Feeding The Swamp Creatures

President Trump has a bad, bad optics problem.

He rode into Washington promising to drain the swamp. However, extremely preferential treatment for the wealthy (gigantic tax loopholes and cuts, preferential treatment of capital gains, corporate subsidies, access to government, trickle-down propaganda), rooted in the elite class’s general corruption and insulation, is the swamp. These are two sides of the same butt-coin. Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle. Catering to oligarchs may be popular in Washington, but it is very, very unpopular everywhere else.

Trump, a president with near record low approval ratings, would do well to consider that before moving forward.

Trump tells us it is imperative we cut taxes for corporations. But corporate tax rates are at historically low levels. The effective corporate tax rate in America (the only truly relevant metric, as nominal rates mean nothing if corporations don’t really pay them) has been dropping for fifty years straight. Trump argues that slashing corporate taxes will magically bring corporations back to America. But it won’t. American corporate tax rates are already highly competitive globally. A much better way to deal with corporate inversion and revenue shortages is to switch to a VAT tax which targets transactions made inside the United States, thereby largely solving both the revenue issue and the inversion issue. It doesn’t really matter where you’re headquartered if you have to pay a VAT tax on transactions in the US anyway.

Trump has of course been drifting away from his campaign promises for some time. Most of us who were early and ardent supporters of his are at this point both thoroughly disappointed and perplexed. Since Bannon left the White House the forecast has been downright dismal. We did not vote for a fourth Bush term. Nor do many of us think that tax rates are a particularly good proxy for the oppressiveness of government, because they’re not.

Totalitarian governments and those extremely hostile to essential freedoms often survive on far less revenue than what the US Federal Government takes in. Think Saudi Arabia or North Korea or Nazi Germany. When a government has arrogated for itself great power then it doesn’t typically need much money to exercise or abuse that power. Indeed, when money gets tight such governments can usually just divert funds away from policies that help their citizens (think funds to protect the border, or healthcare for veterans and the poor, or housing for the homeless) to policies that oppress the people and deprive them of their essential freedoms (think the Civil Rights Act, or FISA courts and the mass-surveillance state, or Deep State entities which actively undermine American democracy, or subsidies to Solyndra-like green tech companies, or bailouts to filthy rich Wall Street fat cats).

Furthermore, most sensible white Americans would fain trade the obnoxiously low tax rates and bad demographics of today’s America for the 90% top tax rates and the favorable demographics of the Eisenhower years.

Trump could survive a tax reform that is somewhat favorable for the wealthy, insofar as it is significantly more favorable for the middle and lower classes. In other words, the bulk of the goodies would have to flow down to the masses for it to not work to Trump’s detriment politically. However, a tax reform that looks like a giveaway to the extremely rich, including Wall Street banks and massive multinational corporations, is not the kind of reform he is likely to survive politically.

There are a number of reasons for this. One big reason is that what the wealthy aren’t paying must be made up for somehow. Thus large tax cuts to the wealthy invariably shift the burden of revenue generation to others, and divert aid away from the needy and the destitute. Another reason is that there is a widespread perception that the tax code, along with other government policies, are already way too generous to the rich, that the game is in various ways rigged in favor of those at the top. That perception is neither wrong (the super-rich don’t seem to be subject to market forces at all, since the Federal Government seems ever-ready to rescue them when markets get turbulent), nor is it going away anytime soon. In fact this slow, simmering rage that permeates America over the criminality and unresponsiveness of the Washington “elite”, is arguably getting even hotter and more explosive by the minute. The GOP establishment really doesn’t seem to get this. At all. The best possible outcome of all this rage, for neo-cons and normie-cons that is (if they don’t head off some of these problems with moderate populist reforms of their own), will likely be some rather extreme measures taken by lefto-socialists in ten or twenty years’ time on issues like taxation and healthcare, which conservatives I suspect will not be all that delighted with.

I shudder to think what some of the other potential outcomes might be.

