Culture War First, Race War Later

Hundreds of country music fans get shot down and shitlibs shrug or use the occasion to talk about guns and evil White men. (…) They were all probably Trump supporters anyways, right?

I love fantasizing about RAHOWA as much as the next goy. But for me, that’s all it is, a funny fantasy, more a meme than any concrete vision of what lies in the future.

I wait with anticipation for the Culture War instead, because all indicators are that that’s what we’re barreling towards.

It seems obvious to me that the biggest problem we face is our own people. And we know who they are – they’re White too. They live in the nice White upscale parts of town. Chances are you grew up among them, work with them, have to keep your mouth shut and your smile fixed when you’re around them as well.

You know these people as well as I do!

Their class, their social environment, and their entire internal memeplex is shitlib to the core. And they hate you for being the wrong kind of White with more intensity than a random Indian immigrant working at the Best Buy ever will.

And the feeling is mutual if I’m honest with myself.

If there is a war to come, then it will be BadWhite vs GoodWhites. And it will be framed in terms of a war for “values”. More specifically, it will be to decide which values will dominate society going forward. Our values or there’s. Our culture of self-affirmation or theirs of self-critique.

Sure, there’s the massive elephant in the room which is the teeming mass of non-White immigrants in our country. But they don’t care.

And I’ll even say that they don’t actually like them any more than we do. They just love mass Third World immigration because it hurts the wrong kind of Whites, namely the ones that used to work in factories, drive trucks or work with their hands. That’s all these non-White minorities are to them anyways – a weapon to be used against their less well-off peers.

They get the talented high-IQ mulatto to invite to brunch, while the BadWhites get Jamal and Tyrone selling crack on their neighborhood street corner.

Both groups get their Diversity, but one group suffers more than the other. Both groups get balkanized, ever so slowly. And the non-Whites watch on, not even sure what Whitey is so worked up about.

Hundreds of country music fans get shot down and shitlibs shrug or use the occasion to talk about guns and evil White men. For them, it’s not exactly a great cause for mourning. They were all probably Trump supporters anyways, right?

And I can’t say that I felt much when a bike lane in New York city got culturally enriched a week ago by a truck of peace.

That’s just how balkanization works.

They heard “country music” and shrugged. I heard “New York” and “bike lane” and returned the favor.

And I wouldn’t be surprised to see this cold conflict go hot. Not like blood in the streets or anything fantastical like that. But shooting a congressman here, a music concert there, or attacking a Trump event here and there.

That’s not too fantastical because as you well know, all of these things happened. Anti-White Whites have already done all these things and do you really think they’ve run out of steam yet?

To be quite honest, I think they’re just getting started.

I just wonder what will happen when a BadWhite finally shoots back.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • please help r guys imprisoned b/c of the culture war, in charlottesville, via goyfundme(dot)com. thank you!

  • “Hipster Racist”, you’re wrong,, people on other popular websites explicitly chose to make it about fashion, instead of keeping it focused on the core issue of distracting associations with past movements

  • …as a hi-iq mulatto who has access to ‘good’ and ‘bad’ whites, and many stripes of still unassimiliated blacks, what? 160 years this takes? and newcomers to our shores, i’m concerned about the ‘good’ whites intention clear intent to destroy civilisation as we know it. it’s not hard to understand that they are simply insane. crazy people have bad ideas that result in disaster. reasonable people are distributed among all populations, some more densely than others. i get that, and understand the wariness confronting the other. well, the ‘other’, many times looks like you!. examples abound, which the above article indicates.

  • Jack Ryan… Like I said, they could have presented themselves better. In my view we have more important things to worry about right now than the clothes they were wearing at a rally. If you see them IRL then give them some fashion tips on how to present themselves. Publically shitting on them is a bad look and accomplishes nothing but infighting and makes us look divided to the enemy (which of course we are, but they don’t need to know that.)

