Alt-Right Politics: Roy Moore, Based Poles, And The Black Death

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This week’s panel:

  • Richard Spencer, Co-Editor of
  • Hannibal Bateman, struggling intellectual
  • Don Camillo, anti-Gaulist, adventurer
  • Greg Ritter, fair and balanced moderator

Issue 1: Roy Moore Scores

Accusations have crept up that Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore dated and possibly diddled teenage girls when he was a dashing young lawyer in the 1980s. Roy Moore has flatly denied some allegations, but equivocated on others. In Moore’s words, “If I did, I’m not going to dispute these things, but I don’t remember anything like that.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has now officially thrown Moore under the bus, claiming that he “believes the women” and wants Moore to step aside. This brings into question whether the Republicans would seat Moore even if won. A recent Emerson College poll reveals that Moore still holds a commanding 10-point lead over challenger Doug Jones in a poll taken after the allegations were first levied in the Washington Post.

Will Roy Moore back down, or will he double down?

Issue 2: Based Poles

Sunday, 60,000 people staged a hardcore nationalist rally in Warsaw. The rally marked the anniversary of Poland’s re-emergence as a nation after WWI. It was a fantastic show of clean, healthy patriotism.

Many on the right are well disposed to nations like Poland, who have a nationalistic culture, strong religiosity, relatively high birth-rates, and who adhere to normal gender roles. Other former Eastern Bloc countries exhibit these trends, for example, Hungary, the Baltics, the former Yugoslav states, and the Ukraine.

But “based Poland” isn’t what it seems. While its people may be grounded in patriotism, its government is just as subservient to the globalists as any other.

What should our perspective be on nationalistic feeling in the former eastern bloc?

Issue 3: Pestis Negra?

The plague has broken out in Madagascar. It has claimed upwards of 160 lives, and around 2000 have been infected. Ten nearby countries are on high-alert. This plague is reminiscent of 2014’s Ebola epidemic.

Madagascar is the world’s fourth-largest island. It is home to an eclectic array of plant and animal life, due to the fact that its landmass was most recently connected with what is now India, and not Africa. It was one of the last places on earth to be settled, probably sometime in the first few centuries AD. Moreover, it was not settled by Africans, but rather Polynesian migrants who sailed across the Indian Ocean.

Will the Black Death finally live up to its name?

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Alt-Right Politics Afterhours: Bannon Republic

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Steve Bannon is still trying to build a brand.

For much of 2016, the mainstream media and Alt-Right agreed: Steve Bannon was “our guy.” While liberals viewed Bannon as the grim reaper, we overlooked his glaring ideological faults and inconsistencies, viewing him as a fellow traveler, or at least someone who connected directly to the rural and suburban White base.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Bannon claimed that the alt-right is a “media fabrication,” lacking in “meaning and purpose.” He expressed that his “economic nationalist” agenda, which remains vaguely defined, will unite “all people, creeds, and sexual orientations.”

But Bannon isn’t opposed to all ethno-nationalisms, it seems. Tonight he was a speaker at the Zionist Organization Gala, whose abbreviation, is all too telling.

Will Bannon ever get out of our way?

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  • Aw, come on people! Let’s stop tiptoeing around these basic issues and go direct to the red-blue civil war that many of us so yearn for. I myself would be thrilled to risk my life for an even chance to splatter a certain number of liberal and/or neocon heads.
    Tito Perdue

  • The personal morality of Roy Moore is of course but a trivial issue compared to the politically correct monstrosities that should be absorbing the whole attention of the withering GOP. I wouldn’t care if Mr. Moore had devoted his days to raping kangaroos and congressing with transgendered liberals JUST SO LONG AS HE WILL HELP MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, by far the most transcendent existential imperative today required of what remains of our founding people.
    Kennedy kept his sweeties next door in the White House so’s he could entertain them two at a time while the adored Martin Luther King (Jr.), a neocon hero, canoodled with left-wing acolytes in spades, (no irony intended) so much did he adore white women. As to America’s moral teacher, the inspirational Bill Cosby, he liked his white women in the unconscious state. Is it not surpassingly strange that the scum who manage the mainline press are less worried about these procedures than that Mr. Moore is claimed to have removed a fourteen-year-old’s shirt?
    Tito Perdue

  • Muslims raping White women at war-levels. It’s more comfortable to talk and joke about Weinstein and the others, but don’t look away from the greater horror. Statistically, young White women are likely being raped by Muslims in the back of kebab shops today in London, while UK police are arresting British men for expressing anger about it.

  • @Spencer. If an Old Man touched my teenage daughter and I was there I’d knock his teeth (or dentures) down his throat. If she was old enough then I would hope she slap the shit out of him and let everyone in earshot know what a sick old bastard he is.

  • Poland and the Visegrads may well be as ZOGed as any other Western nation , but never to underestimate the morale and strength of a White population with a very high percentage of the same religious belief and the strong culture and families thus created.

