Alt-Right Clubhouse / Millennial Woes and Richard Spencer

As part of AltRight Plus, our new project for subscribers, we’ll be hosting weekly, live video streams. Each will feature leaders of, as well friends, collaborators, and guests. These streams will be casual and fun and offer lots of opportunities for interaction and AMAs. We’re calling the series “The Clubhouse.”

Our pilot episode will feature Richard Spencer and Millennial Woes. We’re making it free and available for everyone.

11:30 PM PT / 2:30 PM ET / 7:30 PM GMT

Please post questions in the comments. Time permitting, we’ll answer the best ones.


  • Former Big City girl, former Suburbanite, now preparing my growing family to live a rural, survival lifestyle rather than one of suburban comfort and convenience or city filth. Not only is my choice highly strategic but it’s a European specialty.

    We white people are planners who need the challenge of the wild. So I disagree w the comments on Varg in this otherwise entertaining (at times sophmoric) podcast. I recommend his two videos “The Real Red Pill” and “Hiding in the Forest? (Rant)”.

  • I would like to see: James Allsup, Immortal Ideas, Mark Collett, Tara McCarthy, Daniel Casmir, the Way of the World, Markus Willinger, Henrik and Lana, and maybe some less clearly AltRight figures such as Stefan Molyneux as guests on the clubhouse.

  • Thank you for all of the work you do despite great personal risk. The alt right and other white identity movements mean so much to a lot more people than you probably know.

  • Faggots belong in the closet. Politicized faggots belong in bogs. And anyone known to be living a homosexual lifestyle should not be in a position of leadership.

  • GAY MEN IN THE ALT RIGHT: Question read by RS at 1:44. Question.: “Can gay men who support the family and social norms be in the Alt Right?” MW answers: “Yes, as long as the don’t affect the social norms… don’t like totalitarianism. etc.” RS adds – quoted line: “Gays are like a spice or salt… to much ruins the meal.” RS says: “A balance is needed…” Boys Boys… the problem is that gays on average are not happy to be “outliers” or back in the closet. if anything, the need constant affirmation of their degeneracy is okay. RS adds: “You need to be realistic”. Well Richard, realistically, I think most Alt Right will agree – things have gone to Hell in a hand basket, ever since – America first started accepting gays openly in society. It’s a downhill slope that only gets steeper and leads to a further POZed world. Gays are like an infection on the body politic, a mental / social virus which will only grow if green lighted in any way. RS needs to get his positions straight on this… You can’t be promoting Trad. AR White values and be Gay Friendly dudes… (sorry MW, you have to go back).

    • It was my question, and I will agree with RS’s point that homosexuality is associated with destructive personality types. Greg Johnson gave the Altright a sample of this recently, when he tried to ruin the Altright and buy it out. I meant this: gay men if white are white, and should be on our side. But they shouldn’t be in leadership positions and should be clearly on message on the subject.

      • Homosexuals do not have the family unit in mind and should not have a vote in society. They have a high propensity for preying on children and I don’t want them anywhere near me and my family.

  • In the ethnostate(s) we allow Gary Younge to stay, however he must be available at all times to dress up as a British tar and sing “He is An Englishman” from HMS Pinafore, while we drink bourbon and throw banana peels.

  • JosephGoebbels, I don’t think the AltRight should go too “pseudo-intellectual” with articles on philosophy etc. Some light discussion would be good, but we’re not trying to compete with academia here. A horrible example of the way not to go is Counter Currents (, which claims to be a superior or intellectual form of the right, but is actually boring. I think RS and Greg Ritter Conte strike the right note in their weekly podcast, by discussing the world intelligently and knowledgeably, but without too haughty an intellectual pose.

  • Would like to hear more on Culture, History, Philosophy et al from the White perspective. I feel as though much of our identity and history has been lied about, contorted and stolen. One thing I appreciate with Red Ice TV is their unique guests with unique perspectives. Often hits the spot here as well. Would like to see more of it 🙂

  • I was wondering if you there is a real solution to the problem of the death of God as first posed by Nietzsche?
    Btw I am a plus member under this name, the the system won’t let me comment because it say I must enter my email and name(already attached to my account).