  • HR… When you’ve called 95% of the Alt-Right Feds, Jews or LARPers nobody takes you seriously. Your actually doing a huge service to the real infiltrators. Apparently your mother never read you the Boy who Cried Wolf growing up.

  • We shall overcome Nazi Larpers by listening to two college kids as they LARP like it’s Leave it Beaver, finding the Will to Power to MAGA and take over the Republican Party.

  • The idea that the “optics debate” is about “our less advantaged White brothers” is of course complete bullshit. In fact, it’s a bullshit talking point that the frauds at TWP have used before, often with the slogan “boots vs. suits.”

    It’s a lie, it’s just a way to create division and drama, which is 100% of what TWP does.

    Not a single person has complained about people wearing jeans or not dressing like an office worker. That’s all a lie, a way to distract from the obvious issue.

    LARPers are inauthentic, the NSM is a complete fraud and everyone knows it, and the entire purpose of including them is to hurt White Identity.

    The idea that working class White men dress up in plastic helmets and LARP as a (((Hollywood Nazi))) is of course an insult to working class white people everywhere and it shows how fraudulent these people are. TWP is not in any way representative of working class white people and they and their NSM parters have ZERO appeal to white working class people.

    99.999% of the time, anyone dressing up like an extra on Hogan’s Heroes is either a Jew or a Fed. It’s been that way in America forever.

  • Culture war, terminology war, war of words, meme war, propaganda war -there isn’t a good term for it in English, but that’s what we’re fighting. It’s not a shooting war and it’s not voting politics. It’s controlling public opinion. It’s undoing decades of anti-white brainwashing. It’s imposing terminology. It’s delegitimizing our enemies while legitimizing ourselves.

  • Johnny Futurismo writes:

    “And when the good whites hold a rally to protest the anti-whites, the alt-right whines for over a week about optics and tries to purge their less advantaged “white brothers” from the movement. It’s getting confusing as to who is who tbh.”

    I respond:

    Our peopled most everywhere once insisted that our “less advantaged White brothers” should dress and behave in a decent, appropriate way. Adolf Hitler was once a small boy, then a teen who went to Catholic Schools in Austria and the teachers and administrators did not allow young Hitler or anyone else to dress and act like a slob, whigger, or dress up as an out of touch, foreign French Napoleonic solider or a homosexual Black leader fetish NAZI.

    Good optics is a part of what we must do – what is appropriate for the situation. Lots of times White biker attire is excellent it’s something I do as I’m a biker, but I only do the “biker look” when I’m actually riding my motorcycle – otherwise it looks like you are auditioning for a spot on a queer Village People group.

    Come on folks, pull up your pants – we should be able to look and act a hell of a lot better than the lowest Black welfare types who wear their pants below their butts.

  • If you agree that Culture > Politics — WHERE is your laudatory article about the upcoming Alt*Hero comic and the FreeStartr campaign ( that was set for $25,000 (to see if there would be a market for it) that went ABOVE $240,000?

    Where is your discussion of for the Alt Tech? Besides FreeStratr (the non-censoring version of the one starting with ‘Kick’); there’s Infogalactic — the Planetary Knowledge Core — and its subsidiary for tech news ? Where is your discussion and support for the 16 Points of the Alt Right: (now translated into 28 languages– but people from the countries where the languages are spoken?

    Oh, right — wrong KIND of Alt Right, eh?

  • @ddswaterloo That video is misleading. Unless you are under the poverty line (adjusted for dependents) than you pay taxes. Most middle class people, that is most White people. pay taxes. The reason that the top of the pyramid pays so much more is that they have all the stinking money.

    Plenty, nearly all, of people have busted their ass in shitty jobs and never “made it”. They still are working to get by. We need to live in reality and not some libtardian dream world.

  • American Black culture is the worst thing about American Blacks. The culture is even responsible for the crime, in several ways, such as by its general acceptance of crime, by its celebration of crime through Black music, and by the enormous illegitimacy rate that creates future criminals. Furthermore, Black culture is influencing White culture to a great extent now; this must of course be reversed.

