Alt-Right Politics: Is It Okay to Be White?

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This week, Alt-Right Politics gives you the most stacked podcast episode in Alt-Right history with Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley, Caerulus Rex, Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo, Gregory Ritter and, returning from a 3-month hiatus: SELITE, the world’s most politically astute jarhead.

ISSUE 1) Immigration Deformed: Trump vacillates between his nationalist self and his cuck self. But increasingly, the nationalist Trump seems only interested in talking the talk. When it comes to action, it’s just more of the same.

ISSUE 2) Is it okay to be white? The alt-right stumbles upon a rhetorical masterstroke. The left is determined to surpress it at all costs. How many will bleed in pushing this message?

ISSUE 3) 100 years since the October Revolution: Владимир Ленин и большевики захватили контроль над российской властью, и уничтожили временное правительство России. Mир никогда не был тем же. What has the “Russian” Revolution wrought? What lessons can we draw from our ideological enemies?

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  • so ?Eli Mosley claims that 3rd world unemployment isn’t 30% (its more like 90-95%), since 5% of the people are working for the state and ~90-95% of people in these countries (basically the ENTIRE COUNTRY) are sitting around on their asses doing nothing, surviving on remittances from their eldest son that they sent off to the West, and supplementing their income by selling their youngest children to sex slavery or “house” slavery – just wondering if he has any actual evidence or statistics to back up these extraordinary claims…

  • Seems that Paywall content is accessible when you sign up for any of the monthly donation plans under ‘PLUS’ at the top, gents. tips hat

  • @1969 in the sunshine
    It is baked into the cake. It’s not a question of interpretation. The data is in. The demographic transformation of America is an event which has occurred in the past. Your fluff piece on white births is merely counting percentage of white women giving birth (up to 52% from 49%), not the number of white children being born. Somewhere between 80 and 90% of those white mothers will be bearing white children, not 100%.

  • Whites has been in this country longer than blacks. But why should the white race be the one in control of it? I’m sorry guys, but my views on blacks has change ever since I started to befriend many of them. We can’t kick them out because of their color, they are people like us who want a better future. Lets not be like Hitler who killed thousands of people, let’s see all races as equal. There is no difference, only our cultures due to being separated from one another. I challenge you to befriend a minority and you will understand. I believe that a good leader should govern this country, certainly not because they are white. Some of us are completely dumb and some really smart. There is no difference with any other people of any other color. Stop being closed minded in believing that blacks are inferior to whites. We are all of the same race.

  • to Lovable Scoundrel:
    it was revolution on february when tsar was overthrown. it was a peaceful revolution. it has nothing to do with bolsheviks.
    and then followed another october revolution, when bolsheviks came to power, it divided country and led to civil war 1917-1922 between red army and white army.
    Initialy revolution wasn’t started by bolsheviks

  • genocidal_maniac: I too am confused by the paywall. I would sign up for a paywall here if there were going to regular videos/podcasts.

  • Answer to Sergei: I see you’re right. I interpreted мир as meaning “peace” (миръ): “since then there has never been any peace”, but I see your version interprets it as “world” (міръ): “the world has never been the same”. My mistake, thanks for your correction.

    You people are truly going full bloody NazBol…. No wonder you’ve started moderating your comment section…

  • Did you seriously try to defend the (((Bolshevik))) revolution by crapping on the tsarist regime? Good lord…

  • Glad to hear Tsirk got a mentioned. Also watched it in University, and the overarching message struck me as overly similar to what Hollywood was/is pushing.

  • The blacks do not have a claim to this continent, certainly not based on the amount of time they’ve been here. The Injuns, okay, sure, I could see an argument in that capacity; but the blacks? Absolute hogwash.
    The blacks were brought here as farming equipment, they didn’t contribute meaningfully to the settling of the land and/or establishment of the nation thereupon. To hear Richard even given credence to these sorts of far-left narratives makes me lose respect for him, and those who would support that argument.
    The blacks belong in Africa, full stop, end of story.

  • Selite welcome back, Sir, it’s been too long. For my money it doesn’t get any better than The Fabulous Fascistic Four: Selite, Spencer, Ritter, Camillo (in no specific order). I’m not trying to be greedy but I’d love to see Wochenschau back up and running sometime in the next few weeks or whenever.

  • Don Camillo is spot on with regard to the Tsar.

    And “Americanism” IS Bolshevism.

    I don’t mean figuratively either; it is literally Bolshevism.

    The neoconservative intellectual leaders can trace their lineage directly to the Trotsky faction. Bill Kristols dad was an Trotskyist for chrissakes. It isn’t hard to find this information (it is on Wikipedia).

    The winning of the Slavophile Stalinism over J-Trotskyism created neoconservativm in the United States.

    It is interesting how much the past effects the future.

    The J-Trotskyist are still bitter, and the current anti-Russian sentiment is the continuation of this battle between Russian nationalism (which sprung from Stalinism) and Trotskyist in exile.

    Where Spencer is right, is with regard to Stalin being somewhat conservative (perhaps pragmatically). If the Trotsky faction had won, then asians would have been permitted to move freely, and the ruling class would have been comprised of a single tribe.

    Never forget that this is the brand of Bolshevik that is rooted in America right now (in its various guises).

    With regard to Russia, what is worrisome is what happens when Putin retires. Can the Russians produce another man like him?

  • @1969 in the sunshine: > Hispanic births down
    … so the next time you see an illegal waving a bachelors’ diploma, take that little bit of comfort, that it kept her from breeding for a couple / few years.