If your successful presidential campaign tapped deeply into class grievance, it is difficult to see how this tax reform proposal is a smart idea. Optics are very important in politics. The plan the GOP recently rolled out is at best neutral to the center, at worst somewhat unfavorable to the center (the middle class & small businesses in particular, as they get zero relief), and at minimum extremely generous to the wealthy and to large corporations. This will almost certainly be seen as a betrayal by suffering whites in the Rust Belt and beyond who put Trump over the top, folks who have been devastated by bailouts for Wall Street, free trade agreements, and insufficient social programs and expenditures (for addiction in particular). The reality is these people don’t care that much about tax cuts. I think they’ve had their fill of Goldman Sachs style feudalism masquerading as capitalism. These folks just want the millions of invaders who are taking their jobs deported. They want to be able to speak openly in public on sensitive issues without fear of being assaulted by mentally handicapped 3rd World primitives in their midst. They want a functioning democracy, where their voices count. More money in the hands of the uber-rich won’t rectify that problem. Ordinary Americans want to see Trump tackle corruption and undercut Washington’s captivity to oligarchs and multinationals, not watch Trump embody corruption by nourishing an already highly extractive and parasitic globalist cabal. That is precisely what they rose up and voted against in 2016!

Of course there is no way to know whether Trump will win reelection or not (certainly not at this stage). This depends upon an array of factors, including the strength of his opponent. He was very fortunate to have faced a feckless and unpopular candidate with neither charm nor integrity the last time around. However, even a rather weak candidate will likely defeat Trump this time around if Trump should continue down the same path he’s on. And if this tax “reform” should pass he’ll be in a giant hole come 2020, one that will likely inter his political career. I say this with confidence because I understand why he got elected. The thing is, for worse or perhaps even for better, Trump doesn’t seem to.


  • 80% of nations in the world use a VAT tax. Every developed capitalist country in the world uses a VAT tax, with the sole exception of the United States. VAT taxes are quite workable.

  • A VAT tax is about as workable as Marxism-communism-socialism. Even up in trendy Canada the VAT tax has been pronounced as unworkable by the socialist “New Democrats”.

  • Picking the most awkward photo of Trump you could find is a low cheapshot. Build your article on arguments. You fail to present number and source your claims on the bill that would somehow affirm > muh corporate fatcats grievance, muh Bush 2.0. This article is devoid of substance, is this what altrightcom considers a quality standard for writting?

    b-but Trump didn’t do anything in his first year

    Here’s are the actual highlights:

    Consolidates the seven tax brackets into four (12%, 25%, 35%, and 39.6%) – Under this reform, the existing 10 percent bracket goes to zero. The 15 percent bracket goes to 12 percent.
    -Doubles the standard deduction (The first $12,000 for individuals and $24,000 for families will not be taxed).
    -Increases the child tax credit from $1,000 to $1,600 per dependent under 17 with an additional $300 credit per parent. The child tax credit is currently used by 22 million Americans.
    -Simplifies the tax code – The bill repeals personal exemptions, repeals the state and local tax deduction for income and sales taxes and caps the SALT deduction for property taxes at $10,000. The home mortgage interest is grandfathered in and preserved for new homes up to $500,000. All other itemized deductions with the exception of charitable giving are repealed.
    Repeals the alternative minimum tax – This tax is currently paid by 4.5 million individuals and families.
    Repeals the death tax effective 2024 – In years 2018 to 2023, the exemption is doubled to $10 million ($20 million for a couple) and indexed to inflation. The generation skipping transfer tax is also repealed while the gift tax is lowered from 40 percent to 35 percent. Step-up in basis is preserved.
    Preserves retirement tax savings accounts such as 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts.