    ZOG is going to find it all uphill controlling the combative and resourceful Poles. A lot of their shyte will simply not fly. ZOG will not be able to Satanize the culture. Many of the historical lies that go into making a delusional system for the goyim will be instantly refuted at all levels of education and academia. Their FakeNN will be universally satirized not just on the www, but in all areas of social influence.

    ZOG has its work cut out for it in Poland and in all the Visegrads.

  • You think there’s a lot of mass shootings now? wait till you see what happens if a huge chunk of young 20-something year olds are slowly getting more and more pissed about being virgins while older men take their female counterparts lol.. the sexual value/sex drive mismatch is huge enough between young men and women as it is

    • Truth! Besides, it’s more romantic to marry a young man with nothing and build a life together. That way, your husband treats you as a partner rather than a dependent. My husband knows I believed in him because I married him when he had nothing.

      • To add: being a poor young couple is not miserable. There is a certain romance in struggling together. A girl who goes from her Dad’s featherbed to her husband’s will remain essentially a child for life, and her husband will treat her as such.

      • My wife and I married when we were 18 and owned NOTHING. We have just celebrated our 60th anniversary, our 5 great-grandbabies, and the publication of my 20th novel. My more prudent friends are mostly divorced by now.

  • You forgot about Napoleon emancipating the Jews.

    Polish nationalism is just as retarded as Ukrainian nationalism. Peasant, retard, butthurt puppets.

    • Since the beginning of civilization big regional superpowers have always argued that small less significant nations don’t make any sense and should just submit to their neighbors. To which the answer has generally been “cool, go ahead and try”..

      • All for Poland having and other nations having their national state. It is one thing to have your nation and another to use it to fight a war for another power against your neighbor. Poland and the Baltics amazing NATO troops (many negro) on Russia’s border is asking to get their asses kicked and I hope they do. They deserve it for sucking ZOG’s cock. Same for Ukraine.

  • If an older man has a crush on a girl that is significantly younger than him, I don’t see anything inherently evil about that. It’s how he handles those emotions, what his intentions are, and how he pursues and treats her that really matters. There’s a huge difference in my opinion between a man who simply wants to fuck a girl and show her his dick, and a man who genuinely cares about a girl and realizes he has feelings that might be somewhat inappropriate due to an age difference. If he’s 30 and she’s like 15 then he can wait until she’s 18 to decide if she really wants to be with him. If he’s unwilling to do that then he probably doesn’t actually care about her.

  • Comment for the Paywall show:

    Great show all. Bannon is a baffoon.


    I agree with the Don with regards to imperialism. Also the idea that there is a hierarchy of loyalty (O.Mosley). I wouldn’t signal against you; I thought I was the only self-described alt-righter that believes in it.

  • I agree with Spencer and Ritter…

    I don’t have a daughter, but I imagine that it would be much more bothersome to have some 18 year old punk picking her up, when compared to an established 30 year old…

    There’s a reason Poland doesn’t want you there and it has everything to do with your associations.

    There’s a big elephant in the room here.

    It would be nice to hear you interview Dugin. Maybe he can (or can’t) clear the air about some of the perceptions the west has of him. It would probably generate massive hits – for better or worse (paywall).

    (There is an idea – perhaps false – that he wants to spread a mongrelized race of Asians and Europeans and unibrowed Iranians across the west. )

    But I read the transcript of an interview with Dugin, and I was pleasantly surprised to read that he is a great “fan” of the west and western philosophy. He said something to the effect of, “I am not just this Russian peasant that hates Europe”, which was amusing.

    My perception is that he is a Russian Evola, with an outlook that is pragmatic with regard to the situation in that county.

    Russia, the European part I think, should be gradually brought in to the fold of Europe. (Hey, maybe if Russia has an influence over Poland, the English will be happy to seen Polish plumbers head to Moscow rather than London!)

    So who is Dugin? Is he a Rasputin or a Russian Evola?

    Let’s dispel the falsitudes.

    • The problem with Spencer’s view is that the 30 year old has either been pumping and dumping White girls for over a decade, or using prostitutes. According to the Alt-Right, women with significant premarital sexual experience are unsuitable for marriage. Therefore, alt-Right men cannot in good conscience pursue premarital sex, because they are destroying a woman who might have otherwise been someone’s wife. Also, my understanding is that at certain periods in history, as many as 20% of White women have been relegated to prostitution. Not good. If young men want sex, they should marry.

      • Problem with that is that before you know it white men are speaking ebonics. I get what you mean but I didn’t hear much irony in his voice. Seemed like just a normal regular manner of speech. Let’s not descend into Idiocracy.

        • I agree with you in spirit. A lot of harm has come from our fascination with inferior cultures, but Negroes are just so damn expressive (as opposed to creative) and a lot of choice phrases have burbled up from their little hive mind.

        • How much irony has to be “expressed” when a notorious white advocate is saying “throw shade”. Humor must have to be really obvious for you. Maybe stick to slapstick.