    • I think bringing TRUE positive Christianity back needs to be very high on the priority list. With the old testament and all jewish-friendly “edits” removed. The lack of faith in this country is a HUGE catalyst for degeneracy. You don’t feel guilt when you don’t feel you someday be judged. I say we make the first step taking back Christmas. Even whites who go to church twice a year or less are tired of hearing the words Happy Holidays. (Ugh i cringe just typing it)

  • NOTE: The time for livestream would have been 11:30 AM PT, not 11:30 PM, as stated on the site, so you probably missed a number of West Coast folks live, Good that it also was on YouTube.

    MW was a great guest for your first Clubhouse, Richard! Your telling of eating dinner out when you noticed your face on TV was absolutely hilarious! Appreciated your comments on Cantwell’s incarceration and Woe’s take on gays and space, in particular. Nice to get a chronology of events.

  • DJ1969…….

    All Good Points…….

    2017 is a Success just for the fact that this is the year the Alt-Right exploded onto the Scene……..

    Lots of Major Headaches for all the Various Factions…….

    But, the Alt-Right proved to our Enemies that it’s Full of Talent, Genius, Energy, Commitment, Teamwork, and Willpower…….

    The Alt-Right is here to stay……..

    And Expand it will………


  • Nova Morium, I agree — and as RS said it would take $250,000. As MW said in the video, 2017 is shaping up as a less thrilling year than 2016, partly owing to the Charlottesville government, and the UK backsliding on Brexit.

    But: the Altright was shown in a University of Virgina poll in September to have 10% support in America (=15% of whites), with a large number of whites saying they neither support not oppose, which the university themselves said they took to indicate a degree of support for the Altright. There is space for expansion, even quite easy expansion, if handled right.

    I was thrilled by RS’ comments that he would look at standing in an election. I think realistic aims should be set down: maybe he wouldn’t win, but not to be a joke candidate and get 5% of the votes, but try to come reasonably close, eg 30%, in a way that focuses on building the movement as the main spin-off of an electoral campaign (with the actual election result being less important).

  • DJ1969…..

    Someone needs to hold Charlottesville and the State of VA accountable for their Crimes…….

    And IFA just admitted yesterday on Twitter that they’re suing IE and others in the Alt-Right because they think ‘Anti-Semitism’ should be Illegal in America……

    People need to Donate to Kyle Bristow and the Freedom Front………

  • Sergei….

    History suggests that Jews should apologize to American Blacks and the Irish for Slavery/Indentured Servitude…….

  • I’m sorry to have askes so many questions — I was expecting more people to post questions here – but I think the Alt Right membership here is just getting started. But: thanks to Richard for reading and answering two of my questions. Good answers.

  • QUESTION FOR RICHARD … Is Space Exploration the Telos of the White man, and should that goal be the animating spirit of White Racialism?

  • Guys, how do we move forward from an Internet movement to a political movement? What lays ahead for the alt-right in terms of evolving?

  • I’m very on-side with the AltRight and Richard Spencer, but I didn’t like the discussion on youtube tonight. It’s too much of a rambling reminiscing over the past year – almost like listen to two old ladies discussing their past. This may be what the Clubhouse format is – a less indepth chat.

  • Will the Alt-Right sue Charlottesville or the State of VA?

    Why doesn’t the Alt-Right/Identity Europa countersue IFA and destroy them and their Frivolous Lawsuit?

  • Without Richard Spencer, the Alt-Right would be much weaker – he basically is the centre of it all. So what happens if something happens to Richard?

  • I’m interested in the symbiotic nature between technology and Europeans…

    The relationship between creators and what they created…

    One could assert Europeans are god like creatures…

    Does not a child looks upon a parent as a god or goddess???

    Does not a dog look upon their master or mistress as a god or goddess???

    Shouldn’t we look at metaphysical aspects of technology in the same way???

    Is (AI) ‘artificial intelligence’ final symbiosis or melding of man and machine???

  • Comment on Gary Younge interview.Younge can never be an Englishman.He is African.The average African IQ is 70 and they never even used the wheel .Younge could not debate you and fled the interview with his tail between his legs. Facts are on your side.

    • I would deport him like a shot – and I’m not that interested in the argument that “England is all he knows”. He’s never been to Africa? Well, he could get used to it all the same.

  • I would favour setting up a single international white identitarian party, with membership fees divided up between groups internationally.

  • Second question: Can gay men who play down gay rights issues and support the family and the nation be accepted as part of the AltRight movement? Or are they like the mixed-race people who are destined to be rejected by the racial groups they objectively belong to?

  • Richard I know you’ve said in the past you like traditional wet shaving. So I’m curious as to what your set up is? (blades, shavers, soaps, etc.) Thanks

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