Alt-Right Politics: Is It Okay to Be White?

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This week, Alt-Right Politics gives you the most stacked podcast episode in Alt-Right history with Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley, Caerulus Rex, Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo, Gregory Ritter and, returning from a 3-month hiatus: SELITE, the world’s most politically astute jarhead.

ISSUE 1) Immigration Deformed: Trump vacillates between his nationalist self and his cuck self. But increasingly, the nationalist Trump seems only interested in talking the talk. When it comes to action, it’s just more of the same.

ISSUE 2) Is it okay to be white? The alt-right stumbles upon a rhetorical masterstroke. The left is determined to surpress it at all costs. How many will bleed in pushing this message?

ISSUE 3) 100 years since the October Revolution: Владимир Ленин и большевики захватили контроль над российской властью, и уничтожили временное правительство России. Mир никогда не был тем же. What has the “Russian” Revolution wrought? What lessons can we draw from our ideological enemies?

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