The Virgin Mass Murderer vs. The Chad Bystander

Just look at these two pictures. What a contrast!

The guy on the left is 26-year-old Devin Kelley, the Leftist scumbag atheist, suspected antifa, and possible paedophile, who gunned down a church full of defenceless people.

Just look at that gruesome, pallid, slimelike, “soyboy” face. This guy may have been married and even technically had “sex” with his wife, but I’m sure that in the most essential sense of the word he was a virgin – esoteric virginity, if you like.

Now look at the guy on the right.

He is local resident Johnnie Langendorff, a bystander at the time of the actual massacre, who nevertheless quickly responded in the aftermath, and, with one other guy, confronted Kelley, gave chase, and drove the killer to his death.

Okay, his teeth may need a little work, but look at that healthy, outdoors complexion, generally virile demeanour, and rooting-tooting-shooting cowboy hat. This guy is a real chad, God bless him!

The Virgin Mass Murderer vs. the Chad Bystander! What further proof do you need of meme magic?

Langendorff dealing with a grateful female admirer shortly after his impressive chadding.

Nor should we forget Langendorff’s partner in this act of heroism, based “old-timer” Stephen Willeford. Okay, the guy doesn’t fit neatly into a preexisting meme yet, but one should definitely be created just for him. Willeford is an ex-NRA instructor who put a bullet in Kelley, even though Kelley was wearing body armour

You don’t get more NRA than this guy. How’s that for your narrative, Leftists?

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Lloyd Nix

Do you ever think about what you are saying before you say it?


His neck tattoo looks pretty degenerate, fam.


Looks like the kind of working-class, neck-tattoo guy this website would normally defame over his “optics”.

Vincent Law

You don’t know what you are talking about. And in what world is a neck tattoo a symbol of the working class?

dryl bsrb

what a dumb post


How come you don’t run a picture of the man who actually ENGAGED THE SHOOTER? Or is he too boring and middle-aged (although a good shot)?


Revenge of the soyboys? They’re always dull, liberal and love race mixing.


Just watched the local ABC interview with Johnnie Langendorff. While he did drive the shooter off the road, it was actually another member of the community who shot (eventually killing) the shooter…no word on who that hero with the gun was.

Captain John Charity Spring MA
Captain John Charity Spring MA

He married a Mexican just like JEB.

Jack Burton

Devin Kelley was not a virgin. He was married to Danielle Shields and they had a child together. She is a mestizo who erroneously calls herself white, so you could say he’s a beta cuck who couldn’t get a white woman.

Jack Burton

Chads, not to be confused with the African country of Chad, are usually associated with frat boys and jock douchebags like the ones in Revenge of the Nerds. Also known as a “bro or broseph.”

In the South this more masculine type would be the redneck or “good ol’ boy” as portrayed in The Dukes of Hazzard.
comment image

cuck slayer

This is a bizzare post