    Business Provisions:

    Permanently reduces the corporate income tax rate to 20 percent effective immediately – The current 35 percent federal rate is the highest in the developed world. Reducing this rate to 20 percent will allow American businesses to compete against foreign competitors and will allow the U.S. economy to grow. According to an analysis by the Council of Economic Advisers, a 20 percent corporate rate would increase average household income by between $4,000 and $9,000.
    Enacts 100 percent, full business expensing for five years – Section 179 small business expensing is increased from $500,000 to $5 million, and the phaseout is increased from $2 million to $10 million.
    Reduces the business tax rate on pass-through entities from 44.6 percent to 25 percent – This new rate would be applied based on one of two formulas designed to prevent wage income from being mischaracterized as business income.
    Repeals numerous distortionary tax credits but preserves the Research and Experimentation (R&E) credit.
    Implements a partial cap on deductibility of net interest expense for corporations – The cap will be applied when a corporation’s net interest exceeds 30 percent of earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA).
    Implements a modern, territorial system of taxation so that American businesses operating overseas can compete.
    Introduces a one-time repatriation rate of 12 percent for cash and 5 percent for non-cash, payable over eight years.This allows $2.6 trillion in after-tax income to come back to the U.S. to be reinvested in the economy. Ideally, the repatriation rate should be single digit rates. However, this reform will still allow trillions to come back into the U.S. economy. source:

    Besides, it seems you’re arguing for high taxes in general to feed socialist government programs as long as they’re ‘prowhite’. >muh Eisenhower years were white with 90%tax
    What does that have to do with it? Nothing it has no bearing. Those years were more white because they were further back in time and market exhaustion still hadn’t set in due to the state of the world.
    How do help young people start families? Low taxes. Low regulatory complexity. Rapid, practical education. Prioritizing stable long term employment of men over ‘equal’ employment.
    Low taxation has the moral grounds across the board, it’s natural that people take care of themselves and their own.

    What you’re (perhaps) arguing against is corporatism, that is, the esoteric liberal idea that someone can ‘incorporate’ thus shifting the entire financial and moral responsibility to a ‘legal person’ that is not human at all but fictional (this legal person may or may not have a skyscraper HQ like libs tend to imagine them). The sin of usury accompanying this world corporate revolution.
    Feudalism was more responsible simply because medieval lords kept a public face and upheld Christian moral absolutes on just prices versus the protestant Smithsonian idea that no price is objectively just, meaning it’s a race to the bottom for everyone who can’t force the market meaning it’s just whoever has the biggest club in a land without a throne and altar, the masonic secular ‘rule of law’ can’t replace visible human authority.

  • Hey, Alt-Right…..

    Check out the Roy Moore Fake News Drama……

    A JEWISH ‘Journalist’…….named (((Beth Reinhard)))………of the Washington Post………

    Apparently, went to Alabama and offered Thousands of Dollars to likely Poor White Women……

    To have them accuse Roy Moore of Sexual Misconduct to Derail his Campaign…….

    This is what Jews do…..

    I’m not surprised at all………

    Very Talmudic of them……

  • Reply to Greg’s comment below: I used to give alot of credit to Ann Coulter, but she is just a hysterical drama queen. Look who she is dating. How credible is she?

  • Good article. I contributed to Trump during the primary and general because no one else even came close. But the danger signs were always there. Ann Coulter said his failures on immigration was due to his lazy stupidity. I think he never thought of his speeches as campaign promises but rather as applause lines.

  • The democrat victories this week were extremely blackpilling. They didn’t just elect shitlibs, they elected f’ing trannies.

    If the democrats win in 2020, that’s it. They’re gonna be out for blood.

  • We are not voting our way out of this decline. The stars will grow cold before human nature changes without force put upon it.


    Basically, white elites, affluents, and educrati(educated-indoctrinated class) want to lord over non-white ‘immigrants’ and serve Jewish uber-elites.
    White businesses find non-whites more docile, and white educrati find non-whites ‘nobler’ for PC reasons of ‘diversity’ and ‘anti-racism’.

