Texas Church Shooter was Depressive Atheist Creep

Information from former classmates and acquaintances is pouring in about Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old who opened fire inside a rural Texas church, killing 26 churchgoers and injuring 24.

Kelley was apprehended outside the church by 55-year-old Stephen Willeford. According to a local account given to Daily Mail:

Willeford was first alerted to the shooting when his daughter called him saying there was a man in body armor gunning down churchgoers. He grabbed his gun and bravely headed down to confront the killer. The local said that while Willeford has no military experience, he is an excellent shot, and when he came face-to-face with Kelley, he didn’t hesitate; he shot in between Kelley’s body armor, hitting him in his side. The 26-year-old had dropped his Ruger assault rifle and climbed in an SUV to flee the scene.

But another local resident, Johnnie Langendorff, who had witnessed the confrontation refused to let the shooter get away. Both he and Willeford, a local plumber, jumped in his truck and gave chase.

Langendorff told KSAT 12 that he’d been speeding at 95mph, while on the phone to dispatch, while Willeford kept his rifle trained on the gunman’s car. As they approached a sharp curve in the road, near the 307 and 539, he said Kelley appeared to lose control and his car swerved off the road.

Aside from suffering from obvious mental issues, it’s unclear what made Devin Kelley finally snap and target Sutherland Springs, an unassuming town with only 400 residents about 35 miles north of his hometown of New Braunfels, Texas.

Stephen Willeford.
Johnnie Langendorff.

About Kelley, a former high school classmate stated: “He had a kid or two, fairly normal, but kinda quiet and lately seemed depressed.” Others testified that they’d deleted him off Facebook due to his anti-social ramblings and off-putting, incessant preaching of atheism. Another former classmate wrote: “There were people I knew who stayed away from this guy for many reasons, which all make sense to me now. He just requested me on Facebook recently.”

Meanwhile, the killer’s neighbor told ABC news that Kelley lived in his parents’ house with his wife and small child, and that sometimes gunshots could be heard coming from near the house late at night.

And to top it off, The Telegraph reported that Kelley was dishonorably discharged from the US Air Force for domestic abuse. Ann Stefanek, an Air Force spokeswoman said: “He served 12 months’ confinement after a 2012 court-martial and ultimately received a bad conduct discharge and reduction in rank.”

Devin Kelley, another completely normal and productive US citizen.

This is a recurring tragedy in the United States that has been going on for decades, and it has little to do with the occasional Islamic terrorist spicing things up. As President Trump stated at a press conference in response to the shooting: “This isn’t a guns situation. This is a mental health problem at the highest level.” He described the shooter Devin Kelley as “a very deranged individual.”

And essentially Trump is correct. Mental health problems have been on the rise in the United States, with them accounting for the greatest cause of disability and currently affecting 20% of the youth population. Despite only a fraction of mentally-ill people committing murders and shootings, the unpredictable damage they can cause to communities cannot be ignored.

The bottom line of this situation is whether there is a solid way to prevent maniacs like Devin Kelley from hoarding weapons in the United States while maintaining the gun-carrying freedoms of the rest of the population. The causes of increasing mental illness in the West also must be addressed. Obviously, there are many good ideas we could supply from an Alt-Right, or even just a common-sense, perspective.

Everyone in our generation has felt it at some point — that vague sense that it’s becoming more difficult to achieve a contented life and reach maturity. To find real, lasting meaning and battle the specters of cowardice and nihilism which relentlessly haunt modern existence.

Mainstream culture is one which promotes spiritual death, in ways too numerous to detail. The ideal is a barren life centered on momentary, carnal pleasures and the self. A legion of debt-slaves toiling away, cursing God for their misery. “We were supposed to be special,” they cry, “with ‘human rights’ of every kind!

There was a reason Devin Kelley targeted a small church in the middle of nowhere. In his twisted, weak mind, something about God deeply offended him. Perhaps the aforementioned thoughts crossed his mind, but whatever the case, he chose to become a permanent outcast. He chose to give up goodness and represent the worst depravity imaginable.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • “We tolerate noone in our ranks who attacks.the ideas of Christianity. Our Movement is Christian.” – Adolph Hitler
    Think that about sums it up, Atheistfags will be stomped out on Night of the Long Knives with the rest of the traitors. Youve been warned.

    • Where in the New Testiment did Jesus, the founder and foundation of Christianity, and a Jew Himself command His followers to murder the Jews, His own people. In fact He told the Jews that the time would come when their enemies would kill them, and think they would be serving God by doing so, which is exactly what Hitler and the Nazis thought when they implemented the holocaust.

