Alt-Right Politics — November 9, 2017 — Virginia, Texas, and Saudi Arabia

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  • Richard Spencer: President of the National Policy Institute.
  • Hannibal Bateman: Director of NPI’s upcoming policy-paper initiative.
  • Don Camillo: NPI’s resident scholar on developing countries.
  • Greg Ritter, NPI’s Director of Operations.

ISSUE 1: New Virginie In Virginia’s gubernatorial election, Democrat Ralph Northam thrashed Republican Ed Gillespie, 56% to 44. Virginia is just the latest victim of browning demographics. The state, formerly a conservative stronghold, has been on a downslide over the last few decades, largely due to Asiatic immigration and the explosive growth of the DC suburbs.

ISSUE 2: The Saudi Schism Saudi Arabia is on edge. This week, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman arrested dozens of senior officials and oligarchs, most of whom, coincidentally, were his cousins. The pretense for the arrests was “corruption,” a word which is easy to conflate with “business.” More likely, bin Salman intends to reign in potential political rivals, including Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men. Bin Talal also bears an uncanny resemblance to Don Corleone.

ISSUE 3: The Texas Shooting November 5th, a gunman opened fire on a baptist church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. The spree killed 26 and wounded 20. Gun control, mental health, all the usual points have been trotted out. These shootings are now de rigeure. The media narratives all presuppose that there is an easy way to prevent them. If we only knew his motives. But what is the fundamental cause of this senseless violence?

Exclusive Paywall Content: Alt-Right Politics Afterhours — Lauren Southern and the Identitarians

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Would be interested to know the music played at the end of the episode. In fact it would be nice if music details could accompany the “liner notes” for each of these podcasts.

Hello fellas, This is actually a comment for your afterhours/paywall show. It is actually the first show I’ve listened to where I found myself in emphatic agreement with everyone throughout the entirety of the show. I find it absolutely disgusting that beta orbiters are donating money to Southern in order for her to run around the world and act as a reporter and get belly piercings (while she simultaneously distances herself from serious activists like Spencer, Enoch, or Identity Europa). Fellas, you want to donate money to her – well ask yourself this simple question: to what end? Where is… Read more »
Plus Member
civil war doesn’t sound like a good price for gun control, especially considering that it is white left and white right who cares about that issue lack of guns in Japan and Korea doesn’t stop them to commit suicide. biggest teract in France was made with guns despite of total gun control. military training in Switzerland it is very weak argument. people start mass shooting not because they don’t know how to use guns in an appropriate way. besides Switzerland, there are plenty of countries with guns, like Finland, czech republic, Norway even Canada and sweden have a lot of… Read more »

I think as America gets darker gun control is a given. However it will look like today’s marijuana laws, illegal at the federal level and in some states, one has to have a prescription in other places, over the counter in other places. As long as usa has an open border with Mexico, there’s no way to stop weapons flowing north.

Right now, E. Musk is laying the groundwork to ruin Saudi Arabia once the Israel-Saudi alliance dissolves. He will do so via government subsidies of a “people’s car” in developing nations and the US. In California, the Prius – and now Tesla – are ubiquitous – because of the huge tax incentives the state gave to buyers. More J-cronyism with government will ensue between co-ethnics. There are two strategies running in parallel – and to understand what is going with the Refugee invasion of Europe, one needs only look back to the colonization of a Northern Ireland. In the disputed… Read more »
Yehudah Finkelstein

Virginia is what happens when SWPL shttlibs and third world non-whites take over a state. Once Conservative states turn Communist. We’ve seen this scenario play out in California and Colorado already. Texas will be next, and then the GOP is doomed.