Awaiting Anarchy in South Africa: An Interview with the Suidlanders

“South Africa’s present is the West’s future if it continues down its current path.”

These words are from the website of the Suidlanders, a South African civil defense union formed in 2006 with the purpose of preparing the Protestant Christian civilian minority for a mass evacuation to safer lands in the event of violent societal collapse or outright civil war.

Over the past few days, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Andrew Hughes, an American who promotes the cause of the Suidlanders in the United States. We discussed everything from the Black Monday protests on October 30th against the brutal torture-killings of white farmers to the nation’s push to “decolonize” society. Don’t forget to stay tuned after this article, for an in-depth podcast is coming up with the Suidlanders that will delve deeper into the topics mentioned below.

From the Suidlanders website.

MELISSA: First of all, thank you for participating in this interview for From what I’ve researched, the Suidlanders is a legal and non-aggressive civil defense union which has a real-life impact on people’s lives, mainly through protecting civilian Afrikaners from violence and teaching them how to prepare for and survive the eventual total anarchy which many believe awaits the country. How do you help keep people safe?

ANDREW: Thank you, too! The Suidlanders operate an Emergency SMS system that warns recipients of violent protests which block roads. These protests number in the hundreds, if not thousands, every year. In addition, the Suidlanders have an online university for people to study preparedness and evacuation procedures.

MELISSA: Can you tell me more about the Emergency Plan which is described on your website, and what the Suidlanders predict will happen in the future in South Africa?

ANDREW: The Plan was created by the Suidlanders and they will form the backbone of its implementation in an emergency, but it will encompass all willing participants. Without getting too deep into it, the plan is essentially a phased withdrawal and consolidation into progressively safer areas and larger groups. For example, a group of Suidlanders in a specific suburb may evacuate to a designated farm just past the metro area where they reside. They will join other groups in falling back to another farm deeper in the hinterland, meeting consolidated groups from other areas and joining them in moving further away from danger.

It’s also important for me to mention that the Suidlanders are non-political and not seditious.

MELISSA: Recently, international news focused on an event in South Africa called Black Monday. Hundreds of white farmers protested the weak state response to farm murders and the unfair imprisonment of whites for petty crimes. Can you tell me more about this, and how the rest of the South African population reacted to it?

ANDREW: Black Monday was huge. To clarify, I would say the number of protesters numbered in the thousands. There were a huge number of large protests all over the country. These actions came together over a very brief period of time, only a few days really. The tipping point seemed to be a particular attack in the Western Cape (a region which in the past has seen fewer of the farm attacks than other regions, but this is changing) that set people over the edge. Farmers blocked highways and thoroughfares in many places. This action was very positive in its unifying effect on the white Right, but was met with hand-wringing by fearful and weak whites like the preacher Angus Buchan, who claimed the farmers were wrong to antagonize their attackers, and with rage by the black Marxists like Julius Malema, who doubled down his calls for seizing land and perpetrating violence against whites.

MELISSA: What is it like being a white person now in South Africa? Especially a white farmer?

ANDREW: Farmers are suffering, They are being killed, often with the connivance of their own workers. Their legal situation is in jeopardy as the country moves toward outright seizure of land Zimbabwe-style. In parts of the country severe drought is killing off livestock at a brutal clip. These people need our prayers and help, no doubt about it.

MELISSA: You mentioned that whites have an increasingly difficult time finding jobs, and that multinational companies are moving out of the country, like BMW and Volkswagen, due to harsh state laws making it nearly impossible for foreigners or whites to work, while the South African blacks are oftentimes not skilled enough to complete the tasks required. There is going to be a huge disaster if no one is able to work and the jobs move away.

ANDREW: I would recommend googling the term BEE or Black Economic Empowerment. This is race-based communism in action and taken to its logical endpoint. This thinking occurs at every level from basic company decisions on who to hire and who to fire all the way to national budgeting and bond issue. The central concern of any economic decision however small or large is to transfer wealth in the immediate term to the black population regardless of negative outcomes long term. International capital is fleeing the country with great haste.

MELISSA: Education is also worsening in South Africa, as there is a major push to “decolonize” the system. The term “decolonization” is beginning to pop up in universities in the United States and Western Europe to explain why monuments need to be torn down, and why Charles Dickens should be replaced with some communist feminist writer in the school curriculum, for example. Basically, what is the educational system like in South Africa? What does a “decolonized” South Africa mean for the white population?