    Meanwhile, white masses demand that white elites serve White America.

    White rulers don’t want to rule over whites. They want a new people.

    White masses want white elites to rule them. They hope, but it’s not happening.

    This is why Alt Right is so important. It is about creating a New White Elite class who will listen to white masses and lead them. And this New White Elite will not collaborate with the Zionist-Globalists.

    White masses must give up on current white elites who cuck out to Jewish globalists and seek to replace white Americans with non-white colonizers who are deemed both more docile and ‘nobler’.

    White masses must demand a New White Elites, and Alt Right must create this new vanguard.

  • The reality is these people don’t care that much about tax cuts. . . More money in the hands of the uber-rich won’t rectify that problem.


    America as America is circling the drain. This is the absolute last moment to push that death back by a few decades, and it can only be done one way: grossly reducing immigration, both legal and illegal. The problem with Republican tax cuts is that it’s an issue, along with useless overseas wars, that the Republicans have traditionally hid behind in order to avoid doing their duties elsewhere, like controlling the borders or doing something about political correctness in schools, or confronting the dominant leftist cultural power about anything it cares about. They’re scared spitless of their enemies and would rather die than be called a racist or in any way pro-white. Literally, rather die. Or at least help kill their party and nation. They’re not stupid, they know the score, they know exactly what open borders will do to the nation and to their movement and party. They’re just too cowardly to attempt to do anything about it and too crooked to just get out of the way.

  • The secret to longevity of power is
    Identity(stability of race/ethnicity, territory, and demography) + Ideology(fluidity of ideas and methods). Locked gates and open minds.

    China and Japan(prior to modernization) are good examples of civilizations with stable identity but rigid ideology. The civilization remained intact but fell behind other civilizations with open minds to new ideas. And these other civilizations amassed so much power and used it to smash down the gates.
    Japan wisely began to open its mind before its gate was smashed by force.
    But China failed to do this. Its closed mind meant lack of scientific and technological progress. It meant no industrialization and socio-political reforms. So, it grew relatively weak, and its gates were smashed open by foreigners.

    But now, we are seeing in the West today the dangers of Anti-Identity and Ideology. Open gates and open minds… which is oddly leading to closed minds via PC that suppresses any idea that challenge the wisdom of this formula. Anti-Identity and Ideology(open minds) eventually leads to Neo-Identity and Anti-Ideology(closed minds). After all, what is promoted as superior and preferable are Jewish identity, black identity, and mixed-raced identity while White Identity is attacked, demeaned, and excoriated.

    The problem with Open Gates and Open Minds is this: Ideology(by which I’m including all things associated with ideas in science, medicine, economics, technology, industry, psychology, sociology, political theory, spirituality, etc.) doesn’t play favorites. Ideology gains compass and direction only through Identity. So, when the elite and/or demographic identity of a society changes, so does the character of the ideology EVEN IF the basic tenets of ideology remain the same.

    Consider Israel. It is a Jewish State with Jewish elites and Jewish majority. Its ideology upholds democracy, property rights, modern science/technology, medical research, high-tech, blend of free markets and socialism, and etc. And yet, all those ideas, in and of themselves, are not pro-Jewish as plenty of non-Jewish or even anti-Jewish nations uphold the same ideas and principles. So, the Ideology of Israel is pro-Jewish only because the prevailing Identity of Israel is Jewish. Even the ideology of nationalism is generic in this sense: It doesn’t necessarily favor any single identity. Rather, it favors the dominant identity of any given nation. So, Israel and Iran could be equally nationalist, but nationalism in Israel is Zionist whereas nationalism in Iran is largely Persian-Islamic.

