The Polish Nationalist March

The Warsaw march was absolutely massive.

The All-Polish Youth organization invited young nationalist groups from all over to come to Warsaw over the weekend. But they weren’t the only ones inviting nationalists over to Poland for the weekend. There were a lot of foreigners, especially Hungarians that came for the march.

It was something else. You march along and flash bangs explode all around you with deafening echoes. Some Polish guy is driving in an open bed truck hooked up to a massive sound system screaming tough-sounding Polish nationalist stuff about a block ahead of you. The flashbangs and the guttural Polish pump-up speech set the scene quite well.

It’s overcast, as it almost always is in Eastern Europe. But then you start hearing the snaps and crackles of the flares sparking to life. You’re bathed in a powerful red light that flickers out from time to time only to be replaced by two more.

The white soot from the flares falls over you from all directions like snowflakes and you brush it off your coat. Everywhere smells like chemicals.

And you just march the whole length of the city until its time to peel off, get food and start drinking with friends.

So who was in the march?

There were a lot of regular nationalistic Polish people there, but there was also a huge presence from the Neo-Nazi element and an assortment of 80s-style black-wearing hardcore nationalists. It was hard to keep track and understand what all the nationalist groups were.

It should be said that there were a lot of regular Poles that were marching to celebrate independence and Polish pride, without the whole Neo-Nazi thing. In fact, I saw several confrontations and shouting matches between Poles who were using the day to celebrate Polish resistance to the Germans and far-right groups that were using German imagery as far-right groups often seem to do.

But both groups would be labeled as “Nazis” in the West, as I am sure you well know. And all of them seem to have tense relations with one another like they are almost all on the verge of throwing down right then and there.

The reason for this is simple – even the “anti-Nazi” Polish Partisan supporters hate Jews and Muslims. In fact, every single group there probably felt the same way. It’s varying shades of nationalism from your basic pro-Catholic anti-Muslim sentiment to straight up NatSoc ideology.

But this march can’t really be understood just from the perspective of ideology.

There were legions of soccer hooligans in the streets as well. They would put on ski masks all of a sudden and rush somebody all at once- probably from another soccer club.

These guys didn’t really care much about far-right politics, even if they would invariably be labeled “Neo-Nazi” in the West as well. But hoodlums are simply still a big thing in Poland. And that’s probably why Poles don’t bring their kids to these marches.

There are a lot of elements that are…rough around the edges and generally unsavory that show up to these sorts of things, its true.

But its impossible to use the standards of your typical Western journalist soyboy and have any real insight into the situation.

These are the same people that unironically think Trump is a Fascist.

I didn’t actually see those banners. And those aren’t really Nazi ™ ideas.

But I feel like I haven’t really conveyed the bizarre experience that was this march. There were literally tens of thousands of patriotic nationalists marching in the streets of the capital city, and the police did nothing to impede or stop them. There were no deranged lefties shouting or throwing piss or just shlubbing around looking diseased and demented.

It was a strange feeling not being in the minority, but being surrounded by roughly like-minded folks, and being in the position of strength. Surreal actually.

And I don’t think the American journalists making a big deal about it really care about Poland.

What they saw was masses of White people and nationalists marching like an army through Warsaw and they felt a pit forming in their stomach as they thought about what would happen if this came home to them.

It was a powerful display of force, to say the least.

And I would be scared if I were them too because it’s only a matter of “when” not “if” at this point before the rising wave of nationalism crests in the United States as well.


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  • To be fair Europe is dying without any help from Islam.
    Crashing birthrates outward emigration and poverty have all conspired to send Eastern Europe into the dustbin of History by the Century’s end.
    Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, all dying, their populations are simply not breeding enough to save them.
    And these are statistics from those countries own social scientists, not some U.N scaremongering.
    We should actually encourage those countries to enjoy their moments in the spotlight, seventy years from now all that will be left of them are stray dogs and subsistence farmers.

