Paris Cancels Champs-Élysées Christmas Market

Street blockades have begun after a city council decision to cancel the annual Christmas market and fair along Paris’s most famous boulevard, the Champs-Élysées.

The blockades are organized by several dozen angry stallholders who are in despair due to the prospect of losing of a chunk of their annual earnings.

According to The Telegraph, the founder and main organizer of the market, Marcel Campion “objects to a city council decision to cancel the event on the grounds that it sells inferior quality food, toys and trinkets at inflated prices that damage the city’s image.”

Campion threatened strikes would begin on Monday if the market’s cancellation was not overturned, and today traffic jams engulfed many roads leading into the city as trucks and vans were told to deliberately move forward as slowly as possible.

To be clear, Paris does not intend to ban the Christmas market entirely, but to replace it with “alternative ways to animate the famed avenue during the end of the year celebrations.”

The city council’s decision stated that they wish to create “more attractive and innovative events that will enhance the Champs-Élysées in a cultural and aesthetic dimension in keeping with this exceptional site.”

Paris, to be fair, is certainly stuffed with shoddy souvenir stands in every tourist site, and one can feel their passion for the city diminish after passing by thousands of mass-produced refrigerator magnets and Eiffel tower miniatures while taking care not to be targeted by packs of roving African beggars and scammers who shout “Are you racist?” if you try to ignore them. In this regard, I support the city’s plans to clean out the crap and create a more festive and high-quality spectacle like the vastly superior Christmas markets in Eastern Europe. It remains to be seen whether Paris will actually come through with its intentions and ring in an authentic and safe holiday atmosphere instead of  — what I’m guessing — a sterile show of abstract lights devoid of “offensive” Christian symbols. Considering the current trends of removing crosses and demolishing ancient churches across the country, I have little hope of a Christmas revival.

I also find it amusing how the city council is so concerned about sub-standard commodities and overpriced crepes “damaging the city’s image,” while migrants are assaulting tourists in broad daylight, and trash fills the streets. The security situation is so dire that just yesterday the Chinese Embassy urged Parisian authorities to work harder to protect their citizens after a group of 40 Chinese tourists were violently robbed and sprayed with tear gas on November 2nd in the parking lot of their hotel. Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying warned prospective travelers to France that “the situation of social security is grave in Paris and the Greater Paris Region has witnessed a series of violent robberies targeted at Chinese tourists and the overseas Chinese people in France.”

Welcome to the new and improved City of Lights and Love, where Christmas markets are banned for being tacky rip-offs, but vicious beggars and armed robbers await tourists with tear gas and switchblades. Isn’t that what a progressive Christmas is about, fellow white people? Opening our hearts and borders to violent third-world criminals?

On a serious note, Central and Eastern Europe are the only places to go for a genuine diversity-free Christmas experience. I had the opportunity to see Budapest’s Christmas market transform and flourish with each passing year. Each year, it grew larger and expanded to other, renewed pedestrian streets. Last year, it fully reached St. Stephen’s Basilica, the façade of which displayed a light show. A skating rink was built around a massive Transylvanian pine, Hungarian musicians and folk dancers performed on a stage, and a 200-meter food terrace on Vörösmarty Square offered only the highest quality sausages, stews, and mulled wines. The available toys, crafts, and sweets were approved by a government-appointed team of professionals, and the prices were not too steep for tourists.

Budapest, St. Stephen’s Basilica. Only one of the Christmas market’s main squares.

I remember when St. Stephen’s Basilica was dark in 2009. When there were no cafés and trendy bars around it, no large groups of tourists, just a few lone travelers quietly strolling by. Now, Budapest is regaining its position as a center of European culture and pride, and you can really sense it.

Hungary is Europe’s fastest growing tourist destination, with a 19% increase in the number of tourists in 2015, and a further 7% in 2016. There was a time when the East idolized the West for its quality of life and innovations. In some ways, it still does. But when it comes to European culture, it’s not the East that’s looking towards the West, but a beleaguered West seeking inspiration from the East.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • Sad to see how much dignity is left in this world. Don’t know how things turned this bad, neither how they turned like shit. I really wish things would be like before.

    You know, like they were before this website even existed.

    For those of you who are disappointed in how Paris turned out : you never grew up in Paris, neither in France. You don’t know France, us French people are not willing to keep your ideas alive. Humanity has come to such progress, why bother making things more stupid ? You cannot think that excluding people from a land is going to make things – or America – better. #Trump

    As for I, I am not an expert on arguing. Just a simple citizen, willing to express ideas, and represent them. Just like most of you here. If something bothers you about what I said, notify me. No human being is perfect, and my anger may alter my thoughts.

    As for those of you who will rate this comment down, know that every single thumb down is the proof of you idiots existing.

  • I honestly don’t want to read the article because just the headline made me nauseous. I’ll read it later.

  • That video of Paris was seriously fucking disgusting. Nine seconds to see the first case of bestiality, and not a single White child to be seen.
    Glad to see the progress in Hungary, Orban is a blessing to all of Europe.

  • Congratulations to Budapest and Hungary. That is great news. I’ve heard people say Budapest is a very beautiful city.