    Now, suppose a bunch of Palestinians are totally agreed upon ideologically with Jews in Israel. These Palestinians also believe in modernity in science/medicine, democracy, individualism, rule of law, property rights, mixed economy of social-capitalism, and etc. So, would Israel remain the same if Right of Return were enacted, all Palestinians returned to Israel, and Israel became majority Palestinian? Why should Jews worry, right? Palestinians are ideologically same with Jews. They believe in free elections and representative government and free speech and expression.
    But we know Israel will become a fundamentally different state. Why? Because of the profound change in Identity. Open Gates that allowed in all these Arabs will have changed the Main Identity of Israel. So, democracy will lead to election of Palestinian leadership(just like democracy in South Africa led to black power). Economics will be steered to favor Palestinian interests. Technology in high-tech and military will be used to serve Palestinian agendas. (So, all the hard-fought and hard-earned achievements of the Zionist project will be handed over to Palestinians who may very well act against Jewish interests. Did Zionist pioneers go through all that trouble to create a nice little nation for Jews just so that non-Jews could take over and enjoy most of the fruits? If that sounds crazy, why doesn’t it sound crazy to say all the white achievements in EU, Canada, Australia, and the US must be offered to non-whites who had NOTHING to do their creation? PC turns whites into morons. Worse, it doesn’t even teach non-whites to say ‘thank you’. They take from whites but just spit in white faces in the spirit of a universalized form of anti-white chutzpah.) So, all those neutral ideas(of Ideology) will bend according to the power of Identity, which is like a magnetic field or gravity that makes things bend to its ‘will’. This is also true among individuals. Two people can have the exact same values, principles, and means. But they compete with one another to get ahead and atop the other. Their ideas serve opposing or different individual-personal interests. It’s like sports where all teams adhere to the same rules but play against one another.

    So, Ideology isn’t enough if a people want to keep the power. They need ideology(open door to new ideas and methods) but also Locked Gates that strictly control who gets in and who gets out and who gets to remain on a permanent basis. Ideology has no loyalty to a master. Ideology always serves a people who happen to be dominant in a part of the world. So, capitalism as an ideology serves Jews in Israel, Turks in Turkey, Chinese in China, and Vietnamese in Vietnam. Also, democratic elections serve Japanese interests in Japan, Russian interests in Russia, Mexican interests in Mexico, and Hungarian interests in Hungary. Same idea but different results in different parts of the world based on particularities of identity. (Now, one could argue that American Identity is ‘inclusive’ and open to all. So, Ideology is Identity America, and it doesn’t matter who is American since all ‘Americans’ serve American Power and Glory. This was doable when America had a solid white majority with connections to Europe, the mother civilization of New World Nations. So, various Europeans and even non-whites could develop American consciousness and serve what were deemed as Core American Interests. In the past, the Core Identity was Euro-American but also made room for others who wanted to pledge loyalty and join. But as the European Core of Americanism is being marginalized, what are ‘Americans’ supposed to assimilate to? What are they supposed to serve? For some, it seems to be “Israel is America’s closest ally”, but this is hardly a stable formula since Jews are only 2% of Americans and Israel is NOT America. Also, it’s hypocritical and goes against the very spirit of New Americanism. If indeed New America doesn’t play ethnic or racial favorites, why all this AIPAC stuff about Israel-First? Due to lack of a common themes in New Americanism, some Progs have propped up Homomania and Tranny-Worship, but how long can such political fads last, especially when so many non-whites find this homo-and-tranny stuff pretty ridiculous? As for ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, they may have some mantra-effects as slogans, but when it comes to the nitty-gritty, what does it mean to serve Diversity when peoples of diversity cannot agree on much of anything… except that they listen to rap and watch superhero movies? Are Comicon Conventions a workable basis for a national identity? And even if America is about horizontal diversity — as diversity is spreading into all 50 states — , what is to be done about the problems of vertical diversity? After all, if US is about diversity and meritocracy, some groups tend to succeed more than other groups in certain areas. So, NY has lots of Mexicans, Africans, and Arabs, but look at the upper echelons of finance, and it’s mostly Jewish, white, and Hindu/Asian.)