    • You realize nationalism is the strongest in Eastern Europe, right? Did you not read this article? They are already working on ways to increase their native (white) population. 70 years is a long time, too. Nobody even 20 years ago would have predicted all the 3rd world hoards coming into Western Europe as they are today.

      This also isn’t the first time Europe has been invaded or had declining birth rates or plagues, etc. We also overcame them and became stronger as a people. Even IF the third world and leftists took over Europe, it won’t be without an (eventual) war. I don’t see our people not fighting back at some point.

    • Islam did not create the policies of uncontrolled immigration into Europe so they aren’t to blame for that, but the same people that began advocating multiculturalism and mass immigration supported legalizing abortion, the idea a marriage certificate isn’t important, sex before marriage, condoms and other forms of birth control, feminism and the idea that mothering children is a lowly unimportant job – “women should be competing in the workplace”, telling young westerners the world is overpopulated and they should not make it worse (while the population explosion took place in non-white countries) is further evidence this was planned many decades ago already.

      Eastern Europe is doing better than western Europe, but the west has always been richer. But many Eastern European cities have now surpassed western Europe’s cities in one area – crime. Western Europes’s crime rates have skyrocketed with unheard of outrages, while many or most eastern European cities are still very safe. Many are also very nice. Yes, poverty and the ability of eastern Europeans to freely travel to the west has hurt eastern Europe’s population, but a smaller population may not be catastrophic and things can be done to encourage families and babies (government incentives), but once a country’s population is reproduced out of existence by incoming foreigners, that is the end of that country’s native people. They’ve been destroyed and there is no going back and that is what is happening in western Europe at a rate that in 40 or 50 years, the genocide will be complete. Europe has already been altered beyond recognition, so the genocide is partially completed.

      If more western Europeans face the fact that western European cultures and countries are now decadent, filthy cultures created by the left and their governments are deliberately genociding their own people’s (under guidance from the Jew that conceived the idea before WW II already), then more western Europeans will move east again to the beautiful cities of eastern Europe.

    • That’s inaccurate, Poland in 2015 launched its plus 500 plan ( English translation ) to boost it’s birthrate ( there were 20,000 more births in 2016 than 2015 ) alongside continued pressure on abortion and a concerted effort by the ministry of development to lure young Poles back homes ( Thousands are returning from the UK already ) and that is aside from making it easier for Ukrainians to reside legally in Poland. Hungary also launched a similar policy in 2015 aimed at doing the same ( the policy is aimed at the ethnic Hungarians not gypsies ) .Russia and Belarus still run pro Natalist policies which have increased birth rates while reducing mortality and abortion rates, Even Ukraine had similar succes until the 2014 crises.

  • Here is the Black Block of radical polish nationalist od the latest Independence March (the reason of polish and western media panic). Autonomous Nationalist, the group “Stormers” and Radical South. They are radical groups of young nationalists with no connection with official organisations, loal groups loosely connected with others, so called leaderless resistance. They are active on many fields including street-art, demos, they organise a conferrences (like the latest “Europe of future”. Richard Spencer was to be a guest but polish governmnet prevented it). They are running portal as, publish books and monthly, radical net-magazine “Szturm”, carry out charity actions and don’t avoid a confrontation with leftist. They are pro-social nationalist activists and one of most interesting, not massive and rather “secret” movement in Poland. Enjoy:

    • No, but even if we could, that’s not the point. We need to quit running away from our problems, be they invaders or bad rulers. Stay where you are and make your nation greater and stronger, regardless of what race or nationalist you are.

  • I’d love to see the footage, but really, don’t put a sand-nazi outlet up. You think I even want to give them a single view? At least put up a decent outlet or rip the footage and upload it yourself, those animals don’t deserve my webtraffic, they need no acknowledgement of existing.

