The Anti-Whites Are On The March

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Can you get on a platform that allows listening on mobile without having to have the screen unlocked?

Plus Member

penned in revolutuionaries


The movement needs volunteers not profiteers. The deluded sheep pay the sheep herder to herd them into non-problematic fields. We don’t need to pay you guys shit but everyone needs to step up to the plate except evil boomers of course who are scum


We now live in a country where it is unlawful for white people to assemble peacefully.

that guy who made white ice tv(youtube channel)
that guy who made white ice tv(youtube channel)

I’m subbed to your youtube channel already

Nova Morium


You’re a Gift to the Alt-Right……..

A Huge Asset……..

You definitely get it……….

You know how to hit the Nerve……..

Shekels Incoming……


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Gubbler Chechenova
Alt Right needs to come up with a T-shirt designating one’s hierarchy in the movement. Let’s say Alt Right began in 2009. Then, if someone has been in the movement since 2009, his number would be 8 or VIII. He would be deserving of wearing an Alt Right T-shirt with the roman numeral VIII. If someone’s been in the movement since 2014, his number would be 3 or III. So, he would purchase, in the year 2017, a T-shirt with Roman numeral of III. Also, Alt Right should be like the mafia. There should be special categories. It’s like some… Read more »
Gubbler Chechenova
So much corruption and so much goes unreported. And most people don’t care since they are hooked to Pop Culture and other nonsense. Maybe this is what all societies need: An ongoing TV series about the most powerful peoples, institutions, and industries in America. So, imagine a TV show called the FED. It has to be based on facts than fiction. Since it takes time to ascertain facts, these shows will feature events from a month ago. Always a month-time-lag to verify facts. And it will show what kind of decisions took place within the FED. And a TV show… Read more »

The problem with the non white Aryans like Iranians and Indians: Hitler guessed Iranians as the highest Aryans(along with Germans) haha. The neo-nazis must decide the white – Aryan problem of Basques, Finns,Hungarians so on.

Vincent Law

Iranians are White and Russians are not.

That’s some top-tier autismo logic there.

Privada Machina

Thanks for all you guys do. I’ll be donating on Monday.

Gubbler Chechenova

Jews are very nosy. Big nose, noisy, and sticking their noses into other people’s business. They should be called Nozis. Nazis vs Nozis.

Gothic Joe

…and the Alt-Right is on the run!