Based 12-Year-Old Girl Calls into Rush

Isn’t it funny that we pretend third world cultures are worth studying in school?

Sure, you can study them in an anthropological sense, if that’s your specialty; learn their languages and customs and so forth.  But to present primitive cultures to children as exemplars of advanced civilizations… well, it’s laughable.  Brute ethnic pride has simply replaced reality, history be damned.

Rush Limbaugh was shilling for his Rush Revere books, which may themselves be a stealthy way to teach about actual American history rather than multicultural history; and so he took a call from a girl who appreciated his more traditional approach:

CALLER: I called to thank you for your Rush Revere book because, so far, we spent our whole seventh grade year learning about Muslim and African cultures and their history and with your books I finally get to learn about American history that’s accurate, and I really appreciate it.


RUSH: Olivia. I want to make sure I heard you. Did you say you are in the seventh grade?




RUSH: And they haven’t begun teaching American history yet, you’re learning about Muslims and other conditions, other cultures, and their history?


CALLER: Yes, that’s correct. That’s correct.


RUSH: And you’re not learning American history yet?


CALLER: Nope. We’ve only learned about other people’s history.


RUSH: I mean, that’s hard — literally — in all of your years in school, or just this year have you not been taught American history?


CALLER: Well, last year I didn’t really get to learn a lot about American history. It was again a lot about, like the Romans, and again more Muslims and Islam cultures and history. And I do really like American history, and —


RUSH: Wait a minute. This is your second year in a row of being taught about Muslim and Islamic cultures and history and still no direct American history education?




RUSH: What do your parents think of this?


CALLER: They don’t really like it because — well, yeah, they don’t really like it.

The most poignant line is when the girl forlornly informs Limbaugh, “We only learn about other people’s history.”  That should be in a right-wing political ad.

Then again, what are you really supposed to do in a multiracial school system?  Should you have all these minorities presented with a truthful account of how shitty and basic their cultures’ heritage is and how glorious Western Civilization is?  I would imagine that would be a bit embarrassing for all parties involved.  Hence multiculturalism is truly a no-win situation when it comes to education, as in other areas.

Also consider the opportunity cost of teaching White children about Muslims and Africans instead of Beethoven and Mozart, not to mention giving them a coherent understanding of European history.  One can’t study the whole world in grade school; best just to focus on Europe and America.  But as you can imagine, that is not what is happening.

The worst part is how passively this poor 12-year-old girl accepts her abominable public education, and how eagerly she thirsts for something which speaks to her culture.

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  • And from next year all that fascinating history of every nation but her own America, a republic created by White Europeans (bad), she will get to learn all about the LBGTIQ..XYZ contribution from all those wonderful people who gave us the GokTurk Khaganates, the Mongol invasions, the Caliphates, the human sacrificial systems of ancient Phoenicia , Carthage, Pre-Columbian America etc

    The Jew Curriculum of history for goys will eventually get round to introducing the American founding as an achievement of slaveowners. They won’t forget the faggot achievement and the important role played by all the gender fluids in righting the historic wrongs.

    Thank God for the internet.

  • In today’s America, that 12 yr old girl will first need to learn about American History before her 1st official class in America History to be able to counter the propaganda her teacher is selling. Now kids get to learn about how wonderful a life Sally Hemings could’ve had if that mean old T.Jefferson would’ve just left her alone.

  • Our schools are horrible. They also “teach” kids about so-called sex education. They say things to kids in those sex education classes that are so awful, so inappropriate, you would be fired if you were to say the same thing just one time in the workplace. If you said them in public to a stranger, you would probably be arrested. Yet our schools hire strangers to say things to our kids that everywhere else — whether it be in the workplace or the public square – is recognized as perverted and demented, and

  • Our schools are horrible. They also “teach” kids about so-called sex education. They say things to kids in those sex education classes that are so awful, so inappropriate, you would be fired if you were to say the same thing just one time in the workplace. If you said them in public to a stranger, you would probably be arrested. Yet our schools hire strangers to say things to our kids that everywhere else — whether it be in the workplace or the public square – is recognized as perverted and demented, and completely unacceptable.

  • I wish we could abolish ALL public schools.
    We should have the federal government just give an annual subsidy for each child for 12 years to go to whatever private school they can afford with that money for grades 1-12.
    We would have our own White Ethno-schools and would at least not have to worry about the muds and jews brainwashing our children.

  • Indo-Europeans were in the Americans 5,000 years before Asian Inuits came across the ice bridges of the NW and began to slaughter them into near extinction.

    Why do we not expound upon the Gaul and Germanic Chieftains of Europe prior to Roman invasions?

    And don’t even get me started on how many thousands of years older the Newgrange temples in Scotland, Stonehenge and Malta is than any pyramid in Egypt.

    • 12,000 years, dudette, 12,000 years. Read Professor Dennis Stamford’s book on the Solutreans, who were both the first inhabitants of the American continent*S*, AND they were white.

  • Modern Education sounds like it’s going to push Young White People into the Alt-Right…….

    That being said…….

    Learning about other Culture’s/History’s isn’t always a Negative Thing……

    But, learning the True History of Science/Philosophy/Music/Art/Literature/Civilization…….

    Is a HUGE White Pill that every White Person should become Enlightened to…..

  • Following WWII and the demise of Nazism(and revelations of its horrors) and prior to the explosion of race problems in America(and now Europe as well), a decent intellectual honestly believed that race is essentially a ‘social construct’ and, if given equal chance and opportunity, all races could achieve more or less the same. If intellectuals were wrong about race and racial differences back then, it was more out of naivete and genuine idealism.

