Larry David Points Finger At Glaring Cohencidence At Heart Of Hollywood Rape Scandal

Larry David is a really funny neurotic Jew.

Like most neurotic Jews, he’s obsessed with the Holocaust (in a funny way) and thinks that the goyim notice that he’s Jewish.

Most goys don’t. Most are total sheep that would never have noticed the Jewishness of the Hollywood sex scandal if Larry hadn’t pointed it out to them.

(about 4 minutes in)

But he just can’t help himself.

“Please don’t lump me in with them,” he almost seems to say. And then off he goes talking about the concentration camps again.

And is he wrong?

A lot of these names have a certain echo to them.

This all begs the question whether Larry David is an anti-semite of course. Can a Jew get away with pointing out the obvious in a way that a goy cannot?

Or are we too far into the whole SJW thing? Are Jews that just aren’t quite with the times and the hip Cult Marx vernacular of the kids about to be cannibalized?

It certainly happened with Jerry Seinfeld, who learned the hard way that his very basic 90’s style humor was too much for college students to handle. He canceled all his college tours.

It’s hard to feel too bad for them though. Mostly it’s just funny.

Like something out of a Larry David show, he’s managed to pull off a revolutionary act by telling the truth. Open mouth, insert foot, wake da goyim up, oy gevalt!

This is all probably because Larry David is the real-life version of George Costanza from Seinfeld. He may have inadvertently become a real Nazi, by just being himself.

meme magic

Don’t let The Current Year ™ get you down when there are so many benefits to living in clown world. The humor gets so meta and self-referential and downright spooky that its worth having a chuckle every now and then.

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  • Larry David had very young “girlfriends” throughout his career. Makes you think whether he had them younger off camera. If you’re 60+ and parade with 20 year olds, what shouldn’t make me think you see 14 year olds as toys when you’re 50 behind the scenes?

  • He pointed it out while at the same time he reminded the audience that 1. Jews are great ( listing some alleged Jewish intellectual achievements 2. That Jews are the victim ( talking about concentration camps)..Was this a conscious attempt to ‘soften the blow’ of telling people Jews in power are perverts ? Even when admitting they are gross they remind us that we are evil and mentally poor,in their thinking.

  • If only Jews had stuck to porn, where they exceled, they wouldn’t have got into this mess. But they keep thinking of themselves as something more than mere pornographers and conveyors of smut…

  • Allegedly Adam Schiff the main pusher of the Trump impeachment bs….Adam Schiff is involved and linked to the Weinstein pedo mafia sex mafia…Schiff knows Weinstein personally and helped him covered up his crime, Schiff kept the LAPD off his tracks…

  • People say Eugenics is evil but they seem to be into Eurogenics, i.e. non-whites seek to appropriate white genetics for their off-springs. (They even do it cosmetically for themselves by blonde hair weaves, plastic surgery, and/or skin lightening cream.) Non-white women around the world pay big money to be impregnated by Nordic sperm. So, a kind of Eurogenics seems to the order of the day.

    Black men like white looks so much that they wanna have mulatto kids with white women. They want their kids to have white features.

    Yellow women like white looks so much that they wanna have Eurasian kids with white men. They want their kids to have white features.

    So, non-whites go for Eurogenics. It is their preferred form of Eugenics.

  • Race-mixing is destructive.

    Whereas it’s SO EASY to create a mixed-race person by interbreeding, it’s NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to create a mono-racial person from mixed-breed population.
    It’s like it’s simple to mix juices but impossible to extract one juice from a punch-bowl of mixed juices and other flavors. Race-mixing is permanently damaging because it’s irreversible.

    It took 10,000s of yrs of evolution to create the precious reality of diverse separate races.
    But this wonderful product of 10,000s of evolution is to be destroyed in a few decades or centuries with massive globo-racial sausaging. The various steaks of humanity are to be tossed into the globalist meat grinder and turned into generic-genetic hotdogs all around the world.
    Who thinks a hotdog is better than a whole steak?

    The simplicity of creating mixed-race people via interracism proves that racial mixture is dime-a-dozen. All you have to do is have different races have sex. It’s easily done.

    But if the entire world were mixed-race, it would be near-impossible to breed mono-racial people from the mix. It would be like trying to extract only orange juice from a bowl where orange juice has been mixed with apple juice, grape juice, prune juice, pineapple juice, and etc. Now, all these juices are fine, but if all juices were mixed into a single bowl, then forget about having single juices anymore. All the flavors have been mixed to all eternity with little or no chance of recovering the original juices.

  • Im alwasy a bit suspicious when people get shoad by sex scandals. Sex has no real significance. All of us men would be pigs if we got away with it. And thats why Weinstein has been, a pig. So why was he shoad for being a pig? Or rather, shoad with his pigishness? It isolates him, makes him an untouchable. Cui Bono?

    Is the source of the shoaing of Weinstein known? I mean, is it really clear how it got started, who started making noise, and who amplified that noise?

    Could Weinstein have been doing something pro european, is my nagging suspicion? If so, this way to shoa him is perfect, it turns him against europeans because so many of us gleefully revel in his humiliation. And it turns us against him.

  • My take was slightly different.

    He sandwiches the mass rape of Shiksas by Jews with two things. Jewish genius (Einstein and Salk) and then the Holocaust.

    It’s like he saying:

    “Yeah we are fucking your women and what are you going to do about it goyim? Last time you people made a move it was annudah Shoah, remember Dresden goys?”

  • There’s nothing based or cute about this k1ke. What he was doing was making light of his fellow jews raping hundreds of White women and children.

    “lol goyim aren’t we jews just such characters, hehe we raped a lot of shiksas, maybe we aren’t perfect, but I assure you I’m one of the good ones, lol.”

    The holocaust joke was not self-deprecating humor. It didn’t even make sense in the context of the rest of his monologue The point was to associate the normal outrage of Whites with the holohoax. “Don’t you goyim get too uppity, remember how you killed 6 gazillion of us in muh shoacaust.”

  • What the … ? There’s nothing about the sex scandal in that SNL clip. Did you get the wrong one, did they switch it out on you? Unless you mean the part where David says: that /of course/ they’re going out with him because he’s rich and on TV. But that’s nothing.

  • I think you’re underestimating the normies for once. It’s an open secret that Hollywood is run by Jews. Family Guy and South Park have made enough jokes about it.

  • I began noticing the jewish accent years ago, before I was fully redpilled. It was like nails on a chalkboard then & now it makes me want to rip my ears off! I can’t listen to any of them!

  • I never watch these sorts of Jewish humor shows. I tried to watch that one and can’t. Makes me cringe. Sometimes when I am back in the states someone makes a joke that is obviously inspired by this type of Jewish humor. They always sound like idiots.

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