  • Jews sell shit to whites that whites are willing to buy. Whites don’t get to absolve themselves from all responsibility in this way. No matter how frequently they try to.

  • On the BQ (Black Question) – as the Tribe, as slave merchants, was the major interest behind moving blacks from Africa to America, it’s only proper to repatriate all of the blacks to Israel rather than Africa.

    The Israelis should be happy about this, as they are always telling us how wonderful diversity is.

  • @RichardSpencer, @dj1969

    “White Births a US Majority Again”

    In 2016, it was reported that the Hispanic birth rate had slowed, and the latest figures may be confirmation of this fact.

    Maybe Hispanics have started to reach the “we’re too rich and happy to breed” phase?

    I don’t doubt we’re going to be demographically overwhelmed; just, I’d spergily like it acknowledged that it isn’t ‘baked in the cake’ /yet/. Now, ‘whites’ in these statistics includes North Africans, Middle Easterners and Arabs – but are they /that/ sizeable a component?

  • very surprised that you speaks russian!, are you sure that you are not a kremlin’s agent?
    usually russian historians think that defeat in a russian-japan war a main fail of Nicholas II, at that time Japan in eyes of world was kind of a third world country, and loosing war with Japan was a shame, that’s lead to a big disapointment of tsar family

    dj1969 quote
    “I would say:

    В. И. Ленин с большевиками, уничтожив временное правительство, взяли власть над Россией, и с тех пор не имеется мира.”

    here is russian to help you with russian grammar
    “мир никогда не будет прежним”
    “мир никогда не будет тем же” also correct but first one is more common

  • Dam…I’ll have to agree with the copycat guy on the negro thing (send them back to where they came).

    Omfg I can believe Richard is a cuck for that race who made huge evil to whites since always! This is insanity! Whites needs to stop that urge for caring for races out of their own people! You don’t want the savage burden? Stop being part of the savage life! Whites needs to take care of their own noses instead of putting it everywhere. Those people are who they are they will not change and is not whites bussness to obligate them to do so in any cute word such as: equality, love, charity and so on. Just stop! Control yourselfs and mind your own bussness and your own people. Not only you have to stop looking for those people you gotta protect your country for them from now on untill forever! Never again let them in. Never again give your money to others outside your own folks and lands. Never again teach any mercy with those who aren’t whites. They are a real threat! They are biologic weapons when out of their own countries, simple as that. So stop this sick thing of “being the host” or “being the nanny” for the less developed. Just stop.

  • Only North Amerindians have some claim and they should have their own nation similar to what they have now within the country. Blacks have NO CLAIM. They can go to Canada, Latin America, Africa or to the remaining liberal American nation if we secede.

    Stop cucking for niggers, Spencer. You have ZERO to gain. No one is impressed by this and it accomplishes nothing. Is this all from your appearances on Jesse Peterson’s show? Don’t be so emotional.

    Negroids have the whole continent of Africa now that Muslims ruined North Africa. Spencer can do his “white man’s burden” penance helping the niggers in Africa.

  • Totally right to argue for re-emigration. My idea: countries like Sierra Leone are very feeble, and you could easily restore order there and make them a Western colony, and a place where we could deport immigrants to.

  • im glad someone finally pointed out a lot of trumps “failings” are really just a reflection of his limited power, cuckservatives and the deep state. its not true that he is just reactionary. its media megaphone that makes it seem that way. im sure he would have done a lot more if he thought it was actually possible and no doubt the fear of impeachment also influences his decisions. i think the lesson from trump is that democratic reform is probably not possible and maybe a Russian revolution magnitude “paradigm shift” is what it will take. the other take away from the Russian revolution is that a small ideologically committed group can effectively hijack a country. we saw this to a lessor degree with neocons. anyway i think the trump divorce thing has gone to far and blow torch need to go back to the actual problems.

  • Richard Spencer, you’re right that most births in the US are non-white, so this is baked into the cake. There is only one way of establishing a permanent white majority: alllow only one migration stream: free white immigration from any European country. You could see 10m or 20m whites move in in a decade, of an age range likely to be having children.

  • Charlottesville was a great success precisely because it was a disaster.

    Both Gandhi and King planned for events that would provoke the enemy into violence. It would expose the contradictions of power.

    Charlottesville was Selma for white patriots. Selma was of course a success for blacks because it was a failure. Blacks were martyred by the police. In Charlottesville, the white patriots were martyred by the system.
    Charlottesville must be a narrative that must be corrected and unspun over and over and over until the Right owns with nobility and pride.

    White people seeking independence from Jewish supremacism were crushed in Charlottesville.
    It was an act of White Racial Disobedience, a refusal to play White Submissivism at the feet of Jewish Supremacism.
    In the eyes of Jewish supremacist power and its cuck-servants, the pan-european patriots were too uppity. They were Field Whites, not House Honkeys sucking up to Jewish massuh.
    With Disobedience comes pride, and from pride comes unity and from unity comes power.

    Charlottesville was Selma for the Pan-European movement.

  • Er… what do you mean by Mир никогда не был тем же? The negative takes the genitive of the noun. If something has never existed since a certain event, you would have the present tense, not the past. тем же? by that? do you mean since then? “There has never been peace ever since” would be: с тех пор нет мира.

    I would say:

    В. И. Ленин с большевиками, уничтожив временное правительство, взяли власть над Россией, и с тех пор не имеется мира.

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