    Black culture is anti-Christian culture. It is even more wicked than the anti-Christian culture of most young Whites. This means that racial conflict might happen quite naturally in the future. After Christian culture defeats anti-Christian culture among Whites, when finally Christian culture is predominant again in America, then the difference between White Christian culture and Black culture will be stark. This could easily lead to greatly increased prejudice, discrimination, and violence against Blacks. Racial war could follow.

  • Aryans, aka Indo-Europeans, have had to fight and kill their undharmic cousins since at least the time of the great battle of the Mahabharata in order to maintain or restore Dharma. I dare say this will be required again given the profoundly destructive mental illness and degeneracy that has taken hold of the Left.

  • is chock full of writers who will gladly sell out our entire race for their own massive ego trip & desperate climb to notoriety.

    It wasn’t always this bad:
    “I’m in charge of white ppl!”, “No, I’m gonna be the Fuhrer!!”, no, I’M gonna! I said it 1st!!!”… it’s pathetic to watch & we could be so much further along.

    Ever since Charlottesville 2.0, there’s been a downright infiltration; trying to accomplish sabotage.

    There’s huge Russian, Polish, Italian, *WHITE communities in NY. Stop hating pro-white white ppl more than muzzie savages. & jews can’t stop us, only we can.

    Leadership is betraying us.

    Go ahead & delete the pro-white comment…. you’ve gone full sjw.

  • Been saying this for a while now – that we need to get our own house in order before we can close its doors to the invader. The response of many is to make excuses that removing the agency of the Cosmopolitan whites, and then to get all hysterical over the possibility that focusing on something other than Jews for over ten seconds may allow a Jew somewhere to subvert our movement in the meantime. There’s a popular word on the Alt-RIght, rhyming with ‘duck’, for people who show unconditional loyalty to those who don’t give back a shred of it in return.

  • Turn the POC against the Gluppies or globalist yuppies.

    Alt Right guys should pretend to be SJW and fan non-white anger at urban Jews and whites.

    Dirty Jews and white Cuck libs direct POC anger at the ‘wrong kind of whites’, but POC anger can be directed to the white/Jewish/Asian elites.

  • Since Jew-run media labels as ‘Russian’ anything that’s patriotic or pro-white, patriotic white Americans should identify as Russo-Americans

  • @CrudBonemeal…….

    What will destroy the White Identitarian/White Nationalist Umbrella Movement…….

    Are Ego/Personality Twitter Battles and Constant Infighting for Attention/Money/Power/Fame…….

    In Fighting Cancer………there are Different Methodologies/Treatments…….

    Same with Fighting HIV…….

    What the White European Peoples face for the Future…….

    Isn’t something that is just going to be Solved/Defeated by the Alt-Right……..

    What’s Cringe to some is Vital to Others…….

    And Vice-Versa…….

    I just want the White European Peoples to Survive LONG into the Future……..

  • Yeah……um……the Race War might actually be here now……..

    Just conjecture…….but, didn’t Antifa declare War on White Trumpist America this Weekend??

    They can’t get to President Trump so they’re Mass Slaughtering White Christian Trump Voters??

    Possible Angle……

    I don’t what the F is happening…….

    But, Antioch………Vegas………now Texas………

    Lots of White People are being DELETED from the Planet Earth…….

    Exactly the Opposite of the Alt-Right Vision……….


  • Both the original core Alt-Right and the WN 1.0 people that Vincent Law denigrates are calling for a cultural strategy to normalize pro-white views.

    However, some calling themselves Alt-Right appear to be letting class issues push them towards aligning with those who explicitly reject the cultural strategy in favor of the GOP strategy. Bad idea. Pro-white views cannot be normalized in that way.

    The whole optics debate was conducted on false pretenses, either that or people are ignorant of what rural whites look like.

