The Anti-Whites Are On The March

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  • The movement needs volunteers not profiteers. The deluded sheep pay the sheep herder to herd them into non-problematic fields. We don’t need to pay you guys shit but everyone needs to step up to the plate except evil boomers of course who are scum

  • Trey……

    You’re a Gift to the Alt-Right……..

    A Huge Asset……..

    You definitely get it……….

    You know how to hit the Nerve……..

    Shekels Incoming……

  • Alt Right needs to come up with a T-shirt designating one’s hierarchy in the movement.

    Let’s say Alt Right began in 2009. Then, if someone has been in the movement since 2009, his number would be 8 or VIII. He would be deserving of wearing an Alt Right T-shirt with the roman numeral VIII. If someone’s been in the movement since 2014, his number would be 3 or III. So, he would purchase, in the year 2017, a T-shirt with Roman numeral of III.

    Also, Alt Right should be like the mafia. There should be special categories.

    It’s like some people are ‘made’ in the mafia.

    Alt Right should have a process whereby some people become special members for their energy, investment, commitment, sacrifice, and/or input.

    And while Alt Right in the West can appreciate contribution from anyone, even non-whites, only real whites can be ‘made’.

  • So much corruption and so much goes unreported. And most people don’t care since they are hooked to Pop Culture and other nonsense.

    Maybe this is what all societies need: An ongoing TV series about the most powerful peoples, institutions, and industries in America.

    So, imagine a TV show called the FED. It has to be based on facts than fiction. Since it takes time to ascertain facts, these shows will feature events from a month ago. Always a month-time-lag to verify facts.
    And it will show what kind of decisions took place within the FED.

    And a TV show called SUPREME COURT. A dramatization of key things that happened in SC. Again, a month-lag on the programming.

    And the PRESIDENCY

    And the CIA.

    And the FBI.

    And the NYT and other elite media.

    And IVY LEAGUES. A show on the major decisions made by university presidents and deans.

    And the Pentagon.

    And Goldman Sachs.

    And Amazon.

    And Microsoft.

    And Google.

    And Apple.

    This stuff can be made entertaining with a bit of dramatization. Outright fictionalization will not be allowed as everything has to be according to verified facts. However, narrative will of course be tightened and streamlined and dramatized with colorful personalities.

    This will be a great public service.

    And maybe every city can have a Play Production about City Hall. A never-ending series based on what happens among politicians, big time folks, and etc in the seats of power.

    That way, entertainment won’t always be about escapism but about focusing on what is happening among the powerful.

    Now, there are shows like HOUSE OF CARDS that offer a vague inkling of what happens in DC. But with fictionalized characters and exaggerated situations, it’s more escapism than enterism.

    We need Enterism in culture. We need to enter into the way of power.

  • The problem with the non white Aryans like Iranians and Indians: Hitler guessed Iranians as the highest Aryans(along with Germans) haha. The neo-nazis must decide the white – Aryan problem of Basques, Finns,Hungarians so on.

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