ANDREW: The more radical elements want to end Afrikaans as a language of instruction. This has no value but as an assault against the very heart of Afrikaner/Boere identity. Rhodes Must Fall was a recent campus movement that wanted to take down a statue of Cecil John Rhodes at the University of Cape Town (Sound familiar???). Fees Must Fall is another movement that seeks to have free higher education in South Africa. This is a mathematical impossibility given the tax base of the country, but what is a little math when there is some race-based economic redistribution to be done. A “decolonized” South Africa in functional terms is a South Africa without whites.

MELISSA: The Rhodes Must Fall protest certainly reminds me of the post-Charlottesville mania to take down historical monuments in the United States, truly sad. What can one do to help the Suidlanders and farmers in need?

ANDREW: Spread the word. Make people uncomfortable and unable to shirk away from the truth. Show them pictures of the farm attacks. Show them the pure evil involved. The average white person will have a visceral response. The Suidlanders can always use donations in particular to enable them to stockpile diesel fuel in bug-out areas. The safest areas of South Africa are bone dry and many will die for want of water if pumps cannot be run bringing up water. The farmers in non-drought areas are coordinating relief efforts for drought-stricken farmers by sending them feed. You can donate to these efforts. That is a great way to help in addition to SPREADING THE WORD! Silence kills.

MELISSA: The Suidlanders’ website can be reached here, and the link to donate to drought relief is here. Thanks again for your time, I look forward to the podcast. Sometimes, the Alt-Right focuses too much on one particular nation’s sufferings, but people like you help us remember that we — men and women of European heritage — really are all in this together, no matter where we live, whether it’s Cape Town, Paris, or Chicago. Despite the relentless antagonism we face in the effort to keep our families and communities safe and healthy, somehow it’s heartwarming to know we’re uniting and learning so much from each other. When it comes to the real important questions, I’m very hopeful we’ve got each other’s backs.

ANDREW: People need to understand that there is evil in the world. The Bible says “the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force.” Crude and violent people very unlike you and I are out there and they are numerous. When your guard is down these predators will prey on us as individuals, as a society, and as a race. Take steps to gird yourself. Always have a plan B. Don’t let yourself become so preoccupied with intellectualism that you fail to take steps to ensure the physical survival of our people. This is the first great test of Europeans worldwide on a level of basic survival. Solidarity is everything. Don’t let the Afrikaners be the first dominoes to fall.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.

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[…] Farmers blocked highways and thoroughfares in many places. This action was very positive in its unifying effect on the white Right, but was met with hand-wringing by fearful and weak whites like the preacher Angus Buchan, who claimed the farmers were wrong to antagonize their attackers, and with rage by the black Marxists like Julius Malema, who doubled down his calls for seizing land and perpetrating violence against whites.-Andrew Hughes […]


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m.a. kaiser

Whites gathering together in any one location means the SA army can easily kill all of them at once…and it WILL happen, the black SA government is becoming increasingly radical. It will not just be random thugs targeting individual farmers, this will be full-on ethnic cleansing and deadly genocide organized by the government with a well-armed military force and endless cannon fodder at its disposal.

Again, the Suidlanders plan to gather together just makes them an easier target as the process of “decolonization” progresses. It is suicidal. Whites must leave SA while they can.

John Burton
And go where? Canada with its commie government? Perhaps the UK, France, Germany? The Eastern European countries are the only ones that seem to be showing some backbone these days. President Trump has an uphill fight on his hands, hope he has the stones to continue, he and Vlad Putin is the white mans only hope right now. SA was a canary in the coal mine some 40 years ago yet the rest of the world turned their backs on us and thought it could never happen to them, well it is happening to them. I find some bitter sweet… Read more »
Blacktivist novelist James Baldwin in the New York Times, April 9, 1967: “What will the Christian world, which is so uneasily silent now, say on that day which is coming when the black native of South Africa begins to massacre the masters who have massacred him so long? It is true that two wrongs don’t make a right, as we love to point out to the people we have wronged. But one wrong doesnít make a right, either. People who have been wronged will attempt to right the wrong; they would not be people if they didn’t. They can rarely… Read more »

@dj1969 that suggests that we, too, should start preparing for an ethnostate – create facts on the ground! The one that I know of is Cascadia, an informal group in the Northwest that I understand is pretty successful. Not dense, but nevertheless a self-conscious group that meets occasionally and that’s working out well.


