Larry David Points Finger At Glaring Cohencidence At Heart Of Hollywood Rape Scandal

Larry David is a really funny neurotic Jew.

Like most neurotic Jews, he’s obsessed with the Holocaust (in a funny way) and thinks that the goyim notice that he’s Jewish.

Most goys don’t. Most are total sheep that would never have noticed the Jewishness of the Hollywood sex scandal if Larry hadn’t pointed it out to them.

(about 4 minutes in)

But he just can’t help himself.

“Please don’t lump me in with them,” he almost seems to say. And then off he goes talking about the concentration camps again.

And is he wrong?

A lot of these names have a certain echo to them.

This all begs the question whether Larry David is an anti-semite of course. Can a Jew get away with pointing out the obvious in a way that a goy cannot?

Or are we too far into the whole SJW thing? Are Jews that just aren’t quite with the times and the hip Cult Marx vernacular of the kids about to be cannibalized?

It certainly happened with Jerry Seinfeld, who learned the hard way that his very basic 90’s style humor was too much for college students to handle. He canceled all his college tours.

It’s hard to feel too bad for them though. Mostly it’s just funny.

Like something out of a Larry David show, he’s managed to pull off a revolutionary act by telling the truth. Open mouth, insert foot, wake da goyim up, oy gevalt!

This is all probably because Larry David is the real-life version of George Costanza from Seinfeld. He may have inadvertently become a real Nazi, by just being himself.

meme magic

Don’t let The Current Year ™ get you down when there are so many benefits to living in clown world. The humor gets so meta and self-referential and downright spooky that its worth having a chuckle every now and then.

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