possible she was perhaps 1/4 Jewish. The establishment had her murdered to stop her popping out a half gyppo kid, so why are they now pushing her son to marry a ‘person of color’? They must be very confident with their genocidal agenda.
      PS Cardinal Richelieu, a Sicilian, was likely a Jew, certainly his policies were anti-White. He was also the likely father of Louis XIV.

  • Corrections, she is more mixed-race than African American and secondly, her father was a Jew not a white and she is a practising Jew. do your research before writing.

  • Of course, he’s a product poster boy of globalist greed. The same blood line in fact that went into Germany and murdered their own kin.

  • Let me start off by saying that I agree with the spirit of the above article and that we must safeguard our racial genetics as much as possible. I am in favor of reinstituting a form of immigration law that America had in place following Madison Grant’s beliefs about the value of preserving the Great Race, the North Euro founding stock and other Euros can be in the minority.

    However, Richard Spencer has said multiple times that his definition of race is not purely based on race, which is nonsensical.

    He’s said he doesn’t believe in transracialism like Dolezal, but then explains how he in fact does believe in racial self-identification based on how you feel and more importantly how much you donate and how Spencer feels about you. Jorjani is an example.

    This is a genuine example of whiteness as a social construct, an abstraction, based on personal feelings and relativity. This is similar to how Latins see race, and we see how that turned out in Latin America. All they did was increase the population of the non-white Third World. In this interracial caste system light-skinned quadroons such as the woman discussed above is white in comparison to a predominantly sub-Saharan black woman. Mariah Carey has stated how this causes her anxiety because when she goes to Latin America she is white and when she comes back to the USA she is non-white Hispanic or black.

    According to his own words, Spencer sees Prince Harry being with and procreating with quadroon Meghan Markle as “no big deal” and she “can be absorbed.” There are over 10 million multiracial people in America as a reminder, which is larger than the majority of European nations.

    Spencer’s misuse of whiteness is NOT the North American standard of whiteness which traditionally followed a Germanic understanding of the value of racial purity and hypodescent. This doesn’t necessarily mean 100% Euro, but rather maintaining historical norms as modern European white populations are not 100% pure on average. There are pure individuals but no pure countries due to immigration and conquest. Spencer’s and Enoch’s standard of castizo and quadroon, being 75% white, is obviously far below historical norms.

    The woman discussed above is approximately quadroon. Her mother already had white admixture. In Latin America she would be called white and I’m sure there are quite a few buffoons even on here who would accept her as white if she said the right words.

    I post these words in the spirit of constructive critique and racial preservation.

  • If Harry Spencer has mulatto sprog, Richard can go over there and remind his cousins how they’ll never really be English.

  • Yes, this Windsor family is an incredible disappointment. Harry’s race-mixing is a powerful argument for a Republic.

  • more important stupid shit to worry about as opposed to who is actually conducting genocide on the white race. I call it moving deck chairs. You feel like you do so much but in the end, it makes little difference

  • Not to Change the Subject…….

    But, we should mention AAnglinDS and the Pathetic Hit Job that the Jewish ‘The Atlantic’ posted today……

    Do Jews really think that exposing that AAnglin is a Real Human Being with a Real Human Past will cause him to lose Followers??


    Who are they trying to Reach with this Pathetic Drivel??

    Yes, we in the Alt-Right tend not to be like the Mitt Romney’s of the White World who’ve never drank a Beer or Coffee in their entire Life…….

    This is just like what they tried to do with Mike Enoch………

    The only Pathology that was revealed was of Patrick O’Brien……..

    A Pathetic Irish Cuck who survives by doing the Jewish Tribes Dirty Work…….


    A Shame to the Irish People……..

    • Andrew Anglin’s buddy weev has been trying to destroy Richard Spencer’s image among white supremacists for months. Does that make you upset?

      • Why would White Nationalists care about the actions of White Supremacists? I will give you a free upvote if you have a proper answer.

      • Constructive Criticism from the Alt-Right is always useful…….

        The Criticism was due to a Sociopathic Pedophile previously working at Alt-Right.coms Chat Room……

        Weev isn’t Perfect himself…….


        • ‘Weev’ is a confirmed Jew and I’ve suspected you for quite some time and the fact that you are defending him, in spite of his own words condemning him as a member of the tribe, only makes me more suspicious.

  • Let’s all be Honest with Ourselves…….

    Megan is not African……..

    Harry is a Ginger…….

    Gingers are like a Minority themselves……..

    So, this Pairing isn’t too Surprising………

    Would the Alt-Right support Megan marrying Black…….Giving Birth…….and her European Genetics further LOST…..


    Marrying a White…….Giving Birth…….and her European Genetics somewhat RESTORED???

    This is the Real World we live in……..

    Real Questions……..

    • Nosy Nova doesn’t approve of her neighbor’s marriage. She probably thinks Jews have big noses, which is so ironic considering that we’d all be better off if she got her own abnormally large nose out of her neighbor’s business.

      • Moron……

        Why do you have your Big Nose in the Alt-Right’s Business???

        Blame your Parents…….

        Their Selfishness created you and your Misery…….

        Free Love and the Best Orgasm…….

        And Mudshark Children endlessly searching for their Roots……….

        Fortunately, the Alt-Right is pressing for a New Paradigm to take over the White Mind…….

    • and let’s not forget also that he wasn’t true blue blood. His father isn’t who we all thought he is? Charles wasn’t and isn’t a Ginger!

  • Great Britain is Over……..

    As a White Nation……..

    The British Goy Aristocrats have been CUCKED for Generations by the Jews who have controlled their Money System for Hundreds of Years……..