    Conservatism Inc. is fixated on Ideology. It seems to believe, under hypnosis of Neocons, that America is all about Ideology and not about Identity(with the Caveat that All Americans must praise Jews and support Israel for some reason and all whites should honor non-whites celebrating their own identity and heritage). So, the demographic composition of America doesn’t matter IF all Americans of all races and ethnicity are committed to the ideas of democracy, free trade, property rights, human rights, and etc. According to Conservatism Inc. the ONLY problem is that not enough ‘immigrants’ subscribe to True American Values. But, let’s suppose all ‘immigrants’ and blacks could be made to support True American Values as laid out by Conservatism Inc. Even if that were true, their identities would still utilize those values differently. After all, ‘human rights’ is not a fixed term. It’s very malleable. Anything can be defended on the basis of ‘human rights’. Is ‘gay marriage’ a human right? No one thought so until recently. Is it a ‘human rights’ issue to protect illegal invaders in a nation? Doesn’t that violate Rule of Law? But some would argue that Human Rights must take precedence over Rule of Law. Or, the very laws can be changed so that what was illegal becomes legal and what was legal and normal becomes illegal, criminal, and immoral. So many Americans now accept ‘gay marriage’ as Rule of Law and see opponents of the homo agenda as morally sick. So, Rule of Law depends on WHO controls the laws(and the magic charms that determine what is sacred or sacrilegious), and that is an issue of identity. Granted, there is no guarantee that identity will serve its own identity. After all, there are plenty of whites who work against white interests. And there are some Jews who are highly critical of Jewish power. And many ‘immigrant’ groups in the West become servitors of the Empire and turn against their own nation, people, and culture. Consider the Pakistani Gold Star family whose son served US empire’s invasion of a Muslim nation. Still, more often than not, people do tend to think tribally on some level. After all, even after all this anti-white PC propaganda, majority of whites even in many blue states voted for Trump. If only white votes were counted in Illinois and Virginia, Trump could have carried those states. I think it’s even true of NY.

    Also, is ‘small government’ really more American like Conservatism Inc says? Didn’t Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Delano Roosevelt drastically expand power of the federal government? Didn’t the vast majority of Americans embrace the New Deal, electing FDR four times? Alexander Hamilton was a Big Government guy, albeit to control the populace he deemed as dangerous mobs. Didn’t MLK, now a hero of Conservatism Inc., call for massive expansion in welfare for blacks? And where were all those principled voices of Conservatism Inc. when George Bush II used the power of government to pass out easy home loans like crackers to pigeons in a park?

    Americanism is malleable. Free Speech is malleable. There was a time when the American Right was more likely to support suppression of speech deemed seditious, obscene, unpatriotic, communist, subversive, and etc. To conservatives, such restrictions seemed as American as Apple Pie. Today, it’s the Liberals who want to restrict speech lest it allows whites to hate back at their hateful tormentors. PC is hate agenda against whites, and whites are supposed to accept the hate as atonement for their past ‘crimes’. But, some whites are beginning to hate back at the haters, and PC fears that the hate-back-speech of whites, esp in Alt Right, will awaken the White Giant.

    Even though there are radical kooks in California, the reason why the state changed so drastically had to do with demographics. Even if not a single Mexican or Asian in California bought into PC and weren’t into anti-white hatred, the result would have been the same in the Golden State. Even if all ‘immigrants’ were moderate in politics and accepting of Americanism, the simple fact of the matter is that the interests of their identity are at odds with the interests of many whites. Ideology bends to the will of identity. It’s that simple.