You really need to take a look at Oriana. I sent you a link.

Plus Member
In retrospect, it was a terrible decision to try to hang on to the whole of South Africa. The Afrikaners correctly viewed the whole country as theirs, but they were in too small a minority to hold it all. They should have created a certain area for sole white settlement (eg the Western Cape, and Capetown – which was never Bantu territory in history), so that if the worst came to the worst, a 100% white province could declare independence and abandon the rest. In other words, they could have used the years of Apartheid to build up a white… Read more »

I know a pretty blonde from South Africa – thankfully she isn’t a racist scumbag!


Didn’t you even read the article, scumbag? If you did then Didn’t you believe what was said?
Rethorical questions. I don’t want an answer. I want to meet you on the battlefield. That is coming, you can bank on it

Gothic Joe

If this were an unmoderated website, I would have a delicious response to you. But if I said what you had just said I probably would have been banned. 😉

Robert Pinkerton

On other sites I have commented in favor of blanket asylum for South African and Rhodesian Whites. Sell it under the rubric of Africa for Africans: Since they on’t like us, we’ll simply go away.


Alt-right needs to do a comprehensive alt-take on South Africa from the beginning of apartheid through mandela.


Sadly it looks like episodes of the “walking dead”. Not that they want it but it would be nice if a good number of them made it to the US.

michael edwards

we could ask soros to divert some of his rescue boats over to south Africa to pick up the whites.


“What can one do to help the Suidlanders and farmers in need?”
Look, let’s see realistic here; this here is a MAJOR CHIMP OUT – there’s no way you can retain your lands and what you built in the face of totally illogical natives. And why would you want to ? They wanted all, and as soon as they get it, they’ll destroy it. So why should be your problem ? Get out now while you can, and cut your losses…


Please explain how half a million white South Africans who live under the poverty line are going to leave the country en masse?

Terry El Do Co

The whites in South Africa need to gather their things and leave as soon as is humanly possible. Seek asylum with a friendly country and move on. We want blacks and Latinos to do the same here. Get out, already.


No. Why should they. Blacks do not own Africa. And breeding like ants do not automatically entitle them to everything.


This “fall back” plan is something that Americans need to think about. The U.S. can’t survive with 200 languages and ethnic groups. Whites may not even be the first targets – Mexicans don’t like Blacks. The Chinese remember that Mexico ethnically cleansed Mexico of Chinese in the ’30s. There are hundreds of potential ethnic wars now brewing in the U.S. A fall back plan for Whites to the Midwest seems like a good idea.

AlexanderThunder (@AWThunder)

If there is one thing I hope we’ve learned, it’s that we will NEVER coexist peacefully with the negro. It’s been tried numerous times and always ends in rape and murder.


[…] Source link […]

Nova Morium

This should become one of the Signature Humanitarian Issues for the Alt-Right…….

I know there are a Million other Concerns………

And that’s why it usually gets Lost even though most in the Alt-Right have known about this for a while…….

Glad to see the Suidlanders have a Plan and are getting better Organized…..

Some have said that President Trump should bring them in as Refugees……

But, I’m not sure if they would want to come here…….

Seeing that America Whites are already under constant attack by the Nogs in certain areas of the US……

And we eventually might need an Escape Plan of our own…..

South Africa is really somewhere to watch right now. The ruling party is choosing it’s next leader in December and seeing that we’re a de facto one party state, he or she will be the next president. Meanwhile, more and more very serious allegations are coming up against our incumbent president, Jacob Zuma, and it looks like not only is his faction going to lose in December, but he might even face criminal charges. In Zimbabwe, everything was going relatively okay until Mugabe faced a threat to his authority from radicals and had to appease his base by enacting disastrous… Read more »
Yehudah Finkelstein

The Alt Right needs to start a fund to get Afrikaners out of South Africa and into a sane European country like Hungary.


So far the south africans can blame themselfs for their position they are in. And even while everything goes down the drain they work and produce and feed the africans who are after them. If they can’t hold the land then they should just leave and go back in the same sense i want blacks in white countries to go back.


So do you blame yourself for what American Jews and liberals have done?


No, you blame the boomer cucks.

Billy Brown

is going to be fun to see what happens to them when we do leave them to their own devices


China has been given the green-light by globalist elites to move onto Southern Africa. It is probable the globalists intend using the Negro against China at some future date, but the Chinese unlike us are not sentimental fools, they will likely cull the African population when they get a secure grip on the region.