Naught But Folly

It does us no good to celebrate soldiers who fight for a government that has long since stopped trying to preserve our people and our civilization.

There are many forms of Political Correctness. It is not a speech and thought control system that operates only within the domains of race and gender and other domains favorable to left-wing orthodoxy. The Cultural Marxist U.S. power structure throws its weight around in other domains as well, and even the supposed political right is not immune to enforcing its dictates. Indeed, it does so in cahoots with the US power structure on issues of faith and military service. Furthermore, soldier worship is not helpful to our movement. This does not mean that we should insult soldiers or spit on them or call them “bloodthirsty imperialists”, as left-wingers are wont to do, but it does mean we have a serious problem on the right that isn’t being addressed. To watch neocons and normiecons fawn over the heroism of American soldiers on Twitter is to bear witness to a stunningly destructive form of idolatry.

Such fawning encourages good men to die for naught but folly.

The Alt-Right needs to make major moves. We need to take the next step. That means we need to start broaching the topics of revolution and secession. We need to form a 21st Century White Guard. Shitposting is all well and fine, but the next step has to be political and meta-political planning. We want a state, our own state, an ethnostate. We do not accept the fate our anti-asperistic overlords have in store for us. But how can we get anywhere when the sons and daughters of our people are proud to die for a government that hates them? The answer is we can’t. The US Government does not serve the interests of white people. In fact it is hostile to our very existence. No sane white person should be proud to see his/her child risk their life for this government.

See, that’s a shocking, offensive, and extremely politically incorrect statement to many on the political right. Yet it is plainly true, and it must be the Alt-Right’s stance. We must walk the fine line of acknowledging that veterans are overwhelmingly brave and honorable people, while still being willing to maintain that they are mistaken, misguided and deluded to the extreme. It is always honorable to put your life on the line for a cause, but what is it they think they are fighting for exactly? Do our governments truly protect us? Do our supposed democratic representatives really represent our interests at all? Are our purported leaders acting to ensure our survival as white, Western people? The answer is unmistakably “no” to all of these questions.

Our governments loathe white people, and white people must come to understand that when you fight for these governments, you don’t fight for your people but against them.

The truth is the truth irrespective of whether the truth is in the interests of our enemies in the anti-asperistic (anti-white) over-class. We in the Alt-Right know that the American experiment is over. If whites wish to survive and prosper as a people, they will require new governments. Those new governments may take many forms. They may constitute mere geographic segments of nations, or they may require reconquest of lost territory to consolidate national boundaries already in existence, they may be highly liberal forms of government or less liberal forms. However, nothing resembling Western governments can continue to exist in one hundred years’ time if white people are to continue to exist as a race.

That means we must make a clean break from American identity and Americana symbolism. These symbols are the symbols of the enemy. The Constitution has been functionally dead for the better part of a century. The US government has been illegitimate and tyrannical for half a century or longer. The principal purpose of all governments is not being met by our governments. Our governments are in open warfare against their own people, our people. They want to annihilate us in the name of diversity. They care more for the human rights of invaders than the rights and interests of their own citizens. I can not for the life of me see how being invaded by hordes of people who hate us and want us killed, is good for us. And even if a minority do not want to kill us, I still fail to see how their rendering our lands utterly unrecognizable 3rd world hell-holes in a matter of decades, is good for us. It is bad all around, no matter how you look at it. Our subjugation at the hands of white-hating, elitist, Cultural Marxist totalitarians is completely unacceptable. We do not have to accept it.

To salute the American flag as a white man at this point is to climb in one’s coffin as proof of one’s courage.

We need new symbols. We need to stop dancing around all uncomfortable truths, not just those that the right has historically been comfortable embracing. The Alt-Right has made great strides on our people’s path to deliverance, but there is far more work to do. It does us no good to celebrate soldiers who fight for a government that has long since stopped trying to preserve our people and our civilization. Goodness/Morality is not only a matter of good character but the principles that character serves, the direction of that character and its results. Those men may be teeming with bravery and archetypes of honor, and they may be quite willing to climb into their own coffins in light of their virtues, but I’ll not cheer them on and give applause as they do. That is not to serve our people but to disserve them.


  • I think the author has a point, as I am writing this, I am listening to the song “In the Army Now”, by Status Quo. I think of all the lives lost in wars which were just profiteering rackets. Recently, I saw veterans with legs missing, etc. All fine young white men. A large portion of the population decimated in senseless conflicts.

  • I think the spirit behind the messages is good, but the arguement to not praise the military while being part of a nationalist movement doesn’t jive.