    During modernization, Japanese came upon the proper formula. Locked gates and open minds. Learn everything from more advanced nations. Use better ideas and enact social reforms. But if Japan is to belong to Japanese people and serve Japanese interests, don’t allow the invasion by masses of non-Japanese. Strictly control who gets in and out. It’s like “open the window to let in the air but don’t leave the door open so that anyone can enter and settle in the house.” Open Door policy means anyone can enter and lay claim to one’s house. Then, Property Rights goes from a particular person to anyone who enters and lays claim. Open Doors policy has made parts of the US into haven for illegal squatters. And the lack of attention given to native whites are turning them into squatters in their own homelands as well. (Whites are the natives of America in this sense. Even though Indians were here first, they were Pre-Americans who lived in savagery. Before whites came, there was no America. America was founded and built by whites, and that makes whites the first natives of America as Civilization.)

    Chinese learned an important lesson. They failed to open the window like the Japanese did, though to be sure, Japanese decided to open up to new ideas because they saw what was happening to China. As a result, civilizations with more advanced ideas and means invaded and took over parts of China. Japan nearly took all of it at one time. Chinese suffered from Anti-Ideology(being closed to new ideas) and Anti-Identity(Chinese sovereignty was trampled upon so that foreigners could make claims on China). It was Closed Minds and Open Gates. With closed minds, Chinese moved too slowly to deal with the challenges of the modern world. Being weak, they lost control of the gates, and foreign imperialists poured in and forced concessions on China.
    And then, under Mao, the formula was Locked Gates and Closed Minds. Locked Gates ensured Chinese sovereignty. One crucial difference from the 19th century was the rise of Chinese nationalism. The lack of such mass consciousness had meant foreigners could take over all of China just by defeating native elite power. But the rise of such consciousness meant any attempt to take over China since end of WWII would be met with the opposition of an entire people. (It’s like French easily took over Vietnam and Algeria when those places were without mass ideology of nationalism. But once such a politicized identity emboldened the natives, French imperialism was doomed.) But even though Maoist China had national security, its Closed Mind meant no progress and no real reform.
    And then, beginning with Deng’s reforms in the 1980s, China finally arrived at the correct formula:” Locked Gates and Open Minds. Now, ‘locked gates’ doesn’t mean ‘xenophobia’ or prohibition of any movement. It means strict control of movements of people so as to guarantee that power remains in Chinese hands.

    The US embarked on Open Gates and Open Minds. But all these ‘immigrants’ use democracy to serve their own narrow interests. And the elites use diversity-distorted-democracy or DDD to serve their petty interests. To Jewish elites, Diversity is ethnocentrically useful to themselves as it allows Jews to play divide-and-rule among goyim. Also, ‘immigrants’ are useful as buffers against the greatest urban-destroying force known to man: Negro crime and thuggery. As for non-Jewish elites, it’s good to have a large pool of willing helots and neo-serfs to do their bidding. Elites feel that Americanism spoils people with too much demand for ‘rights’ and benefits. So, the US needs New Americans with the gratitude to work and toil and serve the economy. After all, the kids of New Americans will become just like Established Americans spoiled on PC, Pop Culture, narcissism, and victim-politics.

    If Jews and elites have their own particular interests for pushing massive colonization, the ‘immigrants’ have their own reasons, some of it tribal, some of it personal. Mexicans still think in terms of Reconquista. Latin American whites are fueled by envy and resentment. They hate to admit that Anglos did so much better, and so they come to the US to both leech off Anglo achievements and to bring it down to their level. Status-mad East Asians just wanna be where the Power and Wealth are. As the US is seen as the center of the world, it is the new Middle Kingdom for them. Asian-Indians smell the blood of Anglo-nations. With 1.3 billion people and growing, they think they can take over UK, Australia, Canada, and even parts of the US if they migrate in huge numbers. And unlike East Asians, they are less servile and more cunning. As for black Africans, why not come to the West that worships blacks as the icons of nobility and coolness? The most sacred figure in UK is Mandela. In the US, it’s MLK. Even Canada and Ireland now have Black History Month, and the Western Media now idolize the black male/white female mating as the most ideal. And even white ‘conservatives’ of Conservatism Inc are so desperate to prove that they are not ‘racist’ by adopting and raising black babies. Look at the Romney Clan. BLIND SIDE is the myth, Kaepernick fiasco is the reality.