    But after several decades, it should be clear to any honest mind that racial differences are real and account for the persistent problems of race, especially pertaining to blacks. But because of the pervasiveness of PC as status requisite(as political INcorrectness will invariably lead to blacklisting or demotion), iconography(as Jews, Negroes, and Homos are now objects of mandatory reverence), and mob intimidation(as heretics & renegades face real danger of being physically assaulted by Antifa thugs, BLM lunatics, or screeching campus fanatics), nowadays all academics and media people are FORCED to be dishonest, FORCED to ‘not know’ what they, in the hearts of hearts, know.

    We can forgive a white liberal in the 1940s, 1950s, and even in the 1960s for believing that black conditions could be vastly improved with federal aid and support because, after all, blacks(along with other non-white races) had been denied equal opportunity in America. But after so much evidence of black advantage in muscle power, black impulsiveness, black aggressiveness, and black psychopathy that tends toward obsessive egotism & narcissism, one has to be disingenuous to insist that the racial problems in this country owe to the legacy of slavery and ‘Jim Crow’.

    It’s not Jim Crow but ‘Radio Raheem’, the kind who are all too common in black communities across America. The problem is too many Negroes who act like ‘nogs’ and carry this nig-gene that makes them makes them tougher, more aggressive, more impulsive, and more psychopathic. This is so obvious, but the power of political correctness prohibits honest discussion of race that locates the black problem in genetics. As a result, we are left with praising everything black(as if even Problem Blacks are really just misguided and misunderstood victims of the System).

    PC is an excuse-making machine that blames external white forces for everything wrong with the black community. (This is all the more disingenuous on the part of Progs since it is the problematic-ness of blacks that is also hyped and sensationalized as what makes black culture so ‘cool’ and ‘badass’. So, the very white progs who insist something must be done about black gangsta culture of violence also promote this thug culture as ‘authentic’ and something that young kids all around the world should emulate.) The idiot critic Andrew O’Hehir at Salon pontificated that Detroit’s decline owed to ‘punishment’ meted out by white ‘rightist racists’ who refused to dig Motown. Imagine such logic. In fact, most whites of all ideological stripes and ethnicity left Detroit because blacks got dangerous and aggressive, but odious & noxious O’Hehir blames the fall on the likes of Sean Hannity.

    To be sure, conservatives are hardly better on the Race Issue; they also play by the PC songbook. So, we are told that Detroit was ruined by Liberalism, socialism, and the Democratic Party. If so, why are some white-majority cities under Democratic rule among the richest in America? Why is San Francisco and Manhattan, two very Liberal cities, overflowing with wealth and privilege?

    Or consider how Ann Coulter blames lowly black behavior on the Democratic Party, as if blacks would have acted better under Republicans. So, how are blacks acting in Republican Alabama or Texas? Or channeling Thomas Sowell, Ann Coulter muses that blacks learned how to be violent from Scotch-Irish hillbillies, a notion that would imply that Black Africa was an Edenic paradise of peace and harmony. Political Correctness isn’t just about ideas & issues but idols & icons. In a way, the matter of idolatry & iconography is more crucial to the power of PC. After all, even as the ‘right’ and the ‘left’ differ in explanations & proposals, they are agreed that blacks, along with Jews and even homos, must be treated as a preternaturally noble and holy people. Despite ideological differences, the American ‘right’ and American ‘left’ agree on the icons. It’s like the conflict between Catholics and Protestants or between Sunnis and Shias. Despite doctrinal differences, they worship the same gods or icons. So, ‘iconology’ > ideology. Ideology offers explanations. It is ‘iconology’ that determines the objects of worship.

  • the main tool the establishment has is white guilt…and they generate white guilt via a cherry-picked version of history, one that makes whites out to be demons and nonwhites out to be angelic victims of whites…that is how they shape and mold young white minds…

  • Society is starting to break down. Services and education are barely functional. It’s only going to get worse. White families who care will have to take a more active role in their children’s lives.

  • A variation on Millenial Woes’ question: But if non-Whites are just as American as us, why should our history embarrass them?

  • In Ward Kendall’s novel, “Hold Back This Day”, the lie extends beyond this point, toward the deliberate falsification of American history. Truth will very soon match fiction…

  • This is what you get as the end result of the logic of American Exceptionalism though. A people cut off from their European roots. How often has Limbaugh bitched about Yurpeens? How often has he attacked the Monarchs and Aristocrats who kept the Nog at bay and the Saracen from the door? Shame on him. He’s just as much a part of the problem deracinating the kids from their blood n soil as any Marxist. At some point he really though Nogs could be civilized and made into good Americans I guess. His rhetoric cut off kids from their ancestors all too cleanly. Even here he’s just peddling a book about schism between Anglo-Saxons as a good thing.

  • I’m still a semi-regular listener of Rush. And while he’s ostensibly still Civic Nationalism, over the last few years I can sense him flirting with the next step. (After all, Ann Coulter is a neighbor of his in FL. She has probably rubbed off on him.)

  • This subject is kind of what started my red pill process. My oldest daughter was given a book for her summer reading project from the local high school. She read a few chapters and came to me complaining that the book was about these poor minority kids being bullied by racist white kids. I immediately contacted the school and they actually gave her a pass for the project. This is of course in the rural south, so we didn’t get much in the way of push back.
    But now I’m seeing the same thing happening with my youngest, who’s in elementary school. So, be warned, the indoctrination starts early!

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