    Recent Revelations of Monarchial Resentment of the Jews by Prince Charles……

    My Distinct Memory of Prince Charles Physical DISCOMFORT at Israeli Remembrance Ceremonies for the Assassination of Rabin……

    Look at British Tabloid News……..

    I don’t really know this Nation……….

    But, my Feeling is they’re Disgusted with Themselves…………

    They Hate Themselves for what they’ve Become……..

    And they want to Lose Themselves in Debauchery, Homosexuality, Drug Abuse, and Race Mixing…….

    Megan is Attractive……..she’s Kinda White………the Sex is Great………the Fanfare is Great………

    We Represent the New Britain……..

    We’re Trendsetters and Pioneers…………


    • It amuses me that even after winning Brexit, you still insist you’re losing. I agree, but if I were I’d use Brexit as an example of winning in order to boost moral among the Alt-Right. But who am I kidding? Losing is in your nature.

      • If White People want to destroy what their White Ancestors built up over MILLENIA…….

        Because they Really Really Deeply Felt a Hot Beat in a Darkly Lit Gyrating and Pulsating Dance Club…….

        While Intoxicated and Semi-Humping their Dark Stranger on the Dance Floor……..


        Well, sometimes it’s Best to Lose Things to Become Stronger…….


      • In a sane world Brexit would be a real victory. But Brexit has only succeeded in revealing that our democracies are illusory.
        Brexit has led to no tangible results because the entire system is run by an oligarchy bent on dissolving national sovereignties.
        It’s clear you have no idea what you’re talking about and still have a lot of growing up to do.

  • The Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is in fact a descendent of Muhammad. I shit you not.

    • Not a proven fact… There is an ancestor of hers who was present in Islamic Spain who may have been the same as someone of the same name who was a descendant of Muhammad, but it is a disputed thing. There is also an ancestor of hers from the same era who may have been a descendant of the Jewish exilarchs. Islamic Spain was a confused culture hodgepodge of Christians, Jews and Muslims, with some hiding their identities or being forced to convert etc, so the Jewish and Muslim possible connections of the British monarchy are found in mediaeval Spain.

  • How many years since Europe has fought each other for their very lives? Europe has suffered mightily before, it will again. Maybe it’s time for the East to Ascend? Maybe Poland or Hungry will found the next Holy Roman Empire?

  • Cuck Island is just reaping its deserved karma after all the misery it has sown on every race, nation, and continent on this planet for the last five centuries. In less than a generation, there won’t be any native British left, and the world will be an infinitely better place for it.

    It’s like Putin once said of Britain — “Just a sad little island that no one listens to anymore.”

  • Meghan Markle is a Jew. This is the Jew openly infiltrating the British royal family and polluting it’s blood forever.

  • The disgusting obsession the Alt-Right has with who other people marry is even worse than the Fundamentalists obsession with banning oral sex. Grow the hell up!

    • How dare you remove those Weeds from your Flower and Vegetable Gardens!

      Your Neurotic Obsession with where Plants choose to Grow and Reproduce???

      You’re a Fking FASCIST!!


      • Your post is a perfect example of the moral depravity of the “Alt-Right.” Comparing interracial children to weeds? What’s next, shoving them in ovens? Oh…

        • How dare you Discriminate against Weeds!!

          It’s not their Fault that they Grow, Reproduce Faster, and take over Terrain faster than other Plants…….

          You’re a Fascist……..

          • Isn’t it time you start spying on your interracial neighbors with that binocular you got last year?

      • Goy, can you explain why you have a burning hatred to interracial children and think they don’t deserve to live?

        • Aah considering you are dodging the question I’ll just give you the answer, Adolf H.:
          “No more than Nature desires the mating of weaker with stronger individuals, even less does she desire the blending of a higher with a lower race, since, if she did, her whole work of higher breeding, over perhaps hundreds of thousands of years, might be ruined with one blow.
          Historical experience offers countless proofs of this. It shows with terrifying clarity that in every mingling of European blood with that of lower peoples the result was the end of the cultured people. North America, whose population consists in by far the largest part of Germanic elements who mixed but little with the lower colored peoples, shows a different humanity and culture from Central and South America, where the predominantly Latin immigrants often mixed with the aborigines on a large scale. By this one example, we can clearly and distinctly recognize the effect of racial mixture. The Germanic inhabitant of the American continent, who has remained racially pure and unmixed, rose to be master of the continent; he will remain the master as long as he does not fall a victim to defilement of the blood.“

  • she’s at most a quarter black — biracial mother + white father — the kids they’ll never have would be white passing. regardless, she is over the hill and they are both too much of party animals to want to have kids. will already made all the heirs and spares the family needs. harry and meg are a reproductive dead end. mazel tov to the happy couple.

  • It’s a political family, only makes sense they’d partake in globalization by mixing their blood with other races and thus remain relevant in the eyes of their subjects. William already married ‘a commoner’ thus throwing the whole annointed line thing out the window. This would be the logical next step. British and Commonwealth identitarians should recognize the need to abolish the monarchy, royal heads of state will inevitably connive with foreign peoples in an interconnected world. It’s easier to deal with the saudi royals than to care for their people.

    • His mother was a commoner as well. The media made a big deal out of it. I think the bigger issue is the propaganda being pushed, rather than the family.

  • On the one hand, we should be in favor of good breeding, but then, on the other hand, we don’t have to believe, as it seems the above writer does, in the mystique of Princess Diana.

  • Princess Diana was a race traitor. She loved a middle eastern man. She was obsessed with Muslims and blacks.

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