    Ideology is never enough. It always bends to the will of a people with strong identity, and such people will always exist. Even if whites forgo their identity, it will not mean the end of identity politics because Jews, blacks, and Hindus(and Muslims in Europe) will never let it go. It’s like if 8 out of 10 people give up their guns but 2 keep theirs, the 2 will control the 8. Identity is the basis of power. Ideology serves identity.
    Communism was an enterprise where identity was forced to serve ideology, but in time, identity resurfaced and communism came to serve national identities.
    Globalism is yet another attempt to suppress identity in favor of ideology, but it’s causing massive problems for two reasons. It is overly ambitious, and hubris leads to ruin. But more importantly, the people who push this are actually using it to strengthen their own identity. Even as Jews tell whites to abandon their identity, they cling to their own and even tell whites to serve Israel and praise Jewish identity. It is not only a case of hubris but total hypocrisy.

    White America used to be great because it was about Identity(openness to new ideas) and Ideology(race-based control of borders). But it adopted Anti-Identity and Open Gates in the name of More Ideology(more freedom of ideas), but the end-result is Neo-Identity(the rising power of anti-white agenda of Jewish tribalists and non-white identitarians) and Closed Minds(as these new peoples who enter America come not with intellectual curiosity but narrow-minded stupidity and fully support PC and censorship; they are so naive that they don’t even realize that the anti-white PC values that they imbibe are also an attack on their own cultures and values. Any Mexican, Hindu, or Chinese who takes up homomania as part of anti-white politics fails to realize that homomania is the latest beast of neo-imperialism emanating from the now decrepit West). In the news report of lunatics tearing down Confederate statue, there was not only crazy antifa whites and thuggish blacks but Arab-looking loons, Meso-Americans, and Asians. And Conservatism Inc is silent because those monuments stand for ‘racism’ and therefore are ‘anti-American’. But since America is a ‘nation of immigrants’ and a ‘propositional nation’, those vandal-thugs are True Americans since they represent Diversity and war on ‘racism’. When ideology is no longer controlled by a stable identity, this is the result. Consider how the GOP praised Antifa for attacking Alt Right that called for white consciousness at Charlottesville.

    PS. Main lesson for the Chinese. Don’t let any alien elites gain power over Chinese nation. But then, Chinese surely know this danger. Even though Manchurians are now part of China, the rule of Ch’ing Dynasty was seen as foreign by both the Manchus and Chinese. This foreign rule prevented the rise of nationalism in the 19th century as the Manchu elites feared Chinese national consciousness as much as Jewish elites & their globalist cuck-collaborators fear white nationalism in the US and EU. And then, the Chinese came under the rule of various imperialists, European and Asian(Japanese). Chinese have no illusions about what it means to be ruled by foreigners. It’s about humiliation. And then, Chinese also learned the lesson of Maoism, i.e. that Secure Nationalism isn’t enough. Under Mao, China made the same age-old mistake. Shutting off all foreign ideas, even those of Soviets. So, China again fell behind. And then, China arrived at the right formula. Keep the door closed but open the windows. Secure the house from invaders but let the fresh air in and let the stale air out. And use an air filter as so much that comes from the West is more like toxic gas than air. West now worships Homomania. Evangelicals have been replaced by Trangelicals. So many whites now believe themselves to be virtuous because they elected some black tranny to office.

  • This is excellent!! SPOT-ON! Why are people not shouting this from the rooftops, it’s so obvious and it’s so critical?!

  • Ignore my last comment. My phone was doing something crazy so only half the page downloaded! It was an afterhours podcast!

  • Do we have to now pay to come to The article on Milo says we now have to pay monthly or yearly. This is not the best idea.

  • Saudi is not “hostile to your essential freedoms” – as long as you are ethnically saudi arab and a citizen. Neither was Hitler`s Germany.

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