    The other day I compared the safety index on a Cost of Living index website for Tallinn, Estonia (eastern Europe) to several German cities. Tallinn is ranked safe in every category, while the German cities were not bad, but Tallinn clearly was ranked safer. Then I looked at Riga, Latvia (also eastern Europe) and it had excellent ratings too, only slightly below Tallinn. I suspect it is the same story all across eastern Europe, with eastern European cities ranking as safer cities than many or most western European cities, a clear indication that the west and the EU’s leaders have caused the severe decline in quality of life in western European cities. I suspect many eastern European cities are cleaner, more orderly and beautiful than many west European cities now too. Orban, other eastern European leaders and the so called “right wing” leaders in western Europe should all be pointing this out.

    I suspect things are improving in eastern Europe somewhat and I’m happy for that, but the big divergence between east and west is more the EU’s policies to push mass migration policies and multiculturalism at first, solely on ideological grounds despite evidence the result would be a lower quality of life, and then when it became clear the results have caused a severe decline in western European living standards, to push ahead with multiculturalism solely for ideological reasons, despite the disastrous results it has had. That is where we’ve been for at least a few years now, possibly longer.

    The Alt-Right and all “right wing” parties in Europe should be emphasizing eastern Europe’s superiority over western Europe in these categories every day, shove it in western leaders faces and make them face up to what they’ve done.

  • that’s why white liberals love so much expensive music festivals. they can all rave about “diversity” and “enrichment” while enjoying a 99% white event

  • Can Eastern Europe emerge from the shadow of Western Europe and take on leadership, while avoiding cultural Marxist takeover?

  • The manner in which Europeans are allowing themselves to be conquered, in which their leadership is allowing this to transpire, is truly the stuff of nightmares. This is the horror. The horror.
    I don’t know how it is come to pass that the military factions of these European nations have not risen up to take control and end this horrifying, self-destructive madness. A people being destroyed by a hostile foreign faction is one thing, but the aggressiveness with which modern Europeans – specifically the leadership class – are attempting to undermine their own existence is absolutely astounding, in an utterly grotesque manner.
    The Jews are behind this, and when I hear someone like Trump stand before the UN and talk about the “better future” which the Allies created through the destruction of mainland Europe and of the National Socialists of Germany, in alliance with Soviet (((Communists))) no less, I can only question how many of these people know the truth of that greatest of 20th-century betrayals, and wonder at how willing our leaders are to sell us out for shekels and short-lived power.

  • @Gubbler Chechenova

    Huwhites have the lowest interracial mixing rate of all races. Immigration is a problem but the idea that white women are worshipping africans is erroneous.

  • Hungary and other Central European states will face military threats from both an Islamic Western Europe and an Islamic Russia by the mid-century if trends continue. Unless Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and Poland form a central military bloc there’d be nothing stopping the final conquest of Europe. And don’t count on any support from Amerikwa, either.

    Of course this depends largely on the ability of the Poles to stop being cunts to other Europeans, which is a tall order. And it means kicking k1kes out of these countries so they can’t sabotage their unity.

  • Good riddance to England and France. Utterly worthless, corrupt people who’ve spent the last 300 years forcing their horrible ideas onto the rest of Europe.

  • This is the result of ACOWW, or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs

    Why should mulattoes respect whiteness? They grow up in a society that ideologically says whites are to blame for everything whereas blacks are noble and cool.

    And besides, their white mothers rejected white men as wussy inferiors and sexually served a black man as natural rightful lord over their wombs.

    Ideologically and iconologically, ACOWW is total defeat of the white race, and it is spreading all over US and EU.

    Every year, more and more white wombs are colonized to create mulatto wenches like this.
    And white Americans even elected Obama, a product of ACOWW when it still frowned up by society when he was born.

  • The Prophet told us what would happen >>>

    “And even France must be counted among these states. Not only that she complements her army to an ever-increasing degree from her enormous empire’s reservoir of colored humanity, but racially as well, she is making such great progress in negrification that we can actually speak of an African state arising on European soil.

    If the development of France in the present style were to be continued for three hundred years, the last remnants of Frankish blood would be submerged in the developing European-African mulatto state. An immense self-contained area of settlement from the Rhine to the Congo, filled with a lower race gradually produced from continuous bastardization.”

    Mein Kampf
    Volume 2 Chapter 14

  • I have never been to Europe but being a European descendant it breaks my heart to see it die. I hope Eastern Europe learns from the west & doesn’t allow in those nasty 3rd worlders. Hopefully one day I can travel to see our Mother & Father lands.

  • How can anyone in their right mind feel like being in the Christmas spirit when you have roving gangs of Nig-Nogs, Jews, and Sand Neggas running around threatening your very lives, and in general, making life miserable ?
    I defy anyone to be in the Christmas spirit when you live had your very country sold out from underneath you by those that you supposedly voted into protect you

  • Kitartás, Melissa Meszaros!

    For an interesting historical look at Budapest in Christmas time from an American racialist perspective, check out Lothrop Stoddard’s account of visiting there in winter of 1939 in his fantastic memoir, “Into the Darkness.” It will make your Magyar heart swell with pride.

  • Both depressing and inspiring at the same time.

    Orban’s sidelining of Jobbik by adopting their most important stances has been amazing to watch.

  • On Point about Advent in Central and eastern Europe. I live in Zagreb and Christmas here is amazing…. I think it actually earned the Title for the best Advent in Europe last year. There is still a bit of diversity youll come across, but its Austrailians, Americans,and Chinese tourists.So much nicer than anything youll find in Western Europe in my humble opinion

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