Bowden! — The Uses and Abuses of Nietzsche

Jonathan Bowden joins Richard to discuss Friedrich Nietzsche – one of the most reviled, admired, and misunderstood philosophers of our time.

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Hannibal Bateman

@Matar Judios that’s a great book! I actually gave to Richard once as a gift.

Matar Judios

Richard, a book recommendation for you:

“History and Utopia” by the reactionary Franco-Romanian thinker (philosopher) E.M. Cioran.

You will thank me!

Samuel Nock

It would be good if you can post the original interview dates of these conversations.

This discussion was very interesting, and I definitely have a greater appreciation for why Richard places such importance on Nietzsche for the Alt Right.


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Jonathan Bowden was a very intelligent and thoughtful man and I loved his take on Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos.

On a side note,has anyone seen the Sam (((Kestenbaum))) article on the jewish daily forward about the “My fellow White people” meme?

I don’t see anyone in the Fashosphere talking about it.

I did a little write up on it on my blog The Liberationist (it’s a satire of the leftist lexicon and imagery).

Gothic Joe

This is a useful article to link too next time Melissa deludes herself into thinking the Alt-Right is a Christian movement.

Tina Banerjee Chittom
Tina Banerjee Chittom

Well, thanks for introducing me to Jonathan Bowden. I confess to say that I did not know anything about him before hearing this.

Logical Meme

Bowden’s erudition was top-notch. It is such a shame he passed away so young.


Counter Currents Publishing has put out a few of his books. I’m reading one of them and it’s pretty good, it’s a series of essays (possibly transcribed speeches?), 10 or so are about various right wing figures, from Yokio Mishma to Carlyle. The opening article is about the need for a right-wing vanguard, and is perhaps the best in the collection.

J. Wheeler

Bowden was not a “novelist”, but fancied himself one. His efforts in that realm are disjointed and amateurish. Likewise, his work as an “actor” were also a fanciful delusion he held, but quite hilarious to watch. His only claim to anything was as a somewhat competent speaker, although he bloviated quite a bit. He’s already vanished into the mists of time, and so his posting here is utterly irrelevant to our cause.