  • Christianity is the worst thing to have happened to Europeans since Titus failed to finish the job. It is a foreign-born poison, introduced to our people nearly 2 millennia ago, and it has brought nothing but ever-increasing weakness and confusion.
    Our enemies do not fear Christendom – even if they might hate it for its connection to a perceived traitor to their kind, they have totally subverted what arose from it, which was never particularly valuable to begin with – but they visibly and vocally fear European paganism. Its a fact that cannot be ignored.
    Christianity, just like Judaism, openly states the God is the dominant force in our existence, and that Nature is neither dominant, nor sacred. If you wish to espouse the Noahide laws – which if you’re a Christian, you basically do – you might as well just move to Israel or at least become an Evangelical Zionist.

  • Very well written article. Athiesim is the heart of degeneracy. Having noone to answer to, noone to judge you, removes all sense of morality. Christianity has veered way off course, thats undeniable, but we can bring it back on course. We need to teach and emphasise supercessionism. We cannot continue to allow the teaching that we are equals to the Juden. We are not, our covenant superceeds theirs in every way. Christ is the only way forward. I have more respect in my heart for natives who worship mountains and trees than athiests, you have to ne a special kind of stupid to think that the earth and everything in it is an accident caused by an monsterous explosion that magically came out of nowhere, with no fuel to burn, air to feed it, or spark to ignite it. And then from the ashes of all that burning nothing, came billions of galaxies. Think about it.

  • Woah! When did the Alt-Right start pretending to be Rick Santorum? Were Christians your Halloween costume? Newsflash: Half of the writers on this site are admitted atheists, including RICHARD SPENCER and Collin Liddell.

  • I disagree with the premise of this article, that Atheism is somehow to blame for this mass shooting.

    Atheist societies have actually been healthier than the Current Year United States, where most people are religious. Including Communist Hungary and the entire East Bloc, where the author lives.

    The shooter was just a mentally ill defective piece of shit, he broke his own stepson’s skull and murdered peaceful church goers in cold blood like Dylann Roof.

    Atheism is not to blame and most of the Western World is leaving religion behind, we have to find something besides liberal democracy to sustain ourselves because Christianity is dying in the West.

  • This was an apt commentary on the state of things in the West in general and in America specifically. The murderer seemed to hate his people, and the dominant culture gave him permission to feel so, and thereby act so.

  • I’m an Atheist and I would never do this…….

    I don’t hate God because I don’t believe in God…….

    Many of my problems exist only in My Head……..

    And either way…….they’re all Natural and Contingent……

    There is Nothing Metaphysical that is Punishing me…….

    No Metaphysical Karma being unleashed upon me…….

    Just Human Existence as it has been for Tens of Thousands of Years……

    But, I do have a Very Deep Spirituality as an Atheist………

    I Pray to My Ancestors and Deeper Realms of Consciousness and Being……..

    I Give Thanks……..

    I Push my Eyes and Mind beyond my Ingrained Negative Conditioning to still Recognize……

    The Beauty and the Blessings……

    And I appreciate Christians…….

    Especially White Christians……….

    Because they are the ones with the Highest Birth Rates……..

    And they tend to be Full of Humility, Graciousness, and Mercy……..


  • He was depressed? Had he recently been prescribed some type of psych drug? The same type of drugs virtually every other such shooter was taking?

    Just wondering.

  • I think using the ‘deranged creep’ tagline is boomer/counter productive, probably plenty of young men who join the alt right feel like total outcasts. Right now our hyper-liberal political culture facilitates the existence of guys like Devin Kelley.

  • The mental health system in English speaking countries is in a mess for a number of reasons. A big reason is we confuse serious mental illness with nervous disorders. Lots of people have nervous disorders like PTSD and OCD, but only about 3-4 percent of the population has serious mental illness that involves chemical imbalances in the brain. This results in high levels of treatment failure. For example, many people with nervous disorders take anti-depressants which fail to work because their is nothing wrong with their brain chemistry. Meanwhile quite a lot of mental ill people who would benefit from medication, either refuse to take it or end up mixing medications with recreational drugs.

    Another other problem is civil rights groups are so concerned about not stigmatising people with serious mental illness that many of them don’t end up getting treatment until they try to kill themselves or others.

  • We are made to have a close knit community around us that can step in if we get out of hand. We are not made for total autonomy and individuality.

  • He was connected to Antifa…this the result of DEM MSM derange violent anti American, anti Christian hyperbole like CNN, MSNBC, a replicant of the Scalise shooting, the Ron Paul residential attack…Antifa developing a pattern of domestic terrorism, coordinated by whom??? Soros, deepstate….curiously the TX shooter made his threats public on Facebook, !!! MSM shining light on shooter but not the armed good guy !!! NRA must give the gun defender a medal…

  • school classmate stated: “He had a kid or two, fairly normal, but kinda quiet and lately seemed depressed.”
    Seemed depressed – ya think ??