    What should have been the focus of the debate was the use of distracting symbols of past movements, that took away from the (wholesome, appealing) message of WLM.

  • Yehuda, Pierce wasn’t anti-skinhead exactly. National Alliance ran Resistance records that put out a lot of Skinhead and NSBM music. The video on youtube “On skinheads” is just called that because whoever uploaded it decided to call it that.

    I’m not even uncritical of TWP. They definently could do a lot to present themselves better (personally I would lose the armbands and Stahlhelms), but I don’t think disavowals are the way to go. They do a lot of good in their target communities, and a certain segment of the white american population definently responds to their approach.

    Ultimately I think your right though. The different factions need to sit down and come to an understanding. They don’t have to like each other, but they shouldn’t publically denounce each other either.

  • I’d surmise that they’re actually just as ‘racist’ as we are. But they’re lazy and want Rodriguez to work in the fields so they can have a better shot at being the next Carl Sagan. It’s economics as much as it is culture. Argue with a smart shitlib (if you can find one) long enough and it always comes down to “I don’t want to get my hands dirty, we must let in a couple more million Jamals so they can work the shit jobs while I get free tuition”. They’re the new snobbish imperialists. They’re the kind of short-sighted fools who brought african slaves to america, or like the boomers who opened the flood gates so they could have easy lives.

  • Pretty balanced point of view.
    Even if there is no full-on RAHOWA race war, it’s still our duty to become stronger and more self-sufficient.
    Survivalism, frugality, self-teaching, maintaining gun-rights, becoming physically fit, overcoming personal weaknesses, etc., are all still inherently valuable goals to reach in this societal climate.
    There are things we can do to benefit ourselves that prepare us for both scenarios.

  • Also, Johnny, if you want to go Dr. Pierce, he called out skinheads for their behavior.

    Both sides have a point. I’m at the point though where I’m sick of the egos involved on both sides. It’s to the point where Fuentes and Allsup are taking credit for “It’s OK to be White” meme that they had nothing to do with. That’s shit tier Milo-Cernovich level. And Hunter Wallace will not shut the fuck up and keeps engaging them. Someone needs to sit all of them down and tell them to call it off so everyone just moves and does their own thing.

  • Johnny, James Allsup and Nick Fuentes. They were MAGA College Republicans until last summer. I don’t even know if either of them can legally buy alcohol. People need to just ignore them. They are pathetic attention whores. Today, Allsup is ranting about Laura Loomer accusing him of rape. Bad Optics. These two clowns are Yooutube merchants desperate for attention. They seek it from us. We need to starve them of oxygen and move on. In six months, both Fuentes and Allsup will be more irrelevant than Milo with lame Youtube streams about the Midterm elections. Stop caring about their opinion because it has no weight.

    I’m fine with measured discussion, which is what I’ve seen from people like Spencer and Enoch. Listening to what Spencer said, it seems he cares more about movement leaders presenting a good face and being well educated and well spoken than writing off the entire working class. That’s a reasonable point. I also have not seen Spencer rant on Twitter about this issue non stop for the past week.

  • …continuing

    As an example. I made a normie friend absolutely dissolve by laying scorn and contempt on him for his behaviour. He did everything right in his life. Walked the walk, talked the talk, did the studying, the hard work, the raising kids, everything. Including becoming a shitlib. I told him more than ten years ago that he needs to get on the right side of politics and he was agahst and talked down to me. Now, when i met him, he was talking of leaving Sweden. And I layed in to him how he has been pushing the bus over the edge for all his adult life and now he is going to get off just before the fall? I destroyed him with those rather calm and unoffensive words. Because all he ever wanted to do in his life was conform and do the right thing. And now here he is, a total piece of shit. And he could see it himself.

  • Yehuda, I’m not sure which youtubers your talking about. DS and this site have both definently taken jabs at TWP for holding a successful rally that deviated from polos, khakis and American flags.