    • I can tell You about Antifa in Poland (forgive my english) as participant of Independence March since many years. In 2011 they tried to block this march and were beaten on the streets. They were supported by many big, liberals and communist newspapers. They tried again in another years, always with the same results. They called for help their russian friends, and they were beaten as well, they lost their banners. Few years ago they were supported by around 100 german “antifascists” who were smashed and they had to hide in stores and restaurants. Antifa in Poland is a very small group, nobody likes them becasue of their communist connections. In polish cities and towns they are not exist. Nationalist and football hooligans are active in allmost every town so Antifa has no right to exist. Antifa’s biggest events took place probably in 2012 or 2013 with support of feminists, homosexuals, liberals and it was about 1,500 person gathering. They have a few, so called “squats” in few biggest city of Poland but this building and groups are attacked by nationalists. Antifa in Poland live in fear, and actually has no chance to change it 🙂

  • “And those aren’t really Nazi ideas.” That’s true, but most things that others attribute to “NAZIS” are false accusations, as a result of 85 years of lies.

    Germans, or “NAZIS” had nothing against Muslims, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have invited them to Europe to carry out a genocide against Europeans. National Socialist Germany sympathized with the Arabs and Arabs fought in the German army. It was the British that stole Palestine and awarded it to the Jews.

    The Mufti and Arab soldiers meeting Hitler and other German leaders

    Hitler defends the Palestinians and criticizes England, Roosevelt and the Jews for oppressing the Palestinians and stealing their land

    Similarly, Hitler never “snubbed” Jesse Owens, in fact Jesse Owens shook Adolf Hitler’s hand

    Also, there were no Blacks in Germany, except for a few thousand (perhaps as many as 30,000) French colonial troops the French left in Germany because they didn’t want them. But they were not mistreated by the “NAZIS” either. They had the same rights as other Germans and a few even served in Germany’s Wehrmacht.

    Also, Japan was Germany’s most important ally during the war, so Germany had far more non-whites as key allies than the British and Americans. That said, Germany fought for justice for Germans, taking the land back that was stole from them after WW I and freeing millions of Germans from foreign occupation and they saw themselves as fighting for Europe against murderous Jews and their allies.

    Ukrainians, Byelorussians, Latvians and others welcomed Germans as their saviors after years of being oppressed and massacred by Jews and their allies:

    There are two sides to every story, but with some things you only ever hear one, particularly when Jews are involved.

  • Wait a minute…aren’t those pics of Charlottesville? What? Oh, right – they’re pics of what Charlottesville was supposed to be. Alrighty then….mebbe next time!

    And who says we can’t learn new tricks from the Old Country?

  • Whoa. No khakis, polos, tiki torches or haircuts that were cool 6 years ago. They’ll never win over the Polack normies.

  • The optics in Warsaw were less than ideal.

    There were Roman salutes and Fascist symbols.

    The torches and fires were intimidating and off putting.

    The media even called the marchers “Nazis” and “Anti Semites”.

    • “The media even called the marchers “Nazis” and “Anti Semites”.”

      The same media is owned by the same SOBs flooding the white world with nonwhites. Of course they would be hostile to any display of white/European nationalism.

      Besides, no matter how nice or clean cut our side looks, the Marxists and third world are hell bent on destroying us. Those ‘white trash’ looking guys we all complain about will be the ones who will fight in the streets as the SHTF

  • The Polish and Hungarian governments and the over 100,000 Europeans protesting the genocide being carried out should not accept these insults from Al-Jazeera and the Jews they interview to support their racist views. Calling the Polish and Hungarian governments and 100,000 opponents of the white genocide “Nazi”, “white supremacist”, “extreme right”, “far right” and “extremists” should not be tolerated from a racist Al-Jazeera. Poland and Hungary, and all European and other governments that support them should lodge a complaint against Al-Jazeera and ban them from reporting from these countries until they apologize to these governments and all Europeans.

  • Thank you, V-Law……

    “And I would be scared if I were them too because it’s only a matter of “when” not “if” at this point before the rising wave of nationalism crests in the United States as well.”


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