  • This would guy looks like a compulsive, highly depressed individual – you can even see it in his face and in his expression. When you are as depressed and psychotic as he appears to be it’s not too surprising that he might grab whatever is a handy and attempt to “square things” as he might think is necessary to do. I wish these guys would get mental health so that this killing and butchering of innocent people would completely stop !
    It’s not the guns that are the problem; it’s the people behind the guns who probably are frustrated by the way, this society is headed, and I see that a lot more people are increasingly despondent. American society needs to free itself from this leftist governmental mindset.

  • Atheism’s logical end is nihilism. An Atheistic worldview is pointless. In the end, if there is no God, the Universe doesn’t care if you shoot up a church or not. It makes as much sense to shoot up a church as it does to not shoot up a church. In the end, the world and life will perish, and nothing really means anything.

    I think we inherently know better than this, including so called Atheists. This is why it still takes some mental illness along with a tortured worldview for someone to go on a mass shooting spree. As a Christian, I can account for this innate knowledge, for God has placed it within our very nature. We know it like we know how to breathe.

  • Want to solve the mental health crisis? Ban the Jews from partaking in any forms of media or art. No music, no movies, no tv shows, no news casts, no depraved ‘modern art’. NONE OF IT. Watch how quickly the problems start to go away when people are barraged with a steady stream of evil filth all day every day.

  • I find it funny that atheist bloggers like the cleaned-up street shitter Hemant Mehta, the so-called “Friendly Atheist” (until you challenge his social-justice beliefs on his blog), respond to these kinds of spree shootings by saying we need more public resources going to “mental health” treatment. In contexts they would criticize  the claims made for psychotherapy and call the field quackery, pseudoscience and woo.

    And consider the absurdity of training young people for careers in psychotherapy. Mature, thoughtful people – the tribal elders – have always offered good advice because of their experience in the business of life, and not because of what they learned from books and lectures back when they had barely left their teens.

    Of course you can certainly acquire wisdom from reading the right books, but the timing matters. You get more from reading and reflecting upon the classics in your middle age than in your teens.

     A psychotherapist who stands any chance of telling a troubled person something useful would have to have learned that by reaching his 40s or 50s, and mainly from dealing with his own challenges in life while also observing other people’s struggles, not because he studied and remembered mostly Jewish theorizing about the mind back in college.

  • “A lot of white nationalist are atheist, including myself and Richard Spencer”

    If you are a non-religious white nationalist, then you are essentially a pagan.
    To value race, ancestry, beauty, and future generations is still in and of itself an essentially religious disposition.
    To value these things requires a leap of faith, as their inherent value cannot be deduced entirely through reason, and requires an acknowledgement and declaration of first principles.

  • A god doesn’t necessarily solve the problems that traditional theists want it to solve. A logically possible god could have created human life without purpose, meaning, a moral standard, an afterlife & a guarantee of ultimate justice. Humans just imagined this wish list for their idea of god for basically selfish reasons, when a god doesn’t have to do anything of the sort for our convenience.

  • There’s a mass killer inside all those fat fedora tippers. This guy is a typical ‘skeptic’, an atheistic cultist. They want to convert the world to atheistic nihilism.

  • Psychiatrist cannot fix these “mental” problems. Mental health professionals are next to worthless. Elliot Rodger was surrounded by mental health professionals and they couldn’t stop him from killing a bunch of people. You can’t fix it with drugs or feminists doctors who hate masculinity. These “mental health” problems ultimately stem from greater social problems. Our culture is dying and these pieces of shit are the products of our new globalists world order.

  • There’s no proof he was mentally ill, no… he only gunned down innocent children and pregnant women. That’s normal.

    I read that he had a history of threats/violence against his wife, and that he targeted the church because she attended it. We’ll know more as the story develops.

    Spencer didn’t marry an Asian and didn’t father a child with an Asian.

  • @Captain John Charity So what if he married a Latina? Spencer dated a bunch of Asian women. Cantwell dated Asians and African-Americans. And Enoch stayed married to a Jew for years! Face it – your crappy little “convictions” are no match for your boners! LOL!

  • There’s no proof this dude was “mentally ill”. And since many of you “alts” have psychiatric histories, it’s probably not wise for you to speculate about folks’ health. Try to stick to the facts.

  • He was a race mixing shitlib. His Hot Tamale wife tells you everything you need to know about him.

  • Wait, are you telling me the issue was this man wasn’t a good christian? This is This is where theories of social darwinism thrive. Christianity and social darwininism cannot mix, they are inherently at odds. Hell, christians dont even believe in evolution, and the alt right most certainly does. Also, christianity is #1 a Jewish religion and #2 you have no evidence christian god is real (it probably isn’t.) The best thing anyone can prove is maybe some divine creator made the universe, so you could logically be a deist. Beyond that we know nothing.

  • As someone who was involuntarily separated by the army when I was deeply religious, I became very angry with God. This subhuman filth should’ve attended an atheist conference like I did and called it a day but I sense he always had it out for the “right wing rubes ruining Texas and America” and probably wanted to strike at a symbolic target that represented Trump, “racism” and “fascism”

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