    Personally I’m a Fascist first and foremost and I believe in class cooperation (I think that classism and not ideology is at the heart of the optics debate.) Not everybody is going to wear polos and khakis and not everybody should be expected to. The Alt-Right is a big tent that many different groups fall into whether they want to or not. It’s become clear to me that the Post-Irony/SWPL set of the Alt-Right would rather not have working class people (who TWP markets themselves towards) involved in the movement. These people like flirting with Fascism and posting dank memes, but only for the irony and the lulz. You have Vincent Law saying that the Alt-Right doesn’t have any working class people and its a movement of NEETS which isn’t true. I work 56 hour weeks in a factory. We do have working class people and the issues they care about are not going to be addressed by Richard Spencer or James Allsup because they don’t have a clue about that demographic and seem to think that they don’t even exist. Honestly low income whites with nothing to lose are infinitely more valuable than the middle class whose apathy and inaction is what got us into this mess in the first place.

  • I think shitlibs react with lightning speed to ostracization and social pressure. So thats what we need to lay on them.
    “You mean you have no solidarity with other whites?!?!??!!”
    “You just look on while babies are being tortured to death in South Africa for fun?!?!?!”

    etcetera. Demonize, demonize, demonize. Shitlibs are traitors because they want social status and the moral high ground. Take that away from them. And they will turn faster than you can say “pathetic”.

  • The Alt Right – is the Counter-Revolution, for the New European Struggle.

    The Alt Right – is a loosely based coalition of like-minded individuals who embrace white/European identity, traits, values, ideas, virtues…

    The Alt Right – is a white/European, movement that has dominated the political discourse of both parties by pushing the Overton window farther to the right, which in turn forced the old guard Republicans further to the right, and the Democrats further to the left.

    The Alt Right – is identity politics at its finest; provocative, outrageous, subtle, thought-provoking, humorous & energetic.

    The Alt Right – is nearly a religious experience, effectively winning the hearts & minds of white/Europeans far and wide, Trump is filling football stadiums with ‘Alt Righters’ soon we will have the power to shape the 21st century in ways consistent with the common interests of our people, white/European people…

    The Alt Right – works, because it’s not ‘just’ about changing the Government, it’s about changing ourselves.

    The Alt Right – is fighting for our lives, livelihoods, and way of life; (((Globalism))) can only be countered with White Nationalism.

    The Alt Right – has been waging our ‘War’ on the (((Establishment))) by way of the internet, we have been ignored, ridiculed, attacked on all fronts yet we persevere; when Presidents & statesmen alike acknowledge our memes, lament our effect & popularity in shaping both public opinion & discourse, we know we are winning.

  • Back in the 70s there was a movie called the Wilby Conspiracy. Spoiler alert – if you don’t want to know how it ends, stop reading here. The movie was about a black man struggling for freedom for backs in South Africa. The black man is helped by a white liberal, played by Michael Cain. The putative antagonist is played by Nichol Williams – also white. He comes across as evil (naturally), but his dialogue is telling. He often shows concerns for the safety of the white South At the end of the movie, the character who wants to protect whites is shot and killed by the white liberal played by Michael Cain. We know historically what happened to the whites in South Africa after the end of the period in the movie. I find the movie to be very prophetic.

  • I too like to think of race war. A good thunderstorm always clears the air, as they say. And such a storm is long overdue. Having just finished a rather unusual race war novel called “Eternity Beach”, I’m ready for one.

  • I too like to think of race war. A good thunderstorm always clears the air, as they say. And such a storm is long overdue. Having just finished a rather unusual race war novel called “Eternity Beach”, I’m ready for one.

  • Hiding in the GOP… and hiding your ideas… and memeing conservative memes on behalf of based Jewish congressmen… is not how you fight a culture war on behalf of Alt-Right ideas.

    We should solidify the conception of the Alt-Right as a culture war movement, first and foremost, that sometimes uses politics as a vehicle for the culture war.