          The irony of you saying let’s not descend into idocracy.

          You listened to all of that and then nitpicked a well spoken guy for using a colloquialism.

          There’s a humorless place where people sit around and call each other niggers all day it’s called Stormfront.

          • Just saying ebonics shouldn’t unironically become a part of our speech. Simple mind like you can even figure that out.

            Not criticising Spencer as a leader or intellectual.

          • To add to that, I hear Whites (regular people as I don’t exist in an echo chamber) using negro language and body language often. We need to police our culture and our ways and keep alien elements out.

  • Men and women are not at their peak fertility when they’re young teens. You don’t peak at the onset of puberty and then it’s all downhill. You guys should get your facts straight, and stop spreading nonsense and stop excusing molestation of minors. Peak fertility for women is around age 24. Both men and women start to decline in health and fertility after age 30.

  • Correction: Hungary and Poland does not have high birth rates. Eastern Europe has among the lowerst birth rates in the world. This is the real red pill on eastern european nationalism and ”traditionalnalism”.

  • Very entertaining to listen. Good laughs, intellectually challenging content. I have to say a chill went up my spine when someone said that liberal/socialist whites are the biggest threat to our survival. The African ebola situation was a great example. I remember at the time being sickened over the story of that fucking worthless Texas nurse, risking her life to save people who would kill her as soon as look at her, but refuses prudent precautions to protect her own community. The msm wouldn’t ever address the exasperation that a lot of Americans /whites feel concerning these elephants in the room. They want us to we think we are alone. But we are not.

    • The Texas nurse is a hero and will always be a hero. You on the other hand, are a bitter loser – a failure at life.

      • Who’s the bitter loser? You’re voluntarily spending your free time trolling comments on a website you claim represents a “fake movement”. Get a hobby, (((Joe))).

        • It’s not a threat to me personally, probably. I post here as a public service and for kicks. Richard Spencer should thank me for spiking the views on every article! 😉

  • I’ve got to countersignal RS a bit here. Poland’s rally was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. In my opinion it was one of the greatest vindications of what one might consider nativist / European Identitarian sentiment, and I think everyone sympathetic to the AR should be applauding its 60,000+ show of force. Of course it wasn’t ideal on every level, but damned if it wasn’t extremely encouraging and significantly badass.

  • Prediction: Roy Moore will win by four points. Obviously I hate the guy, but get real. The voters of Alabama will almost certainly elect him.

    Bannon is right that the Alt-Right is a mostly fabricated movement. Actually, Astroturfed is a better word to describe it. While in Poland a similar movement can attract 60,000 people, in America it’s usually around 30 young incels and a few older dudes waving Confederate flags. Half of this sites writers don’t even live in America. This sites co-founder Jason Jorjani (Remember him? Poor guy!) is an Iranian movement.

    • *Jason Jorjani is IN an Iranian movement, he’s not actually an Iranian movement by himself. Typos!

      By the way, how common is it for a major websites co-founder to quit before the site has even seen one year, and then completely leave the movement and denounce the commenters as a bunch of 4CHAN regressive scum?

    • I have to admit you are quite entertaining, for some reason it is quite amusing to see someone wasting away his life obsessively commenting all day long failing to troll people he doesn’t like.

    • You can’t deny the grass roots qualities of the alt right… Perhaps the label or brand is a bit contrived or memetic but the general trend of a reactionary backlash in the West is unavoidable… further, it’s ironic you complain about non Americans when you betray a burger-level understanding of the Polish rally – it was a mismash of various patriots, Catholics, and random people, with actual right wing groups being the minority, ie not a “similar movement”.

      Plus, you can’t really compare Poland to the AR in the West, the latter being a legitimate counter culture whose followers are subject to real world punishment for wrong-think, whereas in Eastern Europe politically incorrect views (and governments) are (for now) the norm, not the exception, as is the case in pretty much the entire planet outside of North America and W.Europe. So it’s like saying Egyptians are being edgy for being homophobic or antisemitic..

      • Depends on what kind of hate speech. A Polish businessman, Piotr Rybak was by a court of law in Wroclaw sentenced to 10 months in prison for “hate speech, Pol. mowa nienawisci) for having in public burnt a dummy of George Soros. The sentence was after mr Rybak’s appeal to a higher court reduced to three months in prison;, › Wydarzenia › Polska › Wrocław

  • Is Don Camillo an “anti-Gaulist” (against Gaul), or an anti-Gaullist (against Le Grande Charles)? He tries very hard to be unusual, so it could be both, but I’m guessing probably only the latter.

    • No disrespect intended, but I think you’re confusing Don Camillo with Hannibal Bateman. I’ve been a longtime listener of this show and DC has never at all struck me as trying hard to be anything but who he is (which is nothing short of an oracle, in my opinion). I could listen to him all day, and I’d be over the moon if the AR finally gave him his own podcast (or just release it on his own).

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