    Also the arguments about soldiers supporting the bad government could also be made against white people having a tax surplus. Damn whitey, always paying his bills and feeding ZOG!

  • This is a fantastic article. I like to distinguish (1) America as a country and Americans as a people from (2) the federal government. The two are not the same. The federal government occupies the 50 states of America. We should not glorify anyone who supports that occupation, whether knowingly or unknowingly. That includes the armed forces and local and state law enforcement. The federal government is anti-white. The federal government is the oppressor. Why should we help them? Think of it this way. Have you seen all the liberal textbooks that talk about how bad America has been? If we could hack those textbooks to change “America” or the “the United States” to “the federal government” when it was the government, not Americans, that did something, people would have a different view of us.

  • Romanticizing the nations soldiers and history is unavoidable. Look at Russia for example, in essence it is anticommunist. But it still honor its soldiers from the soviet era and carry the red flag on the red square. You have to use what history you have. Just turning your back on it, you have nothing.
    The only alternative to US history is to turn to the states. However, state identity is weak in the US.

  • Francis Parker Yockey was right. America is the source of social justice culture, much of which has backflowed into Europe and even nonwestern countries. Old fashioned flag waving is really just feeding the monster.

  • As an aside I think we should not only use American national symbols, especially the Eagle which has Imperial European roots, but we could also use our symbols alongside of the American ones. Not only does that associate the Flag and other symbols with our side (because the original meaning of those belongs to our side) but we still have our symbolism to define use. But our symbolism should still contain references, colours and symbols, which invoke Americana. Because Americana is WHITE and always has been.

  • “To salute the American flag as a white man at this point is to climb in one’s coffin as proof of one’s courage.” Bullsh**. This is a surefire way to kill any winning over of normies. Besides the fact that that flag is ours, and even our enemies see it that way. Why do you think BLM burns American flags? Why do you think they protest the national Anthem? Why do you think the Left has always reviled the American Flag? Because it’s a WHITE symbol. It doesn’t represent the government. It represents a majority WHITE nation. It was conceived as a symbol for a WHITE nation. Period.

    • Enough with this obsession with “winning over normies.” Compromise will get us nowhere. Normies are mindless people who will think whatever the current government tells them to think. Never pander to the lowest common denominator. All great new movements used new symbols. Niether the Nazis nor the Communists used the current national symbols of their time to win over normies. They created their own symbols and showed that they want to move on from the past.

  • So is there another employer where you get paid to train and shoot and can claim the social ladder besides the military? What is the moral of the story here? Don’t join the army?

  • One of the most tragic things I’ve seen was US WW2 vets march on remembrance day flanked by their mixed androgynous kids. Despite their dementia they have to know they got royally scammed.

  • Powerful and Provocative Piece…….

    I don’t entirely agree…….

    I don’t entirely disagree……..

    But, it’s a Necessary Perspective……..

    Thank you…..

  • This is an incredibly difficult red pill to swallow, although you might be surprised at the number of veterans who are horrified by what their countries are turning into. Over on vDare there was an article about the number of even WWII British vets who now say WWII (“the good war”) wasn’t worth it. If they had seen Britain circa 2017, a lot of the soldiers evacuated at Dunkirk would have offered their seats on the transports to Rommel’s 7th Panzer Regiment. No Alt-Righter should serve in the U.S. military. Nothing they are fighting for actually serves the purpose of the American people.

    That being said, I cannot find it in my heart to condemn a man (women have no place in the military) who wants to acquire specific training that’s usable in the civilian sector and then leave when his enlistment is up. For those who want a genuine military career I suggest the French Foreign Legion or some nation’s military that accepts foreign volunteers.

  • Hear, hear! But I get the sense that people don’t join the military out of wanting to serve the country, but because they want direction / to shoot guns / to get training / for the structure / to be a part of something bigger / because it’s badass. The other motivations get mentioned afterward.

    I’d think you’d want to ease people in, to this particular redpill though.

    While I’m writing, Richard really does like his secret, elite clubs. They go against my (per folk history) Saxon egalitarianism – what is ‘Spencer’, anyway? Norman? Can’t be sure but it looks like it.

    Reminder that Spencer has a history of this: the current (sekret!) Sam Francis club, and his embarrassing attempt at multi-level marketing, Phalanx:

    (I hope that didn’t expand inline, I certainly don’t intend for it to)

    The description there isn’t so terrible, but a variation(?) or early version, had more senior members collecting dues from later recruits. Tried-and-true formula, we need money, sure, but distasteful.

    Spencer: resist this impulse to snobbery, or keep it private. Just call it a paywall for f*s sake.

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