  • Johnny, the two most prominent people whining about Optics aren’t Alt Right and were Trump MAGA College Republican doofuses six month ago. That should tell all you need to know.

  • The time has come to stop giving credibility and attention to a college student and college dropout who were in primary school when the Iraq War happened. These are the Optics drama queens, they are our version of Cernovich, stirring shit up and creating drama to get Periscope and Podcast views. Our very own “Merchant Right”.

    Just ignore them. They have done nothing, and likely will accomplish nothing in the public sphere since they think the key to victory is electing based Republicans by LARPing like it’s 2010 with another Tea Party. This is the EXACT same bullshit I see with the Alt Lite and “Rev18”. I detect a big whiff of entryism with the Gen Z Optics crowd, they’re seeking to coopt and redirect our energies into a Republican dead end.

    The other side of the debate has also lost their mind in response to the Chino Alt Right College Republicans. People need to look at how older leaders like Spencer and Enoch have been measured in their words and criticism as an example of how we should act to avoid more internecine war.

  • And when the good whites hold a rally to protest the anti-whites, the alt-right whines for over a week about optics and tries to purge their less advantaged “white brothers” from the movement. It’s getting confusing as to who is who tbh.

    I agree that RAHOWA is just a violent fantasy for the forseeable future though. Almost everyone does.

  • IMO the solution to the shitlib problem is (in principle) extremely easy: expose them to diversity.
    So… that means that there isn´t really a shitlib problem, i.e. the shitlib position on diversity is absolutely no problem (like, compared to real problems, let´s say, energy problem or so), it´s a chimera and collapses as soon as the shitlib hits reality.

    So that´s my contribution to the culture war and my strategy to victory.

    But considering a detail of the problem: so shitlibs actually accept diversity with their gifted-10% negroes and indian CEOs and such? And I say: it´s STILL not true. Because it´s not a question of getting along, it is actually the question of racial identity. That´s what I claim: a White will never be happy around non-Whites no matter how educated and gifted they may be. Just as a little example: who wants his grandkids to be niggers? It´s impossible, I say.

    But eventually, these shitlibs still can be all the same to us if we finally take seriously the right of freedom of assembly: we can always have White ethnostates. Let the shitlibs live in mixed countries. Not our problem. So there isn´t reason for violence: just peaceful divorce and that´s it.

  • “”To be quite honest, I think they’re just getting started.””
    And we can now add Rand Paul to that list of being attacked by the Left.

  • “They heard “country music” and shrugged. I heard “New York” and “bike lane” and returned the favor.”

    This made me giggle! Because it is the very reaction I had. They put pictures of the victims on the screen & I saw a guy on a bike with a helmet & felt nothing! I hate bicycle riders! Get off the road! You’re grown! Walk or get a car!

    But even outside of that, more than likely these people are for open borders & allowing any 3rd worlder in our country. If being a Trump supporter makes it ok to be shot & killed at a concert then it’s ok to be ran over in NYC if you’re a liberal.

  • Culture War First, yes, absolutely.

    See also:

    Good quote:

    There have been two revolutions in American history and both were the culmination of >>>intense polarization<<<: the American Revolution, which separated the United States from Canada and the British West Indies, and the War Between the States, which separated the Confederacy from the Union in 1861.

    The Southern fire eaters never created a mass movement in the 1840s and 1850s. They never took power in elections either. Instead, >>>they helped to dissolve the Union as a cultural vanguard by fanning the flames of polarization. They intensified sectional conflict to the point that the two-party system broke down and the “irrepressible conflict” took on its own momentum after Bleeding Kansas.<<<

    In the 1840s and 1850s, the culture of the South radically changed. There was, so to speak, a metapolitical revolution in Southern identity. <<< The 18th century civic nationalism of the Founding Fathers was displaced and gave to way to 19th century intellectual currents coming from Europe: …

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